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Archived Sex Stories

School Girl Slave Chapter 17


School girl Slave
by Fantasy stories (c) FantasyStories2000

Initially this was planned as a trilogy however as I've
slowly progressed I've realised that this is only a two
volume opus. First book should be finished within a
couple of months (by Oct 2002 - or maybe Jan 2003).
Second book is already started but will take well into
2003 to finish I think. Sorry, but I'm a slow writer,
constantly going back and doing re-writes.

The normal disclaimer applies. This is story is
copyright. May be freely distributed but not for
money. If you are under the age of 18 please don't
read as the contents are adult. This story is fantasy
and I do not condone nor encourage any of the non
consensual activities in it.

The story is archived at and at

Very brief synopsis:
Story about a school girl enslaved by the neighbours

Chapter 17 - Morning Duties

From zero to one hundred in less than a second. One
minute she was in a deep sleep, the next instant she was
wide awake with an overpowering premonition that
something was horribly wrong.

Strange room, strange bed, strange everything ... slave!

She was a slave and he was standing alongside the bed
holding something, saying something. As she tried to
clear her head she realised that although her lower half
was covered by a sheet, she was naked from the waist up
with her boobs very much on display. Instinct was to
cover herself but she fought the impulse as she strained
to get her brain into gear so she could work out what he
was saying.

"Hey sleepy, time for breakfast. Well, way past that
time but what the hell. I've got croissants, had to
dethaw them, coffee, some cereal and even some fruit if
you want it."

Dethawed croissants? He had a tray with dethawed
croissants on it? This only increased her confusion.
Her eyes darted to the bedside clock but what she saw
only worsened her panic. It was after eleven o'clock.
How could she have slept that late? Then it started
coming back to her. Of course, she hadn't gone to bed
till after daybreak. He'd made her read those stories
and by the time she'd finished and then surfed the net a
bit it was six thirty. She'd debated staying awake till
he woke up but once she stopped reading and surfing her
eyes had become so heavy she knew she couldn't stay awake
any longer. She'd carefully slipped into bed alongside
him, just to have a quick nap. Next thing she knew ...

"Yep, almost midday. But you looked so cute sleeping
there that I couldn't wake you. Till now that is. You
know, days half over and there are lots of things to do!
So, what'd you want to eat?"

"Umm, I don't know ... I, ahh ... umm, toilet?"

"Oh, sure. I'll just set this up while you do whatever."

Of course this meant getting out of bed. The natural
thing would have been to wrap herself in the sheet or
grab something, anything she could use to cover herself.
Fortunately she was awake enough by now to know that
covering herself would probably lead to trouble so,
taking a big breath, she slipped out of the bed.
Fighting the urge to hurry past him she walked normally
as she headed for the bathroom but she was unable to stop
blushing as she felt his eyes on her naked body.

Richard turned to watch her walking out, her butt seeming
to wriggle at him as she disappeared out the door. Fuck
she looked so good naked, so beautiful, especially when
she moved. Poetry in motion or something like that. It
really was an almost painful experience watching her, his
chest seemed to tighten and he had trouble breathing.
His, she was his and soon she'd walk back in, naked, her
boobs doing that indescribable jiggle, her beautful
little tuft of pussy hair only half hiding her pussy lips
and they'd sit together on his bed having breakfast.
Awesome! And she hadn't tried to hide herself from him,
not even for an instant. This whole thing was really
starting to work just the way he'd imagined.

As she toileted and then cleaned her teeth janet
desperately tried to clear her head. Early in the
morning as she was reading the last story she'd had a
moment of absolute clarity where she'd known exactly what
she had to do to make this mess work so as he wouldn't
hurt her anymore. Everything was crystal clear. Now
however her head was a mass of cotton wool and nothing
seemed the slightest bit clear. Maybe if she had a
shower but he had breakfast waiting for her and so he'd
be expecting her back.

Finishing cleaning her teeth she quickly checked herself
out in the mirror. Not too bad although her hair was
starting to look a little ratty. She'd have to give it a
serious combing soon. Anyway, at least there were no
marks from where he'd whipped her yesterday. She
shivered at the horrible memory. It seemed like such a
long time ago but it wasn't and it would probably happen
again if she pissed him off. No way. She wasn't going
to give him any reason to hit her like that ever again.
One last check in the mirror and she headed back to the
bedroom trying to focus herself on the main task. Keep
him happy! No two tasks. Keep him happy and remember
what it was that had seemed so clear at five in the

"Ok, got everything set up. Come and get it!"

He was looking very proud of himself as he sat in the
middle of the bed, the food spread all around him sort of
like a picnic. He had obviously taken a lot of trouble
getting this together so she was probably meant to
congratulate him or something like that.

"Looks great."

"Yep. Should be plenty here. What'd you want to start


"Okay, cereal it is. Come on, we can eat on the bed."

