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Archived Sex Stories

Screwed Again revised


This is the second part of my "Screwed" trilogy
part 1 can be found [as well as part 3] on my website;
and; [in plain text].

This is totally non-commercial.

Enjoy, Ace

Screwed Again [revised]

My stepfather, Frank, blew his brains out a couple of weeks ago.

If you read my first story, "screwed", then you'll know that I
wasn't very fond of him; especially for the last couple of years,
since he'd been screwing Naomi, my gorgeous little Japanese wife.

I started trying to get hold of Frank a couple of days after I
heard him talking [using the bugs that I'd planted in his house]
about selling our company, but he wasn't answering his phone; I
went up to the house several times during the week, but if he was
in there, he made no sign. I checked my bugs whenever I had
privacy at my computer [the bugs are still my last secret], but
there was nothing. I had no idea where Frank was, or if he had
sold our business.

Finally, one fine Monday morning, a team from our company's new
owners showed up to take over. I was told I could stay on at a
reduced salary [as I had been supposed half owner, I was paying
myself generously]. I accepted, not knowing whether I'd be
getting my share of fifteen million dollars from Frank or not.

On Wednesday, Frank was found by his housekeeper. There was a

Frank had had a brain tumour; too many nasty thoughts I suppose.
He said nothing about the sex thing in the note; it was all about
the money, with a small aside about the reason he choose to knock
himself off.

The attorney that was handling franks will personally delivered
a sealed envelope to me; a more personal note from my dead


There are a few things that I regret. I never meant to hurt you.

Naomi came to me when she needed some support. I only did what I
did because she told me that you didn't have enough time for her,
and she was lonely here in America. I knew that you were working
really hard, and I was afraid that Naomi might go somewhere else
if I refused her.

Take care of her Dave, she's a woman that needs a lot of love.

As you know by now, I've left the bulk of my estate to Kim in the
form of a trust; and I've made you the executor of that trust.
I'm confident that you'll take care of everything.

I hope you don't hate me, Dave.


Well, I know we're not supposed to speak ill of the dead; but in
death, Frank was as full of shit as he was in life. During the
sexual escapades with Mick at Franks house [of which more in a
moment], Frank definitely did intend to hurt me, and he did so.

Naomi may indeed needs a lot of love, but that wasn't what she
was getting from Frank. Frank was just fucking her, and the
whole scene with Mick that I mentioned was pure exploitation;
Frank's goodbye bang.

I believe that the only reason he wrote the note was to try to
plaster over the huge cracks that he was responsible for in my
marriage. And the only reason he had any interest in my marriage
was because he believed himself to be the father of my daughter Kim. He didn't give a shit about me; he was only interested in
leaving "his" daughter in a stable home.

He was a popular guy; I was really surprised how many people
turned up for the funeral. They were all shaking my hand,
patting me on the back, and telling me how sorry they were. Lots
of people told me how good Frank was to them, or how he had
helped them with this or that. It's really a mystery to me how
my perception of the man is so at odds with everyone else's.

I'd sat down at my computer at home, and logged on to the bugs in
Franks house that day, as I usually did when it was Naomi's day
to work there, to check if he and my wife were having sex.

Things had been pretty lacklustre between them, and I'd happily
thought that their affair was finely drawing to a close. Frank
had been apparently paying me my share of the income from the
business; it would have been much harder for him to cheat me when
Naomi was in charge of the accounting.

As I said, I heard him discussing the sale of the business;

I could hear Frank talking to someone in the kitchen.

Frank; "Fifteen? Geez, Mick, we must be worth more than that."

Mick; "Afraid not, Frank. We can buy you out, or we can just set
up in the area and undercut you until your dead."

Frank; "Is that legal?"

Mick: "Hard to tell. Our lawyers seem to think it's ok."

It looked as though Frank was preparing to sell our company,
without even consulting me. And I was supposed to be his partner!

Frank; "I tell you what; Fifteen and a half, and I'll let you
screw Naomi."

Mick; "Naomi? That girl you've got working in the other room?"

Frank; "Yeah, she's a hot number."

Mick; "You must be kidding if you think setting me up with an
under age whore is worth a half million!"

Frank; "It's not your money, and anyway, you know that our
company is worth fifteen-five. The way the market is going,
we're worth more every week."

Mick; "What's your hurry, then Frank? Just wait a month or two,
you should get your price easily."

Frank; "Yeah, sure. And wait for you guys to move in on us.
Besides, I have personal reasons why I want to get this business
out of the way. Now let me tell you about Naomi; she's no whore,
Mick. She's a hot little housewife and mother, and she's twenty

Mick; "No shit? I thought she was about 15. And you say she's
already had a baby?"

Frank; "Yeah, last year. But I can tell you, she's as tight as

I fumed at the obscene way Frank talked of the woman I love.

Mick; "Hmm, how about fifteen five if I get to have her in the

Frank; "You drive a hard bargain, Mick! I'm not sure I can
deliver on that, but I could try. I tell you Mick, Naomi is more
fun than any of those girls from last night. Once Naomi gets
going, she's something worth having."

Mick; "Better than that Barbara?"

Frank; "Next to Naomi, Barbara's a Sunday school teacher. Naomi's
just made for fucking, Mick."

Mick; "Ok, fifteen five if I get into her ass; fifteen two fifty
if I don't."

Frank; "Done! Wait here, I'll go and soften her up. You're going
to love this, Mick. I've been with a lot of women, but I've
never met anyone who can give head like Naomi; she's fantastic.
Come into the office in ten minutes, and don't say anything about
business in front of her."

Mick; "Why not?"

Frank; "She's my partner's wife."

Mick; "You're a rotten guy, Frank. You do have legal authority to
make the deal, though?"

Frank; "Yeah, don't worry about it. Send your legals over later,
they can go through it all with me."

Now he was selling my wife and my business without consulting me!
I figured I'd better get over there.

I called my home phone with the mobile, and patched it through to
my computer so I could listen while I drove over.

"What are you doing there, Frank?" I heard Naomi saying a minute
later, as I was getting into my car.

"Just letting your hair down so I can brush it for you." Said

Seatbelt. start the engine.

"I need to do some work here." Said Naomi.

"Never mind me. You carry on with what you were doing while I
brush this wonderful hair of yours."

I could hear the brush strokes through my headset as I waited for
a traffic light.

"Your nipples are showing." Frank said.

"What do you want from me Frank?"

"Just some affection, baby."

"Leave my tits alone!"

"I think they miss me. Look how they fit in my hands."

"They don't miss you, Frank. Let me go, I don't think I even
like you anymore. You're so crude."

"Like me? I don't think you ever liked me, Naomi."

"What do you mean? How can you say that? Before I had Kim, we
used to make it two or three times a week."

"I turned you on, but I don't think you liked me. In fact, I
think you hated me at first. You never agreed with me about
anything. You still don't."

"Don't be stupid, Frank. If I hated you, why did I come back and

"Because you're a kinky lady, Naomi. You love Dave, and you hate
me. But you love to fuck me; you love to fuck me because you
hate me. You always call me nasty names while I fuck you. You
love to hate me."

Green. The light, and me as well.

"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, Frank." Said Naomi.

