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School for Sluts

By Katie McN <> (c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
"Sue, that's me! Where did you get the video? Please, turn it off." I
almost screamed when I saw myself on the big screen TV. My god, it's
the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me.

It started three months ago when I pledged Alpha Sigma Delta Sorority.
I was surprised they let me in their exclusive club. All the other
girls came from upper class families while I was still trying to forget
about the trailer we lived in since my father ran off with the cocktail
waitress from the San Remo Bar.

Somehow I got accepted and decided right then I'd be the best Delta
Pledge the sorority ever had. Well, it was harder than I expected but
somehow I made it. Sue, the Pledge Mistress seemed to single me out for
special attention, but I didn't care. I knew it would come to an end
and went along with every humiliation and punishment.


"I'm not turning this off, Karen. I want you to watch every minute of
it. You're nothing but a low life slut and I can't believe you expect
to stay in the sorority."

We celebrated getting through Hell Week with a party at the Alpha Tau
Omega Fraternity House. Their pledges also finished Hell Week and now
it was time to forget about the hazing and have a good time. I was
really looking forward to it.

Sue was so nice at the party. She got me a glass of white wine and
toasted me as a new member of the sorority. I can remember thinking
that maybe she wasn't so bad after all, but that's all I can remember
about last night. Unfortunately Sue had a video to remind me of what
else happened.

She called me into her room and told me to sit down. She never said a
thing after that, just turned on the VCR and let me watch.

The room in the video was empty at first and then I saw myself stagger
in and it seemed like I was real drunk. I can't remember drinking that
much, but could see I put away a lot of wine from the looks of things.

The guy who came through the door behind me pushed me down on the bed
and started kissing me. I was kissing him back and looked like I wanted
to be there.

He didn't waste any time.

His hand slid under my skirt and I watched it rise up toward my waist
as he sampled the curves of my leg. I could see his hand force its way
into my red panties as his fingers searched for my pussy. It slid in so
easy that I knew I must be turned on big time.

His hand was outlined by the silk panties and I could see him rubbing
my pussy just like he owned it. His finger was inside my cunt and my
panties were already getting wet.

When he couldn't get the motion right, he stopped and ripped my panties
off and spread my legs. The camera showed my dripping pussy and a look
on my face that said I wanted to fuck. It was horrible.

The guy started fingering me again and got me writhing all over the
bed. I could hear every moaning sound coming from my mouth. I wanted
the person in the tv to be someone else, but it was me. I begged Sue to
turn it off, but she laughed and made me watch.

On the screen a door opened and three more guys came in. They stood by
the bed and watched as my dress was torn from my body. I was lying
there wearing nothing but shoes and my bra. Well, not for long. He
quickly tore the bra open and exposed my tits to all four of the guys.

"Look at the fucking hooters on that bitch!. I can't wait to get my
hands on them."

"Get to screwing, Bob. The slut is going to pull the whole A T O

"Do it big boy."

I heard his zipper open and then felt his cock slam into my pussy. He
started a relentless action that was taking us both off toward an
orgasm. I could see myself looking at the other three who were
hollering out encouragement and advice.

"Fuck the shit out of her, Bob. Let's hear her scream."

"Do it, big guy. The bitch is starving for some real man meat."

I watched myself start to get into it. I was fucking him back and
enjoying myself as we tried to make our two bodies one.

Bob was done in two or three minutes and was replaced by another
faceless person as soon as there was room in my pussy for a visitor.

The next one took no more care than Bob and he soon was into his own
world. I was nothing more than a sperm bank and he was trying to make a

It continued on with the third and the fourth. One of them turned me
over and fucked me in the ass. I'd never had that done to me before and
was surprised at how his cock seemed to fit perfectly in my asshole. I
watched as I bucked my ass up and down and tried to get him to push
deeper and harder.

When they finished I saw myself on my back again as they played with my
body. I had wondered how I got all the bruises on my tits and now I
could see what happened. One guy was pulling on my nipples to see how
far he could stretch them while another one was pushing a beer bottle
into my pussy. I couldn't believe that I could open up that much, but
there was my cunt spread wide with a bottle pushed in almost all the
way. I could see their spunk dripping down my pussy as the bottle was
used as a glass dildo. I was lucky it didn't break.