It was only as she clambered onto the bed to sit cross-
legged, facing him, that the fact that she was still
naked struck home! Of course he wasn't. He was only
wearing shorts and the way his thing ... no his cock ... was
tenting the front of them he probably didn't have any
underpants on but still, he was clothed and she wasn't.
Yesterday this had seemed like such a problem but now?
There was a momentary wave of embarrassment where she had
to fight the urge to grab a pillow to hide behind but
this was quickly followed by resignation. He'd
definitely seen everything she had to show in the last
few days so whatever! She was obviously going to have to
get used to it.

For the next few minutes she managed to avoid lengthy
conversations, relying on "thanks", "yes", "no" type
answers as they started eating. Then she made sure she
had her mouth full so talking wasn't really an option.
It gave her more time to try to remember what it was
she'd worked out last night but she still couldn't seem
to dredge it up. It was this out of reach thought,
seemingly hell bent on tormenting her because she was
sure it was the idea that was going to save her, protect
her from anymore of his horrible whippings.

Then, as she savoured her first sip of coffee it came
flooding back. The girls in the cheerleader story had
been the ones who had given it to her. They liked having
sex, wanted to have it, planned and schemed to have it
and more than that, they let the guy know which he really
seemed to get off on. He liked it when they were sluts.
He didn't want to be chasing them to have sex, he wanted
them to be chasing him, taking the initiative and in the
early hours of the morning, that's what she'd finally
figured Richard was about. He wanted her to be like
those girls. And he wanted her to be like the two girls
in the first story and most of the girls in the Jake and
whoever the other story was. Most of the time they
didn't have to be asked to have sex or do things, they
did them because they wanted to.

Phew, that was a relief. At least she'd remembered
although remembering what she'd decided she had to do
didn't mean it was going to be easy to actually do it.
Of course last night it had seemed easy. She remembered
turning to look at him as he slept, thinking it'd be easy
to pretend she wanted to have sex with him, to do the
things those girls were doing. She had to do them anyway
when he told her to, the only difference was that she'd
be taking the initiative. Might mean he thought she was
a slut but didn't he think that already from the names
he'd called her. Now however, sitting here in front of
him with him actually awake ... much harder to contemplate!

Oh shit! She just remembered the other great idea she'd
had last night. The reason she'd then spent another hour
surfing the net, looking at stuff that two days ago she'd
probably have been too embarrassed to search for. What
she'd planned had seemed easy then but now, looking at
him as she continued to sip her coffee it seemed
impossible! But if she didn't do everything Richard
wanted and even more, then he'd probably hurt her again
with the whips.

Shit, shit, shit! She'd said I earlier instead of your
slave. Dumb, dumb and dumber! Although he hadn't said
anything so maybe he didn't notice. Your slave, not I.
Your slave, not I. Your slave, not I!

"So, what time did you get to bed?"

"Your slave went to bed about six master."

"Wow. And you read the stories?"

"Yes master."

"So, what did you think of them?"

"Ah, they were interesting, I mean good master? Your
slave means good master!"

"Right. Um, which one did you like most?"

"Oh, not sure. Um, the second one maybe?"

"How come?"

She didn't say anything for a while, not certain how to
answer, not really wanting to talk about it because it
was kind of embarrassing. Which was of course really
dumb! She was sitting on his bed totally naked plus he
knew she'd read the stories yet she was embarassed
because he wanted her to tell him what she thought about
them. She knew why she was embarassed of course. It was
because she'd been turned on by reading them. Really
turned on by some of the scenes but she definitely didn't
want him knowing that.

"I guess, your slave guesses it was maybe more
believeable than the other stories. More normal that

"Yeah, suppose so. Which part did you like the most?
You know, which chapters?"

Somehow she didn't think he wanted to hear a school
report giving a literary analysis of the story. He
wanted her to talk dirty, he wanted to know which sex
scenes she liked, probably so he could do those things to
her. Not that it was really a problem in this story as
most of the stuff the characters did was fairly standard.
In fact there wasn't really anything she could think of
in this story that she and Richard hadn't already done.
Except having a third person there but in this story that
wasn't really an issue, certainly not the way it was in
the other two stories where there were lots of ... orgies
she guessed they'd have to be called.

"When they first got together maybe?"

"You mean the first time they fucked? In the park?"

"Yes master. When they first fucked."

"Anything else?"

"Umm, not sure ... maybe when the other girl ... when she
sucked him off for the first time? And when he, um, you
know, did it to the girlfriend?"

"When he ate her pussy you mean?"

Shit, she had to say everything, not try to avoid stuff
like that or he'd punish her again. She knew what she
had to do so why wasn't she just doing it!

"Yeah, when he licked her pussy for the first time and
she came. That was, um, good."



