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Schoolgirl Blackmail part 1


Schoolgirl Blackmail

There is nothing I that gets my blood running more than the innocence of a
schoolgirl. Especially blondes, around 14-16, and dumb. Now this story
wouldn't be told if I hadn't have moved house to a new street on the
"better" side of the tracks. All the neighbours seemed pretty stuffy, so I
didn't go out to be especially friendly – except to one woman, who lived
next-door. The reason I made an effort to be make myself known to her is
this: each day at about 4.15 p.m. a lovely little schoolgirl walks straight
passed my front yard. She is the epitome of perfect schoolgirl innocence:
blonde (always worn in a short pony-tail), smooth, tanned legs – lean and
firm, big tits for her size, and a little bubble for an ass.
I eagerly await each afternoon when she would swish passed with that
presence and freshness that only teenage girls seem to have. She greets me
nicely each day, and probably views me as no more than a nice elderly
gentlemen. Little does she know the thoughts I am having of her, and what
I would do to her if I ever got the chance.

Weeks passed and I became somewhat acquainted with the little schoolgirl
(Tiffany), and her mother (Karen). One afternoon, there was a knock at
my door, and to my surprise I opened to be presented with the delicious
little Tiffany. Although it was nearly 6 o'clock, she was still in her school
uniform – long knee-socks, reasonably short flaring tartan-skirt, and white
blouse. I hid my surprise well, and asked her what I could for her. She
replied that she needed pocket money and was wondering if I had any
odd-jobs that needed doing. Ridding my mind of the real jobs I would love
her to do, I politely answered that I did indeed need someone to clean
house for me in the afternoon. She was nearly as delighted as I, and added
that her mother wanted to know if I would like to go over for some dinner.
I obliged, and followed the delicious little thing to her house. Taking a
seat in her living room, I began a run-of-the-mill conversation with her
mother, who, though nice, was quite patronizing. I would have left had
Tiffany not come to join us – not that the company of a fifteen year-old
girl is in any way scintillating, but there was another reason I was so
pleased that she joined us: the way she was sitting! Little Tiffany, the
gorgeous little girl I had been eyeing for weeks, was now sitting before me
with her knees pulled up to her chest, causing her skirt to ride up smooth
thighs so high that I could nearly see her panties. Trying to remain
inconspicuous, I shot the odd glance in the direction of the lovely girls
thighs as her mother prattled on, totally unaware of the devious sight I had
of her daughter who sat beside her.

Then it happened! Tiffany twisted to say something to her mother, and her
skirt completed the rest of it's journey up her smooth thighs! I was
dumbfounded as the little girl's soft pink cotton pink panties were revealed
to me! Because of the closeness of her proximity to me, I could see the
outline of her gorgeous young pussy, and even her pubes! But what really
caught my eye was the fact that the back of her panties were so bunched
up from the way she was sitting, that they nearly disappeared right up her
delicious little ass! Before me I beheld the full round softness of her
smooth little schoolgirl bum. Her legs were propped in an upside-down
'V', with her feet apart, leading up to where her knees rested together. I
could feel a swelling in my loins, that progressed to a dull ache, pulsating
with each beat of my heart. The night was drawing to a close, and after my
erection subsided, I said my good-byes, and went home to masturbate for
the first time in six months! That schoolgirl had me hotter than I had been
in a decade!

