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Archived Sex Stories

School Girl Slave Ch16


Chapter 16 - Making Love

Pulling his jeans and jockeys up Richard found it almost
impossible to contain himself as he watched his naked
slave girl walking away, her oh so cute butt
unconsciously wriggling at him. He'd sent her to find
her collar, then they were going to make a salad and set
up the barbecue. But before doing any of that he wanted
to whoop and holler, to dance and leap around, to race
outside and tell every passing stranger how lucky he was,
how perfect his world was now that janet was once again
in it. And most of all he wanted to tell janet how great
he felt and how grateful he was to her for just existing!

Of course he wasn't going to do anything as stupid as
that. He was her master and he knew that masters didn't
let their slaves know what they were feeling! Well he
thought he knew that although truth was all he knew about
being a master was from the stories he'd read on the net
and they were all so different. Up until now he hadn't
thought too much about what a master should do but maybe
it was time for some serious head work as it looked like
he was going to be her master for a long time. Yes!

In the meantime she was his to do anything he wanted.
Like now. If he wanted to he could tell her to stop
where she was, spread her legs, bend over and touch the
ground while he fingered her pussy and bum. Or when they
were making the salad he could get her to fuck herself
with a carrot. Or a cucumber. Or a sausage. In her
pussy or even in her bum if he wanted. Or both at the
same time, a cucumber sticking out of her bum and a
carrot out of her cunt! That might be fun! Or he could
tell her to kneel at his feet under the table and slowly
suck him off while he was eating dinner. Yes! Or he
could make her jerk him off all over her food and then
make her eat it covered in `dressing a la Richard's
come'. Or he could make her dip her tits in a bowl of
chocolate sauce so he could lick it off for his dessert.
Or as they watched tv he could tell her to finger herself
and when she was wet offer him her finger so he could
lick her juice off as a tv snack!

Truth was he could make her do any of those things or any
of a hundred other things he'd either read about in
stories on the net or imagined himself over the last few
years. Except now that he was in a position where all he
had to do was snap his fingers for every one of these
things to become a reality, he wasn't so sure. He wasn't
sure if he really wanted to do those things to janet
because somehow it didn't feel right. They might be fun
for him although he wasn't even sure about that, but he
doubted that they would be fun for her.

Jerking off over her food might be exciting to imagine
but to actually do? Or making her put a carrot up her
bum? Actually sounded gross now that he knew he could do
it. Maybe that was it, maybe there were some things that
made good fantasies but not necessarily good realities,
at least not for him. Pity about that, but he guessed
that must be it. So what he needed to do was work out
the reality he really wanted to have with his slave.

Okay, that shouldn't be too hard. First off he knew that
he still really wanted her to be his slave. Sex slave.
Obedient sex slave! That definitely hadn't changed. And
if she was his obedient sex slave that meant she'd always
do what he asked, especially the sex stuff, but also
other things. So that was good except there was
something missing. He had his obedient sex slave, what
more could he want? What more could any sixteen year old
guy want!

Light bulb! He had it. It wasn't just having her
obediently doing things like some robot. He wanted her
to enjoy doing things with him and, even more than that,
he wanted her to be nice to him while she was doing them.
Not just the sex things but things like going to the
movies or swimming or whatever. He was almost one
hundred percent sure she'd liked going to the movie today
and he wanted more of that. He wanted more of the
feelings where you enjoyed stuff with someone else.
Enjoyed stuff with Janet.

But he also knew that he still wanted to be in control,
still wanted to be her master after all the shit she'd
put on him. He guessed that for this to work she had to
be scared of him, which he was pretty certain she was,
but also she probably had to respect him which he wasn't
so sure about. Respect. That was really important
because respect was what had been missing for the last
few years.

So how to make her respect him. He couldn't really
pretend to know much about the way girls thought but he
was fairly certain that they didn't respect guys when
they did gross guy type of things. They wanted guys to
be mature like they thought they were! Jerking off on
her food or sticking a carrot up her bum definitely would
be classified as a gross guy thing.

He had it! The mature thing would be to do nothing.
Well not nothing, but to do normal things. Instead of
playing with her like she was a sex toy every chance he
got, he needed to treat her like the janet he used to
know, his friend Janet. Except of course she'd be naked
and that wasn't normal Janet. He could let her wear
clothes but . no, she stayed naked because a slave should
be naked. Also because it was so great having her naked
but what he'd do was try and not stare at her body all
the time. And he wouldn't grab her and stuff like that
all the time. Settled. He'd treat her like a friend.
Well most of the time that is, until he wanted to have
sex with her. Like after they'd had dinner probably.

Wow! This was going to be tough but if he was really
going to be a master then he had responsibilities. Yep,
he could do it. He'd be mature about this and show her
what a great master he was so eventually she'd learn to
respect him.

And if she didn't he could still stick a carrot up her
bum tomorrow!