"So you did get turned on reading them?"

Damm, maybe he did know, maybe he'd seen. She'd been
half way through the first story, one hand hitting the
page down key every few seconds when she'd realised that
her other hand was down at her pussy and she was holding
herself, a finger ever so lightly brushing over her
clitoris. She'd quickly jerked her hand away and after
waiting a couple of minutes pretended to yawn as an
excuse to turn so she could check out if he'd been
watching but thankfully it looked like he was asleep.
After that scare she'd been careful for a while but
eventually the itch had become too strong and she'd had
to hold herself. She'd constantly checked him and she
hadn't actually got herself off but maybe he knew. Maybe
he'd woken up at some point and watched her. Shit, she
couldn't risk it!

"Yep. They were a turn on."

"Okay great! Hoped they would be. I mean I knew from
your diary that you get hot watching porno's but this is
way cool that you get hot reading sex stories too! So
what other parts did you like? What about the other

"Um, well in the Jake story I guess, your slave that is,
liked it when Jake and his girlfriend had sex, when they
fucked the first time."

"Yeah, I've jerked off over that story a few times. And
then later on when he fucks her younger sister, that's so
hot. Actually there were lots of hot parts in that
story. The scene where he and his brother fuck his
sister in the arse for the first time and ... ."

Jerked off over it? She took a long sip of her coffee,
eyes down, not sure how to react to that. He masturbated
... no, jerked off ... when he read the story. And he'd done
it more than once. Probably sitting at the computer
where she'd been sitting last night. He'd sat there and
played with his cock till he'd come, spurting his stuff
all over the place as he read that story and probably
when he read the other stories.

Gross! Well maybe not gross. She probably should have
been grossed out by it but truth was she wasn't. It was
more ... interesting ... nasty or something like that ... to
think that he sat there jerking off, playing with his
hard cock as he read those stories. Like she knew guys
jerked off but it just wasn't something you thought
about, wasn't something you imagined. Of course she'd
almost done the same and would have done it if she'd been
by herself last night but that seemed different somehow,
even though she knew it probably wasn't.

"Hello? Janet?"

"Sorry master, what?"

"Did you like the part where they fuck their sister in
the arse?"

"Um, yes master."

"Yeah, me to. Hey, what about you?"

"What master?"

"You know, when we, when I fucked you in the arse? Not
the first time cause I know that must have hurt a bit.
Sorry. But the second time. You got off that time
didn't you?"

"Yes master."

"So you don't mind, I mean you like being fucked in the
arse then?"

This was so cool being about to talk to her about stuff
like this. He'd never have imagined he ever be able to
ask a girl if she liked being fucked in the arse let
alone have actually fucked her there. He knew that
because she was his slave she had to answer him but even
allowing for that she really didn't seem to mind talking
about it. In fact he reckoned she might be getting
turned on by talking like this. He certainly was! Very
turned on! He'd soon be clearing all the stuff off the
bed so they could have their first fuck of the day. His
cock was starting to demand some relief and with his
naked dream girl here on his bed he sure wasn't planning
on masturbating.

"Guess so master."

"Okay. Cool. Which way do you like best?"

"Sorry master?"

"You know, which way have you liked best? Being fucked in
the cunt, the bum or sucking cock? Like if you had to
chose one, which'd be your first choice?"

This was getting all too weird and she was starting to
feel really light headed. Which did she like best? How
was she supposed to answer something like that? In any
normal situation if a guy had dared to ask her this she'd
have slapped him or maybe even kneed him in the balls.
Besides that, the answer should be none, should be that
she hated everything they'd done because he was forcing
her to do it. But of course she couldn't say that, not
only because he'd get pissed off but because even if he
was forcing her, her body kept betraying her by enjoying
so much of what they did.

She had to say something though or she'd be in trouble
again. She couldn't refuse to answer and she knew she
couldn't give a non-committal answer so her only choices
were making something up or just telling the truth. As
much as she hated it, the truth really was the only

"In ... in the ... in my cunt master."

"Thought so. Second?"

"Sucking co ... sucking your cock master."

"So you like sucking cock? I wasn't sure. I mean I
thought you did cause you really get into it but you
know, maybe you were pretending. I guess being fucked in
the bum would be third! Hey, what's it feel like?"


"What's it feel like? Having my cock up there? In your
bum? Cause it feels really different for me. Like in
your cunt's different to in your bum to when you suck me
off. So I was wondering what it's like for you? You

"Umm ... I guess it sort of ... sorry master, should have
said slave! Your slave guesses, um, that it's ... not sure
... like it's full maybe? Strange? Yeah, feels strange.
Full. Like I, like your slave wants to, you know?"


"Wants to ... go to the ... like wanting to go to the toilet
... you know, do a shit."

"Oh, okay."

"That's at the start. Then your slave got used to it
after a while. The second time that is."

