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Archived Sex Stories

Screwed in Japan revised


This is third and final episode in my "screwed" series. It is
not necessary to read the first two stories before enjoying this
one, but it would probably be more fun that way.

you can find them on my
website, with the rest of my stories;
and; [in plain text].

This is utterly non-commercial, I do it just for fun. But I
really appreciate any comments, so please write to me if you
enjoyed my work.

Screwed in Japan [revised 2001]
Naomi and I have been in Japan, with our daughter Kim, for three
months now.

Things haven't been going quite as I'd hoped, though.

Let's see, when I left off the tale last, we were just about to
leave the U.S., after some traumatic emotional times, and having
come into a very large sum of money.

At the airport, Naomi told me that she knew I'd been unfaithful
to her again. It was the stress of travelling I suppose, that
triggered her outburst. She had kept it bottled up until then,
and I was almost happy to have it in the open. I would have
preferred a more private place, though.

Naomi's family is very rich. She'd told me that they had a nice
place in the suburbs of Kyoto, but I hadn't imagined something
quite so grand. Inside a high perimeter wall there were several
houses surrounding a large ornamental garden. One was occupied by
Naomi's father and his younger mistress, another by her elder
brother, and one by her mother and younger sister.

Naomi had not been on speaking terms with her father since our
marriage. I had been hoping that there would be a reconciliation,
but that had not occurred.

I understood that her father had doted on her when she was
younger, but there had been increasing friction up until the time
she left Japan and met me. I had hoped that now that I [we] were
rich, I would be accepted by the old man, but it was pretty
hopeless. At the rare and tense gathering of the clan that
occurred during the first month we were there, he merely scowled
in my direction the one unfortunate time our eyes met. There
seemed to be a lot of that in the family; Naomi's mother didn't
talk to him either. She got on fine with his mistress, though.

There was a smaller, unoccupied house in the compound as well,
and our family moved into it.

Being a twenty four year old unemployed millionaire in a strange
country was looking to be pretty boring, especially with the
language barrier. There was something that I had always wanted
to do though; get back into karate, which I had stopped when I
was eighteen. I found a Dojo where I could train. Nothing
amazing, just a nice little school with ordinary people, young and old, men and women. I was in an intermediate group, and I
could train twice a day if I wanted to, sometimes with the black

The morning session was terribly early, from 6:30 to 7:30AM, but
I went every day, leaving before anyone was awake. I was always
sore, but I felt my strength and self-confidence building, and it
felt great.

When I returned, Naomi would usually give me a massage. The
loving feeling of her small hands on my sore muscles was an

Our sex life took some time to get back on track, though. Naomi
was really pissed at me for my little indiscretion with Cindy.
What was that compared to her two-year affair with my step
father, or her letting a stranger fuck her in the ass while I was
tied up watching?

Naomi's younger sister, Hoshi is seventeen, voluptuous, and
flirtatious. She's bigger than Naomi [which is easy, since Naomi
is tiny], with large breasts for an oriental girl. For any girl.

She loved to prance by me pushing her chest out, too. And if that
wasn't bad enough, somehow I got roped into spending some time
with her each day to help her with her English.

Naomi made me promise that I wouldn't take advantage of her
little sister, though. She [Naomi] started to give me a blowjob one morning after my massage. Naomi's blowjobs are amazing, and
all would be perfect if she would just give them to me
exclusively. I would have promised her anyway, but in the midst
of such rapture, she knows I'll do anything she asks. I'm no lady
killer, but it was clear that Hoshi was attracted to her sister's
foreign husband. Caucasian's are considered kinky in Japan.

There was an American guy who was usually at the Dojo, a black
belt named Joe. He's lived here for some years, teaching English
and practicing his karate. He befriended me; lord knows I needed
a friend here, and would translate for me in class.

Joe has a hard time in Japan. He's black, and the people here are
commonly racist. It's no problem at the Dojo or even his work,
where he's respected, but he needed a friend, too.

Naomi had met Joe several times already before the first night he
came for dinner at our house. I was happy the way she made such a
fuss of the preparations for the meal, and then over her
appearance. Now, you're probably thinking what a fool I am, and I
guess you're right; but at the time, I found it flattering to
myself that she would want to impress my new friend.

And he was clearly impressed. Naomi is a very beautiful woman,
and that's not just my opinion. But when she puts an effort into
it, like she did that evening, she can stop traffic.

Her long thick black hair was down, gleaming and lustrous. She
wore open high-heeled shoes on her dainty feet, something that
always turns me on, but that she hadn't done for a while.

Her tight green silk dress was slit on one side to her upper
thigh, so her well shaped right leg would be completely exposed
on one step, then tantalisingly disappear on the next.

She served us in Japanese style, each dish only slightly less
delicious than herself.

It took me a while to realise that she was flirting with Joe. Her
eyes would linger on his for just a couple of seconds too long
each time one of them had spoken.

Aware of my peril at last, I tried to see Joe through Naomi's
eyes. Joe is, as I said, Black. He also looks to be pushing
fifty. I had never thought of the possibility of my wife being
interested in him sexually. But then I thought of Frank; he was
that age, and he turned her on like hell.

A few of you have written to me, saying that you didn't
understand why Naomi was attracted to Frank, so much so that she
carried on a blatant affair with him for a couple of years, even
though he was my step father. I could never figure it out either,
but he was a big guy, both in the normal sense, and in the penis
department. We have had some very open discussions about sex and
love in the last two days, and I actually asked her outright;

"What was it exactly that turned you on so much about Frank?"

"I wasn't really turned on by him."

"Oh come on now, Naomi! You were having sex with him behind my
back for two years! And you want me to believe that you weren't
turned on?"

"But Dave, you knew the whole time!"

"Well, ok, I knew, but you didn't know I knew."

"You knew when I fucked with him the first time; it was your own
fault [I dispute this]. And then you knew that I was up there
once a week, what could you think?"

What I had thought was that there wasn't much I could do about

"But what was it about him that attracted you?" I insisted.

"Nothing. The first time, it was because of you, and after that,
I just let him. It was very important to him, and it didn't seem
to be a big deal. And you never said anything about it."

I knew this to be a bunch of bull, as I used to go and watch
them, and then bugged Frank's house. She used to come more often
than an inner city bus. But whatever it was, she didn't want to
say. I got a pretty good idea later as to what was behind this
attraction for older men, but we'll come to that in a little

There's another thing I want to make clear; it was never my
intention that Naomi should have sex with my step father, as some
of you seemed to think after reading my first story. The plan
was for Naomi to distract him, and perhaps flirt with him a
little. By flirt, I mean a little bit of excessive eye contact,
perhaps show a little leg. Certainly not physical contact.

Back to the story;

Joe was big, in the normal sense. Perhaps Naomi also thought that
he would be hung like a bull, being a black man. I knew she liked
that, even though every woman I've ever talked to about it
insists that it doesn't matter.

I suppose that Joe is a good looking guy. His hair has gone
fairly grey, but he still has plenty of it. His face is still
youngish. But his body. I have to admit, the guy is built like a
brick shithouse. Our sport is extremely strenuous, and Joe's been
at it regularly for years. He's strong and very lean, and his
muscle definition would make any weight lifter envious. But
[unlike lifters I have known], his movements are always graceful
and relaxed. He carries his large body very well, with the kind
of confidence that you'd expect from the martial arts master that
he is.

I was relieved when Joe finally went home. All of us were feeling
horny by then, and I was trying to figure out how to diffuse the
situation. You see, Naomi had hinted to me that she intended to
even the score. That is, as I had cheated on her with Cindy
before we left the U.S., she would do the same [but not with
Cindy] at some point. To me, this was absurd for several reasons;
for one, the "score" was entirely hers. She had had ten times
more extra marital sex than I had had. Secondly, it was a
spontaneous act with Cindy. Naomi looked to me as though she was
laying the groundwork for laying Joe. She didn't want me that
night. Oh, I wanted her, I tried. But it was nothing doing.

