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School Girl Slave Ch1 10


School girl Slave
by Fantasy stories (c) FantasyStories2000

Initially this was planned as a trilogy however as I've
slowly progressed I've realised that this is only a two
volume opus. First book should be finished within a
couple of months (by Oct 2002). Second book is already
started but will take well into 2003 to finish I think.
Sorry, but I'm a slow writer, constantly going back and
doing re-writes.

The normal disclaimer applies. This is story is
copyright. May be freely distributed but not for
money. If you are under the age of 18 please don't
read as the contents are adult. This story is fantasy
and I do not condone nor encourage any of the non
consensual activities in it.

The story is archived at and at

Very brief synopsis:
Story about a school girl enslaved by the neighbours

Up Chapter 1 - The Secret Diary

A little over twelve months ago one of Richard's
friends had shown him the rudiments of how to hack into
computer systems. Since then he'd developed into a
very talented hacker although like many fellow hackers
his intent wasn't malicious. When he hacked into a
system he merely looked around, checking out the layout
and maybe opened a few files before he left. For him
the buzz wasn't about changing or damaging the system,
it was about knowing he had the power to change things
if he wanted to. When he was inside someone else's
computer, he felt like he was in control of them as
well as their computer.

About six months ago he succeeded in hacking his high
school's network which was by far the most exciting
hack he'd made. This time it wasn't a faceless network
belonging to some nameless corporation, this was the
system that had been controlling his life for the last
four years. The school no longer controlled him
because he now had the power to control it.

For a while he played around with timetables, grade
records and assessments, pretending to change them.
Soon he discovered the school database which had all
the normal student contact details including lots of
phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses. The
next couple of months consisted of trial and error as
he explored his classmates home computers. What he
found really amazing was how many of his fellow
students computers had directories with all sorts of
porn in them, even some of the girls which really
surprised him. Then three months ago he struck gold.

Janet and Kelly Sheen lived next door to Richard and
they'd grown up together. Richard who had turned
sixteen a fortnight ago was three months older than
Janet who was only ten months older than her sister
Kelly. Richard and janet were in the same year at
school and Kelly was in the year below them. For years
the three of them had played together and were close
friends, inseparable really, sleeping over at each
other's house, going on family holidays together and a
mountain of other things. But when they reached high
school it all changed. Of course Richard was aware
that janet was building a new circle of friends but he
didn't expect that they'd make her exclude him from her
life. And that she'd then make Kelly exclude him also.

Richard didn't really fit any of the major school
groupings. Although he was very fit and was a good
swimmer with a place on the swim team, he wasn't a
jock. Likewise his interest in computers and science
was just something he enjoyed but not to the extent
that it put him in with the nerds. He liked most music
so didn't fit any of the music groups and so it went.
He had a small circle of friends who like him shared a
wide range of interests. In truth he was part of the
silent majority who during high school years tended to
be ignored as they quietly went about the business of

Janet on the other hand became a member of the high
school in crowd. She was a cheerleader, on the right
school committees, loved by everybody but of course she
only really talked to and associated with the right
people. This didn't happen immediately she started
high school but it was a fast rise. Eventually she was
one of the crowd with only one final hurdle to complete
acceptance. Marcia who was her new best friend and the
acknowledged leader of the group demanded that she stop
being friends with Richard as he didn't fit the image.

For weeks janet tried to resist as she didn't really
understand why she couldn't be friends with Richard and
still be in, but eventually Marcia gave her an
ultimatum. So the next day she told Richard and from
then on they only spoke to each other when they had to
at family gatherings or during class activities. janet
also forbid her sister from having anything to do with

Janet assumed that he understood what had happened and
over the following years she pretty much forgot about
their past. But Richard didn't understand and he never
forgot janet or for that matter Kelly. He watched them
growing and as their bodies started developing he
watched more and more. Not that he was alone in
watching their bodies. They were both very pretty. By
the time janet was 15, she was any man's dream with a
litany of perfect features. Five foot two, silky
blonde hair, big blue eyes, cute button nose, great
cheeks, big tits, small waist, tight arse, beautiful
legs. Absolutely perfect. Everywhere she went people
noticed her. At school she was probably the most
popular girl in her year, liked by teachers and envied
by students. Younger sister Kelly was not far behind
Janet in the hot stakes, and maybe even had the
potential to overtake her.

Janet knew she was popular but what she didn't realise
was that she was the centre of many of her fellow
students and quite a few of the teachers fantasies.
Richard was no exception. He had a normal male
interest in sex and from the time he started
masturbating janet was the girl he most often placed in
his fantasies with Kelly also making regular

Richard's theoretical knowledge of sex was very
comprehensive even if his practical knowledge was
limited. From the age of 14 he had unrestricted
internet access and he had explored ever corner of
cyberspace. He'd started with the normal sex sites
although most of them were of minimal interest. It was
okay looking at older women but he was really only
interested in girls his age who he would actually like
to have sex with and not be intimidated by so most of
the time he visited the teen sex sites. Trouble with
them was that the teens were mostly old teens or at
least the ones on the free sites were.

Then he found news groups. Nothing to pay and a never
ending stream of pictures of girls the right age with
enough of them actually fucking and sucking. Initially
his interests were very vanilla but one night he
downloaded a file with a young girl who looked like
Janet. What was really interesting about it was that
she was chained to a wall, gagged and across her tits
and stomach there were red stripes from where she'd
been whipped. Four times in a row he jerked off
looking at the picture, imagining that it was janet and
imagining that he was the one who'd tied her and
punished her. Pretty soon his tastes had changed and
most of his downloads were bondage based.

The next discovery was sex story sites and the news group. Most of the stories were
skipped over but occassionally one would be kept,
mostly bondage or nc ones. Then he downloaded a story
that probably changed his life, Captured Caroline. He
read it countless times, always imagining that it was
Janet, till eventually he changes the name to Captured
Janet and replaced Caroline's name with Janet's
throughout the story. And every time he read it he
jerked off, always guaranteed to have a great come.

Shortly after this he downloaded a blackmail story and
once again his fantasies changed. There had always
been a small, nagging problem with his fantasies under
the Captured Caroline story because he knew that he
couldn't abduct Janet, not really. But the fantasy of
blackmailing her was a much easier one to believe in
and soon he had dozens of scenarios where he'd
discovered something he could use to blackmail her into
having sex with him.

When Richard hacked into the Devson's computers he
found Janet's diary which she had started on her
twelfth birthday when she was given her first computer.
There was a password on it but it didn't take long for
him to work out that she was using her birthday. Most
of the entries were boring stuff about her family and
school friends, but every few pages there was an entry
that had Richard pulling out his cock and jerking off
over. It wasn't long before he was using his secret
knowledge from her diary to fuel his blackmail jerkoff
fantasies. Fantasy now seemed to be only one step away
from reality.

12 years old and no days!
Dear Diary,

Hmmmmmmmm! I was going to promise you to write
everyday but I know there'd be days I couldn't so I
won't promise that. But I do promise to tell you all
the important stuff. Like today. It was my birthday!
Ta Da!!! And mummy and daddy gave you to me! Daddy
told me how to do a secret password so no one but me
can read you so I can tell you all my real private
stuff. I think we're going to become real good

I had a great birthday. Kel gave me this really kewl
top and Richard gave me this great game for you - so I
guess you know about that! Anyway we played it and he
won of course the big jerk . only joking, he's not a
jerk. He's really probably my best friend diary. And
Kel of course even if she is my sister. I mean I know
he's a boy and all that but like I can tell him

Daddy just came in and said I have to go to bed now.
Talk to you tomorrow.


Love janet Sheen, age 12.

13 and 12 days
I told Richard that we can't hang our together . ever.
He got really upset and even had tears happening. I
almost told him that it'd be okay but I kept
remembering what Marcia said, that if I didn't stop
talking to him completely then they have to drop me
from the group. And I'd die if they did that. Like
Daddy says, sometimes you've got to make the tough
decisions if you're going to be someone special.

Had a really big fight with Kelly over it. She can be
so dumb sometimes. Such a little kid. Finally she
promised me that she wouldn't try to hang out with
Richard anymore. But I'll have to watch her.

13 and 66days - 11PM
If ever anyone ever, ever finds out about this I'll die
but I have to tell someone and you've kept all my
secrets so far. Here goes. This is BIG!

I masturbated. Wow!!!! Just then like half an hour
ago. It was the truly utmost amazing feeling I've
every had. It felt sooooo good. SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD.
I'm still sort of trembling from it and I feel sort of
light headed. Good light headed.

What happened was I was readi

Dads at the door - gotta go!

13 and 76days - late
Wow. I've just done it again. You know, masturbated.
Mummy and daddy are out with Kel so it was safe to do
it. I was really scared last time that daddy was going
to discover me. God I'd die. But he didn't of course.

It is so amazing. Like I wish I could tell Marcia
about it but I don't know. She might think I was weird
so I'll probably keep it a secret just between you and
me diary. I feel like I'm floating. There's this
thing - I checked the sex-ed stuff we got at school and
I think it must be my clitoris. Anyway it grows -
weird huh - and gets hard when I stroke it and sort of
ticklish. But not a bad ticklish, a reaaaaaly reaaaaly
reaaaaaaly goooood tickle. Then after a while I start
getting really hot you know, down there - I'm not going
say the awful word and vagina sounds so kind of medical
but I guess I can say pussy. At least to you dear

So it gets hot in my pussy, and then it gets wet. Last
week, at first I thought I must be peeing but its not
pee. It's my natural lubrication - that's what the
sex-ed stuff talked about. Then this most amazing
feeling starts to grow all through my body until it
feels like I can't take anymore and if I don't stop
that I'll explode. Last week I almost did stop it was
so intense but I'm sure glad I didn't. Because then I
do explode and I sort of see stars. It's sort of
embarrassing because my arms and legs start jerking and
twitching. Well if anybody saw it would be
embarrassing but NOBODY will EVER see. NEVER. And of
course I'm not embarrassed talking to you.

I think I hear the car so I better go. Talk to you soon
dear diary.

14 and 109days
Hi. I just got back from Marcia's birthday party and
guess what? Gary and I are going out! Excellent! I
told Kel and she agrees that he is like a total legend!
She said she was real jealous of me when I told her
what happened! Not bad jealous - good jealous that is.
She wanted to know everything of course.

We kissed. Excel! I mean you know I've kissed guys
before but this was different. This was a PROPER kiss
with open mouths and tongues and all which lasted a
loooong time. My first real kiss. Wowie Zowie!
Getting older!

I think I did it right. I was soooo nervous though.
Anyway he didn't complain and I just sort of copied
what he did. It was great at first, real soft and
romantic. Then I didn't know if I`d like it, because
he put his tongue in my mouth but I did. LIKE IT!
YEAAH! I wanted it to last forever. It was so warm
and sexy. But not like when I play with myself. This
was close. Yeah, that's it. I felt so close to him.
I don't mean that I love him . well maybe a bit. He is
so gorgeous I know that all the girls are jealous that
he's chosen me.

Hmmm. Kissing. I reckon I'll get to like it lots.

That's all for now - I still feel warm and kind of
gooey inside so guess what I'm going to do now dear

Love you!

14 and 169days
Mum let Gary take me to the movies tonight. First time
she lets us go to the night session by ourselves.
Anyway we started kissing like normal and so we'd been
kissing for like ages, not watching the movie. His
right arm was behind me and his left was around me.
Anyway his right hand had been stroking my hair and my
face which was really nice. Then it moved down my neck
and slowly started getting lower and lower. I knew
where he was heading and normally I find a way to push
it away. It's like a game we play when we're kissing
but this time I just didn't want to stop him. Then it
finally happened and his hand was holding my left boob
and I sort of moaned into his mouth.

At first it was more the fact that he was actually
holding my boob that was exciting. Then he started
squeezing which was nice, specially when he pressed
down on my nipples. You know how they tingle when
they're hard and I play with them. He didn't try
anything more which was good. Not that I didn't want
him to I did but I'd have had to stop him if he did try
anything more of course and that might have spoilt

Kel reckons I'm a legend. She also tells me I've got to
go further so I can tell her about it!

Best movie I've been to for a long time that's for
sure. Except that mum asked me what it was like and I
had to make stuff up cause I had like no idea what the
story was or anything.

Now I'm off to bed. And I know what I'll think about
tonight when I masturbate.

14 and 170days
Last night I found out something new. I was in bed
and, you know masturbating like normal, rubbing my
clitoris, feeling really good but it just didn't feel
like enough or something. So . wow, this is kind of
embarrassing diary, weird . I don't know if I can tell

I'm back. I'm just going to write it like it was. I
put my finger in my hole, you know my pussy. And sort
of started pushing it in and out. I wasn't even
thinking about it or I wouldn't have ever done
something like that I'm sure. I was careful not to
push in to far of course but then I put in two fingers.
WOWIE! My thumb was rubbing my clitoris, two fingers .
you know . I don't know what to call it. Fingering
myself. Of course. No, finger fucking. Oh boy, that
sounds so dirty. But I guess that was what I was
doing. And my other hand was playing with my boobies
like normal. When I came it was like the best ever.

I think I might try it like that again . now . I'm
feeling, you know, the way I feel

Oh wow. My head is still spinning. Beer is great.
Too great maybe. Jason was so good tonight. He bought
me this great bracelet. See! And the beer. I think
I'm a bit drunk but I don't think mum knew.

Jason took off my top and it was so good when he rubbed
my nipples that I came! Wow. He didn't know though.
But it was really good. Not as good as when I do it
myself cause I had to you know sort of control myself
so he didn't think I was weird.

Oh shit. Do you think I'm a slut. I've never heard of
coming from having your nipples played with. Oh god
diary, I don't want to be a slut. I'd die.

That's it. I'm going to stop masturbating and I'll
stay a virgin till I'm at least 16. And I won't let
Jason see my boobs again like that.

I think I'm going to be sick
15 and 20days
I tried to stop but I can't. I just get so, I don't
know, so edgy or something. Then I couldn't sleep. So
I had to do it. But what I'm going to do is make sure
that I only do it once . okay, like no more than 3
times a week. And I won't do it in the day ever again.
Only at night.

I'm glad I have you to talk about this with dear diary.

15 and 75 days
Wow! Last night Kel and I slept over at Julie's place.
Her room is downstairs, really private and she has her
own tv and vid. Well apparently her parents have porno
videos and she knows where they hide them. Anyway
she'd snuck one out and we all watched it. It was
called "Going Down on the Titanic". I thought I knew
about sex but no way.

Going Down means sucking a guy off (I mean I knew that
of course) and that's what the girls did to all the
guys. And had normal sex of course. Julie made fun of
what they were doing so Kel and I did to. But it got
me so turned on that after I had to go to the bathroom
and masturbate. I came within about a minute I was so
excited. And then I came again! And when I
masturbated I was imagining that it was me who was
sucking the guys thing. Weirdo hey diary. I think Kel
was turned on too because she kept getting all red. I
might check her out tomorrow. I wonder if she
masturbates. I reckon she does you know cause she went
to the bathroom right after me and she looked kind of
funny when she came out. Wow. My little sis
masturbates. Wild.

The guy's thing. That looks so silly. Dick? No.
Willie? Definitely not! Penis? Yuck. Cock. His
cock. And they're not all the same. I thought they
would be pretty much the same but they're kind of
different lengths and colours and everything. Cocks.
Wow I'm feeling, you know! I'm only typing with one
hand because the other one is down there.

I always thought they'd look gross and that's what I
said with Julie and I know that I said up there that
they look silly but they look really amazing, really
cool. Sort of tough . and like really interesting, you
know, sexy.

I think that I must be weird. I just wrote that I
think that a cock looks cool. That's it, I've got to
stop this dear diary. I can't let myself become a
slut. NEVER.

15 and 190days
I'm going to pass all my exams diary! Excellent.
Marcia and I found where they keep the exam papers.
They're in this room next to our cheerleaders room.
Today when Marcia and I were in the room by ourselves
we heard talking. At first we thought it was out in
the locker room but then we realised that it was coming
from this other room. We put our ears up against the
door and could hear a couple of teachers talking about
exams and papers. So anyway there's this old door
which is meant to be locked that goes from our room to
this other room but it turns out that our key opens it.
Well we got the history and english papers today and
copied them. Tomorrow we'll get the others. This is
like the way coolest thing ever. No more study!

Of course we're going to let Julie know but that's it.
Only the three of us. And we'll be real careful, so
we're not like all of a suddenly really brainy. We'll
just do enough so that we don't have to waste all that
stupid time studying. Life is cool diary, super cool.

15 and 200days
Stoooned .. Wow .. Marcia, me and Julie. Our first
joint. It was great, better than beer. But I've got
to be careful. I got so loose that I almost let Dave's
hand get in my pants. Just remembered to stop him in
time. But felt so good that I let him rub me through
my jeans and I rubbed his cock through his till he came
in them. Messy! But way cool knowing I can make a guy
come like that. And it feels really like interesting -
his cock that is. I wanted to get it out of his pants
but of course I didn't. Maybe I will next time. Who
knows what will happen. Oh wow, wait till I tell Kel.
She'll go ballistic!

I am sooo tired. Good tired. Sleeeeeeppppie. Nite
Nite Diary. I'm going to play with me now. Heee Heee.

15 and 297days
She did it! Marcia is no longer a virgin. She and
Kyle. She just called me on her mobile but Kyle came
back in before she could tell me any real gos. Have to
wait till tomorrow to hear all the sexy details. Then
I'll definitely let you know. Her parents are out till
really late tonight at some Church thing her father
does so they were able to do it in her room, not the
back of his car. Kewl.

Guess that just leaves me diary. Last of the virgins!
Have to wait a couple more months though. Really feel
that it's important that I'm sixteen. Don't know why
but Tim will just have to wait till then. At least
I'll be protected by then. God I hope that the pill
doesn't make me fat.

I wonder if she came. Like in the magazines women are
always talking about not being able to come. That
would be like so tragic, not being able to . oh shit,
slut talk again. Although I guess it's okay cause
you're the only person I talk to like this and you're
sure not going to tell anyone else are you diary dear.

Night. Guess what I'm going to do? Yep. I am going
to play with myself and think about Marcia and Kyle
doing it. Wow, spinout!

Night diary.
Everything would have stayed as normal, janet totally
unaware of Richard and Richard continually fantasising
about janet if it wasn't for their parents. Being
neighbours they had become good friends and every few
months there was a barbecue or pool party or something
like that. About a month before Richard's sixteenth
birthday there was a small party at Janet's place that
Richard's parents dragged him along to. Not that he
minded all that much as he got to be close to janet
which now that he was reading her diary and knew about
her masturbating was really interesting, even if she
pretty much ignored him.

That night janet was depressed as her current boyfriend
wasn't going to be able to take her to a school dance
the following week. At some point in the evening
Janet's mother suggested that Richard take her which
Richard's mother then backed up. For a brief second
Richard thought that his birthday must be coming early
as both sets of parents turned to Janet. Unfortunately
Janet's response to the suggestion was to tell her
mother and everyone present that there was no way she
could do that.

Her words were burnt into Richard's brain. `No way.
He's not part of my crowd. It would be totally
humiliating if I went with Richard. Don't you realise
that all my friends would laugh at me. That's the
dumbest idea mum. How could you even think it.' And
then she ran up to her room in tears. There was a
silence for a couple of seconds till Kelly made some
lame excuse about Janet. She seemed genuinely annoyed
at her sister but that didn't really help mend
Richard's battered feelings. Richard managed to come
up with `I guess that was a no?' after which, as far as
he could tell, everyone seemed to forget it.

But Richard didn't forget. He remained at the party
for another fifteen minutes before heading home, more
humiliated than he'd ever been in his life. For the
rest of that night he sat at his computer plotting his
revenge. It was daylight when he finally went to bed,
the outline of a plan in place. He didn't know if he'd
be able to pull it off but either way he was going to
pay her back.

Over the next two months he continually refined the
plan as he gathered the tools he hoped to use. Mostly
bondage equipment, some of which he bought over the
internet, some of which he made himself. He was
waiting for the school holidays. His parents were
going away on a second honeymoon for five weeks.
Initially he was meant to go to his grandparents but
after a fortnight of hinting and eventually begging
they'd agreed to let him stay at home by himself.
They'd be in constant email and phone contact and
decided to treat it as a maturity test for him. In the
meantime he knew that janet would be home for the
holidays. Normally she'd be away with her parents but
this year they couldn't go because of work commitments.
Kelly was going off to camp for the first three weeks
but janet hadn't wanted to do that. Richard also knew
from Janet's diary that all her close friends,
including her current boyfriend would be away. The
timing would be perfect.

Finally the holidays arrived and on Sunday he was
waving goodbye to his parents as the taxi took them to
the airport. That day and evening he started his real
preparation, getting everything ready for Monday

Up Chapter 2 - Signing the Contract

From his parent's bedroom window Richard watched janet
kiss her mom goodbye as she and Janet's dad headed off
to work at eight thirty. The night before he'd been
able to check her diary entry after she went to bed so
he knew that she was planning to spend the day at home
by herself, watching tv and working on her tan.
Gathering the evidence he needed for part one of his
plan he headed downstairs and over to Janet's place.

As he raised his finger to the doorbell he realised
that his hand was trembling which was not surprising
the way his stomach was feeling. There was a moment of
hesitation as his fear almost overpowered him but then
he pressed, committing himself to actually doing it.
As he waited he kept rehearsing what he wanted to say,
but when she finally opened the door, his mind went
blank and all he could do was stare.

"Oh, hi. What'd you want?"

"Ummm, I, ummm ."

He hadn't been really close to her since the party and
he'd almost forgotten how really beautiful she was.
And she smelt amazingly fresh, like she'd just had a
shower. She had on an old loose tshirt, a pair of
baggy faded shorts and was barefoot. The way the twin
points of her nipples poked out at him he was sure she
didn't have a bra on. It took all his strength to stop
from openly staring at her tits.

"I said what do you want. Hello, anyone home?"

"Oh, yes, sorry. Um, I just need to talk to you for a
couple of minutes."

"What? What about? Like I'm kind of busy Richard."

It was still happening, she was still treating him like
shit. Pretending to be busy when he knew she wasn't.
Well not for long, he'd make sure of that. He could
feel his resolve and his anger building, driving away
his nerves and fear.

"About these exam papers and a couple of other things."


Taking a big breath and looking her straight in the eye
he held out the copies of her and Marcia's emails along
with copies of the exam papers.

"The exam papers that you and Marcia stole."

Frozen in place she stared at him in shock as her world
turned upside down. Slowly her eyes dropped to the
papers he was holding before she reached out and
snatched them from him. She started rifling through
them barely reading each page as she recognised the
emails she and Marcia had sent back and forth. Finally
she looked up at him again, trying to put it together,
to work out what was happening, why he had the papers.

"Where did you . how did you .. oh shit . Richard
where'd you get these."

"Umm, well I kinda hacked into Marcia's computer and,
well you know."

"So, like I don't get it. What do you want?"

Suddenly it dawned on her that of course, he wanted in
when school started again. She'd have to make sure
that he hadn't told anyone else and make him swear not
to spread it around but she was sure Marcia wouldn't be
too pissed off.

"You want copies. Next term. Okay. Like I'd have to
talk to Marcia but, yeah, sure."

"No, no, I don't want that. No way."

"I don't get it. What then?"

"Well, you know. You. I thought that if we could, you
know go out and then, you know . do it. Then that'd be

Watching her eyes and face as she slowly comprehended
what he really wanted was fantastic.

"It? You mean sex? With you? You want me to have sex
with you?"

He just nodded at her, keeping his look as blank as he

"You little shit. You disgusting little shit. How
dare you! I can't believe that I used to like you.
You're fucked. I wouldn't have sex with you if you
were the last person in the world. I wouldn't even
let you touch me you jerk. How fucking dare you. How
fucking dare you think you can do something like this."

Now he knew he would need all his acting skills.
Dropping his eyes, he let his shoulders slump, trying
to make himself look like he was feeling really awful
for what he'd just done.

"Oh shit. I'm sorry. I just thought. You're right,
I'm a shit. I should have known you wouldn't have sex
with me. I'm sorry."

By now he was backing away.

"Please don't tell anyone about this. If you don't
then I won't tell about the cheating. Okay. Please

"Okay. And you'd better not or I'll tell everyone what
a shit you can be."

"I won't. And I'll give you the rest of the stuff I
printed off if you promise not to tell. I'll have to
get it together so if you come over in half an hour
I'll have it for you."

Not waiting for a reply he turned and half ran across
the lawn and through the gate to his place. Now it was
up to her and he was ninety percent certain that she
would come over to his house. When she did then he knew
he had her and if she didn't, then at the very least
he'd get back at her by actually reporting her for
cheating. With luck he'd be able to convince people
that he hadn't demand she have sex with him because
after all she had no proof.

As she watched Richard head to his house janet started
shaking and the emails fell from her hands, fluttering
to the floor. For a second she stared at them before
slamming the door shut and leaning up against it,
hugging herself as she tried to calm down. Eventually
the shakes stopped and she was able to think clearly
again. Gathering the emails up she headed to her room.
First thing she had to do was delete all copies on her
computer and also clear her ICQ history. There was no
one she could call to talk this through or get around
to support her when she went over to Richards so she'd
just have to do it herself.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.
How dare he, how dare that little shit even think that
she'd have sex with him. When she saw him she'd really
let him have it. Looking over at her alarm clock she
realised that it was almost thirty minutes, time to go
and get the rest of the emails he'd stolen. She was
about to leave when she realised that she'd feel even
tougher with him if she wore something a bit better
than the tshirt and shorts she had on. Soon she was
dressed and feeling her normal in command self. Slip
on sandals, short skirt and one of her fav designer

As she walked over to his house she could feel her
power rising. She'd show him, really rip into him.
Reaching his front door, she practically broke it down
as knocked. When there was no answer after a couple of
seconds, she knocked again, not stopping till he opened
it. Brushing past him she stormed into the house and
turned to face him.

"How fucking dare you. How fucking dare you think you
could do this to me you little shit. I wouldn't even
let you touch me so I'm sure not going to have sex with
you. Ever. So give me that stuff and never, ever talk
to me, or even look at me again. Because if you do
you'll be real fucking sorry!"

She stood glaring at him, one hand on her hip, the
other stretched out as she demanded the papers and
computer disks he had in his hand.

"You're right, I shouldn't have done this. Here, I've
written a kind of confession."

Handing her the package he waited while she glanced
down and then started reading the top page.

`Mr Johnson,

In this package there are computer disks and printouts
which concern janet Sheen. I thought that I could use
my knowledge about Janet's cheating which I'd learnt
from reading her emails and her diary to make her have
sex with me whenever I wanted. To make her my sex

As well as proof of her cheating, the diary also has
stories about her masturbating, watching a porno movie,
getting drunk, smoking dope and what she really thinks
about the people she knows.

I realise that what I was planning is wrong and I will
face whatever penalty I am given for this. What janet
has done is a serious crime and the school, her school
friends, her parents and others should be told so they
can decide her punishment.

So I am presenting this evidence, including a full copy
of her private diary with this letter.

I am also emailing a copy of her diary to our
classmates. It is important that they know the full
details of what she has done.'

Her diary! As she read the letter her world totally
disintegrated. He'd read her diary. This was the most
totally humiliating, the most devasting thing she could
ever imagine. When she'd finished it she just stared
at it, her neck and face burning red with
embarrassment, her mind blank, not knowing what to do.
Finally he broke the silence.

"So, I'm sorry, but I have to do this. It's the right
thing to do. I'm not sure what they'll do to you. I
guess they'll expel you and you'll probably have to
repeat the year because your exams will all be
disallowed. Anyway, that's your copy."

"No, no. Richard, you can't. Please."

"But like I said in the letter, I have to. It was
wrong of me to think that you'd let me have sex with
you but what you've done is even more wrong. And like
you said, you won't even let me touch you let alone
have sex with you. So I'm sending this off."

Nothing mattered, only stopping him. Anything he
wanted she'd do now. Having sex with him was
infinitely better than letting anyone else read what
was in the diary. She was so embarrassed, so
humiliated knowing that he'd read it that she couldn't
even look at him. The thought that all her friend
could read it was impossible to imagine let alone allow
it to happen.

"What if I did it? Richard?"

He was still keeping his voice down, sounding sincere
yet troubled but it was an effort to keep it like that

"Did what?"

"Let you have sex with me."

"You mean you'd be my sex slave."

Fighting to keep the look of total disgust off her
face, as she started to realise that she needed to be a
lot more careful with the way she treated him, she
managed to look up at him and put on her very best

"If you promise to tell no one and give me all that
stuff then . I'll have sex with you. Once."

He looked at her for a moment, for the first time
letting his gaze travel over her amazing body without
feeling that he had to hide his interest.

"Umm, no. It would have to be more than that.

"Okay, twice. You can do it twice."

"Ummm. I don't know. I really want to have sex with
you but . no, I'm sorry. I don't really think it's
worth it unless you agree to be my sex slave.
Especially after what you said."

Turning around he picked up another package which was
in a large envelope.

"Here it is. Mail for the principal. Sorry Janet."

As he moved to the door, she almost leapt at him,
grabbing his arm to stop him. Any bravado was gone,
replaced by fear and desperation.

"NO. Please you can't. No, it's not fair. Richard,
please don't. I'm sorry about what I said. I'll make
it up to you somehow. I'll pay you. I've got a few
hundred dollars you can have. What about that? And
you can sleep with me."

"Sorry, I don't want your money. It's not really worth
it unless . you know, it's all. Sorry."

Pulling his arm free he walked out the door, heading
down the path to the front gate, waiting for her to
stop him again, waiting for her to completely give in.
By the time he was half way to the gate he realised
that he'd blown it, that she wasn't giving in. He
tried to think of something else he could do but his
mind was blank and an immense feeling of disappointment
welled up in him. He could pretend to post it, let her
suffer for a few days, or maybe he should turn around,
tell her he'd changed his mind and that if she let him
fuck her he'd give her the stuff back. At least that
way he'd get one fuck.

The further he got from her the more her life seemed to
disappear until finally she knew there was no choice.
She couldn't face the world with everyone knowing what
was in her diary.

"Okay . Richard? RICHARD."

For a second she thought he wasn't going to stop but
then he was turning back to her.


"I'll do it."

Slowly he walked back to her, his heart starting to
pump with the excitement. It was going to happen.
Somehow he hadn't really thought it would. To have
fantasies about it were one thing but to actually have
it happening, to have the most beautiful girl he knew
saying she would be his sex slave was far beyond
anything that he thought he could really achieve. YES!
Although he wanted to leap in the air, to whoop and
holler, he didn't. Control he thought, have to keep in
control, have to make sure that she knows who's in
charge all the time. Then he was standing in front of
her again.

"You'll do what?"

She glared at him. She might have to be his `sex
slave' but she wasn't about to say it.

"You know, what you want you little shit!"

"What I want is for you to tell me exactly what you are
going to be and to never call me a `little shit'. So
let's start again. What will you do?"

She still glared at him. There was no way she was
going to say it. She could cope with not calling him a
little shit because she'd just think that anyway but
she couldn't say `sex slave'.

"Look you know what I'll do so stop being stupid."

"Nope, I didn't think you really meant it. See ya."

Turning, he headed back down the path. This time he'd
only gone a few steps when he heard her running after
him. Then she was standing in front of him blocking
his way.

"No, Richard, don't please. I'm sorry. I do mean it.
I'll say it. Please don't go." She took a big breath.
"I'll, I'll be your . your sex slave."

For what seemed like an eternity they stared at each
other until finally she dropped her eyes, slumping her

"Go back inside and wait for me."

As she walked she could feel herself trembling. He'd
won and now she was going to have to do whatever he
wanted. This morning she'd woken bored but feeling
okay and now she was about to have sex with Richard.
Unbelievable. Once inside the house she stopped,
unsure where to go, hoping that he wouldn't say the
bedroom. Maybe he'll tell me it was all just a stupid
game she thought but when he spoke any hope of that
quickly disappeared. As she heard the door close
behind her it felt as if she was being locked away.

"As my slave you will call me Master. You will obey me
instantly, no questions, no hesitation, no matter what
I tell you. Understand?"


"No, you have to say `yes Master', okay?"

"Yes Master."

"Okay. Now I printed out a kind of contract last night
that I think you should sign. Just to make it official
you know. Come on, it's in my room."

Walking past her he headed down the hall to his room.
Over the years she'd spent lots of time in there before
she'd told him she couldn't play with him anymore. It
had always been a place for fun and games, but now it
was a place for fear.

When she got to his room he was over by his computer,
holding a piece of paper out to her. As she took the
paper from him she checked out the room which was
different from the last time she'd been in it. He now
had a double bed and there were lots of posters of half
naked girls like Pamela Anderson on the walls.

"Read it."

i janet sheen hereby agree to be the sex slave of
Richard Marks, my Master, until such time as He shall
tire of me. As His sex slave i will live by the
following creed and rules.

1. i am a sex slave and nothing more.

2. i will not speak without my master's permission

3. my only desire is to serve, obey and please my

4. i worship my Master's body.

5. i acknowledge that i am nothing more than an object
- an instrument to be used by my Master for his

6. i acknowledge that my body and mind is the property
of my Master.

7. i will never again masturbate without my Master's

8. i will always thank my Master for all He gives me.

9. i will never hesitate when responding to my Master.

10. i will maintain my punishment book which will list
all the times i upset my Master with my disobedience
and thoughtlessness.

11. i will thank my Master for the discipline and
punishments i receive from Him.

12. i will always submit to my Master.