"Yeah. Well I guess the second time was better for me
too. Sorry about that first one."

Sorry? That was the second time he'd said sorry. This
conversation was getting stranger and stranger and she
didn't know if she could handle much more without her
head exploding or something. Maybe if she turned it back
on him it would make it easier.

"What about you master? What's your favourite?"

"Hmm. Wow, tough one! I love everything! But I guess
normal. When we have sex, normal sex that is, being
inside you is like nothing I've ever experienced. It's
like so much more than I'd ever imagined it could be.
Your cunt's so hot and slippery and it's like it holds my
cock really tightly but it also lets it move inside you
really easily. Sort of like it's this total massage

This had to be the most incredible conversation he'd ever
had. Telling a girl what it felt like to have his cock
inside her cunt. And not just any girl but his Janet.
His eyes had dropped down to her pussy, the lips easily
visible, looking so inviting. He wasn't sure if he could
wait much longer to feel his cock inside her again now
that he was talking about it. Then he looked up and saw
her mouth, lips parted a little bit, her pearly white
teeth just visible, inviting, tempting.

"Being sucked. That's amazing too. Seeing my cock in
your mouth. And feeling your tongue licking it and the
way you suck is so incredible. Especially when I come,
it feels like your sucking my come out ... which I guess
you are! I love that too. Yeah."

For a few seconds nothing was said as they just stared at
each other, their breathing shallow, as if they were in a

"Okay, right. That's good. So, what about the other
story. The cheerleader one. What'd you think of that

"What? Oh, the Cheerleader? It was good master.
Strange though. At the start your slave thought it
strange that the girl was interested in the guy because
he was so much older than her. Then I, your slave
remembered that last year she had a crush on Mr Jeldon.
Like nothing happened you know but he must be at least
thirty so your slave guesses it isn't that strange.
Although when he started having sex with all the girls it
was a bit hard to believe. The guy in the story that is,
not Mr Jeldon!"

"Yeah, I suppose so but it is just a story you know.
It's not meant to be real. But what about when the girls
get together. You know, the lesbian stuff. Did you
think that was sexy? Have you ever done any of that?"

A warning bell went off and she had a sip of coffee,
trying to buy some time. She couldn't remember if she'd
written anything in her diary. She didn't think she had
but then again maybe she did which meant she couldn't
risk lying. Shit, she'd probably have to tell him.

"Um, not really. Like not the way they did in the

"Did you find it sexy in the story when the girls got it

"Umm ... guess so."

"Ok, wow. So you get turned on by lesbian stuff. That's
cool. So, what'd you mean by not really? What stuff
have you done with a girl?"

"Well when I was about thirteen, you know Jacqui Welston,
well she and I sort of practised kissing a couple of
times when she slept over."

"Yeah? Like full on? Tongues and all?"

"Um, not first time but ... yeah, second time cause her
sister had told her all about it."

"Okay! What else? There's something else isn't there?"

Shit! He knew. She must have written it in her diary.
She'd have to tell him everything now. This was so
embarassing and she could feel her face flushing once

"A few months ago at a party I'd drunk a bit and I kissed
and you know, did stuff with someone. Your slave kissed.
Your slave ... sorry master!"

"Really? Like this was full on kissing too? You know,
tongues and all? And what stuff? Did you play with each
other or something? Oh fuck! Marcia. It was her wasn't
it? You and fucking Marcia!"

"No, no. It wasn't Marcia."

"Yeah? You sure? Yuk. I fucking hope not. Bitch, she
is such a bitch, don't know how you fucking stand her at
all. Okay, so who was it?"


"Tina? Tina Dale? Really? So she's a lesbo? Wow, Tina
Dale a les ... I didn't know. I mean she doesn't look like
one, she's like really hot. Tina Dale, wow! So, what
did you two do?"

"No, she's not, she's not a lesbian. We're not, really.
It was just we were both a bit drunk I guess. We were
pissed off because everyone else at the party seemed to
be with someone and we weren't. I, your slave doesn't
know ... somehow we decided to pretend to be with each
other and then later we kissed. That's all."

"That's all? Tongue kissed? How long? And what else
did you do? You said there was other stuff."

She took another sip of coffee, gathering herself and
then told him everything.

"We kissed for a few minutes. Outside but the lights
were off. Not at first but soon it was tongues. It was
like fun. And we held each other. Then she held my bum
and we kind of rubbed against each other. Then we
giggled a bit about how silly it was. Although, well, I,
your slave noticed that her nipples were poking out and
said something. Then your slave touched her nipples and
she, you know, made a sound ... she liked it ... she still
had her top on though ... so then somehow we started
kissing again and this time we were touching each other's
boobs and nipples. That's all and not really touching,
like we both had our tops on so it wasn't really, you
know, touching touching. Anyway that was it cause
someone came outside a couple of minutes later and we
went in and that was it."