"We've got to get the bitch out of here. She's smelling up my room and
look at the bedspread."

"Yah, let's get her out of the house before someone sees her."

I watched as they carried my limp body out the door. I wondered how
many people saw me drunk and naked as they dragged me down the stairs.

My pussy hurt when I woke up and I was completely undressed. I usually
sleep in a long nightgown and panties, but not this time. My tits were
bruised and my pussy swollen. I felt like someone beat me with a stick,
but when I found out what really happened, it was worse.


"You've ruined our reputation, Karen. How could you do this to the
sorority? We'll be the laughing stock of Sorority Row."

I could see my chance to improve my life slipping through my fingers.

"If anyone finds out about this, you'll be thrown out of here and
probably out of school."

She was right and then my family and everyone I knew would find out
that I was worthless. How could I do something like this. I started to

"Shut the fuck up, Karen. You screwed up and crying isn't going to
change a damn thing."

I'd never heard Sue talk like that before. I was surprised and stopped
crying as soon as I heard her shrill voice.

"Well, no one has to know and I might be willing to give you another

My world was in flames, but maybe a phoenix could rise from the ashes.
I told her I'd do anything if she could keep the video secret.

"You won't be getting into the sorority until you prove yourself. If
you do everything I tell you between now and June, we'll give you
another chance."

"Thanks, Sue. I don't know what to say."

"Don't thank me. Just do what you're told, understand?"


Every morning I made coffee for Sue and cleaned up her room while she
got ready for school. She usually had a list of errands for me to run
before the day was over. I didn't care because June wasn't that far
away and then I'd be in the sorority and all my problems would be
behind me.

"Karen, come up to my room. I want to talk to you about something."

Sue usually had a date on Friday night. I was surprised that she wanted
to talk with me, but followed her upstairs to her inner sanctum.

"You're doing a good job keeping on the straight and narrow, Karen. It
looks like you'll be getting into the sorority after all."

I tried not to show how excited I was about the good news, but the
smile on my face must have given me away.

"Before you get too happy, you still have to prove you were telling the
truth when you said you'd do anything to make up for your past
mistakes. Why don't you start by taking off your clothes?"

I didn't understand why she wanted me to do it, but since it was just
the two of us, I decided to go ahead. She watched as I slowly removed
my clothes and seemed to be enjoying my discomfort. When I removed my
blouse she held out her hand and took it from me. She repeated the act
with each item of clothing as I stripped off everything. She even made
me take off my earrings and watch leaving me completely naked. She
threw all my belongings into a drawer and then spent several minutes
looking at every part of my body. I felt like I was on display.

"You have nice looking tits and I love the way your nipples stick out."

My nipples were sticking out because she was playing with my breasts. I
had to stand there while she fondled and touched my boobs. She pulled
on my nipples and squeezed them until they stood at the rigid position
of attention. She kept it up until I realized I was getting turned on.
Even when my face turned red with embarrassment, she continued
massaging my tits and letting her hands wander over the rest of my

I thought about telling her to stop when I felt her finger slide up and
down the crack between my legs. I was wet and it wouldn't take long
before she could push her finger inside me. Before I could say anything
she stopped and I thought it was over.

"Karen, I think you're turned on from being touched by a girl. I knew
you were a slut but I didn't think you were a lesbian."

No, I'm not a lesbian. Any girl would have had the same reaction if
someone was molesting all the personal parts of her body. I tried to
cover up, but she said to put my hands down and be the slut that we
both knew I was.

"I've never seen a girl get herself off, so why don't you show me how
it's done. Don't think you can fake it either. I want to see a real

Somehow I knew it would be easier for me to just go ahead and do it. I
stalled at first until I saw how impatient she was and finally slipped
a hand between my legs. I'd never played with my pussy while standing
up and didn't know if I could do it. My hand rubbed my cunt while my
middle finger moved slowly in and out of my love place. A knuckle found
my hard clit and teased that little digit until it could hardly stand
the excitement. I could feel myself getting ready to explode, but
didn't want Sue to see me do it. I slowed down for a second and felt my
orgasm back off.

