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Schoolgirl Blackmail part 3


Schoolgirl Blackmail Part III

The morning after my second assault on the luscious little Tiffany I was
again scheming as to how I would attain a more substantial, thus more
permanent, blackmail against her. It was obvious she was easily duped,
and if she had opened up to her mother or anyone else about my
molestations of her I certainly would have heard about it by now. Still, she
would only take so much, so I needed some strong, threatening material.

One night a few weeks later, while preparing to go and visit some
relatives, I noticed a young man step out of an old model sports car and
walk to Tiffany’s front door. From the absence of Tiffany’s mother’s car, I
surmised that this young man was here to visit Tiffany. He looked about
eighteen and was dressed casually, causing me to think Tiffany and he
were not going out. Suddenly an idea sprung into my head. Reversing my
car back up my drive, I quickly shot inside and rang my relatives, falsely
claiming that I was sick and unable to attend the night. Next I rushed
upstairs to my room and changed into some dark clothes. I then shot
downstairs and grabbed my video camera. Turning off all my inside and
outside lights, I found a dark area along the fence that separates my house
from Tiffany’s. There I climbed the fence and slunk up Tiffany’s backyard
until I reached the back patio, crouching under a window. I slowly lifted
my head and looked through the glass, only to be disappointed that I was
looking into the kitchen. I figured that if I was to move around to the side
of the house I would be able to gain a clear view into the Living room.
The side passage of the house was lined with hedges, affording me great
cover as made my way to a huge widow. Slowly I raised my head and
was greeted with the sight of Tiffany and the young man watching a
movie on the sofa. They sat side by side, but did not look to be intimately
involved. I gathered that Tiffany had invited this boy over to stop any
chance of me making a visit – but if all went to plan, things would work
out the better for me. As I watched the couple, I could see the young man
continuously throw glances the gorgeous Tiffany, who was dressed in a
short floral dress and those white fluffy ankle socks. She seemed, or at
least tried to seem, unaware of the boy’s relentless pervs at her ripe titties
and smooth thighs. A few more minutes passed to have me witness the
young man place his hand on Tiffany’ thigh. She did not look at him, but
just let him continue his stroking of her leg, which gradually rose higher
and higher up her thigh until he was starting to raise the material of her
skirt slightly. It was time – I turned on my video camera and began
filming. Just as the young boy pushed little Tiffany’s cotton skirt nearly up
to the top of her thighs, she placed her hand on his to slow his progress.
He smiled slyly and persisted. Again Tiffany impeded his progress,
resulting in the young man jumping off the sofa and storming toward the
front-door, yelling something about that he was sick of waiting, and that
he could easily find another girl who would fuck him! Tiffany chased him
and grabbed him by the arm, pleading with him not to leave her while
attempting to drag him back inside.

‘Smart-boy’, I thought to myself.

Of course the boy gave-in – he had her now! Going back to the sofa, the
young man switched off the tv and turned toward the lovely teenager. He
then proceeded to lean forward and kiss her, pushing his weight onto her,
forcing her to lay back. He was now on top of her, laying between her soft
thighs, and I was getting an erection from taping the proceedings.
The boy’s hands were freely roaming everywhere, and it wasn’t long
before Tiffany’s lovely tits were exposed and her dress was up about her
waist. I watched with envy as the young man slipped his hand down into
her panties and began frigging her young cunt. He was sucking on her
round tits when suddenly he sat up and started to unbuckle his pants.
Tiffany seemed to protest slightly, but then relent to watch the young
man’s rather large prick spring out of his pants. He said something to her
and she responded by sitting up and taking his turgid cock in her soft
hand. She proceeded to wank him slowly and the boy leant his head back,
overcome with pleasure. He then guided his hand forward and pulled her
head toward his groin. She knows what to do now, I thought deviously to
myself. She complied and I watched as her head started moving back and
forth along the length of his eager dick. It wasn’t long before the boy was
thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth, and I couldn’t resist having a
wank myself, dropping my load just as the boy shot his seed into young
Tiffany’s mouth. Lucky bastard. Happy that I had more than enough
blackmail material, I snuck back to my house. There I watched the tape
over and over again, zooming in on Tiffany’s tits and young sucking
mouth as I wanked myself again and again.