"Is it? What you feel right now? You loathe me, you hate
everything I stand for. You're a liberal, I'm a conservative.
You're young, and I'm old. Even now, you hate me for saying what
I'm saying. But you haven't been this turned on sexually for
months. And what's turning you on is the very fact that I'm
rubbing your nose in these things for the first time. I'm right,
aren't I? You hate me for being right, but it turns you on even
more than the feel of my hands on your cute little tits."

"I don't know. Maybe. But I'm through with all of that shit. I
want to be happy now, I've had enough of you. Get your hands off
of me and let me go."

"Come on, Naomi; once more for old times sake. We both know you
want it; your nipples never lie."

"Isn't that Mick guy still in the house?"

"Why, are you sweet on him?"


Why are people always driving like snails when you need to get
somewhere in a hurry?

"Come on, Naomi! Mick's a good-looking guy. tall, broad
shoulders, narrow hips, small ass. Blue eyes, well groomed. I
bet he turns you on."

"Sounds like he turns you on, Frank!"

"Nah, It's just that his girl friend left him a couple of weeks
ago, and he's still all screwed up about it. The poor guy needs
some help."

"What are you getting at Frank?"

"Maybe you could just give him a blow job."


I heard a chair scrape back on the floor

"What kind of woman do you think I am?"

Ah! My wife is no slut! Fuck you, Frank!

"Hey, Naomi, relax! It's me; Frank. What's happened to us? We
used to have so much fun."

"It's over Frank. I'm not like that anymore."

I almost broke into song! Never mind that Frank was still
conspiring to sell me out.

"I don't think you've changed, Naomi. You got bored. I'm just
trying to spice things up a little."

"I don't want things spiced up."

"Come on, now! It's every woman's fantasy to have two men make
love to her at once."

"That's what men must think. What a woman wants is just one man who is loyal and good, and who truly loves her."

"Like Dave?"

"Yes! Like Dave."

Like me, Frank! Fuck you, you old bastard!

"That might be what other women want, Naomi. But not you. You
want one man that loves you, and another one to fuck you. That
much I'm sure of. Now how about two men to fuck you? You'll
like Mick, he's real scum, in the best way. And besides, your
loyal Dave has been banging the secretary."


That bastard! How did he know, and why did he have to tell her?
Shit shit shit.

"There there, Naomi, it's all right. Things just aren't so goody
goody as you thought. SAY MICK! Come on in here. Poor little
Naomi's had a bit of a shock, why don't you give her a nice hug?
That's it, a good hug always makes people feel better."

There was a police cruiser driving along in front of me. Speed
up! Shit.

"No, Frank, don't."

"Relax Naomi, trust me. You're going to love this, I promise.
You just surrender yourself to old Frank, like you used to do,
and I'll show you what a good time is about."

"I'm not sure Frank. I don't think. mmmpf"

"There, that wasn't so bad, was it? Now why did you give Mick a
nice kiss as well? Go on, just try it. If you don't like it,
we'll leave you alone, won't we, Mick? Go on Naomi, just one
little kiss. One kiss can't hurt, can it?"

"Then you two will leave me alone?" Naomi asked.

"Sure, Naomi, sure. You just give Mick here a friendly hug and a
nice kiss. That's my girl!"

There was an ominous quiet pause. Was my wife really kissing
this man she had only just met?

"That wasn't so bad now, was it?" Continued Frank, "You're
excited, aren't you? I know you, Naomi. You're turned on, admit
it. Go on Mick, kiss her again. She loves it."

"No, Frank. No." Protested Naomi; but she failed to convince
even me.

"Don't be shy, Mick; slip Naomi some tongue, she loves that.
There's no need to be ashamed, Naomi. It's completely normal to
get aroused when you kiss a man. Let's show Mick what lovely,
firm breasts you have. Lift your arms while I get your shirt off.
Stop fighting it now, baby. god, I love these little tits of

"You're right, Frank. They're perfect." Said Mick.

"No Frank, please don't." Said Naomi.

"Stop pretending, Naomi! Mick and I can both see that you're
loving this. Go ahead, Mick, give them a little touch."

"Oh!" cried Naomi

"Hey Naomi, your tits are really nice. So firm and well shaped."
Said Mick.

"Give them a kiss, Mick. She loves them to be kissed. No, no, a
real kiss. yes, that's it. Hasn't she got great nipples?"

"She definitely does, Frank." Said Mick, "perfect."

I could hear a smacking sound.

"Admit it Naomi, you're loving it. You're in the arms of a
stranger, and you don't want it to stop." Said Frank.

It was worryingly quiet for a minute.

The cop car turned off, and as soon as he was out of sight, I
floored the accelerator.

"No, Frank! I don't think." I suddenly heard Naomi say.

"Lets get these jeans off of you so Mick can see what a perfect
body you have." I heard Frank saying, over the roar of my engine.

"Wow, she has the cutest little feet. Those could make a foot
fetishist out of me." said Mick.

"What about this ass, Mick? Is this the cutest, roundest little
ass you've ever seen on a woman, or what?"

I left some rubber at the intersection at the end of Frank's

"I must say that it is."

"I bet he's got a hard on just from touching your cute ass. You
got a boner, Mick?"

"Yeah, sure do."

"Do you like it, Naomi, two men touching you everywhere? Two big
guys you don't give a shit about, two guys who just want to use
you? You love it, don't you? You love to be used, and when we're
done with you, you can go back to your lovey-dovey little home,
and your lovey-dovey little man. Do you think he knows, Naomi? Do
you think your little Dave knows how depraved you are? Even if
he does, it wouldn't change anything, because you need this. You'
re addicted to depraved, loveless sex. You need it, don't you?
Admit you need it, Naomi, and then Mick and I will give it to you
good. Do you want us to leave you alone now, Naomi? You could
go on with your bookkeeping. Or would you rather get your hands
on Mick's cock? Let her go, Mick. Let her decide. Well, Naomi?
Should we leave?"

"No, Frank." I heard my wife reply, in a low voice.

"Do you want Mick to kiss you again? Admit it, Naomi. Say it
out loud, we want to hear you say it."

"Yes Frank, I want it." My wife finally admitted. "Kiss me
again, Mick." She added.

I parked and headed up the hill on foot. I had to see if it was
really true; if Frank and this Mick guy really had my wife naked
and willing.

"Well, pull out your cock, Mick. Naomi wants to see it, don't you

"Yes, I want to see it." She replied, barely audibly.

"Sure you do. Look at that! Mick's got a nice cock. Give it a
little tickle. go on, it won't bite. Just a little tickle would
make Mick a happy man. Go on, Naomi! Stop fighting it. You
want it, you love it. Two big mature men. It's dirty, it's
deprived, and you don't like either one of us. But we're going to
fuck you and you're going to love it, aren't you?"

"No, Frank." But even I wasn't convinced. "I don't think so. I
shouldn't, I."

"Take his cock in your hand, Naomi!" Frank commanded.

Pause. then;

"Oh, that feels good." Mick said.

"Are you a happy guy now, Mick?" Said Frank.

"I sure am." Said Mick. "Hold my balls for me, honey. oh yeah,
that's the way."

"What you think, Naomi?" Frank asked my wife, "How does it feel
to hold a new cock in your hands? You like it, we can both see

"It's nice, Frank. It's warm and smooth."

I reached the window of the living room.

