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School Girl Slave Ch11


School girl Slave
by Fantasy stories (c) FantasyStories2000

Initially this was planned as a trilogy however as I've
slowly progressed I've realised that this is only a two
volume opus. First book should be finished within a
couple of months (by Oct 2002). Second book is already
started but will take well into 2003 to finish I think.
Sorry, but I'm a slow writer, constantly going back and
doing re-writes.

The normal disclaimer applies. This is story is
copyright. May be freely distributed but not for
money. If you are under the age of 18 please don't
read as the contents are adult. This story is fantasy
and I do not condone nor encourage any of the non
consensual activities in it.

The story is archived at and at

Very brief synopsis:
Story about a school girl enslaved by the neighbours
Chapter 11 - Runaway

He rested on top of her, his head cushioned by her
beautiful boobs for a few minutes until he got his
breathing under control and he felt confident his legs
would hold him up again. Now he knew why most people
fucked lying down. It was hard to remain standing
after coming! Your legs totally gave out on you.

Pushing himself up he looked down at where they were
still joined. As he slowly slid his cock out of her
cunt he could see it was smeared with his come and her
juice. Awesome! It looked so fucking good with their
combined juices on it, incontrovertible proof that
after years of fantasising about it he really was
fucking janet Sheen.

There was no doubt that this morning was proving to be
a brilliant one! Waking to a blow job, having his
naked slave make breakfast for him, discovering that he
loved the taste of pussy and having a morning fuck.
Life was so totally perfect and there was a lot of day
left in which to do even more with her.

In some ways janet would have been happy if he'd left
her tied to the table. After coming three times she
was feeling truly satisfied and a little bit exhausted.
Even having his cock in her and him coming in her again
hadn't really been a problem. Although she hadn't
come, his cock, the feel of it deep inside her had felt
good, although she knew it shouldn't have.

However once he'd pulled out, he moved around the
table, untying her, taking the cuffs off, finally
taking off her blindfold and she knew she'd have to get
up. She took a moment to stretch her limbs, not able
to really look at him now she had her sight back,
before she climbed off the table and went down on her
knees. She knew what she had to do and wasn't going to
risk even more of his punishments. Besides she thought
as she started to lick his cock and balls clean of
their combined juice she really didn't mind the taste.
It was nice, well naughty and nice she thought, almost
giggling. And it was so much better than his

"That's a good slave. You're learning. Umm, yeah.
Lick my balls clean."

There was something overwhelming about watching her
clean him like this and each time she'd done it he'd
wanted it to go on forever. All too soon she'd licked
his balls and pubes clean and she now had half his cock
in her mouth, her cheeks hollowed as she gently sucked
on him. Holding her head he started guiding her mouth.

"Put your hands behind your back. Now leave them

With her hands behind her something felt different
Janet thought, sucking as hard as she could, her tongue
rubbing against his shaft. At first she wasn't sure
what it was then she worked it out. The other times
because she could use her hands when she'd had to suck
him she'd felt she had a degree of control of the
situation even though he was forcing her to do it. But
with her hands behind her back and his hands gripping
her head, she had no control. She was just a mouth . a
hole for him to use. That was it, he was fucking her
mouth . her face. Her heart plummeted again as the
truth that in the last twenty four hours she had become
a thing, a slut to be fucked in the mouth, the pussy
and even the bum struck home.

With each stroke he pulled her head a fraction of an
inch further onto his cock, feeling his cockhead
brushing across the roof of her mouth each time. Then
she was pulling back against his hands and he figured
he must have reached her throat. He was pretty sure
this wasn't the best position to be in to try to get
his cock into her throat but he wanted to see what
would happen anyway. He'd read about gag reflex in
some stories on the net plus seen it in action on vids
he'd downloaded. Now he wanted to see what would
happen if he actually tried to fuck her throat. For
the next few strokes he was careful not to go to far,
waiting till she relaxed again, then he did it, pulling
hard on her head, watching as an extra inch of his cock
disappeared and he could feel his cockhead pressing
against what he assumed was her throat.

Janet panicked, gagging as his cock bumped against her
throat. Her hands came around to his thighs pushing
him away as her head jerked back, her mouth pulling off
his cock. She spluttered convulsively as her eyes

"Bad slave. Bad cocksucker. That's going to cost you.
I told you to leave your hands behind your back. You
can put that in your book along with a couple of things
from before. Let's see, you didn't call me master at
least twice and also you told me to stop sucking your
clit. Naughty. You never tell me to stop something.
And you never take your mouth off my cock like you just
did. Understand cocksucker?"

"Yes master, sorry master. It was choking."

He patted her on the head like you would a pet dog.

