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School Girl Slave Ch14


School girl Slave
by Fantasy stories (c) FantasyStories2000

Initially this was planned as a trilogy however as I've
slowly progressed I've realised that this is only a two
volume opus. First book should be finished within a
couple of months (by Oct 2002). Second book is already
started but will take well into 2003 to finish I think.
Sorry, but I'm a slow writer, constantly going back and
doing re-writes.

The normal disclaimer applies. This is story is
copyright. May be freely distributed but not for
money. If you are under the age of 18 please don't
read as the contents are adult. This story is fantasy
and I do not condone nor encourage any of the non
consensual activities in it.

The story is archived at and at

Very brief synopsis:
Story about a school girl enslaved by the neighbours

Chapter 14 - Spa Time

She watched him leave, praying that he wouldn't whip
her anymore as she didn't know if she could take it.
She certainly wasn't going to be doing anything to
annoy him ever again. Then the video started and she
watched carefully, knowing that if he asked her a
question about it and she didn't know the answer she'd
be in trouble and trouble meant pain.

First there was some of the anal sex video she'd
watched the first day. All the scenes were from the
second half of the video and in all of them the girls
were telling the men how great it was, how good it
felt. She also noticed how the girls all played with
themselves, rubbing their clits and fingering
themselves while the guys had their things in their
bums. So, if he did it to her like that again, she
make sure she told him it was great and also she's play
with herself while it was happening. The other thing
was that when the guys were ready to fuck them in the
bum, the girls would reach behind themselves and hold
the cheeks of their bums, pulling them apart to make it
easier for the guy.

That section lasted for about fifteen minutes before
another video started. This one was like a home video
and it was just a girl and guy fucking except that the
girl was really young, younger than janet by the look
of it and the guy was probably her dad's age. But the
girl seemed to be really experienced and she played
with the guy's cock for ages, stroking it and kissing
it before he put it in her. She also played with his
balls a lot, even when he was fucking her. It wasn't
just that she was touching and kissing the man though,
it was like she was nuzzling him down there as if she
totally loved his cock and balls and everything.
Lesson two she guessed, it wasn't just doing it, but
how she did it that was important.

It was as she was watching this one that the constant
movement of the vibrator started to get to her. It
became harder and harder to focus on the screen until
finally she came, the familiar pleasure washing over
her as she jerked against the ropes that were still
binding her. It felt good because the pleasure helped
to dim the memory of the pain from her whipping and the
ache in her tits where he grabbed them so hard.

When she finally focused on the screen again the video
had changed and was showing some of the cocksucking
lessons she'd already seen and she made sure she
watched carefully, trying to make mental notes of all
the different things the women did. With the vibrator
keeping her turned on, watching these videos tied to
the floor wasn't as horrible as she'd thought it would
be. That is until the next one started.

It was terrifying. A woman with big boobs was tied
upside down to a cross. There were lots of ropes and
they were wrapped really tightly around her so that her
flesh bulged out. Not just on her ankles and wrists
though. There were ropes around her knees, thighs,
arms, waist and there were even ropes around the base
of her boobs. These were tied really tightly,
squeezing the flesh of her boobs so they were two
bloated balls bulging on her chest. She had nipple
rings and it even looked like there was a ring at her

Two guys appeared and she started to beg them not to
hurt her but they did, whipping her for a long time
until her whole body including her bound tits was
covered in angry red welts. They were hitting the
woman a lot harder that Richard had hit her and the way
she was screaming it obviously was hurting her a lot.

The lesson from this one seemed pretty clear. The next
time she did something wrong he'd hurt her a lot more
than this time.

When the whipping video finished there was a scene from
one of the videos from the first day. This was
followed by what seemed to be normal porn with a girl
giving a guy a blowjob but the next one was really even
more horrifying than the whipping video. A girl was
tied up an platform with her legs pulled up over her
head exposing her pussy and a man in a really gross
leather costume was dropping hot wax from a candle on
her tits and pussy.

That's the way it continued, with a mix of videos, the
only real constant being that the vibrator didn't stop.
Over the next few hours she came four more times. By
the time Richard came in to check on her she was
exhausted from the combination of what was started to
seem like coming constantly and having to watch the
videos with the whipping and other horrible things in

He'd waited as long as he could before he'd come back.
As tempting as it would have been to have seen how she
responded to having the vibrator working inside her,
he'd thought it would be better leaving her alone to
watch the videos. He'd filled in the time with a swim
and then he'd downloaded the new pics he'd taken and
tidied them up. Now however he knew the video would be
close to over and more importantly he was getting
impatient to feel his cock inside her once again. More
specifically, all the way inside her throat. There was
something so compelling about the idea of having his
cock so far in her mouth that her lips would actually
be pressing into his groin and pubic hair that he
didn't want to wait a minute longer.