After my lust had moderately subsided (enough for me to concentrate on
something other than sweet little Tiffany), I got busy making numerous
copies of little Tiffany’s sex encounter tape – I could not have wished for
better blackmail material. With each copy I made I sat through the entire
viewing again and again until my cock was raging for that little girl to
again be in my power. I arose early next morning (5.45) and set out on the
beginnings of my blackmail mission. The morning was already warming
up as I moved out to the street in my sportswear to seem as if I was
embarking on an early walk to any of the neighbors who might happen to
see me. But as I passed Tiffany’s mailbox, the true motive for my early
rise was achieved, for I promptly dropped a copy of the a Tiffany’s little
adventure in a plain envelope addressed to her into the slot and continued
marching. Shortly up the road I feigned a cramp and limped home, my
mind filled with images of the shock on Tiffany’s face when she view the
tape and read the note which demanded that she be at my house
immediately after school. My spine tingled with excitement and I knew
that I wouldn’t be returning to sleep that morning. The day dragged on,
mainly due to my incredible anticipation of Tiffany’s arrival. Somehow I
managed to restrain from masturbating over the impending event, saving
all of my seed for my darling teeny girl.

It was approaching 5 o’clock when I heard the soft knock on my oak door
that could only belong to Tiffany. Calming my overwhelming anticipation
and lust, I adopted a stern facade and swiftly opened the door, startling the
darling little girl who was still dressed in her brief summer school
uniform. Her white, short sleeved blouse expanding to meet the curve of
her large titties, and her little tartan skirt flaring high around her rounded,
tanned thighs. Her soft face was flushed, and her expression uncertain as
she looked at me, then away. She held the video cassette in her hand – I
smirked as I imagined her response as she discovered my little gift.

“Get in here!” I snapped.

She jumped at my words and sharply made her way into my living room. I
closed the door behind me, making her all mine. The I stood and stared at
her, drinking in her gorgeous, lithe little body. She faltered under my
unrelenting stare, shifting nervously and shooting glances everywhere but
in my direction. I drank in the moment, savoring the capture of my prey,
and running through the insidious things I have planned for my little
schoolgirl in my mind.

“I gather you received my little surprise, Tiffany? Huh? You little slut!” I

“W-why are you doing this Mr. Thompson? I..”

“-Shut up!” I ordered, “There are two reasons why I did this…number
one: I must have your sweet little cunt, and luscious little titties and
bottom; and number two: It worked, thus allowing me to achieve point
number one”, I explained through a wry smile.

“Come here!” I snapped.

Anxiously Tiffany approached, looking to the ground as she made her way
to me.

“You have every right to be nervous considering what I have in stall for
you.” I remarked.

“W-what are you going to do to me?” she asked nervously.

“Not just me, little cock-sucker, WE!” I said, emphasizing the last word.

Tiffany was left perplexed by the last statement.

“Mr Johns! Would you make your self shown to our darling little captive
here?” I called.

Footsteps suddenly resounded from my hallway, their firm, well measured
strides emanating through to my living room. I shot a glance at Tiffany,
who looked so innocent and frightened as she anticipated with dread the
person who belonged to the approaching steps. Then into the room he
came, a distinguished looking gentleman of about 50, dressed in suit and
tie. He was a couple of years younger than me, and carried the same
paunch about the waist. But then again, what need did we have to impress
woman when we could devise means to have DO what we WANT!

“Hello Tiffany. I have heard a lot of pleasant things about you – and your
lovely little charms” spoke Mr. Johns, like a snake.

“Speak when you are spoken to girl! I said Hello!” Mr Johns made himself

“H-H-Hello M-Mr Johns…” said the sweet teenager, her voice like a
whisper. She wouldn’t be whispering soon, I thought to myself.

“Mr Johns is a long time friend on mine Tiffany. We have taken advantage
of many girls just like you over the years, and find ourselves quite
proficient at it. Which is a good thing because we enjoy it immensely.” I

“She is a rather lovely little thing”, said Mr Johns.

“Yes, I think I did very well on this occasion, Mr Johns” I replied

“Well,” I said “should we begin, Mr Johns?” I asked rhetorically.

“I think that would be marvelous!” he replied, unnecessarily.

I saw Tiffany’s eyes quickly swap between I and Mr Johns as we
approached her simultaneously.

“P-Please don’t…”

Her pleas were ignored as Mr Johns and I each grabbed one of her arms
and led her over to an open space in the middle of my living room.

“What should we do with this gorgeous little bitch first, Mr Thompson?”
asked Mr Johns of me.

“Why don’t you feel her titties? They are delightful! And waiting!” I

My erection ached as I watched Mr Johns move around to the front of the
little girl.

“Hands by your sides!” he snapped, to which she promptly complied.

Mr Johns then reached out with both hands and locked onto her big
schoolgirl tits. He massaged them firmly, and squeezed her nipples hard
enough to bring tears to her eyes and whimpers of exceptional displeasure.