"There there, poor little slut. You'll just have to
learn not to choke won't you cocksucker? Cause I want
my cock all the way in your cocksucking mouth when you
suck it from now on. Okay, write it up in the book
then come into the family room. There's a video I want
you to watch. Deep Throat. You'd better watch it
carefully cause later you're going to show me what
you've learned."

"Yes master."

Deep Throat. She had a pretty good idea what it was
going to be about and she was pretty certain she wasn't
going to like it.

She was right. She didn't like the movie both for what
it was about which seemed impossible to her and also
because the movie seemed really old and naff. But she
watched carefully, trying to work out how Linda did it
without choking to death.

He'd left her to watch it by herself, telling her to
come up to his room when it was over so she could show
him what she'd learnt. It was so hard to go up though
knowing what he was going to make her do. She just
knew she wouldn't be able to do it and then he'd hit
her for not doing it. The trouble was that if she
didn't go up, if he came down and discovered her
waiting down here he'd also hit her. No choice.

While janet was watching the video Richard had gone for
a quick swim and then started doing some work on the
photos he'd taken yesterday, downloading them and
touching them up and making sure that she couldn't be
recognised. Last thing he needed was someone from
school downloading a pic of her and recognising her.
That would really blow this. Still he was going to
have a great private collection of photos of janet by
the time this was all over even if there were some he
couldn't post. And he'd already decided what the next
series would be of. He was so engrossed in his work
that he didn't hear her come up the stairs.

She stood in the doorway, arms by her side, waiting for
him to notice her. When after a while he didn't turn
around, she cleared her throat.

"Oh, didn't see you there."

When he'd turned he was smiling at her but the smile
quickly disappeared and now he was looking angry. At
first she couldn't work out what was wrong. He'd told
her to come up after watching the video, she hadn't
spoken without permission, she wasn't trying to cover
herself up. Shit. She'd forgotten to kneel. Within
seconds she was on her knees in the position with her
hands on her thighs.

"Too late. That'll be a punishment slave. So, you've
finished the video?"

"Yes master."

"Ready to try? Well?"

"I . your slave doesn't think she could do it."

"Then my fucking stupid slave will just have to keep
trying till she can, won't she. Maybe I can think of a
few things that will help you. You know, like a few
slaps on your bum if you don't do it. Or maybe on your

"No master. I mean . your slave means. Sorry master.
Your slave means she'll try her best master."

"Good. And if your best isn't good enough I'll just
have to keep punishing you till it is won't I? And to
help, I'll make the punishment bigger each time till
you finally learn how to do it because you want to be a
good cocksucker don't you slave."

"Yes master."

"Thought so! But before you show me how you can deep
throat me there's something else I want you to do. I
want you to play with yourself while I watch. So get
up on the bed. I want you to masturbate till you come.

"Yes master."

A reprieve! Well that's what it felt like she thought
as she crawled to the bed and clambered onto it. She'd
make this last as long as possible, make it as good as
she could, make him so hot that maybe he'd want to fuck
her instead of making her suck him. It wasn't much,
but at least it was something to cling to she thought
as she positioned herself leaning against the bedhead,
her legs spread wide with her feet up near her bum.
Closing her eyes to block out where she was she brought
her hands down to the inside of her thighs and started
brushing her fingers over them, her touch so light it
was almost not there. But it was there enough to send
a shiver through her.


Her eyes flew open to see Richard at the foot of the
bed with a camera pointed at her. Without thinking she
covered her boobs, brought her legs together and
twisted to one side.

"What are you doing?"

"Taking some pics."

"No way."


"No way. You're not taking any photos of me. Fuck!"

Instantly they were at an impasse, both of them glaring
at each other, but it was an impasse that Richard knew
he couldn't afford to lose. He cursed himself for not
realizing that she's be pissed off if she knew he was
taking photos of her like this. He'd forgotten that
she didn't know about him taking the photos yesterday.
But he wasn't going to let her stop him, no way. He'd
show her who was in charge. Putting the camera back on
his desk he sat on the edge of the bed, facing away
from her, patting the bed alongside him.

"Come down here."

Warily she moved down alongside him.

"In your ready position slave. No stay on the bed but
kneel in position. Hands behind your back. That's

He half turned towards her and reached out to fondle
her boobs, gently stroking them and holding them.

"They're so beautiful. So fucking beautiful."

Janet wasn't sure what was happening. He'd gotten rid
of the camera but it seemed too easy. As he started to
tweak her nipple she remembered she was meant to thank
him when he said things about her.

"Thank you master."

"That's okay slave. Umm. Whose boobs are they?"


"Whose boobs are they?"

"They're my . they're your boobs master."

"Yep, they're my boobs."

His hand moved down rubbing her stomach, her thighs and
then cupping her between her legs.

"And whose cunt is this slave?"

"Your cunt master? Uhh."

