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School Girl Slave Ch15


School girl Slave
by Fantasy stories (c) FantasyStories2000

Initially this was planned as a trilogy however as I've
slowly progressed I've realised that this is only a two
volume opus. First book should be finished within a
couple of months (by Oct 2002). Second book is already
started but will take well into 2003 to finish I think.
Sorry, but I'm a slow writer, constantly going back and
doing re-writes.

The normal disclaimer applies. This is story is
copyright. May be freely distributed but not for
money. If you are under the age of 18 please don't
read as the contents are adult. This story is fantasy
and I do not condone nor encourage any of the non
consensual activities in it.

The story is archived at and at

Very brief synopsis:
Story about a school girl enslaved by the neighbours

Chapter 15 - Scary movie
Richard was toweling himself off and had assumed she'd
be doing the same until he turned around. He couldn't
help smiling. She looked like a drowned cat, quietly
standing alongside the spa, eyes downcast, hair wet and
water still dripping off. Picking up a dry towel he
gently draped it over her shoulders.

"Here, dry yourself off. Come on."

She slowly started drying herself, enjoying the
protective feel of having the towel around her.

"If we're going into town then I guess we'd better put
some clothes on? Unless you'd like to go like this?"

Her head jerked up and she stared wide-eyed at him, not
sure if he was serious.

"Nope, didn't think so. Well, your clothes should
still be where you took them off. Ahh, do you want to
have a shower first?"

"Yes please . master."

"Okay, why not use the downstairs one."

"Okay master. Umm, master?"


"My clothes. If we're going into town could . umm,
could your slave wear something different."

The words just came out of her mouth! She couldn't
believe she was actually worried about what she was
going to be wearing. What she should be worrying about
was friends seeing her and asking why she was out with
him. What she should be worried about was what Marcia
would say when she found out. Then again what did it
matter what Marcia or anyone else thought now. It was
probably too late to be worrying about anything like
that. She was his slave for god's sake. What did it
matter if she wore daggy clothes to town or what people
thought about her.

"Sure. After you shower we can go over to your place
and you can change."

Half an hour later Richard was standing in the holy or
holies! Well maybe that was a tiny exaggeration. Of
course he'd been in Janet's bedroom countless times in
the past but that was when they were kids, when being
in a girl's bedroom didn't mean anything special. She
wasn't even really a girl to him then, just his friend.
However over the last couple of years since he'd
started thinking of her as a girl he'd fantasised about
being in here countless times. In none of those
fantasies were they playing kid's games either. They
were pure teen male sex fantasies.

He moved around her room, breathing deeply, taking it
all in before he sat on her bed to wait for the fashion
show. The room smelt so good, so like her, and there
were janet things scattered everywhere. Stuffed toys,
posters, makeup, clothes, photos. At least one of the
photos was familiar because he had a copy in his room.
He was surprised she still had it, he'd thought she'd
have thrown it away. It was a pic of the three of
them, Kelly, janet and Richard, all making daggy faces,
standing alongside her computer and he was holding the
game he'd given her. Her twelfth birthday.

There was a bunch of dirty clothes in the corner
including panties and bras and even that was perversely
exciting. Considering he'd been holding her naked body
a short time ago it seemed stupid to be excited by the
sight of her dirty bras and panties but what the hell.

Janet hadn't thought ahead to Richard being with her
when she changed but of course he was. She wasn't in a
position where she could complain or ask him to leave
but now they were here, she couldn't do it. For some
reason this was way too embarrassing and she knew she
wouldn't be able to take her clothes off, not here in
her own room with him watching. This was her private
sanctum and now even this was being invaded.

"Umm. You know maybe I . umm your slave doesn't need
to change. This'll do. Come on."

"No it's okay. We're here now. So, what'd you want to

"Really it doesn't matter."

He didn't know why she suddenly didn't want to change
but now that they were here, he wanted to watch her
strip for him in her own room. Minor turn on! Of
course a couple of days ago it would have been a major
turn on.

"Hey, if we're going out then I want you to look good.
So show me what you're going to wear. Slave."

"Yes master."

Opening her closet she grabbed the first thing without
really looking and held it out to him.

"Probably this master."

"Oh. I mean that looks like it'd be okay but isn't
there anything, you know, sexier. I mean, well you
know, I've seen you looking really hot sometimes. Ahh,
that's not what I mean. You look hot all the time but
sometimes I've seen you wearing clothes that are really
hot too."