“Don’t like that, huh? I do!” said Mr Johns.

Unable to resist joining in the goings-on, I moved around behind the
suffering Tiffany and crouched down behind the ripe curve of her ass.
There I took the bottom of her skirt and slowly lifted to be greeted once
again with the sight of her gorgeous little school-girl bottom in soft white
cotton panties. One cheek was more exposed than the other, as her
knickers had crept up the cleft of her sweet little ass. The sight of her
bottom would never cease to amaze me, and I stared incessantly, feeling
my mouth fill with drool. I could see Tiffany’s body moving slightly as
Mr. Johns had his way with her tits, and I reached forward and took hard
gropes of her firm teeny bottom. The overwhelmed little Tiffany was
shifting to escape the harshness of our pinches and gropes, her little
blonde ponytail flicking here and there as she did so.

“STAND STILL!” I heard Mr Johns snap.

“B-but you’re hurting me…” whimpered Tiffany in her sweet little voice.

“I don’t care if I am hurting you, you little slut! You are here to please me!
NOT the other way around!”, continued Mr Johns.

I felt Tiffany stiffen in an attempt to obey Mr. Johns orders, and I smiled
to myself. We had her – this little girl was ours for the whole evening!

“Let us move on Mr. Johns” I suggested, much to his approval.

I pulled the little girl dress back down into place and discovered that Mr
Johns had undone little Tiffany’s blouse and lifted up her white bra so that
her ripe tits, lined with a deep tan-line, were before me. I resisted a feel
and again grabbed Tiffany’s arm. Mr John’s followed as I lead the anxious
little schoolgirl to my living room table.

“Bend over the table, Tiffany”, I ordered “and stick your lovely little ass
out for Mr Johns and myself.”

“I-I don’t want to…P-please…” she pleaded

Mr Johns suddenly leapt forward and grabbed the back of the little girl’s

“YOU WILL DO WHAT WE SAY!!” he shouted.

Mr Johns then proceeded to shove Tiffany’s head toward the surface of the
table, and I watched in glee as she was involuntarily bent forward to have
her face pressed against the table, her big schoolgirl tits squashed against
the cold wood, and her gorgeous little bum jut sharply out to be left at our
whim. Tiffany’s gorgeous round ass was barely covered by her short tartan
skirt, and her soft thighs were together, trying to hide her knickers which
were nearly exposed.

“Mr Thompson, would you mind if I went first?” asked Mr Johns.

“Of course not, I have had her before, and as hard as it is – pardon the pun
– I can wait.” I said.

“Hold her hands please.” he asked.

I obliged and moved around to the other side of the table to lean forward
and grab both of Tiffany’s wrists, pulling them sharply forward to me, so
that her face was pulled very close to my groin. This was incredible! Here
we were in full control of this gorgeous little schoolgirl. She was bent over
in very submissive position with her lovely little ass unwillingly stuck up
at the eager Mr Johns, and she was held in place by myself, and we were
going to do whatever we felt, and draw as much pleasure from her
unwilling, gorgeous little body as we could.

Mr Johns nodded to me and I increased the pressure on tiffany’s thin
wrists, bringing a whimper of protest from the helpless little girl. I
watched as Mr Johns thrusted his groin against her ass, ruffling her skirt as
he did so, and reached forward and under to grab onto her tits and fondle
them as he pressed against her soft bottom. I looked down to see little
Tiffany’s grimace as her thighs were pushed painfully against the table’s
edge. Mr Johns then reached his hand down between his groin and
Tiffany’s ass and began squeezing it hard. Tiffany grunted in response.

“You have magnificent teeny peaches, don’t you my little darling?” said
Mr Johns.

He then proceeded to step back and slowly lift her tartan skirt over ass to
rest it on her back. I saw the smile spread across Mr Johns’ face as he
drank in a view that I had come to enjoy like nothing else.

“Well, well, what a great little bottom you own Tiffany.”

Mr Johns then began squeezing her ass in her tight white panties, rubbing
his fingers up and down her cleft and sticking his index finger into her
panty covered asshole. My erection raged as he enjoyed the little girl.

“Hold her tight, Mr Thompson” he asked.

I smiled and nodded as I saw Mr Thompson remove his belt and fold it

“The gag, Mr Johns. Don’t forget the gag…” I reminded him.

“Oh…how silly of me. Of course – we can’t have any rescuers now, can
we?” He laughed.