As she walked away she heard the rustle of his clothes
so, thinking he was taking his clothes off, she slowed,
waiting for him to call her back so he could make her
have sex with him. Not that she wanted to have sex with
him. Of course she didn't, even if in spite of her best
efforts to hate it she was feeling a bit turned on from
having his cock in her mouth. Then she heard the sound
of his zipper. No he'd come and that was all that he
cared about and she knew she should be thankful for that.
Of course his zip going up also meant he was going to be
keeping his clothes on while he made her walk around
naked so he could perve on her she thought as she hurried

Janet stood alongside the spa, twisting the slave collar
round and around in her hands as she tried to work out
for the thousandth time what was happening with her life.
Three days ago she knew who she was, where she was going,
what she was doing but now? Now she was lost, her
emotions on a never ending roller coaster, her body
betraying her at every turn and her future uncertain.
Slave! How could she be his sex slave? And how could
she enjoy it . no that was wrong, totally wrong. She
didn't enjoy it, her stupid body did and she couldn't
help that could she? Just as she couldn't help wishing
that he'd have sex with her like she'd just done. No,
wrong again! She hadn't wished it, she'd just assumed
he'd want to have sex with her, that was all.

Closing her eyes she placed the collar around her neck,
feeling the weight of it's true meaning as she locked it
in place. Slave collar. She no longer belonged to
herself, she was his and this was the only clothing she
was allowed. The stupid thing was that as her fingers
continued to play with the collar she felt a tiny touch
of comfort in having it on because at least it meant she
was wearing something. At least she wasn't totally naked

Although it wasn't being naked that was the problem. Not
that she wanted to be wandering through her neighbors
house naked, of course she didn't, but the real problem
was that apparently she was always going to have to
wander around naked while he had his clothes on. It was
a painful reminder of how embarrassing, humiliating,
degrading and every other awful word she could think of,
her situation was.

The real problem? There were a host of real problems.
Like how turned on she'd been by the time the movie was
over. If that had been a normal date she'd have been
home by now, having a big masturbation session. Of
course it was made worse by having to suck him off
because even that had kept her horny . hornier. Five
minutes, that's probably all she'd need to quickly bring
herself off. One hand dropped down to press against her
mound as she closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of her
pubic hair against the palm of her hand. All she had to
do was rub her finger over her clitoris just like this
for a couple of minutes.

Hearing a noise she quickly pulled her hand away as she
looked behind her but it was only the curtains flapping
in the breeze. God, imagine the humiliation if he'd
found her playing with herself. How could she even
contemplate masturbating after she'd just been forced to
suck him off. Shit, she had to stop this. She had to
stop acting like such a slut. A stupid slut! She just
remembered that one of the rules he'd made her sign was
that she wasn't allowed to masturbate without his
permission so if he had found her not only would she be
totally humiliated but she'd probably be totally punished
by him again! Shit, she had to be so careful.

Okay, the only way to get through this was to keep
reminding herself that nothing he made her do really
mattered. Whatever her body did wasn't important as long
as she kept hating him for what he was making her do. He
was a jerk and when this was all over she'd make sure he
knew it. Yep. Fuck him. That's what she had to keep
thinking as she was doing all the horrid things he made
her do. Fuck him.

Marching back into the house she started silently
chanting to herself. "Fuck him. Fuck him. Fuck him."
She was a couple of feet from the kitchen when she did a
one-eighty degree about face. Who was she fooling? She
was naked and he wasn't. He had complete control of her.
He could make her do anything and the worst part was most
of the things he made her do she couldn't seem to stop
herself enjoying. Fuck him? Nope, she was the one who
was fucked!

New plan. Maybe if she told him she worried about
getting a cold if she wasn't wearing something. Or it
wasn't hygienic to be naked in the kitchen. That might
work. Or she was feeling sick and had to go home.

"Is that you?"

About turn. Get into the kitchen as quickly as possible
so he doesn't get angry. And don't try to play stupid
games with him, just do everything he wants. And smile
and cooperate and make him believe you enjoy it.

"Yes master."

"Thought you'd gotten lost. Okay, I've got everything
out. If you grate the carrots and maybe chop up some
lettuce. I'll look after the tomatoes, cucumber and

"Yes master."

Although it was a challenge not to look at her beautiful
tits all the time Richard did find it easier than he'd
thought he would. Except for when they jiggled as she
grated the carrots or whenever she walked somewhere or
later on as she cut her steak. Then it was really hard
not to stare, but for the most part he managed and he
found that the less he stared, the easier it was to
control the urge to reach out and touch her beautiful

Janet however was having an increasingly tough time. It
started okay because she'd braced herself for him to be
staring at her and touching her whenever she was near
him. The first time was when she took the carrots to the
sink to rinse them and she had to pass him.

Relax. Get ready to stop as soon as he touches me.