13. i shall wear the collar my Master gives me with
pride for it signifies His ownership of me and my
devotion to Him.

14. i will never look into the eyes of my Master
without his permission.

15. my head will remain bowed and my eyes will be cast
down in the presence of my Master.

16. my rightful "place" is on my knees before my

17. i will always be ready to please my Master.

18. The opportunity to please my Master is very
important to me and i will take every chance to do so.

19. i will never reach orgasm without my Master's

20. i will tell my Master when i need to be punished
and why.

21. i will tell my Master when i have been bad.

22. i must never show disrespect for my Master in any
way - no matter where i am - in his presence or not.

23. The needs of my Master are more important than my

24. i am allowed to suggest ways to further my training
or use of me as long as i address my Master properly

25. i will always respond fully both physically and
verbally to whatever my Master does with me.

26. i must always feel and act sexual - i am a sexual

27. If my Master uses me to make love with - i will
aggressively respond.

28. i will not date others or form a relationship with
others without permission and approval from my Master.
If i should have sex with others i will have it safely
and will always tell my Master in detail the sex i have

When she finished reading it she took a second before
she handed it back to him.

"You're a pyscho. I'm not fucking signing that."

"Hey, you said you'd be my slave. This just makes it
sort of official."

"No way. You know what Richard? You can just get
fucked! This whole thing is fucked. Okay?"

She stood there glaring at him, daring him to do
anything, the anger rising once again. As he turned
and put the paper back on his desk she smiled, thinking
that she'd won. All she'd needed to do was be really

"Okay. I guess you'd better go." He sat at his desk
and started typing. "I'll just start sending the
emails with your diary attached."

Her focus shifted to the screen and she realised that
he had an email program up and there looked like there
were dozens on names in the address book, names she
recognised. She just stared, horrified at the reality
of what he was planning. He was actually going to do
it, to send her diary to everyone. She'd die!

"No. Richard. NO."

He stopped typing and swung back to her, the contract
in his hand.

"You've got two choices. Sign or don't. I couldn't
give a shit anymore. If you don't care if the world
knows what a cheat you are then piss off. Otherwise
sign the fucking contract. I'll give you five seconds.
One, two, three, four ."

"Okay, alright, I'll sign it."

He put it back on the desk and held out a pen. Taking
it from him she signed down the bottom and then he
added his signature. Carefully folding it he put it
away in the desk and then turned back to her.

"I want you to kneel on the floor over there, facing
the bed."

The bed! She looked at him for a second, knowing she
was probably going to have to do things that were far
worse that kneeling on the floor. Moving over to where
he'd pointed she knelt, crossing her arms protectively
over her tits, sullenly waiting for him to start
mauling her.

"Knees apart."

Glowering at him, she reluctantly she inched them

"Further. Keep going till I tell you to stop."

Now she was starting to feel embarrassed as she pushed
her knees further and further apart, unable to stop her
skirt creeping up, exposing more and more of her
thighs. It wasn't until her knees were almost two feet
apart and her skirt was almost at the top of her thighs
that he let her to stop.

"Okay, now sit back. No, not on you heels, I want your
bum on the floor. Your feet should be in line with you
knees. That's right. Now put your hands down on your
legs like this."

She looked up at him and he had his palms flat on his
thighs. Slowly she did what he said, placing her hands
half way up her thighs, taking the opportunity to tug
her skirt down as much as she could, glad that at least
she could defy his perving a little bit.

"Pull your shoulders back. Come on stick your tits
out." She hesitated, unable to do what he said, not
prepared for him to talk to her like that. "Do it I
said, come on slave."

She could feel her face burning as she pulled her
shoulders back, pushing her boobs out, for the first
time in her life feeling like they were a liability,
not the asset she always considered them.

"Good, but I'll have to punish you for that later.
Here write it down in your book."

He held the book out to her, almost daring her to
refuse to take it.

For a second she hesitated but as far as she was
concerned the book was just another of his sicko
fantasies so she took it from him. And it meant that
she could hunch her shoulders forward, hiding her boobs
from him again. Stuff you, she thought!

"Write `Refused to properly display my tits'."

Glaring at him she reluctantly opened the book and
wrote it down.

"Good, now give me the book and put your hands back
where they should be and make sure your tits are
sticking out. Keep your head up but look down at the
floor. Do it! Excellent. See you can be a good slave

By now his blood was pounding, his cock felt like it
was going to explode and he was having trouble
breathing he was so excited. She looked so sexy
kneeling there with her big tits sticking out, begging
to be squeezed and her skirt was so far up her
beautiful thighs he could almost see her crotch. He so
wanted to rip her clothes off and start fucking her on
the floor, to finally find out how good it would be to
have his cock inside a cunt. But he knew that it would
be even better, even more satisfying if she was begging
him to fuck her, if he could really make her a slave.
So he stood behind her, taking some deep breaths,
determined to continue with his plan.

"This is your `at ease' position. Now put your hands
behind your back. In the small of your back. Keep
them open with one wrist resting on top of the other.
Eyes on the floor, tits out. Good."

It looked like her hands were tied up with one resting
on top of the other. The only problem now was that she
was still clothed, but not for long.

"And this is your ready position. Whenever I come into
a room or approach you this is the position you will
instantly assume unless I tell you otherwise.

She knew that he expected her to answer but it was
really difficult to say anything to him other than fuck
off. But she was still conscious of all the damming
information he had about her. So she said the words,
but she made sure he knew how she felt. He might be
able to make her do things but she'd make sure he knew
she thought he was a total arsehole.

"Yes . master."

"You know I don't like your tone. Way too much
attitude. If that means you're rethinking our
arrangement, you'd better tell me. Otherwise I'd
suggest you learn how to show me a lot more respect or
you'll be spending all your time writing down
punishments. Now say it again, slave, with respect."

The panic well up in her again and this time she did
her best to make him believe her.

"Yes master."

"That's much better."

He moved to the bed and sat down, facing her. This is
it she thought, he's going to fuck me and for a second
the tears welled up in her eyes as she realised that
her virginity was going to be taken by him, that he was
going to rape her.

"I should explain the importance of this position. It
says that you're body is totally available to me, that
it's mine to do with as I please and that you won't try
to stop me. So you stay in that position till I tell
you to relax and then you can go to the `at ease'
position or do whatever else I tell you to do. Like
now. Now I want you to take your top off."

She knew this had to come so it was no surprise.
Unclasping her hands, she tugged the t-shirt out of the
waistband of her skirt and then crossing her arms over,
took each side and started pulling it off over her

This wasn't going to be the first time that he'd seen
her partly naked as he'd often watched her and her
friends in their bikinis at the pool. But this was the
first time it had happened in his room, it was the
first time he'd been in a position where he could watch
without worrying that he'd be told to stop perving.

He was transfixed as the t-shirt slowly rose up,
revealing her narrow waist, cute belly button and her
lightly tanned mid-riff. Then it seemed to catch on
the underside of her boobs and she had to tug to get it
to clear them. She was wearing a white bra that was
frilly on the top and showed the swell of her boobs and
lots of the cleavage. Her nipples were hidden but
still obvious from the twin bumps at the front of the
bra cups. All too soon the t-shirt was off and she was
holding her arms across her boobs, using the t-shirt to
cover them.

"Give it to me and then back to your ready position."

She reached out with the tshirt and then reluctantly
put her hands behind her back, wishing now that she'd
worn a sports top which would have covered her boobs a
bit more.

"Oh yeah, nice tits . real nice. Now, take off the
skirt, give it to me and then go back to your ready
position, slave. No, you don't need to stand, I'm sure
you'll be able to do it kneeling down."

There was a button and a zip at the back of the skirt
that she easily undid. Then she had to push and
wriggle to get it down her legs and off as she stayed
kneeling on the ground. It made her boobs jiggle
inside the bra and as she bent over he got a real good
look at the valley between her boobs. Then his focus
went to between her legs where a pair of pale blue
panties were covering her cunt. They looked faded, old
and had a lacey trim. The most exciting thing was the
strands of blonde pubic hair that were peeking out on
one side.

As she struggled to pull the skirt over her feet, her
sandals became caught up in it and were pulled off,
falling to the floor behind her. She held out the
skirt and when he took it she resumed the position.
Now, with her skirt off and her legs spread wide she
really felt exposed and vulnerable. As she stared at
the floor she saw where her pubic hair was showing and
she felt her face flush as she hoped he wouldn't
notice. Vain hope, she knew because she had no doubt
that soon he'd be demanding that she take off her

"Let's see, what next? Bra or panties? Bra I think.
I want to see your tits."

She brought her hands up to the catch at the back of
her bra and suddenly she was shaking and the tears
started rolling down her cheeks as, through her sobs,
she begged him and brought her hands around, covering
her breasts and bringing her knees together.

"Please Richard, please don't do this. You can't.
It's not right. Please. I can't do it. Richard."

She looked up at him, her cheeks wet and her big,
beautiful blue eyes now red from her tears, as she
pleaded with him. And he felt his cock getting even
harder as he realised how much power he really had over
her. Even if he wanted to stop, his cock wasn't going
to let him. More than ever he wanted to break her,
wanted to humiliate her for the way she'd treated him
over the last three years.

He didn't say anything, just stared at her and
eventually she dropped her eyes as she managed to
control her sobbing. Now she knew that this wasn't
going to stop, and she felt exhausted and wanted to
collapse and roll into a tiny ball.

He wasn't sure what to do next, either get her back in
position or get her to write in the punishment book.
Probably best to do the punishment book first.

"Here. I think you have a few things to enter. Take

Reaching out she took the book, opening it up, holding
the pen ready to write.

"Refused to show tits to my master . spoke to my master
without permission . didn't show proper respect when
talking to my master . didn't stay in my ready position
. tried to hide my tits from master with my arms . Okay
that probably covers it."

Because he had to wait between each punishment for her
to write it down, it was taking quite a long time and
he was getting impatient to get on with it, impatient
to actually fuck her. But just as he was about to take
the book back from her he realised there was one more
and he knew just what the punishment would be for it.

"I almost forgot. Write down, tried to hide cunt from
my master."

Her hand was shaking again as she wrote the last one
down. Cunt. It wasn't a word she used and certainly
not one she'd ever written.

"Give me the book. Now get in position. Your legs
were further apart than that weren't they. Better.
Come on stick your tits out. Okay, now this time I
want you to ask me for permission to take off you bra."

There was a moment of confusion where she almost
started taking off the bra before she realised what
he'd said. Then she almost panicked as she tried to
work out what to say.

"Umm, can I take off my bra . master."

It wasn't a very convincing ask and she'd almost
forgotten to say master, but he didn't want to waste
any more time with her writing down punishments at the

"Not very convincing. So if you don't want me to
fucking rip if off for you try again slave. Try to
fucking convince me that you really want it off!"

It was the first time he'd raised his voice and
suddenly she was scared.

"Please master, please let me take off my bra for you."

"Okay slave, take it off."

Her hands moved up and undid the clasp and she peeled
the straps down her arms, letting a male see her
breasts for only the second time. Her left hand went
behind her back again as she held the bra out to him
with her right hand.

He took the bra from her, barely registering that she
was keeping herself in the ready position. He was in
heaven, staring at her perfect globes, better than
anything he'd ever seen in magazines or on the net.
They were so big he'd expected them to drop down, hang
low but they didn't sag at all, defying gravity as they
sat high on her chest, tanned across the top and white
underneath. And the nipples were dark red and looked
thick, sitting out from the slightly lighter aureoles,
staring straight at him, practically begging him to
suck and bite them. The aureoles were really amazing,
like little mounds that sat on top of her tits. He
wasn't sure how long he sat there, her bra in one hand,
awestruck by her tits. Finally his gaze dropped down
to her crotch.

"Take off the panties."

There was no hesitation this time and she was obviously
learning as she struggled to pull them off and stay in
her kneeling position. She did have to bring her knees
together to get them off but as soon as they cleared
her feet she spread her knees, once again holding her
hand out for him to take the clothing form her.

It was impossible to see anything more than her pubic
hair as she took them off but once they'd gone and she
was spreading her legs again, he got his first view of
live pussy. Her blonde pubic hair was sparse and
looked like it was very fine. There was a sort of tuft
of it and then below that were her cunt lips. The most
exciting thing was her inner lips which as her legs
opened, peeked through, sort of a coral red colour and

She had never been so embarrassed, so humiliated in her
life as he just stared at her, looking at her most
private part. Finally he stood up but instead of
coming to her he went over to his desk. When he came
back, she could see that he had some kind of leather
strap that he held out to her, waiting for her to take
it before he sat back down on the bed.

"Here. This goes round your neck. Make sure you lock
it. It's your slave collar and I'm the only one with
the key."

It was made from soft black leather, was about an inch
wide and had six rings on it as well as a tiny padlock
on the clasp. Wrapping it round her neck she easily
locked it in place, once more thinking how stupid this
all was, even in the midst of her embarrassment.

He sat there, staring at her as she put the collar on,
fascinated with the way her breasts flattened slightly
as her hands went behind her head and then rounded out
again as she resumed her ready position. He knew he
should get on with it, that he should fuck her, but
something kept holding him back. Suddenly he realised
what it was. For at least the last three years he'd be
jerking off with fantasies of janet and they weren't
just about fucking her, they were about her begging
him, about her submitting to him completely. But she
wasn't ready for that yet. Even if she did beg, she'd
only be pretending. He knew he'd have to push her a
lot further before she really started to submit to him.

"Okay, crawl over here and suck my cock. Show me what
a great cocksucker you are!"

It was happening! Sex. And not just normal sex. She
looked up at him, almost in shock at his words and once
again the tears started flowing and before she could
stop herself she was begging him to let her go.

"Please don't. Richard, please. I can't. Please I
just want to go home. I'm sorry that I cheated."

He let her blubber for a few minutes, enjoying the
spectacle of her jiggling tits as she knelt there,
wiping the tears from her eyes. Finally she stopped
and only the sound of her heavy breathing filled the
room. He got up from the bed and went to his desk,
returning with a nine foot lead. She jerked her head
as he clipped it onto one of the rings on her collar
but she didn't try to stop him.

"After that little outburst I think that it's time for
your first punishment session. Come on slave."

Up Chapter 3 - Learning the Hard Way

Heading for the door, he didn't give her time to stand,
forcing her to scramble up to avoid falling over. As
he led her from his bedroom down the hall and into the
family room, he knew she was trying covering her tits
and cunt with her arms and hands. Later he'd deal with
that and teach her how to walk around naked but for now
he wanted to make sure he got her in position for her
punishment before she realised what was happening.

Stopping under the heavy wooden beam that ran along the
roof, he tugged down on the lead.

"Get down. Quickly, into your ready position slave."

She did as he ordered, almost feeling a comfort in the
position. At least kneeling down like this meant he
couldn't have sex with her she thought. He unclipped
the lead and held out a piece of black material.

"This is a blindfold. I want you to put it on. Now!"

Taking it from him she reluctantly put it over her
eyes. The eye covers were padded and there was a small
lock that she clicked shut at the back of her head. As
she let go of it and started to bring her hands back
behind her, the panic welled up. Now she felt even
more naked and for the first time she started to feel
scared. Before she could do or say anything though he
was ready with the next step.

"Hold you left arm out in front of you."


She'd tentatively reached out and he'd held her
forearm. Then he was putting something around her

"Other arm."

The procedure was quickly repeated but she had no idea
what it was around her wrists.

"Stand up. Put your right arm up in the air. Now you
left arm."

As she lifted each arm up, he easily secured them to
the ropes that were hanging from the beam above her.
At the moment her hands were only held at head height
but he'd fix that eventually. Before then he needed
her silenced and he had just the thing for that, a
special gag. It was a rubber ball with a strap on it
that, like the blindfold, could be locked at the back
of the person's head. What made it special was the
small air pump that was attached to it. The ball was
fairly small which made it easy to get into someone's
mouth. Once it was in, a couple of squeezes on the
pump and the ball expanded, filling their mouth
completely. Of course he hadn't used it on anyone yet
except to test it on himself, but he was confident that
it would silence most of her screams. When he'd
fantasised about whipping her it was always the sound
of her first scream that worried him. He knew that
after the first one he'd be okay, but he need to have
her silenced at least for the first time.

It, and all the other things he'd bought over the last
few weeks were expensive and really stretched his
limited financial resources but he was now starting to
see the payoff.

By now she was getting really nervous about what he was
doing. She knew that by his stupid rules she wasn't
meant to talk without permission but she had to, she
really had to tell him to stop it, let him know how
much he was scaring her, appeal to him somehow.

Unfortunately the moment when she opened her mouth to
speak was just as he was about to tell her to open it
anyway so before she could say anything there was some
strange thing in her mouth. Shaking her head as she
tried to push it out with her tongue but before she
could do anything it was getting bigger and then it was
filling her mouth completely, flattening her tongue.

The diameter of the ball gag was now bigger than her
lips could stretch so until he let the air out, there
was no way she could get rid of it. He smiled to
himself as she started making inarticulate grunts,
twisting her head about, ineffectually trying to get
rid of the ball. He realised that he didn't really
need to secure the gag but he did anyway, stepping
behind her to lock it off alongside the blindfold lock.
Almost there he thought, only her feet left to secure
and then she was totally his, gagged, blindfolded and
tied up!

For her feet he had ankle cuffs that had ropes running
to the opposite walls where they were tied off.
Crouching down he grabbed her left ankle and pulled it
sideways towards the first cuff. He almost couldn't do
it, the touch of her skin against his hand was so
magical he hesitated, wanting to run his hand up her
leg. Then she futilely tried to resist him and that
was enough to keep him going and he quickly secured
her. Moving to her right ankle, he had to drag her
foot across the floor, till her feet were almost four
feet apart before he was able to secure the second
ankle cuff.

As he stood back to examine his work his work he felt a
rush of adrenaline and almost had to sit down it was so
overpowering. It was the most exciting, sexiest sight
he'd ever seen, a million times more exciting than any
fantasy he'd ever had. He had her, the girl of his
dreams, naked except for the collar, ball gag,
blindfold and cuffs on her ankles and wrists, secured
totally helpless in the middle of the room.

When he'd spread her feet apart her body had been
lowered closer to the floor and now her elbows were
level with her shoulders which is just how he'd hoped
she'd end up. This meant that her boobs were still
full on her chest, not flattened out as he thought
they'd probably have been if he'd pulled her arms up to
tightly. Her legs were stretched, the muscles clearly
showing, leading up to her beautiful cunt mound and her
stomach, almost concave from the position she was in.

But it was her nipples that drew him, like magnets
begging him to touch them, to finally feel their
perfection and he moved closer, reaching out till he
captured them between his finger and thumb. She
grunted and tried to pull away which pissed him off,
but there was nowhere to go and he held on, marveling
at their thickness and the rubbery feel as he started
gently twisting and tugging them. They seemed bigger
than when she'd first taken off her bra, probably from
fear he thought, not being foolish enough to imagine
that she was getting turned on. They were certainly
bigger than he'd expected they would be.

"You tried to pull away then. Naughty slave. Never
pull away when your master wants to play with your
nipples. You know why? Because if you do then I might
just have to do this."

And he started applying pressure, squeezing harder and
harder as he twisted her nipples till it felt like he
was going to tear them off her breasts. She screamed
louder than she ever screamed in her life but only a
muffled sound came through the gag as she thrashed
about, desperately trying to escape the pain.

For at least a minute he kept it up, clamping down as
tightly as he could, twisting as hard as he could,
distorting her tit flesh. He could see fresh tears
coming out from under her blindfold and from the
tortured sounds that escaped from her gag and the way
she vainly tried to pull her nipples free of his hands
he had no doubt that the pain was excruciating. And he
loved it, loved the fact that he was actually starting
to pay her back for the years of humiliation and

Finally he released the pressure and stepped back.

"I hope that you're a quick learner because you're
going to be in a lot more pain next time you try
something like that slave."

He was tempted to reach down and play with her pussy
but decided that could wait another half hour. Because
now he really wanted to get on with her punishment,
really wanted to push her so far that she willingly do
anything that he demanded.

Behind her, in a box against the wall was his
collection of whips. He'd been gathering them for a
while now but this was the first time he'd be using
them on a body and not just pretending with pillows and
things. The first one he had decided to use was a
simple riding crop which he swished through the air as
he moved back to stand behind her. He checked the
punishment book and quickly marked down how many
strokes each item would receive. Single strokes for
speaking without permission, not calling him master and
not staying in position. She'd broken each of those
rules twice so that meant six strokes on her bum.

As he lined up for the first stroke he almost forgot
about what he was planning as he became transfixed by
the sight of her perfect arse. Her legs and back were
tanned but her arse was white and he decided he
preferred her like that. It made her arse cheeks stand
out so beautifully. There were these twin globes, like
bubbles that seemed to be begging to be grabbed, to
have his fingers sink into them. Begging to have his
cock ram between them as he would do eventually. But
first the punishment.

"You're getting one stroke for each of the following
slave. You spoke without permission two times, moved
from your ready position without permission two times
and there were two time when you didn't show me proper
respect and address me as your master. You have been a
very bad slave and so I have to punish you!"

She had no idea what he was talking about and was
turning her head to where his voice was coming from
when her bum erupted with pain. She screamed into her
gag, trying to pull away as fresh slices of pain rained
down on her behind.

As each stroke landed, her body jerked, straining
against her bonds and a white stripe would appear where
the crop landed which almost immediately turned red as
the blood rushed to the surface. Although he was
pretty sure from the way she was jerking around and
groaning that it was hurting her, he wasn't really
hitting very hard. He didn't want to cause any serious
damage, certainly didn't want to risk cutting her. Not
that it wasn't tempting to really lay into her!
Instead though he concentrated on finding a different
part of her bum for each stroke. The first one was
straight across her bum, then one on each arse cheek.
Next he brought the crop down in an overhead swing
across the top of her bum then reversed, bringing it up
from under, catching her in the crease between her bum
and the tops of her thighs. The way she leapt in the
air, this one must have really hurt. Finally he stood
directly behind her and struck so that just the flap on
the end of the crop swiped across each cheek.

It took a while before janet registered that he'd
stopped hitting her. Her arse was still on fire, but
the sudden stabs of pain that happened each time he hit
her had stopped. She tried to control her sobbing,
praying that he wouldn't hit her any more, afraid that
she'd go crazy with the pain if he did.

But he was only finished with the crop, not with the
punishment. That had a long way to go and now he was
going to try a small whip that was called the
tenderiser. It had a handle that was about twelve
inches long and then there were 20 thin strips of soft
leather, each about eighteen inches long. This time
his target was her tits and he wasn't going to warn her
so he was as quiet as possible as he positioned himself
in front of her. Holding the whip out to the side, he
lined it up with her left tit mound and swung but at
the last moment he brought his arm down and lashed her
stomach instead.

Again she screamed, the sound muffled in her throat as
her stomach exploded in strips of red hot pain. It was
worse then the pain in her arse, it felt like her
stomach was being burnt. As she hopelessly tried to
break free it kept raining down on her from one side to
the other, two, three, four, five, six strokes before
it stopped.

While he whipped her he tried to work out why he hadn't
whipped her boobs as he'd planned. After all he'd
fantasised about whipping her tits for long enough.
Finally he realised he'd been scared that he'd damage
them and the thought of really damaging her gorgeous
tits was too much. But as he whipped her stomach he
could see that the whip wasn't going to scar her,
certainly not if he didn't use too much force.

"That's six strokes for refusing to suck my cock slave.
Next time you'd better be willing to prove what a good
cock sucker you are or I'll whip you a hundred times.
Now what else do I have to punish you for?"

Pulling out the punishment book, he held it up to her
head and rustled the pages so she'd think he was
looking through it.

"Oh yes, here it is, you seemed to think that I
shouldn't see your big tits. I've got one, two . four
offences listed here. I reckon two strokes each.
Total of eight lashes on your tits I think. Now this
one I'm told will really hurt!"

She couldn't believe that he was going to do it. She
begged and begged him not to but all that came out were
muffled grunts. This nightmare just kept getting worse
and worse. And then the pain started again.

Once more he lined up her left tit and this time he
connected. The strands of the whip looked like they
were caressing her tit as they struck, pushing it
towards its twin with the force of the blow before it
wobbled back. After the first lash he had to pause,
catching his breath from the excitement, tensing his
groin to stop from coming as he watched the red stripes
starting to come out on her beautiful tit. Six time he
lashed her tits alternating sides before he stepped
back half a pace to line up the last two strokes.
These lashes barely touched her, flicking over her
tits, but they ripped at her nipples, sending barbed
pain deep into her tits.

"Okay one more punishment to go before we get to your
daily punishment for being a cheat. The way I'm going
to work your cheating punishment is that I'll just
repeat all the other punishments for the day. So let's
see, that means six plus twelve plus four plus two .
twenty two more lashes. And of course the next two
that you're going to get for trying to hide your cunt
from me. And guess where I'm going to have to whip you
for that slave!"

Through the daze of pain and shock she heard him but
didn't comprehend what he meant till the pain hit her
again. Twice he brought the whip up between her spread
legs, lashing the tops of her thighs and digging it
into her tender cunt flesh. As each lash struck home
she jerked crazily against her bonds hopelessly trying
to escape. The strands of the whip curled through her
pussy, spreading the lips apart, reaching back to sting
her arse hole. As she silently screamed she felt as
though her life must be over, unable to even think how
she'd be able to live through another twenty two
lashes. She was sure that her flesh must be ripped,
bleeding by now as her whole body ached from the

Although he'd been planning to match her punishment for
cheating against all the other punishments he gave her,
as he looked at her beautiful body, now laced with red
stripes he started to worry that another 20 lashes
might be too much. He knew he'd enjoy doing it, but
there was no way he wanted to risk scarring her or
anything like that. But he'd said he was going to keep
whipping her and he knew instinctively that to keep the
upper hand he couldn't back down. Then he thought of
how he could do a trade. Reduce the whipping if she
was willing to humiliate herself which would work out
even better, would be even more of a turn on if she did
what he had in mind. Stepping up to her he grasped her

"Now the idea of the punishment is to help you learn
how a slave should act. Do you think you've learnt

She desperately nodded her head, trying to say yes,
wanting him to know that she'd do anything he asked if
he stopped hurting her.

"Good. At least I think that was a yes. It's a bit
hard to hear you properly with the gag in your mouth.
And you won't try to hide your tits from me will you?
Good. Or your cunt? Excellent. What about sucking my
cock? Are you ready to prove that you're a cocksucker?
Good. Then I guess that it's time to get on with the
rest of your punishment."

He let go of her jaw and walked around her, letting the
tension grow knowing she was waiting fearfully for the
whipping to continue.

"Tell you what, I'm willing to reduce the next
punishment to let's say four lashes if you really prove
to me that you're learning to be a good slave. What
I'll do is give you ten minutes to think about this.
At the end of ten minutes I'll take the gag out and
when I do that I'll expect you to thank me for taking
my time to whip a worthless slave like you. To tell me
how much you want to suck my cock, to swallow my cum.
Like in that video Going Down on the Titanic. Remember
the one? You wrote about watching it in your diary,
didn't you?"

She'd been so worried about the cheating that she'd
forgotten about the other things in her diary. And the
video wasn't all she realised, her despair growing even
more. She'd also written in her diary about
masturbating and the fantasies she used when she

"Then you'll beg me to whip you four more times for
cheating. Anywhere I want, your cunt, your tits, your
arse, anywhere. And after I've done that you'll thank
me because you deserve to be whipped. Okay, you have
ten minutes to make up your mind. And from now on I
expect you to talk dirty, real dirty. Like a slut, the
sluttiest that you can imagine, slave. Oh, and by the
way, if you agree to this but don't do it properly,
I'll have to tie you back up and whip you till I'm too
exhausted to continue."

Four more lashes, that's all she'd have to put up with.
In her mind, there was no question about what she'd do.
She'd talk as dirty as she could, say anything he
wanted her to say to avoid the pain of the whipping
he'd just given her. As she waited she tried to
remember what she had to do and even rehearsed in her
mind what to say to keep him happy.

Meanwhile he'd gone to find his father's digital
camera. It was top of the range equipment and he soon
had twenty explicit snaps of Janet. He was careful not
to get anything in the photos that might give away
where they were taken because he wanted to post them on
the internet. With these photos and the ones he'd be
able to take in the days ahead, he reckoned he'd
quickly become a legend of the newgroups.

Finally he was ready. It had been more like fifteen
minutes by the time he stood in front of her again.

"Okay slave, I'm going to take out your gag off now so
you can tell me which it will be. Two choices. Twenty
two lashes or you start proving to me what a great sex
slave you can be."

Moving behind her he unlocked the gag then, back in
front of her again, he released the small valve,
allowing the ball in her mouth to deflate so he could
pull it out.

"Okay slave, what it's to be?"

At first she couldn't speak her mouth was so stiff and
dry from the gag which she'd had in for almost an hour.
She worked her jaw, taking big swallow till finally she
could speak.

"I'll do what you want . master."

She almost forgotten to call him master and she tensed,
half expecting him to hit her. But he didn't register
that, all he heard was the amazing submissive tone in
her voice. He'd done it, he'd turned her from an up
herself bitch to a slave, willing to do whatever he


He hadn't hit her, he was holding her nipples again and
she just managed to control her impulse to pull back at
the unexpected touch. She waited for him to squeeze
them, to continue torturing her but all he did was
lightly rub his thumbs over the tips, sending a shiver
through her body.

"You know what I want slave. Thank me."

"Yes master. Thank you for whipping me. For punishing

His insides did a somersault as he listened to her.
Her voice had changed so much, the "fuck you" attitude
was gone and it really sounded like she meant what she
was saying. This was more than he'd ever believed
possible, this was really like living the fantasy where
she actually became his submissive sex slave. It was
intoxicating and now that he knew he could do and say
anything to her he wanted more.

"You're a worthless slave aren't you?"

"Yes master."

"No, say it, say you're a worthless slave."

There was no hesitation, she really wanted to please
him, to keep him from hurting her anymore.

"I'm a worthless slave master."

"And you want me to let you suck my cock and swallow
my come don't you slave?"

"Yes master."

He started squeezing her nipples again.

"Ahhh, hurts . please master, master, please let me
suck you cock, let me swallow your come. Please let me
suck you off, please master. Ahhhh. Oh, please I want
to suck you, I really do. I really want to suck you
cock, I want your come. Oh, oh, thank you, thank you

Reluctantly he let go of her nipples, secure though in
the knowledge that he could play with them any time he
wanted. He crouched down, staring at her cunt as he
released her ankles from the cuffs. He really wanted
to sink his fingers into her cunt. But he wanted her
cunt to be wet, wet and hot, the first time and he
couldn't see any wetness yet. So he decided to wait.
Maybe she'd get wet when she sucked him he thought. If
not, he'd just have to use the lubricant he'd bought.

She brought her legs together, relieved to at least be
able to hide herself "down there" from him. She
waited, hopefully, for him to release her hands but he
wasn't finished with the whipping yet.

"Beg me to whip you again."

"Please whip me master."

"I hope you haven't forgotten what I said earlier.
Where do you want me to whip you? Hey? Because if you
don't ask me properly it won't be four lashes, I'll
double it."

"No, no, I'm sorry. I want you to whip me everywhere.
Please master, please whip me anywhere you want . my
back, my bum, legs, stomach . my, my tits . my . my
cunt ."

"That's better. After each lash I want you to thank me
and tell me how many there are left."

He didn't wait for her to reply, lashing her across her

"Ahhhh .. thank you master . three more."

He whipped her across her shoulders, the back of her
thighs and finally across her heaving tits. Each time
she cried out and each time she thanked him.

"Ahhhh .. thank you master."

"Now I'll uncuff your hands. And I'll expect you to
kneel down in your ready position."

When he released the cuffs she sank to the floor,
kneeling as ordered, hands behind her while he fiddled
at the back of her head, releasing the blindfold. As
it came off she blinked at the light, momentarily
blinded before she fearfully looked down at her body,
expecting to see it bloody and bruised. Her relief
when all she saw were the faded red splotches was so
strong that she almost wanted to thank him.

Now he really was ready to come in her for the first
time he thought as he sat on the couch a few feet from

"Crawl to me slave."

It just kept getting worse, more degrading, more
humiliating but she knew she had no choice. If he told
her to crawl then she'd have to crawl and so she did,
her boobs hanging down, swaying as she crawled across
the floor till her hands were at his feet.

"Ready position."

As she resumed the position, he lifted his right foot
and rested it on the slope of her left tit.

"Take it off."

She hurriedly complied, glad to be able to lift the
shoe off her breast as she unlaced it and put it on the

"And the sock."

Once that was off he repeated the procedure with his
left foot, first taking the time to scrape it over her

"Take off my jeans slave, then my underpants, then
start sucking!"

With shaking hands she reached up to his belt buckle
and tugged it open. As she was doing that he was
undoing his shirt buttons, tugging his shirt out of his
jeans and pulling it off. The button on his jeans was
next and then she was pulling down the zip, revealing
his underpants and the hard pole hidden inside them.
By now it was sitting upright, tenting his underpants
which had a wet stain at the top from his pre-cum. She
managed to avoid touching the bulge but she couldn't
stop staring at it as she tugged at his jeans, trying
to pull them down. He helped by lifting his bum and
then they were off.

Forcing herself to keep going she took the waistband of
his underpants in her hands and started tugging them
down, her head now bowed, avoiding looking at his cock
as she felt it spring free from his underpants. She
dropped his underpants on the ground and taking a big
breath lifted her head up. There it was, somehow even
bigger than she'd thought it would be. It grew
menacingly out of his blonde pubic hair, his ball sack
at the base and then the long thick pole. It was
fascinating and she knew that she had to start sucking
now before she lost her nerve.