Mr. Johns then removed his tie and proceeded to place it into young
Tiffany’s sweet little mouth and wrap it tight and firm around the back of
her head just below her blonde ponytail. Her muffled protest’s were
ignored as Mr Johns stepped back and raised his hand which held the belt
high above his shoulder. I grinned with anticipation as he brought his hand
down fast, cutting the air with the leather and smacking it across the lower
fat of Tiffany’s waiting young bum. She howled into the gag, but it did it’s
job, effectively silencing her painful gasps. Two more strikes and Tiffany
was howling into the tie-gag, tears freely flowing down her cheeks. Mr
Johns then crouched down and slowly peeled down her tight panties,
gasping at the sight of her young olive-skinned ass, striped red with the
marks of the belt.

“My God! She is indeed incredible!” Breathed Mr Johns.

I then watched as he placed his hands on either side of her ass and pulled
her cheeks far apart, probably too far, I judged from Tiffany’s grunts.
Then he sat there admiring the view. He just stared at her sweet pink cunt
lips and little asshole for minutes as my cock screamed to be free. I
relented and, shifting to grab both of Tiffany’s wrists in the one hand (not
that she felt much like resisting after the stinging strapping), I yanked my
fly down. After a bit of struggle I produced my pre-cum dripping cock to
stand at full length just before Tiffany’s shocked face.

“We are enjoying you so much, my little girl…” I said insidiously.

Mr Johns stood up and proceed to free his iron-hard prick from the
restraints of his pants. I watched as Mr Johns stood behind Tiffany,
kneading her ass as he brought his cock closer and closer to her little
muffin. Tiffany looked back over her shoulder Mr Johns with a look of
pure innocence, coupled with terror as she saw what he was about to do.

“Mpmph! Mmmn! Mmm!” she protested under gag.

“Tiffany is trying to tell you that she is a virgin, Mr Johns.”

Tiffany nodded, but all I was really aware of was the size of the smile
across Mr. John’s face at nabbing a cherry.

“You know, Tiffany, it is every man’s greatest pleasure to take a girl for
the first time – and that does not change with the age of a man either.
Actually, the desire increases because the probability of it happening
decreases. This is what makes doing what we do to little girls so
gratifying.” Explained Mr Johns.

I repressed a smile at his evil justification and watched as he began
stroking young Tiffany’s virgin pussy.

“Ooooh, your are going to feel so good my little schoolgirl” he whispered.

“Her pussy is divine, Mr Thompson…so soft…and despite herself, she is
getting rather damp down here.” He smiled at me as he continued his
ministrations of her cunt.

“Yes, that’s a good girl Tiffany – you can’t help but like it, can you?”
continued Mr Johns. My erection was throbbing as I watched Mr Johns
crouch down to see his fingers slide in and out of the teeny’s dampening

“Ooooh, she’s wet now, Mr Thompson. She ready to take…Yes, indeed.”

I undid little Tiffany’s gag and she stared to protest. Mr Johns swiftly
pulled her up by the ponytail and pushed his groin against her ass as he
shouted at her.

“SHUT UP! SHUT UP!” he ordered.

I could see that her skirt had fallen over Mr Johns cock, which was now
lodged between her ass cheeks. Mr Johns then pushed the crying Tiffany
back down over the table and lifted her skirt back over her ass. I again
took hold of her wrists and thrust my cock into her face. Mr Johns then
grabbed the base of his penis with one hand, and with the other he reached
down below Tiffany’s ass and spread her pussy lips open.

“I am ready to fuck you now Tiffany – this is going to feel amazing. Your
little schoolgirl pussy is going to make Mr Johns sooo happy…”

I grabbed Tiffany’s under the jaw and guided her head forward so that my
cock was at her lips.

“You know what to do Tiffany” I said, “now DO IT!”

Passed resisting, Tiffany opened her mouth and I lost my breath as I slid
my cock into the softness and warmth of her teenage mouth. The sensation
in my cock was almost overwhelming.

“SUCK IT HARD!! HARD!!” I ordered.

I looked up to see Mr Johns guide the tip of his cock into little Tiffany’s
pussy. She flinched, feeling for the first time a prick penetrate her sacred
hole. I watched Mr Johns’ eyes roll back in his head with pleasure as he
slowly pushed his fat prick onto the girl’s unwilling pussy. Her protests,
muffled by the fact that my cock was stuffed in her sweet young mouth,
rang out as Mr Johns started moving back and forth, holding onto her
tanned hips as her fucked her from behind.

“Ohh…ohhh my God…oohh fuck! Oohhhhh…ohhhhh” moaned Mr Johns
as he slid his length in and out of her deflowered cunt.