"Play with your tits while you finger yourself."

When my other hand touched my sensitive boobs, I knew there would be no
chance for me to avoid getting off. It took less than thirty seconds
until my body betrayed me and I came with an overpowering burst of

"Uh, uh, uh, oooh." I couldn't hold back and soon gave myself away. I
ended by screaming out when I reached the top. Sue just laughed at me

"We're changing the rules starting today. I don't want you to wear
clothes when you're in my room. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Miss Sue."

"Good, now get out back to your room. Don't worry about all the girls
you see in the halls. I told them you'd be naked and they want to see
if you'll do it."

"Please, Miss Sue, don't make me leave without my clothes."

Begging didn't do any good. I soon found myself running to my room with
every girl in the sorority laughing at me. The next day I was
determined to avoid the humiliation and took off my clothes outside
Sue's door. Well, that didn't work out. When Sue threw me out of her
room after she was through with me, my clothes were gone and once again
I had to make the long trek to my room naked. I finally gave up and
didn't wear clothes when I made my morning trip to Sue's room.


"You're doing that on purpose and I don't like it."

I was picking a pair of Sue's panties off the floor where she threw
them the night before. She thought that I was sticking my ass in her
face on purpose and she was mad. I tried to clean her room as fast as
possible so I could do any other chores she needed and still get to
class on time. I never thought that my bare butt could get me in so
much trouble.

"Bend over and grab your ankles. I don't want to see those knees bend
one little bit."

Swack! Swack! Swack!

It started a couple of days ago. Any time I did something Sue didn't
like I got a swat from the large paddle she carried with her. My ass
was black and blue and there didn't seem to be an end to it.


"You dumb bitch. You dropped my books in the mud."

"I'm sorry Miss Sue. I tripped over something and couldn't help it."

"Bullshit. You did it on purpose you low life trailer trash and now
you're going to pay."

Miss Sue had me carry all her books everywhere we went. She said she
might need one of them and didn't want to be without. She never opened
a book in my presence and I knew she just wanted to let everyone see
she was in charge.

"Pull up your skirt and drop your panties now, Karen."

"You can't give me a swat here in the quad. There are too many people
watching. I can't do it."

"You'll do it or you're out of the sorority. Too bad because you've
just about come to the end of your punishment and it would be a shame
for you to get kicked out now and besides there's always the video."

I wanted to be in the sorority but not enough to strip in public and I
was ready to tell her it was over. When she mentioned the video I knew
I didn't have a choice. I couldn't have my parents or anyone else she
what kind of person I was when I got drunk. I turned so no one could
see my ass when I pulled up my skirt. My panties were already around my
ankles as I assumed the position and waited for my swats. Nothing
happened. Nothing happened for almost five minutes except that a large
crowd surrounded me and started making remarks about the girl showing
off her ass and pussy.

Sue never intended on giving me a swat. She just wanted to see how long
I'd stay there with my skirt pulled up and my panties pulled down. She
was half way to her next class before I noticed she'd left. I quickly
stepped out of my panties and ran after her.


"Miss, miss, you forgot these."

A geeky looking freshman ran up with my panties in his hand. I turned
red when he tried to force them on me. I looked away and tried to
ignore him, but Sue was having none of it.

"How nice of you to find Karen's panties. The poor girl would lose her
head if it wasn't attached."

Oh, oh. Every time Sue talked in her sweet as sugar voice I knew I was
in trouble.

"Karen, I think this nice boy should have a reward. Why don't you
autograph the panties and give them to him? Hurry up, I don't want to
be late for class."

When I looked over at the twit he was holding a marker in his hand and
looking at me with a silly grin. I couldn't help noticing the tent in
the front of his pants. I couldn't believe I was giving an autograph to
some guy with a hard on. He made me sign it 'To Derrick with all my
love Karen'. After that Sue made me pose for a picture with Derrick who
was trying to cop a feel while he held my panties up in the air.