Her lips puckered as she leant closer and he felt their
wet touch as she kissed his cock, pressing against his
shaft, just under the head. Pulling back a fraction
her tongue came out, pink and wet and he was sure his
heart missed a dozen beats as she actually licked the
shaft with the tip of her tongue. A shiver ran through
his body and for one dangerous moment he though he was
going to come then and there but he somehow held off.

She hesitated for a moment, absorbing the fact that it
hadn't tasted revolting, well at least not yet. In the
video, the girls did lots of kissing and licking before
they took the guys things in their mouths but she knew
that if she didn't actually take it in her mouth now
she wouldn't be able to later and then he'd hurt her
again. Lifting her head up over the top of his thing
she opened her mouth as wide as she could and

He was disappointed that she didn't keep licking his
cock but he wasn't about to complain as she prepared to
actually take his aching cock in her virgin mouth.
This is it he thought as his cock was swallowed up by
her mouth. Her lips brushed over his cockhead sending
shivers though his body and then they were wrapped
around the shaft.

It was better than anything he'd ever imagined he
thought as he wrapped his hands through her hair,
holding her by the ears and slowly starting to saw her
mouth back and forward, fucking her face with his cock.
His ultra sensitive cockhead was rubbing across the
roof of her mouth, the underside was pushing over her
tongue and her beautiful lips were massaging the shaft.

He'd only lasted a dozen strokes when his whole body
started shaking and his balls tightened.

"Oh fuck, here it comes. Suck me, suck me, suck my
come! Of fuck!"

Pulling her head down he erupted, pulse after glorious
pulse of his come flooding her mouth. He was vaguely
aware that she'd stopped sucking but that was
unimportant. All he cared about was the overpowering
sensation of his first orgasm with a girl. It was
better than the best handjob, far better than anything
he'd imagined. It had to be the ultimate sensation.

After the first couple of spurts he started working her
face on his cock again, using her lips to massage the
remaining come from his cock as the shudders of pure
pleasure continued to rock his body with each spurt.

"Yes, yes, oh yes! Suck my cock! Suck all the come
from my balls!"

She started sucking again and as she did the come that
had collected in her mouth slid down her throat into
her stomach. She shuddered as she realised what she'd
done, actually swallowed come from his cock, from the
same hole that he pissed out of. For a second she
thought she would gag but she controlled herself and
managed to keep sucking as more and more of the stuff
spurted out. It tasted salty and sort of strong. But
not awful like she'd been expecting. In fact the taste
was sort of nice she thought as yet another load came
out, this time escaping her mouth and rolling down her

"Oh yeah, fucking shit! That looks so sexy. My come
on your face!"

More come dribbled out the other side of her mouth as
he continued pumping his cock in her face, till her
chin was decorated with creamy white trails. Finally
the spurts slowed and he stopped working his cock in
her mouth, content to let her continue to suck on it as
he stayed still, looking down, still fascinated at the
sight of half his cock disappearing into her face, her
lips extended out and her cheeks hollowed from the
effort of her sucking. One last tremor shook his body
and the final gob of come came out.

He wanted to tell her how good it was, that it was the
absolute best, most pleasurable experience he'd ever
had, but he didn't, figuring that this was only the
beginning, that if he pushed her, it could only get
better. By now his cock was starting to feel sensitive
so he pulled her mouth off and then pulled her face
into his groin, rubbing his wet cock along her cheek
and nose, pushing into her left eye.

"Well I hope you can do better than that next time
slave or I'll have to punish you. You're cocksucking
technique needs a lot of work."

He stayed like that for a couple of minutes, moving her
face against his cock, smearing the come that had
dribbled onto her chin over her cheek. Slowly his
breathing returned to normal and finally he pushed her
head away, before he picked up her lead and reattached
it to her collar. Her eyes were down, staring at the
floor as he took in her face

"You know you look great like that, with my come all
over your face. Suits you. Okay slave, back to my

As he stood she started to rise but he put his hand on
the top of her head.

"No, slave . you don't walk. You crawl like a dog.
Come on, heel!"

Up Chapter 4 - The Very First Time

There was no thought of refusing as he headed off. All
her energy went into keeping up with him as she crawled
on her hands and knees, following him to the door,
although she did manage to wipe her face a couple of
times, getting the worst of his come off her. At the
door he let her through first so he could get a good
look at her as she crawled along the hall and into his
room. The best thing had to be the way her big tits
swayed obscenely beneath her although the sight of her
bum with her puckered arsehole seeming to wink up at
him was a close second. Then they were back in his
room and he was unclipping the leash.

"Get on the bed."

She didn't dare stand up. Instead she crawled onto the
bed, not sure what to do, only sure that he was now
going to finally rape her. She knelt on the bed,
facing away from him, waiting for his next order.

He almost told her to lie down on her back so he could
climb between her legs and finally fuck her but still
he hesitated. Suddenly he remembered one of his
favourite internet sex stories and he knew what he had
to do first.

"Lie down on your stomach. Come on, do it."

She hesitated, scared that he was maybe going to hit
her again, but then she did as ordered, her face on the

Joining her on the bed, he knelt alongside her
shoulders, just staring at her. It came over him like
a wave, how beautiful she was, and at the moment it was
only her back he was looking at. Her face was turned
away from him, her silky blonde hair spread across the
pillow and her upper back. Then there was the outline
of her ribcage, gently rising and falling with her
breath, her narrow waist, the amazing smooth swell of
her arse cheeks and finally her tightly clenched legs
with the promise of what was between them. Reaching
out with his right hand he let his fingertips brush
lightly over her shoulders, moving her hair aside. Her
skin felt soft, firm and electric as he started
exploring every bump, every hollow, every inch of her

For the first few minutes she was tense, expecting him
to hurt her again. Finally she started to relax and
immediately wished she hadn't. Not because of anything
new he did but because as she relaxed she couldn't stop
enjoying his hands caressing and massaging her back.
She'd had a couple of massages last year after she'd
pulled a muscle in her back at cheerleading practice
but they were nothing like this. His touch kept
changing, sometimes digging into her muscles and then
so light it almost tickled.


It took her a second to realise that it was her muffled
moan as his hands brushed over her bum sending
goosebumps all over her body.

Richard was as surprised as her when she moaned. First
he thought it must have been because her bum was still
sore from being whipped so he didn't linger on her bum,
not yet, but moved down to her legs. Turning his hands
over he ran the backs of his nails down each leg,
starting at the tops of her beautiful thighs, over her
knees and down her slim calves before reversing his
course, on the return sliding his fingers along the
inside of her thighs. He kept going changing the
pressure and direction as he caressed her legs, now
trying to work out if she was actually getting turned

Playing with her like this was a huge turn on for him
and it hadn't occurred to him that she might also get
turned on. Sure in the sex stories he read the girl
always got turned on but he hadn't thought that it
would happen in real life, not after he'd whipped her.
That was one of the reasons he's made sure he had
plenty of lubricant, in case she was too dry when he
actually fucked her.

Then, as he kept caressing her beautiful legs he
realised she was moving, almost imperceptibly but
moving all the same and her legs weren't clamped
together as much, they'd parted fractionally.

She managed to stop herself moaning again but she
couldn't stop the heat that was building up in her body
nor could she stop herself from starting to squirm.
And the most horrible thing was that she didn't want
him to stop. In fact she wanted his hand to come up
between her legs, to touch her there where the itch was
becoming almost unbearable.


This time he knew the moan, which came when he leant
over and kissed the perfect globe of her left arse
cheek, wasn't from pain. He was kissing her arse! And
her skin as so smooth against his lips, like silk.
Then he caught the scent, the same heavenly smell he'd
found on his fingers after Sally Jaksa let him finger
her at a party last year. Maybe it was happening he
thought, maybe she was getting turned on. He kept
kissing her smooth arse, licking across it and taking
it in his mouth and gently biting down. At the same
time his hands continued caressing her legs, moving
constantly. Slowly his head travelled lower, leaving a
trail of kisses and licks along her smooth thighs as
one hand moved up to her arse and started squeezing the
resilient globes.

The next fifteen minutes were like a trance as he
kissed and licked and caressed her arse and legs, his
senses almost overpowered by the scent coming from her
cunt. The squirming became increasingly obvious and
each time his hands moved over the inside of her legs
they parted further. Eventually he ran his hands from
her ankles along the inside of her calves and right up
the inside of her thighs applying the slightest
pressure. As he did this her legs seemed to drift
apart till he could clearly see the crinkled ring of
her arse hole and the lips of her cunt. The outer cunt
lips were parted allowing her amazing pink inner cunt
lips to show. And they were wet, there was no double
about that the way they glistened in the light. He
reached down to touch her cunt, to finally slip a
finger into her but just before touching her he
stopped. Not yet. He wanted to see her face the first
time he fingered her.

"Roll over."

At first he didn't think she was going to obey and he
could feel his anger starting to rise but then she
started moving, legs closing as she slowly turned over
till she was once again completely exposed to him. Her
eyes were shut, arms against her side, hands clenched
and legs together as she lay on her back looking
breathtakingly beautiful. Reaching up he carefully
moved the pillow away so she was completely flat and
then he kissed her, letting his lips brush against hers
to start with.

She wasn't expecting the kiss, not on her lips at least
and she didn't know how to respond. It was stupid, but
even after what he'd already done and what she knew he
was going to do to her, to kiss him seem so personal,
so intimate and so like giving in to him that she did
nothing, even when his tongue pushed through her lips
and brushed her clenched teeth. Then his lips were

Not wanting to break the mood he kept his voice low,
almost a whisper.

"When I kiss you, kiss me back slave or I'll punish you

This time as his lips brushed hers, her tongue came out
and pushed into his mouth. For the next five minutes
only their lips touched as they explored each other's
mouths. He actually forgot about the rest of her he
was so engrossed in this first real kiss. Finally
though he started caressing her again, starting with
her face and slowly working his way down, exploring
every inch of her body.

For Janet, the most humiliating thing was that she
couldn't stop herself from responding, from getting
turned on. She kept telling her self that he was
forcing her, but she couldn't stop the voice inside
that kept saying if she was really a good girl then she
wouldn't be getting turned on. And not just by the
kiss. The gentle way he was touching her body was
exciting her, leaving little tingling trails all over
her. Finally he stopped kissing her and she thought
that she might be able to control herself again.


Her eyes sprang open as the most amazing, exciting,
shivering sensation rippled over her left breast. His
mouth was covering her nipple, sucking it while his
tongue licked around it and flicked over the top. For
a second their eyes locked and he smiled at her. Then
he moved to her other nipple as she turned her head
away in shame. He knew. Knew that she was getting
turned on, knew what a slut she really was.

Power. He had power over her body . no this was really
power over her mind if he could turn her on after
making her agree to be his slave and even whipping her.
And it wasn't her body anymore anyway, it was his now
and he could do whatever he wanted with it. Lifting
his mouth from her nipple he looked down at her tits.
For years he'd been dreaming of them, desperately
trying to get a look at them, wanting to know what they
felt like and tasted like and now he could do anything
he wanted with them. Somehow he knew that the time
would come when he'd need to punish them again but for
now all he could do was worship them, two perfect
globes capped by the most amazing nipples.

Reaching out he started caressing the base of her tits
with his finger with an almost feathery touch, running
slow circles around them, slowly spiraling up. Just
before he got to the nipples he went down again,
increasing the pressure. Time after time he did it
sort of teasing himself, watching in awe as her nipples
grew redder and even bigger. Eventually he couldn't
hold back any longer and his fingers circled around her
nipples which were still slippery from his saliva.


It had become torture waiting for him to reach her
nipples again and when he did the rush of pleasure was
so strong she couldn't stop the gasp or the subsequent
whimper as he took each nipple between his thumb and
finger and started gently twisting them.

Richard was in heaven, her nipples had to be amongst
the most amazing things he'd ever known. Longer and
thicker than he'd ever imagined they'd be, they were
like little round rubbers. And her boobs were so
beyond description that he knew he'd be able to play
with them for hours. Leaving one nipple he grasped her
left tit and carefully squeezed it and then started
pushing it around on her chest. They felt so silky
soft, yet they were firm as his fingers sank into her
tit flesh. Incredible, and he could do this as much as
he wanted, she didn't dare try to stop him.

For the next fifteen minutes he worshipped her tits but
eventually it was time to move on, not because he was
bored with her tits but because the lure of her lower
half was becoming overwhelming. His hands started
caressing her stomach, dipping down till his fingers
brushed over the slight swell of her pubic mound.
Stopping at her belly button he licked into it, pushing
his tongue down, imagining he was fucking it. Then his
fingers were tangling in her pubic hair and he lifted
his head up because he really needed to watch this.

He was so glad she wasn't hairy like so many of the
photos he'd seen on the net. It was sort of thin and
wispy, and felt really silky. There was a little tuft
of hair in a triangular shape just above where her slit
started and then just a few strands going down
alongside her slit which meant that her cunt lips were
clearly visible.

Janet just managed to stifle a moan as he started
playing with her pubic hair. His fingers were combing
through her hair, rubbing against her pubic pad and
sending shivers directly to her clit. Sometimes she
did this to herself to tease herself before she started
playing with her clitoris when she masturbated.
Normally she'd only do it for a few seconds before
giving in and masturbating properly. Now she had to
allow him to do this to her for as long as he liked and
she had to try to make sure he didn't realise how
exciting it was.

Again he held back from his ultimate goal, bypassing
her pussy as he now started running his fingers up and
down her smooth thighs. The best response came when he
brushed his nails along the inside of her thighs so he
concentrated his efforts there. She started to squirm
again and her legs seemed to inch apart so he could see
even more of her inner cunt lips. They really
glistened now, inviting him, but still he waited,
moving his focus to her calves and eventually down to
her feet.

Repositioning himself at the foot of the bed as he
played with her toes and small feet, he looked up her
body. Long legs, the pink of her cunt lips just
visible, her almost concave stomach, incredible tits
with their even more incredible nipples and her
beautiful face and golden hair. He was in heaven.
Well almost heaven, he thought. Heaven would be when
he was inside her!

Slowly he applied pressure to her feet, inching them
apart, working his way backup her body, but this time
he was between her legs, getting ready to finally fuck
her. Moving his hands up the inside of her calves he
kept spreading her legs apart as he pushed her feet up
the bed. Her knees started to rise in the air and her
cunt sort of opening out to his gaze. Further and
further he pushed till her feet were almost touching
her bum and then he started moving her legs sideways,
spreading her completely open.

There was the slightly puffy outer mound, and then the
very wet inner lips with her cunthole sort of winking
at him. Above was the folds of skin where he knew her
clit must be and below was the reddish brown pucker of
her arsehole. With his hands still on her calves he
gently he spread her legs even further apart till he
had legs in a straight line at right angles to her
body. Satisified for now with her new position he
trailed his fingers up and down the inside of her
thighs, each time getting closer to her cunt.

Finally his fingers were at her groin, half an inch
from her slit as he breathed in, inhaling the heady
aroma of her cunt. The scent had built up and now it
was almost overpowering, the sexiest smell he'd ever
known. He moved the index finger of his right hand
till it hovered over her cunt hole.

By now janet was practically going crazy. Her body
felt like it was on fire and she couldn't stop the
constant movement as he teased her. She didn't know if
she'd ever been so turned on in her life and she hated
it. It was so humiliating that he could make her feel
so excited. When he finally touched her pussy it was
like an electric shock and her eyes sprang open.


When she gasped he looked up at her and their eyes
locked just as he slid his finger into her. Her eyes
went wide and another moan escaped her lips
involuntarily as he started slowly finger fucking her.
Closing her eyes she turned her head away trying
unsuccessfully to ignore what he was doing.

It was better than he could have hoped. It was the
most incredible thing to actually watch as his finger
slid in and out of her cunt, her cunt juice starting to
coat it. Then he hit a barrier. He was confused for a
second before he realised what it was. Her hymen!
This was what he was going to be fucking through real
soon, taking her virginity!

He continued for a few minutes, lost in the magic and
then he added a second finger and started twisting them
around as he fingered her. At the same time he started
running the fingers of his other hand through the folds
of her cunt, till they were coated in her juice.
Eventually he ran a nail across her puckered arsehole
smearing it with her cunt juice. He'd read lots of
stories about arse fucking but until now hadn't really
thought he'd want to do it like that. But as he
scratched his nail around the outside rim of her
arsehole he realised that he'd definitely be fucking
her there. Probably today if his cock was up to it.

"Ohhhh. Uhhh."

He'd pushed the tip of his finger into her arse. She
couldn't believe he'd do such a thing, it was so
disgusting. But it didn't stop her excitement. If
anything it made things worse as he started fingering
both her holes. And then she felt his thumb brush over
her clitoris and she knew that if he kept doing this
she wouldn't be able to stop herself from coming.

He watched in awe as her body came alive. And as she
squirmed on the bed she started quietly whimpering.
This must be it he thought, she musts really be getting
turned on, maybe even be going to have an orgasm. That
would be the ultimate if he was able to make her come
so he kept fingering her arsehole and cunt.


He'd rubbed the thumb of his other hand across the
fleshy sheaf where he knew her clit was. When he did
it she jerked, crying out and he thought she'd even
said yes. He started to focus in on her clitoris now,
exposing it from inside its hood as he rubbed his thumb
over it. It was amazing, seeing his first clit for
real, not just looking at pictures. It really did look
like a mini cock just as he'd seen it described. It
was smooth, a light pink colour and felt hard to his
touch, sort of like his cockhead.

As much as she fought against it she couldn't stop the
tingling from growing and her hips started rolling as
she responded to his continued manipulation. Then just
as she thought she might have it under control, might
be able to hold off her orgasm he started pressing down
on her clit, rubbing it even harder. It all happened
so quickly she wasn't really conscious of what she did
as the orgasm broke over her.

Richard however was very conscious of what she did.
Her legs closed in, gripping against his body as her
hands came up and she grabbed her own tits, her thumbs
rubbing her nipples. Then, as her body started jerking
and a series of half stifled cries came out, he
practically froze, totally captivated by the first real
live sight of a girl coming.

"Ohh . yeah . yeah . ohhhh, shit."

Her rocking lasted about twenty seconds as she lost
herself in her orgasm before she collapsed, her legs
falling back down on the bed and her hands dropping
away from her tits.

Now nothing could stop him fucking her. Not after
making her come which had to be the single most sexy
thing he had ever seen, read, imagined or anything else
in the world! Moving up the bed between her legs he
positioned himself over her, supporting himself on his
elbows, his hands reaching up to once again hold her
tits, his throbbing cockhead brushing against her silky
cunt hair, sending shivers through him.

"Okay, now it's my turn. Beg me to fuck you. Come on,
beg me to fuck you, slave."

Her chest was still heaving as she came down from her
orgasm and she was having trouble focusing as her eyes
slowly opened to find him above her. Then the shame
really hit her, the shame of having come like a slut as
he fingered her. Slut! That's all she was, acting like
this, not even able to control her own body, not able
to stop Richard from making her come. This had to be
the most humiliating thing in her life, not only coming
like that but not even being able to stop herself
grabbing her tits.

All he saw in her eyes was the smouldering afterglow
from her come as his mouth came down and he kissed her.
Opening her mouth she didn't dare not kiss him back.

"I said beg me to fuck you or I'll have to punish you

She felt his hands gripping her tits that only moments
before she'd been holding in the throws of her orgasm.
His fingers were starting to dig into her tits and the
fear of punishment swept through her. She said the
only thing she could.

"Please fuck me master."

"Yeah, that's the way. Oh, that feels fucking great."

So far it was only his cockhead, angling down into her
mound, pushing at her cunt lips.

"Put your hands down. Come on, hurry up. Put your
hands down and open it up for me slave."

A tear trickled down her cheek as she reached between
their bodies and she spread her inner lips apart with
her fingers. He shivered as her fingers brushed his
cockhead and he settled it against the entrance to her
cunt. Applying pressure he sighed as his cockhead
opened her hole and he finally slipped inside her.

"Uhh." It took every bit of her strength to stop from
pushing him away, to keep him from raping her.

"Oh fuck yeah. Finally. My fucking cock's inside you.
Fucking shit! And now you know what I'm going to do?
I'm going to fuck you're hot cunt, slave. Fuck you
till I fill you're cunt with my come."

Pushing again, his cock started edging further into her
cunt until he came up against her hymen.

"Oh shit, I can feel it. Virgin cunt. But not for

Just as he was about to plunge forward he had an idea
that would make taking her cherry even better.

"Put your hands on my arse now. Come on."

Tentatively she rested her hands on his bum, glad that
at least she was no longer having to hold her pussy
lips apart. As he felt her small hands rest on his
arse cheeks, he lent down and kissed her, his tongue
probing her mouth. She knew better than to resist and
she kissed him back, waiting fearfully for the moment
when he'd break her hymen. But he still wasn't ready.
Eventually he broke the kiss and lifted his head up.

"Now what's going to happen is that you're going to
pull down, trying to pull my cock into your cunt and
I'm going to resist. For a while that is. So come on,
pull. Harder. Come on slave, do what you're told to
or you'll be in so much fucking trouble. Oh yeah,
that's better."

It was a macabre game as he pulled back till his
cockhead all but slipped out of her cunt and then let
her pull him back in, each time stopping as his cock
hit her barrier. But as good as this was feeling he
now wanted to feel the complete thing.

"Oh yeah, fuck that feels good. Come on slave, try
harder or I'll fucking punish you."

So she pulled harder, her fingers digging into his bum,
trying to pull him to her. He pulled back on last time
and then let go.

"Ahhhhhh . ahhhhh."

"Ohh, fuck yes."

He'd slammed through her cherry, tearing it apart and
ploughed all the way to the bottom of her virgin cunt,
his pubic bone colliding with hers. It was so tight.
So hot and wet and tight, like nothing he'd ever felt,
better than anything he'd ever imagined. Ever square
inch of his cock was wrapped up in her velvet pussy and
he never wanted to leave it.

Except that he knew that if he left it for a few
second's and then returned he'd probably like that even
more than staying buried inside her. Slowly he pulled
back, savouring the exquisite feel of her cunt walls
massaging his cock till only his cockhead was left
inside her.

"Ahhhhh . hurts . no."

He didn't give a shit how much it hurt her, she'd had
her pleasure. Now it was time for him to really start
enjoying her. Letting go, he slid back into her,
liking that she moaned, obviously still in pain.


"Oh fuck. That's so fucking good. Un-fucking-

Then he set up a steady fucking motion, savouring every
moment of this most amazing sensation. For the first
few strokes she continued to moan but then the moaning
stopped and the only real sound was his grunting as he
tried to hold back, wanting the sensations pounding
through his swollen cock to last forever. Dropping
down onto her he moved his hands off her tits so he
could feel the cushion of her boobs and the hard peaks
of her nipples drilling into his chest. Burying his
face in her hair, he kissed and sucked on her neck and
shoulders, all his focus now on the beautiful tension
building inexorably in his cock and balls.

Once the initial pain passed janet started to feel her
body betraying her once again. The feeling of him
inside her was awful because he was raping her but it
was also probably the greatest most fulfilling feeling
she'd ever had. It felt right to be filled like this,
as if a part of her that was missing was now in place.
And every few strokes, as his pelvis pressed against
hers a spark of excitement would come from her

This time however Richard had no interest in her
orgasm. In fact he had no idea that she was starting
to build towards a second orgasm. His focus was
totally on his cock and after one last clenching to
hold it back, the dam burst.

"Ahhhhhh, fuck! Coming! Ohhhh fucking shit!"

He plunged back into her and lay there buried to the
hilt as he felt his come pulsing down his cock and
spurt into her. With each new glorious pulse, he
jabbed harder, as though he was trying to disappear
into her cunt.

"Oh yes, coming. Fucking coming! Shit, feels good.
Fucking you! Ahhhh! Oh fuck yeah!"

Each hot spurt, each jab pushed her closer, but not
close enough. She could feel him slowing and she knew
that she wouldn't get to come again. Finally he
stopped moving in her and collapsed on top of her, his
arms wrapping under her shoulders, his face buried in
the pillow, cheek against hers. She wasn't used to
getting so close to coming and not going all the way.
Every instinct said to keep moving, keep trying to rub
her clitoris against him till she came but of course
she didn't, she lay there holding herself as tightly as
she could, focusing instead on the humiliating fact
that she was no longer a virgin, that she'd just been

It felt so good, lying on top of her, her nipples
against his chest, the feel of their slightly sweaty
skin against each other, her arms around his back, her
legs wrapped around his and especially the feel of her
hot, wet, cunt tightly grasping his still hard cock.
This was heaven, this was where he was going to be
every opportunity he got from now on.

Turning his head slightly his lips discovered her
earlobe and his started kissing and licking her ear as
he whispered to her.

"That was incredible. Oh yeah. We're going to be
doing a lot more of this slave. A lot more fucking."

Pushing up from the bed he raised himself up so he
could look down to where his cock was still embedded in
her tight cunt, their pubic hair meshed together.
Slowly he started pulling back, watching in awe as his
cock slid from inside her. It was shiny, wet with
their combined juice. There were creamy clumps of come
at the base of his cock and on his balls and streaks of
it along his shaft. It seemed darker than he'd
expected and then he saw a red streak at the top of his
shaft. It was her blood. Her virgin blood on his
cock, mixed in with his come! Totally amazing.

As he pulled back, her legs unwrapped from him and fell
back to the bed. It felt weird to have him pulling
out, almost like she was being emptied and then there
was a sort of popping noise as the head of his cock
slipped out. All over she thought. Maybe now he leave
her alone although she somehow doubted it.

Richard had no intention of leaving her alone and as he
watched his come and blood coated cock bounce free from
her cunt he knew exactly what he wanted next. Climbing
from between her legs he planted his knees on either
side of her hips, kneeling over her as he moved his
hands over her stomach to her tits. He took a few
seconds to squeeze her tits, his thumb rubbing over her
nipples which from the way she moaned, she seemed to


Her eyes still had that sort of smokey look and her
lips were slightly parted, her pearly white teeth just
showing. As he kept tweaking her nipples a shudder
went through her body and he saw her clenching her
hands on the bed. Bending down he kissed her again and
her tongue came straight out and into his mouth,
pushing against his tongue as her hands came up and
held his shoulders. Finally he broke the kiss and
stopped playing with her tits as he sat up again
staring at her naked body. There were so many things
he wanted to do to her, ways of fucking her, fucking
his cock between her big tits, covering her face with
come, fucking his cock into her mouth till he could
deep throat her. The list seemed endless. And next on
his list was something he always found disgustingly
exciting when he read it in stories that he wasn't sure
how to even tell her to do it.

"Umm . I want you to, um, clean my cock now."

She was so close to coming it was almost painful so she
didn't really understand what he was saying.


Although he realised she hadn't called him master, he
was actually so nervous about asking her this he didn't
say anything. His focus was totally on getting her to
lick his cock clean. Reaching down with one hand he
slipped it behind her neck and started pulling her up
into a sitting position.

"I, um, I want you to clean my cock. Lick it clean.
Lick the come off my cock and balls. Yeah."

Her mouth was almost against his cock and there was a
beautiful moment when he saw in her eyes her disgust as
she understood what she had to do. Then her head was
gone from his grasp.

"No. No way. I can't. Oh god no, please."

He stared at her as she cringed back into the bed, not
really believing that she was actually saying no to

"Come on slave. Clean my cock. Come on!"

"No, please, I can't. It's, it's . I'll be sick,
please don't."

"What'd you mean you can't? Shit, you're my slave
remember. You have to do everything I tell you."

She didn't know why after everything else she couldn't
do this but she just knew she'd throw up if she had to
lick all that stuff from his cock.

"Please, please I can't do it."

"You'd better fucking do it. I'm warning you. Come
on, lick my fucking cock!"

"No, please don't make me, please. I can't."

His anger was starting up again and he hadn't missed
the fact that she still wasn't calling him master.

"Fuck you. You know I think I might just have to
punish you slave. And you didn't call me master!
You're being a very bad slave girl."

Climbing off her he stepped from the bed and stood at
the foot, really pissed off at her for spoiling the
moment. She was going to really regret it, and just
maybe she'd really learn not to disobey him.

"Stand up. Come on, off the bed."

The fear in her eyes was obvious as she clambered off
the bed and stood alongside it, head bowed, legs held
tightly together and hands clasped in front of her,
covering her pussy.

"Over here, come on, stand here slave. Put you hands
behind your head. Clasp them together like this."

She shuffled over to her and reluctantly uncovered her
pussy, putting her hand behind her head like he wanted.
As she stood in front of him, hands behind her head,
staring down, she started trembling, knowing he was
probably going to hurt her. But she couldn't do it.
When she'd seen the blood, her blood, on him she just
couldn't do it.

Stepping closer till there was less than a foot
separating them he held her face with his left hand,
tilting her head up forcing her to look at him.

"You know, I thought this was starting to work. I
thought you were starting to get it, to understand that
if I told you to do something, then you just did it.
No questions, no fucking bullshit. But I guess not. I
guess that you're just stupid! So what do you think
would be a good punishment for a stupid cunt like you?

Stupid cunt. He liked that, calling her names. Made
his cock even harder he realised as he brushed his
thumb over her lips, pushing them apart, distorting
them. Then it occurred to him that he could call her
anything he wanted to. Awesome!

"Let's see, should it be your cocksucking mouth because
you refused to wrap those sexy cocksucking lips around
my cock."

Then his other hand was rubbing over her stomach.

"No, no, it should be your stomach because you didn't
want my come and your virgin cunt juice and blood in
there did you, you fucking slut."

He was going to whip her stomach again! She could feel
the tears welling up.

"Ohhhhhh .."

While she was staring fearfully up into his eyes, he'd
pulled his right hand back and then drove it forward,
punching her in the stomach. He'd never punched anyone
before so he had no idea what to expect. His fist
seemed to sink into her stomach, her mouth and eyes
opened wide, and she gasped as she doubled over falling
to the floor moaning. Incredible!

Stars danced in front of her eyes and she thought she
was going to faint as the pain exploded in her stomach.
Clutching her stomach she just managed to stop herself
from throwing up as she writhed on the floor, gasping
in agony.

For a while he thought he'd maybe seriously hurt her
but eventually she stopped rolling about and seemed to
calm down except for her whimpering. Crouching down
and tangling a hand in her hair, he lifted her face,
turning her to look at him.

"I bet you wished you'd obeyed me now bitch! Well!"

He pulled her head back, straining her neck.

"Yes master. Please no more, I'm sorry. I'll do it.
Please master, please don't hurt me!"

Keeping hold of her hair he pulled up, forcing her to
stand again.

"Come on, stand up. Come on cunt! Get up. Hands
behind your head. Do it you stupid little cunt. Now
remember what I said earlier that every punishment
would be repeated to make sure you're properly punished
you for cheating."

He waited till the recognition showed in her eyes and
then he punched her in the stomach a second time,
letting go of her hair so she fell back to the floor,
curling up into a ball, moaning as she clutched her
stomach. This time the feel was different as she'd
half prepared herself, tightening her stomach muscles
just before he connected and his fist didn't sink in as
much. But it was just as satisfying, just as
gratifying to be able to punish her like this.

She'd fallen to the floor at the foot of the bed and he
sat down on the bed, bringing his right foot up to rest
on her thigh.

"The choice seems pretty easy to me bitch. Pain for
you or pleasure for me."

Moving his foot along her thigh and calf he used it to
pull her over so her legs fell open. There was no
attempt to resist him as he used his foot to spread her
legs apart before rubbing his toes through her come
filled cunt slit. If anything however her willingness
to let him do whatever he wanted with her body only
increased his desire to hurt her, to punish her.

"The stupid thing is that eventually you're going to do
it like the slut you are. Unless you want me to keep
punching you. Hey, maybe you like the pain."


He'd jabbed his toe into her cunt, twisting it around,
digging in to her soft cunt flesh.

"Well? Do you like the pain bitch?"

Grabbing his ankle she tried to push him away but he
was way too strong for her.

"No, no, please don't, please don't hurt me Ric . I
mean Master. I'll do it, I said I'd do it. I'll do
anything you want, please master. It hurts, please

Easing the pressure off but keeping his toe inside her
he waited till she looked up at him.

"Take you hands away from my fucking foot cunt."

"Oh, yes master, I'm sorry master."

"I think your contract needs another clause. I will
never try to stop my master no matter what he does to
me. Say it slave."

"I will never try to stop my master whatever he does."

"Close enough. Okay, now listen carefully because this
is a very important sex slave rule. After I fuck you,
you'll always clean my cock, always lick your cunt
juice and my come from my cock because you're a slut
and you love my cock."

"Yes master."

Sitting back on the bed he eased his foot from between
her legs.

"Good slave. Ready position."

For a moment she hesitated, not understanding what he
wanted then she was scrambling to her knees, hands
behind her back, head bowed as she knelt at his feet.

"Would you like to clean my cock slave."

"Yes master."

"Okay. And only your mouth. Keep you hands behind
your back.. I want to see your tongue licking every
drop of come from my cock and balls. Now!"

Raising her head she was confronted by his cock and
balls only eighteen inches from her face. Whereas
before they'd looked disgusting with their slimy
covering of their combined juice, now she was only
conscious of the need to stop him hurting her. She no
longer cared what he wanted her to lick no matter how
disgusting it was. Most of the come was gathered at
the base of his cock in his pubic hair and on his
balls. There was however a trail of come that ran from
just under his cockhead almost to the base. It was a
creamy colour with a streak of red in it. Her blood,
her virgin blood.