Mick was sitting on the arm of the sofa. He was a slick looking
type; dark hair perfectly groomed, a tapered torso. The type that
women went gooey over and men resent. He was wearing the top half
of a well-tailored suit, but he was naked from the waist down. My
wife was on her knees before him, completely naked. She was
gently caressing his long erection with her small hands.

"Now, that's not so bad, is it Naomi?" Said Frank, "You like
playing with Mick's penis don't you, Naomi? It turns you on."

"You must be about the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." Said

She looked up at him and smiled slightly. "You probably say that
to every naked woman who plays with your penis."

"I can't remember the last time I had the pleasure." Said Mick.

What about the "Barbara" they'd just been discussing, I wondered.

He did have a nice cock, as Frank had said. It was long and
strait. At least as long as Frank's, if not as thick, and it
looked very stiff.

"I bet Mick would just love it if you gave that cock of his a
little suction, Naomi." Said Frank. "Naomi just loves to suck
cock, don't you, Naomi? She's really good at it, too. What
about it, Naomi? I bet you're just dying to feel Mick's cock
inside your mouth."

"You're such a bastard, Frank." Said Naomi, frowning up at him
for a moment.

But then she lowered her head, and kissed the tip of Mick's
penis. She slowly slid her lips over it, opening her cute little
mouth to let the stranger's penis enter. She worked it a little
with her lips and tongue, but didn't let more than half of Mick's
long member into her mouth.

"That's it, Naomi." Said Frank as he watched. "I knew you
wouldn't be able to resist. This is going to be great, you won't
regret it. How's your holding power, Mick? Think you can hold
back while Naomi takes that cock of yours all the way down? Go
on, Naomi. Show Mick what you can do."

Mick had no time to answer. My sweet young wife pushed her lips
to his pubic hair, swallowing his long thin erection down her
lovely throat. It's something that Naomi's good at.

I knew I should go in there and stop this before it went any
further, but I had to watch a moment longer; I couldn't resist
that heady mix of emotional pain and sexual excitement of
watching my beloved wife submit to Frank's persuasiveness and the
charms of the smooth stranger, Mick.

Mick lifted my wife's angelic face head from his groin. "Wow,
Naomi! That's amazing, but I can't take too much of it without

He stood her up and took her small body into his arms, kissing
her smiling lips and stroking her lovely little naked ass with
his hands. He sat again, and she sat on his knee, so small
compared to him, and she smiled at him and giggled, playing with
his cock some more, tickling it with her red painted fingernails
while he held her, kissing her playfully while caressing her
breasts and hips. Then he stood and turned her around, so she was
sitting on the couch arm, and he went down on her.

"Was I right, Naomi?" asked Frank, "Is it great?"

She wrapped her girlish legs around Mick's wide, suited
shoulders, and held his head with her hands, moaning with erotic

"It's true, Frank. You were right, Frank!" she gasped, nearly
overcome with the sensation of the strange man's tongue in her

She was so beautiful! I loved her more than I can say. I wasn't
happy to share her with Frank, and now with this new guy. But she
was looking like she was really enjoying herself. did she really
need this so badly? Perhaps I should just keep pretending that I
didn't know what she did, perhaps she'd grow out of it.

What if I confronted her, and she choose Frank? I couldn't live
with that.

Slick Mick stood, and a feeling of numbness overcame me as he
placed the tip of his cock at Naomi's vagina.

"Do you want me to?" He asked her.

She bit her lower lip, staring at him, and nodded her consent.

"You're one hot lady, Naomi! You've just met me, and you want me
to screw you?"


"Say 'please'".

Naomi giggled and did as he asked, getting into the game. In her
funny Mickey Mouse voice, she pleaded; "Please, Mick, please put
your hot cock in me! I want it Mick, I. Oh Mick! Thank you! Yes,
yes! Deeper! Put it in all the way!"

"Oh, baby, you're good!" said Mick with a laugh, as he did what
my wife was asking him to, and slid his long hard penis up into
her well lubricated and very willing little body.

My heart was on fire, but so was my dick, as I listened to my
beautiful exotic wife beg this stranger for sex, as I watched her
hold him, kiss him, and moan with delight as he began to have his
way with her.

Her ass was still on the arm of the couch, her slender arms
around her new lover. One leg was behind his back, the other on
the floor for balance.

As Mick's hard cock slid easily in and out my eager wife, it was
as though a sledgehammer was hitting my chest with each stroke.

"Yes, Mick, yes!" Naomi cried, "Give it to me! You're a complete
bastard, Mick. Ah, it's so good!"

Mick thrusted steady and deep, his long legs bent so that he
would have the correct height. Naomi wrapped both her legs around
him now, so that he was holding her balanced on her ass. And I
watched as he brought my love quickly to orgasm, nearly lifting
her off the sofa arm at the end of each thrust. Frank was right;
she was loving this, there was no doubt about it.

He withdrew, still hard, and she let him turn her around, so her
ass was to him. Both her feet were on the floor, and she was
laying with her chest on the armrest. He entered her again,
easily. Therefore he had not gone for her anus, not yet. What
would she do, I wondered? Would she let him?

I felt my cock, hard in my trousers. But I had come to stop this
from happening; I had sworn to myself that this time I wouldn't
watch passively.

He removed his tie, jacket, and shirt while he fucked her. He
stroked her back and hips a little, his large hands easily
spanning her petite body, and then I saw him opening a little
packet. A condom.

He withdrew, and started to work the rubber onto his cock. I felt
pretty relieved that Mick was going to do this safely; that is,
he wasn't, since I was about to go in there and stop this now.

Naomi lifted herself upright, and started to turn, but Mick
gently pushed her back.

"Hang on there a minute, sweetheart, the best is still to come!"
he told her.

I couldn't see exactly what he was doing, but his hands were busy
at her pretty rear end.

"Hey!" said Naomi, whipping her head around, "Where do you think
you're going?"

"In here" said Mick, and I guess he entered her anus with a

"Eek! I don't think so, Mick."

"Relax! This is going to be great!"

He held the small of her back down with one hand, while he used
the other to help work his cock into my wife's virgin ass.

Naomi started to struggle; "No, Mick! I don't want it!"

Mick held my little Naomi down with both of his large hands, and
I saw his ass contract as he pushed.

"Just take it easy, you're going to love this!" said Mick

"You take it easy! And take it out!" cried Naomi.

Well, even I couldn't watch silently while my wife was taken
against her will. Up to this point she had been so excited, more
than she had been for a long time; she had wanted this strange
sex, and I had been hesitant to interfere. What right did I have,
in this modern world, to stop someone from doing what they wanted
to do, even if it was my wife having sex with another? But now I
was definitely going in there.

Suddenly my arms were grabbed from behind. My trousers, which I'd
unbuckled in order to stroke my meat, fell around my ankles,
hobbling me. I felt a cord being wrapped around my wrists, and I
was then unceremoniously hoisted onto Frank's broad shoulders.

My phone fell from my belt to the ground, taking the headset with

I watched the world bounce along in reverse as I was carried in
through the front door.

Frank turned me around and deposited me on my feet in the living
room. When my eyes found the couch, I saw that during the brief
struggle and ride into the house, Mick had achieved his desire,
and had fully penetrated Naomi's lovely little ass.

They were motionless at that moment, but the sexual tension in
the room was palpable. My wife was still lying with her chest on
the arm of the couch, her feet on the floor and her buttocks
raised. Mick's groin was pushed tightly against her backside as
he asked her;

"How does it feel now, Naomi? It's all the way in. You like it,
don't you?"