With each thrust the crying Tiffany was pushed forward, and this served to
have her hot little mouth move up and down on my aching cock.

“Is she good, Mr Johns?” I asked, unnecessarily.

“Ohhh…my CHRIST! …You have to do this to her…her little
pussy…is….ohhh…oohh….like velvet…my…God…ohhhh”, he
responded, continuing his thrusting.

His obvious enjoyment added to my own as I grabbed Tiffany’s pony tail
and began to push hard into her mouth. Mr John’s pace increased as he
quickly moved in and out of her fifteen year old cunt, and Tiffany’s
protests grew louder as she was violated with increased ferocity. Suddenly
Mr John’s body stiffened and jerked a few times as his orgasm hit him.
His face scrunched up and he thrusted into Tiffany, reaching around to
grab her tits as he blew his load into her, collapsing onto the young girl as
he finished.

“Ohh..ohh…oh…yes….I must have her again…” moaned Mr Johns.

Tiffany was cathartic at the event, but it was far from over – it was my
turn to enjoy her sweet softness. Mr Johns moved off Tiffany and stepped
around the table to assume my former position. It was more the enjoyment
of holding her down than it was the necessity, but he did it anyway.

“I am going to have her on her back. I want to watch her big teeny titties
bounce while I fuck her.” I explained.

“Splendid idea, Mr Thompson”, said the content Mr Johns.

Together, Mr Johns and I rolled the flaccid teenager onto her back, letting
her legs dangle at the knees over the edge of the table, and watching her
pert tits stand proudly on her chest, seemingly defying gravity. Mr Johns
Took her wrists and held her arms apart above her shoulders.

“Enjoy her, Mr Thompson” said Mr Johns with a sardonic smile.

“I’m sure I will, if your reaction is anything to go by…” I replied.

The violated girl was stunned and, though not willing, was also not putting
up a struggle. I pulled her luscious tanned thighs apart, remembering all
the times I had watched her walk passed my house eagerly drinking her
young form in. Her pussy glistened with her juices, and my unsatisfied
cock screamed to be buried in her. Grabbing the base of my dick, I shifted
forward and relished the feeling as the tip came in contact with her
incredibly soft, wet lips. I let out an involuntary moan and began rubbing
the head of my prick up and down her lips. Tiffany groaned some protest,
but she knew it was going to happen again and there was nothing she
could do about it. I reached down with one hand and pulled her sweet
pussy lips open, enjoying the sight of the inside of her puffy labia. Then it
was time. Lining my cock up with her entrance I shifted my hips slightly
forward and felt my cock enter the incredible warmth and softness of her
cunt. The feeling in my dick was indescribable, incredible. My breath
stuttered as I tried to come to grips with the pleasure shooting through me
as I started moving in and out of her sweet pussy.

“How is she, Mr Thompson?” asked Mr Johns’ smiling slyly.

“ooohh…shheeee’s…..amazing….her cunt…feeells a-ammaaazing…” I
found myself struggling to answer.

I could hear myself moaning as I enjoyed the delicious sensations in my
cock that this fifteen year old beauty was unwillingly giving me – she
couldn’t help that – it was what is meant to happen. As much as she hated
it, her precious little cunt was giving me the overwhelming pleasure I was
now feeling, and I never wanted it to stop!

“Cum in the little slut! cum in her soft little cunt, Mr Thompson!”

I agreed with a moan, and began fucking Tiffany with an increased
tenacity. I watched with great pleasure as her big schoolgirl tits bounced
this way and that as I slammed into her tight teenage cunt. If I thought that
it felt good before, the pleasure now was even more intense as I increased
in speed and ferocity. young Tiffany’s head bounced about, and her cries
started again, prompting Mr Johns to swap one of his restraining arms to
cover he mouth. I reached under Tiffany and tightly grabbed her ass
cheeks as I thrusted harder and harder, deeper and deeper into the young
girl’s precious pussy. Then it hit – an orgasm of such intensity that I
nearly lost my balance – my hips kept thrusting involuntarily as waves of
pleasure rushed over my entire body. ‘There is nothing better than this’ I
heard myself think as emptied my load into the schoolgirl’s violated cunt-

After Mr. Johns and I had taken the great pleasure of bathing and re-
dressing little Tiffany (which involved several more blow-jobs, spankings
and gropings of her little teeny body), she was sent home and Mr Johns
and I enjoyed the rest of the evening watching the second video tape I had
just made – “Catholic Schoolgirl Raping”, filmed by through a video
camera that was attached to the rafters…

End of Part III.


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