Leaning forward she tilted her head to the side, tongue
out as far as she could till she made contact with his
cock and then she licked up, gathering the string of
come on her tongue.

"Oh fuck yeah, lick it up cunt. Clean my fucking cock.
Now swallow it. Oh shit, that's the way slut."

It felt amazing and looked so disgustingly beautiful as
he watched her tongue licking up the underside of his
still hard cock, the come pooling on her tongue before
she took it into her mouth and swallowed. As soon as
she'd swallowed her tongue came out again licking
around the side and up to the top. There were a couple
of small smears of come on his cockhead and she swiped
her tongue over them, leaving it shiny with her saliva.

Reaching out he took her head in his hands so he could
guide her. Positioning her mouth above his cock he
pulled her down sliding his cock into her mouth till
more than half his cock had disappeared into her face
and his cockhead hit the back of her mouth. Then he
started a slow fucking motion, pumping her head on his
cock as her tongue licked everywhere she could reach.

"That's it slave, keep that tongue going. Lick my cock
clean, swallow it all cunt."

As he continued to fuck her face onto his cock she
started to register the taste of their combined come
juice. It wasn't as bad as she'd thought it would be,
in fact it tasted alright, sort of sweet but tangy.
She'd been worried that she throw up from the taste and
that he'd punish her for being sick but it would
probably be okay.

Then there was the smell, the strong heady aroma of her
juice mixed with his. One of the things she'd quickly
come to love was the scent of her own juice and often,
when she masturbated she'd bring her fingers up to her
nose to inhale the sweet scent. It had always made her
even more excited and now she was finding their
combined scent even sexier.

Pulling her head off his cock he pushed her down till
her mouth was buried in his pubic hair and she started
sucking their combined juice from his hair. Letting go
of her head he lent back on his hands, watching her
slavishly licking every inch of his pubes clean and
then she moved down to his balls without him having to
tell her.

"Oh yeah! Good slut, lick my balls clean too. That's
the way. Don't miss any come or you'll be real sorry
slut. Oh fuck, that's it cunt, suck on my ball. And
don't fucking miss the other."

For the next five minutes he let her lick and suck
every square inch of his cock, balls and pubes till
every drop of come was well and truly gone and he
glistened from her saliva. The feeling was so good.
Not the overwhelming excitement that he was used to
when he jerked off though. This was kind of slower,
sort of like he could let her do it all day and he'd
enjoy it without coming. Probably because he'd already
come twice today he thought. It was tempting to just
lie back on the bed and let her do it for hours but
there were so many other things that he wanted to do
with her, things he wanted to teach her to really turn
her into a perfect sex slave.

Teach her. That's what he'd do and he realised that he
had the perfect way to do it. In his dreams he'd
always imagined himself telling her what to do, how to
suck his cock, how to let him fuck her but now that he
was doing that it didn't feel right. It'd be much
better if she already knew what to do and hidden in his
desk he had a stack of porno videos that would be just
perfect for teaching her everything about fucking and
sucking. And he could even give her tests. Now that
was really an awesome thought!

"Okay bitch I think you've got it all. Back into your
ready position. Come on stick your fucking tits out
for me slave. Good. That's a good little cock

Slowly getting up from the bed he circled her, still
finding it hard to believe that he'd actually done it.
He had the perfect janet Sheen for himself. To do
whatever he wanted to. Dropping to his knees behind
her he pushed his hips forward till his hard cock
pressed against her open right palm. She flinched at
the contact but then her hand wrapped around his hard
wet shaft, still wet from her mouth, and she started
moving her hand up and down, jerking him off. Draping
his arms over her shoulders, he held her tits and
started rolling them round her chest.

"Good slut. Yeah, play with my cock. Oh fuck I love
your tits. Yeah so fucking good."

He gave her tits one last squeeze and stood up.

"Okay slave, I'll let you play with my cock again
later. Now it's time for you to watch some training
films. Some vid that will help you learn how to be a
really good sex slave. Would you like that slave?"

"Yes master."

Up Chapter 5 - Turning Him On

Grabbing a stack of videos from his desk he clipped the
leash back onto her collar and headed off, forcing her
to crawl after him. He could feel the pressure on the
leash, and she was obviously having trouble keeping up
with him but he didn't let up. At one point she almost
fell over but she managed to keep going till finally he
stopped, back in the family room. She avoided looking
at where he'd tied her up and whipped her earlier,
praying that he'd never do that again.

"Okay. Into your at ease position. Move back a bit.
Back. Now facing the tv. Stop. Okay that's good."

Unclipping the leash he stood back to make sure she was
in the right position. He had her kneeling in front of
the couch, facing the TV.

"Lesson time. You'd better pay careful attention to
these vids because after this you'll have no excuse for
not knowing what's expected of you as a my sex slave.
And this time you won't be able to cheat when I test
you. And if you don't get 100% for every test I'll
probably have to punish you. Understand cunt?"

"Yes master."

Selecting the first video he popped it in and pressed
the play button, waiting for it to start. He'd been
collecting vids for the past few months, ordering them
from internet sites. Most were just normal porno but
he'd found a series that was titled "Pleasing Your
Man". There were six volumes, `Turning Him On', `Mouth
Watering Experiences', `The Love Canal', `Backdoor
Variety', `Throaty Pleasures' and `Kinky Extras', and
they all went for an hour. They made a pretense of
being educational but they were really just porn. It
was the same actors in each and it was set at a sex
education class that a group of four girls had come to
learn how to be good at sex. The teacher who was
called Candy was an incredibly hot blonde with a great
body who looked like she was about 25 and she had a
bunch of guys that the class used to practice their
lessons on. The series had quickly become Richard's
favourite videos.

The first one was really his least favourite as there
wasn't any real funking or sucking but he figured that
there were still some great things for janet to learn
from it. It started with the girls arriving and
signing up for the class. They had to say why they
were there and what they needed to learn. Tiffany who
was acting really shy was brought in by her boyfriend
who said that although she had a great body, she was a
lousy fuck and he wanted her to learn how to be a great
fuck. Marcie said she needed to learn how to go down
on a guy, Mary wanted to learn lots of different
positions and the final one, Cindy, who was Richard's
favourite, said that she just wanted to know how to
really please a man. She looked really young and
although on the cover of the video it had the normal
thing about them all being at least 18, it was easy to
believe that this girl was his age. All the girls were
dressed in really ugly clothes at the start so you
couldn't really see their bodies and they looked really
boring, not at all sexy.

They were shown into the classroom which looked like a
normal classroom except that in addition to desks,
there were four beds at the back of the room. The
girls sat at their desks and throughout all the videos
they made notes about what Candy told them. The first
thing she said was that their clothes were terrible and
that they'd have to get complete new wardrobes that
really showed off their bodies. She had some clothes
for them to try on there and so she told them to strip.
The girls all acted embarrassed at having to take their
clothes off in front of each other so the teacher told
them that the first thing the were going to learn was
how to do a strip tease. Of course Candy demonstrated
for them and then made them all do it, one after the
other, giving them instructions along the way. Soon
they were all naked. At first they tried to hide their
tits and pussies but Candy wouldn't let them, telling
them that they had to want people to look at them

Of course when they were naked, glasses off, hair down,
it was quickly revealed that they all had great bodies
and beautiful faces. Then they were given sexy
underwear to put on and really revealing clothes before
Candy demonstrated to them how to sit and stand to
really show off their bodies.

Fortunately it turned out that the girls were all quick
learners and were able to get rid of their inhibitions
almost instantly so they could move on the next stage
which was petting. One of the guys, John, came into
the room and Candy asked for a volunteer to show how
she would go with a petting session. Mary volunteered
and Candy told her to sit with John on the couch and
act as though they'd just come home from a date and she
really wanted him to fuck her. They sat down and Mary
put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the
mouth but that was all. Candy stopped them and asked
the rest of the girls what was wrong. The other three
girls all had lots of ideas about what Mary should have
done. Candy asked Cindy to swap with Mary and try to
do the other things. Cindy was a bit tentative at
first but soon she was pressing herself against him and
her hands were caressing him, moving down to his legs
and then his crutch. She undid his fly, pulled out his
cock and started jerking him off.

It looked really awkward the way she was doing it and
after a couple of strokes John stopped her and told her
she was doing it all wrong. Cindy was really upset by
this and kept apologising to John until Candy reminded
her that that was why she was here, to learn how to do
these things properly. Candy then told John to
demonstrate how he liked his cock jerked off. He said
that when he jerked off he liked to come on the girl so
Candy made Cindy do a strip tease for John and then
kneel at his feet till he came all over her tits and

John left the room after that but he was replaced by
four more guys. The other three girls also stripped
and then all four practiced jerking off the guys.
During all of this Candy had started telling them how
to talk dirty, making them say cock not penis, cunt not
vagina, fuck not have sex. When all the guys had come,
covering them with come, Candy asked the girls how they
felt and they all said they were turned on. Candy then
suggested that they should masturbate for the guys.

The girls were horrified at this to start with but when
Candy explained that it was just as much a turn on for
a guy to watch a girl masturbate as the other way
around they agreed to do it. Each girls went to a bed
with one of the guys and Candy told the guys to tell
the girls what they liked seeing. They all masturbated
till they came and that was the end of the first video.

As much as Richard wanted to stay and watch her
watching it he was starving by now so he headed to the
kitchen to make some sandwiches for them both, figuring
that she'd probably be hungry after all they'd been

Soon he was back with her in time for the start of the
jerking off lesson. He put her food along side her on
the ground and told her to eat while he sat up on the
couch behind her. It was a real buzz watching the
video with her kneeling naked in front of him. As he
ate he kept touching her body, sometimes with his
hands, other times reaching out with his foot, brushing
it against her bum. At first she flinched everytime he
touched her but she seemed to get used to it quickly.
It was as though he had to constantly remind himself
that she really was there and that he really could do
anything he wanted with her.

In some ways janet was glad to be kneeling watching the
tv. At least she didn't have to look at him, or touch
him or talk to him. When he came back with the food
she didn't want to eat it because it felt like she was
giving in to him yet again but she realised that she
was hungry so she did eat. And then he started
touching her, treating her like a thing that he could
do anything with. As she realised that this was what
she was to him she nearly burst into tears again. Her
whole life meant nothing now, nothing except sex with

Reaching over her shoulders he took her tits in his
hand and started gently squeezing them. The vid was at
the stage where the boys were starting to come on the
girls as the jerked off and he was getting really
turned on again.

"I hope you're watching this carefully cause latter on
I might want you to jerk me off slave."

"Yes master."

There was no way he believed that. Not that he really
expected her to mean it but there was so much attitude
in the way she said it that he knew he couldn't let it
pass. Moving forward on the couch he pulled her to him
till she was leaning back, wedged between his legs, his
hard cock pressed between her shoulder blades. Resting
his head on her right shoulder so he could now see his
hands on her tits he whispered in her ear.

"Feel that slave?"

"Yes master."

"What is it slave?"

"Your . your cock master."

"That's right, my cock that if you're lucky I'll let
you jerk it off later and maybe even come on all over
these big tits."

"Ahhh, yes master."

He'd dropped his hands down to the underside of her
tits and started to squeeze but she didn't dare pull
away or even try to stop him.

"So when I tell you that I might want you to jerk me
off then I expect you to want to do it. Understand

"Arrrrgh! Yes master I understand. I want to jerk you
off. Please, I really do. Oh, thank you, thank you

The pain had been so intense that for a second she'd
thought she would throw up and then it was gone as he
eased off on her poor tits. She had to be so careful
not to let him know what she was really thinking, she
had to pretend as hard as she could that she wanted to
do the things he said. Now his hands started being
gentle, caressing her tits, rubbing over her nipples
which seemed to be in a permanent state of erection.

For the rest of the video they stayed like that, him
playing with her tits with his cock pressing into her
back while they watched the girls on screen
masturbating. In spite of herself, janet found the
masturbating scenes fascinating. After all this time
masturbating in private to actually see other girls
doing it was amazing, especially as they all seemed to
do it a bit differently. She even found herself
wondering what it would be like to try some of the
variations they used.

Finally the film ended and he let go of her tits long
enough stop the tape.

"What are you doing tonight slave?"

"What . master?"

"Tonight. You're not doing anything special are you?"

"No master."

"Good. I want you to call your mum and ask her if you
can stay at one of your friends. And be vague about
which one. Okay."

Her first instinct was to object but he'd already
started applying pressure to her tits.

"Yes master, I'll try."

Within a couple of seconds he was holding the phone in
front of her and she was dialing her mum's work number.
It was only as she heard the ringing at the other end
that she realised he was going to keep holding her
tits. As her mum's secretary answered and she asked to
be put through he started to concentrate on her
nipples, running his thumbs around them with a feathery
touch that sent goosebumps through her.

"Hi darling, having a good day?"

"Yes mum. Umm I was wondering, um would it be okay if
I stayed . ohhh . over."

He taken her nipples and sort of twirled them between
his fingers sending a totally unexpected shock wave of
pleasure through her.

"What's wrong?"

"Umm nothing, um I knocked something."


"Um, my knee."

"No silly, where will you be staying over?"

"Oh, probably Mary but I'm not sure."

"Yeah that's fine. We thought you'd probably be doing
a bit of that these hols. But we do want you home at
least a couple of nights. Make sure you've got your
cell with you okay?"

"Okay mum."

"Look I've got to run, big meeting in ten. Love you

"Love you too mum."

All night. He had her all night and all tomorrow.
Fucking amazing! So many things to do! He just hoped
that his cock didn't give out on him because he was
going to be giving it a real workout.

"Good slave. Now it's time for your first test. Do
you know what it's going to be?"

"No master."

"You're going to masturbate for me. You're going to
show me how a slut like you plays with herself. Okay,
get up on the couch."

It didn't really surprise her that he wanted her to
masturbate for him but that didn't mean it was going to
be easy. She could feel her face burning as she
blushed yet again with embarrassment. Masturbation was
her private thing, probably the only thing she'd never
told anybody else about and certainly something she'd
never imagined ever doing in front of someone else.
But she knew she have to do it or else he hurt her so
she got up off her knees and gingerly sat alongside him
on the couch, trying to turn her body so that he could
see as little as possible.

"Come on, I want to see what you do. Why don't you sit
in the corner and put this leg here and then the other
down on the floor. Oh, yeah. Your cunt looks so
fucking good. Okay slave girl, start doing it. Play
with yourself."

She was sitting along the couch, her back against the
side, her legs spread wide. He'd repositioned himself
so he was now kneeling on the couch between her legs,
his hands on her calves, making sure her legs stayed
spread. There was no way she be able to go through
with this if she was looking at him so she kept her
eyes down, not really looking at anything as she put
her hand between her legs.

Richard watched spellbound as, starting at the top of
her pubic mound, her right index finger moved down,
tracing the tips of her outer lips, first one side then
the other. It looked like she was barely touching
herself at first but then he could see that she was
applying more pressure as her finger started spreading
the lips apart.

For a while that's all she did, and he was starting to
wonder if she was maybe only pretending to do it
because in the videos when the girls masturbated they
either had their fingers in their cunts or were rubbing
the area where their clits were pretty much from the
start. But she wasn't pretending, hadn't even thought
of it. This was just the way she liked to start,
teasing herself till she felt the start of a tingling
in her clit.

As that tingle started she let her finger drift higher
till it brushed over the sheaf covering her clitoris.
This was probably the part she liked the most, applying
, more and more pressure till she had exposed the head
of her clitoris and she could really start


It felt like an electric shock sparking through her as
she ran her fingernail over the head. She couldn't
believe how turned on she was. It was like she
shouldn't be but the whole situation, the videos,
Richard watching her, everything was turning her on
more than she'd have ever thought possible. Now she
really started working on her clit, rubbing her finger
all over it, sometimes using her nail which sent almost
unbearable jolts through her and othertimes with just
the pad of her finger sending more soothing pleasure
through her body.

For years when she'd masturbated she had to do it in
silence, scared of being caught but the girls on the
videos moaned and cried out when they came and she knew
he'd want her to do that so she stopped trying to hold

"Ohhh . yes . ohhhh, yeah, yeah ."

Through her half shut eyes she saw her nipples, big and
red and she brought her left hand up, taking a nipple
between thumb and forefinger so she could tweak it,
adding more pleasure to the wonderful feelings flowing
from her pussy. After playing with one nipple for a
few seconds she'd move to the other, going back and

"Oh shit . hmmmm ."

By now she could feel the beautiful climb towards her
climax begin as she continued teasing her nipples and
clitoris. Letting her thumb takeover duties on her
clitoris she slid her finger down and into her pussy.
There was a moment of shock at how wet she was and then
she realised that it was his come that was filling her
pussy, making her wetter than she'd ever been. It
should have disgusted her but it just seemed to make it
even more exciting.

Richard was transfixed. This was beyond his wildest
dreams to be crouched between her legs listening and
watching her masturbate like this. And when she
started fingering her cunt he thought he was going to
come without even touching his cock it was such a turn
on. Her finger would fuck in and then seemed to flex
before she pulled out, only to repeat the movement. By
now her cunt slit looked like a swamp covered in her
juice and white strands of his come. Her body was
moving, the same way it did when he'd played with her
earlier and she was moaning and whimpering constantly.

All through this his hands had been on her legs but he
had to do more, had to be part of the action. Pushing
his hands up her thighs to her cunt he lifted her hand

"What? No, please ."

So close! Her eyes sprang open, pleading with him to
let her continue but she needn't have worried. He had
no intention of stopping her coming, it was only that
he wanted to be part of it.

"Ohh, ohhhh yes, yes!"

Now it was his thumb on her clit and his finger fucking
into her. Without thinking she brought her free hand
up to her tits so she could play with both nipples.
Closing her eyes she let herself go with the
sensations, knowing that the release was so close now.
For some reason the climb to the top felt even more
powerful than when she played with herself, maybe
because she couldn't anticipate every move his fingers
made as he worked at her pussy.

"Ahhh yes!"

Two fingers inside her now and the fingers of his other
hand were rubbing around her lips, adding to the
pleasure that was starting to course through her. She
started pushing against his hand, increasing the
pressure of his thumb against her clit as she got
closer and closer till she knew she was only seconds
from release.

Then it stopped and again her eyes sprang open. This
was the moment he was waiting for. He thought she was
close and he wanted her to know that he was the one who
made it happen. As she looked into his eyes, pleading
for him to continue he jammed his fingers back into her
cunt, twisting them around, pressed down on her clit as
at the same time he plunged the index finger of his
other hand deep into her arsehole.

"Ohhhh shit! Yes, coming. Ohhh fuck. Oh fuck!"

It was a series of tidal waves, breaking over her,
swamping her body with overwhelming pleasure. She
gripped her nipples almost to the point of hurting them
as her legs scissored in, grabbing his body and she
lent forward, her head landing on his shoulder. As he
kept fucking his fingers into both her holes she pulled
herself closer to him till she let go of her tits and
wrapped her arms around him, crushing her spasming body
against his.

"Ahhhh! Good, fucking good! Oh yes. Coming!!"

Eventually the waves of pleasure slowed, finally
stopping leaving behind the most amazing feeling of
fulfillment so that when he turned his head and pressed
his lips against hers she was happy to kiss him,
sighing into his mouth with her contentment. His
fingers were still moving in her, gently now which felt
great but her clit was going to that supersensitive
stage where she couldn't touch it. Reaching down
between their bodies she moved his thumb from her clit
before wrapping her arm around him again.

He'd read about how girls clits could become sensitive
after fucking so he assumed that must be the problem.
Information that he'd store away to maybe use later.
For now he didn't mind that she'd moved his thumb
without permission. He was more than happy to have her
holding him and kissing him like this. Sort of like
she was thanking him for what he's done for her.

They must have stayed like that for at least five
minute, kissing, their tongues dueling with each other
as his fingers slid in and out of her cunt and arse.

Her thoughts were filled with how different it was
having someone else masturbating you. Better probably,
well at least the orgasm was. His fingers in her pussy
felt so good and were already starting to get her
thinking about coming again while the finger in her
arse was starting to almost feel natural and she found
herself wondering what it would be like if she did it
to herself when she masturbated.

Breaking the kiss he slowly pulled his fingers from her
and moved back, reaching up to stroke her hair.

"Fuck that was exciting. I love watching you come,
your whole body goes so fucking wild."

As she stared at him everything felt hazy, like she was
in some erotic fog and her eyes dropped down to his
cock. With his fingers gone from her pussy she felt
empty again and, remembering the feel of his cock
filling her earlier, it looked inviting again. There
was no way she'd say it but she actually hoped that
maybe he'd want to fuck her again.

When her eyes dropped down he just assumed she was
being a good slave and had no idea she was looking at
his cock, half hoping that they'd have sex again. His
thoughts had already turned to the next video he was
going to make her watch, number two in the series -
"Mouth Watering Experiences" - which was all about cock
sucking. More importantly, when she'd watched that
he'd give her a real test and get her to suck him off

Leaving her on the couch he rewound the first tape and
prepared to put the new one in.

"Time for some more vids for you slave. And you'd
better watch this one real carefully because there'll
be a big test at the end. Okay?"

"Yes master. Umm, can I go to the toilet . master."

A shiver ran down his spine as he realised that he was
going to get to watch her pee. He'd never been
interested in the stories that had people pissing or
even shitting on each other but the idea of watching a
girl pee was really fascinating.

"Sure. Just put your leash on and off we go."

It hadn't occurred to her that he'd want to take her to
the toilet but obviously he wasn't going to let her go
anywhere by herself. As he attached the leash to her
collar his cockhead rubbed against the underside of her
right boob. She was still so turned on that it sort of
felt good, exciting, to have his thing touching her.
With the leash in place he moved his hips back and
forth a few times, the top of his cock pressing into
her boob.

"Umm, that feels nice. Okay slave, let's get you to
the toilet. Hands and knees."

This time she didn't even question in her own mind
having to crawl as she meekly followed along behind
him, glad that he wasn't hurrying so she had no trouble
keeping up.

"So what do you have to do? piss or shit or both?"

"Umm, ummm have a pee . master."

"Okay, up on the bowl. Get your legs further apart, I
want to be able to see. Watching my little slave have
a pee. Way to go!"


There was no way she'd be able to pee with him
watching, no way.

"Please, I can't. You can't. Oh shit don't do this
Richard, please."

He'd expected her to resist so he wasn't really angry
but he knew he had to act pissed off. Stepping up to
her he sat on her lap, pressing his cock into her
stomach, one hand alongside his cock, the other tangled
in her hair, pulling her head up and back.

"You listen to me you little fucking cunt. You've just
earned yourself more punishment. You called me
Richard, you didn't call me master and you've refused
to do what I said. You've been a bad fucking slave."

The hand on her stomach started pressing down, pushing
into her bladder.

"Now you're going to fucking piss and I'm going to
watch you do it because your my fucking slut slave and
you fucking do everything that I tell you to.
Understand cunt!"

He kept tightening his grip on her hair till it felt
like it was going to rip out, at the same time as he
pressed even harder into her belly.

"Ahhh, hurts . ohh, shit. I'm sorry master, please
don't hurt me anymore, please. I'll do what you want,
everything you want. Ahhh, hurts. Please don't,
please, I'm doing it. See master, I'm doing it."

He practically jumped off her as he heard the splashing
of her piss against the bowl and into the toilet. Her
legs had been pushed together when he sat on her and he
quickly pushed her knees apart so he could see clearly.
It was amazing, this stream of piss flowing out from
just above her cunt. What a fucking legend of a day
this was turning into.

Closing her eyes janet just let the stream continue,
feeling probably more humiliated that at any other time
through this unbelievably humiliating day. Every time
she thought things couldn't get worse he seemed to have
something new and more degrading that he wanted to make
her do. And the stream of piss seemed to go on
forever, her shame and embarrassment growing with every
drop that fell tinkling into the toilet.

Finally the main flow stopped, to be followed by a few
dribbles and then nothing. There were drops of piss
still clinging to her piss hole and he pulled off a
couple of pieces of toilet paper and stuffed them into
her hand.

"Okay slut, clean yourself."

While she did that he washed his hands and then let her
stand up to do the same. Then it was on her hands and
knees so she could crawl back to watch more videos.

Up Chapter 6 - Mouth Watering Experiences

This time he didn't make her kneel, instead letting her
sit in front of him on the couch, her bum pushed up
against his crutch. He hit the play button and for the
next hour they watched the girls learn all about cock
sucking. During this his hands moved back and forth
from her cunt to her tits, continuing to play with her
body which meant that she was in a constant state of

The video started with the girls entering the
classroom, ready for their second day. This time they
were all wearing sexy clothes and they were really
confident and animated as they sat down and waited for
Candy to begin the lesson. Candy told them that the
lesson would be about how to perform oral sex and asked
if one of the girls would like to show how she did it.
Mary volunteered and when a guy came in and stood at
the front of the class, she quickly knelt in front of
him, opened his fly, pulled his cock out and started
mechanically bobbing her head up and down on it.

Candy stopped her pretty quickly and asked the guy what
he thought. He said that it wasn't very good, really
unimaginative. The rest of the class agreed. Candy
then told Mary to start again but this time the guy
would tell her what to do. The first thing he said was
that he liked to be sitting down with the woman
kneeling so they moved to the bed where he sat on the
edge and Mary knelt on the floor. To start with he
made her kiss his cock and balls all over before
telling her to start sucking on the head. He kept
telling her to use her tongue and keep her lips tight.
After a while he told her to start playing with his
balls with her hands before he got her to lick his
balls. He got her to start licking his cock before
telling her to suck it again and then finally he came.
As he came he pulled his cock from her mouth and
covered her face with come.

The class all agreed that Mary was much better this
time and then Candy asked for another volunteer. Each
of the girls went through the same process of having to
suck off a guy while he told them how to do it. All
the guys liked different things so by the end of the
video they'd covered a lot of variations.

As the last girl's mouth was filled with come and the
vid finished he gave her nipples one last tweak.


"Like that video slave?"

"Yes master."

Which was really the truth. She been fascinated
watching the girls and how they took the cocks into
their mouths. Her pussy felt like it was on fire.

"So tell me what you've learnt slave."

"Umm, what master? I don't understand."

"I want to know that you were paying attention. So
tell me what you have to do to be a good little

His fingers were at her nipples now and he applied a
little bit of pressure. Not enough to hurt but she
knew that if she didn't start saying it, there'd be
pain pretty soon.

"You have to try to suck all the time, as hard as you
can. Umm, and keep your teeth off. Umm, umm, ohh yes,
keep your tongue moving, keep licking and kissing his,
his cock. Especially the top ."

"Top? Use the right words slave."

"Cockhead. Lick his cockhead."

"Good. And what else?"

"Ummm, his balls. Lick his balls and take them in your
mouth. Umm, make sure he can hear that you're, um,
that you're liking sucking him. And, and, swallow his
stuff. Owww! I'm sorry master, his come, swallow his

"Whose come?"

"Your come master, swallow you come."

"And when I don't want you to swallow my come?"

"Let you come on my face."

"Good slave. And what was the final thing Candy said."

"Umm . make love. Make love to his cock. To your cock
master, I, I have to make love to your cock."

"Well then slave why don't you make love to my cock.
Show me how much you've learnt. Let's see if you're
any good as a cocksucker."

"Yes master."

She slipped off the couch, turning around so she was
kneeling at his feet as he moved to the edge of the
couch, his legs spread wide. As she knelt between his
legs, she knew how important this was. She had to make
him enjoy it because if he didn't . the consequences
were too horrible to even imagine. Licking her lips,
she leant in, her tongue coming out as far as she could
to touch the base of his cock before licking all the
way to the top and then swirling around his smooth

"Hmmmmm ... mmmm."

She hummed and moaned as she licked, wanting him to
think that she was enjoying what she was doing, that
she was getting off on it. When his cockhead was
covered in her saliva, she licked down one side, across
the base and up the otherside. For the next five
minutes that's all she did, licking every inch of his
cock, tracing every vein and ridge, till it was coated
with her saliva. And as she licked, she pressed her
tongue as hard as she could against his cock, wanting
him to get as much stimulation from her licking as

That was something she needn't have worried about. The
stimulation of her tongue and her moaning would have
made him come instantly if it wasn't that he'd already
dumped two loads so far today. Luckily he knew he'd be
able to last a long time with this one because it was
obviously going to be one to remember.

Janet was intending to make it last as long as she
could, to give him as much pleasure as she could so
that he wouldn't want to punish her again. Finally
though she figured she had to move on. She kept her
lips against his hard shaft as she asked him.

"Mmm, do you want me to lick your . your balls,

"Oh yes, slut! I want you to lick and suck me
everywhere! I want to feel your fucking tongue and
cocksucking mouth everywhere on my body. Oh yeah, suck
my balls, cunt."

She licked across his hairy ball sack as he verbally
abused her, each word seeming to push her further down
into that dark place. The words just seemed to prove
that she really was a slut, how else would she be able
to do the things she was doing and not be sick, not run
screaming from the room. And so she opened her mouth
and carefully took his ball inside, gently sucking on

"Oh shit! That's it, suck my balls. That's a good
little slut. Now the other one. Yeah. Okay bitch,
start using your hands now. Play with my cock while
you suck my balls. And you be fucking carefully. hurt
my balls and I'll whip you fucking tits off!"

She brought her hands up and wrapped then around his
shaft, one above the other. It was wet with her own
saliva which was now coating her hands, making her feel
even dirtier if that was possible. She started
pumping, pulling the loose outer skin back and forth
over the hard shaft.

"Rub your thumb over my cockhead. Fuckin hell, do I
have to tell you everything to do slut."

She redoubled her efforts, twisting her head from side
to side as she sucked and licked his balls, going from
one to the other whilst she kept jerking his prick,
rubbing the top of it which now felt very slippery, and
all the time moaning.

His heart was pounding and his breath was coming
quicker and quicker as she worked on his prick and
balls. The sight was so fucking amazing! Not to
mention the feeling. As she stroked his cock, pre-cum
kept oozing out the top and her thumb was now rubbing
it over his sensitive cockhead. Although later he'd
have to really show her how he liked to jerk off. She
was doing okay, but after years of masturbating, he
knew every sensitive nook and cranny of his cock and he
was going to love teaching her where they all were.

Placing his hands on her head he pushed down and she
obeyed the unspoken command, letting his ball slip out
of her mouth but keeping her mouth on him so that she
was licking and kissing under his balls, her nose now
pressing against them. He kept the pressure on and she
moved lower still, her tongue never stopping.

"Okay, one hand on my balls, one on my cock. That's it
slut. And you know what you have to do now? Now you
lick my arsehole. Lick it cunt."

And she did, eyes tightly closed so that she didn't
have to watch as she totally debased herself, wondering
if there could possibly be anything lower he would make
her do. It was crinkly, strange and she tried to keep
her tongue away from the centre. After she licked over
it a half dozen times he started pulling on her hair,
dragging her back up.

"Okay bitch, enough of that for now. I might let you
lick out my arse later if you're lucky but now it's
time for your big test. Time for you to show me if
you've learnt how to really suck cock or if I'm going
to have to punish you again."

She kept her tongue licking the ridge between his arse
and his balls, then over his balls and up his shaft
till her mouth was poised at the top of his cock. This
was it. She was going to have to really suck him this
time, like those sluts in the movie she'd just watched.
Sluts. There it was again. She thought they were
sluts and she was getting ready to do just what they
did. Because she was a slut, just like she'd been
thinking for the last couple of years. All she'd
needed was Richard forcing her to face it and prove it
was true.

"Come on bitch, what're you waiting for. Suck my cock.
Ahhh, yeah that's it."

As she slid her lips over his cockhead and wrapped them
tightly around his hard cockshaft, she sucked in and at
the same time formed a channel with her tongue, rubbing
it along the underside of his cock. Immediately she
started a bobbing motion, each time she pushed down
letting more of his cock into her mouth. She knew it
should have felt wrong but it didn't, the smell, the
taste, the feel of his cock felt natural as it
stretched her lips, filling more and more of her mouth.

"Oh fucking hell! You keep that up, don't fucking ever
stop you cocksucking bitch."

The pressure on his cock was almost unbearable from the
incredible suction of her mouth. There was no
comparison to when she'd sucked him earlier. This was
definitely the real thing. As her lips moved up and
down on his shaft her cheeks were permanently sucken
and every few seconds her nostrils flared out as she
breathed in through her nose so she could keep the
constant sucking happening. He knew he wouldn't last
long and this time he didn't care. He just wanted to
fill her beautiful mouth with his come.

"Yeah, that's it, suck it all in slave. Suck my come

Tightening his grip on her hair he started controlling
her movement, speeding it up a bit and making her take
more and more of his cock into her mouth.

"Oh shit yeah! That's it. Keep your fucking tongue
working. Soon, gonna fill you mouth. Oh shit yeah."

By now two thirds of his cock was plunging into her
mouth every time he pulled down on her head and he
could feel his cockhead hitting the roof of her mouth
and sliding back towards her throat. Then he was
pushing against her throat, threatening to choke her.

For a second she stopped sucking in her panic but he
pulled back and she was able to start sucking again.

"Hold my balls, come on slave."

She'd been concentrating so hard on never stopping her
sucking and on keeping her tongue constantly rubbing
over his thick shaft that she'd forgotten to hold him
and play with him with her hands which were just
resting on his thighs. She immediately took his ball
sack in one hand and started carefully tugging and
rolling his balls around while her other hand wrapped
around the base of his cock and started jerking on it.

"Yeah, like that. Play with them. That's the way."

The added stimulation of his hands on his cock and
balls was too much. Looking down at her he watched his
cock disappear into her mouth till her lips seemed to
kiss her hand where it was grasping the base of his
shaft and that was it.