"I'm not sure, Mick. It feels strange, but it doesn't hurt now."

My wife and her lover seemed not to notice Frank and I standing
silently by the doorway. Both of them seemed to be too concerned
with what they were doing to take much notice of anything else.

Slowly, Mick withdrew about half of his penis; it was clear that
Naomi's sphincter muscles were squeezing his cock mercilessly,
and it took obvious force for him to push it back.

"You're a very special lady, Naomi." Mick said, as he proceeded
to carefully slide his cock out and then in again. "I think
you're wonderful. There's nothing a man loves more than a woman
who'll take it in the ass. Does it feel good?"

"I think so. I think I like it Mick. Is it really so good for

"Oh yeah. Your ass squeezes my cock so tight, it's just great;
nothing can beat it. you're really something, Naomi. Just relax
now, and get into it."

"Ok." Naomi said.

He started pushing in and out, and reached one hand around and
under Naomi's hip, to stimulate her clit while he sodomised her.
His other hand was tightly gripping one of her's, and she was no
longer complaining. In fact, soon she seemed to be in the throws
of orgasm again.

"You bastard!" she cried, "You were right! I like it, I think of
going to come! son of a bitch! Do you think I'm a whore, and you
can do anything with me?"

"Oh yes, sweetheart!" Mick answered her, "You're a bitch. You
love it, Frank has you down. You love to get fucked any which

I watched dumbfounded as her orgasm subsided, and her new lover
kissed her back and neck, holding her slim body tight against
himself, one hand on her hip, his other still laced in one of her

"Look what I found lurking outside the window." said Frank

"Dave!" Croaked my wife, the colour draining from her face as her
eyes met mine.

"Don't worry about him, baby," said Frank [I hate it when he
calls her that], "He was watching you two and playing with his
willy! He loves to watch, don't you Dave?"

"He's a cute little guy. Who is he?" Asked Mick.

"My step son, and Naomi's husband." Said Frank.

"My God, this is getting better and better!" said Mick, as he
withdrew his long and still hard cock from my wife's gorgeous
round ass.

"Don't worry about Dave, Mick." Said Frank, "He won't do
anything. Look how the whole thing just turns him on."

Naomi stared at my hard penis standing strait out in front of me.

"It's true! Oh Dave, I never knew you were like that." She said,
wide eyed.

I just stood there, unable to unlock my mind, as Mick began to
push his penis back into my apparently willing wife.

"You still want me to, sweetheart?" he asked her.

"Sure she does, Mick," said Frank. "Now that Dave knows, you guys might as well have your fun, right, Dave?"

I tried to speak, but no sound would come from my throat. No
words came to my mind, I had nothing to say.

Naomi stared at me silently, with a strange blank expression on
her exotic oriental face as Mick's penis once more slowly slid up
inside her tight ass.

"Little Davey here often comes up and lurks outside the window to
watch Naomi and me when we fuck, isn't that right, Dave?"

"Is it true, Dave?" asked Naomi, staring at me in disbelief;
spread and naked, apparently barely conscious that her stretched
asshole was again repeatedly being violated by the stranger's

I was unable to speak. My mind had seized up with the extreme humiliation. I was naked from the waist down, my hands were tied
behind my back, and I had a hard on while being unable to take my
eyes off of Mick and my wife. He was still holding her hand.

"It sure is!" said Frank, still holding me by the elbow. "He was
always like that, he used to watch me and his mother, too."

God, I thought I was going to die! I almost wished that I would.
How long had Frank known? All the time?

"I used to leave the curtains open for him," continued Frank, "I
felt sorry for him. He never had a girlfriend, he spent all his
time with his computer."

Frank twirled me around, and gave me a little shove. I landed on
the couch, sitting on my bound hands, next to where Naomi was
still stretched out on the armrest. We stared into each other's
eyes, but I didn't know what kind of message she was sending to
me. I saw her eyes widen, but she said nothing, and held her
position, while Mick kept screwing her.

"Jesus oh Jesus, this is good!" Said Mick, "Dave, your wife is
hot! You're a good sport to share her with us like this, Dave!
Hah hah!"

Naomi was twisting her torso to look alternately at me, and then
back at Mick. She was still holding his hand clutched in hers.

Frank ran his hands over Naomi's petite body, up to her sweet
round little breast, and pinched her nipple, right in front of my
helpless face.

"Look how he can't help but watch!" said Frank.

"No kidding! Go on, Frank, give Dave a show, then!" Said Mick.

"Suck my cock, baby." Said Frank to Naomi, pulling down his

"Slide back a little, so I can have some place to sit. That's
it." He continued, and sat down straddling the armrest of the
couch. His hairy leg was stretched out next to me, and his big
old cock was in front of my young wife's pretty face.

"Go on, everyone wants you to, even Dave. Don't you Dave?"

I tried to speak, tried to say "No", but only a croaking sound
came out.

"Go on, Naomi. Dave loves to watch you suck my big dick. He's
as twisted as you are. You want to do it, and he wants to watch,
so what's the problem? Go on."

Everyone was looking at me, waiting for a reaction. But there
was no reaction from me. Looking back on the situation now, I
don't know why I didn't scream at them all to stop it and untie
me; perhaps it was due to the fear that they wouldn't do so.
Neither Frank nor Mick had anything to gain, and Naomi seemed to
be in some strange state that I had never witnessed close-up. A
weird, dreamlike state; high on sex or something.

She shifted her eyes from mine, and regarded Frank's cock for a
moment, no doubt somewhat distracted by the sensation of Mick's
cock in her ass.

"Do you want me to, Dave?" she asked me; "Do you really like to

I still couldn't speak. I wanted to say no, I didn't want her
to. But at the same time, the terrible truth was; yes, I like to

"Just do it, Naomi." Frank said. Try it and see how much little
Dave enjoys it."

She took his swelling organ in her tiny hand, and looked at me
once more before opening her lovely little mouth to accept it.

"Oh god, that's great!" said Frank. "Naomi's one great
cocksucker, Dave, but this is the best! Does she suck your cock,
Dave? She loves to suck mine, I can tell you that. I think Naomi
gives great head, don't you, Dave? Oh yeah, Naomi, go for it,
honey, you're so good."

Naomi sucked Frank's dick deep into her mouth, as I had watched
her do many times before, but secretly. Having her know that I
knew of her cheating, but had acquiesced by my inaction was a

"Look how he's enjoying himself." Said Frank. "He'd rather screw
big old Cindy, and then watch me do it to you. Right, Dave?"

He was being a little unfair to Cindy, I thought. She was
slightly plump, and in her early forties [I'm twenty five], but
she was still an attractive woman, and had been there for me at a
moment when I was feeling particularly bad about Frank and Naomi.

I lay on the couch next to them, while Mick continued to fuck
Naomi in the ass, and while she sucked Frank's stiffening cock,
seeming to relax and enjoy herself more as time went on. My body
and my mind were both tied helplessly; my wrists and ankles were
physically bound, and my brain had somehow bound itself.

"Dave knows he's not man enough for you, Naomi. That's why he
sends you up here every week. I promised his mother I'd take
care of him, and since you're his wife, then it's my job to take
care of you, too. Don't worry, Dave, it's been my pleasure to
give Naomi what she needs."