She busied herself in the closet, looking for something
better as she digested what he'd just said. It was the
bit about looking hot all the time that was confusing.
The way he said it was like a compliment but he didn't
like her so why would he compliment her. Today was
giving her a lot to think about that was for sure.
When she turned back she had one of her fav skirts and
tops, ones she really would have chosen if she was
going downtown to see a movie with a guy.

"This master?"

"Yeah I think that looks better. Let's see."

The urge to turn away while she changed was really hard
to fight but she somehow managed to, knowing it
wouldn't be received all that well. At least she still
had her panties and sports bra on although that didn't
stop her blushing as she quickly pulled off her top and
unwrapped her skirt. She was about to step into the
new skirt when he stopped her.

"Whoa. Hang on. Now I don't claim to know much about
this stuff but isn't that top wrong. I mean that bra
thing. Wouldn't you normally wear a real bra with a
top like that?"

"Sometimes. Doesn't really matter master."

"Nope, matters to me. If we're going out I want to
know that my slave is looking good underneath as well
as on top. Where are your bras?"

"What master?"

"Your bras, where are they? I'll get one for you."

"Umm, in that drawer master."

Richard moved over to the chest of drawers and opened
the top drawer, his heart thumping a little faster. He
as going to be going through her underwear. Something
that probably every guy he knew would kill to be doing
and he was the one! Inside was mostly a messy jumble
of underwear and socks but to one side there were two
little bundles. They were obviously kept separate from
the rest and he was immediately drawn to them. One
white and one black. Carefully picking up the black
bundle, his eyes widen as he unraveled it. There were
two items. A black, barely there, lacy, see through,
sexy as all hell bra. And a pair of tiny black lacy
panties that didn't seem to have a back and barely had
a front. Thong panties!

"What about these? I reckon they'd look okay on you.
Better than what you've got now. Sexy. Try them on

"Yes master."

He sat back on the bed as she took off her bra and then
the panties. It was nice watching her strip,
especially watching her boobs appear. God he loved
looking at her nipples either soft like they were now
or hard like he'd seen them so often the last few days.
And her pussy, the lips just visible through her pubic
hair which he'd already decided had a short life span.
He was going to have to get her to shave it off soon so
he could see if he liked her better with a naked pussy.
He was pretty sure that naked was going to look sexier.
Yeah, maybe when they got back he'd get her to shave or
even do it himself.

Then her boobs and her cunt had disappeared again, but
only just. Sexy to the highest degree. It was one
thing to see lingerie in ads or movies or even sitting
on racks in shops. But seeing black lingerie on a real
live almost naked girl, that was beyond amazing. As
she stood up he gave a wolf whistle.

Maybe one day he'd just get her to put her clothes on,
take them off, put them on, take them off, on, off, all
day. Just for fun!

"Hot, hot, hot. That is so sexy. Wish I could take
you out just wearing that! Hey joking! Come on put
the rest on and lets go my beautiful slave."

As they headed downtown in his car he realised there
was a problem. If they were going to be talking to
each other, having normal conversations while they were
out, which they definitely were, then she couldn't call
him master and she couldn't call herself slave.

"When we're out, the rules will change a bit."

"Pardon master?"

"If we're alone, then you call me master and you talk
about yourself as slave. You know, you never say I.
But if we're out like this. With other people going to
be around then you talk normally. Okay?"

"Yes master. Do you mean now master?"

"Yeah I guess so."



They drove in silence for a while longer.

"I forgot to ask you. Did you arrange to stay over
tonight like I said?"


"So where'd you say you were staying?"

"Said I wasn't sure who's place I'd end up at but that
I'd make sure I had my cell. I have to give mum a call
before she goes to bed. That's all."

"Cool. She won't mind if you stay at friends places
most nights during the holidays will she?"

It was so tempting to lie, to say that her mum wanted
her home most of the time. She could say that her
parents wanted to spend quality time with her. Or that
they didn't trust her to be staying at other girls
places. Or anything. But the truth was that she'd
talked to her parents about this and they'd said they
were happy for her to spend most nights at friends.
She knew her parents felt guilty about not being able
to take time off to go away with her for the holidays
so they wanted her to have as good a time as possible.
With Kelly off at stupid camp being home every night
wasn't much fun so sleeping over was the way to go
they'd agreed.