"Thanks Karen. We don't have a lot of trophies in the Freshman display
case. I'm glad I've got the picture so people will believe you actually
gave them to me."

I could just imagine what the freshman boys would be saying and I hoped
that they wouldn't recognize me from the picture. If they were all like
this twit I could imagine them holding a jack off contest in front of
the trophy case. I wanted to get out of there before Sue thought of
something else, but I was too late.

"Karen, he must like you. Look how his dick is pushing out the front of
his pants. I think you should go out with him."

As soon as she said that, the boy bent over and tried to hide his
obvious erection. I couldn't believe she was going to make me go out
with him, but I knew better than to complain. I'd have to do it anyhow
and get a few more swats for whining if I said anything.

Sue told Derrick to wait in his room and I'd be there at 7 PM sharp. I
suspected she had something in mind and I wasn't wrong.


"Holy shit! Look at that babe"

"See the tits on that one!"

"Oooh Eeeeh! You can come and sit on my face anytime baby."

I had help picking out my clothes. Sue gave me a latex mini-skirt that
hugged my ass like a second skin. It was a good thing that it did
because she wouldn't let me wear panties. She did make me wear an
uplift bra that had my tits sticking out a mile and I had to undo
several buttons on my blouse so it was obvious that those were my boobs
everyone was seeing. I felt like I was running the gantlet as I moved
quickly to the end of the dorm where Derrick's room was located..
Somehow the room reminded me of Derrick.

"This room looks like shit, Derrick."

"Don't worry about it, Karen. You can close your eyes and pretend
you're someplace else."

I didn't plan on being there long and suddenly had the thought there
was more to it than I realized. Derrick was wearing a smoking jacket,
silk ascot and pajama bottoms. I thought the high top sneakers added
something to the look, but couldn't say just what.

"Sue gave me a call and told me that you'd pop my cherry if I said the
secret words. So I'll say them. 'Remember the video'."

I couldn't believe it. Sue was going to make me fuck one of the biggest
geeks I'd ever seen. When I saw the bulge pushing out the front of his
pajamas, I figured it wouldn't take very long so why not. Might as well
get it over with.

I laid back on the bed and spread my legs giving him a good shot of my
pussy. If I didn't know what was coming next I would of thought it
funny to see a guy standing in front of me with his tongue hanging out
of his mouth.

"Come let's get to fucking, Derrick. My cunt's getting cold."

"Uh, I thought I'd get to see your tits. I don't think I want to fuck
you unless I see your tits."

I unbuttoned another button and was able to pull my tits from their
lacy enclosure. Now his tongue was joined by his two eyes bulging out
of his head. He walked toward the bed like a robot and started to take
off his clothes.

This was the first time I ever had a guy come while he was sticking it
in. There's not a lot of satisfaction in that, but at least it was
over. He lay on top of me for a few seconds and then hollered out

"Hey, you guys. I fucked the shit out of her and now it's your turn."

As soon as he said that, the closet door opened and three guys ran into
the room. They made Derrick look like Adonis in comparison. I'd figured
that even Derrick would have better taste than this, but I guess when
you're a geek you take your friends where you can get them.

"Okay guys line up. Mustafa you're first, Quon second and Belush is
third. Take your time guys this bitch won't wear out."

"Wait a minute. Sue said to fuck you. She didn't say anything about me
getting it on with the whole math club."

"If you don't do it, I won't sign my name to your ass and you won't be
able to prove you fucked me. Quit messing around and get to work. We
haven't got all day."

I figured that just fucking these creeps would be too easy. They had
other ideas. Besides getting four cherries in one night, I had to give
them their first blow job and all of them tried to fuck me in the ass,
but only Quon and Belush were able to get off. Finally, Derrick signed
his name on my ass in indelible marker and I got out of there as fast
as I could.


"Turn around, Karen. Show me your ass."

I was cleaning Karen's room and she wanted proof that I humiliated
myself. Somehow it didn't matter to me any more. I kept thinking about
the day I'd be a sorority sister and then all of this would end. I
really didn't like having girls drop by Sue's room to watch me clean
and make fun of me while I was doing it, but I was getting used to
people seeing me naked. Besides, there are just so many errands to run
and trips to the grocery store to make. I figured that I could put up
with anything and resigned myself to a little more misery and then
finally my freedom.