He'd slipped two fingers into her. For a while he
fucked her with his fingers, digging them in as far as
he could. She was still wet from their earlier fuck so
when he pulled his fingers out they were covered with
their combined juice.

"Well slave my fingers seem to be covered with come and
cunt juice. Whose come?"

"Yours master."

"And whose cunt juice?"

"Yours master."

Bringing his fingers up to her mouth he smeared the
combined juices over her lips and chin.

"That's right cunt because you're mine. Every part of
your slutty body is mine, isn't it? Isn't it cunt?"

"Yes master."

When he pushed his fingers into her mouth she dutifully
sucked them clean.

"No bitch. Tell me. Don't just fucking say yes

"My slutty body is yours master. Uhh."

He'd jammed his fingers back into her cunt, getting
more juice on them.

"So if I want to take pictures of your fucking slutty
body while you play with your cunt then I can. Because
you fucking belong to me. Right cunt."

"Yes master."

"You're starting to piss me off now. I want to hear
you fucking say it cunt!"

"You can take pictures of me, of my slutty body while I
masturbate. I mean play with my cunt master."

This time he wiped his fingers over her cheeks and

"Here you go fucktoy. Some make up. Now ask me. Ask
me to take pictures of you."

"Please master take pictures of me playing with myself.
Please master."

"Hmm. Not all that convincing. Tell you what, I'm
just going to get something. When I get back I want
you to beg me. And I want it dirty, really dirty and
convincing. Okay?"

"Yes master."

"Because if it isn't ."

As he left the room she started shaking. One minute
everything was fine, well maybe not fine but not
horrible like it was now. Now she was calling herself
names and agreeing to let him take picture of her
masturbating. Names. She had to think of things to
say so he wouldn't hurt her when he came back because
he seemed really angry, cold and angry with her this

Richard had just remembered that his parents had
decided not to take their movie camera with them. It
took a while to get it out and make sure he had a tape
he could use so he was gone for about ten minutes.
When he returned she was still kneeling on the end of
the bed. She stared wide eyed at the camera but didn't
say anything.

"I thought why take still pics of my slave's body when
I can film her playing with her cunt. So let's make a
film slut. Your first porno! Any objections?"

"No master."

"Good. Here's what we'll do. When I start filming,
first you say who you are. That'd be janet Sheen, sex
slave. Then you say what you are. cum slut,
cocksucker, fuck toy, whore, all those things. Then
maybe say what you like doing. sucking cock, being
fucked in the cunt and fucked in the arse, licking
arse. Then what you're going to do. masturbate your
slimy cunt till you come like a slut. And make it
good. Believable. Or we'll do it again and again till
you do. Okay?"

"Yes master."

"Cause if we have to do it more than a couple of times
then I'll probably think you're fucking up on purpose
and have to punish you . a lot. So, smile for the
camera fuckface."

Somehow she managed to force a smile onto her face.

"Good. And when you've said it all you can get back up
there and start jerking off. Okay rolling. Start
talking cunt."

"Hi . I'm janet Sheen and, and I'm a slave, a sex
slave. I love having sex, um, and sucking cock. I'm a
slut, a cum slut and a cocksucker. I'm going to
masturbate until I come."

"Cut, cut, cut. That was fucking pathetic. Shit. Do
you really want me to punish you, is that it?"

"No, I'm sorry master. I couldn't remember it all.
Really. Please let me try again, I'll be better I
promise master."

With his free hand he reached out and captured the
nipple on her right boob and holding it tightly,
twisted it.


"And stop saying I. It's this slave or your slave, not

"Ohh, sorry master. Yes master."

"Okay, let's try again. Ready?"

"Yes master."


"Hi. My name is janet Sheen . um . sex slave. This sex
slave is a cum slut, a cocksucker and a, a dirty cunt.
This sex slave loves being fucked in the cunt and in
the arse. She loves sucking cocks. This slutty sex
slave is a fuck toy and licks cocks and licks arse.
She is going to play with her hot cunt and do it until
she comes. Because she's a . a disgusting, worthless

Awesome, totally awesome and a totally major turn on.
Especially watching her through the camera. With his
free hand he waved at her to move back up the bed into
position, following her with the camera.

Janet didn't care anymore. She felt so dirty, such a
slut now that it wouldn't have mattered what he'd
wanted her to do, she'd have smiled and done it.
Probably crying at the same time for what she'd become.
She positioned herself against the bedhead, legs again
spread wide, her pussy on view for his camera.
Bringing her right index finger up to her mouth she
licked it making sure it was wet and, once again
closing her eyes, trying to block out the world, she
started masturbating.