The problem was that she couldn't remember what, if
anything, she'd written in her diary about this. So
lying to him could be really dangerous.

"Well? She won't will she?"

"No mas . no."

"Excellent. Say did you see the movie before this

The film they were going to see was number three in a
series and soon they were having a relatively normal
conversation about the merits of the first two movies.
By the time he'd parked the car and they got out they
looked like two normal teens out together, in animated
conversation, enjoying themselves.

The movie didn't start for over an hour so they walked
around for a while window shopping. Richard held out
his arm for her and she put hers through his as they
wandered. Although Richard had to initiate
conversations she made sure she participated in them.
Not that it was hard to do as she'd always found it
easy to talk to him.

It felt so good, walking arm in arm, hips occasionally
bumping. He kept seeing their reflection in windows
and it was an incredible sight because there he was
with the most perfect girl in the universe on his arm.
She looked so hot wearing sexy strap on sandals, a
short, tight skirt and a silk top which left her middle
bare as it wrapped around her beautiful boobs. Anyone
seeing them would assume she was his girlfriend and
probably think what a lucky guy he was to be with such
a beautiful girl. Cool!

He wondered if anyone could tell that they'd had sex,
if there was an invisible sign hanging over them saying
these two are doing it, they're not virgins any more.
He wished there was because he wanted everyone to know
that he was the lucky guy who was having sex, lots and
lots of sex, with the beautiful janet Sheen.

Soon it was getting close to time for the movie and
they headed to the cinemas complex. They grabbed a
couple of burgers before buying their tickets and
heading in. The movie had been out for a couple of
weeks and being an afternoon mid-week session the
cinema was fairly empty. It had some of those double
seats without arm rests and Richard headed straight for
one of them.

Janet had been starting to look forward to seeing the
movie but when he headed for the love seat her heart
sank. It was going to become a grope session and who
knew what he'd be doing to her. Sure enough as soon as
they sat down his left arm was over her shoulders, his
hand resting on the top of her arm, lightly holding
her. As the movie started she waited for him to make
his move, trying not to be too tense, but nothing
happened and after a couple of minutes she started
paying attention to the movie.

In fact she was the one who inadvertently made the
first move when about ten minutes into the movie the
first scary moment happened. As they both gasped her
right hand grabbed his left knee squeezing. As soon as
she realised what she'd unconsciously done she let go,
bringing her hand up over her heart for a second before
dropping it back to her lap.

"God, I wasn't expecting that."

"Me either."

Richard wanted to have a good time with janet at the
movies and he'd decided before they came in that
feeling her up and stuff might work against that.
Besides, he could feel her up anytime he wanted to so
why not actually watch the movie and enjoy being with
her. Sitting in the love seat, having his arm over her
shoulders and their bodies touching all down one side
was great. In fact he really liked having this limited
physical contact with his dream girl while they watched
the movie. Of course when she'd grabbed him he hadn't
objected and he was a little disappointed when, all too
quickly, she took her hand away.

Janet loved scary movies. She and Kelly tried to see
every horror film at the movies and then again when it
came out on vid, and they'd always hold each other at
the scary bits. It was a hard habit to break and next
time there was a scary moment her right hand
instinctively reached out, once again landing on his
knee. This time however Richard was prepared, his left
hand reaching out and covering hers.

Trapped. If she tried to extricate her hand he'd be
pissed off. Shit, she couldn't believe how stupid she
was. Now it would start and she knew exactly what
would happen. With their knees pressed together his
hand would move from her hand across to her leg, then
up her leg, under her skirt and she'd have to open her
legs so he could finger her. And the hand on her
shoulder would start moving so he could play with her
boobs. So predictable and she only had herself to
blame for starting it.

But it didn't start and his hands stayed where they
were. After about thirty seconds his thumb began to
trace tiny patterns on the top of her hand but that was
all and she slowly relaxed, focusing once again on the

When the next scary moment happened even Richard
reacted, his hands tightening on hers as her fingers
dug into his leg and her other hand reached across and
momentarily grabbed his upper arm.

This time as they relaxed, he started moving his
fingers and his thumb on her hand. It was as though he
was trying to get to know every inch of her hand just
through touch. She tried to stay relaxed as she waited
for what she thought would be the inevitable move over
to her leg but he only seemed interested in her hand.