Back at the bench she stood next to him and started
grating the carrots while they talked about cooking and
food. Okay. His hand is going down. He's going to grab
my bum. So as soon as he does I'll make a tiny moaning
sound, and reach behind with my hand to cover his. Maybe
say that it's nice when he touches my bum and if he
squeezes my bum I could touch his leg or even his crotch.
Nothing. He was just picking up a piece of tomato he'd

It went on like that for the next hour. He'd make a
movement and she'd prepare a scenario for how she should
react when he touched her but not once did he even brush
up against her. Or he'd look at her and she'd quickly
make sure she was standing straight, her tits pushed out
and not covered by her arms, but not once did he even
seem to be looking at them. By the time they'd finished
eating she was so on edge she was a wreck.

"That was great. How about you clean up here. There's a
Buffy re-run on I haven't seen so I'll be upstairs
watching it in my room when you're through."

"Yes master."

Once he'd gone she slumped over the table. She couldn't
take much more of this, the tension was killing her. It
was being naked that made it so hard, made her feel so
vulnerable. Well being naked on top of everything else.
She'd have to find a way of asking him if she could wear
something even if it was just her bra and panties. Not
that she thought he'd let her. In fact he'd probably get
angry with her for even suggesting it so saying something
to him was probably a bad idea.

He'd also get angry if he came back and she wasn't
cleaning up so she started gathering the plates.
Normally she'd just put everything in the dishwasher but
if she hand washed everything it would take longer. Good
idea. She could probably stretch it out for at least
half an hour and that would be another half hour she
wouldn't have to be naked in front of him.

As he headed for his bedroom Richard was feeling pretty
pleased himself. Very pleased in fact. He reckoned he'd
handled the last hour or so brilliantly. He'd been so
cool, so mature with her being naked. Now though he
could feel the excitement, the anticipation of what was
to come, building. Soon, very soon, he'd be having sex
with her again. Sex! After all the years of jerking
off, of trying to convince girls to have sex with him, of
trying to imagine what it really felt like he could now
have sex anytime he wanted. Way to go!

He wanted to be ready for her when she came up but he
also wanted to look relaxed, cool. After he stripped off
he turned on the TV, settling on the bed on his stomach,
his head propped on his hands, facing the foot of the
bed, watching Buffy. That lasted about thirty seconds
before he started to feel naked which of course he was.
It wasn't that he had a problem about his body or
anything like that but he didn't normally wander around
naked or watch tv naked or things like that so it felt .
naked! Grabbing a pair of shorts he pulled them on and
immediately felt better as he went back to watching

Eventually he started to wonder why he was mindlessly
watching a rerun of Buffy, which after the first few
minutes he'd realised he'd already seen, when there was a
naked girl downstairs in the kitchen. Sure, as usual he
was daydreaming about how great it would be if Buffy's
tits just happened to pop free of her top when the bad
guy grabbed her but that seemed kind of lame given that
less than a hundred feet away, Janet's tits were already
out! Not only was janet naked which he somehow doubted
Buffy was ever going to be when he was around but as far
as he was concerned janet was much prettier than Buffy
so, apart from the obvious fact that he was an idiot, why
was wasting time on tv daydreams?

All he needed to do was call out to Janet, order her to
come upstairs, or he could head back downstairs and tie
her to the kitchen table like he did yesterday so he
could eat her, or maybe bend her over the sink while he
fucked her in the arse, or make her to kneel and suck him
off again, or he could do none of the above. Because
truth was he wanted more than that. It wasn't just about
sex anymore.

What he really wanted was for them to hold each other, to
kiss each other, to . that's it, he wanted them to make
love, not just have sex. Okay, this was something a bit
new. How was he going to make this happen? First off,
definitely not the kitchen, the bedroom was the right
place to be. Second . second . Shit he had no idea what
was second. Maybe if he took it slowly and really got
into the foreplay stuff and didn't talk about punishment
or tying her up or those things. Third. Absolutely no
idea what third should be. Have the lights low? Tell
her he . no, that was wrong. Maybe tell her how
beautiful she is and all those other things girls like to

It didn't really matter what happened in what order
though because now he had a feel for what he wanted, he
knew that it would be good. So he waited, half watching
Buffy's tits, half preparing for janet to come to him.

Buffy was almost over when he caught a movement out of
the corner of his eye and there she was, his beautiful
slave girl, standing uncertainly in the doorway, arms by
her side. He turned and unashamedly took his time
looking at her, drinking in every perfect detail from her
honey blonde hair framing her pixie like face, her full
boobs, narrow waist, silky patch of pubic hair and her
slender legs. As his eyes roved her body she blushed
which made her look even cuter! Patting the bed
alongside him he called her over.

"Hi. Come on."