A few days later, as I returned from my morning training, I heard
someone in our house. Someone male. Joe; "Oh god Naomi! That's
great! Oh, uh. yes oh yes, like that."

"How's this Joe?" I heard my wife inquire, sweetly.

"Oh yeah, that's the spot! You're a gem, Naomi, a gem."

I peeked around the corner... Joe was on the massage table, still
dressed where it counts, thank God. Naomi was rubbing down his
powerful upper body.

I hid. That was my first instinct; to watch, and see where this
would lead. But then I forced myself out of my apathy; I had
screwed up my life enough by that route.

"Hi!" I said to them as I walked in with a boldness I didn't

"Here's Dave now!" said Naomi brightly, as though everything was

"Hey, Dave." Said Joe from under my wife's hands. "I came to see
if you wanted to come for a swim. Lucky for me you weren't here!
Naomi's got a way with tired backs."

Sure. He knew damn well when the morning session ends, and when I
was due home. I bet if I hadn't walked in, his back would have
found the strength required to do whatever came naturally.

So we went for a swim. The thing was, I really liked Joe. He's
just that kind of guy. I don't know if I'd be able to resist
Naomi in seduction mode. Shit, I hadn't even been able to resist
Cindy, so who was I to judge a guy like Joe? And if she was going
to do it, I'd prefer Joe to the last two men she'd cheated on me
with; I'd hated them both.

Naomi invited Joe for dinner again, that very night.

That evening, we sat in our bedroom as she fixed her makeup. She
had had her hair done, it was fixed and pinned so most of it was
up, and a few tantalising locks came down in spirals on each side
of her lovely face. She was wearing high black boots and fishnet
stockings that I hadn't seen before, and a black leather
miniskirt. Her full little breasts were getting some air.

"I want to fuck with Joe tonight" she said, right out of the

That was already clear, even to me. But I was still pretty
surprised that she would say it outright.

"Naomi! How can you say that?" I demanded.

"I say it just like I feel it, Dave. I feel like fucking Joe.
Tonight. Do you understand, Dave?"

"Please, Naomi! Don't do this to me."

"Don't be so egoist, Dave! I do this for myself."

"Naomi, you're my wife! How do you think it makes me feel that
you want Joe, that you tell me that you want to have sex with

"How do you think I feel that you fucked with Cindy again? After
your big blah blah about how we should be honest to each other!
This time I tell you strait. I want to fuck with your big friend
Joe." she said, watching me through the mirror as she tilted her
head to one side to put on an earring.

"What if he doesn't want to fuck with you?" big mistake. Shouldn'
t have said that.

Naomi laughed sweetly. Is it possible to laugh sweetly about such
a thing? Well, she did.

"If he doesn't want to, then there is no problem!"

"But Naomi, why must you do this?"

She looked dreamily out of the window; "I wanted him from the
first time I met him. Joe is very sexy; he's just so big and
strong. It's just something I need to do. Would you be happier if
I lied about it?"

"No." I admitted, miserably.

"I thought so. And anyway, this way, you get to watch!" she said,

I held my head in my hands. "I don't know if I can take this." I

Naomi stroked my head with a light touch. "It will be ok, Dave. I
love you, I want to stay with you. I just want to have some fun
with Joe."

She stood, and held my head against her naked breasts. "Now take
off your pants, and I'll give you a nice blow job."

I complied, and lay on my back on the bed.

"Don't mess up my hair." Naomi warned me, and started.

The evening went along essentially like the previous one. Naomi
had put on a semi transparent light black silk shirt that knotted
below her breasts. Her tits weren't quite visible through it,
but one couldn't help but try to sneak a peek. Her curvy hips
were bare, showing her wonderfully flat tiny stomach.

She had reapplied her makeup, and her face was simply exquisite.

Somewhere I couldn't believe this was really happening. Yet it
clearly was. My wife was sitting too close to my friend, her eyes
kept holding his. She seemed to just ooze in his direction.

Joe seemed a bit baffled by the situation. Naomi was dressed to
kill, and putting the make on him just short of whorish.
Meanwhile, I was trying to pretend everything was perfectly

Naomi kept touching and Joe's powerful arm with her fingers each
time she spoke to him; her nipples were protruding through her
flimsy blouse.

I can't remember what point I had just attempted to make, when
Naomi asked Joe "What do you think, Joe?" With her face about
six inches from his, while stroking the back of his hand with her

"Naomi, honey, at this point I'm barely able to think at all."
Was Joe's reply.

By ten o'clock, Naomi had had enough of the nonsense.

"Dave, why don't you go for a walk so I can be alone with Joe for
a while?"

I almost choked on my sake.

"Go on!" she insisted.

"Hey, wait a minute," said Joe, as I stood, "is this what you
want, Dave?"

NO! I wanted to scream. "Yes" is what I mumbled, the words
seeming to flow from Naomi's eyes, into and through me.

I left, taking a jacket from a peg by the door on my way out.

She wanted him, and she was going to have him. It would only
bring trouble on myself were I to try to fight it, I thought.

I sat in a little park by the road a few hundred yards from our
house. I would've loved to see what was going on inside. I know
you all would also like a report; but there was no way to see in
from outside, as all the blinds had been down. Also, I really
didn't want to be seen in the garden peeping through my own
windows by any of Naomi's family.

After about forty-five minutes, Joe came out of the compound
gate, and headed in my direction, the way home for him.

He saw me sitting there and stopped; "Dave, we gotta talk." He

I patted the bench next to me, and he sat down.

"Dave, I really feel like shit. What just happened. it wasn't

I felt like shit too.

"It's ok, Joe. Two consenting adults can do no wrong."

"Well, if one's married, it takes three consenting adults in my

"Shit, Joe, I told you it was ok."

"Yeah, that's what your mouth said, but your eyes told another
tale, buddy."

"You shouldn't feel bad, Joe. No heterosexual male could've
resisted Naomi tonight."

"You got a point there, Dave. Damn, she was really something."

"What happened, then?"

Joe looked down at the ground; "Everything."

My heart sunk further. Not that I didn't already know.

"And something else you'd better know, Dave. I., we, didn't use
any protection."

I suddenly envisioned his naked black cock in my wife's sweet
place, her small pale body writhing below his large black muscled
one in orgasm.

"Tell me, Joe. Tell me what you did."

"A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell, Dave."

"If kissing was all that went on, I'd be happy to hear it! C'mon
Joe. I need to know."

"Ok, Dave, here it is; we made it. Had sex. Fucked. I fucked your
wife. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

"Details, Joe," I whined, "I need to know the details. Who made
the first move?"

"She did. You weren't even out the front door, and she was on my


"She kissed me. Held my face in her hands and kissed me."


"Yeah. Tongue."

"What did you do?"

"I-I put my arms around her. I kissed her back. Aw, Dave! She's a
tiger in an angel suit! She was twisting around and stuff."

"Could she feel your hard on?"

Joe hesitated at further disclosure. Then continued.

"Oh yeah, she could feel it. She was rubbing her crotch back and
forth on it."

"Then what?"

Joe sighed, then said "She took off my shirt. I took off hers.
She climbed off of me and unbuckled my belt, opened my pants."

"Go on," I said, hoarsely, "Then she went down on you?"

He looked up at me; "No. She just, um, fondled me. You look a
little surprised."

"Well, usually, it's the first thing she wants to do to a guy."

"So, this happens often?"

"Yes. No. Well, you're not the first. There were two others."