The next scary moment was a huge, heart stopping one
and they both gasped with fright. Once again her grip
on his knee tightened and her other hand came up to
grab his upper arm at the same time as her body twisted
towards him, burying her head against his chest as she
peeked out at the movie through her fringe until it
felt safe to relax again.

Of course as soon as she started to think it was safe
there was another fright and she stayed curled against
him. Once that moment was over the film moved into
safer territory for a while but she stayed with her
head against his chest. She was about to move but then
realised that he might be annoyed if she did so she
stayed where she was. Besides, it was quite
comfortable the way her head seemed to fit into his
chest just right.

This time, a few seconds after his fingers resumed
caressing her hand, she tentatively reciprocated and
they began a slow dance with their fingers and hands.
Up till now Richard had just been caressing the top of
her hand but with both their hands in motion, he was
able to reach her palm with his fingers.

Tickled! But not a `want to escape' sort of tickle.
It felt great, one of those sensations you can never
get enough of. Curling her own fingers under she
brushed her nails across his palm making her touch as
light as she could, returning the pleasure.


The almost inaudible moan was from Richard but janet
agreed with the sentiments and for the rest of the
movie they held each other and played with each other's
hand. Except of course for the scary moments when
they'd grip each other tightly before resuming their
hand caresses.

When the movie finally finished they stayed through the
whole credits both reluctant to break the mood. For
Janet it had been a surprisingly good experience,
different to anything she'd experienced before. It
wasn't sexy like kissing was or the way playing with
herself was though. She wasn't sure what word would
describe the feelings but maybe this was what erotic

Eventually they left, hand in hand, and as they headed
for the car they talked about the movie laughing about
how scared they'd been. However once they were in the
car heading home, the conversation seemed to dry up as
they became lost in their own thoughts.

This was the sort of thing that Richard had been
imagining for so long, spending time with janet on a
date, talking to her, laughing, holding her hand but
now it was almost over and he wasn't sure how he felt
about that. He really didn't know if he wanted to go
back to the master slave relationship because just
maybe they could actually have a boyfriend girlfriend
relationship. It had certainly felt like that was a
possibility for most of the afternoon.

He glanced over at her as she sat alongside him. Their
eyes met briefly and they smiled at each other but the
first thing he'd noticed had been the way the sash on
her seat belt drew attention to her boobs as it passed
between them. He looked back at the road, trying to
figure it out. If they were really boyfriend
girlfriend then tonight she'd be sleeping at her house
and he wouldn't be seeing those beautiful boobs. If
she was his slave, she'd be naked, sleeping at his
house and he'd be able to play with her boobs, he'd be
able to do anything he liked to her.

Looking at it like that, the decision seemed fairly
simple. Of course there was more to it than that. The
reason he'd wanted to make her his slave was still
there, the way she'd been treating him over the last
few years. From what she'd said in the spa he didn't
know if she understood that the way she'd treated him
was part of it and until she did understand that, he
was entitled to keep doing what he was doing with her.
Aside from all that, who was he kidding about
boyfriends and girlfriends. She'd just been doing what
he wanted this afternoon, pretending to be his
girlfriend. It wouldn't have meant anything to her
because he knew she didn't really like him. She hadn't
liked him for years in spite of how she carried on in
the spa.

Maybe he had been too tough on her with the whipping
and showing her the really hardcore videos but he
couldn't allow himself to forget that doing those
things had worked. If he hadn't whipped her and scared
her with those videos then she wouldn't have been so
nice to him, so attentive to him while they were out.
And he really liked that so keeping her as a slave was
the smart thing to do. Just as punishing her had
proven to be the smart thing to do. Although he'd
probably limit it to spanking from now on as the
whipping was maybe a little dangerous and he wouldn't
be making her watch anymore of the really hardcore
videos. Yep, he knew what to do.

Janet was feeling very confused. When he'd said they
were going to a movie she'd been determined to make him
believe she was enjoying herself because she'd figured
that was what he wanted. In fact after what had
happened this morning she was determined to do
everything he wanted and smile her biggest, happiest
smile while she did it, pretending that she was having
a great time. If pleasing him would stop him hurting
her then please him she would.