The next day, the afternoon could not arrive fast enough! Finally, there
was a soft knock at the door, and I knew that my the darling little Tiffany
has arrived. I nearly fell over when I opened the door, for Tiffany stood
before me in a dress that I am surprised her mother let her out of the house
in – it barely qualified for a T-shirt! It was a little summer number, floral,
very flared, and very short. To go along with this, she wore loose white
socks that bunched around her ankles, and black flat shoes. Her apple-like
tits sat in bra that was hardly hidden from view in the shoulderless dress.
She was tanned all over, making her face glow, and her skin nearly to
good to resist from touching! I composed myself, and invited the gorgeous
little thing in.
"Is this O.K to clean in?" she asked.
Not trying to sound too eager, I reassured her that it was just fine, and
attempted to sound serious as I instructed her as to her chores. My house
was a bit of mess, but, struck by a sudden stroke of genius, I asked her to
sweep the polished pine floorboards that run the length of my house.
When she began, I followed her about, scooping up the piles of dust and
what-not that she had gathered. She assured me that she needed no help,
yet my actions were not motivated by kindness, but by the fact that in my
floor boards was the perfect reflection of what lay beneath her skirt! Each
time we teamed up to scoop the dust, I was in for a show that made me
sweat more than the weather! Tiffany was wearing tight, brief white cotton
panties – a personal favourite! It was lucky that I was wearing jeans,
because the raging hard on I had felt like it would burst any other soft
material! With each swish that she made to push the dirt into the scooper I
was blessed with a full shot of her girly charms – her soft thighs, bulging
mound, and sweet round little bum. I was nearly glad when the sweeping
was over, for I thought I couldn't take much more of that! She next
volunteered to do the bathroom – clean the bath-tub (which was in a
terrible state due to dis-use), the sink and the shower. I eagerly agreed as
this would surely involve numerous panty-views as she bent and twisted to
reach all the nooks and crannies. I said that I would keep her company as
she cleaned, and assumed my position at the door after she entered. I
decided that I would 'casually' crouch to gain a better view and within
seconds of doing of doing so, I was rewarded. The sweet little teenager
knelt down facing me to clean the sides of the tub. With the effort she was
exerting, she must have been blissfully unaware that her legs were quite a
way apart, and I was again feasting my eyes eagerly on her teen pussy and
ass. It must have been five minutes before she even paused, and I could
feel the first ooze of pre-cum making it's way out of my cock.. She
stretched her back, causing her juicy firm tits to make themselves even
more prominent, then she was off again! But this time was different – to
gain access to the far side of the tub, which was attached to a wall, she had
to actually get into it. What I witnessed next was nearly the end of me –
turning her back on me, Tiffany knelt on all fours and began scrubbing
furiously. With each scrub her skirt flicked up and her perfectly round teen
bum, encased in high-cut knickers, was flashed at me! I imagined myself
behind her, fucking her doggy-style, feeling that soft, warm little ass
against me, reaching around to squeeze those tasty tits! I nearly blew in
my pants at the thought of it. This amazing show lasted nigh on ten
minutes, and I was transfixed on her thrusting ass, barely capable of
keeping up the simple conversation. Tiffany stood and passed me by as
she exited the bathroom, and I reveled in the slight sweat of her lithe teen
body. She threw me a smile and bounced back out to the kitchen. That
concluded the day's cleaning, and as soon as the door had clicked behind
her, I practically tore my pants off and masturbated more furiously than I
can ever remember!

The next night after school, I was disappointed to see Tiffany arrive in
shorts and a long T-shirt. Knowing that I wouldn't gain any 'special' views,
I made some poor excuse about being busy and moved into my study. The
cleaning through the week did not reveal to me anything like the first day,
though I did catch a couple of nice views when she was making my bed as
she bent over to tuck it in. Every second thought of mine when I laid in
bed was of the delicious teenage girl's charms, and I found myself jerking
off like a teenager again! It was becoming so that looking was not enough
– I had to touch her! I had to see her naked!

The following Saturday, Tiffany came over and warned me that she was
having a party that night. I said that it did not pose a problem, and that I
hoped she had great time. The night rolled around, and intentionally
making myself busy in the front garden, I watched as Tiffany's friends
turned up in their droves, wishing all the time that I was sixteen again!
The girls looked like teen models and were not scared of flashing their
flesh everywhere! The teenage girls filed into Tiffany's house, all holding
their "soft" drink bottles – obviously heavily diluted with alcohol. The
party really picked up about ten, and yells and squeals and loud music
were all that could be heard. It was about three o'clock when the thought
to sneak a peak struck me. Slipping on some shorts, I inched my way
along my back fence and found a position behind a thick hedge where I
gained full view of the goings-on. There were teenage boys and girls
running wild, and obviously very drunk. I scanned the crowd for Tiffany,
yet could not see my little dream girl. Then I caught a waft of something I
hadn't smelt since my teen years – marijuana. The scent was strong, thus I
knew that the smokers were close. They were, in fact, directly below me.
It was Tiffany and another girl and they were well over half way through a
large joint. This convinced me that Tiffany's mother was not home, for I
knew she would in no way allow this type of behaviour! Then a thought
struck me that filled me with hope, and adrenaline: BLACKMAIL! What
better way to get into this lovely little girl's panties! Filled with this
knowledge, I inched my way back into my house, masturbated over what I
now had the chance to actually make reality, and went to sleep.