She could feel the heat in her cheeks and as she quickly
climbed onto the bed lying down next to him, she was
relieved to be able to at least cover her front from his
gaze. As she settled onto the bed she realised he'd
changed and was only wearing shorts now. Probably meant
he was going to make her have sex with him again.
Probably? Of course he was, they were on his bed, she
was naked and he was practically naked.

Still, sex was much, much better than being punished.
Unless he wanted to do it in her bum again although even
that was better than punishment. Actually the second
time he'd done it there hadn't hurt, so if he wanted to
do it in her bum that would probably be okay too.
Especially if she could play with her clitoris while he
was doing it. That's what the girls on the video had
done when the guys fuck them in the bum and they all

God what was doing, planning on how she could come if he
fucked her bum! And how could she think that anything he
did could be okay. Everything he did was horrible! He
was horrible and she had to remember that!

For the next few minutes Richard allowed his anticipation
to build as he breathed deeply, luxuriating in her scent,
allowing it to intoxicate him as they lay side by side
watching TV. Finally he couldn't keep up the pretense
and he turned to her. She was so beautiful his heart did
a flip flop. It didn't matter what the angle she was
perfection. Her profile, the color of her hair, the turn
of her shoulder, the sweeping line of her back, the
curves of her legs, everywhere he looked all he saw was
absolute perfection. His left hand reached out almost
reverentially till his finger could touch her shoulder
and he gently explored, letting his fingers map every
square inch of her shoulder and upper arm.

Janet wasn't sure what to do when she sensed him turn to
look at her so she kept watching the TV, pretending she
hadn't noticed. It was only when he touched her shoulder
that she turned to him, steeling herself once again to do
whatever he wanted. She made sure she was smiling but
she needn't have worried because he was looking so
intently at her arm that she didn't think he'd have
noticed no matter how she'd looked at him. The good
thing was that his touch was really gentle so maybe he
wasn't going to hurt her.

The way he was looking at her and touching her was sort
of strange. Not scary strange though just strange
because the intensity. It was as if he was examining
something incredibly delicate and precious even though it
was just her arm. Weird. But nice weird. She'd never
had anyone, not even a boyfriend, treat her like this
before. She didn't understand him. One minute he was
doing horrible things to her, the next he was being nice,
making her feel . special. And she didn't want him to
make her feel special!

Richard shifted his position, moving closer so he could
kneel alongside her. The way she was resting with her
head on her hands meant her shoulder blades were raised
up and his fingers now explored them. Her skin was so
smooth, so beautiful, so electrifying. Leaning down, his
lips brushed her arm and then followed his fingers to her
shoulder blades, kissing along each ridge.

Between her raised shoulder blades was a valley and at
the centre of the valley the bumps of her backbone ran
all the way down her back till they disappeared between
her arse cheeks. Slowly his fingers, followed by his
lips, explored each ridge till he finally reached the
swell of her bum. He felt like an intrepid explorer,
charting an undiscovered country!

And this next discovery was definitely worth spending
time exploring. He'd lost count of the number of times
he'd got a hard-on watching her tight buns as she walked
along a corridor at school. Didn't matter if she was
wearing jeans or a skirt, it was still one of the wonders
of the world as far as he and a good portion of the male
school population were concerned. And now he could touch
it, kiss it, caress it for as long as he liked.

And that's what he did. As his fingers caressed the back
of her thighs, his mouth paid homage to her bum. First
it was his lips kissing every square inch, then he
retraced the route with his tongue making little trails
all over her bum till finally he started gently biting
and sucking. As he was doing this though what he was
most conscious of was the shaded crevice where the globes
of her arse came together. It was like a magnet, pulling
his attention, begging him to explore further.

By the time his fingers and lips started moving on her
bum and the backs of her thighs janet was finding it hard
to keep still. She would never have imagined that
something like this could be a turn-on but it was and
when she felt his teeth on her bum she had to bite her
lips to stop crying out. She so didn't want him think
she was getting turned on by what he was doing but it was
hard. And to make it worse that familiar ache was
starting in her pussy and she knew it was going to become
harder and harder to ignore it.

Richard also was finding it harder and harder to ignore
her pussy. Moving his hands from her thighs to her left
hip he started lifting her up till, taking the cue, she
rolled over onto her back. Resisting the temptation to
fold her arms over her boobs she left them by her side as
she watched him through half hooded eyes. He was
hovering over her stomach, staring intently at her body
and she reluctantly spread her legs apart, assuming
that's what he wanted her to do.