I wished my hard on would just go away, to demonstrate how I
loathed this situation. But the shameful truth of the matter is
that even though I hated what was going on, it did stimulate me
sexually. I tried, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from the
sight of my wife in total submission to Frank and Mick, and
although it was incredibly hurtful, the sight of Frank's big dick
going in out of my wife's beautiful, exotic face was undeniably
very erotic.

Naomi looked at me, and then reached out one small hand, and
caused me to shudder as she wrapped it around my lonely naked
dick. In one way, this was good; it isn't shameful to have a
hard on while your beautiful wife gives you a hand job. It is
shameful to have a hard on for no other reason than that your
beautiful wife is being fucked by two other men.

I lay miserable and helpless, despite the pleasant sensation of
Naomi's soft hand. I hoped it would soon end; but I knew Frank.
He could fuck for hours.

"So tell me, Mick," Said Frank, "how's her ass?"

"It's great, Frank. Absolutely fantastic! Do you want to try

"Nah, anal's never had much appeal to me. How is it for you,
Naomi? Does it hurt?"

My wife lifted her mouth away from Frank's cock in order to
answer him, supporting her weight on one slim elbow so that she
would be able to keep one hand around his dick, and the other
around mine; "No. It did at first, but now it's okay. It feels
really weird, but I think I like it." She filled her mouth once
more with Frank's big cock.

"Well, that's all right then." Said Frank, "How about you, Dave?
Would you like to try sticking your dick up your wife's

"No." I managed to croak, through my paralysis. I wasn't merely
answering the question; in my own mind, I was registering a
protest to this whole sordid scene.

"You guys don't know what you're missing." Said Mick, "This is
great. Your wife has a great ass, Dave. Tight, too."

"Are you sure you don't want to try it Dave? Said Frank, "We don'
t mind, do we Mick? You should try new things more, Dave. Naomi
likes a lot of variety."

Mick was being fairly careful, I noticed; he was pushing his long
dick in out of Naomi's ass with a slow steady rhythm.

"Naomi," said Frank, "suck Dave's dick now. He's looking a
little bit left out."

Without any hesitation, or so much as looking at my face, Naomi
did as she was told. She shifted over and lowered her face over
my cock.

It was electrifying. Despite the way I felt intellectually, the
primitive part of my brain was responding to the sexual

My wife's wonderful talented mouth took only a half-minute or so
to make the jism begin to rise from my balls.

"That's enough." Said Frank, "Wrap your throat around this
again, baby." He told Naomi, waving his big old dick around.

I tried to stop it, but I only partially succeeded. I started to
ejaculate, even as Naomi was going down again on Frank.

"So it's true." She said, pausing for a moment, "You do like to
watch Frank Fuck with me. Oh Dave!"

Frank's started to laugh; "It's all too much for Dave! Look at
that, the sight of the two of us making it with his wife is what
Dave needs to get off!"

Naomi had let go of my dick, and one spurt of my come shot
straight into my own face; a little bit more oozed from the tip.

"She is quite a sight, isn't she, Dave?" Frank continued, as
Naomi's head continued to bob up and down on his lap, and Mick
continued to push his dick in out of her ass. "I'm going to have
to take some pictures of this. Naomi is very photogenic you
know. Now that everything's out in the open, I'll have to show
you some of the pictures I've taken of her before. Should I show
him, Naomi?"

"Oh, yes, Frank." Said my wife, pausing from her task again for
a moment, "Frank has taken some very nice photos of me, Dave."
She said to me, before once more sucking down on Frank's penis.

"I'm going to come." Announced Mick.

Naomi sat upright, arched her back, and reached behind her head
to hold Mick's face. She twisted her torso around, and I watched
her push her tongue into his mouth.

By kissing him that way, she was overtly demonstrating her
acceptance of him, and the presence of his cock in her ass. Mick
had to bend his knees a little bit more to keep his cock in the
right position, and he embraced her, fondling her firm little
breasts and pinching her nipples, and apparently had a powerful
orgasm, shuddering and grimacing with concentration.

"Oh baby, that was great!" Said Mick, "Anytime you need some
loving, you know you can come to Mick!"

Naomi was just smiling at Frank and me; she was glowing,
radiating passion. It was unclear to me exactly what or who she
was passionate about, though.

"What would you like now, honey?" Frank asked her; "Do you want
me to fuck you?"

"Oh yes, Frank. That would be nice." My wife replied with a big

"That's enough now, Naomi!" I managed to say.

"Is it true what Frank said about you and Cindy?" she asked,
looking suddenly annoyed.

There was no use lying. She would find out, somehow.

"Yes" I said from my position next to her.

I groaned inwardly as Naomi turned her attention back to Frank.

"I would like it if you would fuck me now, Frank." She reaffirmed
with a nod.

Mick pulled his softening cock from her ass, and sat back on the
coffee table.

"I've got an idea;" said Frank, "has Dave ever fucked you in the
ass, Naomi?"

"Oh no, Frank. Dave has never done anything like that."

"Here Naomi, turn around. That's it." instructed Frank.

He was supporting her under her arms, so she was hovering over my
lap, with her back to me. She reached behind herself, and took
my still hard penis into her small hand.

"Let's expand Dave's horizons." Said Frank, "Slide your ass down
over his dick."

I don't know how Frank managed to dominate my wife the way he
did. He commanded, and she obeyed, like a western idea of an
oriental woman. She wasn't like that with me. If I asked her to
do something she didn't want to do, she would let me know in no
uncertain terms; but then, perhaps Frank wasn't asking her to do
anything she didn't want to do.

She had to let my dick go, to pull her own ass cheeks apart; it
doesn't slide in there as naturally as it slides into the normal
place. I felt another hand grab the base of my dick to steady
it. I could see both Naomi's hands, and both of Frank's under
her arms; so it was Mick.

I couldn't figure out what to do as my wife's distended sphincter
muscle slowly worked its way down my rod, as she twisted her hips
side to side to help things along. Finally, her small body was
sitting on my lap, and my dick was as far up into her bowels as
it was going to go. She leaned back against me, and caressed my
cheek with hers.

"Do you love me, Dave?" She asked me, quietly, but not so
quietly that Mick and Frank couldn't clearly hear the question.

I didn't know what to say. I couldn't say "no", because it
wouldn't be true. But I also didn't want to give my approval to
what was going on.

"Yes." I told her, despite myself. But as I said it, I could
feel Frank's big dick entering my wife's vagina. I felt him move
in and out of her as he began to fuck her, while she sat on me.

The last few years had been hard on me, as I'd struggled to find
a way to live with Naomi's cheating. Perhaps if I hadn't been
getting turned on by secretly listening, and even watching her
with Frank, I would have found the strength to face the problem
head on, instead of slinking around in denial.

But this was a new low. Figuratively speaking, my face was in it
before. But now, my face was in it literally. Naomi was leaning
back against me, her ear was by my nose. And her mouth was busy,
busy French kissing my stepfather. His face was only six inches
from mine, his grey unshaven jowls filled my vision, I could see
the saliva glistening on his tongue as he pushed it into my
wife's waiting mouth.

And through the thin piece of Naomi's anatomy that separated our
sexual organs, I could feel the tip of his big penis sliding
up-and-down the length of mine. I could feel his weight,
pressing my wife's back into my chest, pushing her ass into my
stomach at the end of each of his thrusts.