That is until he walked into the room and he stopped in
the doorway, awestruck by the sight before him. Within
the confines of her restraints she was sort of
squirming and it was so incredibly erotic. Probably
the most erotic thing he'd ever seen. He quickly
pushed his swimmers off and holding his rapidly growing
cock moved over to her. He'd been so engrossed in her
squirming hips that it wasn't until he was standing
alongside her that he realised her eyes were shut tight
and she didn't seem to be aware that he'd come in.

As he started masturbating in earnest her squirming
increased and then her hips started moving, pushing up
off the floor and then dropping down again. Shit this
was better than any porno movie. There were muffled
noises coming from her gagged mouth, almost like
growls. Then her body started twitching and jerking as
if she was having a fit and he realised that she must
be coming. Although when he'd left her with the
vibrator going he'd sort of hoped she'd come, he didn't
really think she would, not after he'd whipped her.
Wow. He thought in real life it was only guys who came
all the time but maybe not, maybe girls were like that

This was way too much to watch without doing something.
He started moving his hand faster on his cock, brushing
his thumb over the head, getting closer and closer.
The sight was just so incredible. She was still
twitching a bit, and her body was covered with a sheen
of sweat and of course his dried come was still on her
face and upper body.

"Hey slut. Enjoying yourself watching the vids are
you? Fuck, that looked so fucking amazing when you
come. The way your body goes crazy, awesome. You did
come didn't you slut?"

She jerked her eyes open, mortified that he'd come back
to see her like this only to find him standing
alongside her, playing with himself. As she stared up
at him he stepped over her so he was straddling her and
he aimed his cock down at her. She watched spellbound
as his hand moved in a blur on his hard cock and then
suddenly he slowed, seeming to grip it even tighter.

"Oh, yeah, I'm coming slut. Of fuck yeah! Jerking off
all over your fucking body. Yeah! Fuck that's great.
Oh fuck here it comes slut!"

As she stared up the little hole on the head of his
cock opened and white globs of his come erupted out,
arcing through the air before landing all over her.
The first spurt reached up to her head leaving a strand
in her hair. The next landed on her face and the rest
traced creamy lines of hot come on her breasts and
stomach. Come. She was covered in it like some sort
of nasty slutty piece of trash. And even worse, it
didn't worry her because after everything that she been
through today, it somehow felt right to have his come
all over her naked body as she lay there still
recovering from her last orgasm.

As he milked the last couple of drops out of his cock
his legs gave out on him again and he dropped down,
kneeling over her hips.

"Yeah, that was great. And you look so fucking sexy
with my come all over you. Shit that looks good."

As he got his breath back he reached behind with one
hand, grasping the base of the vibrator and started
moving it around.

"Like your vibrator do you. I brought it specially for
you. Sure looked like you enjoyed it slave. Fuck, the
way you were bouncing around. Jeez, I wish I'd filmed

He worked the vibrator in and out a few times before
sliding it all the way out. Holding it up to his face
he inhaled.

"Mmmm. Smells good. You smell so good."

Then he wiped it on her boobs and cheeks, adding her
juice to his come which was already streaked all over
her upper body. What a spin out, to be rubbing his and
her come over her boobs and face with a fake cock.
This one was something he'd never actually dreamed of
doing, never fantasised about. Wow. He, Richard Marks
was kneeling over a tied up and naked janet Sheen while
he smeared come over her boobs using a fake cock. Life
was totally, definitely great!

As great as this was, it was time to move on as there
were lots of other totally, definitely great things he
wanted to do with her today and he didn't really want
her covered with come for them. Like when she deep
throated him!

Putting the vibrator down he released the cuffs on her
ankles. Pushing her legs up in the air he grabbed the
butt plug and twisted it out of her bum. Next took off
the gag and then released her hands.

As he was releasing her janet was carefully planning
what she knew she had to do when she was free. As soon
as her hands were released she tried to get up but
found it wasn't easy. Her body was stiff from being
tied down for so long but she persevered, ignoring the
aches in her limbs as she rose to her knees. Hands
behind her back, she knelt in the ready position with
her eyes downcast. When she spoke her voice was
cracking from having the gag in her mouth for so long
but she didn't let that stop her.

"Thank you master for punishing your slave. She
promises she'll never do anything bad ever again
master. Your slave will never ever run away again
master. And thank you for fucking her tits and for
coming all over her face. And thank you master for .
for, umm, wanking over your slave and coming on her bod
. her slutty body master."

Richard had been collecting the cuffs and toys when she
started speaking. He slowly turned to watch her as she
finished her speech. It was so unexpected that his
first thought was that she was sending him up but she
obviously wasn't. His second thought was jubilation.
Yes! It had worked! He restrained himself from
punching the air in victory though. He knew he had to
play the master now, not show any weakness.

"So slave, did you like having your big tits fucked?"

"Oh yes master, your slave loved it when you fucked her
big tits."

