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Schoolgirl Blackmail part 2



After Tiffany had left, I masturbated three more times over the incident
before retiring for the night. The event still seemed surreal, and incredible.
Furthermore, I was left by no means sated – I has blackmailed, dominated,
fucked and humiliated that little girl and revelled in every second of it –
and I needed more! Yet, I was beginning to wonder if the marijuana
blackmail really stood up against being ass-fucked against her will. Maybe
my darling little teenager would prefer the option of punishment to me
molesting her again. I had to find some stronger material!

The next day continued as usual, with me out in my garden in time enough
to Tiffany come wandering down the road. Yet this day she opted to walk
on the opposite side of the street to my house, crossing only when she had
come in line with her own drive. She threw me a few nervous glances and
hurried inside. The mere sight of her, like a frightened little lamb had my
cock hard again, not to mention watching her round little ass swish in her
short tartan school skirt. I had to have her again!

I realised that it would be difficult to get to the little girl as she had
stopped coming to do odd-jobs(as was fully expected), sending her fooled
mother to my door bearing the excuse that her daughter’s school work had
increased markedly. I was getting desperate to have that little girl in my
power again – it was like a desire for a strong drug, consuming my mind
with devious thoughts!

One Friday night I was pulling into my driveway on a return trip from the
local Mall when I saw Tiffany’s mother being escorted out to a car by a
man about her age. They were both dressed up and I assumed with great
certainty that she was going out on a date. This was my chance! Quickly
throwing my shopping inside the front door I snuck out to my side fence
and peeped into Tiffany’s house. Then I spotted her! Through a window
which lead down her hall, I could see Tiffany lying on the living room
sofa watching television. Making certain that she was alone I watched for
ten minutes to see her sort her schoolbooks out on the coffee table and
flick them open – no girl does homework with visitors in the house. It was
time to make my move!

I left my house and quickly made my way up Tiffany’s driveway to her
front door. Adrenalin pumping, I tried the handle, and it turned! The door
creaked slightly and I heard Tiffany yell out.

“Is anyone there?” her cute little voice rung out.

I moved through the doorway and closed it behind me, the hinges creaking
again as I did so. I surmise that the little schoolgirl was too scared to move
or speak, so I made my way through the foyer to present myself to her!
The girls cute mouth dropped and her eyes widened and shot nervously
about the place as I crossed the floor to stand at the end of the sofa on
which she had now moved to the far end of. The cute little thing was in a
short denim skirt a tight white t-shirt which showed off her smooth, flat
stomach and swelling tits, and white fluffy ankle socks (a favourite of
mine). I licked my lips and stared the little girl down. Her apprehension
was keeping her silent and I realised that I once again had full control of
this sweet little teenager! My cock raged in response to my thoughts.

“Home alone are we?” said I, my opening words startling the little girl.

“No…my mother is in the laundry so you better get out!”

I smiled sardonically at the little girl and answered insidiously:
“I just saw your mother leave to go on a date. Though I am sure her man
would rather have stayed and fucked you!”

She was taken aback by the brashness of the words, and as her unease
increased I gained more and more control. I was staring at her lovely tits,
remembering their softness, their warmth. It was time to experience them
again. Tiffany flinched as I lunged forward and grabbed her by the arm to
roughly pull her to her feet. Her face was white and I revelled in the
feeling that this little girl was now in my power – I could touch her and do
with her what I wished. I throbbed with excitement as I reached up with
both my hands to grab her apple-like tits through her tight cotton T-shirt.
She looked away to the side as I kneaded and roughly squeezed her tits
and nipples. My cock was screaming to be freed so I moved to comply,
swapping one of my hands to undo my zipper. But this re-awoke the little
schoolgirl who attempted to turn and run. I halted her escape and threw
her to couch, catching a glimpse of her pink little knickers as she landed
on her back.

“STAY THERE!” I snapped.

I knelt in front of the little girl and told her to lie flat on her back with her
arms by her sides. With no choice, she complied. Here I was, with this
lovely little girl lying helpless before me, under the power of my will. She
had her eyes turned the opposite way into the cushions of the sofa as I ran
my eyes over her luscious little fifteen year-old body – her gorgeous face
with the tanned, flawless complexion, her lithe, smooth arms, her large
teeny tits, flat stomach and little skirt which hid the treasures I sought.
After savouring the sight of her lovely young form, it was time to have
her. I leaned over hips and took the hem of her skirt in one hand. Slowly I
lifted it, moving my head to peek at her private area. Before me I beheld
her pink-panty covered little mound. I pushed her skirt up around her
waist and feasted on the sight. I leaned my head forward and licked her
panties, relishing the girly warmth and the slight smell of her untouched
pussy. I then leaned back and slowly rolled her top up to just below her
tits, while moving my other hand to slip inside the top of her cotton
panties. She flinched when I found her little clitoris between her soft lips
and was even more surprised when I slid her t-shirt up over her bouncy
breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were standing on end –
either from the cold, or the fear, or both. I continued masturbating her
while I roughly groped her schoolgirl bosoms. She was whimpering with
her girly little voice in response to my assault, resulting in my further
arousal. Suddenly I stopped and leant back on my heels. She slowly turned
her eyes toward me with obvious uncertainty, awaiting with dread my next

“Turn over on your tummy!” I ordered.

She hesitated, obviously recalling the anal assault which occurred last time
I had her.

“NOW!” I shouted.