"I don't know if that makes me feel better or worse."

I put my hand on my friend's shoulder, "Feel better, Joe. The
other two guys were both real scum. If she had to do this again,
I'm glad it was with you."

"Thanks, Dave"

"So what happened next?"

"She pulled her skirt off. When I saw that bald pussy of hers.
man, she's one hot lady."

"Wait a minute! She was shaved?"

"That's right. She wasn't wearing no panties either. Just those
kinky boots and stockings."

She had shaved herself once before, to please my stepfather.

"She sat back down on my lap," Joe continued quietly, "And we
just petted for a while."

"You fingered her?"

"Yeah. I fingered her. She kept stroking my rod. I don't think I'
ve been wound up like that for ten years."

"And she never went down on you?"

"No. Why, you upset about that?"

"You missed something. Naomi gives amazing head."

"If that hot wife of yours had taken me in her mouth right then,
I doubt I coulda held it back."

"So what happened next?"

"Geez, Dave, you want every last detail?"


"Ok, if it's what you want. She lay down on the tatami on her
back, and just reached out her arms to me. I took my pants off
the rest of the way, and I got down on my belly to give her a

"Did she come?"

"Oh yeah. She came. I thought she was gonna crush my head between
her thighs when she did."

I giggled involuntarily. "Then what?" I asked.

"I got up on my knees so the tip of my thing just touched her
crack. She lifted herself up on those kinky boots a little, and
pushed down so I was in her."

"All the way?"

"Well, yeah. All the way."

"How did it feel?"

"Well, you should know, Dave! How old is Naomi? Nineteen,

"Twenty four."

"Well, I'm fifty two. And I tell you, a twenty four year old beauty like your wife wrapped around me feels just fine."

"I always thought you were in your early forties."

"Thanks, Dave."

"I hope you gave it to her good, Joe."

He looked surprised at what I had just said. I was surprised,

He looked at me strangely, and said; "Yeah, I did. I gave it to
her good."

"What was she saying while you did it?"

"Hell, Dave! I can't repeat all that shit!"

"Yeah, ok. You came together?"

"Yeah. When she started to, I couldn't hold out. It was over
pretty quick."

Neither of us said anything for a minute.

We talked on; we talked of philosophy, life, love, the universe,
and friendship.

After a couple of hours, it was getting cold, and we went to our
respective homes.

Naomi was already in bed. As I climbed in, she turned to me; "
Dave," she said,

"Yes?" I replied,

"Thank you." she said.

The following day, when I returned from morning training, Naomi
was not in the house. I took my shower, and lay down on my belly
on the massage table to relax.

I heard soft footsteps. The touch of light fingers across my
back. I knew straight away that it wasn't Naomi. I lay quietly,
as if asleep. I was certain it was Naomi's sister.

Despite my time living with Naomi, and my few months in Japan, I
do not pretend to understand Japanese ways. It seemed to me that
Naomi must have sent her sister as a thank you gift; the girl had
the hots for me, she would do it if Naomi said to. And she has so
much respect for her older sister, I couldn't see any other way
she would come to me like this.

The fingers traced up-and-down my naked body. They lightly
massaged my arms, shoulders, then down my back, finally my ass.
The fingers were not shy. They ran into the crack, circling my
anus. They reached under, stimulating my balls. I lifted my
hips, and a hand slid under, to hold and squeeze my penis. I was
a surprised at the forwardness of the girl.

Suddenly I had doubts, it was not Naomi, of that I was certain,
but I was far from sure that it was.

I turned over. It was not Hoshi; it was Yuriko, Naomi's mother.
She wore a red kimono, her hair was down. I had never seen her
hair down before. It was thick and shoulder length, the grey
hairs contrasted sharply with the black. She smiled at me, and,
palms together, bowed. I didn't know what to do. I lay naked,
my cock hard as a rock. She reached out and took it in her two

My mind raced backwards. Things Naomi had said; how her mother was lonely, needed a new man. Naomi giggling with her mother, as
the two of them looked me over.

Yuriko was a lovely woman, for her age. She bent down, and her
warm mouth enveloped my cock, as her large brown slanted eyes
watched my face for a signal.

In my own defence, all I can say is I was very horny. I had
badly wanted to make love to Naomi the night before, but she had
refused me. "Your friend has left me all worn out Dave. I need to
sleep now." She'd said.

Her mother was a poor substitute. But, I thought, Naomi had
sent her to me, knowing that we each had what the other needed.

I sat up, and taking the woman's head in my hands, and lifted her
mouth to mine. I kissed her, and held her at arm's-length. Her
soft eyes regarded me with affection and lust.

It was strange, making love with my mother-in-law. It was not to
she was so old; I guess she was only about 45. The last woman I'
d had an affair with, Cindy, was nearly that age.

Yuriko was similar to Naomi physically. She was small and lean,
with high cheekbones and large eyes. She had almost no breasts,
but she had a wonderful round little ass. It was just that, well,
she's my mother-in-law.

Soon she was below me on the table, doing her daughters duty with
gusto. She was not alone in her enthusiasm, I confess. I was
enjoying myself mightily. Yuriko is a very passionate woman; on
our first encounter she had several powerful orgasms, and my
doubts about having sex with her decreased a little bit with each

When we were done, she tied up her kimono, and scurried quickly
back to her own house. Was there a sense of shame? Well, I didn'
t feel completely OK about this. Before, and during, it felt
great. But afterwards, I'm afraid I did feel ashamed at what I
had done. I can't say why, Oedipus complex perhaps. My own
mother died a long time ago, and Naomi's mother is the only one I

The next week was fairly uneventful; I kept to my training
regime, and Naomi would usually give me my massage afterwards,
but that was all I was getting from her. She didn't seem to be
interested in having sex with me; I sure did have interest in
her. She enjoyed it when I paid her compliments, and she always
liked me to hug her and caress her. But she would always stop me
from going further.

I rented a videodisc on Friday, the latest blockbuster; I had
found a copy in English. I was looking forward to a quiet
evening, just Naomi and I on the couch. But, as you no doubt
have guessed, Joe came along, at Naomi's invitation.

The three of us sat on the couch, watching the movie. My
attention, however, couldn't help but be redirected to my wife as
she cuddled up with my friend.

Her feet were up on the couch, her shoulder under Joe's armpit,
his strong arm around her thin shoulders, her head against his
chest. The affection seemed almost innocent. Almost. I couldn't
help but look from time to time to see what they were up to.
Nothing much happened for the first hour, but then I observed
that Naomi had freed Joe's big black dick, and was caressing it
with her fingertips. His penis was not as awesome as I had
feared it would be. But he was big. Bigger than I, bigger than

Joe looked at me, nervously. "Naomi told me, Dave, that, um, you
like to watch."

My mouth was dry, I felt like there was a log in my throat. I
hate it when that happens to me; when I freeze like that, like a
rabbit caught in the headlights of a car about to run him over.

Naomi turned her head to look at me.

"Go on, Dave. Tell Joe the truth. He might as well know, then we
can all enjoy ourselves. You like to watch other men fuck with
me, don't you?"

I could feel the flush coming to my face, for despite everything
I've said, it was true. I hate it, but I love it. And I wanted
to see Joe do it to her. I wanted to see his black hands on her
small, pale ass. I wanted to see his black cock enter her. I
wanted to watch as she came, clutching him. I couldn't bring
myself to speak, but I nodded my accent, acknowledging the sordid
truth for the first time.

I moved to the other side of the room, and sat on the floor.
Naomi stood up, and slowly stripped off what little she was
wearing. She knelt Joe's feet, and unbuttoned his shirt. He
held up his strong arms as she removed it from him. She pulled
on his trousers and he lifted his ass from the couch so she could
pull them down. He was big, and wonderfully black. My wife couldn't seem to take her eyes from the organ as she caressed it
lovingly with both her hands.