The reason she was confused was because for most of the
afternoon she hadn't been pretending. She'd enjoyed
herself, enjoyed being out with him. She didn't have
to pretend when she'd laughed at his jokes and holding
his hand had felt good, not horrible like she thought
it should have felt. It had been easy for her to hold
his hand back, applying that little bit of extra
pressure like she'd learnt to do with boyfriends to let
them know you liked holding hands with them. And then
during the movie when he played with her hand! It was
so . erotic and she was still feeling turned on from
it. None of the guys she'd gone out with had ever done
anything so . so gentle but at the same time so

Going back to being his naked slave was going to be
hard. Not that she wanted him to be her boyfriend or
anything stupid like that. She definitely didn't, not
after all the horrid things he'd done to her but it
would be better than having to go back to being his
slave. With her peripheral vision she saw him look at
her so she turned and smiled. Yes, that's what she'd
do, keep pretending, keep tricking him. Maybe that was
how she could pay him back if she could make him
believe that she really liked him. Because she didn't.
She couldn't.

After he'd parked, they walked to the front door but no
longer hand in hand. He led and she trailed, a couple
of steps behind. Unlocking the door he moved inside
making way for her to follow him in. There was a
tension between them now that had been missing for the
last few hours. Pushing the door closed he waited to
see if she would do anything, wondering if she even
remembered what she was meant to do.

She stood with her back to him, arms by her side. It
looked like she was waiting to be told what to do but
he shouldn't have to tell her, she should know. If she
was trying to spoil things then she was sure going
about it the right way. He might have told her earlier
he wasn't going to whip her again but he hadn't said
anything about not spanking her. In fact there were a
few spanking things from today and yesterday that he'd
have to remember to tell her to put in her punishment
book. Then just as he was about to speak, she started
to move.

Janet had been remembering earlier today when she'd
stood in this very spot and there'd been the cuffs and
the two fake penises waiting for her on the floor. Now
there was nothing waiting for her except the memory of
his words - `as soon as you come in you take your
clothes off'. She knew there was no choice, no point
in asking him if he wanted her to take her clothes off.
She was his sex slave so of course he was going to want
her naked. After the last few hours being so good she
didn't want to risk making him angry again so she
started mechanically undoing her top.

It might have been mechanical for her but it was a
definite magic moment for him as he stood behind her
watching her slow strip. Once she'd unwrapped the top
she pushed it off her shoulders and when she dropped
her arms to her side it slipped off to the floor
exposing her tanned back, naked now except for the sexy
black bra straps. Reaching behind her she unzipped the
skirt and with a few wriggles of her hips it joined her
top on the floor.

Until today he hadn't really understood why thong
panties were such a big thing. Now he knew. The
amazing globes of her perfect arse were framed by the
thin black strip around her waist and the even thinner
strip that disappeared down between her arse cheeks.
Then she bent over seeming to offer her arse to him as
she raise one foot after the other to rid herself
completely of her skirt. He was so tempted to pull his
cock out, step forward and fuck her from behind!

Still bent over she unstrapped her sandals and pushed
them away. Standing up once again she reached behind
to expertly undo her bra, dropping it to the side.
Last was the thong which soon joined the rest of her
clothes on the floor. She stood for a moment then,
taking a deep breath she sank to her knees, assuming
her ready position with her hands behind her back.
When she started taking her clothes off she'd been
dreading being naked again, but instead, as she'd
removed each article, she'd found herself getting a
little turned on. She knew it was wrong but there was
something really sexy about taking her clothes knowing
he was standing behind her watching.

His cock had actually had a bit of a rest during the
drive home but now it was rock hard, pressing almost
painfully against his jeans. He slowly walked around
her, holding his breath as her boobs came into view and
then her cute bush. Fuck she looked so good. Clean,
beautiful, fresh and all his. Her breathing was really
shallow which resulted in her boobs rising and falling,
seeming to beckoning him to play with them. As he
stood there captivated by her naked body he couldn't
believe that a short time ago he was actually thinking
about giving this up. No way could he give this up,
not with her kneeling naked in front of him willing to
let him doing absolutely anything he want to her.

"Good slave. Very good."

"Thank you master."

"Your collar's missing. I like it when my slave girl
is wearing her collar. Why don't you go get your
collar, then we can have dinner."

"Yes master."

They weren't going to have sex yet which was probably
good she thought as she started to get up.

"Hang on."

She froze, looking up at him, still on her knees. She
didn't think she'd done anything wrong so maybe he'd
changed his mind, maybe he was going to make her have
sex with him again.