"We're going out tonight and I want you to wear this outfit, Karen."

I didn't have to look to know it was another slut outfit. I was used to
walking in the four inch heels she made me wear, but I still wasn't
ready for the reaction I got when we went out to a club. I was so
sleazy most guys thought it would ruin their reputation to be seen in
public with me. When people did pay attention to me, Sue usually made
me go out to their cars and fuck them or just crawl under a table and
give them head.. Once she had me stay under the table all night and I
must of blown 15 or 20 guys besides ruining my stockings and getting my
knees real dirty.

Sue never had a problem picking up a guy and as soon as she made her
selection the three of us left. We usually snuck into one of the frat
houses and headed up to the guy's room. Sue wanted me there to watch.
She felt that most guys would want to show off for an audience and she
would get better sex that way.

"Oh my god, Billy, that was so great. You're the best, big guy. How
about some sloppy seconds."

"Well, uh, maybe a little later."

"Don't worry about getting it up again. Karen can help out with that
little problem."

By now I was quite good at doing a strip tease. I knew how long to
linger as I slowly took off each item of clothing. I was supposed to
end up wearing nothing but my high heels and stop right next to the bed
so the guy could see everything. It always embarrassed me when he
leered at my nakedness, but I knew better than to try and cover
anything up.

"I think Billy needs a little more help, Karen. Why don't you play with
your tits and give yourself a hand job while he watches. Make sure he
gets a good look at your hot pussy. I'm sure he'd like to see how a
slut does herself."

When his cock started to lift the sheet up, I knew I was doing him some
good. His constant staring had an effect on me and I realized that I
was getting turned on. I could feel the juices flow in my pussy and my
tits were so sensitive I could hardly touch them. Sue climbed on top of
him as soon as she heard my first moan and started fucking him for all
she was worth. They soon forgot about me standing next to the bed and
made love with wild abandon.

"Okay, Billy, third time's a charm. What do you say."

"Gee, I'm really worn out. Could we wait a few minutes?"

"Karen, poor Billy needs your help again. Why don't you suck on his
dick awhile and see if you can get something going here?"

I put his limp cock into my mouth and started playing with his balls. I
sucked his dick into my mouth and then pulled my head slowly back and
let his cock almost slide out. Just before it did, I sucked it back in
again. I kept doing this until I noticed a stirring and knew it
wouldn't be long before he was hard as a rock. I helped things along by
letting my other finger play around his asshole. Every time I pretended
I was going to push it inside I heard a moaning sound. He was up and
ready to go in no time at all.

It took fifteen minutes before he got off this time. I watched as they
took turns being on top. He had Sue from behind and I was amazed at how
she could fuck back with her ass. The bed was crashing up and down, but
neither one of them seemed to realize they were making any noise. I was
already horny, but it got worse when I saw them do a sixty nine. It
looked like Billy was ready to finish. He pushed Sue on her back and
started fucking her for all he was worth. She seemed to be there and
they ended with a single scream coming out of both their bodies.


"Karen, I want you to meet Stan and Roger. They're friends of Billy and
paid me fifty bucks to fuck you. Why don't you take them to some motel
and give them a work out?"

"What do you think I am? I'm not a whore and you can't make me be one."

"You're right, Karen, but I'll have to send all these videos and
pictures to everyone you know unless you shut up and get busy taking
care of the guys."

There was a large pile of pictures and videos on her bed. When I looked
at them I realized she had been taking pictures of everything I did. I
was sure the videos were more of the same. It was no longer just a
matter of getting drunk one night and making a mistake. She could prove
I'd been doing stuff like that all semester long. I was finished unless
I did just what she said.

"Okay boys, who's driving?"

The motel was in a very bad part of town and I was afraid to get out of
the car since I was only wearing my high heels. It didn't matter
because Stan pushed me out and dragged me off toward the room. No one
said anything if they saw me running naked through the parking lot.

"Hey Roger, why don't we tie her hands to the top of the bed? I've
always wanted to fuck someone when they couldn't do anything about it."