And as I watched, it grew bigger.

"Isn't it amazing, Dave?" Naomi asked me, excitedly, "Isn't it
the most gorgeous cock? Look how black it is. And it's so big!"

I stood and walked around to the side, so I could have the best
view as she went down on him. Slowly, slowly, her lovely little
head bobbed up and down on his big black dick, going down a
little farther each time, but failing in her attempts to swallow it.

Still, Naomi was clearly enjoying this nearly as much as Joe was.
The way she looked up at him, caressing his balls and his cock,
showed clearly how much she adored giving him this pleasure. I
found that I was much less distressed watching Joe screw my wife then I had been when I had secretly watched my stepfather doing
it. There was still pain mixed with the wonderful erotic
feelings it evoked in me; but the pain was much less. Joe was my
friend, someone I really respected. And I was not in reality
being betrayed.

I watched as Joe returned to favour, his big black hands spanning
across her small white ass, his black face buried between her
white thighs. "Joe! Joe! That's so nice!" Naomi cried, "Dave,
your friend Joe is very good with his tongue, too!"

I watched as she spread herself for him, and he entered her,
penetrating deeper and deeper until there was no more.

"Yes, Joe, yes! Dave, when Joe puts that huge black cock inside
of me, it feels so good! How does it look, Dave? Can you see?
Can you see how it stretches me?"

I watched as they made passionate love, as my wife came again
and again against Joe's strength. The contrast between the two
bodies could not have been greater; he was so big and she so
small, her dark thick hair, his thin and grey. His wide thick nose and lips, her fine features, thin mouth, and high
cheekbones. His leather like skin, her baby girl complexion.

And, of course, he was so black, and she so white.

"Don't you think Joe has the most beautiful ass, Dave? And I
love his arms and shoulders! Hold me, Joe. Hold me tight! Oh
yes, yes!"

I'd never seen my wife come like she came with Joe. I'd watched
her with Frank, and I'd even been a less than willing participant
while she screwed three men at once. But something about Joe
just made her crazy. Perhaps it was the bad and the good; Joe is
good man, a caring man, Not like Frank. But it was still so
forbidden; a lover not her husband, twice either of our ages, and
with the black thing added to it all, of course.

Later on, after Joe had left, I badly wanted to make love Naomi,
but she had no interest in me.

"I'm sorry, Dave. But Joe has left me feeling all worn out."
She said. She blew me instead, which was nice, but didn't fulfil
my real need. I know it's a poor excuse, but that's why when
Naomi went into Kyoto with her sister and Kim the next day, and
Yuriko came looking for me, I succumbed to the temptation.

She entered our house with her hair down, wearing that same red kimono. The look in her eyes said everything.

I didn't move as she approached me, put her arms around me,
nuzzled my shoulder. Her slim thigh went between my legs, and I
couldn't hide my growing erection from her. I held her tight, and
found comfort in the desire she had for me.

She stood still as I removed the kimono from her body, letting it
fall to the floor. As I lifted her from her feet, and carried
her to the bed that I shared with her daughter. She was silent
as I removed her underwear, and her face was nearly without
expression; only the slightest hint of a smile played at the
corners of her mouth. Her subtlety was somehow incredibly sexy.
I kissed her feet, then her thighs. I put my mouth to her
vagina, and found it a pleasant task to lick her.

It was wonderful, to have my own little perversion to match that
of my cheating wife. Yuriko made no sound, but the bucking of
her hips, and the grasp of her fingers in my hair left me in no
doubt as to the effectiveness of my attentions.

She watched with that wonderful inscrutable expression as I
removed my clothes, just that hint of a smile as I approached her
with my hard cock sticking out in front of me, pointing the way.
She lay still on her back, naked and relaxed as I rubbed my dick
up-and-down her slim body, rubbing it over her nipples and her
face. She opened her mouth, and I dipped the tip inside. She
held my balls, and I felt her tongue circling sensuously around
the end of my penis.

I wanted to make her come; I wanted her to come like Naomi did
with Joe. I took my penis from her mouth, and placed against her
vagina; she spread her thin legs wide as I entered her wetness.

She was surprisingly tight for a woman who had delivered three
children. Of course, the last had been 17 years earlier; my
admirer, Hoshi.

Yuriko had an amazing amount of passion in her small body; I soon
drove that cool Japanese façade from her, and she started to
come, clutching at me but making no sound. I drove on; and on.
There was no stopping me, and there was no stopping my older lover. It was great, and when she left me, I felt restored.

On the following Friday evenings, Naomi's mother would take care
of Kim, and Naomi would take some time to doll herself up for
Joe. She would always have her hair done in the afternoon, and
then really take some time with her outfits and accessories, to
make herself look sharp. She was very creative, coming up with a
new look each time. I would always sit with her in the bedroom,
and watch the creative process. It was part of the wind up for
me, part of the show.

I've rarely seen her spend so much time on her appearance; she
hadn't even done this for Frank. But she seemed to really enjoy
it. If it had been me she was dressing up for, I don't think
it would've been as exciting, but as it was for Joe, this became
part of my new Voyeurism fetish.

I sat with her, as she was putting the final touches on her hair
one Friday evening, preparing it for the exiting evening ahead.

Looking at me through the mirror, she shocked me out of my
reverie by asking; "Do you think Joe would like to fuck me in the

"I don't know, sweetheart. You'll have to ask him."

"Dave," she giggled, fixing her earning. "I want you to ask him
for me."

"Oh no, I don't want to do that, that's something you'll have to
do yourself."

"Dave," she insisted, "I want you to ask him for me. Don't you
want to see him put that big black cock up my little ass?"

And, in fact I did. That's how depraved I had become in so short
a time. I wondered if it could be done.

Naomi put her arms around me, and kissed me lightly, the tip of
her tongue briefly poking through my lips.

"It will be so much more fun, Dave, when you ask him. And then
you can watch him do it to me, and we will all know that
everything is ok. I wasn't sure if it was ok with you when Mick
did it to me, but that was ok, because he wasn't your friend like
Joe is. Will you ask him for me, Dave?"

Her firm, slim body was pressing against me, her lovely eyes were
shining at me; I could refuse her nothing.

"Okay" I said.

"And Dave; Joe is very big. I want you to go first."

That evening, Naomi was dressed in a white transparent Teddy that
ended just above her shaved crotch. Joe was lying on the tatami
matt on the floor, naked, on his back. Naomi was lying next to
him, gently stroking his hard on with her fingertips, and
nibbling on his lips, when she looked up at me, and said;

"Dave, don't you have to ask Joe something?"

I couldn't bring myself to say it, not straight away.

"Dave," Naomi insisted, "go on, ask him."

"Ahem, Joe, Naomi wants to know if you would like to, uum, fuck
her in the ass."

Joe looked pretty surprised.

"Gee, I dunno, I've never done that, Dave. What's it like?"

"I don't know, I've never done it either, not really."

"Dave has to go first, because you're too big, Joe." Naomi told
him. "Is that all right with you, Joe?"

"Well, yeah, sure. You're his wife, Naomi, not mine."

"Yes, Joe. But I'm your lover."

Naomi giggled, and lifted her sweet little ass up into the air.
"Lick me first, Dave." She instructed me.

So I got on my knees next to Joe's long muscular legs, and behind
my wife. I caressed her ass with my fingertips, and pulled the
cheeks gently apart. I licked her pussy first, and then her
little asshole. She shuddered a little, and held Joe tight,
giggling and kissing him.