"Before you do that ."

His hands came around to the front of his jeans and he
slowly undid his belt and pulled down the zip. Yep,
they were going to do it. As he pushed his jeans down,
she looked straight ahead to where his thing - no, his
cock, she had to remember to say cock otherwise she
might say `thing' by accident and annoy him - to where
his cock was pushing out against his jockeys. As she
watched he pushed his jockeys down, freeing his cock
which bounced up, pointing like an arrow up at the
ceiling. She'd seen it often enough by now but it was
still a surprise, almost taking her breath away it
looked so big and strong.

He stepped closer as with one hand he stroked his cock,
aiming it at her mouth while his other hand reached out
to her head. She knew what she had to do, what he
obviously wanted, and she could feel herself salivating
at the thought of having it in her mouth again.
Licking her lips, she leant forward opening her mouth
wide, tongue out, as she captured his swollen cockhead.
She started sucking as she brought her hands around
from behind her back, one to cup his balls, the other
to masturbate the lower half of his cock. Being forced
to do this was horrible but that didn't stop it being
somehow exciting, having a cock in her mouth.

"Ohh yeah. That so good."

At first he wasn't planning on coming, he just wanted
to feel her lips wrapped around his cock for a few
seconds. But the instant he felt her hot wet mouth
suck on his cockhead his intentions changed. After all
she was his sex slave and this was why she was here,
for him to come in and on. To service his needs and
after the stress of this mornings outburst from her,
now that his cock was enveloped by her mouth, he
realised how much he wanted to come in her again.
Besides it would help to remind her who was in control
in case she was getting any ideas after their afternoon

"Oh, yeah, suck me."

He clasped her head, gripping her firmly, his hands
covering her ears as he started slowly fucking her
beautiful face. It felt so fucking good the way her
tongue moved against the underside of his cock and the
way she sucked him. Her mouth was so amazing, she
never stopped sucking and her suction was so strong.

Not that he had anyone real to compare her to but in a
some of the movies he'd watched the girls didn't seem
to be sucking all that hard. Or else they'd suck for
about ten seconds and then take the guys cock out for a
while and then put it back in which always looked
really frustrating. But with his wonderful slave it
felt like she was trying to suck his whole body into
her mouth as she kept sucking and sucking and sucking!

When he'd taken hold of her head and started directing
her movement she was worried he was going to try the
deep throat thing he'd talked about earlier. She knew
he'd make her do it eventually but from the vids she'd
watched she wasn't sure how she'd go kneeling like
this. Of course she didn't know if she'd be able to do
it no matter what position she was in. Trouble was
that if he tried to make her do it and she couldn't she
had no doubt that he'd punish her again and she didn't
want that, not tonight, not ever.

So she kept one hand wrapped around his shaft, moving
it on the base of his cock with the same rhythm as he
was using as he moved her head back and forth.
Hopefully she'd be able to protect herself from having
to take all his cock in her mouth but she was ready to
take her hand away if he said anything. In the
meantime she concentrated on using her tongue as much
as she could as she sucked, hoping he'd be happy with

Richard briefly thought about fucking his cock all the
way into her mouth but he was pretty sure it would take
a while for her to learn to deep throat him if the
videos he'd seen were anything to go by. In them most
of the girls seemed to splutter and gag a lot. There
were even a couple where they threw up when they were
doing it and he certainly wasn't interested in having
that happen. Gross! So this time he was more than
happy with the feeling of her sucking him as he fucked
her beautiful face.

"Oh your mouth feels so good. Keep sucking, don't
stop. Oh yeah, that's good too, your tits against my
legs. Come on, push them forward. Yeah, that's the
way slave girl."

She hadn't intentionally pushed her boobs against his
legs, she was adjusting her position trying to get more
comfortable as he continued fucking her mouth. But now
she arched her chest forward, pressing her boobs into
his thighs. As her nipples rubbed against the hairs on
his legs she could feel them swelling sending little
tingles of pleasure through her boobs. Her little
reward for having to do this to him she thought as she
continued to tease her nipples. Although the terrible
truth was that the feel of his cock in her mouth was
okay, nice even, and as much as she wished it wasn't
happening, she knew she was getting wet down there.
No, in her cunt, she was getting wet in her cunt. Oh
god. It didn't seem to matter if she was forced to
have sex or had it willingly, either way she got turned
on. Although of course she hadn't had sex willingly
yet but she assumed she'd be turned on if is was
willing. God that'd be horrible if she was only turned
on when she was being forced to have sex! No way . not

For a while the only sound was her occasional moans,
his occasional grunts and the constant slurping sound
of her mouth sucking his cock.