They not only tied me to the bed, they also forced a rubber ball in my
mouth and somehow tied it around my head so I couldn't holler out. As
soon as they did that, Stan opened the door and 15 or 20 more guys came
into the room.

I don't know when they started to melt together, but at a certain point
it almost seemed like the same guy was fucking me over and over. Each
time a dick was pulled out of my pussy, another one was slammed into it
and the fucking continued on and on relentlessly. Sometimes a guy would
lift my legs up until my asshole was visible and then force his cock
into my brownie. When I looked like I was worn out, someone took the
rubber ball from my mouth and replaced it with his dick. I was turned
this way and that and soon found all three of my holes filled with
throbbing erections. I felt hands on my tits and legs and realized the
other guys were having some fun with my body as three guys almost tore
me apart with their cocks. Every time one person came another was there
to take his place. I have no idea how many people I fucked, sucked or
took up my asshole. It went on for hours and hours until I finally
passed out.

When the car started I woke up and realized that everyone was gone. I
was alone in the motel room and knew I better leave because I didn't
have any clothes and wanted to get home before it was light outside.


"Attention everyone. Today is the last step in Karen's initiation to
the Alpha Sigma Delta Sorority. We invited you here to see what she is
willing to do to be a member of our house."

The room was full. All the sorority sisters were there of course and
many of them had dates. Since that first night Sue made me go off to
the motel, guys had been showing up in two and threes to buy my favors
from her. I had no idea how much money she made selling my body but it
must have been quite a lot. Many of the guys who paid to fuck me were
in the room as well. I saw a couple of my teachers and quite a few
people I didn't know.

Sue tied me spread eagle to the bathroom door. When someone wanted to
use the facilities, they had to get by me by either crawling through my
legs or trying to squeeze around one side or the other. It was just too
convenient and so everyone groped and molested me as they entered or
left. Soon it became a game to see who could get me to make the loudest
sound as they went by. A large crowd gathered outside the door and
applauded and cheered every time someone got me to make an embarrassing
noise. Occasionally some guy would come out of the bathroom and stick
his dick in my asshole. Most of the guys were real drunk so I don't
think more than two or three actually got off, but everyone loved
watching them try.

I was able to see several big screen tv sets and each one was showing a
video of me in action. Piles of pictures were brought into the room and
everyone was told to help themselves. I realized it was all over and I
would be thrown out of school and never be able to return home again.

Even in my final moment of disgrace Sue was relentless. She handed out
12 inch dildos to several of the girls and they started to tease my
body with the immense organs. They were trying to make me come and kept
it up until I did, over and over again. I finally passed out.


"Karen you're a disgrace to your religion. I can't believe you were
naked and passed out on the front steps of the church. What do you have
to say for yourself?"

I couldn't say anything. I didn't want to tell him what I'd been doing
for the past months. There was no way I could explain it. I wanted to
put on some clothes, but didn't want to open my mouth in front of the
minister who was so angry his face was turning red.

"You're damned forever, you worthless slut. You're a horrible person
and I'm ashamed to say you were ever a member of this congregation."

"What ever happened to forgiveness for my sins? Isn't there some way I
can make up for this?"

"You will serve the righteous until you show me you are ready to be
saved. You're a harlot and caused me to lust in my heart."

He explained that I was a slut and so it was not a sin for him to use
me to overcome his temptations. He used me on his desk by fucking me in
the pussy and then he turned me over and fucked me in the ass.

I found out that I would have to do a penance and work for the church.
If I proved myself then I would be given a chance to rejoin the

"You'll be staying here in the room behind the alter until your penance
is over. Your meals will be brought to you and you won't be needing any

My role was to help those who could not overcome temptations of lust.
There were many that I helped in different ways. First I was only
fucking and sucking. Later I helped people work out all sorts of sex
fantasies. Yes, it was embarrassing and humiliating, but eventually I
knew I'd be saved and so it didn't matter to me what I had to do.

It's wonderful to know that I belong to such a holy and forgiving
The End
Tell me what you think about my story!

Katie McN <>

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