"Oh fuck yeah. Here it comes. Ahhhhhhh. Fuck!
Swallow it, fucking shit, swallow my come cunt! Ohhh
shit yeah."

His balls tightened and then the ridge on the underside
of his cock grew against her hand, her lips, across her
tongue till the first spurt of his come was splattering
against the roof of her mouth.

"Oh yeah, that's it. Keep sucking. Oh fuck, suck my
cock, suck it slave. Don't stop, oh fuck yeah."

He kept guiding her head up and down. Up as a jet of
come pulsed along his cock so it felt like she was
drawing his come out of him and then quickly down
again, ready for the next glorious spurt to come out.
For the third time today he was in heaven and each time
was proving better than the previous one.

It seemed to go on forever and her mouth was starting
to fill with his come, threatening to spill out as he
kept pistoning his cock in and out of her mouth. The
next time he pushed in she swallowed, the come sliding
easily down her throat.

"Oh shit, what was that. Fuck that felt good."

When she'd swallowed it had provided even more suction
and her tongue had sort of undulated along his cock,
milking the next gob of come out. Learning she
thought. That's what the woman on the video said, you
have to find out what he likes and remember it so that
you know how to please him.

By now the last couple of spurts had made their way
down his cock and he stopped pumping her mouth, leaving
his cock buried deep in her face, letting her keep
sucking. Looking down he could see a ring of white
around her lips where his come was trying to escape and
then she swallowed again.

"Ohhh yeah, fucking hell. That's incredible. Oh
that's so fucking good when you do that slave."

Letting go of her head he fell back against the couch,
totally drained. This was so good, her mouth still
sucking at him, her hands still holding his balls and
cock. He let her continue for a couple of minutes
while his heart rate returned to normal before he sat
back up.

"Okay slave, that's enough for now. Position."

By now the muscles in her jaw were aching from the
constant sucking. She'd been starting to worry that
she wouldn't be able to keep it up and that he punish
her so she thankfully pulled her mouth back, releasing
his cock. Her instinct was to quickly move away but
she remembered the video and so before she sat back,
hands behind her back in her ready position, she licked
over the head and gave a final moan. As she knelt
there she realised that however perverse it was, she
felt good about having licked him, that having his cock
in her mouth wasn't really horrible. She'd really
tried her hardest to do all the things in the video and
she was sure he'd enjoyed it. As she knelt there for
the first time today she almost felt good. Being able
to make a guy come like that was really a pretty
amazing thing.

There was a little drop of come just under her lip and
he reached over to catch it on his finger.

"You don't want to waste this now do you?"

He held his finger a few inches from her mouth and she
lent forward, taking it into her mouth, running her
tongue over it to clean the come off before swallowing.

"That's a good girl. Hey, do you think you should
thank me for letting you suck my cock?"

"Umm . yes master. Umm . thank you for letting me suck
your . your beautiful cock and for letting me swallow
your come."

Hearing her say that was almost enough for him to make
her start sucking again, but there were more videos for
her to watch, more things he wanted her to learn.
Because the way she'd sucked his cock this time she
obviously was a quick learner. Even though he'd never
had his cock sucked before, he was pretty sure from the
things he'd read that what janet had done was really
good cocksucking. He left his finger in her mouth,
enjoying the way she licked and sucked it as he stroked
her hair with his other hand.

"Time for some more vids. Next one's about fucking.
So let's see what you can learn from that. I think
there's only three things for your punishment book.
You stopped sucking once, umm you weren't using your
hands all the time and I had to tell you to use them.
Oh yeah, I didn't really think you got into licking my
arsehole properly."

She couldn't believe it. She'd tried her hardest, done
everything she could to make him happy, even licked his
arse and still he wanted to punish her. It was
impossible, there was nothing she could do right for
him. She looked up at him, pulling her head so that
his finger slipped out of her mouth.

"It's not fair."

"What was that?"

"It's not fair. I did everything you asked. I did my
best. You can't punish me. It's not fair."

As she spoke it was as if a spell had been broken and
she could feel her anger building like a volcano.

"Listen slave ."

Bringing her arms up she pushed his hand from her hair.

"No, fuck it, you listen. I've done what you wanted.
Let you do all these things to me. But you can't do
this you bastard. I tried my best to suck your stupid
fucking cock and if you didn't like it then fuck you.
Yeah, fuck you arsehole."

Richard was totally unprepared for this outburst and
had no idea how to deal with it. In an instant,
everything he'd planned and schemed for seemed to be
slipping away. Maybe he was immobilised because he
knew that she really had tried hard and he was only
doing the punishment thing because he didn't want her
to know how incredible it was. Whatever the reason he
was unable to stop her outburst.

"I don't give a shit. You can fucking do whatever you
want, I don't care anymore. I tried, I tried my
fucking best to do what you wanted and all you ever
want to do is hurt me. Well not anymore. And you know
what? Marcia was right all along. You're a fucking
loser. A fucking arsehole loser. I'm fucking leaving
loser . ahhhh!"

It wasn't until she said that Marcia had called him a
loser that he snapped him out of his frozen state.
Without even thinking his hand swung around slapping
her hard on the cheek, tumbling her over just as she
was starting to stand. Ignoring her as she lay
crumpled on the floor he headed for where his whips
were still laid out. He'd fucking show her who was a
loser the bitch.

Although her head was ringing from the slap her resolve
to leave no matter what the consequences was still as
strong. Shaking her head, trying to clear it she
started to get up again, not caring what he was doing
anymore. She'd show him the little fucking bastard.

"Ahhhrgh ."

The whip he'd chosen was the one he'd used on her tits
earlier, the one with all the strands. She was on her
knees starting to stand when he struck her from behind,
landing the whip across her arse and the backs of her
thighs. He hit her really hard with an underhand
swing, the force of the blow sending her sprawling on
her stomach. She brought her hand back to her burning
arse and started to turn over but before she could he
was alongside her, landing another hard blow across her
shoulders and back, pushing her back to the floor.

"Ahhhrgh ."

The pain. How could she have forgotten how painful is
was! It burned through her like a thousand stinging
fires even worse than before. Instinctively she tried
to pull herself across the floor as two lashes in quick
succession landed on her lower back, curling around her
sides, the tips of the whip feeling like they were
ripping into her stomach.

"Ahhh, no, no, stop ."

Twisting over onto her back to escape the pain she
reached up to him pleading but already he was bringing
the whip down, just missing her outstretched arms to
land viciously on her heaving tits.

"Ahhhhh shit. No, please."

Her whole body jumped at the impact and she wrapped her
arms protectively over her damaged tits. This left her
stomach unprotected and the next blow left a dozen
angry stripes on her tanned belly.

"No, stop, please. Hurting . hurting!"

He was still too angry to think about stopping and as
she brought her legs up to protect her stomach he
lashed the backs of her thighs as hard as he could.
Crying out again, her legs unfolded so he whipped the
tops of her thighs followed by another stinging one to
her tits and nipples when she uncovered them to protect
her battered legs.

"Ahhh. No, stop, please. I'm sorry. Please don't
hurt me. Ahrghhh."

She'd twisted over onto her stomach again and as she'd
turned her legs had parted just long enough for him to
bring the whip up between them from behind, catching
the inside of her thighs and digging into her slit.
Her whole body jerked from the pain as one strand
tortured her clit. It felt like he was ripping her
apart, destroying her pussy.

"Please master, please stop. Ahhhhh."

This time he lashed her bum and her back, twice in
quick succession. By now her tears were streaming down
her cheeks as she sobbed, pleading with him.

"I'm sorry. I'll be a good slave. Please master, no

He kicked her legs apart, landing another blow to her
cunt and her inner thighs before she could bring her
legs together again.


"So whose the loser now cunt?"

"I am master, I'm the loser."

"So, are you my little cunt?"

"Yes master, I'm your cunt. I'm your slut master.
Your cunt slut slave."

Three times he brought the whip down as hard as he
could on her bum and each time she cried out as her
abused body jerked from the pain.


Crouching down he grabbed her hair and pulled her head
up, roughly twisting her around to look at him, causing
her to cry out once more. She looked so pitiful, fear
filled eyes puffy and red from crying, cheeks stained
with tears, but in many ways this was the most
beautiful she'd ever looked to him, completely
vulnerable, completely his to do with as he pleased.
He knew he didn't need to whip her anymore. Not now

As he pulled her closer she tensed, waiting for another
blow to land but then his lips were against hers, his
tongue in her mouth. It was over, he wasn't going to
hurt her anymore. Moaning with relief she returned the
kiss her tongue playing with his as her hands went
around his back. Pulling herself into a half sitting
position she pressed her body against his, trying her
best to rub her tits against his chest. Her left hand
started playing with his hair as her right hand moved
to the front, searching for his cock. The thought that
was now pounding through her head was that she had to
keep him happy, had to prove to him that she was a
perfect slave and that she loved everything he asked
her to do.

Richard wasn't complaining but now that his anger was
subsiding he was certainly confused. Within a couple
of minutes she'd gone from a great cocksucker to a real
bitch and now to a sort of sexy slut. As her hand
grasped his cock and she started jerking him off he
held her closer, arms now around her back, pulling her
tits against his chest. She broke the kiss and started
kissing down his neck to his chest as she spoke, her
hard nipples making a trail down his body as she moved

"Mmmm. Would you like me to suck your beautiful cock
again master? Please? I know I can do it properly
this time. Please master? I promise I'll do it
properly and . and you won't have to punish me master.
Because I'll do anything you want master. Mmmm. I
love kissing you master. You . you taste so good."

As tempted as he was to let her suck him off again he
really wanted to try some other things today before his
balls ran out of come. Still he let her work her way
down, kissing and licking his body till with a loud
moan, her mouth engulfed the head of his cock and she
sucked on it, twirling her tongue around it. Letting
his cock out of her mouth she dropped further down and
sticking her tongue as far out as she could she wetly
licked from his balls all the way up the shaft.

"Mmmm. Do you want me to keep going master? Will I
swallow your come again? Or, or do you want to come on
my face?"

"Yeah, maybe later cocksucker. But now you're going to
watch some more videos."

"Yes master. I'll do whatever you want me to."

"Okay, get up cunt. You can sit on the couch. I want
you to watch the next two."

"Yes master, whatever you want."

Helping her up he led her over to the couch and then
put the video in. When he turned back to her she was
sitting with her legs spread wide displaying her cunt
to him and her shoulders were pulled back so her tits
jutted out. Her body looked amazing, just like some of
the girls in his bondage photos, covered with red
stripes from the whip. The best part however was way
she was looking at him, almost like a puppy, looking to
see if it was going to be praised for something it had

Going over to her he stood between her legs and bent
down so he could kiss her again. Instantly her hands
came up and started fondling his cock. He let her play
with him for a few seconds and then pulled away.

"Now I'm leaving you for a while. Pay attention to the

"Yes master."

Richard went straight back to his room and sat at his
computer trying to understand what had just happened.
For a while he'd thought that it was all over but now
she seemed to be even more intent on pleasing him.
Obviously when ever she tried to get away he'd just
have to whip her and then she'd be even more of a slut
for him.

But it wasn't working out like in his fantasies and he
started to realise that he'd have to adjust his
expectations. In his fantasies after the first time
they'd had sex she always admitted how wrong she was
and before long was telling him that she loved him.
This was definitely not going to happen. Best he could
hope for would be that she would continue to do
everything he said and he'd have his own personal fuck
toy. Which was really an incredibly awesome thought.
His own fucktoy, who he could have sex with anytime he
wanted. Probably better than a girlfriend although
there was no reason why he couldn't go out places with
her and get her to tell people she was his girlfriend.

By the time he'd sorted all this out his computer alarm
was beeping him to let him know it had already been
sixty minutes. Time to change the video.

Back in the family room janet was watching the next
video, making sure she didn't miss anything, too scared
to even look away from the tv. This one was all about
fucking. This time when the girls arrived for their
class they were all dressed in sexy clothes, including
their underwear which they excitedly showed off to each
other. When they were settled in their seats, Candy
asked Tiffany to show the class how she liked to have
sex using John as her partner.

Tiffany undressed, lay down on a bed with her legs
apart. John got on top of her and they started
fucking. Tiffany just lay there, very unresponsive,
letting the John do all the work. Candy quickly told
them to stop and they all gathered at the bed and
discussed what Tiffany had done. Candy told them how
important it was to experiment with other positions, to
talk dirty and most importantly to be responsive all
the time. She also told them to practice using their
cunt muscles and each of the girls had to put a finger
into Candy's cunt so she could show them how she could
use her cunt to squeeze and milk a cock. The girls
then had sex with their partners in dozens of different

As she was watching this janet realised that Richard
would expect her to learn how to use her muscles when
they were having sex. She looked over to the door to
make sure he wasn't there and then she carefully slid
her finger into her pussy. Normally it would have been
stopped by her hymen but now she could slide it in till
her knuckles were pressed against her slit. Then she
tried to squeeze and found that she could do it easily.
Thinking she heard a noise she quickly took her finger
out. It was a false alarm but she was too nervous to
do it again in case he did sneak back in.

When the video finished she stayed on the couch, not
sure if she was meant to put in the next one or wait
for him to come back. Watching the clock tick over she
became more and more worried that he did expect her to
put in the next video. She was just about to stand
when he came back.

He didn't say anything, quickly changing the tape and
then going over to her, standing between her legs. His
right hand grabbed her hair on the top of her head and
pulled her forward while his other hand pointed his
ever hard cock at her mouth. As his cock entered her
mouth he moved his hands, grasping her ears and using
them like handles to fuck her face back and forth on
his cock. This was the way it should be he thought,
treating her like a sex thing, using her however he

As his hand had reached out to her she'd thought he was
going to hit her again and it took all her strength not
to pull away. When she realised it was just more cock
sucking she actually relaxed a bit. Opening her mouth
wide she let his cock in and immediately started
licking and sucking it. She brought one hand up
between his legs so she could play with his balls and
the other went around him to hold his arse cheeks,
feeling them clench each time he plunged into her

Twelve times he fucked his cock brutally into her
mouth, enjoying every hard thrust and then he withdrew,
stepping away, his cock glistening with her saliva.

"I'll be back when this one's finished cunt."

"Yes master."

Once more Richard left her alone, this time getting
things prepared for their next fuck session. When he'd
fantasised about the next thing he was going to do to
her it had generally involved her really wanting him to
do it but now he knew this would only ever be a
fantasy. So he prepared a much more interesting
approach, gathering the bits and pieces he figured he'd

The next video, Opening the Back Door was all about
anal sex. First the girls learnt about rimming, each
taking turns to lick and fuck their tongues into their
partners arses. Then they were all fucked in the arse
by their partners, each of them coming of course.
Janet was horrified, realising that Richard must be
planning to do it too her, fuck her back there and
there was nothing she could do about it. Still, the
girls in the video all seemed to like it so maybe it
wouldn't be as painful as it looked.

All too soon the video was over and he was back in the
room, standing in front of her, clipping the lead back
on, his hard cock pointing at her.

Up Chapter 7 - Opening the Back Door

"I feel like another fuck. Okay?"

"Yes master."

She cowered back as he slowly lifted his hand up,
threatening to hit her.

"What'd you mean `yes master'? Is that the best you
can fucking do? Because it's not fucking good enough
you stupid cunt. When I tell you I feel like fucking
you, you should be pleased, you should be telling me
how much you want my cock."

"Oh, I do master, I do want your cock. I want you to
fuck me master. Please don't hurt me again. Please
fuck me master, please."

He held his hand up for a moment longer, pulling it
back even further, making it look like he was making up
his mind whether to hit her then he lowered it.

"Hmm, okay this time. But you'd better be careful
bitch or I will hit you. Okay, you can crawl back to
my bedroom so we can fuck in comfort."

As she crawled in front of him she was conscious that
he was probably looking down at her bum, almost
certainly able to see her arsehole. She tried to
clench her arse cheeks praying that he wouldn't do it
to her there but in her heart knowing that he would.
Why else would he have made her watch the last video
Then they were in his room again and she stopped,
waiting for him to tell her what to do.

"Crawl over to my desk and stand up."

Richard was watching her really carefully as she stood
and he was rewarded as he saw her body tense and
goosebumps break out across her back. He knew why.
He'd cleared most of the stuff off his desk and laid
out handcuffs, a bunch of special leather restraints
and three steel bars. They were neatly laid out,
mostly in pairs and he figured they must look

This was worse than she'd been imagining, far worse
than even the thought of him raping her behind. He was
going to tie her up and beat her again and she couldn't
do anything about it, couldn't say anything because she
knew that would just make the beating worse. All she
could do was stand there, shivering with fear, waiting.

"A few bits and pieces to dress you up in. Those first
two are for your wrists. Put em on cunt."

There was a second of hesitation but not enough for him
to really count it as a punishment and then, with
trembling hands, she picked up the wrist bands and put
them on. They were about two inches wide and made from
soft leather. There was a buckle to hold them on and
around the outside there were three D rings.

"Good slave. And make sure they're tight. Now the
next ones go right at the top of your thighs."

This pair were pretty much the same as the wrist bands,
just a little longer. They were followed by bands just
above her knees and then ankle cuffs.

"Last one goes around your waist. And I want that
really tight, okay. I said okay slut. Fucking answer
me when I tell you something cunt."

"Yes master, I'm sorry master, I'll do it tight."

And she did, pulling till it was digging into her
narrow waist.

"Okay, now let me see you. Turn around. All the way."

As she slowly turned he couldn't believe how sexy it
looked, her beautiful body naked except for the strips
of black leather and the gleaming silver of the buckles
and d rings.

"Oh yeah, fuck that looks sexy. You look like a
perfect fuck toy now. Which is what you are isn't it?
You're my little fuck toy aren't you?"

"Yes master . I'm your fuck toy."

"Okay, get on the bed fuck toy and kneel down at the
end, facing this way. Come on, you want to get fucked
don't you toy?"

"Yes master."

She scrambled on to the bed as quickly as she could and
assumed her squatting position at the foot, looking
out. She was trying to avoid looking at him but she
couldn't help see that he now was holding the bars and
the handcuffs. Her heart almost stopped as she
realised that he was going to hit her with the bars.

"Now these are what's called spreaders. This one is
for your knees. See this catch here? It snaps onto
one of the rings on the band just above your knee.
Same on the other side. Makes sure that your legs are
kept wide apart so I can get at your cunt. Good idea,

"Yes master."

"Put it on."

He wasn't going to hit her with them, he was going to
fuck her again! And in her pussy, not her arse. It
was such a relief that she almost grabbed the bar from
him as he held it out to her.

"Yes master."

It was easy to put on although once she had it in place
she realised she was going to be even more helpless,
totally unable to escape anything he wanted to do to
her with this steel rod holding her knees so far apart.

"Now these ones go between you ankles and the top of
your thighs, one on each side."

When she had them in place she was forced to kneel
upright, her knees now locked in place at a ninety
degree angle and she had to be careful that she didn't
overbalance and fall off the bed.

"Hands behind your back."

Reaching behind her quickly cuffed her hands before
clipping the cuffs to the leather belt around her
narrow waist, effectively immobilising her hands. It
had the added benefit of pushing her beautiful tits
out. He stood in front of her, smiling, loving having
her bound like this, totally at his mercy, unable to
escape him even if she dared. After the last whipping
he thought that his need to hurt her had gone, but
seeing her bound like this the desire to hurt her, to
pay her back as he used her body for his pleasure came
back in a wave of lust.

Reaching out he ran his finger over her lips before
probing into her mouth.

"Let's see, I've already fucked your mouth. Twice.
You liked that didn't you slave? You liked sucking my

"Yes master."

His fingers left her mouth and traced down her front,
between her tits.

"Thought so. Oh and remind me later that to let you
write down in your punishment book that your didn't
lick and suck my fingers when I stuck them in your
mouth, bitch."

Her eyes shot up to his in fear but she didn't dare
complain, not after last time and she quickly dropped
her eyes.

"Yes master."

"Haven't tit fucked you yet. That'd be fun."

Bringing his hands to the side of her beautiful tits he
pushed them together, his fingers sinking into her firm
mounds. With his thumbs he was able to push her
rubbery nipples in till he was brushing them against
each other.


"Like that do you slut? Wow, what a great fuck channel
your big tits make. I could come all over your slutty
face. You'd like that wouldn't you slave?

"Yes master."

She'd never heard, never even imagined something like
that, using her boobs to have sex. It sounded so
perverse, so dirty and sluttish.

"But not this time!"


His right hand had moved down to cup her mound, a
finger jabbing inside her while his left hand kept
playing with her tits tweaking and tugging at her


"Of course I do like fucking your tight cunt. Do you?"

"Yes master. Ahhh!"

He'd flicked her swollen nipple with his finger

"Yes master what, you stupid bitch."

"I like you fucking me . fucking my, my tight cunt .

"Cunt's a bit dry isn't it. Still I'm sure you'll get
wet quickly enough once my cock's in you, won't you."

"Yes master."

"What about here? I haven't fucked this hole yet.
Would you like me to fuck you up the arse, slut?"

"Unhhhh." His finger had left her vagina now and he
was forcing it inside her arse. Of course she didn't
want him to do it, but she knew that if she said that
he'd punish her till she said what he wanted to hear.

"Yes master."


He'd jabbed his finger in as far as he could, scraping
the inside of her arse with his nails while his thumb
fucked back into her cunt and with his other hand he
started squeezing her tit, crushing her nipple between
finger and thumb.

"You know you're really starting to piss me off again.
And you're earning yourself some fucking big time
punishment cunt. If I ask something like `do you want
me to fuck your arse' you don't just fucking whisper
yes master. You tell me how much you'd love it, how
much you want it, want my cock up there."

"I'm sorry master, I do want it. I want you to fuck my
arse. I want your big cock to fuck my arse. Please
don't punish me, don't hurt me. I'd love you to fuck
my arse, really. Please master, please fuck my arse."

He started working his finger in her arse and his thumb
in her cunt, fucking them while his other hand started
gently tugging on her nipple.

"Are your really sure? You really want me to fuck your
virgin arse?"

"Oh yes master, really, I really want your big cock up
my arse, my virgin arse."

"Well okay slut, seeing as how you want to be arse
fucked I guess that I'll have to do it!"

Leaning in he kissed her, his tongue pushing straight
into her mouth. She responded instantly pressing her
lips against his, duelling with his tongue, too scared
not to as he continued to finger fuck her cunt and
arse. Then he was gone, moving back to his desk where
he picked up a tube. He came back to her and opening
the tube, he squeezed the lubricant out. Standing in
front of her as he slowly started greasing his cock.
This was it. He was actually going to arse fuck her.
What a day! Mouth, cunt and now arse! There were
tears rolling down her face but there was no way her
tears were going to stop him. In fact they'd only make
it better as he gave the bitch what she deserved for
all the humiliation he'd had to put up with from her.

"Want to make sure my cock is properly greased so it'll
slide easily up your tight virgin arsehole. Probably
should put some on your arse too."

With a gob of grease on his fingers he reached between
her legs and smeared it over the wrinkled pucker of her
arsehole. Then he took a second gob and this time she
grunted as he wormed a finger into her as far as he
could spreading the grease around her arse chute.

"Let's hope that's enough. Okay bitch, time to rock
and roll!"

Tossing the tube of lubricant back to the desk he
climbed onto the bed behind her. Grabbing the bars
that locked her feet and upper thighs in place he used
them as handles to drag her further up the bed. Next,
reaching between her spread legs he picked up the leash
which was still attached to her slave collar and,
feeding the end under the knee spreader bar he pulled
up on it which of course dragged her head and neck
down. He didn't stop till her forehead was pressing
into the bed, her back arched, tits touching the bed
and her arsehole even more exposed. Tying the leash
off on the knee spreader he lent back, looking at her,
bound and waiting, ready for him to fuck her arse.

The sight was truly an awesomely sexy one, much more so
than he'd have ever imagined it could be. He'd looked
at lots of bondage pics over the last months but
nothing really prepared him for this and he knew that
what he'd done here was really only very mild bondage.
She looked so fucking exciting. Her arsehole and were
cunt completely open to him to do whatever he wanted
and there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop
him. She couldn't run away, close her legs, try to
push him away, fight him off, she couldn't do a thing.

Then as he stared at the reddish brown pucker of her
greased arsehole he started to feel nervous and he
froze, unable to do anything, his stomach feeling like
there were a thousand butterflies fluttering inside.
He'd dreamed so many times about fucking her cunt and
her sucking him off that although the reality was
incredibly special, it was also something that in a way
he'd sort of experienced before he actually did it.
But he'd never really thought much about fucking her
there, in her arse. Certainly not the way he'd
fantasised about the other things. What if he didn't
like it or if he couldn't get his cock in because it
was too tight? He had a horrible image of trying and
trying but being unable to get his cock into her.
Embarrassing, even humiliating. When he'd put his
fingers in her it had been really tight, much tighter
than her cunt. Maybe he should put more of the
lubricant in her to help. And maybe he should have
gagged her because she was probably going to really
scream with this one.

However resting a hand on her bum to support himself as
he prepared to get off the bed was enough to snap him
out of it. The physical contact seemed to dispel his
nerves and feelings of doubt almost instantly and his
grip on her bum tightened, his fingers digging in.
Without thinking about it his other hand moved to his
greased cock as he inched forward till he could rest
the head of his cock on her puckered arsehole. Placing
both hands on her hips he started a small rocking
motion, pushing his cock forward and then back again,
allowing her body to rock with his. Her arsehole
looked so tiny against his blood filled cockhead and he
still had no idea what to expect as he prepared to fuck
into her arse but now it didn't seem to matter. The
stories he'd read were all so different with some
talking about arse fucking as though it would almost
rip the girl apart and other treating it like the girl
would love it. He also wasn't really sure how much
he'd like it but there was only one way to find out.

"Remember what Mandy said. Relax and you'll love it!
Ready bitch? Ready for me to fuck this tight

"Yes master."

He started to tighten his grip on her hips, digging his
fingers in as he applied a bit more pressure with his

"I can't hear you. I asked if you're ready for me to
fuck your tight virgin arsehole."

"Yes master, I'm ready for you to fuck my . my tight
virgin arsehole."

"Then beg me cunt. Come on, beg me. Tell me how much
you want to feel my cock inside your arse."

"Please fuck my . my virgin arse. Please master. I, I
want to feel your cock inside me. Inside my arse.
Please fuck my tight virgin arseho . Ohhhh! Ahhh,

It was in! The head of his cock was inside her,
feeling like the top of a tree had been punched into
her guts. Instinctively she tried to pull away but it
was impossible, restrained the way she was.

Fuck, he'd done it! His cockhead was actually inside
Janet Sheen's fucking virgin arsehole. Fucking
incredible! He smiled triumphantly as he felt her
ineffectually try to escape. It was possible! He'd
done it, his cock was inside her fucking arse and the
way he had her secured she wasn't going anywhere. For
a while he was content to just rock slowly back and
forth, looking at the incredible sight of his cock, the
head invisible now, distending her brownish red
arsehole, stretching it impossibly. The grip of her
arse ring was so tight, much tighter than her cunt had
been, that it felt like it was going to squeeze his
cockhead off. As he rocked his hips her arse ring
would pucker out and then disappear back in. Fucking

"Now bitch I'm going to fuck your arse till I fill it
with a load of my come. Ready cunt?"

When she didn't answer he slapped her arse as hard as
he could.


"I said are you ready cunt? Are you ready to have your
fucking arse reamed out."

"Yes master."

Tightening his grip on her hips he pushed as hard as he
could, his eyes opening wide with the incredible sight
and sensations as his cock plunged into her till his
stomach slammed into her arse and he could feel his
balls resting against her cunt. She wailed as he
fucked into her but he didn't care. He'd done it.
He'd fuck all three of her holes in the one day!
Legend! And the feeling of her arse ring tightly
gripping his shaft as he'd plowed into her and the
walls of her arse rubbing against his cockhead and
shaft were unlike anything he'd ever felt before. So
tight, so exciting.

"Noo . Ahhh, hurts . please no. NOOO! Take it out!
Please Richard, stop, take it out!"

"No way bitch, and call me master you fucking slut!"

He slapped her on the bum again but she barely felt it.
Having him inside her like this was nothing like when
he'd fucked her before. This was pain and absolute
humiliation as he cock split her in two like a red hot
poker and the force of his thrust jammed her face and
neck roughly into the bed. She didn't know how those
stupid sluts on the video could have enjoyed something
like this. Instinctively she tried to pull herself off
him but there was no where to go and when she tried to
twist away his iron grip on her hips stopped her.

He stayed there for a few moments, savouring the sight
and feel of his stomach pressed firmly into her arse
cheeks before he started to pull out.

"Ahhhhh . noo, please! No, don't."

As he'd slowly pulled out again it felt like he was
pulling her guts out and her whole body started shaking
uncontrollably as the tears coursed down her cheeks.

In some ways the withdrawal was even more exciting.
Her arsehole was gripping his cock so tightly that it
distended out as though she was trying to keep him
inside her.

"No more, please, please master. Hurts. Hurts too
much! Ahhhhhhh!"

He'd slammed into her again, ignoring her pleas. Then,
as she continued to beg him to stop he set up a slow,
steady rhythm pulling out till only his cockhead was in
her and then bearing down again, sinking back into her
greased arse till his balls were rubbing against her
cuntlips, his stomach pressing into her bum. The
sensation was fantastic and because he'd already come
so many time today he was pretty sure he'd be able to
last as long as he wanted.

"Fucked your mouth, fucked your cunt, now fucking your
arse. Do you like being arse fucked slave?"

"Unhh. No, please, it hurts. Please stop master."

"No fucking way bitch. I'm not stopping till I've
filled your fucking arse with my come."

She'd stopped her desperate attempts to to pull away
from him now, apparently resigned to what he was doing
so he let go of her hips and leaning over her slid his
hands under her so he could hold her big tits. He was
now in a v shape, his feet providing purchase on the
bed so he could keep fucking her, his upper body
pressing against her back, her cuffed hands against his
ribs, a great reminder of how he'd bound her for his
total pleasure. Which is what this was he realised as
he started kissing and biting her shoulders and neck,
while he fingers started playing with the swollen nubs
of her nipples and his cock kept fucking her arse,
total pleasure.

It wasn't total pleasure for Janet. But it was no
longer total pain. Somehow she was becoming accustomed
to the size of his cock raping her poor behind and the
pain was now only a dull ache. But it still was horrid
and humiliating, nothing at all like when he'd raped
her pussy earlier. As much as she hated admitting it
having his cock inside her pussy had felt good,
natural. Even having his cock in her mouth felt
alright, but having it in her bum felt so alien, so

As he hugged her, the anger drained away and he was
able to really enjoy the sensations of her skin against
his, the rubbery feel of her nipples against his
fingers and the clasping of his cock by her tight arse.
And as he felt good so he started to want her to maybe
enjoy what they were doing. Letting go of her left
nipple he reached down across her clenching belly, his
fingers moving through her silky pubic hair and into
her slit. This time he had no trouble finding her clit
which was already hard. She might still be moaning for
him to stop but if her clit was hard then he reckoned
that she must be enjoying at least some of what he was
doing, the slut.

By now even the ache was gone and although she wouldn't
admit she liked it, the feel of his hot cock plowing
through her behind was no longer awful, no longer
feeling so unnatural. What it did feel like though was
that he was in control, total control of her. That he
could impale her from behind with his cock and she had
no choice, she had to let him do whatever he wanted.

When his finger first brushed over her clit it sent an
unwanted spark of pleasure into her pussy and she
almost cried out yes. As he started playing with her
clitoris, rubbing and pushing it with his thumb and
finger the pain from his cock raping her arse become
mixed with the glow of pleasure that built steadily her
between her legs.

"Oh fuck, you're arse is so fucking tight. Oh yeah
this is so fucking good bitch, so fucking good.
Reaming you out, reaming you out with my fucking cock."
And he slammed his cock into her even harder, driving
her shoulders and face into the bed.


"Tell me how much you like being arse fucked slut."

She was so squashed into the bed she could barely speak
but somehow she managed to squeak out a reply.

"No. Hurts. Please stop, please. Ahhhhh."

When she refused to say that she liked being fucked in
the arse he squeezed her tender nipple. Not as hard as
he'd done a few times earlier, but hard enough for her
to cry out in pain. He kept his grip on her nipple,
his cock still buried deep in her arse.

"I'll ask you again cunt, do you like being arse

"Ahhh, ahh, yes, yes I do. Please don't hurt my
nipples. Please master."

"Then tell me how much you like having my big cock up
you tight virgin arse."

"I love it. I love your cock in my virgin arse. It
feels good master. I like being arse fucked by you

He slowly withdrew till only the head of his cock was
in her then sank down again.

"Ahhh . oh, yes, master. Fuck my arse. Fuck my virgin
arse with your cock. Oh yes, thank you master. Thank
you for fucking my virgin arse."

"That's better slave. You keep telling me how much you
love me fucking you."

Once again he set up a steady rhythm, fucking in and
out of her arse. One hand holding a tit, the other
playing with her clit.

By now she wasn't really conscious of what she was
saying. She just knew she had to keep him happy so he
wouldn't hurt her poor nipple so as his cock continued
raping her behind she kept telling his how good it was,
how much she wanted it.

That was what finally pushed him over the top,
listening to her telling him how much she loved him
fucking her arse amidst her moans of pain as he kept
pushing her into the bed. As the almost indescribable
feeling leading to his climax built he let go of her
clit and brought his hand back to her tit. His whole
body started tingling and he could feel his balls
tightening as he kept plowing into her arse chute,
trying to make it last as long as he could.