"And what about when I come on your face and all over
you? You like that slave?"

"Yes master. Your slave loves being covered with your
beautiful come master."

"Good. Very fucking good. Hey, let's have a spa.
Want to? It'll clean you up too."

"Ummm, yes master."

"Come on."

Holding his hand out to her he helped her to her feet
and they headed out to the pool, hand in hand like
boyfriend and girlfriend.

He hit the button and the jets started bubbling away as
they slipped into the heated water. They sat opposite
each other, their legs bumping in the turbulent water.
Janet closed her eyes, allowing the water to pummel
some of the tension out of her muscles. For a while
the only sound was the splashing of the water.

"You remember when my Dad got this? I reckon we spent
that whole summer in here we thought it was so great."

"Yes master."

"We must have been eight? God that seems like a long
time ago. You, me and Kel . yeah, a long time ago."

She hadn't thought about it for a long time but she did
remember. Not just the spa but lots of times playing
and hanging out with Richard and Kelly, especially
during the holidays when they were kids. When he still
liked her, when he didn't hate her like he obviously
did now.

She opened her eyes, not sure if she was meant to
respond. He was staring at her but she didn't think he
wanted her to reply. Then it didn't matter anyway
because without warning she started shivering and
couldn't have said anything. It was really scary
because the water was hot but she was shivering as if
she was freezing to death and her teeth were actually
chattering. She desperately tried to stop, scared that
he'd think she was doing it on purpose but she couldn't
stop it.

Through the spray from the bubbling water it took a
while for Richard to see that something was wrong. At
first he wasn't sure but when she brought her hand out
of the water to brush her hair out of her eyes and it
was shaking so hard that she couldn't control it he
knew there was something wrong and for the first time
since he'd started this journey he started to worry.

"Hey, are you okay?"

She tried to answer but she couldn't get her mouth to

"Janet? What's up? Janet?"

Moving to the other side of the spa he took her by the

"What is it?"

Finally she was able to get a few words out.

"Cold . can't stop shivering."

He pulled her into his arms, holding her against him in
the bubbling water, stroking her head and her back. He
had to quell his rising panic. Maybe he'd gone too
far. Maybe the whipping or maybe even the movies were
too much for her and she was having an attack of some
sort. Apart from holding her he didn't know what he
could do. It wasn't as though he could call her
parents or something like that.

"But the water's warm. Hey, it's okay. Come on calm
down. Janet. Calm down."

"Can't. Sorry. Can't help it. Trying."

Then it was like a dam had burst and the shivering
stopped as she started sobbing with huge gut wrenching

"You . you hate me."


"You hate me."

"No. No I don't. I don't hate you Janet. The

"Yes you do. You hate me. You hurt me. I don't . Oh
no. No! Sorry master. Please don't hurt your slave
again. Please she's sorry for saying I. She promises
never ever to say it again. Please don't hurt her

In between her sobs and her spluttered pleas she was
kissing his neck and up to his chin, trying to find his
mouth. He held her head in his hands, forcing her to
look at him.

"I don't hate you. I could never hate you."

"But you must. You must. Why are you hurting me if
you don't hate me? Your slave doesn't understand.
Your slave thought we were friends. Please don't hurt
me anymore, your slave will be good, so good. Do
everything you want, everything you like. Please
master, please don't whip your slave . or do the other
horrible things to her. Please master."

He should have been pleased, elated even, to have her
apparently broken like this but he wasn't. He wanted
her to be his slave but he didn't want her to be
sobbing. He didn't want her to be scared of him like
she must be. It wasn't like this in his fantasies.
Sure, she cried and all that but this was different.

"Calm down. I'm not going to hurt you."

"Your slave thought we were friends. But you hate me."

"Look, I don't hate you okay. And you know, I thought
we were friends too but you're the one who hasn't been
a friend. Anyway, I'm not going to whip you again,

"Oh, thank you master . and ."


"The other things?"

The comments about friends had brought back some of his
anger with her so when she said `other things' he
wasn't impressed, assuming she was talking about them
having sex. He was starting to suspect that maybe she
was trying to get out of everything, trying to trick
him. Although maybe not considering how she was
holding him, her hands digging into him and her body
pressed against his.

"What other things?"

"The, the wax and ropes and needles and all those

"Shit no. I'm not going to do that. I'm sorry, I'd
never do anything like that to you."

"Oh thank you master, thank you. Your slave was so
scared. Thank you master."

She pushed her head forward and started planting tiny
kisses all over his face before burying her head
against his shoulder as her crying finally subsided
into occasional whimpers.

They stayed like that for a while, both lost in their
thoughts until Richard broke the silence.

"You know I've been wanting to see that new scary
movie. Want to go downtown and see it today?"

"What master?"

"You and me. Let's go and see a movie."

"Oh . okay master. Your slave would like that master."


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