This time she moved with no trepidation, quickly spinning onto her
stomach. I watched with great fascination as he large titties squashed
against the leather of the sofa, pushing the excess fat out beneath her
chest. Then I scanned my eyes down over her smooth back, watching as it
rose into the round swell of her schoolgirl ass still covered in her skirt,
which was only pushed up under her front. I was taking no time now and
quickly yanked her skirt up, revealing her pert little buns encased in the
soft pink cotton panties. I squeezed her ass hard a few times, hearing her
grunt in response, then ripped her knickers down, rewarding me once
again with all the glory of her flawless teeny bottom.

“You’ve been a naughty girl avoiding Mr. Thompson, haven’t you?!”

“I-I…” she attempted to stutter a reply.

“QUIET!” I demanded, bringing an instant silence from the girl.

“You have been bad, little Tiffany, and Mr. Thompson has needed to see
you, very much-so. I needed to feel your lovely little titties, and fuck you
again.” My harsh words seemed to shock the girl more than my
molestation of her, because she now knew what a devious man she was
presented with.

“You are to be punished for your avoidance of me, so that you will not do
it again. Understood?!” She knew that this was rhetorical question and
merely nodded slightly in comprehension.

I quickly lifted my arm above her smooth little ass and brought my open
palm down fast to slap with a resounding smack onto her pert cheeks.
Tiffany grunted in response, inflaming my cock once again. I continued
the severe spanking, bringing a bright pink hew to her little girly buns.
After twenty or so hard slaps, the pain must have become too much for
her, for she attempted to block my swats with her hands. I put a quick stop
to this by grabbing the both of her wrists in my free hand and gripping
them tightly. I slapped her lovely little ass a few more times then,
relenting to my desire for more, I ceased the punishment. Her little body
was heaving and she sobbed into the sofa. I stopped to once again enjoy
the view then moved on. My zipper was already undone, so it was just a
matter of freeing my aching cock from the restraints of my underwear.
This gorgeous little teeny-girl did not realise I had done this until I
grabbed her by the back of the neck and swung her head my way, causing
her half-nude body to pivot in my direction, ending with her sweet little
face just a few inches from my oozing penis. She beheld the sight of my
dick with terror, watching it throb and drip strands of pre-cum.

“Have you ever sucked a man’s cock, you little bitch?!” I interrogated, not
expecting an answer from the stunned girl.

“No….n-never…I…” She spluttered, tears running down her sweet face.

My excitement surged at the prospect that I was about to take her mouth-
cherry – my cock was going to be the first to infiltrate those sweet lips! I
dragged her off the couch, standing as I did so.

“On your knees Tiffany!” I ordered.

She complied, lowering her head to my cock-level. I stood before her, my
raging manhood just before her mouth. I grabbed her ponytail and pulled
her hair back to make her look my in the eye.

“Now you are going to suck Mr. Thompson’s cock, and you are going to
swallow when I cum in your sweet little mouth. Is that understood?!”

“Y-yes Mr. Thompson…”

“Good! Now just sit still for second while I do this.”

I pushed my hips slightly forward feeling my breath stop with the
anticipation of the first contact…then it happened, the tip of my cock
touched the softness and warmth of her lips. I nearly spent load at this
occurring, so I quickly pulled back until the urge subsided. Readying
myself, I again pushed forward, reaching down to place my hands on
either side of Tiffany’s head. Just as I was about to again come into
contact, I ordered the sweet little girl to open her mouth. She did so, and I
nearly fainted as my cock slid across her velvety lips and into the amazing
warmth of her mouth. Composing myself, I looked down to enjoy the
view. Here I was again with my cock inside a young schoolgirl which any
guy would kill to be fucking. The pleasure was doubled by her innocence
and the fact that no cock apart from mine had ever been in her soft mouth
before. I could see she was hating this, only adding to my pleasure.

“Suck like you suck a lollipop my little schoolgirl.” I demanded.

She responded promptly and I felt the corresponding vacuum-like pressure
around my cock. I smiled to myself, surging with excitement at what I was
making this delicious little girl do.

“Now you keep doing that while I fuck your mouth!”

Taking a firm hold of her head, I began thrusting my cock in and out her
head, overcome with the pleasure of feeling the base of my dick run along
her soft tongue. I began thrusting really hard, pushing my cock far into
her, lost in the ecstasy that this little girl was unwillingly giving me. I
could hear her muffled protest as I increased my speed, thrusting, and
thrusting, overcome with the pleasure beginning in my dick and shooting
through my entire body. As much as I wanted to, I could not restrain
myself any longer, and I slowed my pace in preparation for an incredible
orgasm. Then it hit! Taking my breath, the waves of pleasure nearly
caused me black-out as I involuntarily thrusted my penis into my teeny
girl’s hot young mouth. Then I felt the surge of cum swell into my cock to
shoot forth down into Tiffany’s unexpecting throat. I held her head tightly
as she gagged in her attempt to swallow my large load, voicing muffled
protests at what was expected of her. I savoured the dying moments of my
overwhelming orgasm and let go of Tiffany’s head. The sweet young girl
then slumped back against the couch as I regained my composure, placing
my now flaccid penis back in my underwear and doing up my fly.

With my desire temporarily sated, I moved toward Tiffany’s slumped
form, and, groping her ass as I spoke, said that I would be seeing her again
shortly. With that, I promptly left Tiffany’s house and made my way back
to mine, my penis again erect as I ran through the scene in my head. Yes, I
would need to be seeing my little schoolgirl again very shortly indeed…

End of Part II


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