"So you liked it? Kissing and touching a girl?"

"I ... your slave ... it was okay. Yeah. But we're not
lesbians or anything. Like we'd drunk a lot and, you

"Wow. Cool. And that's it?"

"Yeah. We never talked about it or anything. Your
slave's never told anyone this. You won't tell anyone
will you? Please? Please master?"

"No. Course not. Wow. You didn't even put this in your
diary. This is one big secret isn't it!"

Shit, he hadn't known! Still what did it matter. Even
if he told someone, what did that matter. Her life was
kind of over anyway so people knowing she'd kissed Tina
once wasn't really a big deal compared to people knowing
what had happened to her over the last couple of days.

When she was telling him about touching Tina's boobs he
really thought he was going to come in his shorts. The
image was so potent, such a turn on. He kept glancing
down at her boobs, especially her nipples which were
really hard. Hard for him to suck and play with! Oh
yeah, this was going to be the best fuck they'd had he
was sure of it.

"So, what would you like to do today?"

"Anything you want master."

"No, come on, I want to know what you want to do."

She was about to reassure him that she really only wanted
to do what he wanted when it occurred to her that this
was sort of a trick question. There were three
possibilities. She could say anything you want again but
he might get angry because that was a bit like disobeying
him. She could say to go home and not be around you
because you're an arsehole and you've been so horrible to
me and I hate you ... but somehow she felt that could cause
a few problems. Or she could try to come up with
something she thought he'd want to do and then say she
wanted to do it. Even more than that, she could actually
do it like the girls in the stories did. If she thought
about it too much she knew she'd chicken out so she leapt
in, praying it was the right thing.

"Master, have ... have you ... have you come this morning?"

"Umm, what? Ah, no."

"Then your slave would like to help you come master."

His brain was having a lot of trouble processing this as
he watched her gather the breakfast things onto the tray
and put the tray on the floor. She looked up at him with
a tentative half smile as she moved closer leaning
towards him till her lips met his, lightly brushing
against them, the tip of her tongue licking his lips as
her hard nipples brushed against his chest and her eyes
fluttered closed.

His didn't. This was way too confusing. He thought
she'd asked him if he'd come this morning and then said
she wanted to help him come but that couldn't have been
what she'd said. Either he'd heard incorrectly or he was
dreaming. Although he could now feel her hand on the
outside of his shorts, holding his cock as her tongue and
lips moved down his chin to his neck and then to his left
nipple making this the most real dream he'd ever had.

"Did you say ... oh."

She'd sucked on his nipple, flicking her tongue over it
at the same time as she'd started rubbing her thumb over
his cockhead. This was definitely no dream so maybe he
did hear correctly. Her other hand came up to his
shoulder and when she applied pressure he didn't resist,
allowing her to push him down onto the bed. As he lay
back, her mouth stayed glued to his nipple, her lips and
tongue working their magic in ways he'd never imagined
possible. The hand on his shoulder moved over his chest
and she started tweaking his other nipple between her
thumb and forefinger.

"Oh wow."

"Do you like that master?"

"Oh yeah."

She almost asked him if his nipples were sensitive but
stopped herself, her embarassment taking over. No,
wrong. Stopping herself was wrong. She just had to do
things, not hold back, not think about them because if
she thought too much she wouldn't be able to do continue.

"Are they sensitive?"

"Yeah. Shit yeah! I had no idea. Oh yeah, that's good.
Keep doing that. Ohh!"

She'd swapped sides and this time she was licking the
flat of her tongue over his nipple. Until she'd read the
stories last night, she'd never thought of guys having
sensitive nipples and she'd actually doubted it when
she'd read it anyway. So much of the stuff in the
stories seemed to be exaggerated but maybe not because
Richard certainly seem to like what she was doing. This
had to be good for her. Surely the more he enjoyed what
she did the less chance there was that he'd hit her
again. Anyway, it was kind of neat playing with his
nipples like this so it wasn't as though she was doing
something really nasty.

For the next five minutes she moved from one side to the
other, teasing his obviously sensitive nipples. While
her mouth worked on one nipple her fingers would toy with
the other one, never letting up. As she got used to what
she was doing she started trying to vary the way she
licked him, noting his reactions, figuring it was
important to know what excited him the most. He really
seemed to like it when she carefully held his nipple with
her teeth and flicked her tongue over it. The other
thing that got a really strong response was when she
scratched her nail really quickly in circles around his

As she played with his nipples her other hand continued
to stroke his cock. First through his shorts but then
she moved her hand down his legs so she could get inside
his shorts. They were really baggy so she had no trouble
getting her hand up inside and then she was playing with
his hard cock with nothing between it and her hand. At
one point some slippery stuff came out and she smiled to
herself as she smeared it over the head. Pre-cum.
Something else she'd learnt last night from the stories.
Apparently it was meant to help his cock get inside her
if they had sex but not this time she thought.