Somehow it was even better watching her through the
camera. It made it feel even more invasive, more
controlling as she started to move her fingers through
her slit. Zooming in so that he could catch everything
in detail he watched spellbound. She started by
stroking her wet finger through her slit from just
below her cunt to above her clit. After doing this
about half a dozen times she left her pussy alone and
moved to her thighs, brushing the inside of them with
the fingers of both hands. It looked like she was
barely touching herself. After a while the area she
was stroking widened to include her groin area, then
the tops of her hips and finally her flat stomach. As
she continued stroking herself with this feathery
touch, every so often she'd shiver and he'd see goose
bumps breakout on her body.

This went on forever and Richard was about to tell her
to hurry up, thinking she was maybe stalling when with
the index fingers of both hands she started playing
with the silky blonde hairs on her sparse bush. It
didn't even look like she was touch her skin, just the
hairs on her mound, her touch was so light.

He almost missed the next development, thinking at
first that the tiny noises he kept hearing were the bed
squeaking, but after the first couple he realised that
it was her, sort of making tiny moaning noises.

She didn't spend too long playing with her bush, moving
her fingers down along the outside of her pussy lips,
stroking them and pushing them together before she
finally pulled them apart completely revealing her
glistening pink inner lips. Then she was stroking her
fingers over her inner lips, getting them wet with her
juices. The way she was going, this video was going to
provide him with jerk off material for the rest of his


This time there was no mistaking her moan as she
brushed a fingertip over her clit. When she'd started
touching herself it had been hidden but at some stage
it had appeared, poking out of it's hood like a tiny,
smooth, shiny pearl. For a while she seemed to
concentrate on her clit, just using one finger which
she occassionally dipped into her pussy folds to keep
wet as she continued to softly moan.


Now the pace was picking up and she slid the index
finger of her other hand inside her cunt and started
slowly working it in and out, gradually increasing
speed. As she worked her fingers in her cunt and over
her clit, he moved the camera slowly up her body. The
muscles on her stomach seemed to be almost clenching
and releasing in counterpoint to her finger fucking.
Her chest was started to rise and fall drawing instant
attention to her firm boobs with their wonderful hard
nipples. Finally, her mouth and lips were looking more
erotic than he could have ever imagined. It looked as
though she was chewing on them, first the bottom lip
then the top lip and every so often her tongue would
poke out and lick wetly over them. Shit, this was

"Oh yes."

He zoomed out so he could get all her body. She now
had two fingers pistoning inside her while the other
hand was brushing back and forth across her clit so
fast it was a blur. Her hips and whole lower body was
squirming as she obviously moved closer and closer to a
climax. And all on tape!

"Ahh. Yes. Oh, shit. Yes. Ohhhh, god. Ohh, wow.

She'd done it. Masturbated for him till she came.
Fucking amazing! Shit he wished he could tell someone
about this. This really deserved to be shared although
he knew that he'd never be able to. Even watching her
come down from her orgasm was great. She was holding
her pussy with both hands. It looked like she still
had her fingers inside her and every twenty seconds or
so she tense up, shake and then moan. Wow. Maybe she
was having multiple orgasms.

They weren't multiple orgasms, something janet was yet
to experience, just the sort of aftershocks she
sometimes had after a really good session. And this
had been a good session because she'd basically thought
fuck him, she was going to enjoy this for as long as
possible. And she wasn't even going to open her eyes
till he made her which of course happened almost as
soon as she thought that.

"So what are you thinking about when you're getting
yourself off?"

She slowly opened her eyes, not quite sure what he was

"What master?"

"When you play with yourself, what do you think about.
You know, like who do you think about. I think about
you a lot when I jerk off. Bet you didn't know that."

She just stared at him, a thousand thoughts suddenly
racing through her mind. Normally when she masturbated
she fantasized about her boyfriend or a potential
boyfriend or someone famous making love to her. But
this time she'd unknowingly fantasized about him, the
person who'd been raping her. It had somehow crept up
on her as she lay there. Lay there performing for him
like a slut, a bitch in heat!

No. This was wrong. It was all so wrong, made even
more so because what she'd been thinking about wasn't
him raping and hurting her. She'd being remembering
him caressing her, kissing her and licking her. She'd
been remembering how amazing his cock had felt inside
her, how mind blowing it had been just a couple of
hours ago when he'd brought her to those orgasms with
his tongue.

"Hello? Anyone there? Hello slave?"

"I've got to go."


Already she was off the bed, stepping into her skirt
and picking up her top.

"What the fuck are you doing? Hey. What d'you think
your fucking doing?"

"Going. Have to go. Have to ."

Before he could stop her she was out the door, pulling
her top on, not even bother to get her shoes. He
followed her, calling after her but she practically ran
down the stairs and out the front door.

"Come back here. Come back slave!"

But she didn't and he stood at his front door, naked,
unable to follow as he watched his slave disappear from
his life.


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