"Ahhhh, yes! Coming. Coming in your fucking arse!"

Plunging completely into her he stayed there, his hips
jerking with each spurt of come, his legs trembling as
his hands squeezed into her tit flesh. The sensation
of his come pumping along his cock and into her was so
intense it was almost painful for him.

Of course the whole experience was totally painful for
Janet. When he stopped teasing her clit the ache of
his cock in her arse became overpowering and then when
he started squeezing her tits, she thought he was going
to tear them off he gripped them so hard. Each time he
squeezed her she'd feel his cock jerk deep inside her
and splash his hot come into her. And so her cries and
moans of pain mingled with his yells and gasps of

Finally it stopped and with one last jab he collasped
over her, his death grip on her tits loosening as he
slowly came down from his orgasm. He felt lightheaded
and was content to just lie there for a while, resting
on her bound body, his cock still impaling her while he
recovered. For the next couple of minutes, every now
and then another jolt of pleasure would course through
his body and he'd shudder, his grip tightening again on
her tits and his hips jabbing forward again, trying to
push his cock even deeper into her arse.

Eventually even that died away and he was left feeling
totally sated. Slowly his right hand started roaming
again, finding its way back to her slit where he idly
started toying with her clit. By now it had softened
but it only took a couple of minutes of slippery
manipulation for it to engorge again.

Playing with her cunt was so amazing, all he'd ever
imagined and more, and he knew he'd never tire of it.
With his thumb still on her clit he slid his fingers
further along her wet slit till they were stopped by
something. His cock! His fingers were touching the
bottom of his cock where it was stuffed into her arse!
Fucking amazing!

Running the tip of his finger over her arse hole he
realised it felt different. It was no longer puckered
like before. Now it was smooth, stretched wide by his
cock. He pulled back an inch, actually feeling how her
arse ring extended out then sort of folded in when he
pushed his cock back into her. He did it a few more
times, blown away at actually being able to play with a
girl like this.

But the magic lure of her cunt was calling him and he
moved his fingers back to her slit till he could feel
the opening to her cunt. It felt so great, slippery
and wet, as he rubbed at the opening before plunging
two fingers into her.

"Ohhh ."

She tried to stop it but as his thumb was playing with
her clitoris she could feel her excitement building
again. Then when his finger's pushed inside her she
gave up and just focused on feeling good. If she had
to put up with the pain, at least occassionally there
should be something that felt good. And it felt great
as his fingers pistoned into her and his thumb kept
sliding over her engorged clitoris. There was a
temptation to hold off, to make it last but she was
also uncertain if he'd keep playing with her so she
closed her mind to everything but the rapidly growing
pleasure in her pussy.

Richard wasn't really interested in her pleasure when
he started finger fucking her. He was just enjoying
being able to play with her cunt like this. But when
she started moaning and her legs started quivering he
realised that she was acturally getting turned on by
what he was doing and he decided to see it he could
make her come. Leaving his fingers as deep inside her
as he could he started twisting them around as he
brushed his thumbnail over her swollen clit. He was
rewarded by increased groans and then her legs started
shaking and her cunt seemed to contract, gripping his
fingers like a vise.

"Ohhh, ohhh, yes. Ohh, fuck. Yes. Oh yes!!"

Everytime he scraped his thumb over her clit her body
jerked and she moaned again, so he kept it up,
wondering if how long he could make her come for. As
the pressure of her cunt on his fingers relaxed he
started finger fucking her again, squishing his fingers
around inside her.

"That's it cunt. Come for me like the slut you are.
Want to come again? Huh? Want to come again for me
slave? Come on, come on slut!"

And she did, her body spasming again as waves of
pleasure exploded from her pussy.

"Ohhh. Yes, coming. Oh fuck. Oh yes."

By now Richard was getting a bit tired and his hand
felt like it was going to cramp if he didn't give it a
rest. Pulling his hips back he watched his come
covered cock slide from her arse till his cockhead
popped out. She stayed open! Her arsehole stayed
gaping open after he'd pulled out. Fucking amazing!
As he watched, it slowly closed in, puckering up once

Letting go of her tits and cunt, he fell back on the
bed, revelling in the afterglow of not only having come
in her arse but also having made her come like that.

As Richard pulled away from her, janet lost her balance
and toppled to her side facing away from Richard, one
leg sticking up in the air because of the spreader bar.
For a few moments she lay there, coming down from the
double orgasm shed' just had. Then she remembered what
she had to do unless she wanted to be punished again.
Blocking her mind from the horror of it, she started
wriggling her body, inching it around on the bed till
she could see Richard as he lay on his back, legs
splayed, obviously satisified. Finally, after what
felt like an eternity of effort, she was in position,
her face near his hips.

As he lay there he could feel her moving on the bed but
knew she couldn't really get anywhere so he didn't
bother. It was only when he felt her against his thigh
that he lifted his head, wondering what she was trying
to do. By the time he worked it out, it was to late to
stop her.

Raising her head, she stared at his still swollen cock.
Last time it had been tinged red, this time his come
was tinged brown from being in her bum. She knew that
if she thought about it she wouldn't be able to do
anything so she closed her eyes, opened her mouth and
lowered her face till she was able to scoop his
cockhead into her mouth.

His first instinct was to tell her she didn't have to
do this, clean his come and shit covered cock, but as
he felt her mouth engulf him and her tongue start
swirling around his cock he shut up. After all she was
just doing what he'd told her to do, just being a good
slave. As he watched her struggling he realised it was
going to be difficult for her to clean him if he left
her bound.

"That's a good obedient slave. Now I'm just going to
take a couple of these things off so you can clean me

Reaching over her, he first undid the handcuffs and was
soon rewarded by the feel of her small hands cupping
his balls. Then he unclipped the spreader bars,
letting them fall to the floor.

It felt so good not to have the bar holding her knees
apart that she'd have thanked him if her mouth wasn't
full of his cock. Once the horror of having his cock
in her mouth after it had been in her bum had passed
she realised that it didn't taste revolting like she'd
thought it would. So she kept sucking and licking at
his cock, taking as much into her mouth as she could
before letting it out and moving her mouth and tongue
around the lower half, finally making her way down to
his balls, cleaning them as well.

Richard lay back with his head propped up on the pillow
so he could watch her work, totally content as his
slave girl cleaned his cock. This was definitely the
life, his naked slut licking him clean. Her tongue
felt so good as it covered every inch of his cock and
balls. So fucking good that he wondered if his cock
would ever be soft again.

Soon she'd cleaned all the come from him but she kept
licking and sucking, not game to stop till he told her
too. Then he started to move. At first she wasn't
sure what he was doing but it quickly became apparent.
He was spreading his legs apart and lifting his knees
up in the air which of course tilted his pelvis up,
opening up his arse crack and exposing his arsehole.
She knew what he wanted and this time she didn't even
think of resisting. After all she'd already licked him
there today and she'd just cleaned his cock after it
had been in her bum.

Richared was half expecting her to ignore what he was
doing so when he felt the wet tickle of her tongue
moving along the ridge under his balls he was
pleasantly surprised. He wished he could actually
watch her licking his arse crack and resolved to
arrange that next time with maybe a mirror or even film
it with his parents camera. Now that would be a real
buzz, filming her doing all sorts of things. He could
make his own private porno collection. For now however
he was more than content to enjoy the feel of her
tongue licking away moving closer and closer to his

"That's a good slave. Lick me everywhere. Oh fuck
yes. Lick my fucking arsehole. Oh fuck that's good."

When he felt the tip of her tongue touching his
arsehole it took his breath away. This was so
disgusting, so fucking good to have her tongue on his
arse. Holding her head in place he made sure she
stayed there.

"Yeah that's it, keep licking me slut. Come on slut, I
want to feel your tongue. Come on, try pushing you
tongue in me. Come on slut, do it."

Earlier when she'd had to lick him like this the
position she was in meant she couldn't see what she was
doing which was so much better. This time however she
was sort of upside down, the top of her head now
pressed into the bed. As she'd moved her mouth down
from his balls she was transfixed by the pucker of his
arsehole, knowing that she was going to be putting her
tongue on it again. It felt so disgusting, dirtier
than even licking the cock clean. She felt like such a
slut and then her tongue was on it and his hand was on
her head, pushing her into him stopping her from even
thinking about escaping from this ultimate humiliation.
She licked the puckered skin, trying unsuccessfully to
not think about what she was doing. Then, as if from
far away she heard him telling her to do something. It
took a while to understand what he was saying and when
she finally understood she instinctively tried to pull

"No you don't cunt. I want to feel your fucking tongue
up my arse. Come on. Stick it out and clean out my
arse. Do it bitch or I'll fucking punish you so
fucking hard."

So she did the only thing she could, obeyed him,
sticking her tongue out, funnelling it into a point as
he kept the pressure on her head.

"Fuck. Fucking hell. Oh shit that's fucking amazing.
What a fucking slut. Yeah, get it in there. Fucking
lick my arse cunt! Oh fuck that's fucking amazing."

Her tongue had only pushed into him maybe half an inch
but what a feeling. Not just the feeling either, but
also the knowledge that janet Sheen was sticking her
tongue in his bum. That's probably what made it feel
so intense. Finally after a couple of incredible
minutes he eased off on the pressure on her head,
letting her tongue slipped out.

"Fuck that felt amazing. Just what your fucking mouth
should be used for, bitch. Okay, just keep licking me
for a while. Like a little bitch puppy dog."

For the next twenty minutes he let her lick and suck
him, getting her to move from his arse to his balls to
his cock and back by tugging on her hair. Although
after the first few tugs he didn't have to do it
anymore as she kept moving her tongue and lips around
his crotch by herself. By now she no longer cared what
she did. It wouldn't have mattered what he told her to
do at the moment, she'd have done it she was so
exhausted and demoralised. So she kept licking at him,
his cock rubbing all over her face, till her lips felt
like they were swollen and every time she came to his
arsehole she narrowed her tongue, pushing it into him
as much as she could while he moaned and called her a
slut, an arse licking bitch and a cunt.

He didn't think he'd come again, not after already
having come four times today but as she kept licking
him the familiar pressure slowly built. Her mouth was
once again covering his arse, her tongue pushing into
him when he knew it was close. Part of him wanted to
feel her mouth sucking his come out of him again but
then he knew he'd have lots of opportunities for that
in the days ahead. Today was obviously for trying lots
of different things.

"Okay, I'm going to come again."

His hand tightened in her hair and she moved up till
she was poised above his cock ready to finish sucking
him off.

"No, not in your mouth. This time I'm going to come
all over your slut face. Come on, start jerking me
off. Come on cunt, get your fucking hand on my cock
and start jerking. Yeah, that's the way. Play with my
balls with your other hand. Careful! Oh, yeah. Now a
bit faster. Faster! Yeah perfect. Hey, beg for it.
Come on slut. Beg me to come on your face."

"Umm . please come on my face."

"Fuck bitch, you can do better than that. Or do you
want me to whip you again. Want me to whip your
fucking tits?"

"No master, no please. Please come on my face. Please
I want you to come all over my face."

"Your slutty face."

"Please come on my slutty face."

"You're a cunt aren't you?"

"Yes master, I'm a cunt."

"Whose cocksucking cunt are you?"

"Ummm, what master?"

"Fuck, you're my cunt aren't you?"

"Oh, yes master, yes. I'm your cunt. Your cocksucking
cunt. Please come on your . your cunt's face master.
Please master I want your come on my slutty face. On
my cocksucking face."


"Yes master, I'm a slut. I'm you slut. Please come on
my face, your slut, your cunt's face master."

"Ahhh, yeah. Take it cunt. Don't you fucking move.
Oh fuck yeah. Open your mouth bitch. Oh fuck right up
your fucking nose! Oh shit!"

The first spurt landed on her forehead and across her
right eye. By the time the last spurt had come out
there were ropey strands of come on both her cheeks, in
her hair and dribbing down her nose, lips and chin.
Pulling her head down onto his cock he made her suck
the last bits of come from his cock, working her face
up and down on his shaft.

"Suck the rest out. Yeah that's the way. swallow my
come cocksucker. Oh yeah that's the way you should
always look cunt. Your fucking face covered in my
come. What a fucking slut. Oh yeah, you cocksucking

Finally he stopped fucking her face, flopping back down
on the bed feeling drained. Not in a bad way though.
This was beautifully drained and he was looking forward
to feeling like this a lot more. He kept a light grip
on her head, holding her so that there was only a
couple of inches of his cock in her mouth.

"Okay just suck real easy. My cock's feeling a bit
sensitive after coming so much. Use your tongue bitch.
Oh yeah, that's nice!"

By now janet was really starting to feel exhausted and,
although she'd have preferred to be able to lie down,
she was more than happy to just run her tongue around
his smooth cockhead and not have to work hard sucking

As he lay there enjoying her tongue bathing his
cockhead his hands started to idly stroke her hair. It
felt so nice, almost silky he thought as he let the
strands run through his fingers. Everything about her
felt nice and now he sort of wondered how he could have
wanted to her hurt so much. Not that she didn't
deserve it, but all his anger seemed to have gone now
and it was hard to imagine wanting to whip her again.
What he wanted her to do now was treat him the way she
should have been treating him the last few years. Like
a friend. Well, what he really wanted was for her to
treat him like her boyfriend. Then it hit him. All
his plans had been about getting even with her, forcing
her to do stuff and punishing her. But lots of his
fantasies about her were nice, like boyfriend
girlfriend type of stuff and there was no reason why he
couldn't get her to do those fantasies for him. It
didn't have to be just the tying her up stuff because
she had to do everything he told her to do. Awesome.
If he wanted to he could even make her be his

Then something else hit him. Hunger! Turning his head
to check his bedside clock he was surprised to see that
it was six o'clock. Time to order some food in and
maybe have a shower.

Shower. A couple of times he'd fantasised about having
a shower with janet and now he could make that fantasy
come true. Just another one of the hundred's of
fantasies he'd had involving janet over the last few
years. Hundred's of times he'd jerked off as he'd
imagined them doing all sorts of things, not just
raping her or whipping her. Some were sort of naff
things like having a shower with her or her seducing
him or him seducing her or being out somewhere like at
McDonalds and she'd jerk him off under the table or
being able to put his hand up her skirt and finger her
somewhere public . yeah, he knew what he wanted to do
for the rest of the evening. Make his fantasies come
to life. There were at least a couple of fantasies he
could play out tonight, starting with the shower one.

Up Chapter 8 - Sleep Over

When Richard had said he was going to have a shower
Janet foolishly thought she'd be left alone for a
while. But although he took all the cuffs off he left
her collar on and made her crawl to the bathroom as he
told her that he was going to let her clean him.

As he stood in the large shower, letting his naked
slave soap and wash him he felt like an arab shiek with
a harem girl pampering him and looking after his every
need. Way cool! Especially as he made her carefully
soap and wash his still hard cock and run her soapy
fingers through his arse crack. The other part that
was great was when her boobs brushed against him. Also
way cool! boobs had to be one of the greatest things
ever invented! When she was behind him, washing his
back he captured her hands, bringing them around to his
chest so that her big boobs were squashed against his

"That's the way slave, use those tits to wash me with.
Yeah, good slave girl."

He made her rub him with her soapy boob for a while,
getting her to stop and soap up her tits a couple of
times till the rumble in his stomach intruded. After
she's washed him he'd intended playing with her soapy
body but he decided that could wait till another time.
Which was one of the great things about this, that
there would be other time - as many of them as he

"Okay slave, I reckon I must be clean now. Your turn.
I'll give you thirty minutes to be clean, dry and
looking good again."

It didn't take too long for Richard to dry and then she
was alone, standing under the water, finally able to
relax a bit as she tried to imagine the water washing
all the horror and humiliation away. When she
eventually turned off the shower it felt so good to be
able to cover herself, to wrap a towel around her body
that she just stood there, luxuriating in the feeling
although she knew she'd have to get rid of the towel
when he came back.

Picking up the hair dryer she sat in front of the
mirror, examining her face really carefully as she
started drying her hair. Nothing. Somehow she thought
she should look different. After all she'd been raped,
whipped, had all sorts of disgusting things done to her
so surely it would show. But it didn't, not even where
he'd slapped her face. Now that she'd showered, even
her eyes were clear, no longer red from all the crying
she'd done.

Putting down the dryer she slowly lowered the towel,
exposing her boobs. There were a couple of faint red
marks, but nothing that really looked like she been
whipped. She carefully traced a finger along one of
the marks across the top of her left boob but it didn't
hurt. Still nothing. Then her focus went to her
nipples remembering the agony when the whip had landed
on them and when he'd squeezed them. Surely they'd
still be sore she thought. Tentatively she rubbed her
finger over her left nipple.


Although touching her nipple brought a gasp, it wasn't
from pain. She quickly pulled the towel back up,
ashamed at the tingling rush of pleasure that had
radiated from her nipple when she touched it. Picking
up the dryer again, she resumed drying her hair,
fighting back a fresh round of tears. Once again her
body was betraying her, proving what a slut she really

Mechanically she kept brushing and drying her hair till
her arm ached and she had to stop. She sat, shoulders
slumped, totally defeated once again as she stared
blankly at the mirror, waiting for Richard.

"Yeah, that's great, you're looking good again. Okay,
towel off and get in position slave."

She hadn't heard him come into the bathroom but she
quickly slid off the chair, reluctantly unwrapping the
towel and letting it drop to the floor as she knelt in
front of him, hands behind her back. Although her eyes
were downcast she could see the end of the lead so she
wasn't surprised when he put the collar around her neck
again, locking it in place. Then he dropped her
clothes at her feet.

"Okay slave, you can put these back on for a while."

"Thank you."


"Thank you master. I'm sorry."

"You can write it down in your punishment book later
along with all the other stuff. Now get them on."

Clothes. She wouldn't have to walk around naked. She
quickly picked up them up, looking for her underpants,
desperate to cover herself now that he was going to let
her, but they weren't there. Her bra was also missing.
All that he'd given her were her skirt and t-shirt.
She knew she should just put on the skirt and top but
she couldn't help herself asking.

"Umm, where's the rest . master?"

"What'd you mean?"

"Well, my bra and panties aren't here master."

"Fuck. You're really asking to be punished aren't you
slave. You'll wear what I want you to wear. And I
don't want you wearing underpants or a bra. You know
what? For asking that you're not allowed to wear
underpants or a bra from now on, understand? Ever!
From now on you tits and cunt have to be available to
me whenever I want them. So quit complaining or you
can give me back the t-shirt slave."

"No, it's ok, I'm sorry master. I'm sorry really.
Look, I'm putting them on master."

Cursing herself for being so stupid she quickly pulled
the skirt and t-shirt on, grateful to at least be able
to cover herself this much. Sinking to her knees again
she resolved to just do what he said and not give him
anymore reasons for punishments.

Richard found it almost as much of a turn on watching
her legs and boobs disappear under the skirt and t-
shirt, as when she taken them off earlier in the day.
When she was finally kneeling at his feet again he felt
what was becoming a familiar rush of power, this time
because he knew that if he wanted to he could just put
his hands inside her clothes and play with her and she
wouldn't dare object. She was so his.

"Okay but that'll be two punishments. One for not
calling me master and one for asking stupid questions.
Now come on. Pizza should be here soon. No . you can
crawl slave girl."

"Yes master."

With a tug on the leash, he headed off and she crawled
after him, starting to wonder what other horrors he had
planned for tonight and trying not to think of what the
punishments might be.

They'd just reached the bottom of the stairs when the
doorbell rang. His first thought was that he should
hide her but then he realised that there was no need.
In fact he could have a bit of fun with her.

"Okay slave, up you get. Here's the money."

She stared at him blankly as he unclipped the leash.

"I want you to pay for the pizza. Come on."

With any luck the delivery guy would be someone they
knew from school so he could show off his new
girlfriend but unfortunately it wasn't. However the
guy was obviously impressed with Janet. When she
answered the door his eyes went straight to her tits,
checking out her obviously braless state which caused
Janet to blush a deep red. Richard took the pizza and
drink, quickly getting rid of them so he could stand
behind her as she paid the guy.

He carefully put his hand on her beautiful arse,
wishing he could tell the guy that she was his slave
but knowing he'd just have to be happy with the guy
assuming she was his girlfriend. Which was a pretty
cool thing anyway. For a second she tensed and he
thought she was going to try to pull away but she

As janet and the guy did their stuff, Richard dropped
his hand down till he felt the back of her bare thigh,
then brought it up underneath her skirt till he was
holding her naked arse cheek, gently squeezing the firm
flesh. She only just managed to muffle her gasp,
turning it into a cough as his finger slipping into her
arse crack and pressed against her arsehole. The guy
gave her a funny look as she coughed again, trying to
cover her discomfort as he counted out the change in
front of her and as Richard pushed his finger further
forward along her slit till he was just able to get the
tip of his finger into her cunt.

As soon as the pizza guy had backed out the door,
shutting it behind him, Richard pulled his hand out and
acted as though nothing unusual had happened.

"Okay. You take this stuff into the family room, I'll
go get some glasses and stuff. Thought we could watch
some tv, ok?"

"Um, ok . master."

They ate the pizza in front of the tv, sitting on the
sofa side by side, watching reruns of The Simpson's on
cable which janet was sort of grateful for because it
allowed her to half forget what had happened. And
Richard didn't try to do anything to her which was even
better. By the end of the third episode she was even
joining Richard's laughter at the craziness of the
Simpson's. Then a made for tv movie started and
Richard left her by herself for a while as he cleared
away the stuff from their dinner.

The movie wasn't really very interesting but janet
watched it intently. She figured that if it looked
like she was really into it Richard might leave her

When he came back, Richard was feeling sort of nervous
as he'd decided that for the rest of the evening he
wanted to act out another of his janet fantasies. It
was a major one this time, where he'd "accidentally"
met janet somewhere and instead of ignoring him like
normal, she'd told him that she was really sorry about
everything that had happened. She'd finally realised
how horrible she'd been to him and really wanted them
to be friends again. Richard, being such a great guy,
had of course forgiven her and asked her if she wanted
to come over to his place to hang out. They'd ended up
watching tv and fortunately his parents were out. It
was evening and they sat side by side on the sofa,
watching a movie. Naturally they kissed and started
to make out. It was really romantic and eventually she
asked him to make love to her, telling him she wanted
him to be her first. So of course he did. Sometimes
on the sofa, other times they'd go to his room. And it
was always great!

Of course he knew that reality wasn't going to be quite
the same but that was okay. Just as long as it was
close he thought. Sitting down alongside her again, he
put his right arm around her shoulder, his hand
casually draped on the top of her arm. In the fantasy
she would have immediately snuggled into his chest but
she just stayed as she was, sort of frozen, watching
the tv. Problem. Of course janet didn't know what the
fantasy he was playing out was. He didn't want to have
to tell her what to do all the time as he knew that
would spoil the fantasy so he put some pressure on her
arm with his hand, sort of pulling her closer to him,
hoping she'd get it. For a second he thought she was
going to resist but then she was changing her position,
letting her head rest against his chest as she moved
lower on the sofa. Although he did notice that she
kept a hold of her skirt, making sure it didn't ride up
her legs. Still, he could live with that. It just
felt so good to have Janet's head against his chest.

After this initial move, janet expected him to do more
but he seemed content with having her head on his
chest. After a few minutes waiting for his next move
she relaxed again and tried to turn her attention back
to the movie. Maybe the night was going to be okay
after all she thought.

Richard resisted the temptation to do anything for as
long as he could. He only half watched the movie, most
of his time being spent looking down at her body,
watching the way her beautiful boobs rose and fell.
Because she didn't have her bra on he could see the
bumps her nipple made on the tshirt. They obviously
weren't hard but it was still an incredible turn on
being able to look at the sexy bumps they made against
the thin material of her tshirt. And below her boobs,
her slim legs were like a magnet as they disappeared
under her skirt.

When the temptation became too great he just shifted
position a bit as though he was getting comfortable
again and in doing so his left hand ended up against
her left knee. For a couple of minutes he didn't do
anything but then he started moving finger against her
knee. Now in his fantasy she would have responded,
moved even closer and let her hand drift to his leg,
caressing him the same way he was caressing her. But
of course she didn't do any of that so he just
concentrated on his mission which was to slowly work
his way up her leg to that magical place, her cunt.

As soon as his fingers touched her knee janet knew is
was on again, knew that this was the start of another
round of some sort of sex. As she watched first one
finger, then two, then his whole hand moving against
her knee she just hoped that there would be no pain
this time. Which she knew meant she'd have to do what
he wanted and not try to stop him. So as his hand
moved further up her leg she resisted her natural
instinct to push his hand away and stayed leaning
against his shoulder, trying to stay relaxed, hoping
that this was what he wanted her to do. The first real
test came when his hand was about a quarter the way
along her thigh and his finger pressed against her
other leg. She knew what this meant and immediately
let her legs spread apart a bit.

When she let her legs spread at just the lightest push
from his finger he felt his cock jerk. This was more
like the way she should be acting, responding
immediately to what he did. His hand move down between
her legs, caressing the silky smooth inside of her
thigh and when his fingers once again brushed against
her other leg she spread them open again even further.
Then a couple of seconds later he watched spellbound
as, without any prompting from him, she moved her right
foot, her leg spreading apart as far as her skirt would
allow, giving him total access to her cunt. Yes! She
was doing it totally! His stomach sort of tightened
and his cock got even harder if that was possible.
This was becoming such a turn on!

It wasn't that she wanted to open her legs like this
but as his fingers moved further up her leg she'd
figured she didn't have a choice. Of course it then
made it easy for his hand and fingers to stroke the
sensitive inside of her thigh which felt nice. Very
nice. Increasingly nice, especially as he was taking
so long about it, his fingers and nails moving almost
imperceptibly closer to her pussy.

By now his hand was pushing against her skirt, inching
it higher and higher up her legs, exposing more and
more of her beautiful thighs. Then another movement
caught his eyes and he stared transfixed as her nipples
hardened, pushing out against her tshirt. She must be
getting turned on by this. Fucking amazing! He didn't
really think about the next move as his other hand left
her shoulder and turned her head up to him till their
lips met.

One part of her was telling her just do the minimum but
there was another part that really was getting turned
on and there was no hesitation in parting her lips and
letting his tongue invade her mouth. No, not invade
because he was being nice, gentle even, his tongue just
carefully probing till she let her own tongue answer.

As they kissed he let his hand move all the way up till
he was pressing against her hot cunt, feeling the
wonderful touch of her silky pubic hair against his
thumb as it rested on her mound. This was so perfect,
kissing her as he started to feel her up. Well almost

The only thing that was missing now for Richard was the
feel of her hand on his cock which by now felt like it
was going to burst as it pressed up against his shorts,
begging to be released and played with. For a while he
was content to just kiss her, hoping she'd do something
herself but finally he had to get her moving. He
brought his right hand down again so it was on her
upper arm and then all he needed to do was apply a
little bit of pressure and her hand moved from her side
over to his leg.

She wasn't surprised when he did this as she knew he'd
want her to touch his thing . no, his cock, it was just
that she hadn't been able to bring herself to initiate
it. Now however it was clear what he wanted so she
moved her hand along his leg till she felt the lump
made by his cock.

Richard's stomach was doing flip flops with the
intensity of what was happening. He was sitting
watching tv with janet Sheen and they were petting,
necking, making out, whatever anyone wanted to fucking
call it. And it was so close to being the real thing,
really like she was his girlfriend, so like his
fantasies, that he was feeling totally satisfied. Well
almost totally satisfied. That would come when he
fucked her again, but for the moment he wanted to keep
enjoying kissing her and feeling her up like this while
she played with his cock.

As he felt her hand wrapping around his cock, lightly
squeezing it, he pressed his index finger into her slit
and curling it up, managed to slide it into her cunt.
She tensed, moaning into his mouth and then it felt
like she actually pushed her hips forward, as though
she was trying to get more of his finger inside her.
Which he was more than happy to do except the position
they were in made it hard to get more than half his
finger inside her. Time to get her into a better

Moving his hand from between her legs he reached over
and grabbed her legs with one hand while his other hand
was applying pressure on her far arm. For a second
nothing happened and then she obviously worked out what
he wanted. She was already half twisted to him so it
was fairly easy for her to reposition herself, swinging
her body over his, so that she was kneeling on the
couch, her knees on either side of his legs, her body
now facing him.

During this they hadn't broken their kiss and her hand
hadn't left his cock. Her other hand ended up on his
shoulder and for a while Richard was content to just
kiss her, his hands resting on her back as he enjoyed
the feel of her hand playing with his cock and her
tongue in his mouth. Eventually of course he wanted
more and he started caressing her back, making sure as
he did so that he was starting to pull her t-shirt up,
bit by bit till it wouldn't go any further. Only then
did he reluctantly break the kiss.

As he lifted the tshirt up and off, she kept her eyes
down, unable to look at him. This was getting
confusing again. After all he'd done to her, kissing
him like this should be horrible but it wasn't. He was
a good kisser, strong but not slobby like some of the
guys she'd known. And although his tongue was in her
mouth, it wasn't like he was trying to choke her with
it. Her arms lifted up in the air as the tshirt came
off and then they were down by her side as she just
stopped herself from using them to hide her naked boobs
from him.

It seemed kind of silly to him but seeing her boobs
once again really took his breath away they were so
perfect. Big, round and sitting impossibly high on her
body, not sagging one little bit like so many of the
boobs he'd seen in the stuff on the net. Begging him
to kiss them, to worship them! So he did, leaning in
till his lips captured her left nipple as his hands
returned to her back. In his fantasies, her nipples
had never been as exciting as they were in real life.
The texture of them against his lips and tongue was
unlike anything else he'd ever known and he knew that
he'd keep returning to them again and again in the days

For a few seconds janet was unsure what to do, caught
in a three way fight. She could either be a statue
till he made her do something, pretend to like what he
was doing or she could give into the pleasure of what
he was doing to her body. She just decided to do the
safe, middle choice and pretend to like what he was
doing when he started to gently suck on her nipple at
the same time as the tip of his tongue was circling
around it.

"Ohh, mmm ."

Of their own volition, her hands came up to his head,
holding him against her, as her eyes closed and she
allowed herself to become lost in the tingling pleasure
he was bringing to her nipples. It was like she
suddenly had the most incredible itch in her nipple and
he was giving her the ultimate satisfaction as he dealt
with it.

For the next few minutes Richard licked and sucked at
her nipples, taking the time as he moved from one to
the other to really get to know them. He loved the
occasional moans she made and the times when her hands
tightened momentarily on his head, making a mental note
of just what his lips and tongue were doing each time
it happened. What she seemed to like the most was when
he was using a moderate suction at the same time as he
swirled his tongue around the rubbery buds. The other
one that seemed to work was flicking his tongue as
quickly as he could over them.

The trouble was that all she was doing now was holding
his head and moaning a bit. In his fantasy she was
more active than this, constantly touching him, showing
how much she wanted him. This was sort of okay, but
not really what he wanted and finally he had to
acknowledge that she wasn't keeping up her side of his
fantasy. Her hands had remained on his head for way
too long. Not that having her hands on his head
wasn't great, especially when her fingers tightened on
his head, sort of giving him a head massage. But by
now, at least in his fantasy, she should have been
taking his clothes off and she should have been
touching him everywhere, not just on his head.
Reluctantly he pulled back, releasing her nipple.

Janet had sort of lost herself over the last few
minutes, closing her eyes and just allowing the
wonderful sensations to flow through her boobs as he
licked and sucked at her nipples. It took her a couple
of seconds to register that he wasn't bringing his
mouth back to her nipples and she opened her eyes,
slowly focusing on his face, only inches from hers, his
lips parted, inviting her.

He waited for a few seconds as they stared at each
other but she didn't make any move so reluctantly he
ran his hands along her arms up to where they were
still resting on his head. Taking her hands in his he
moved them down to his chest so her fingers were
against the buttons of his shirt. When he felt her
fumbling with the top button, he closed the gap between
them and started kissing her again.

She'd been so confused, almost at the point of
panicking after he'd broken the kiss and kept staring
at her. Even when he moved her hands from his head she
still didn't know what he wanted. It was only as she
felt the button on his shirt against her finger that
she realised what he wanted. She started unbuttoning
his shirt, doing them as quickly as she could, working
her way down his chest till she had them all undone.
He hadn't put his arms around her again and she knew
that this must be so she'd be able to take his shirt
off, so she did, working it over his shoulders and down
his arms then letting it fall to the couch behind them.

With his shirt now off, she knew what he'd be wanting
next. He'd want her to take the rest of his clothes
off. She tried to do it but her fingers seemed to
freeze and she just couldn't. After what felt like an
eternity, she put her hands on his back and started
caressing his back as they continued kissing, hoping
that doing this would keep him happy.

Now that his shirt was off, he pulled her against him,
loving the feel of her hard nipples touching him and
then her boobs flattening out against his chest like
twin pillows. But although that felt great he knew it
was now totally impossible to keep the fantasy thing
going. Maybe he should have told her what he wanted
but that would have sort of spoiled it anyway. It was
probably that she needed more training. Yeah, that was
it. He was treating her like his girlfriend but she
was his slave, not his girlfriend. And what he was
meant to be doing now was training her to be a good sex
slave. Already he'd found that punishing her was a
very effective way of getting her to be a good slave so
it was pretty clear that he was going to have to punish
her lots more before she really got it.

He decided to mostly discard the fantasy, but not the
fuck! After fucking her, he'd give her another
punishment session, making sure she understood that
some of the punishment was because she wasn't doing the
things he wanted her to do right now. Breaking the
seal between their lips, he moved her head down,
tilting his head back so her lips were against his
throat. For a couple of seconds she just left them
against his throat, not really doing anything then he
felt her tongue and the movement of her lips, licking
and kissing him. As he guided her head lower, his
other hand was pressing against her knee till she moved
it back.