"It's nice Dave, that feels very nice." She told me, as I
started to work my finger in and out. I greased my dick with
some Vaseline Naomi had left conveniently to hand. It was
strange to see her holding Joe's resting head between her palms,
kissing him lovingly as I carefully entered her.

"Is it all right, Naomi?" I asked her when I finally had my dick
pushed deep inside of her.

"Of course, Dave." She answered me; "You're much smaller than
Mick, and you know he did it. Go on, move around. I want you to
get me ready for Joe."

The pressure of her sphincter muscles against my dick was
intense. Despite how self-conscious I felt about doing what I
was doing with Joe in the room, I was almost at orgasm within a
half a minute.

"That's enough, Dave." Naomi said to me suddenly. "Let Joe try,
I think I can do it now. Come on, Joe! See if you can get it

My friend regarded me with a strange mixture of apology and
excitement on his face as he took my place at Naomi's rear.

"Do you think this is all right, Dave?" He asked me, and his
great black dick pushed against my wife's anus.

"Naomi wants to try, Joe." I replied.

Very carefully, he slowly worked the tip of his big black dick
into Naomi's tiny bottom.

"How is it?" I asked him.

"Well it's... different. It's tight, really tight. I can see how
some guys like it."

He pulled out of little, and then pushed it in farther.

"Are you all right, Naomi?" Joe asked her.

"Yes, Joe." Naomi said, slightly breathlessly. "Keep going. I
think we can do it!"

His thick hard black cock proceeded to penetrate and withdraw
from my Naomi's anus, working deeper and deeper, until he had his
whole huge organ inside.

"Oh, Joe! I like it. I like how it feels inside my ass! Do you
like it, Joe? How does it feel?" Naomi asked.

"How is it for you, baby?" He asked my wife.

"It feels strange, strange. It's not quite good, but I like it
anyway. I like to let you do it to me there, I like you to do it
to me there while Dave watches. It so naughty, that's why I like
it. Is it nice, Joe? Some guys say that it's the best. Mick
told me that only very special girls let guys do it to them like

"Well, Naomi, it's something different. And so are you, honey.
You're definitely a very special girl." Said my big friend, as
he started to slide his cock in and out of my wife.

She turned her gaze on me; "Dave, come kiss me. Do you still love
me Dave? Do you still love me when your friend has his cock in my

I got down on my knees, took her head in my hands, and kissed her
while Joe paused for a moment.

She reached behind him and stroked his balls, until he could take
it no more, and he pulled her upright by the armpits, so that she
was able to twist her head around and kiss him while he fondled
her breasts.

"Hold me, Joe! Hold me tight! Squeeze me! "

He held her around her ribs in a crushing grip with one arm,
while rubbing her clit with two fingers of the other, and they
both came.

Naomi had gotten into the habit of going to town with her sister on Saturdays, and the next morning she followed her routine. Her
mother came to me again that morning, and we made love.

Although Naomi had given me a blow job after Joe had left,
providing me with sexual release, I needed that feeling of a
woman in my arms, the feeling of giving a woman pleasure, the
satisfaction of providing an orgasm. Yuriko gave me this, in
quantity. With her, there was no doubt that she desired me; no
doubt that I satisfied her. The older woman demonstrated a need
for physical love that was equal at least to my own.

Yuriko and Naomi are very similar in some ways; mother and
daughter share an intense sexual appetite. But Yuriko liked
things very differently from her daughter. Where Naomi likes it
hard and raw, her mother prefers it slow; excruciatingly slow,
wonderfully slow.

Yuriko showed me how to delay satisfaction. She told the to
remove my clothes, and lie on my front on her bed. I didn't
understand her words, but I had no trouble knowing what she
wanted me to do. She massaged me and stroked me, and while she
did that, she sang to me.

She sang in a soft, sweet, melodious voice that was incredibly
relaxing, almost hypnotic. She pulled gently on my shoulder,
rolling me over, and gently massaged and caressed my body, rarely
removing her eyes from mine. At some point, she sat down on my
hard cock; but somehow, we weren't doing it yet. My
mother-in-law sat on me with my cock up inside of her body,
massaging my arms and hands, and singing softly. Only
occasionally would she move her pelvis back and forth slightly.
I put my hands on her narrow hips, and started to buck up and
down, but she admonished me, and told me gently to lay still.

She laid her body down against mine, and kissed me while pushing
her pelvis down against my aching penis. She shuddered, coming
quietly. She spoke quietly to me in Japanese, something
melodious, a poem I think. I found Yuriko's soft voice
incredibly sexy.

She lifted herself off of my cock, and cleaned it with her
tongue. She spoke to it, thanking it with laughter in her eyes.
I pushed her onto her back, and took the initiative for a time; I
kissed her everywhere, and then rolled her onto her front. I
lifted her hips a little bit, and entered her from behind.
Holding myself motionless inside her, I massaged her back and her
ass. I could feel her internal muscles squeezing against me, and
I fucked her little bit. Her breathing increased, and I saw that
small shudder run through her body again.

After almost two hours of this amazing love play, I couldn't take
any more, and I plunged in and out of her until I had the most
amazing and powerful orgasm that I can recall.

During the following month this became a repeating pattern;
during the week I would spend time with Naomi's sexy young sister. Flirting with her, driving myself almost mad. I knew I
could have her; it would be easy to arrange. She obviously had a
crush on me, and I'm sure she knew nothing about what was going
on between the rest of the women in her family and myself. If
this didn't seem right to do, the animal side of me wanted it,
and wanted it badly. But to start an affair with my wife's
sister while already having sexual relations with their mother just seem too degenerate, even for me.

My relationship with Naomi was very good during this period,
though, out of bed. Even in bed, we always had a nice cuddle
before going to sleep, but Naomi wasn't interested in more.

"It's too late, Dave." Or; "Not tonight, I have a busy day

Yet during our entire marriage, we'd never spent so much time
together. We were going out almost every day, driving around the
countryside or visiting the tourist sites, And Naomi always
seemed happy with my company, and to have my arm around her or to
have a little kissing and affection.

Yuriko's two daughters may eclipse her appearance wise; but when
it comes to sheer sensuality, their mother is the one. Although
I still thought of myself as married to and in love with Naomi,
for the next month I had sex almost exclusively with Yuriko.

There was something wonderfully deprived about my physical
relationship with my mother in law. Sort of like Naomi with Joe.
The way Yuriko would sing to me and worship my body was a great
turn on. She loved to just lie around with me naked, while we
stroked each other's sensitive areas and kissed each other. I
really enjoyed the time I spent with her; she made me feel

Once or twice, she went down on me after we had sex, and I got
hard again. It was so odd how well we could communicate with
each other without any words. She laughed with delight,
masturbating me and sucking me, smiling at me happily. Then I
screwed her for at least a half an hour. Yuriko may be middle
aged, but she sure knows how to have fun.

Naomi would always give me one of her champion blow jobs after
she'd been with Joe, but we only had sex once I think, during
that time. I'm not sure if she even came. Naomi had been having
extra marital sex for years, but before this, the two of us had
always still had great sex regardless.

I had a chance to talk to Joe privately one evening after
training shortly after that;

"Dave, this thing with Naomi. don't get me wrong now, she's about
the hottest girl I've ever met. But what we've been doing just
isn't healthy."

"I suppose so." I said, "I guess we should use condoms."

"I don't mean that, Dave, but you got a point there, too. I mean
you letting her go with other guys, and watching and all. Now I
know it might sound a little hypocritical coming from me, Dave;
but I'm feeling a little conflicted about it all. I do all right
with the ladies here, you know, but I never had a thing with
anyone half like your wife."

"Do you want to put a stop to it, Joe?"

"I can't get her out of my mind, Dave. I think of Naomi all week,
just waiting until I can see her again. If you say the word, I'll
stop coming around. But shit, Dave; I'm just a man. If you tell
me it's all right, and your old lady keeps doing to me what she's
been doing, then I don't see how it's going to stop."