At first he didn't realise he was holding his breath as
once again her beauty was laid out before him. The twin
hills of her boobs capped with her rosy nipples, her flat
stomach with the incredibly cute belly button, her pubic
mound with what had to be the most exciting in the whole
wide world patch of carefully trimmed blonde pubic hair,
the magical vee shape which lead down to her pussy and
the smooth curves of her thighs disappearing down to her
feet. Then, as she opened her legs, he saw her pussy
lips, glistening, seeming to invite him to touch them,
kiss them, enter them. Finally he took a deep breath and
it felt like he was drowning in the glorious scent of her

Her belly button was such a cute indentation and it
really did deserve a kiss. Then there were her sexy hip
bones poking up the tiniest bit on each side so he had to
kiss them. And her stomach just above where she'd
trimmed her pubic hair was so inviting. Almost as
inviting as her groin which then lead his tongue and lips
to her thighs. And all the time he was breathing as
deeply as possible, drinking in the overpowering scent of
her pussy.

Lifting up he stared, mesmerised, at her pussy as he
continued to caress the inside of her thighs, his fingers
moving closer and closer to her pussy. Her pussy lips
were slightly parted, her clitoris visible, poking out
from its hood and below that he could just see the
entrance to her cunt. He stopped caressing her and for a
few moments the middle finger of his left hand hovered
outside her hole and then he made contact, pushing into
her till his knuckles were pressed into her slit and his
finger was as far inside as he could get, held snug and
tight by her cunt.

"Oh . yeah . Oh."

As much as her body had started to crave a touch on her
pussy the moment of penetration was a surprise. Her
hands gripped the bed as she half sat up, instinctively
pushing her hips forward, wanting his finger even deeper.
She had something inside her again, deeper than she'd
ever gone herself and she wanted more.

Turning to her he looked deep into her eyes. Most of the
time they were bright, sparkling but now they were
clouded, hazy and it was as sexy as all hell. Closing
the gap between them his lips found hers and they kissed
hungrily, their tongues duelling as her arms wrapped
around him, pressing her breasts against his chest.
Still kissing and with his finger now lazily twisting in
and out of her pussy, he lowered her back down to the

Finally he broke the kiss and his lips slowly travelled
down her body, exploring her chin, her throat, her boobs,
taking time to lick and suck each hard nipple before
moving down to her stomach and then on through her sparse
pubic bush. Now he repositioned himself, kneeling
between her legs, his finger still working in her as with
his free hand he grabbed a pillow and pushed it under her
bum, raising her pussy. Sliding his finger one last time
from her pussy, he hesitated for a second before bringing
it to his mouth and carefully sucking her juice off it.


Heaven! He hadn't been mistaken yesterday. This was the
most exquisite taste imaginable and he knew there was
more just waiting for him. Lowering his head, tongue
extended, he began licking and sucking her beautiful
pussy, savoring her juices. Mostly he alternated between
her clit and her cunt although occasionally he licked
further down, swiping his tongue across the wrinkle of
her arsehole. She seemed to respond the most when he
worked on her clit but he liked it most when he was
trying to get his tongue deep inside her, gathering as
much of her nectar as possible.

It was only as he'd started kissing his way down her body
that it had occurred to her that maybe he was going to
use his mouth on her down there again. No, that sounded
dumb - that he was going to eat her pussy again! She
shivered at the thought, fighting the anticipation.

"Oh, oh god!"

He was doing it! He was licking her pussy again and she
didn't care how wrong it was because she loved it. And
it was even better than yesterday because this time he
hadn't tied her down and blindfolded her. Being free to
move was so much better and when she raised her head,
being able to see him buried between her legs, knowing
his tongue was actually licking her pussy. Wow! If
she'd known how amazing it felt to have someone's tongue
licking her she'd have been making her boyfriends do this
a long time ago. Well maybe not, but in future she sure
would be!

The best part was when he licked and sucked her clitoris.
It was the most exciting thing she'd ever know, far
better than when she used her fingers to masturbate. Of
course when he moved lower and licked her pussy lips and
pushed his tongue inside her that was pretty amazing and
every time he licked her bum her whole body twitched with
how nasty it was to have someone doing that. But
although the feel of his tongue and lips was great on her
pussy and bum it was his tongue on her clitoris that she
knew would eventually make her come. Each time he came
back to it she'd get a little closer to what she sensed
was going to be a mindblowing orgasm.

Eventually his tongue and jaw started to get tired so he
focused on her clit, hoping he'd be able to make her come
like she did yesterday in the kitchen. Sure enough after
a few minutes she started responding differently. First
her breathing sped up and then she wrapped her legs
around his head which felt really great having her thighs
pressing agaist his cheeks. Taking this as his cue, he
sucked as hard as he could on her clit at the same time
as he flicked his tongue rapidly across the smooth head
of the little knob and that seemed to push her over.

"Oh, yeah. Oh shit! Yes! Oh god! Oh, that's so . Oh

The orgasm started at her clitoris before crashing
through her body like waves breaking against the rocks.
As she cried out her thigh muscles spasmed and she
clamped her legs tightly against his face, her hands
grabbing his head, trapping him, not wanting him to ever
escape as she pushed her cunt against his mouth. The
incredible spasms went on and on, lasting far longer than
when she masturbated. Finally though they died down and
she collapsed in a stupor, totally spent, her legs
falling limply onto the bed.