"How you feel, sweetheart?" Frank asked her, "Is it good?"

"Amazing, Frank. I love it! You and Dave both at once! Oh
Frank!" She squealed, holding him tightly.

The mechanics of this were a little bit difficult. Naomi's legs
were on the outside of mine, and she had her feet hooked behind
my calves in order to keep her ass in the correct position. She
had her arms around Frank, and Frank had one hand on each side of
me on the couch. As he pounded her, she had to constantly adjust

"Now you have us both where you want us, baby;" Frank continued,
"Dave down below you, and my big dick to do the work."

"Yes Frank, yes." Naomi whispered, "Your big dick to do the work,
Frank! Your big dick to do the work!"

I could feel contractions running through Naomi's body, starting
at her sphincter muscle at the base of my cock, and then running
up through her small frame, as a series of extremely intense
orgasms began.

I found myself wondering where my Naomi was; my sweet young wife,
the woman with the childish laughter and the shining eyes, the
mother of my baby, my friend. I wondered whether I would get
that Naomi back again when this was over.

Frank continued to pound us, while Naomi hugged him tightly. It
seemed to last for ages, I don't know how long it really was. I
was oddly happy about it on some level; my wife was having the
most intense orgasm of her life, as far as I knew, and at least I
had a small part in it.

I saw Mick walking back into the room, towelling his dick. Naomi
seemed to return to planet Earth, but Frank hadn't stopped.

Mick sat on the couch next to us, and started to caress my wife's
body, stroking her stomach and breasts.

"Relax, sweetheart!" said Mick quietly into my ear, "Just get
into it! There's nothing you can do about it, so you might as
well enjoy it. Frank wants to fuck your woman, and so do I. If
she's willing, why shouldn't we? You're a lucky guy, she's a

Mick stood up on the couch next to me, and I felt Frank's weight
lifted from Naomi, and saw his old face move away, so that Mick
would have an opportunity to get his cock to my wife's mouth.

She turned her head 90 degrees, and her ear was on my lips as her
mouth opened to accept a third organ into her body. Her delicate
fingers tickled Mick's balls as she sucked his stiffening dick
into her mouth once more.

"Good God, Frank." Said Mick, "I've never met a girl like her
before! Three men at once, what a woman! Suck it, baby, suck it.
Oh yeah."

Naomi's head brushed against mine as her mouth worked to pleasure
Mick's dick. Her long thick black hair teased my nose as her
small lean body moved with the rhythm of Frank's penetration.

"Oh, baby, you're so good!" continued Mick, "Do you like sucking my cock, sweetheart? Does it feel good in your mouth?"

"Yes Mick, it's good, I like it." Naomi paused to tell him.

"Why don't you take over for me, Mick." Said Frank, "Would you
like that, Naomi? Would you like Mick to screw you for a while?"

"Yes Frank. That's ok. I like it when Mick screws me, he does it
very nice."

Mick hopped off of the couch, and as Frank pulled away, I felt
Mick's penis re-entering my wife, the pressure of it's passing
pushing against mine.

There was a noticeable difference between Mick and Frank. Mick's
dick was not as thick, and his body was lighter against Naomi and
myself. His rhythm was different too; he was slightly faster,
but he wasn't lifting at the end of each stroke the way Frank had
been doing.

It was now Mick's handsome face that my wife was kissing. In
some ways, it bothered me less; neither of us actually knew this
man; hopefully, we would never see him again. In other ways, it
bothered me more; a good-looking man is more threatening to a
husband with a wayward wife.

Naomi reached behind herself, and then twisted her head around,
and she held my face in her hands while she kissed me. I was
very glad for the affection, but it also made me much more a part
of what was going on. I allowed myself to concentrate on my
wife's beautiful face, her sweet mouth, her deep dark eyes. I
felt fingers tickling my balls pleasantly, even as I felt Mick's
cock continue to slide in out. But then I realized that my
wife's hands were both on my face. It wasn't her tickling my
balls, it was Mick.

I don't know if it was better or worse when he let go of my
balls, and put both his hands behind my shoulders, so he was
holding Naomi in a sandwich between the two of us.

My wife seemed to be in a kind of euphoric state. I didn't
begrudge her that, despite my own acute discomfort. My love for
Naomi is intense. As intense as her own sexual pleasure was at
that moment; even if I could have, I don't think I would have
denied her that pleasure, once I had seen it at close range. I
was willing to endure my own pain, and allow her her
satisfaction. I suppose that will make many people think less of
me; but to me, Naomi's satisfaction was the only positive aspect
to this terrible event.

Naomi was alternately kissing me, and then Mick. He continued to
pound us both with his steady fucking. I hate to admit this, but
it wasn't completely unpleasant. Naomi's round little behind
kept moving around against my lap, and her movement stimulated my
prick that was firmly up her ass. And the weird feeling of
Mick's dick sliding up and down next to mine in the adjacent
cavity was strangely stimulating.

I saw Frank re-enter the room with a 35mm camera, as Naomi
started to have another series of orgasms. Convulsions wracked
her small body, as she shifted her gaze from Frank, to Mick, and
to me. She cried, screamed, and moaned unintelligibly.

Of course, the last thing I wanted to do was have an orgasm. I
was virtually being raped, if the definition of rape is sex
against one's will. But with Naomi going off like the millennium
fireworks exhibition, and the continual physical stimulation to
my penis, I couldn't help it. It was horrible; I started to
come, and Mick grabbed me by the balls again. He was tickling my
balls and leering at me, and Frank was taking pictures, his soft
but still somewhat swollen dick swaying around between his naked

"That's the way, Dave!" Mick said to me, "Shoot your spunk up in
there! It's great, isn't it?"

"No. It isn't." I said. I wanted to say more, much more. I
wanted to scream, shout, object. But at least I said something;
it was more than I had been able to do before.

"Ha ha, you don't fool me, Dave! I've known you since you were a
kid, and I can tell when you're having fun!" Frank said.

I've had a lot of time now to consider what Frank had said.
Despite how much I despised him, I have to admit that he was
right about a lot of things. But he wasn't right about me
enjoying sharing my wife with a pair of total bastards. It was
completely humiliating, and not at all pleasant. I've never had
any desire to repeat the experience.

After some time, Naomi seemed to be coming down from her high.
She wrapped her arms and legs around Mick, and locked her mouth
on his. The weight of both their bodies was against mine still,
but they seemed oblivious to my existence for a few moments,
while they lay silent and still on top of me.

"Well, that was really something." Said Frank, "What's next?"

Next? I thought, next you untie me, and I take my wife home, and
begin to try to put these events behind us. But it seemed that I
was the only one thinking those thoughts.

"You decide, Frank." Said Naomi, "You just say what you want,
and we'll do it!"

"That's my girl!" said Frank, as Mick pulled out and stood.

"Come to papa, baby." Frank said, and he stepped on the couch
with one foot, and put his arms between my wife and I, one under
her knees, and the other behind her shoulders. He lifted her up
easily, as she wrapped her own small arms around his thick neck.
My dick pulled out of her with a small "plop" as they stood.

Naomi laughed with delight as frank spun her around, carrying her
like a baby, her hair swinging free.

"Shall we show Dave how we do it?" he asked her. "Would you like
old Frank to give it to you good and proper?"