"Let's let it go for a while, Joe. If it isn't you, it'll
probably be someone else. Let's wait until she cools down a
little. I sure do appreciate what you're saying to me, though."

On Friday, Joe would come by either to eat with us, or after
dinner. In either case, he would have sex with my wife as I
watched, with a mixture of ecstasy and agony. The passion
between them subsided very little during that period, and my only
comfort was that the two people that I really love in this world
were having so much fun. The way they turned each other on drove
all three of us nuts. Naomi just worshiped him, and no man could
have resisted what she offered.

The anal experiment wasn't repeated, but when Joe would put his
big black dick into my little wife, she would become a sex
machine each time like it was the first time. It was wonderful to
see how she would come with such passion, over and over. And
somehow the illusion that Joe had given me of being able to call
a stop to it if I wanted took the sting out for me, by letting me
feel just a little bit in control.

Every Saturday, Naomi and her sister would go shopping as usual
in Kyoto. And I would make love with Naomi's mother. I soon
stopped feeling the guilt that I had felt after our first sexual
encounter, and simply came to appreciate her as she deserved to
be appreciated. The funny thing was, she spoke nearly no
English. The communication between us remained almost entirely
physical. A strange relationship, you could say, but there was a
genuine affection between us; the affection of mutual need
fulfilled. I couldn't help but compare the sex we were sharing
with the passion between Naomi and Joe; and I have to say we came
out not looking too bad. Yuriko didn't seem to lose herself quite
as much as her daughter while we were at it, but I could get
nearly as many orgasms from her as Joe could from my wife. She
was older, and quieter; but she was a tigress just below the
surface. For me, the satisfaction she provided nearly restored me
from the humiliation of being unable to satisfy Naomi at the

I often thought during this period, that I should leave Japan and
my twisted marital relationship. I thought of taking Hoshi with
me back to America, starting again. But of course, this was just
a fantasy. Hoshi was 17, had no passport, and I was just that
kind of responsible schmuck who would never do such a thing

If you have come to think that sexual relations amongst Naomi's
family were about a strange they could be, just hang on a moment.
For the most bizarre episode was yet to come, and the most
stunning revelations as well.

Now I had told you how it was my belief that Naomi condoned, even
arranged, my trysts with her mother. I was wrong about this, as
I found out dramatically one Saturday morning. I was over at
Yuriko's house; we were lying naked together in her bed, having
just stopped screwing. She lay with her head nestled on my chest,
my arm around her, and she toyed with my sticky cock, perhaps
hoping that I might have some more left in me.

We hadn't heard her come in; there was no warning as Naomi
stepped through the bedroom door. Her eyes went wide and her
mouth dropped open; clearly she was completely and totally
shocked by what she saw. She flew into a rage, a rage such as I
had never seen or heard. She started screaming at us both in
Japanese. Of course, I didn't understand a word, but it was
pretty clear what the problem was. Despite her sexual
promiscuity, Naomi is an intensely jealous person, and clearly
can't abide by any sexual dalliance on my part. Nonetheless, her
reaction at finding me in bed with her mother was extraordinary.
I had never seen her like this; apoplectic, almost psychotic.
Table decorations and pieces of light furniture were flying
across the room.

She said something to her mother with great vehemence, and then
stormed out of the house, through the back gate, into the garden.

I lay silent for short time, stunned by what occurred. I truly
thought that what was going on was okay with Naomi, if not with
myself. I got dressed, and when I heard Naomi's mother sobbing,
I turned, put my arms around her and held her to me, to comfort
her. What else could I do? The woman was distraught. This
woman, who had done wrong, but was my lover. She had given me
great comfort, my lover/my stepmother/my foster mother. She was
trying to tell me something, between sobs, she was pointing at
the garden to the door where Naomi had left, insistently telling
me something in Japanese. Finally, in English, but it still took
some time to understand.

"Naomi," she was saying "Naomi father house." she pointed
insistently at Naomi's father's house across the way, on the
other side of the garden.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Naomi father house!" she insisted urgently pointing, and started
to push me towards the door. Finally, I understood she wanted me
to follow Naomi there, to Naomi's father's house.

Naomi had never gone to visit her father, all of 50 yards away
from us, during the entire time that we had been there as far as
I know.

Was it so surprising, that in her agitated state, she should look
to the comfort of her father? Her mother seemed to think this
was a big problem. I didn't want to go over there; Naomi's dad
obviously despised me. I didn't think it would be helpful thing
to do. Better to let things calm down for a while, then do what
we could to work it out. Of course, I was unhappy about this
turn of events, but I didn't feel particularly guilty. Why should
I? It was Naomi who insisted first upon sexual dalliance. It was
Naomi that would screw Joe so happily, and leave me frustrated.
Still, Naomi's mother kept insisting that I follow Naomi to the
big house. Finally, reluctantly, I did as she wanted.

I walked across the garden, to the back of the big house. I
could hear Naomi talking through the window; the sound of her
voice recognizable, even in Japanese; the familiar funny Mickey
Mouse tone she has.

As I passed by the window, I could see her inside, kneeling in
the Japanese style. Her head was bowed, her palms together,
fingers up by her chin, in what would be a gesture of prayer in
the West. She seemed to be confessing to her father, who stood
opposite her, frowning down at her in obvious stern disapproval.
I couldn't help but stop to observe this scene; I was nervous
about entering the house of this man who so clearly hated me. It
was surprising that it took me several seconds before I even
noticed; the oddest thing that I have probably ever seen to that
time. Naomi was naked. That is, as much as I could see of her
was, I could only see her from the waist up. She was topless,
her nipples hard and pointed as she spoke to her father.

That feeling again, that feeling I had hoped would not return.
Paralysis, mixed with fascination; the need to watch, the fear to
interfere. The fear of confrontation. I stepped back into the
shadow of a bush, then behind the bush, crouching down so that I
could not be easily seen, but could clearly see through the
window. After some time Naomi stopped her speech and sat silently
in the same position, bowed head, palms together in supplication.
Her father barked an order to her, and she immediately held her
hands up to him, palms still together. He stepped to the window,
and closed the wooden shutter.

Bumped from my paralysis by the sudden withdrawal of visual
input, I walked to the front door. My bare feet made no sound on
the stone floor as I entered my father in law's house, and crept
forward to see what he was going to do with his daughter.

The old man never dreamed anyone would dare enter his house, and
I guess he must have known his mistress wouldn't be back for a
while. Or perhaps in his excitement, he wasn't thinking at all.

I found a spot where I could see through a doorway into the room
where he and Naomi were. She was smiling at him quietly, while he
tied her up.

She was stark naked. Her father threaded the end of a line
through a ring that was screwed into a beam in the ceiling. He
pulled the line downwards, hauling Naomi's already bound arms
upwards. He tied it off, and returned to bureau on the other
side of the room. Opening a drawer, he produced more of the rope.
Naomi Hung there from the first cord, her eyes closed, a calm
expression on her face, resigned to whatever would occur. Her
father strung the cotton rope through another ring, and then back
to Naomi and then back to another ring and back to Naomi. Over
the next few minutes, his actions could be described either as
bondage or macramé. Slowly, he crossed, wound, and tied the
rope, until she was tied into a complex web of string. Her one
foot was still on the floor, the other was now suspended, her
knee at a 90 degree angle, her sex wide open. Once more, I had
conflicting urges to watch passively and to intervene.