Once she started coming there was nothing Richard could
do. Her thighs were like a vice, gripping his head,
holding him against her cunt as she pushed her clit
against his mouth. For a moment it was almost scary but
then he just enjoyed the ride as her body bucked and
twisted, loving that he'd been able to get her off like
this, that he was the one giving her this pleasure.

Finally though the ride was over and after one last lick
through her slit, Richard moved up till he was hovering
above her, looking down at his obviously very satisified
slave girl. Her eyes were glazed but from the smile on
her face there was no doubt she'd liked what he'd just
done. Her lips were parted, her pearly white teeth
showing as he softly kissed her, gently laying his body
on top of hers.

As his lips touched hers she instinctively kissed back,
her eyes closing as she prepared to lose herself in the
kiss. At first she was confused by the sweet taste then
her eyes flew open as she realised what the taste on his
lips was. His lips were covered in her juice. Gross!
Nasty! Sexy! Confusing . she should be revolted by the
taste of her own pussy juices but the opposite was true.
She liked the taste. No, she loved the taste! She
wanted to lick it off his face. Not that she would.
Shit, what was wrong with her? This was just like when
she'd discovered she liked the taste of his come. It was
so wrong, she was so wrong, wasn't she? It was all so
confusing, so hard to even think after coming like that
and especially with him kissing her, his body covering

As they continued to kiss Richard reached down to his
shorts and with a bit of a struggle managed to work them
off, freeing his hard cock. Then he lay down on her
again, snuggling in, so that his cock rested along her
hot slit. This felt so great having her body under him
with his cock touching her cunt as they kissed.

When she felt the length of his cock against her slit she
started tilting her hips up and down, trying to rub her
wet pussy against the hard shaft. Still pre-occupied
with tasting herself on his mouth, it took a few seconds
for her to register what she was actually doing but, just
as she was about to stop, she realised she had no choice.
All she was doing was trying to keep him happy, trying to
convince him that she wanted to do these things, trying
to make sure he didn't have a reason to punish her. So
all she was really doing was protecting herself from
being punished.

It was nice having her cunt rubbing along his shaft but
he know knew there was something far better awaiting him.
Pulling back a little till only his cockhead was touching
her cunt, he started blindly searching through her pussy
lips for the entrance. For a second he thought he'd have
to use his hand to help guide himself but then he felt it
and he was there, the tip of his cock poised, waiting.
Then with barely any pressure his cockhead was inside


"Oh yeah. Mmmm."

It wasn't as if she never had things inside her before.
Most days she had a finger in her pussy as she
masturbated and every month there were tampons, but this
was so different. So much bigger than her finger or a
tampon, it stretched her so wide! And it felt so good.
Really good!


She spread her legs as wide as possible as his cock drove
all the way in filling her completely, his hairy balls
slapping agaist her bum. This felt even better, filling
ever inch of her! Oh god! Why? Why did she like it so
much? Why couldn't it feel horrible?

For a couple of minutes they stayed joined, their pubic
bushes pressed together as they continued kissing. Then
Richard slowly drew back till just his cockhead was in
her clasping cunt before starting to slowly fuck her.

At first as he started to move his cock in and out her
legs were spread wide but that didn't seem to be enough,
didn't feel natural. She pulled her feet in till they
were touching his calves, feeling the muscles working as
his cock moved in and out of her pussy. This seemed to
open her up even more, made it better. Then, as she
adjusted herself, her feet moved up to his thighs which
twisted her pelvis up. Shit! It felt like his cock was
reaching even deeper! Fucking amazing!

Her hands moved from his head to his back, caressing him
as she clamped her feet together, wrapping them round his
thighs. Now each time he thrust into her she helped to
pull him down, wanting to feel his wonderful cock as deep
inside her as possible.

Maybe next time he'd explore different positions but
tonight he was happy to do it like this, lying on top of
her, slowly making love to her, absorbing every moment,
every sensation, every touch of her body. He'd never be
able to go back to masturbating now that he knew how
truly amazing real sex was, how great it was to make love
to someone you . you really liked a lot. There was no
comparison between holding his cock in his hand and
jerking off, and having his cock buried inside Janet's
hot, slippery pussy.

They continued like this for what seemed like forever,
occasionally kissing as they became lost in their growing
excitement. Ever so slowly the pace increased till
finally the excitement took over and Richard started
moving faster, almost pounding his cock into her cunt.
With each stroke he could feel himself getting closer but
it was janet who peaked first, moaning and gasping in
orgasm as her body shuddered beneath him, her cunt
gripping his cock even tighter if that was at all

He tried to hold off, wanting this to last forever but
the way her cunt grabbed his cock as she came proved too
much. It started way down in his cock, an almost painful
tightening and then as he ploughed as far inside her as
he could it happened, the pain changed to absolute
pleasure and everything let go as he exploded, pumping
spurt after spurt of come deep in her grasping cunt.