She glanced at me briefly, but seemed to fail to notice the
distress I was in.

"Oh yes, Frank! Do me proper!" she told him.

Frank put her down on the coffee table, so her crotch was near
the edge, and she planted her little feet on the carpet.

"See this, Dave?" Frank said to me while he spread Naomi's vagina open with his fingers, "This is your wife's cunt, and this little
button is her clit. It's where you're supposed to put it, Dave.
Suck my dick a little bit more, baby," he said, waving it around
in front of Naomi's face. She got up on her elbows, and sucked it into her mouth, while Frank's balls slid over her breasts.
Frank's big dick was hard within ten seconds. He moved around to
the end of the table, and placed the tip of his cock at Naomi's

"This is the right way to screw a girl. Isn't that right, Naomi?
Do you want me to push this thing up inside of you? Say it,
honey. Say it so Dave can hear."

"Yes, Frank. I want you to push your thing into me. Push it
Frank, push it in!"

"Now Naomi, spread your legs out as wide as you can. That's a
good girl." Said Frank, "I love the way your wife is so obedient,
Dave. Your mother was never like this. That's it. Okay,

Actually, I happened to know that Naomi wasn't often like that
either; I'd often listened to her bickering with him and giving
him a hard time, even while they were in the middle of sex. But
the electronic bugs were still my secret. Perhaps my last secret.

Naomi lifted her feet up into the air as Frank slowly pushed his
dick into her.

"How does that feel, Naomi? How you like Frank's big old dick in

"It feels good Frank. I like it, I like your big old dick in me!
Oh yes, Frank, do it!"

He started to fuck her, with long hard strokes. My young wife stared into my eyes as she came, with her arms and legs wrapped
tightly around my stepfather.

"Do you like it when Dave watches us, Naomi?" Frank asked her.

"I'm not sure, Frank. It's a little weird. But I guess it's
nice for Dave, so it's okay with me."

"That's good Naomi. You're a good wife for Dave. Would you like
to suck Mick's cock while I'm fucking you?"


Frank rolled her over so she was on her belly, without actually
pulling his dick from her.

Mick now sat on the coffee table with his member poking up at
Naomi's lips. She bobbed her head up and down, toying with its
tip, but was obviously more concerned with what Frank was doing.

"Relax Naomi, relax." Exhorted Frank. "Just concentrate on Mick,
suck his dick. You love sucking dick, don't you?"

"Yes, Frank. I love the way it feels when I suck dick."

The three of them ignored me, and Naomi took Mick's cock deeper
and deeper as frank held his position, his dick now fully

Mick started fucking Naomi in the mouth, his long penis sliding
strait down her throat with each thrust. I was afraid for her
safety, but then I saw that her hand was on his balls, and she
was encouraging his action.

"Shit, I'm going to come again!" said Mick after a minute. "You
were right Frank, she's the best! Baby, baby, nobody ever sucked my cock like you do."

Naomi lifted her weight up a little on her elbows, and held Mick'
s organ tightly in both her hands while he ejaculated into her

"Swallow it, honey!" Said Mick, holding my wife by her ears with
the tip of his cock in her mouth, "Swallow it down for me. Yes,
yes! I just love it when a woman swallows. Dave, your wife swallowed down all my spunk! She's some woman, you should be
proud of her. How was the taste, sweetheart?" he asked as he
released her and pulled his dick out of her mouth.

"Nice, Mick. It was nice. and. fresh." Said Naomi between
impacts, as frank started pounding her again.

Naomi turned her head, whipping her hair to one side, to watch my
reaction. I wasn't sure if her acknowledgment of my existence in
the room made me feel better or worse. The whole scene was my
worst nightmare.

"I hope you don't mind, Dave." Frank said to me, without breaking
his rhythm, "Naomi and I getting it on, I mean. How long have
you known, anyway? It doesn't really matter, I suppose. Your
wife can't get enough of me, Dave. I'm sorry, but I have to be
honest with you. We even did it while she was pregnant. Did you
fuck her while she was pregnant, Dave? And after she got out of
the hospital, she was up here the next day. She just wanted to
suck my cock, she was worried I might get too horny. You can say
anything you want about Naomi, Dave, but you can't say she's

Naomi started to lift her hips from the table, pushing back
against Frank, meeting his thrusts. He reached around her hip,
to play with her clit as Mick had done earlier.

She was still holding Mick by the cock, rubbing it against her
face as she looked into my eyes, and came once more.

With each additional orgasm, I felt my wife moving farther and
farther from me; how could I hope to convince her to stay
faithful to me once she had had sex like this? I don't think of
myself as a bad lover, but how could I compete against two men like Frank and Mick? If she enjoyed fucking them so much, how
could I hope to satisfy her by myself?

"What you think, Naomi?" Asked Frank, "Do you want me to come
now, or would you like me to do you in the ass? You liked that
ass fucking, didn't you? Mick said it was great, and even Dave
seemed to enjoy it."

"Come Frank, just come. Maybe next time you could fuck me in the
ass; it was good, somehow I liked it. But I'm a little bit sore

"I can understand that." Frank said.

Frank took one of my wife ankles in his hand, and lifting it up
into the air used her leg as a lever to roll her over once more
onto her back. She smiled at him happily as he fucked her
impossibly hard and fast, until they both came together, rocking
together back and forth on the little table.

"If it wasn't me, it would've been someone else, Dave." Frank
said to me, before pulling his spent dick from Naomi's prone
body. "Naomi just isn't the kind of woman who will ever be happy
with one man. Better to keep it all in the family, right?"

That was about the closest thing to an apology I'd ever had from

"Let's leave these two lovebirds alone, and go out and get
something to eat, Mick." He said, giving Naomi's head a friendly
tussle, as she just lay on the table silent and still, regarding
me through sad eyes.

After the older men had left the room, Naomi asked me;

"Dave, will you take me home, now? And why are you sitting on
your hands?"

"My hands are tied together, Naomi."

"Really? Why is that, Dave?"

She untied me, as we heard Frank and Mick leaving the house. We
didn't seem to have much to say to each other.

"I want to take a shower." I told her, "Would you like to join

"All right." She answered.

We washed each other. It was somehow ritualistic; we were both
naked in the bathtub, and we soaped each other's bodies from head
to toe, but it was not sexual. I don't think either one of us
spoke a word, until after we'd towelled each other off.

"Oh Dave!" she finally said, "I'm so glad all this is out in the
open at last! We should never have secrets from each other

I embraced her naked body with mine; "Never," I said.

My erection was pushing against her flat little tummy; I wanted
to screw her; I wanted to take her back as my own in all
respects. But she had had enough of that for a while.

I just held her and kissed her. I badly wanted to put these
experiences behind me, but I couldn't help but picture those
large cocks moving and out of my wife's little mouth, ass, and
vagina; her small hands caressing their hairy balls; I couldn't
erase from my mind the picture of my woman in total rapture as
she engaged in that raw primal sex.

She did give me one of her amazing blowjobs, though. The sight
of my beloved little Naomi's dark slanted eyes looking out at me
through the jungle of her jet black hair as she goes down on me
is still the greatest delight available to me in this life. As
long as it's my cock she sucking on, it's wonderful to see how
she loves doing it.