Naomi didn't seem to be distressed; she was completely calm. Her
face serene, almost happy. Her father was asking her short sharp
questions, to which she was replying quietly. From time to time,
he'd stop his work and squeeze her breast or cup her ass in his
hand. Once more, I knew that I should intervene; but did I have
the right to do so? I was Naomi's husband, after a fashion. He
was her father. They were both adults, and apparently, consenting
ones. Naomi's breathing was quick and shallow, and her nipples
stood strait out at attention.

His handiwork complete, Naomi's dad put his arms around her slim
hips, and began kissing her, holding her bound body tightly. I
saw that my wife was craning her head forward, eagerly returning
his incestuous attentions.

So I continued to watch as her father removed his kimono, and
with a mixture of fascination and horror, I watched the old man suddenly grab one ass cheek in his left hand, stick his dick in
her with his right.

She was obviously turned on by and accustomed to this very
decadent form of sex, for his small dick appeared to slip strait
in. He fucked her fast and furious, causing his daughter bounce
up and down in her restraints.

It was over after a minute or two. I could not see the
expression on his face, but I could see that of my wife.
Different things seemed to pass across her face; resignation,
joy, fear, horror. The bindings held her almost completely
immobile, but as I saw her father's ass clench and I heard him
groan, and saw him clutch her in his orgasm, I saw that she was
having one as well.

I thought that I knew everything about Naomi; all her desires,
her joys and her pains. But what I had known was just the tip of
the iceberg, only the symptoms of the true disease; she hated but
lusted for her own father. She had had an orgasm; she had
enjoyed what he had done. I didn't understand yet how her rage
had led to this; but whatever psychological mechanisms were at
play, Naomi had gone to her father knowing the likely outcome.
And she had welcomed and enjoyed that outcome.

He withdrew from her and sat down for a moment on the other side
of the room, regarding her. Her eyes remained closed As she Hung
in the ropes, her head bowed, her one leg still held up
obscenely, and as their combined juices started to dribble out of
her. I was unable to read her expression; was she ashamed?
Satiated? I couldn't tell.

Then he stood and took something from the side of the room; a
cane. I saw the look on his face, a look of utter rage; he
started to scream at her at the top of his voice; of course, I
had no idea what he was saying, but Naomi did, and she was
shaking her head emphatically, denying whenever charges he was
making against her. And suddenly, with a savagery I have never
seen, he attacked her, his daughter, his lover, my wife. She
screamed in pain as he swung the cane at her mercilessly,
smashing her in the shoulder, in the ribs, in the legs, as she
struggled helplessly in the ropes. And as I charged through the
doorway, he even smashed his weapon mercilessly against her
lovely face.

He was screaming at her, abusing her in Japanese as I rushed at
him. He turned and saw me, and the sight of me seemed to fuel
his rage.

He stepped back, avoiding me, and with a fearsome look on his
face swung the cane at my head with two hands. I stepped
forward, and raised my left forearm to block his swing at his
wrists. I punched him hard in the face with my right. Less than
10 seconds later, he was a bleeding wreck on his own floor. I was
no expert yet, but my skill and youth was more than a match for
the old man.

I found a knife, and cut Naomi loose. I unzipped the rubber
boots, and wrapped the kimono around her as she sobbed, unable to
meet my eyes. I kept one eye on her father, but he didn't move.
He merely glowered at us from his position in the corner. Like
the bully he was, he had no desire to tangle with someone who
could fight back.

We went back to our own house, packed our things, and we left
that place with Kim. We saw neither Naomi's father nor her
mother while we packed, but Hoshi came in just as we were
leaving. Naomi had a quick and intense conversation with her
younger sister, and then Hoshi jumped in the taxi with us and
came with us to the hotel. The girls are all asleep in the next
room, as I sit here writing the story down.

We have been here in the hotel for several days now, arranging
our travel plans and getting a passport for Hoshi. We are headed
for California, land of sunshine and good psychiatrists.

We have been talking a lot in the last few days, about things
that we should have been talking about during our entire

Naomi's father first started screwing her when she was 16, and
she says it was not rape. Her father and mother had already
separated at that time, and were living in separate houses.
Naomi used to sleep some nights in her mother's and some nights
in her father's house. She told me how she doted on her father,
and loved to spend time with him whenever she could. He never
showed her much physical affection until after her adolescence.
Suddenly, he never failed to kiss her goodnight. He liked her to
lean on him while he sat reading or whatever. He would stroke
her head; then her neck. Slowly, over a period of about a month,
the old man seduced his daughter completely. Naomi would come to
his house, and they would kiss like lovers. He started to finger
her clit; then he told her to lie back while he went down on her.
Naomi's father was not a man who was accustomed to being
disobeyed; she did what he told her to, and she enjoyed the
attention he gave her. When he finally took the final step, and
actually fucked her, she was more than ready to accept him.

She told me she came to enjoy having sex with him, probably
because she was so affection starved. After some time, incest was not enough for him, and he started insisting that she dressed
up in strange outfits, like those kinky boots, and then he got
into the bondage. Naomi told me that she didn't like the bondage
very much, but she was willing to go through with it to please
her father. Somehow, there were uncomfortable parallels there
with the anal sex that we had indulged in.

When Naomi was 18, she and her father mutually decided that the
sex had to stop. They both agreed that it was unhealthy and
unnatural, but they craved each other, they were both enjoying
the kinky forbidden sex. Naomi doesn't know when, but at some
point her mother found out what is going on. But in typical
Oriental fashion, said nothing.

Naomi and her dad had a big fight, and each accused the other of
being the instigator of their sessions. Naomi left Japan, and
travelled to Greece were she met me.

During the time she was married to me, she never had any direct
communication with her father. Despite her passion for kinky sex
and inflicting psychological pain, she thought she was over her
desire to commit incest with her dad. But when we returned to
Japan, the old feelings started to emerge in her again. She told
me how she really liked Joe, and was turned on by the sex with
him, by the perversity of making me watch. But what she'd really
wanted, craved, was to be the little girl again, tied up by and
loved, physically at least, by her own father.

She said that the time I witnessed it was the first time he had
beaten her. At first he was all too happy to rekindle their
twisted affair, but as soon as his desire was fulfilled, he
became enraged at her for tempting him.

I don't know if our marriage can survive all of this, but I know
that I'm not going to abandon Naomi at this low point. If what I
have to do is tie her up and screw her while she wears kinky
boots, then that's what I'll have to do.

Another thing we've been talking about is Naomi's lack of desire
for me, her husband, over the last month. Naomi insists that it
was I who didn't desire her, that I was too jealous to share her.

"I always thought that you would join us [Naomi and Joe] when we
were fucking, but you only ever wanted to watch." She said.

"But I always wanted you after Joe left. And you always rebuffed

"But by then it would be over, Dave! Finished. I always wanted
you both together."

"But you would never make love to me during the whole rest of the
week, either." I complained.

"You're always going to that stupid karate class at 6:30 in the
morning." She retorted.

"But I would be back by 9:00." I argued.

"But Dave, by 9:00, everybody was awake. Hoshi was running in
out, Kim would be demanding breakfast. How could we do it then?"

She says she was only getting it from Joe once a week. Since I
was showing no interest in her [she insisted], by the following
week she'd be wound up again. I don't know how much truth there
is in this; perhaps if I hadn't been getting it on with Yuriko, I
would have been more attentive to Naomi. I don't think that's the
case, I think it's just another instance of Naomi's self-denial.

I'm a little worried about having Hoshi with us. Our mutual
attraction could be my downfall. But she had told Naomi that
their father had fondled her one night, and she wants to come to
America with us.

I feel a little sorry for Joe. I don't suppose he'll be getting
anything as sweet as Naomi again. But I phoned him, and
suggested he go and talk to Yuriko.

"What you mean, Dave? Do you want me to give her message or
something?" He asked me.