For a while janet was confused about what he wanted,
desperately trying to figure it out. Then it dawned.
He wanted her to standup, probably so she could take
off his pants, but she obviously had to keep kissing
his body at the same time.

The way she was kissing his throat and then his chest
as he pushed her head further down was kind of
disappointing. Not that it wasn't great just to feel
her lips on him. To know that it was Janet's tongue
that was licking him but he thought it should have felt
even better. It was tentative, didn't really feel like
she was getting into it the way he knew he had when
he'd kissed her whole body earlier in the day. He'd
have to remember to punish her for that later so she'd
be better at it the next time. Yeah, that was
definitely the way to go, use this to set up her
punishments! And then maybe have a training session.
And what he could do tomorrow maybe would be have a
training session where he was punishing her as part of
the session. That'd be fun. He could tell her to do
things to him, punish her for not doing the properly,
get her to do them again, punish her. Shit he could do
that all day till she was absolutely perfect at all the
sex stuff he wanted! Yeah, tomorrow was going to be an
awesome day too!

Still, at least she'd worked out that she had to stand
up so she could get his pants off. As he felt her
hands tugging at the waist of his shorts, he lifted his
bum, allowing her to pull them down his legs and off,
letting his raging hard cock bounce free again. Soon,
soon he'd be back inside that most amazing of places,
her beautiful, tight, velvety cunthole!

Both his hands were now holding her head, guiding her
lips down his body and she had no doubt where he wanted
her to end up. When the underside of her chin bumped
into his cockhead she heard him gasp and then he was
pulling her mouth from his stomach and tilting her face
down. Opening her lips wide she let the smooth swollen
head of his cock slide over them into her mouth once

"Oh yeah. That's the way, get my cock wet."

Now that she knew exactly what he wanted, it was easy.
Bringing her hands into play, her left hand cradled his
balls while her right hand held the base of his cock
and started moving up and down, just as the girls in
the videos did.


"Oh fuck yeah. And take the rest of your clothes off.
That's the way."

Maybe it was no longer his `first time' fantasy but it
was still fucking amazing he thought as he looked down
at her. He was watching the top of her head bobbing up
and down as she started sucking his cock, her lips
tight and her tongue moving against his cockhead and
shaft. Then as he looked down her back, one hand start
tugging at her skirt, pulling it from where it was
bunched around her waist, over her hips and bum, and
then down her legs to fall to the floor. Now she was
naked again, just the way a slave should be! And as
she settled down onto her knees again, he felt her
boobs against his thighs, her hard nipples drilling
into his legs.

He kept her servicing his cock for at least ten
minutes, one hand guiding her head up and down in an
almost hypnotic dance with his hips providing an
instinctive counter move. As her head swallowed him
his hips pushed up, and then dropped down as her tight
sucking mouth moved back up. Heaven!

It would have been good to let her keep sucking him
till he filled her mouth with his come once again but
he wanted more, he wanted to come deep inside her as he
felt her body pressed against his. He lifted her head
off his swollen cock.

"Ok, get back up here. Come on, sit up here like you
were before."

As janet clambered back onto the couch, her knees on
either side of his thighs, he slid down a little
further so that his wet cock was positioned under her,
ready for her to sit on it.

"Sit on my cock. Come on, put my cock in you. I want
to feel it sliding all the way into you."

As her hand started to position his hard cock at her
slit his mouth hungrily covered hers again, his tongue
pushing into her mouth. Rubbing his cockhead back and
forth through her already damp slit she eased down a
fraction as she lined the head up with the entrance to
her vagina . no her cunt. For a moment she hesitated,
her shame and humiliation surfacing, not sure if she
could bring herself to voluntarily impale herself on
his cock but the fear of his "punishments" was enough
push her into action. Easing down she let him enter
her. Start raping her again but this time apparently
she was going to have to do all the work.

"Ohh ."

At first it was just the top of his cock stretching her
again, filling her entrance but then she eased down
more, once again feeling a cock opening her up,
splitting her in two. With half his cock inside she
stopped to get her breath before she lifted up a
fraction and then dropped down again. This happened
three more times until she had all his cock inside her,
filling her totally. During all this their mouths had
been glued together, his tongues invading her mouth as
his cock invaded her cunt.

For a while she stayed locked there, coming to terms
once again at feeling so incredibly full. The trouble
was that it felt good having this thing inside her and
she didn't want it to, she wanted it to feel horrible,
like being raped should feel. But it didn't feel
horrible, didn't feel like an invasion, more like a
coming home as though she was meant to have something
stretching and filling her down there.

"Oh yeah, your pussy is so hot. So hot and so tight.
Feels so fucking good. Okay, now, fuck me. Come on
start moving it slave."

As she started slowly moving up and down on his cock he
dropped his head down to her tits, capturing one of her
hard nipples in his mouth and sucking on it while his
hands moved down to her hips. He let her keep the slow
pace going because it sort of felt like her cunt was
massaging his cock, making it feel really good but not
pushing him too far. Having come so many times already
today he was pretty sure he'd be able to hold out for a
long time and he was planning on enjoying every long
minute of it.

His lips moved back and forth from one nipple to the
other as his hands caressed her thighs and bum, feeling
her muscles flex and relax as she continued fucking
him. It wasn't only the feelings that were so great,
it was also the fact that he could do this. Get her to
fuck him in this sort of gentle, loving fashion.

In spite of herself, janet was also enjoying this, more
and more. It felt like his cock was caressing her
pussy as she slid up and down and after a while she was
even pushing her tits forward, helping him to tongue
and lick her achy, hard nipples.


It was getting too much for both of them and when one
of his hands gripped her hips and started to increase
the pace of her fucking him there was no thought of

"Oh fuck yeah. Feels so fucking good. Oh shit. This
is fucking incredible."

Now he took complete control of the pace forcing her to
go faster and faster until her tits were bouncing and
he couldn't keep her nipple in his mouth. For a while
he watched her firm boobs jiggling on her chest before
he pulled her body against his, pressing her tits to
his chest as his mouth found the side of her neck and
he started kissing her neck, sucking on her. As hard
as he tried to hold back his climax, it proved
impossible and his grip on her hip became almost
painful as he pulled her down, jamming his cock up as
forcefully as he could.

"Shit. Coming, fucking coming! Oh fuck yeah! Oh,
fuck that's so fucking good! Oh shit."

He held her as tightly as he could his hips jerking up
with each glorious pulse as he filled her cunt once
again with his come.

"Oh fuck yeah. Coming inside you again! Fucking
amazing. Oh shit that's good!"

Janet was getting close to coming but wasn't there yet.
Her first instinct was to keep riding his cock, to
allow the pressure that had been building on her
clitoris each time she pressed her pubic bone against
him to bubble over into her own climax but she didn't.
She just remained frozen in position, waiting for his
next move, praying he was happy with what she'd done
and wouldn't find anything to punish her for.

Richard held her as tightly as he could, his spent cock
still inside her, occasionally jabbing his hips up as
another aftershock hit him. Perfection! He'd never
come so many times in the one day and felt like he'd
never need to come again. Well at least not till
tomorrow. Finally he released his grip on her,
flopping back on the couch.

"Wow. That was so good. Fucking you is so fucking
good slave."

He didn't think she'd come this time and for a couple
of seconds he thought about making her come by playing
with her clit but he really didn't think he had the
energy. And besides she was his slave, this was about
him feeling good, not her! Reaching out he brushed his
fingers idly over her still swollen nipples.


"Like that do you slave? Hey, I asked you a question

"I'm sorry, yes master, I do. I do like it master."

"And aren't you forgetting something slave?"

She stared at him, her fear creeping up on her again as
she tried to think of what she'd forgotten. Then it
hit her. She had to clean his cock, lick their juices
off after he'd fucked her.

"No, master, I didn't forget, really. See, I'm doing
it now master."

There was a plopping sound as she pulled herself off
his cock and then she was kneeling between his legs,
her mouth and tongue busily licking every trace of come
from his cock and balls.

Although he was enjoying the power he clearly now had
over her as she slavishly licked and sucked his cock
and balls, he was a bit pissed of that she'd lied to
him. He'd seen it in her eyes that she had forgotten.
As he watched her licking away all traces of his come
he started to get pissed off at her again. She really
did need punishing if she was going to keep trying to
bullshit him. He shouldn't have had to remind her
about sucking his cock after he'd fucked her and he she
was meant to thank him for fucking her. Yep, he'd get
her to write all the things she done wrong in her book
and then it'd be punishment time! He lent over her and
whacked her on her naked arse.


"Okay bitch, that's enough. Time to write up your
punishment book."

"Yes master."

He'd left the book on the coffee table in front of them
so she swiveled around to start.

"Let's see I think the first one would be didn't want
me to watch you taking a piss. And didn't call me
master - you'd better leave space for adding in each
time you didn't call me master cause I think we'll find
there's been a few. And I think you called me Richard
that time which you're not allowed to do because you're
just a slut slave so write that down."

As she started writing down the punishments the terror
that gripped her body was so overwhelming she literally
had to force her hand to write, grasping the pen
tightly so it wouldn't slip out of her shaking hand.
She didn't know if she'd be able to stand being whipped
again and wanted to beg him not to hurt her but she was
afraid that if she did that he'd just add more
punishments. So she just kept on mindlessly writing,
slowly filling the page with punishment after

He thought it would only take a few minutes but it took
over thirty minutes for her to write down all the
punishments. And during those thirty minutes he
started to get more excited about punishing her, about
giving her some more pain after the way she'd been
hurting him for the last three years with her stuck up
attitude. She was squatting on her knees crouched over
the coffee table with her back to him and for a while
he just slouched back on the couch, recovering from
their fuck as he told her what to write down. After a
while though the sight of her naked back and bum became
too tempting and he moved forward on the couch so he
could touch her.

When he touched her bum she tensed but he didn't mind
that. By now it was a pretty long list of things he
was going to be punishing her for and he wasn't
finished yet. He cupped her bum with her hand and that
was when he knew what he was going to do. Spank her.
Put her over his knees and spank her. To actually have
his hand directly hitting her rather than using the
whip would be great. Lifting his palm up he brought it
down in a practice slap, stopping just short of hitting
her but imagining the sound of his hand hitting her and
the cry she'd make. And maybe slapping the backs of
her thighs as well, that'd probably hurt a fair bit.

By now he had both hands on her bum, kneading the meaty
globes as he fantasised about the spanking he was going
to give her. He hurried up the last few punishments
eager to get on with the next part of the evening.

"And final punishment I think is that you didn't thank
me for fucking you just then. Didn't thank me for
filling your worthless cunt full of my come."

"Yes master."

"Okay slave. When you've finished writing that up go
upstairs to my bedroom and wait for me. And take the
book with you."

"Yes master."

By the time janet had finished writing the last
punishment in the book, he'd left. She looked
longingly at her skirt and top, so wanting to put them
on but knowing it would probably only lead to more
punishments if she did. Instead she stood and headed
to the stairs. It was only as she started up the
stairs that she really became conscious of her
nakedness. She was walking around a house naked,
something she'd only ever done in her own bedroom or
bathroom. It felt weird and she put an arm across her
boobs and held the book over her bush. This still left
her feeling as if her bum was exposed and she hurried
up the stairs, wanting to at least get into a room
where she could feel more in control, more covered.

She thought he'd be in his room waiting for her but he
wasn't and at first she just stood in the middle of the
room, not sure what to do. She was about to sit on the
edge of his bed to wait when the risk she was taking by
just standing there hit her. She was meant to be
kneeling when he came into a room. Tossing the book
onto his desk she dropped to her knees and got into the
ready position he'd taught her earlier in the day.
Knees spread, bum on the floor, boobs pushed out and
hands behind her back. After a few seconds she
realised she was facing away from the door and that was
probably wrong so she quickly shuffled around so that
she'd be facing him when he came in, then she waited.

Punishment. The reality of what he was going to do
started to crowd in on her now as she waited. He was
going to whip her again, probably on her boobs and
everywhere. She couldn't stop the trembling and then
the tears that started trickling down her cheeks. It
was going to hurt and she didn't think she could take
it again but she knew she couldn't stop him. Not
unless she left and if she did then everything she'd
let him do today would be for nothing. Although her
life felt like it was over after what he'd done to her
today, if she left and he told people about her
cheating it would really be over. She had to stay, had
to let him do everything he wanted to do to her.

When he came into the room about five minutes later he
was really pleased to see that she was kneeling in her
slave position but when he realised she was crying he
was a bit thrown. He'd come in all prepared to start
punishing her but seeing her crying like this somehow
made it difficult. She looked really sad and if
anything, he wanted to hug her which of course he knew
he couldn't do. Then he saw the punishment book lying
on his desk and he walked past her to pick it up.
Looking at the list of things he was going to punish
her for was all he needed to get over her tears. It
was the ones where she was still treating him as
unimportant, like when she went off at him earlier and
called him a shit that really stood out. This wasn't
about her tears now, it was about the way she'd been
treating him for the last few years. It was about
teaching her a few lessons and if that meant she cried
some more, good!

"Okay slave, crawl over here and lie down over my

With a huge effort she forced herself to turn around
and crawl to where he was sitting at his desk. She
wasn't sure what he wanted her to do but he made it
pretty easy, grabbing her shoulders and pulling her
into position lying on her stomach across his legs.

It was as though her body was made to lie across his
lap like this. Her thighs were pressed against his
right thigh and he could feel the underside of her tits
squashing into his left thigh. Heaven. Made even more
heavenly of course be her beautiful smooth rounded
bum, just waiting for his hand. At first he just
enjoyed caressing and squeezing her bum, before letting
his fingers trailing into her crack then down her
thighs. He could feel her shivering, probably from
fear but that only spurred him on. Grabbing her
punishment book from his desk he dropped it on the
floor near her head.

"Okay slave, here's what's going to happen. You're
going to read out each punishment and how many times I
have to slap you for it. You will then count out each
slap as I give it. When we've finished a punishment
you will thank me for punishing you then you tell me
what the next punishment is for and how many slaps you
deserve. Okay slave?"

"Yes master."

"And if you fuck up, you know, like forget to thank me
or don't count, then you'll get that punishment again
and again till you do get it right. Okay what's the
first one."

Slaps. He was going to slap her. She'd been so
convinced that he was going to use his whip on her that
she almost thanked him, assuming that being slapped
couldn't hurt anywhere near as much as the whip had.
Upside down the way she was it wasn't easy but she
managed to get the book open and read out the first
punishment. All she had to do was read out the
punishments, count them and thank him after each one.
It should be easy and probably wouldn't hurt too much.

"Didn't want my master watching me taking a piss. One
slap master."

"That'll be two of course `cause I have to double it
because of your daily cheating punishment don't I? I
said don't I slave?"

"Yes master .. ow! Umm, one. Oww, two."

As he landed the first one on her right cheek and the
second on her left cheek he realised how exciting this
was going to be. In some ways much better than using a
whip because the actual physical contact was a real
buzz, especially the way he could feel her body react.
As he hit her he could feel each jerk she made. And
with the whip he'd been worried about hitting her too
hard and breaking her skin but he didn't see how he
could do anything like that no matter how hard he
slapped her.

There was a white imprint of his palm on each of her
arse cheeks. At first it was really clear then it
faded until it was almost the same colour as the rest
of her bum, just a little redder. He brushed his
fingers over where he'd hit as he waited for her to
thank him for punishing her and then tell him what the
next punishment was. His cock had lost some of it's
hardness after fucking her downstairs but as he thought
about her actually thanking him each time he spanked
her it got superhard again and he could feel it
pressing up into her belly. This really was awesome, a
total power trip he thought, being able to punish her
and then have her thank him for it.

The slaps had hurt more than she'd been expecting,
stinging her and she wanted to reach back to protect
herself but knew she didn't dare. She stared at the
punishment book through teary eyes starting to realise
just how many things there were he was going to be
hitting her bum for. Dozens! Maybe he'd get tired of
it she thought and not do them all.

"Didn't call master master .five, master."

He couldn't believe she'd forgotten to thank him.
Probably on purpose he thought. He'd brought his hand
down on her arse twice in quick succession, hitting her
at least twice as hard as the first time.

"Ahh, shit! Owww."

"You stupid cunt. I told you to thank me after each
punishment. Fucking shit you are a dumb cunt."

"I'm sorry, master. Thank you. Thank you master."

As she tried to make it up he could hear the panic in
her voice but he was pissed off now. He wasn't going
to let her get away with it that easily. He gripped
her left arse cheek squeezing it as hard as he could.

"That's all is it? What are you thanking me for, huh?"

"Ahh, for punishing me master."

"What? For punishing who? Who are you?"

He dug his fingers into her bum even harder.

"Ohh, your slave. For punishing your slave master.
Thank you for punishing your slave because I didn't
want you to watch me going to the toilet master."

"I can't believe how stupid a cunt, you are? What you
should say is `Thank you for punishing your slave
because your slave didn't want you to watch her going
to the toilet master.' Get it? "

"Yes master."

"Fucking hell you're slow. Yes master what?"

"Yes master I get it."

Letting go of his grip on her arse cheek he slipped his
finger over to her arsehole and forced his middle
finger as far into her arse as he could.


"No, you obviously don't or you'd have said yes master
your stupid cunt gets it."

"Oww, I'm sorry master. Your stupid cunt gets it."

"What else are you?"

"What master?"

"What else are you, you stupid cunt?"

"Umm . your slave, master?"


"I don't know master . ahh."

He'd hooked his finger in her arse then lifted,
dragging her bum a couple of inches off his lap for a

"You're my cocksucker, my slut, my bitch, aren't you

"Yes master, I'm your cocksucking slut, your bitch,
your slave, master. Please master, your cocksucking
slave is so sorry. Please."

It really was great hearing her call herself all those
things. He tried to remember some of the other names
he'd read in sex stories.

"You're a cum loving slut, a whore, a fuck bunny, a
fuck face, an arse fuck. You're all those things
aren't you cunt?"

"Yes master."

"Good, so don't you fucking forget it. I want to hear
you talking about yourself like that from now on. Or
else, slut. Understand?"

"Yes master."

"Okay what's the next punishment?"

"I . no, I mean your, umm, your slut didn't call you
master five times, master."

"Ten. Start counting."

"Uhh . one."

Although it really wasn't as painful as when he'd
whipped her it still hurt. And as his hand kept
returning to the same spot it started to hurt even more
until by the time he'd finished this round it felt like
her bum was burning up and she was getting worried that
be spanked was going to be as painful as being whipped,
maybe even more painful. By the time she'd announced
the tenth slap the tears were once again rolling freely
down her cheeks.

"Ahhh shit . ten. Thank you for punishing your slut
because your slut didn't call you master."


"Called you Richard. Oww!"

"No you stupid bitch, that's not how you talk now. You
say `your cuntface slut or your slimy fuck bunny or
your cum slut called you Richard, master'. Now fucking
get it right bitch."

"Sorry master, sorry. Your, ummm, your cum slut called
you Richard."

"Okay, one slap plus one of course."

"Uhh, one . uhh, two. Thank you master for punishing
your cum slut for calling you Richard."

"My pleasure cum slut. What's next?"

"Your cum slut didn't suck your cock properly. Three."

"No, I fucking want you to call yourself something
different for each punishment. Come on. Again."

"Sorry master, sorry. Umm, ummm . your, umm, your
cuntface bitch didn't suck your cock properly. Three
slaps master."

He knew she was crying, he could hear it in her voice
but at the moment he didn't really care. This was once
again payback for the years of treating him like shit
and he wasn't going to let her tears stop him.
Besides, he was really enjoying this, the feel of her
bum against his hand, the cries of pain. And to hear
her calling herself things like a cum slut wasn't in
any of his fantasies. It was however horrible, dirty
and an most of all an incredible turn on!

After these first few rounds her bum was starting to
look really red so he moved his attention to the backs
of her thighs, delivering three slaps to each side. So
it continued with Richard alternating between her bum
and her thighs as he worked through all the punishments
till even his hand was starting to hurt.

Janet reached a point where her backside was throbbing
so painfully that she thought she was going to have to
make him stop no matter what the consequences. But
then a funny thing happened. The pain seemed to fade
away and it was as though her bum and thighs had become
numb. Numb and hot but a heat liked she'd never felt
before. Almost a tingling heat that seemed to spread
over her back, stomach and all down her legs. Finally
it was coming to an end and there was only one more

"Your fuck slut didn't lick master's come of his cock
after he fucked his fuck slut's cunt. Two slaps

"His fuck slut's slimy cunt. You do have a slimy cunt
don't you?"

"Sorry master. Yes master. His fuck slut's slimy

"I want you to spread your legs as wide apart as you

He was pushing her legs apart, exposing her crack and
then holding his hand between her legs, against her
hot, wet pussy and arse crack.

"For this last punishment I'm going to slap you here,
right on your cunt. If you keep your legs apart after
the first slap and don't try to stop me then I'll only
do the two slaps. But if you bring your legs together
you get four slaps. Understand slave?"

"Yes master."

"Okay slave here goes."

"Ahhhh . oh shit . oh fuck, hurts . shit . uhh, one

"Good slave."

"Ahhh . two master."

It was over. No more punishment. She wasn't going to
ever give him a reason to punish her again. She was
going to do everything he asked as soon as he asked it.
Before he asked if she could. And never forget to call
him master or thank him for everything he did to her.
Shit. Thank him.

"Thank you master for punishing your fuck slut for not
licking master's come off his cock after he fucked his
fuck slut's slimy cunt."

"Well let's hope I don't have to do it again. Let's
hope you've learnt to be a good slave now."

"I have master. I promise I'll be good master."


Shit, already she was forgetting. She had to stop
saying I!

"Your cunt. Your cunt promises to be good master."

Her bum and the backs of her legs were now really red
from the way he'd been punishing her. Making sure her
legs stayed spread, he ran his hand over her backside,
feeling the heat from the beating he'd given her. He
had no doubt her bum was really sore. Good he thought,
she deserved it. His anger had almost dissipated, but
he still wanted to hurt her, to pay her back. His
fingers, almost with a mind of their own slipped into
her arse crack and started tracing around the pink
rosette of her arsehole. After they'd fucked
downstairs he didn't think he'd be able to fuck her
again but now, having had her over his knee for the
last twenty minutes while he belted her, things were
different. At least that was the message he felt he
was getting from his cock which was as hard as ever,
this time poking into her stomach. But what he really
wanted to poke it into was her arse again. He slipped
his finger down into her cunt, twising it around to get
it slippery and wet before bringing it back to her
arsehole. A gentle push and his finger slipped into
her arse and he started to fingerfuck her.


"You don't mind if I fuck you up the arse again do you

"Uh, no master. You can fuck me . your slave there .
up your slave's arse master."

With her bum and thighs feeling so hot and her pussy
still stinging from being slapped she could barely feel
his finger inside her arse. Not that she wanted him to
fuck her there again because it had been really painful
when he did it earlier but somehow it didn't seem to
matter after everything that had happened today.

"Okay slut, I think I will. I'll just get you greased
and opened up first then we can do it."

The tube of lubricant was within easy reach so Richard
squirted some of in into her arse crack and started
working it into her arsehole with his fingers. He
started with just one finger but after a while he added
a second finger, stretching her pretty little arsehole
as much as he could. He tried to added a finger from
his other hand but wasn't able to so left it at two
fingers, fucking them in and out for a few minutes,
setting up a steady corkscrewing rhythm. When he
finally pulled his fingers out she stayed open for a
few seconds and he could see inside her arsechute.
Yeah, he was going to stuff it with his cock and then
empty another load of his come up there. Fucking

"There that should be enough. Now get on the bed on
your back slut. Time for us to do some serious arse

He stood up, half rolling her off his lap so she fell
onto the floor. Looking down at her he smiled as she
started crawling to the bed. Once again he was feeling
totally in control and also really feeling like making
sure she knew it. Must have been something about
having his fingers up her arse he thought as he covered
his cock with the lube.

Janet was in a daze as she crawled to the bed and
climbed onto it to lie on her back. There was no
thought of resisting, no thought of protesting. She
was ready to say and do anything he wanted because it
didn't seem to matter anymore. He could do anything he
wanted to her and she'd smile, yell, beg, do whatever
he asked because that was all she could do. All she
could do was be a slut, act like all of the names she'd
called herself, a cocksucker, fuck toy, a cunt whose
only use was to try to please him.

This time Richard wanted to be able to watch her face
as he fucked her arsehole. Climbing on the bed beside
her he started arranging her to make her arsehole more
accessible. In some of the stories he'd read he'd seen
this so he pushed two pillows under her bum, raising it
up, then he lifted her legs up and over to the side
till her feet were level with her face.

"Grab your ankles. Good - spread them as far apart as
you can. Yeah, that's the way. Excellent!"

Moving around till he was crouched between her widely
spread legs he looked down at her cunt and arse, just
waiting for him. The first thing he noticed was that
the backs of her thighs and her bum were really red
from the spanking he'd just given her. Then he was
looking at her beautiful cunt and arse. Her cuntlips
were spread apart and he could see that she was still
wet inside from when they'd fucked downstairs while
around her arsehole was all shiny and glistening from
the lube he'd applied. Now that he had her ready the
urgency to fuck her diminished. He wanted to play with
her some more.

He lightly ran the fingers of both hands up and down
from the backs of her knees, along her thighs and
across her bum for a while, smiling as he saw the goose
bumps appear on her legs. Tiring of that he moved his
attention to the more interesting place and started
playing with her arsehole eventually pushing his thumb
into her which looked so weird that he pushed his other
thumb into her cunt and started fucking both holes with
his thumbs. Definitely looked strange to have both
thumbs stuck inside of janet Sheen. Good strange
though. Maybe later he'd find some other things to
stick into her he thought. Kinky!

As he stroked the backs of her thighs janet had relaxed
a bit trying not to think of the pain that was to come
when he raped her arse. Even when he pushed his thumbs
into her it was okay as they didn't hurt. In fact as
he started fucking her with them, the hand that was
playing with her pussy started rubbing over her clit
and that felt good. But all too soon his hands were
gone from her pussy and were gripping her thighs and
she knew it was about to happen.

"Just waiting for you to ask me to fuck you up the arse

"Oh, yes, sorry master. Please master fuck me . fuck
your dirty slave's arse."

"You sure? You don't sound all that sure."

"Oh, yes master. I'm . your slave is sure. She, she
wants you to fill her arse with your come. Please fuck
your slave, fuck your slut's dirty arse."

As she continued begging he positioned himself with his
cockhead resting against her wrinkled arsehole. It was
hard to imagine that his cock would be able to spread
her open but he'd already done it once today so he knew
it'd do it again. Watching carefully he pushed,
gradually increasing the pressure.

"Uhhhh . ohhhh!"

He was in again, his cockhead once more inside her
arse, gripped tightly by the muscles of her arsering.
For a few seconds he held there just reveling in what
he was doing, in the sight of his cock inside her bum.
Then ever so slowly he started a back and forth rocking
motion, with each cycle moving another half inch into
her. Richard had lost track of how many times he'd
come already today but it was way more than he'd ever
come before. The most he'd managed masturbating was
four and that was only on a couple of occasions. By
now, his cock was so overused that it almost wasn't
exciting. Almost that is because fucking janet would
always be exciting but this time he figured it was
going to take forever before he got even close to

For janet it was a lot different to when he'd raped her
arse earlier. It didn't hurt this time, maybe because
her bum was almost numb from being spanked so much. It
just felt really weird to have something in her bum,
especially something going in the wrong way. Thank
heavens he was taking it slowly and not ramming his
cock all the way in like he did earlier. Because it
wasn't hurting she was able to relax a bit and this
seemed to make it even easier for his cock to slide
further and further into her. Everything was just so
weird. This morning she was a virgin and here she was
relaxing so that Richard could rape her in the behind.
There was a flash where she felt dirty but sexy at what
was happening to her, fucking, sucking, watching porno
movies and then the reality came back that she was
being treated like a total slut and the tears started
rolling out of her eyes once again.

When he finally bottomed out in her with his hips
pressed against her bum he held himself there for a
couple of moments before setting up a leisurely fucking
motion, sawing in and out of her butt. For a while he
watched the glorious site of his cock reaming in and
out of her arsehole, but then his attention was drawn
to her magnificent tits. Each time he fucked into her
they jiggle and shimmy. He'd been supporting himself
on his hands but now he rested on his elbows so he
could hold her tits and play with them.

As he continued fucking her he thought of lots of the
videos he's downloaded with arse fucking and in most of
them to girls played with their clits while the guy
fucked them. Maybe he could get janet to come while he
was fucking her arse. Reaching over he took her right
hand and brought it down to her pussy.

"Play with yourself. Make yourself come."

"Yes master."

Janet was happy to play with her clitoris and bring
some pleasure to what was happening to her. Not that
having him in her bum was hurting but it wasn't feeling
good the way having his cock in her pussy felt.
Fortunately it didn't take long before the normal
tingly pleasure started in her pussy and clitoris and
then it was easy for her to keep herself in a state
which was just a few steps from coming. From past
masturbating experience she knew she could hold herself
close to a long time before the pressure to come became
too much.

For a while Richard watch as she played with her clit,
sometimes rubbing slowly then doing it rapidly for a
while before slowing down again. Then he returned his
attention to her tits sucking and licking them,
occasionally moving up to kiss her.

Finally he started to get that special feeling, the
feeling that said he was going to come soon. He
started to pick up his pace, pushing up on his hands
again so he could watch as his cock pounded into her
arse. And then it hit with huge almost painful pulses
as he came deep in her arse, filling her once again
with his come.

"Ahhh, fuck yeah! Filling your arse! Oh, fuck yeah.
So fucking good. Oh shit that's good! Oh, what a
fucking arse."

As he came she picked up the pace with her fingers,
vibrating them over the head of her clitoris, quickly
pushing her over the edge so that she also came, her
body spasming and twitching with release.

With one final spurt he collapsed on top of her
crushing her into the bed. Eventually he rolled off,
his cock plopping out of her arse as he lay on his back
totally spent, his chest heaving as he slowly came down
from his high.

"Oh shit I like fucking you. So fucking good! Ohhh .
oh yeah, that's the way, clean my cock slave."

After being punished for not licking his cock clean
quickly enough after the last time he'd fucked her she
didn't need a reminder this time and as soon as he'd
rolled off her she moved down to his cock. Blocking
her mind from the thought of where it had just been she
dropped her mouth over it and started licking and
sucking it clean.

He let her clean him for a couple of minutes before
stopping her.

"Ok slave, that's enough. You've done good this time.
If you want to go clean up or whatever you do before
going to bed you'd better do it now cause I'm so tired.
In the morning though I want you to wake me up at 8
o'clock with a blowjob. Ok slave?"

"Yes master, wake you at 8 o'clock with a blowjob."

"Ok. Now hurry up and do whatever you have to and get
back here so I can get some sleep."

Up Chapter 9 - Morning Duties

It had been probably the worst night janet had ever
experienced. Not because of anything the Richard had
done, but because of what she was terrified he would do
if she fell asleep and didn't wake till after eight

After having a quick wash and clean, getting rid of as
much of his come from between her legs as she could
she'd returned to the bed where after kissing her
goodnight, he snuggled up to her. She was lying on her
back and he was on his side facing her. One hand
started playing with her tits and the other headed down
between her legs. She quickly spread them apart, one
knee up in the air, giving him access as for the next
few minutes he stroked his finger through her slit.

Then she lay there listening as his breathing became
increasingly regular till she was certain he'd fallen
asleep. Trouble was that he still had one hand between
her legs, a finger inside her and the other hand
resting on her right tit. Finally after forty minutes
he rolled over in his sleep and his hands disappeared
from her body. Up till then she'd been too scared to
move, almost too scared to breath but now she slowly
straightened her legs as she lay staring up at the
ceiling, able to relax a tiny bit.

As she lay there she couldn't help but replay the
unbelieveable events of the day, and every now and then
tears would well in her eyes. It was as if her life
was over and there was nothing she could do about it.
All she could do from now on was make sure she didn't
piss him off and that way hopefully she could avoid any
more pain. Which was why she knew she'd have to stay
awake all night. She also promised herself that she
wouldn't allow herself to come any more no matter what
he did. Or maybe she'd pretend to come the way Meg
Ryan did in that movie if he tried to make her to come

That was probably the most confusing part of the whole
day, the fact that she'd orgasmed so many times. If
someone had told her before today that she'd be able to
come when she was being raped her she'd have laughed.
But she had and all she could assume was that her fears
that she was sex-crazed, that she liked masturbating .
no, liked having orgasm's too much was a problem. That
somewhere inside she really was a slut because surely
only a slut could get enjoyment out of what was
happening to her. All she really knew that it wasn't
fair and that this was a horrible price to pay just for
stealing a couple of exam papers.

The first time she woke she didn't know where she was
at first. Then it all came rushing back and in her
panic she almost leapt from the bed only just stopping
herself as she realised it was still dark. Quickly
turning to the bedside table she saw that it was four
in the morning and realised that she'd been asleep for
at least three hours. Promising herself she wouldn't
go to sleep again she relaxed a little, carefully lying
back down so as not to wake him, confident that after
the fright she'd just had she'd stay awake.