As much as he seemed to love her licking his nipples,
carrying on, moaning and groaning, she knew he'd want her
to move on, so she headed south, kissing her way down to
his stomach, pausing to lick and suck his belly button
for a couple of minutes.

While her mouth concentrated on his belly button she let
go of his cock but only so she could tug his shorts off.
She watched as his cock sprang free of his shorts,
standing tall and hard, looking so strong, so imposing.
Just looking at it, thinking about what she was going to
be doing next, thinking about having it in her mouth
again, made her mouth water. It was now or never she
thought reaching up to take hold of his cock again but at
the last instant she stopped.

If the idea was to make this as good as possible for him
then part of that should probably be to make it last as
long as possible, to continue to tease him by doing more
of the things she was doing now. It wasn't as though
kissing his nipples and his belly button had been
horrible. In fact it was sort of okay to do and he
really seemed to like it. She remembered how much of a
turn on it was when he caressed her legs, particularly
her thighs. Maybe she should do the same to him, maybe
his legs were also sensitive, after all his nipples were
and who'd have thought that.

Starting at his knees she dragged her fingernails up his

"Ohh yeah! Wow!"

Because guys seemed to only be interested in kissing,
grabbing her boobs or pussy, and trying to get her to
hold their cocks, she'd assumed that the only place they
were sensitive was their lips and their cocks.
Apparently not. Apparently there were lots of places on
a guy that were sensitive, just like she had lots of
sensitive spots. Kind of neat really! For a while she
kept playing with his thighs running either her finger
nails or the pads of her fingers over them. It soon
became apparent that the insides of his thighs were the
most sensitive and he really liked it when she got close
to his groin. He'd tense up and push his hips up and
down, as if he was trying to get her fingers to touch his

Richard was going crazy. On the one hand he desperately
wanted her to touch his cock but on the other he wanted
her to keep doing what she was doing forever because it
was so wonderfully. Her tongue kept licking around and
into his belly button as her nails played havoc on his
thighs. Then finally her head lifted from his stomach.
Yes, he thought, his whole body tensing, waiting and
watching for the moment when her mouth would engulf his

"Oh shit!"

It wasn't her mouth. With her head upside down over his
cock she was using her hair to brush back and forth over
his cock and balls and stomach, tickling him, pushing his
excitement to levels he really hadn't imagined existed.
It was getting so intense there was a moment when he
thought he was going to come in her hair and then he
seemed to pass beyond that. As she continued caressing
him with her hair one hand was still working on his
thighs while the other moved back to his chest and
started toying with his nipples again.

"Oh shit that's so good. Oh feels so fucking good."

When she'd started this her only real thoughts, only
feelings, were about keeping him happy so he wouldn't
have a reason to hurt her. But now, after kissing and
licking his body for so long, smelling that strange male
scent from his groin, feeling his skin under her fingers,
listening to him moaning because of what she was doing,
after all this she was falling into a zone where it
wasn't about him or her, it was about the moment, about
the pleasure. Now she was ready to feel his hard cock in
her mouth again, ready to taste him again. Still keeping
her hair brushing his cock, she moved, repositioning
herself between his legs.

For a second when she started moving he was worried that
it was over but when he realised she was repositioning
herself so she was kneeling between his legs, he was more
than happy to spread them wide for her. This was more
than he could ever have hoped for, more than he'd ever
dreamed of and better than anything he'd ever read. She
was treating him like ... like ... it didn't matter what
really, it was just totally the best.

Kneeling between his legs like this was good. Great. It
was a feeling of control, power and she really liked that
feeling as she started running both hands along his
thighs again, each time getting closer and closer to his
cock and balls. For the first time since this had
started she was feeling that she had at least some
control of the situation. Teasing him like this was
great even if she knew it couldn't last forever. As she
looked down at his cock, so red, so hard, she knew she
didn't want it to last forever anyway.

Richard didn't want it lasting forever! He wanted it
now, wanted her mouth on his cock before he came from the
pressure of what she was doing to his body. Then she
peered up at him, pulling her hair to one side as she
slowly licked her lips leaving no doubt in his mind what
was coming next. The sight was so erotic, such a turn
on, that he had to grip the sheet to stop spewing his
come all over her face. As her eyes locked on his she
lowered her head, mouth partly open, tongue poking out
till she made contact with the head of his cock.

"Oh God yes!"

He was expecting her to take his cock into her mouth and
start sucking but for the next minute she stayed there
with her wet lips kissing the tip, her tongue rubbing
against the underside, sending crazy tingles all through
his body as she stared up at him. Finally, her eyes
drifted shut and with a soft moan, her lips descended
down his shaft, sucking him into her mouth till more than
half his cock disappeared from view.