The next day, the usual knock at the door sounded through the house, and
I opened the door filled with lust. To my great pleasure Tiffany was in her
summer school-uniform, her large tits prominent in her white shirt. I
invited her in, watching her gorgeous little ass wiggle in her short tartan
skirt. She innocently asked what she should do, and, adrenaline pumping
through me, I locked on a cold attitude and stern voice.
"Tiffany, I saw you last night!" I snapped.
She was taken aback as she answered. "What do you mean, Mr.
"Do not play fool with me girl! Tell me, what would your mother think of
your marijuana smoking?! Hmmm?!"
Tiffany sat stunned, her mouth agape, and fell white with shock. I had the
upper hand! It was going to happen! Tiffany shifted uncomfortably in the
seat as she answered.
"Sh-she would kill me! She would absolutely kill me!" she stuttered.
BINGO! It was on!
"Well, I feel it is my obligation to tell her!" I spoke, quite sardonically.
"NO!" She squealed. "I mean…please no Mr. Thompson!"
Her face was flushed and she shot nervous glances about the room. I
closed in for the kill.
"Well, I AM going to tell her if you do not do what I say!" I snapped.
"…Ok…Mr. Thompson. Do you want me to clean for free?" she
sheepishly offered.
"No…you, my dear little girl, will do me special favours that will make
Mr. Thompson very happy!" I stated.
"W-What is it…" she spoke nervously.
"You will do whatever I say whenever I say. Do you hear me?!" I said, my
erection raging at the thought of what I was about to demand.
"Stand up!" I snapped. She shot out of her seat to attention.
"I am going to do things to you, and if you let anyone know, then your
mother will learn of your little activities, and you will find yourself in
Juvenile Court. Understood?!"
"Y-yes…Mr. Thompson…" she conceded.
My erection was aching as I moved toward the nervous little girl. Oooh!
How I had craved this moment, this first touch of tender teenage flesh,
submissively waiting, obeying.
"Turn around!" I snapped.
She quickly turned her back on me and I moved my hand down to take
handful of her firm little ass. It was so pert! So round! I kneaded it and
pinched it hard, to which I heard her muffled responses of slight pain and
discomfort. It was time to move onto the good stuff.
"Turn and face me!" I ordered.
She did, and I saw that she was flushed and uncertain.
I reached to the bottom of her school blouse, untucked it and swiftly
pulled it up to be greeted with the sight of her swelling tits in their tight
white bra. Barely containing myself, I lifted her bra and her schoolgirl tits
popped out to bounce quickly into place. Drooling, I grabbed them and
needed them firmly, my erection burning as I did so. She whimpered,
turning me on more as I reached down to her skirt and stroked her young
cunt through the material. She flinched, but a stern warning from me had
her submissively obeying again.
"Get down on your hands and knees!"
She did so. As I stood behind her, I admired the view: Her rounded thighs
were together, and her little skirt barely covered her panties. As if reading
my mind, her ass was stuck up in the air, and she looked around at me.
"Lovely" I said, drooling at the sight.
I knelt down behind her and proceeded to slide her skirt up over back. I
was then greeted with a sight that nearly caused me to blow my load: she
had on tight cotton panties, high cut, and soft. The fullness of her
schoolgirl bum was stuck up at me and I reached out to greedily take
handfuls of it. Then it was time: slowly, inch by inch I slid her panties
down, losing my breath at the most incredibly smooth, round and flawless
ass I could remember setting eyes upon. Her puckered little asshole
winked up at me, and her full cunt lips protruded from between her soft
thighs. I was short of breath at the incredible sight and decided to throw
abandon to the wind! I dove my face into the crack of her young bottom
and begun licking and sucking her little shithole and pussy. The taste was
incredible, and I could hear her whimper as I licked and sucked and pulled
her ass and pussy wide to gain further access into both. I then stuck my
fingers into her asshole and tongued her delicious little cunt. With my
other hand I reached around and fondled her lovely big tits as they hung
toward the ground. I was reveling in it! There was nothing like this!
Nothing could beat it! Paying heed to the aching in my pants, I finally
stopped my oral assault and sat up to be kneeling behind her again. I
decided I was going all the way with my little schoolgirl slave, I needed to
fuck her, like I've never needed anything else in my life!
When I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly, the sound startled her,
and she looked around at me in alarm.
"You can't do that to me! I'm a virgin!" she confessed.
"I said I can do anything I like! Now face forward and lay down on your
I had no intention of taking her cunt-cherry, but her ass was mine! After
rubbing some of the cunt-juice and saliva onto her asshole, I moved to
place my cock in between her sweet little cheeks. This was amazing! This
gorgeous little schoolgirl, with her tartan skirt up about her waist, her little
cotton panties tangled about her knees, and her big tits squashed against
the floorboards was about to be fucked in the ass by ME! It was too good
to ever have to end! I grabbed the shaft of my cock and ran it over the
warmth and softness of her asshole, while she looked pleadingly around at
me, only succeeding in turning me on more by doing so. I pushed my hips
forward and felt the end of my cock squeeze ever so slowly into her anus.
She squealed, and I reminded her to keep quiet. Another thrust and my
cock pushed half way in. The tightness of her little schoolgirl bottom was
like nothing I had ever felt before. Then it was on. I was all the way in,
and she was grunting and gritting her teeth as I moved my cock in and out
of her vice-like asshole. The sensation in my cock was unexplainable, the
warmth, the tightness, the softness and roundness of her ass cheeks against
my hips…I rested my full weight on her and reached both my arms under
her, aiming one for her tit and the other for her cunt. My hand wrapped
around her teeny tit and my finger found the hot entrance to her pussy with
ease. The tension, the situation, the fact I was actually doing this, and the
incredible feeling of this soft, young teeny schoolgirl was too much for
me. I was going to cum in her ass! I felt the build, then nearly feinted as
waves upon waves of amazing pleasure began at my cock to wash over me
for a seeming eternity. I had never known such bliss. I slumped onto the
Tiffany, who was cathartic at the event, then withdrew my cock from her
tight little asshole. I wiped myself on my jeans as I watched Tiffany pull
her knickers and skirt up and then stand rubbing her violated asshole. I
ordered her out and said that she must be around same tomorrow for more

If this story is liked I can continue with further adventures.
End Part 1


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