Each hour she woke. At five and six she woke a couple
of minutes before the hour but at seven she didn't wake
till five minutes past. The room was already light and
for a few seconds she thought she was too late as her
sleep befuddled brain looked at the clock. When she
realised she was okay she knew for certain that this
time she couldn't afford to sleep again. As it was
less than an hour till she had to wake him and the room
was already light, it wouldn't be too hard. As she
settled down to wait for eight o'clock she started to
think about what she had to do. It wasn't just that
she had to suck his thing . no, his cock . though, it
was that she had to do it at least as good as the women
in those videos or else he'd punish her. Plus she had
to make him believe that she liked having his cock in
her mouth. Which of course she sort of did. Not his
cock because she hated him so much for what he was
doing to her, but she had to admit that actually having
a cock in her mouth, licking it, making it come was
okay, if only it wasn't like this. Being forced to do

When she woke again she lay there too terrified to
move, convinced that she'd blown it, that it was going
to be way past eight. Maybe if she really begged him
he wouldn't punish her. Or maybe if she started
sucking him now he'd wake up and be so happy he'd
forget that she was meant to wake him at eight. That
was it. Turning to see how late it actually was she
almost couldn't believe what she saw. Five minutes to
eight! She was okay! She still had five minutes
before she had to start.

Carefully she sat up, not wanting to wake him yet but
not daring to stay lying down in case she fell asleep
again. His back was to her, and he was lying half on
his side. From the waist down though he was flat on
the bed and as she sat up she could see his penis. It
was small and she almost giggled at the sight. His
cock she quickly reminded herself, she had to think of
it and call it his cock. All yesterday it had looked
so big, so tough but now it was harmless looking. Sort
of cute she thought, or at least it would be if he
wasn't making her do these horrible things she reminded

Swivelling her body around carefully till she was at
right angles across the bed, her face over his hips,
she tried to workout how to do this. He'd told her
that he wanted to wake with his cock in her mouth so
she definitely didn't want him waking before that
happened. Supporting herself on her right arm, she
used her left hand to pull her hair up and out of the
way as she bent over him. His cock was only a couple
of inches long now and it was flopped against the top
of his left leg, his hairy balls easily visible under
it. One quick look up the bed to make sure he wasn't
awake and she moved her mouth down, tongue extended to
scoop his cock up and into her mouth.

The first thing she noted was that it was all soft and
sort of mushy. It easily fit in her mouth as her lips
pressed against the base, his pubic hair tickling her
nose. The second thing she noticed was the taste. It
still tasted of her and him from the last time he'd
fucked her even though she'd licked it clean. It was
strong and tangy but not too awful. Closing her eyes,
she let it rest on her tongue as her mouth filled with
saliva and then she started moving it around in her
mouth. It was sort of nice like this, nowhere near as
scary as yesterday or maybe that was just because she
was already getting used to having his cock in her

Then it happened, like some kind of magic trick. It
started growing in her mouth as if it had a life of
it's own. On the one hand she wanted to take her mouth
off, to watch it growing but on the other she wanted to
keep it in her mouth so she could feel it grow.
Deciding she didn't dare take it out of her mouth, at
least not till he was awake, she kept moving her tongue
over it as she started to suck on it.

That was when Richard woke from an amazing dream. In
the dream janet was his girlfriend and she was lovingly
sucking him off. There was a second of disorientation
and then reality struck in the most beautiful fashion.
His cock was being sucked by his dream girl just as
he'd ordered and even if she maybe wasn't doing it
lovingly, this was probably better than in his dream
because here she was his slave. Turning and raising
his head from the pillow he was greeted by a
breathtaking sight. The high and mighty janet Sheen
had her mouth pressed into his groin, one hand holding
her hair out of the way, as she crouched over him
naked. Her arse was sticking up in the air, her
beautiful right boob was just visible, the nipple half
hard, and she was all his. Reaching down he brought
his left hand to her head, tangling it in her hair,
laying claim to his cocksucking slave.

Within twenty seconds of his cock starting to grow it
was filling her mouth, the fat mushroom shaped head
almost at her throat. Just as she moved her head back
worried that it would choke her, she felt his hand on
her head.

"Oh, yeah, that's so good. What a way to wake up. Oh
yeah, suck my cock. Suck me off. Of fuck yeah!"

She now started sucking as hard as she could, trying to
remember all the things from the video so that she
could do it properly and please him. Otherwise it
would all be a waste of time and he'd punish her again.
She kept her tongue moving as she twisted her head
around. Then she remembered that she was meant to make
moaning noises so she did as her head lifted up and


This had to be heaven, waking to a blowjob. Flopping
back down he stared at the ceiling, content to just
savour the sensations for a while, his hand still
resting lightly on her head. Whenever he jerked off
first thing in the morning it always took a while
before he came so he knew that janet was going to be in
for a long suck. Propping himself up on his elbows
again he watched her head bobbing, his wet cock shaft
appearing and disappearing into her mouth, her cheeks
permanently hollowed as she sucked at him. His gaze
shifted down her perfect body, her boobs hanging down,
the wonderful curve of her hips, hiding her ultimate
treasure. He wanted to see it again. Wanted to feast
his eyes again on her cunt. Reaching out he grabbed
her leg and tugged on it.

"Keep sucking. Just want to get you in a better

It didn't take much to reposition her so that her knees
were on either side of his body, her feet near his head
and her bum above his face, her slit staring down at
him. The first thing he noticed was that her bum and
thighs looked normal which was a big relief as he'd
been a bit worried last night that he might have
bruised her. The second thing he noticed was how
beautiful her pussy was, totally one of the most
beautiful things he'd ever seen. It was so much better
than any of the hundreds of pictures he looked at on
the net over the last few years. It was delicate, the
lips a beautiful pink, her pubic hair so fine it looked
like silk. He doubted that he'd ever tire of looking
at it, or smelling it. It was the sweetest, headiest
thing he thought he'd ever smelt. It was so tempting
to taste it, to see if the taste of cunt juice was as
good as a lot of the stories he'd read said. Then he
remembered that she hadn't showered since he'd come in
her last night and he wasn't sure how he felt about
tasting his own come. But soon he knew he'd have to
taste her, to see what it was like to eat her out, to
eat pussy.

In the meantime he'd be content to look at her,
admiring the perfection of her cuntlips and her arse as
she sucked him off.

"Yeah that feels so good. Oh yeah, play with my balls
too. Mmm, yeah that's good."

Eventually looking wasn't enough and his hands moved to
her smooth thighs, caressing them, working their way up
to her tight arse cheeks. Her skin was so amazing,
like satin or something it was so smooth. He kept
caressing her, sometime with his palms, other times
just running his nails over her skin.

But his thoughts kept coming back to her pussy, that
hidden treasure and finally his hands stopped moving
and rested, one on each arse cheek. Gripping her arse
cheeks he pulled out, carefully spreading them apart
which opened her cunt lips like a flower, revealing the
moist treasure within. Then he started playing with
her cunt, holding her cuntlips, pushing at her clit and
poking inside her. It was all so amazing. Alien but
familiar. When his finger was wet with her juice, he
brought it to his nose, breathing in the smell, so
tempted to taste it but still he held back.

Sooner than he'd expected he felt the stirring in his
balls. Although it wasn't really all that surprising
given that having her mouth on his cock was probably a
thousand times more exciting than any hand job he'd
ever given himself.

"Yeah, keep sucking slave. Gonna come soon, gonna fill
your mouth with my come. And you swallow it. Oh, yeah
that's it, suck. Suck harder. Come on. Make you lips
tighter. Yeah that's it. Oh fuck, suck my come,

Just as he felt the first spurt coming up his cock he
focused on her cunt hole, inches from his face. With
the intense pressure of his come he needed to do
something so he plunged two fingers into her cunt, his
knucles pressing into her while the fingers on his
other hands gripped her arse, his nail digging in,
almost breaking her skin.

"Oh shit, coming! Fuck yeah, suck it, suck me!"

Somehow janet managed to keep sucking him as her mouth
filled with his come. She moaned around his cock as
his fingers jabbed fiercely into her and dug into her
bum, fighting her urge to pull away from him knowing
that she'd just get into trouble if she did. Instead
she concentrated on swallowing his salty come as she
felt spurt after spurt travel along his cock and erupt
into her sucking mouth.

As the last couple of spurts came out she didn't
swallow them immediately, leaving them in her mouth,
tasting them. She kept sucking and working her mouth
and tongue on his cock as she allowed herself to really
take in the taste of his come for the first time. The
other times she been so busy swallowing and so scared
that she hadn't really been able to work out if it was
a horrible taste or just that what he was making her do
was horrible. It wasn't horrible, just salty and
slippery. Sort of an interesting taste she decided.
Shit, she shouldn't be thinking things like this, she
should be hating the taste of him.

"Oh yeah, that was good. Fucking good slave. You're
going to be a brilliant cocksucker soon if you keep
practising. Keep sucking for a while. Easy though.
Not so hard now. Yeah that's it. But keep your tongue
going. Ahhh, yeah."

His grip had eased on her bum and he wasn't hurting her
pussy with his other fingers now. Instead he was
slowly pumping them in her pussy, twisting them around
at the same time which felt nice. Then she felt a
finger on her clit, playing with it which quickly
started to feel really nice. Although she really
didn't want to come, didn't want to get any pleasure
from what was happening to her there was the part of
her that loved masturbating, that loved coming and once
again she couldn't stop this part taking over.

The first sign Richard got was as her hips started
making tiny gyrating moves and then he could hear
little moans coming from her as she continued to work
on his cock. He was turning her on, maybe even going
to give her an orgasm. This was so amazing, being able
to make her come like this. In most of the stories he
read on the net the women always came but he didn't
know if that would really be the way it happened but it
must be because she'd already come at least four times
yesterday and it looked like he was going to be able to
make her come again.

"You like it when I do this don't you?"

By now her mind was beginning to fog up as the hot,
itchy feeling grew in her pussy and she was having
trouble concentrating on just nursing his cock so she
only half heard him. But when he twisted his fingers
inside her and pressed on her clit she was very quick
to get his cock out of her mouth.

"I asked you a question slave."

"Oh, sorry, umm, yes, yes I like it. Yes master."

"You like it?"

"Your slave likes it."

"Okay, that's better slave. You can put my cock back
in your mouth now."

It took a while for the fire to start again after the
interruption but eventually she relaxed and as she did
the pressure started building. She knew it shouldn't
be feeling so good but his fingers inside her felt
really amazing, reaching places she'd never been able
to before he'd broken her hymen. The only trouble was
that his finger on her clit wasn't quite moving the way
she'd do it herself. Not that she was about to tell
him how to finger her but it was a bit frustrating.
Then the frustration disappeared as he started twisting
his fingers around and her body suddenly rushed to the
peak, the wonderful waves of her orgasm crashing over
her, pushing aside all the horrible things for a while.

"Uhhh, ohhh yes . ahhhh."

Involuntarily her thighs clamped together trapping his
hand as she shuddered her way through her orgasm, her
hands clutching at his legs. Her mouth came off his
cock and her body collapsed onto him, her boobs
pressing into his stomach as she cried out in pleasure.
It felt so good, better than when she did it to herself
for some reason, even if he hadn't played with her clit
the way she really liked. For at least a minute she
held him tight, riding the waves of her orgasm,
pressing her body against him trying to crush her
tingling nipples into his stomach before reality set in

She relaxed her thighs, hoping he wouldn't get angry
with her for sort of trapping his hand between them.
Then she realised that she was no longer sucking his
cock and he hadn't told her to stop. She was about to
lift herself up so she could get it back in her mouth
when he rolled her off.

"Wow. That was fucking amazing. I fucking love
watching you come. You go crazy, it's so awesome!"

This of course was the last thing she wanted to hear
and she blushed with her shame and humiliation at what
a slut she was proving to be. She didn't want to be
having an orgasm when he played with her but she
couldn't help it.

"I'm going to have a shower. Umm, I think there are a
couple of things you can write in your book. Let's
see, you didn't thank me for letting you suck me off
and you haven't thanked me for fingering you and
letting you come. That'll do for now."

"Ohh, I'm sorry master. I mean your slave is sorry.
Thank you for letting your slave suck you off and thank
you for fingering your slave master and . and for
letting your slave come."

"Just make sure you remember next time, okay?"

"Yes master, I . your slave will remember."

"Okay. You can have a shower too - you can use the
other bathroom if you want. And make sure you clean
yourself really well. You know, here. Get all the
come out. And then you can make us breakfast."

Up Chapter 10 - Breakfast

He sat at the table, watching her beautiful and of
course naked body as she made the pancakes. She had to
move past him to get to the cupboards and fridge and on
the third pass he couldn't hold back any longer from
touching her jiggling tits. He wasn't really surprised
when she kept on walking. Disappointed maybe but not
surprised. For a while he let it go, continuing to
watch her. He knew her well enough to realise that she
was subtly making sure she didn't go past him again.
Not only that, she was also keeping her back to him,
even when it would have been natural to be facing him.
This wasn't the way it was meant to be.

In his fantasies, he would have woken up this morning
and she'd have turned into the perfect slave but he
guessed that wasn't going to happen. Still she was his
slave so he could do anything he wanted to her, that
was what the deal was all about. Trouble was he was
really unsure about what to do next. His fantasies
hadn't really prepared him for the reality that janet
would actually become his slave. Sure, they'd have sex
a lot, but there had to be more than that he realised.

Then it came to him, what he was going to do today and
tomorrow and the day after and for as long as necessary
until it was finished. He was going to train her to be
a good slave, a perfect slave. And maybe he'd even get
her to be a real slave like in the stories he liked
where she'd not only do everything he wanted, but she'd
love doing it. Then she'd really know she couldn't be
a bitch to him ever again.

"Come over here."

She had her back to him, mixing the batter when he
called her over. For a second she closed her eyes
taking the moment to control herself. Since coming
into the kitchen she'd been getting increasingly mad at
him. No, mad wasn't right because that's how she'd
been feeling since this whole thing started. She was
feeling more and more like telling him to totally fuck
off, that's what it was, but she knew she couldn't do
that. Knew she'd have to put up with him. But she had
a choice. She could let him beat her or she could at
least try to keep her pride, not let him get to her.
Like being naked. He probably expected her to still be
embarrassed about being naked in front of him which of
course she was. But she wouldn't let him see that,
she'd stand in front of him as if she had clothes on.
Yeah. Turning, she walked over to him and stood there,
arms by her side, not looking at him, her eyes half
lowered to one side.

"Turn around."

As she stood with her back to him he reached out and
cupped her right arse cheek, caressing it for a few
seconds before taking his hand away.

"Turn back. Good. Um, you're my slave right?"

"Yes master."

"You signed the slave contract didn't you. Saying
you'd, you know, always respond to what I do to you,
thank me when I do things to you, um, always be sexy,
umm, tell me if you do something wrong. You know, all
that stuff."

She wasn't sure where this was leading but suddenly she
was worried. Something was happening.

"Yes master."

"So if I want to touch your tit like this, what would
you do?"

He'd reached out and was just holding the underside of
her right tit.

"I'd let you master."

"Is that all?"

"Umm, yes, umm, I guess so."

She'd started using the `I' word again but he decided
to let it go for the moment although later he'd punish
her for it of course.

"You wouldn't like do anything more. Wouldn't maybe
try to push your tit into my hand or, I don't know,
tell me you like it, like me touching your tits?"

"Yes master. I would. I um, I like it when you touch
my tit."

As she answered him she lent forward a bit, pushing her
tit into his palm.

"So. You know this is what you should do. Is that
what you're saying is it."

"Yes master."

He moved his hand down over her stomach to her mound.
This time she made sure she was pushing forward
although she didn't say anything but only because she
couldn't think of anything to say about his hand
against here there. Then he started playing with her
pubic hair, sort of combing his finger through it
almost like he was trying to straighten it out.

"Okay, then a few minutes ago when you walked past me
and I touched your tit, you kept on walking. You
didn't stop. If I didn't know better I'd almost think
you didn't want me to touch your tits. My tits really,
aren't they."

"No master . I mean yes master, they're your tits.
What I mean . what your slave means is ."

"What my fuck slut means."

"What your fuck slut means is that your fuck slut was
getting things from the cupboard. I mean, um, your
fuck slut means, umm she didn't know master."

"No, that doesn't make sense. You've already told me
that if I want to touch you then you'd let me. Not
only let me but, you know, you'd help. Isn't that
right slave?"

"Yes master."

"So before you must have done something wrong. Yes?"

"Umm, yes, I guess so master."

"Shit you're slow this morning. Your slut guesses or
your bitch guesses. Not I."

"Sorry master. Your slut guesses."

"Okay, good. So what happens when you do something
wrong slave?"

By now he was taking just a couple of strands of her
pubic hair and pulling on it, tugging so the skin on
her mound pulled out as the hair slowly slipped through
his fingers. She knew what he wanted her to say but it
was so hard. She wanted to cry again, wanted to run
away and hide, but she couldn't. All she could do was
try to control her trembling as she whispered the

"You, you punish your slut master."


"You punish your slut master. Ow!"

This time he'd yanked on a couple of strands of her
pubic hair, pulling them out.

"Right, so do you deserve to be punished for what you
did earlier?"

"Oh, yes master."

"Okay slave, if you think you should be punished then
I'll punish you later. Here, you'd better writer it in
your punishment book in case you forget. Let's see, I
think there's `lied to master', `pulled away when
master wanted to touch my tits . no, make that my big
tits' and `didn't offer my tits to master to play with
when I knew he wanted to play with them'. Of course
there's also `referred to myself as I many times
instead of slave or slut or cunt or any of the other
names a slave is called'. Show me what you've written.
Okay, one more I think. `For being a stupid cunt and
trying to fool master - double punishment'. Okay get
back to making breakfast slave."

As she started mixing the batter again she realised
that her hands were still trembling. She was going to
be punished again. He was going to hurt her and there
was nothing she could do about it. Except make sure
she didn't do anything else to piss him off. Now she
needed the milk. Two minutes ago she'd have gone
around the other side of the table, avoiding him but
this time she went straight past him, waiting for him
to make the slightest move so she could stop and let
him do whatever he wanted to her, touch her wherever he
wanted to.

Of course he didn't do anything as she went to the
fridge or came back. Next she realised she needed some
butter and this time he did reach out. She froze as
his hand settled on her right tit and held it. She
knew she should be doing more than just standing there
but it was like her body had become a stone.

"Hmm, that's a bit better but not really good enough.
Now pay attention carefully slave. If I want to do
something with your body you not only let me, you've
got to make it easy, you've got to help me with it.
Now why don't we try again. Go back over there. Okay
walk over here."

She wasn't certain exactly what he wanted but there was
no way she was going to say anything in case she said
the wrong thing. Back to the bench, turn around, walk
back to the fridge and as soon as his hand moved stop.
But this time she turned towards him and as his hand
covered her boob she lent down towards him a bit,
smiling at him and sort of humming.


"Like that do you?"

"Yes master."

He gently played with her boob for a few more seconds
and then let go, shaking his head.

"Nope, you're not getting it are you. I'll have to add
another punishment later. You really are proving to be
a stupid cunt aren't you cunt."

"Oh, no master, please I . um, your, your stupid cunt's
sorry. What did your stupid cunt do wrong? Please
tell me . her. She'll try again, please master."

"Well I take the time to play with your stupid tit and
when I ask you if you like me playing with it all you
can fucking say is yes. Not that it feels good, or I
don't fucking know, anything. You just stand there
like a fucking statue saying yes. Maybe the punishment
will help you get it right."

"Oh, yes, you're right, your stupid slut's sorry.
Please let her try again, please. She'll do better,
please she promises. You don't have to punish her,

"Well, okay. But fucking try a bit harder or I will
have to fucking punish you big time. Go on, back over

Back to the bench, turn, approach. As soon as his hand
touched her tit she was moaning.

"MMmmm. Oh yes."

As she lent down, without thinking of it her right hand
came up and covered his, stroking it as he massaged her

"Like that do you slave?"

"Oh yes master, your slave likes you playing with her
boobs. Feels so good when you hold them like that. Oh
yes. Oh, your squeezing your slave's boob. Ohh, shit,

"I like doing that sometimes. You don't mind do you

"Ahhh. Oh, no. No master. Hurts. Ahh."

"I'd like to squeeze harder, hurt you more. Do you
want me to slave?"

"Oh, yes. Master. Yes, please. Ahhhhh. Oh shit, I
mean thank you. No, your slave means thank you master.
Ahhh. Yes, that's nice."

He hadn't squeezed as hard as he had a couple of times
yesterday but he was pleased that she hadn't tried to
get away. As he pulled on her tit she lent over even
more till he was able to take her nipple in his mouth.

"Oh, yes master, that's nice. Suck my . your slave's
nipple. Oh, yes that feels good."

He didn't know what it was about having her nipple in
his mouth that was so special, all he knew was that it
felt fucking amazing. The rubbery feel of it was
unlike anything else he knew. Later he'd probably suck
on it for a lot longer but now he really did need some
breakfast so he reluctantly let her go.

"Okay slave, finish making my breakfast. Hey, aren't
you forgetting something?"

She'd started to turn back to the bench but quickly
turned back to him, desperately trying to think of what
she might have forgotten. Then it came to her.

"Thank you master. Thank you for playing with your
slave's tit and for sucking her nipple."

"That's much better. See you can learn. Okay go on."

After that, apart from a gentle slap on her bum as she
turned away, he didn't touch her again, letting her
finish getting their breakfast. When she finally
brought the food to the table he toyed with making her
eat hers on the floor like a dog, but somehow that
didn't feel right so they are facing each other across
the table. As they ate he made her tell him in detail
how she and Marcia stole the exam papers. It was
during this that he decided what he wanted to try with
her next and he only really half heard her story as his
heart started beating faster with nerves at the thought
of what he was going to be doing in a few minutes.
Finally it was time, the last bit of toast gone, the
last sip of coffee.

"I want you to take everything off the table and then
lie down on it. I'll be back in a second."

"Yes master"

It didn't take her long to clear the table and then she
climbed up onto it. She wasn't sure what to do so just
sat at one end, feeling very vulnerable. As she waited
for him to come back she tried to stay calm but her
mind started filling with thoughts of him punishing her
for what she'd done earlier. When he did come back her
heart sank as the first thing she saw was the bunch of
rope in his hand and the cuffs he'd used yesterday when
he'd raped her in the behind. If he wanted to tie her
up again them he must be going to whip her and maybe do
it to her in the bum again. She wanted to beg him not
to and almost did but the fear that that he'd only whip
her harder if she did stopped her. Instead, apart from
practically hyperventilating with fear she did nothing,
just sat waiting for him to once again do whatever he
wanted to her.

"Lie down. Good. Now get your bum right up to the
edge. Closer. Perfect. Now spread your legs. Come
on wider. More. I want them as far apart as you can
slave. Yeah, thought that'd work."

As she tried to do what he wanted he was pushing and
pulling at her legs till finally he had her in the
position he wanted. Her bum was right on the end of
the table and her thighs were spread out in a straight
line on either side, like she was doing the splits.
Her knees were now over the other sides of the table,
her legs dangling down alongside the table legs. Which
was perfect for what Richard was planning and he
quickly had the cuffs on her ankles and then her ankles
tied off to the table legs. He looped a second rope
around the top of the table leg and just under her knee
on each side, making doubly sure she was secure. Next
he cuffed her wrists and secured them to the other
legs, stretching her arms out and to the side above her
head. As a final touch he wrapped the blindfold around
her cutting off her vision entirely.

Stepping back from her head he took a moment to examine
his handy work. His heart started beating faster as he
looked down at her, blindfolded, secured and stretched
out flat just for him. He could do anything to her he
wanted now, fuck her, whip her, play with her,
anything. And she couldn't do a thing to stop him.
Fuck this was exciting. And the blindfold was a great
touch as he didn't want her watching him in case he
decided not to do it at the last moment.

He knew she been watching everything he did as he tied
her up but he hadn't really paid much attention to
that. It was only as he put on the blindfold that it
occurred to him that she was scared. More than scared,
she was terrified. With the cuffs and the ropes she
must think he was tying her up so he could punish her
again. His first instinct was to tell her not to worry
but he quickly quelled that one. Let her worry he
thought. She'd find out soon enough what he was

Moving closer to her he reached out and brushed a
finger over her tit enjoying how she flinched, uttering
a tiny cry. He waited a couple of seconds and did the
same to her other tit getting a similar result. He was
tempted to tease her like this some more but there were
probably even more exciting things he could do to her
and he was just putting them off really. Grabbing a
chair he sat down between her widely stretched legs
taking the time to absorb the amazing sight right in
front of him.

Her slender thighs were spread so wide the tendons were
showing, seeming to point in to her beautiful cunt. It
was half open, pink and inviting in the centre. Above
was the hood that hid her clit and her incredibly sexy
patch of blonde pubic hair, and below was her cute
wrinkled, arsehole. He brought his hands to her knees
and stroked along the smooth flesh of her thighs till
his hands almost met.

When he touched her she gasped once again, clenching
her legs preparing for the pain that she was sure must
be coming. She felt so incredibly vulnerable with her
legs spread apart so widely. When he reached her pussy
she shivered as he used his thumbs to spread her lips
apart. He must be going to hurt her there this time.
It wasn't fair, she'd tried so hard to do what he
wanted. Maybe if she really begged him he wouldn't
hurt her. Or maybe that would just make him even more
angry and he'd hurt her more.

Richard had no idea what janet was thinking and didn't
really care at the moment. All he knew was that the
sight of her soft pink cunt was almost too much for him
and he so wanted to just stand up and fuck his hard
cock into her, filling her cunt once again. But not
this time. This time there were other things he had to

Leaning even closer he inhaled, filling his lungs with
the wonderful scent of her pussy. Indescribable,
intoxicating, heavenly aroma. Breathing out he gently
blew over her pussy before taking another deep breath.
If the smell of her pussy was so amazing, if it looked
so inviting, then surely it had to taste great he
thought. With his tongue extended out as far as
possible he lent all the way in so he could lick the
tip of his tongue across her cunt hole. Sitting back
he closed his eyes to test the taste. Yes! What a
relief! It was good. Better than good, it was great,
sweet and fresh. Just like the aroma of her pussy. He
needed another taste, more this time. Taking longer he
licked from just above her arsehole up to her clit
gathering more of her juices to savour.


Janet wasn't sure what was happening but it didn't feel
like his fingers. Whatever he was using to touch her
pussy was softer and maybe wet. His tongue! He was
licking her! A cold shiver ran through her body. And
then his tongue pushed into her and she couldn't stop
her moan. He wasn't going to hit her, he was going to
go down on her.

As Richard pushed the tip of his tongue into her pussy
until his lips were pressed against her cunt lips he
half heard her moan and assumed that it was because she
liked it. Not that he'd have stopped if she didn't
like it because he loved it. After less than a minute
he was addicted. He loved the taste of her pussy and
the feel of it on his tongue and against his lips. He
started slowly lapping at her, licking up as much of
her pussy juice as he could.

Against her will janet found herself slipping into an
erotic haze as he kept licking at her. For a while she
tried to resist but then she told herself that
resisting these feelings was not only hopeless, it was
actually impossible. He'd tied her up and blindfolded
her so all she could really do was lie here and go with
the sensations as he licked and licked and licked her
pussy. It seemed to be going on forever but then she
was jolted out of her daze.


Her hips jerked up as though she'd been hit with an
electric shock as his tongue reached to the top of her
pussy and flicked across her clit. After all the
masturbating she'd done, all the times she'd played
with her clitoris, she thought she knew everything
about the pleasure she could get from down there. But
nothing had prepared her for the feel of his tongue on
her. It was magic and she tried to push herself
forward blindly searching for more of this new

Concentrating his attention on her clit, Richard now
had no doubt that she liked what he was doing. With
his tongue he pushed back the hood covering her clit so
he could lick the smooth head. She immediately started
bucking her hips and he had to grip her thighs to try
to hold her steady. This was so cool he thought as he
started experimenting with how he licked her clit
moving his tongue in different patterns, different
pressures and speeds across the swollen nub. It didn't
matter how he did it though, her moans and twitching
seemed to be fairly constant. Actually that wasn't
true. Her moaning was getting steadily louder and the
twitching was also getting more extreme and he was
having to hold onto her thighs to keep her steady so he
could keep his tongue on her clit.

If this was punishment then she hoped it would go on
forever! It was hard to imagine something feeling
better than this. Then he sucked her clit into his
mouth as his tongue kept teasing it and she discovered
there was something even better. As he sucked so hard
she thought he was going to suck her clitoris off, she
exploded in a kaleidoscope of the most intense pleasure
she'd ever experienced.

"Ahhhh. Oh god. Ohh yes, yes. Oh shit. Coming, oh
god yes!"

The waves kept washing through her until she thought
she'd die from the pleasure and still he was sucking on
her, his mouth clinging to her clitoris as she madly
twitched and jerked against her bonds. She literally
saw stars and thought she was going to pass out the
feelings were so intense. Finally with one last spasm
it was over and she collapsed, gulping in air. So
wonderful, so amazing.

"Ahhh. No."

He had to stop now. She needed time to recover but his
mouth was still covering her clit, still sucking it.
Her clitoris was feeling raw and supersensitive now and
needed him to leave her for a bit till her nerves

"Oh, no more. Please. Ahh, no, sensitive. Ohh."

He eased off on her clit although he was a bit pissed
off at her for trying to tell him what to do and
forgetting to call him master. Later he'd punish her
but not now. After riding her through that amazing
orgasm, now he wanted to taste more of her juice and
take the time to really explore her pussy with his
mouth. Releasing her clit he licked back down her slit
and found that she was almost flooded with cunt juice.
Of course, she must have creamed herself when she came
which was fine by him. It was a real buzz being able
to sort of force her come like this because he was
pretty sure that she didn't want to.

Her juice had trickled down past her arsehole and
without thinking about it he followed the trail. It
was only as he felt the crinkled skin of her rosette
under his tongue that he realised what he was doing.
Licking her arsehole. He'd never thought about doing
this and froze for a few seconds trying to work out if
he was grossed out by licking her bum. Nope. Not at
all. In fact it felt kind of good, the little crinkles
of her arsehole and he knew she'd showered this morning
so he started licking at it in earnest.

Janet couldn't believe it when she felt his tongue
licking her bum. Not that she should have been
surprised because after all he'd made her do that to
him. After getting over the shock she realised that it
felt good. A dirty, sexy and nasty type of good. This
oral sex was turning into something really exciting she
thought. Maybe made even more exciting because she was
tied up.

"Oh god!"

Somehow he'd actually pushed the tip of his tongue
inside her bum. It felt weird, really weird but not
bad. Strange and interesting. Different to having his
finger and very different to having his cock in there.
It was somehow exciting. Oh god, she must be so sick
to actually like having him put his tongue into her
bum. So sick. Such a slut.

Richard lost track of time as he practically worshipped
at her pussy. It was as though he was hypnotised as he
licked and sucked his way all around her slit. Apart
from her clit, his favourite bit was probably her inner
lips. He kept coming back to them, catching them
between his own lips, flicking them, sucking on them.
Of course pushing his tongue as far into her cunt as he
could was also a favourite. And her bum. Truth was
that everything he did with his mouth between her
beautiful legs was a favourite for him.

He also soon discovered the downside of pubic hair,
getting fine strands of her pubes caught in his mouth
but it was a very small price to pay for the heavenly
rewards. Maybe later he'd shave her pussy bald the way
they seemed to do in so many of the sex scenes he'd

His licking and sucking brought her to two more
shuddering climaxes before he had to finally stop
because his tongue and jaw were aching. Sitting back
he stared once again at her . no, at his pussy. He
reckoned he'd be eating it at least a dozen times a day
it tasted so amazing.

Through it all he hadn't thought about his own needs
but now that he was sitting back, no longer licking her
his cock demanded attention. It was hard, aching hard
as he stood and stepped closer to her. Lying on the
table the way she was, her cunt was at a perfect height
for his cock and, holding his shaft he rubbed the head
through her slit, covering it in her slippery juice.
Then he held it against her cunthole for a couple of
seconds, before sliding it in to the hilt in one smooth

"Ahh. Fuck."

"Ohh, yes! Oh shit you're cunt is so hot. And tight."

She was still lost in the afterglow of her last orgasm
and until his cock plowed all the way into her, his
balls slapping against her bum she had no idea he was
about to fuck . no, to rape her again. Except it felt
good and being raped shouldn't reel good. No, not even
good, it felt great to have him filling her and she
hated him for that. This was the one thing missing
from all the orgasm's he'd brought her to with his
mouth, something filling her down there. And she was
tied up, so she really couldn't do anything about it
this time she reminded herself as her focus went down
to her pussy and the still new sensation of having it
filled with his hard cock.

Richard stood between her widespread legs, rocking his
hips back and forth, as he stared down, watching his
cock fucking in and out of her tight cunt. After all
the effort he'd put into eating her out he wasn't
interested in a long fuck. This was really just about
using her hot and oh so tight cunt to come into. With
each stroke he moved faster and faster, pushing for his
release until he was slamming into her so hard that the
table was being pushed across the floor. Then it

"Oh yeah. Shit getting there. Oh fuck! Coming. Shit
yeah coming in you again. Ah, fucking shit!"

Tightening his grip on her thighs he emptied his balls
into her beautiful cunt once again, jerking against her
with each spurt of come till he too was finally spent.
As the last spurt of come pumped out of his cock, his
legs gave way and he collapsed on top of her.

"Oh wow that was great. It's so good fucking you. And
eating you. That's awesome. Wowie! Mmmm, I love the
taste of your pussy."

Janet hadn't even come close to coming this time so
there was nothing to distract her from what she knew
she had to do.

"Thank you master. Thank you for fucking your slave
and for . for eating your slave."

"Good slave. Fucking good slave!"


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