"Oh shit, yeah! Coming. Oh fuck. Oh that's so good!
Oh yeah, so fucking good! Oh fuck you're so good!"

He couldn't believe how much better it felt this time.
It was the most intense feeling he'd ever known, a
thousand times better than jerking off and far better
than any of the other comes he'd had with her. The way
her cunt grabbed every inch of his cock, caressing it,
squeezing it. And knowing he was inside her, knowing it
was her perfect body under his, her hard nipples against
his chest, her mouth agaist his as their tongues
continued to duel. Heaven!

After the final spurt of come was wrung from his cock he
collasped on top of her content to stay there forever
with his cock deep inside her. Making love was so much
more intense that just fucking! So much more fulfilling.
This was the way it would be from now on, that was for

When he'd come she'd really felt it happening inside her,
his cock growing bigger and then his stuff spurting out,
filling her with come. She knew it should have felt
horrible but like so many of the things he did to her it
didn't. Instead it somehow made her feel fulfilled,
knowing that she'd made that happen. And even having him
lying on top of her now felt good, his body pressing her
into the bed.

Finally when his cock started to soften and he felt it
being squeezed out of her pussy he rolled off to lie
alongside her, staring up at the ceiling.

When he rolled off and his cock left her she was sort of
disappointed. No, that was stupid she thought as she
snuggled against him, her head now resting in the crook
of his arm with her cheek against his chest. Of course
she wasn't disappointed, it was just that she couldn't
help it if her body liked the feel of his body. After
all, he had a good body. He wasn't too muscley, just
nicely developed. Bringing her hand over to his chest
she ran her fingers through the light scattering of
blonde hairs. Nice.

Further down she could see his cock, no longer hard but
still not as soft as it had been the other morning before
he woke up. It looked cute like that, neither floppy and
soft nor long and hard. She actually had to resist an
urge to reach down and touch it, to find out what it felt
like in this half state.

Although he was pleased when she started playing with his
chest it also pissed him off a bit because this was
pretty much the first time she'd done something to him
without him either having to tell her or somehow push her
to do it. It was like he still had to do all the work.
Or rather she'd only do something for him after he'd done
it to her and that was wrong. He wanted her to do things
without having to prompt her all the time.

It had been the same with his one and only real
girlfriend. In fact all the girls he'd gone out with
were like this. You had to kiss them first, they
wouldn't initiate it. It was so frustrating the way it
always seemed to be the guy trying to feel the girl, not
the other way around. Always trying to encourage the
girl to do more. But it wasn't meant to be like that
with janet because she was his slave. She was meant to
look after him. He'd even written something about it in
the contract he'd got her to sign.

Okay, as much as he'd loved fucking her . no, making love
to her just then, it could have been better and he was in
a position to make it better because he was her master,
not just her boyfriend. He'd give her some homework!
He'd pull up some of the sex stories he liked and get her
to read them. The ones where the girls were really into
having sex just as much as the guys were. Maybe then
she'd get it. Okay, which stories? Maybe Jack and Jake.
The girlfriend in that really got into sex. Also another
fav was Firsts and maybe Callgirl Cheerleaders because
most of those girls seemed to really love sex. That'd be
a good start.

Maybe he should punish her for not doing everything she
could have. Yes, definitely. She had to be punished for
not trying hard enough to please her master. Plus she
hadn't cleaned his cock after they'd fucked or even
thanked him for eating her like she was meant to. He'd
spank her on the bum again although not too hard because
he didn't really want to hurt her too much, just make her
realise that there were things she had to do if she was
going to be his slave, things she had to learn.

"I'll be back in a second."

Watching him leave she was fairly confident things had
gone okay. He'd sounded really happy and he hadn't
called her any of those horrible names. In fact he
hadn't called her any horrid names since before they went
to the movies which had to be a good sign. Maybe things
were getting better, maybe it was only going to be sex
now and he wouldn't hit her anymore.

After a few minutes she started to feel a bit dumb just
lying on the bed waiting, especially as she was still
around the wrong way with her head at the foot of the
bed. She clambered off the bed but then didn't know what
to do so she just stood in the middle of the room,
waiting for him to come return.

Oh wow, she was leaking! This was too weird, there was a
guy's come leaking out of her, starting to dribble down
her thigh. She wasn't sure if she should be totally
grossed out or totally blown out by it. Cupping her hand
between her legs she dragged her fingers through her
pussy, gathering some of the gooey mess. Bringing her
fingers up she studied the creamy, sticky come. Come.
Wow. She had a guy's come on her hand. She guessed it
was really a mix of his come and her juice. She held it
closer, taking a really deep breath. Mmmm. Smelt good .