"Oh my God! Oh fuck that's like so fucking intense! Oh
yeah, so fucking good!"

Now that his cock was finally in her mouth he was
expecting her to suck him off like she'd done the last
few times but it wasn't to be. For the first few seconds
she sucked really hard but then she eased off and started
playing with his cock with her tongue, licking all over
it and moving it around in her mouth. He watched in awe
as her cheeks on one side of her face and then the other
bulged outwards as she pushed his cockhead against them.

For a while janet alternated between sucking him as hard
as she could and gently playing with his cock, pushing it
around in her mouth. Then she decided she was ready for
the next step so she carefully raised her head till only
her lips were touching the tip of his cock. She slowly
lifted her head up a couple more inches and it worked,
they were still connected. By her saliva! As she
squinted she could see the bubbly strands of spit
trailing from her lips to the little hole on the top of
his cock. Opening her lips a little more she let the
rest of the saliva that had built up in her mouth dribble
out to spread over his cockhead before she dropped her
mouth back down over his cock, taking in as much of it as
she could, sucking the saliva back into her mouth and
swallowing it.

Now she knew she really was a slut because that had to be
the dirtiest, nastiest, sluttiest thing she could ever
do. Still, the way he groaned he obviously loved it and
so what if it was slutty, she sort of felt proud of
herself. Proud and she had to admit really turned on by
what she was doing to his cock. Weird!

It was as if he was trapped ... no, not trapped, cause that
sounded bad. It was as if he'd won the starring role in
an XXX rated porn movie. Never in his wildest dreams did
he think that a girl would be doing the things that janet
was now doing to his cock. Not just his cock either.
After doing the sucking, dribbling routine a couple more
times she took his cock out of her mouth and moved down
to work on his balls, licking them and taking them into
her mouth.

They were funny things balls. To start with they weren't
balls at all really. Until this all started she'd
assumed a guy's balls were like marbles but they were
really like footballs. Very small footballs of course.
Also they were sort of slippery the way they moved around
inside their sacks. She hadn't expected that either.
She'd thought they be like two immovable lumps stuck
underneath the guys cock. They were much more
interesting than that though. You could play with them ...
carefully of course ... like she was doing now!

While she was playing with his balls her hands had been
caressing his thighs, her nails scratching back and forth
along them. Now, she pushed his legs up in the air and
ducking her head further down, started licking below his
balls, heading to his arsehole. She still felt squeamish
about licking him here but it hadn't hurt her yet and it
was something he obviously expected her to do so she
didn't really have a choice, not if she wanted to avoid
him hitting her. Trying not to think about it too much
she once again ran her tongue over the wrinkled rosette
and was rewarded by another groan. That was the easy
part though. It was the next thing that was really
dodgy. Poking her tongue out she narrowed it as much as
she could and pushing hard, forced it into his hole.

"Oh shit yeah!"

His legs trembled as he felt her tongue spreading his
arsehole, pushing inside him. It was all starting to get
too much. He was getting so close and when it happened
he knew it was going to be big after such an exceptional

"That's so fucking amazing. Oh fuck! You are so fucking
good! Oh, yeah, so fucking good."

Yes! It must be working she thought as she licked his
arsehole one last time and worked her mouth back up to
his balls then up his hard shaft till she was poised over
his cock again, ready to start sucking in earnest, ready
for the big experiment.

Eyes closed she began working her mouth up and down his
hard shaft, corkscrewing her head around on each stroke,
her tongue pressed against him as she sucked till her
jaws started to ache. He was soon moaning continuously
and she knew he must be close to coming, close to once
again filling her mouth with his sperm.

She plunged down once more till his cock was as far in
her mouth as she could get it, the head almost pushing
against her throat. Easing off on her sucking she lifted
up a bit, at the same time angling her body up in the
air, then, swallowing as hard as she could, she lowered
her head and it happened! She froze, suddenly to scared
to move either up or down, as she realised that she'd
actually done it and the head of his cock was in her

"Oh god!"

For Richard it was more like time stood still. He'd had
no inkling, no warning of what she was going to do, of
what she was planning. Deep throat! Shit, it was
happening to him, he was being deep throated. janet
Sheen's throat was gripping the head of his cock!

It felt like forever but was really only a few seconds
before she lifted her head up and rested with just a
couple of inches of his cock still in her mouth. It was
possible. She was sure she would have at the very least
spluttered and gagged, at the worst she'd been worried
that she'd have thrown up all over him but she hadn't.
She'd done it, she'd actually swallowed him just the way
she'd read she could. He'd have to be happy with that,
with everything she was doing. Surely he wouldn't hurt
her again.

"Oh ... oh fucking hell! Shit, you did it. Oh, fuck
that's so fucking good."