"How should I put his Joe? Yeah, I want you to give her a
message; tell her I sent you. Then give her what you've been
giving Naomi."

"Are you joking, Dave?"

"I'm telling you, Joe. Certain traits seem to run in the family.
You just go meet the Lady. I swear, Joe; she's absolutely
amazing. Just give it a try."

"Dave, are you telling me what I think you're telling me? Did
you and your mother-in-law do it?"

"Just keep it yourself, Joe."

I think of two of them will be an excellent match.

Hopefully, this will be the last time I am compelled to write in
to this newsgroup; since hopefully after today, there will be no
more stories to tell.

Wishing you all the best in love and life, Dave

[Ace 2000]

After word;

I've been revising these stories before reposting them, and I
thought I should add an update.

Naomi and I are still technically married, but we don't consider
ourselves to be a couple anymore. Since the episode at her
father's house, I feel a great change in myself. I'm no longer
willing to put up with any shit. I'm no longer willing to be

Naomi and I are able to discuss things very frankly now. I still
love her, in some way. But I'm no longer her slave.

We tried to be a good married couple for a while, but it just
wasn't working. When Naomi told me that she badly wanted to have
sex with a man she had met [the father of a friend of Kim], I was
glad that she was at least honest with me. But I'd had enough.

"Naomi, You have to decide. If you still want me, it will have to
be only me."

That's when she started to talk at last.

"When I married you, I thought I could be happy, Dave. No one
ever loved me like you."

"You mean emotionally or physically?"

"Both. You're so good looking Dave, and such a great lover. I was
sure we would be happy together. But when Frank started to touch
me, I felt it all coming back. I'm truly sorry, Dave, but I
couldn't stop after that. I know myself, I have to have what I

"Is it over between us, Naomi?"

"It has been for a while, Dave. Since before we went to Japan, I
think. I wanted it to work, Dave, I really did. But when I found
out that you had been going with that fat white Secretary,
somehow it was over for me."

"Jesus, Naomi; you were with Frank every week. And Cindy isn't
fat, she's just full figured."

"I know it's not fair, Dave, but it's how I feel. Emotions
aren't logical, Dave."

We talked for hours, going over all of the things that our
therapist had been trying to get out of us since we got to

We still share a house, but she has her own wing. The fun part
is, she still likes me to watch her when she's with other men.
She says it makes her feel safe, and then she enjoys herself
more. She has a bedroom with a one-way mirror, and a little room
where I sit when I feel those dark urges.

As you well know by now, Naomi likes it kinky. She often brings
home older men. I don't like that much, I always think she's
regressing back to the father thing.

But lately she's been into young guys; one is only 15 years old.
They met at the tennis courts; they were well matched, being
close to the same size, and Naomi brought him home. I really don'
t know if he's even aware that she's 10 years older than he is,
or that she has two children.

I like the way she looks with him; he isn't fully grown, and
they look the same age [despite being a 25 year old mother of
two, Naomi still looks like a kid, mainly because she is so
incredibly small]. It's as though Naomi is finally being allowed
a childhood, a few years late. They always have lots of fun, the
kid has a great sense of humour. And he's starting to become a
good lover. I'm not sure if it's fair to the boy, but I feel
Naomi is finally experiencing a childhood. Her therapist won't
say it's good for her, but he doesn't say it's bad.

She has one lover who always ties her up first; Naomi is always
careful to make sure that I'm watching when he's there. She
doesn't quite trust him.

She has another lover that she always ties up first. She doesn't
care so much if I'm there then; she's in control. I love to
watch her torment him. Maybe it has something to do with the way
she always used to torment me.

It's a great weight from my shoulders to not be in love with
Naomi anymore. I still care for her a great deal, I love to watch
her, and to watch over her.

And when I'm good and wound up, I slip back into my section of
the house, and find my beautiful young lover, Hoshi.

Hoshi is my woman now. She is wonderful and loving; my
relationship with her is so much healthier than my twisted
relationship was with Naomi.

Hoshi is completely unlike Naomi, both physically and mentally.
Whereas Naomi looks as though she didn't ever quite mature physically, Hoshi has a full figure. Whereas Naomi rejects
everything to do with her home country and native culture, Hoshi
loves being Japanese.

She cooks Japanese, and loves to have Japanese decorations around
the house. And she loves to play the Japanese wife; she's
completely devoted to me. I've never been attracted to that
before, I've always preferred women to be more independent. But
Hoshi is so incredibly sweet; the way she loves me is impossible
to disregard.

After my talk with Naomi, I went directly to Hoshi's room. I
wanted her, and I knew she wanted me. My heart was in my throat
as I knocked on her door.

When my young sister-in-law saw me, when she looked into my eyes,
she knew immediately why I had come.

"What about Naomi, Dave?" She asked me, her large breasts nearly
touching me, her lovely soft eyes looking up into mine with
transparent desire.

"It's alright, Hoshi." I answered her, "Your sister knows I'm
here. It's alright with her."

The passion between the two of us was explosive. Her breasts were large, like my onetime lover Cindy; yet they were firm and
fresh, like her sister's. Her hesitant touch made me wild with
desire, as her mother's confident touch used to do.

Her young body quivered at my caress; I made love to her like I
don't think I've ever made love to anyone, with the passion I
once had for her sister, with the sensuousness I'd learned from
her mother.

Every iota of my being longed to fill her sweet young body with
my come; but I used a condom. I didn't have unprotected sex with
Hoshi until I had had myself tested. I've had enough of danger
and betrayal.

It was 11 PM when I had knocked on Hoshi door; as I watched her
smiling face falling into sleep, nestling in my arms, it was 3

She's 19 years old now, and wants to have my baby. I've made
deal with her; we will wait a year, to be sure that our
relationship is on solid ground. I wouldn't trade her for
anything or anyone, but I need to be sure that I'm not just a
passing schoolgirl crush for her.

She's absolutely wonderful in bed. She can't give head like
Naomi [not many women can], but she just lives to please me, and
be pleased by me.

When she spreads her legs for me, and I push my cock into her
willing young body, I feel like a whole man. The humiliations
that I have lived through are gone. I'm completely confident;
confident that Hoshi is mine and mine alone. Confident that I'm
man enough for her, she doesn't need to screw my father, her
father, or anyone else.

It's not just the way they she comes; it's the love shining from
her beautiful exotic eyes as she has her orgasms, it's the way
her soft young body melts into mine as we make love. My heart
beats only for Hoshi.

I just hope to God she never finds out how I like to watch her
older sister getting laid. Or that her mother has also been my

It could become a problem again one of these days; as I said
above, Naomi now has two children. When she told me she was
pregnant, I was certain that Joe must be the father. But there
was another possibility; it could have been Naomi's own father that impregnated her. I wanted her to have an abortion, but
Naomi wouldn't hear of it. The child was born; a dark healthy
boy, and clearly Joe's son, thank God.

Hoshi had heard from her friends back home that Joe and moved in
with Yuriko [quite the scandal over there]. When I told him on
the phone about his offspring, his reaction was the only one that
I hadn't considered a possibility; he started to laugh. He
didn't stop for quite a while, and when I finally asked him what
was so funny about it, he told me;

"Well Dave, I was feeling a little bit disappointed over here,
because Yuriko just had a baby, too. She only went ahead with
the pregnancy because she thought it was mine. But it ain't
mine, Dave. It's a little white boy, Dave." And he started to
laugh again.

So you see, although I feel much more stable and confident about
my emotional state now, the family situation continues to get
more complicated. I think him going to have to invite Joe,
Daniel, and Yuriko to come stay with us in California. It's the
only way I can figure out how to be fair to the children.

And if anyone has a suggestion what I should tell Hoshi, I'd be
pleased to hear it!

Ace, 2001

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