Afterwards, when we had gotten home and dispatched the
babysitter, I told her what Frank and Mick were up to. She was
stunned that the men who had just screwed her physically also
seemed to be working on screwing the two us financially.

"There must be something we can do, Dave!"

"Well, when I talked to Tony [a lawyer friend of ours] last year
about all of this, he told me that with what little paperwork we
have, Frank can do almost anything to us, business wise. If he
sells the company and refuses to pay us, we can try to sue him,
but there isn't a lot of hope."

"So there's nothing to do now but wait and see what he does."
Said Naomi, dark clouds forming around her.

"That's how I see it."

We had a fight later; I wanted us to stay faithful to each other,
that is, monogamous.

"You nothing but a hypocrite!" Naomi screamed at me [her English
slips when she's upset], "You let me screw with Frank, you know
all the time, you want to watch! Then you go with big tits Cindy!
Now you want me to feel bad for what I did, when it was your
fault I had to screw Frank in the first place! You want to have
your good time, but not me! You pretend now you don't like it
when I fuck with Frank and Mick, but when we were doing it, you
like it! You like to watch!"

"No, no! I didn't. And I want that to end now! The pain is too
much, lets just promise to never cheat or lie to each other

She glowered at me, then said; "Well, maybe I don't want it to
end now! Maybe I want to go fuck with Frank and Mick some more!
[I knew this was just to get at me; she was livid with the two of
them] You can come and watch!"

We both calmed down after a while, but the issue was not settled.

Our little Internet service firm had sold for fifteen million,
five hundred thousand dollars. Therefore, I assume that Frank got
Mick to pay out [on behalf of his company of course] an extra
quarter million for my wife's ass, as promised.

Naomi and I got half of a holding company worth twenty million
dollars. The other half was to be held in trust for our daughter,
Kim. I'm sure Frank had thought that he was the father. It is
possible, I admit, but I believe Kim is mine. Frank may have
been screwing my wife every week during that period, but I was
screwing her three or four times a week. She may have had urges
that Frank satisfied for her, but that didn't mean that she didn'
t have some passion for me as well.

Whenever Naomi buys something totally frivolous, we say "Take it
out of the ass money". I don't hold any stock of the big company
that bought us out. I don't want to own stock in a company with
guys like Mick working for them.

I don't know how frank piled up the other four and a half
million. When I get around to really checking the newfound books,
I'm sure it will be clear.

I never did really figure Frank out. He seemed to love to torment
me, my whole life. Then when he had me completely defeated, give
me my due. He was a weird guy.

We've decided to sell everything and leave here. Naomi is still
in shock over Frank's suicide, and she wants to spend some time
with her mother, so we're going to Japan for a while.

There are a couple of last things to tell;

I was going nuts not having anyone to talk to about my inner
turmoil. I opened myself up to Cindy, my secretary and occasional

Cindy is about as opposite to Naomi as it's possible for another
woman to be, mentally as well as physically. She's closer to my
height, and full figured. I wouldn't call her fat, though. She
has shoulder length straw blond hair, and clear blue eyes. She's
such an open and honest woman; there is no pretence or guile in
her, I don't think. She's 15 years older than I, but she's still
attractive, in a maternal sort of way.

Cindy's body is warm, loving, and comfortable. When she wraps
her arms around me, and I feel her large breasts against me and I
look into her big honest eyes, there's just simple affection
there. I can't justify cheating on my wife, regardless of her
own indiscretions; how can I expect Naomi to be faithful to me,
if I don't reciprocate?

"My God! She was giving them head with you right there in the
room? How could she do that?" Cindy asked me.

"I don't know. Maybe it was my fault. I should have done
something to stop it."

"What could you do, Dave? You were tied up." She said, putting a
hand on my knee.

"And the way she seemed to enjoy the whole thing. I mean, two, or
three, depending on how you count, men at once. Would you like
something like that, Cindy? I mean, is it normal for a woman to
be turned on by that?"

"Three men." She said, wistfully. Her large nipples were
hardening; she had answered my question.

Between our little fight and then all the stress of the sale and
then Frank's suicide, Naomi and I had had no sex for several

Cindy started to kiss me, and I couldn't resist those big blue
eyes of hers. I kissed her back, our tongues intertwined; my
prick took control of me; I guess I had more stuff in my balls
than in my brain. The nipples on her large white breasts called
my name; I mindlessly responded. We left the office and went to a

The episode with Frank and Mick had left me with a hollow feeling
in my heart, and I couldn't resist Cindy's friendly human touch.
Or her lovely, willing, female body. Cindy is the kind of person
that really enjoys sex. If only she was fifteen years younger,
and I'd met her five years sooner.

I love Naomi, and I get pain as well as pleasure from that love.
Sex with Cindy was lightweight by comparison, a sweet interlude
of relaxation.

She gave me head, and it couldn't compare with what I got at
home. But I enjoyed her attentions a lot none the less. I licked
her blond snatch in return, and it made me feel like a man again
when I finally entered her.

"Oh Dave, that feels so nice." She told me; "You're such a
sweetheart, and I love this cute little ass of yours."

The way she smiled at me was uplifting; the soft cooing
appreciative sounds she made, the way she enjoyed my attentions
to her, soothed me.

Our simultaneous orgasms restored my shattered ego, putting me
back on my feet so that I could get back to work, selling off and
settling up my affairs in preparation to travel.

"I don't know how Naomi could cheat on you with Frank, Dave."
Cindy said, as we cuddled afterwards.

"I think she just loved his big dick." I said.

"A big dick isn't everything, Dave. Frank might have been bigger
then you, but he wasn't as good a lover."

I looked at her sharply; but she looked the other way, and
clammed up.

I felt bad about my little fling afterwards. I had and still have
a genuine affection for Cindy, but I'm in love with my wife. And
Naomi is much more beautiful than Cindy, anyway.

And I think that Naomi found out somehow. She turned suddenly
short tempered with me soon afterward. I hope she'll feel better
when the travelling is over and we're at her mother's place.

I'm confident that living in a conservative society like Japan
will keep us both on the strait and narrow.

I found Frank's photographs as I was cleaning out the old house.

There were three albums that were only photographs of women.
They seemed to be in chronological order, starting out in the
'70s. Clearly Frank's collection of girlfriends.

There were a lot of photographs of Naomi, both dressed and nude.
Some while she was sucking his cock. There were other nudes in
the collection, but Naomi was the only one except my mother who
let Frank photograph her in such a compromising position.

The pictures of my mother started from when my father had not yet
passed on. She would have only been about 30 or 35. It disturbed
me somewhat that I was turned on by those pictures; my mother,
reclining naked on a sofa, or in a transparent Teddy sitting on a
bed, holding one knee to herself, smiling at the camera. With
Frank in a bar, looking good; and a couple where she's spread
naked, touching herself.

I found pictures of Cindy, as well. Naked. In Frank's bedroom.
Cindy's pictures first appear in the album at about the 1980
mark; she was an incredible beauty then. They keep occurring,
right to the end, nudes of her alternating first with those of my
mother, then with my wife. Even in death, that bastard is getting
one over on me. I have to admit though; there are some nice
photographs there.

Ace, 2000 / 2001

Post script; things haven't gone quite as I'd hoped in Japan.

In part three, "Screwed in Japan", I write about my continuing
difficulties with Naomi; it comes to a point where even I can't
let it go on anymore.
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