Hearing a noise she panicked, not knowing what to do.
Last thing she needed was for him to find her sniffing
his come on her hands, he'd think she was a total slut or
worse. With no time to get a tissue she put her hands
behind her back and desperately wiped her come covered
fingers on her bum. Keeping her head down she stared at
the floor as he came in and stood in front of her. The
punishment book! Shit, he had the book. He was going to
hit her again, punish her, and she didn't know what she
could possibly have done to deserve it this time. Oh,
god, she was meant to kneel down when he came into a
room. She dropped to her knees, hands still behind her,
squatting down in the ready position, making sure her
legs were spread and she was pushing her boobs out.

"Good slave."

When she knelt without being told to it was such an
incredible power rush. His slave was kneeling to him,
acknowledging his command over her! Awesome! The way
she pushed her boobs out was so inviting, so tempting.
Later though, he could play with them later. At least she
was remembering to do some of the things he'd told her to
do. Moving over to the desk, he picked up her contract
before sitting on the end of the bed.

"Got your punishment book slave. Not too many things
tonight. I've already written down everything I think.
Let's see, you forgot to clean me didn't you?"

Shit, she couldn't believe it. How could she have been
so stupid. She'd even been looking at his cock after
they'd had sex, thinking about touching it so how could
she have forgotten she had to suck it clean. Not fair!

"I'm sorry master. Your slave is sorry! Your slave
forgot. Look your slave is doing it now master."

Crawling between his legs she opened her mouth and took
all his cock in, his pubic hair tickling her lips. As he
told her the other punishments she licked and sucked
every bit of come she could find off his cock and balls.

"Oh yeah, that's the way. I'll still have to punish you
though so you won't forget next time but . whoa that
looks good. Feels good."

"Mmmm. Yes master."

"Okay, what else is there. Yeah, you didn't thank me
after I ate your pussy or after we made . had sex. The
other thing is that um, you're still not doing all the
stuff in the contract. Here. Oh yeah, that's good,
that's real fucking good. Oh yeah, clean my balls. Umm,
number eight, well that's the thanking one. Mostly
number twenty five and twenty six. I will always respond
fully both physically and verbally to whatever my Master
does with me and I must always feel and act sexual - I am
a sexual being. You know? You're not really doing that.
Like when we have sex you're meant to do things to me
without me telling. You know, not just lie there waiting
for me to do things to you."

It would have been nice to leave her kneeling there
cleaning his cock and balls for a lot longer but he
really should punish her and get her reading the stories.
Taking her head in his hands he pulled her away from his

"That's enough for now."

"Yes master."

"Yeah well anyway, punishment first and then I've got
some stories I want you to read. Some homework for you.
Maybe that'll help you get what I mean."

"Yes master."

"Okay slave, over my legs again. Punishment will be four
spanks for not thanking me, two for not licking my cock
and six for the contract stuff. Ten all up. And
remember you have to keep count and thank me after each

"Yes master."

As she climbed up onto his lap she tried to stop her
trembling. Only ten, that couldn't be too bad,
especially if he was only going to use his hand and
didn't whip her. Count them and thank him, count them
and thank him. She'd make sure she didn't forget that
otherwise he'd probably do it all again.

As she lay over his lap, her boobs pressing into his
thigh, he stroked her bum. There were a couple of wet
patches, probably from their juices he thought as he
smeared it across her twin globes. Then he brought his
hand down for the first slap.

"Ow! One. Thank you master."

Although she'd cried out it was more a reflex cry rather
than a cry of pain.

"Ah! Two. Thank you master."

Again it didn't really hurt. In fact none of them really
hurt. Either he wasn't hitting her all that hard or else
she was getting used to it already. Couldn't be that so
he mustn't be hitting her too hard. By the time he'd
landed the last slap her bum was feeling very warm
though. It was a weird feeling, like nothing she'd ever
felt before. Sort of felt good or at least didn't feel
bad like the other times he'd hit her. Not that she'd
ever want anyone to do this to her but it actually felt
okay being slapped like this.

When he finished he played with her bum for a while. I
looked great with the red marks on it from her spanking.
He slipped a finger through her crack, toying with her
arse hole and then down to her wet pussy. Decisions.
Should they have sex again or should he get her reading
the stories. The stories. That way she'd maybe be even
better when they next had sex.

"Okay slave, that's it. Well, what do you say?"

"Umm . thank you master for punishing your slave. Um,
your slave will do her best to be good. And, and thank
you master for eating your slave's pussy earlier and for,
um, for coming in her."

"Very good. Okay, up you get. Give me a couple of
minutes to find the stories I want you to read."

Back at his desk he logged on and started searching for
the stories he wanted. It didn't take him long before he
had each set up in a separate browser window.

"Okay there are three stories I want you to read. Kind
of homework I guess! First read Jack and Jake, then The
Firsts, and then cheerleader Callgirls."

"Yes master."


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