Instinctively his hands had reached down and he was
caressing her hair and face. At that moment he knew he
loved her, knew he wanted to be with her forever. It had
all been worth in, everything

Although she'd now done it once, it was still a scary
knowing that she'd just had a cock lodged in her throat
and she knew that if she took his cock out of her mouth
now she'd probably wouldn't have the guts to try again.
So she stayed there, gently sucking as she prepared to
swallow him again.

The second time was easier and more of his cock
disappeared into her mouth. She actually moved her head
up and down a couple of times with it in her throat,
massaging it till she pulled her head off again to get
her breath. She'd read that she could breath and take
him in her throat at the same time but she wasn't sure
about that yet.

Richard hadn't been watching the first time but he sure
as hell was the second time she took him into her throat.
Even though it had only been a couple of days he'd
started to become used to the amazing sight of half his
cock disappearing into her mouth. Now as he watched even
more of it disappeared. She wasn't sucking him so her
cheeks didn't have that sexy dimpled look but watching
her throat bulge as he felt his cock head push into it
more than made up for that. This didn't even happen in
most of the porno movies he'd downloaded but it was
happening to him, here, real and live!

The feeling was so good. The supersensitive head of his
cock was being gripped and massaged by her throat. Then
all too soon it was over as she pulled back. For a
moment he was horribly tempted to grip her head and jam
her face all the way down, fucking her throat but he
controlled himself. No, that would be wrong. What she
was doing for him this morning was so amazing he wasn't
going to spoil it like that. Oh shit! She'd done it
again, going deeper and this time she kept his cock in
her throat even longer. Soon, soon. It would only take
a few more of these and he'd be coming.

The first time was scary - what if she choked, what if
his cock got stuck, what if she threw up all over him?
The second and third times were still a bit scary
especially when she felt his hands on her head - what if
he forced her to keep his cock in her throat and she
couldn't breath? The next couple of times though she was
able to take a bit of time to think about what she was
doing. The gag reflex she'd read about didn't seem to be
a problem for her. And she could keep him in her throat
longer than a couple of seconds which made sense. She
guessed she could keep him there as long as she could
hold her breath. And moving up and down on his cock
while it was in her throat was also easy and she could
tell that he loved that.

It was on the sixth plunge that she got a surprise. Up
till now she'd had her eyes closed but something tickled
her lips and her eyes sprang open. His hair! She was
staring into his pubic hair and she had so much of his
cock in her mouth that the tips of his pubes were now
against her lips. This time as she lifted her head up
she kept her eyes open, watching as his shiny wet shaft
came out of her mouth.

She came all the way up till her lips were just kissing
his cockhead then she moved up a couple of inches,
letting her saliva keep then connected, dribbling it down
onto his cock. Then, keeping her eyes open, she
enveloped his cock again, travelling down, swallowing as
it reached her throat, continuing down, past the tickling
hairs till her lips were pressed into his pubes and she'd
taken every inch of him into her mouth and throat.

That was it for Richard. His body started trembling
uncontrollably, his finger tightened in her hair and he
cried out as the pulses of his orgasm blasted through his

"Oh yeah! Yes, all the way! Oh fuck! Fuck! Coming!!"

When she felt his grip on her head tightening she figured
it must be time for him to come. She tried to pull back
but his hold was too tight. There was a moment of panic
as she was worried about drowning if he came in her
throat, then it was too late as she felt his cock expand,
felt the first spurt of come travelling down his cock.
It felt like the head of his cock expanded in her throat
then nothing. Of course she wasn't going to drown, it
was filling her stomach, not her lungs. She calmed
herself as more come flowed down his cock and he pushed
his body up against her mouth, cry out with each spurt.

Finally with one last jab of his hips he relaxed,
releasing his grip on her head. She slowly lifted her
head up, till his cock was out of her throat and she was
able to breath again. A few dribbles of come came out as
she kept sucking and she swirled them around in her mouth
before swallowing them. Strange. She'd almost been
looking forward to having another mouth full of his come
to taste and swallow but if he came in her throat she
didn't really get that. Which of course she reminded
herself she didn't really want to do. She was only doing
all this to keep him happy. It wasn't as if she actually
liked doing any of this.

It seemed to take a long time before he returned to earth
... minutes, hours, years, he wasn't really didn't know.
He finally became aware that she was still between his
legs, still sucking on his cock but he wanted her with
him now, not servicing him. He eased her head off his
cock, pulling her up over his body till she was lying on
top of him, her wonderful boobs pressing into his chest,
her face above his, his cock now trapped between her
thighs. There was so much he wanted to say, so much he
wanted to tell her. Soon, soon he wouldn't be able to
stop himself and he knew he'd tell her everything he was

"Thank you. That was the most amazing thing. Just ..."

Lifting his head up his lips met hers and they kissed.


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