"Make you mouth tighter. Come on, I'm getting closer.
Suck harder. Come on suck as hard as you can. Yeah,
that's it."

He gripped her head even harder as he felt the pressure
building in his balls. Soon, very soon. His cock felt
like it was on fire as he pumped faster and faster
between the oval of her tightly clenched lips. Looking
down at her hollowed cheeks, he could see how with each
thrust her lips were pounded against her fist where she
was gripping the base of his cock. What an
unbelievable sight, janet Sheen's mouth plugged with
his cock, waiting to be filled with his come.

Then it happened, the glorious moment of release as his
come started pulsing down his cock and into her tight
sucking mouth. Each pulse was a shock of pure pleasure
coursing through his body.

"Oh shit. Here it comes. Ohhh, fuck, take it. Yeah,
suck it all. Ahhh."

His balls had tightened in her hands and she felt each
pulse of come race down his cock before it exploded
into her mouth. She sucked as hard as she could,
siphoning the come out and swallowing each spurt. Nine
times his cockhead jerked deep in her mouth till the
last spurt had traveled the length of his cock and
sprayed against the back of her mouth. As soon as he
stopped thrusting into her she eased back on the power
of her sucking knowing that his cock would be sensitive
now but she kept carefully moving her tongue around his
cock, applying a more gentle suction.

Relaxing his grip on her head he ran his fingers
through her hair and lovingly caressed her cheeks. The
first time he'd made her suck him was great, the next
time after she'd watched the video was even better, the
third time when he'd come all over her face was
incredible, and the fourth time when she'd given him a
wake-up suck was totally awesome. This time however he
really didn't know how a blowjob could ever be any
better because in addition to the out of this world
physical sensations, it really felt like she'd wanted
to do it. It felt like she was trying as hard as she
could to make it good for him. Even now the way she
was holding his cock and balls, licking and sucking
him, pressing her body against him, was absolutely
perfect. Wow. If he had any energy left he'd pick her
up and hugged her.

"Oh fuck. So good. That was the best ever. You're so
good. Oh, yeah, that's nice what you're doing now too.
Hmmm, oh yeah, you are really amazing. An amazing
cocksucker. You know I like can't imagine anything
being better."

He liked it. Thank heavens. He thought she was a good
. a good cocksucker. At least if he thought she was a
good cocksucker he wouldn't be punishing her. When his
hands dropped from her face to rest on her shoulders
she slid back so that only his cockhead was still in
her mouth. Carefully swirling her tongue around the
smooth head, she licked the little hole making sure she
hadn't missed any come before releasing his cock from
her mouth. Her hands were still busy though cradling
his balls and slowly stroking his shaft. She rubbed
his saliva soaked cock against her cheek as said what
she knew she had to say.

"Mmmm. Thank you master. And thank you for letting
your slave suck your beautiful cock and swallow your
come master."

She was thanking him and making it sound like she
really meant it! Of course he knew she was only doing
it because he'd told her to but it was still great to
hear. Things were really going well.

"Good slave. Wow, very good slave! Hey, do you like
my come slave?"

"What master?"

"Do you like swallowing my come?"

"Yes master."

"And the taste? Do you like the taste of come slave?"

It was easy for her to say she liked swallowing his
come. It didn't mean much to say that but to have to
say she liked the taste of come was another matter
entirely. She didn't want to like it, because of what
it implied, but the truth was she did. girls weren't
meant to like the taste of a guy's come though. Well
not nice girls but more and more she was having to face
the fact that she wasn't a nice girl, that she really
was a slut. She was stuck between a rock and a hard
place. If she lied and said she didn't like the taste
he'd get angry and hurt her. If she told the truth,
her self-esteem would be battered even more, but as she
knelt naked on the floor, the taste of his come
lingering in her mouth and feeling horny after being
forced to suck him off, self-esteem seemed light years

"Yes master, your slave does. She likes the taste of
your come master."

"Thought so. I'll have to feed you lots of it then
won't I slave."

"Yes master."


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