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Title: Seduction Denial
Keywords: voy, Mf, inc, nc, bond, teen, mdom, dad, daughter Author: Caesar

There was a young monk of Dundee
Who complained that it hurt him to pee,
He said, "Pax vobiscum,
Now why won't the piss come?
I'm afraid I've the c-l-a-p."

Seduction Denial

by Caesar, copyright 1998-2002

$Revision: 1.7 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:27 $

She was sexy. Why hadn't I ever noticed before?

Her long lithe body, tanned skin, moved seductively about the room as
she danced. She wore nothing, and I could see everything. She bent
over and pulled her ass cheeks apart to show me her tiny puckered
anus. She lifted a leg high up above her head showing me her
glistening hairless sex. She pulled upon her hard nipples and sucked them into her own mouth.

She was my daughter, Tania.

Tonight she had waited till I came to her open doorway before
beginning her erotic dance. It was for my eyes and I feasted upon the
sight. I loved her but I also desired her.

It wasn't the first I had seen her dance thus. She did this nightly
and I knew her schedule. I watched again and again, from her open
door, as she twirled about to the silent music, dancing to the erotic
rhythms of my pounding heart.

She was beautiful. And I say that not only as a father, but also as a
man. Long blond hair, straight and mid-way down her back. Her sex,
now hairless, used to have a tiny triangle of blonde hair. She was
strong and lean, in a way that only a teenager girl could be. Her
skin was tight and smooth, inviting if I may say so.

She was also a seducer and knew how to dominant her loving father.
Tania did it with her natural sexual power.

She rolled about upon her bed, the same bed her mother and I bought
for her birthday when she turned twelve. Her body bending in ways
that my old body could never mimic. I could see everything, she
wanted me to see all of her, and I did.

I am ashamed to admit, but I never closed my eyes. In fact I watched
religiously, as her seductive and sexy dance continued.

Only fifteen, nearly sixteen she would chastise me, and twirling about
naked before her own father.

At first it was the little private smiles for her old man, mostly when
others were in the room. At supper I would look up and catch her eye,
and her small private smile meant for me only. I took it only as any
father would, I concluded she had a normal paternal crush on the
pivotal male role model in her life.

Yet, the smiles didn't go away. They got worse.

Later, it wasn't only the private smiles. It was the looks, of hunger
and lust. Impossible as I thought at that early time, how can such an
innocent show such an incredible prowess at seducing her fathers

The look would gaze down my body, often piercing into my crotch. Now
I saw hunger in those teenage eyes, and I was fearful in my inability
to do anything about it.

I thought about telling my wife Hillary, but I feared she would only
dismiss what I told her as teenage infatuation. I knew all the
parenting books and have poured over them again and again since those
first private smiles. All too no avail.

Then it was the little flashes of her body. A show of lean strong
teenage thigh beneath those too-short skirts, down the top of her
blouse to discover her tiny white bra over those 'A' cup breasts.
Tania made a point of showing me her body, to catch my gaze and then
reach down and push up her skirt till I saw the white of panties.

Was it the look of impotence that I returned to her, the feeling of
blood rushing through my body and my heart pounding so hard all must
have heart it?

Couldn't my wife and two young sons not hear my pounding frantic heart
as my daughter simply spread her knees till I saw the white of her
cotton panties?

God was not on my side. To not give me respite from the evil desires
I felt for my own daughter.

Afterwards, she made a point of telling me she loved me... very often.
Even before the rest of our family, they never noticed the glint in
her eye and the press of her chest into her fathers arm. I doubt not
that she loved me, she tended to remind me every time we passed,
whispering it within my ear.

How weak must a father be to allow himself be seduced by his own

Her skin glistened with sweat as she body gyrated to the music of my
soul. Even her body tired after nearly an hour of moving erotically
with only me as her audience. Yet she did not stop, she gave me
anything, she wanted me to take everything. I didn't, I couldn't. I
was her father.

I can remember the first time I saw her teenage vagina, and its little
triangle of hair above the slit. Coming back from church as a family,
and she opened the door and, I watched as she got out, swung her knees
out the door. That loose wool skirt was light enough for the breeze
to lift it, her hand holding it up after she caught it. Tania sat in
our family car, one leg still within and with her skirt raised. My
dearest child had not worn any underwear and was looking right at me
when I saw that hidden spot.

The sight lasted nearly thirty seconds and I shall never forget it.

After that, I no longer saw panties when she flashed me the sight
between her legs.

That was when the dreams started.

I'd wake up in a cold sweat, grinding my hard cock into my bed even as
my wife still slept beside me. The dream fog slowly dissipating but
the erotic image of my daughter fresh enough to still cause my old heart to thump loudly.

Things seemed to just accelerate from there.

Nearly each morning, as I made my way out of the house, I would see
the door to the bathroom open and Tania step out into the hallway.
Naked. Completely. That was becoming a sight I was sure to see and,
god help me, I was starting to need that image to get my day started.

What could any average father and man do in such a circumstance? Hell
if I know. I did try to do what I thought was right. After supper
one evening, I knocked and entered my daughters room. I was feeling
stern and wanted to get this ridiculous "flirting" to stop.

What a fool am I.

Tania sat up when I closed the door behind me and smiled hugely,
ignoring her homewore on the bed before her, I did the obligatory, "We
need to talk young woman!" Would you believe I never got another word

My dearest daughter threw off her oversized tee-shirt in one fluid
motion, leaving me standing before a naked teenager. She fell back
onto her bed and spread her legs, lifting her knees nearly to her
chest. I could now see her sex in such great detail, as it was
flowered open and to my surprise completely bare of its previous hair,
that it seemed to be looking right at me. As crazy as that sounds.

"I love you daddy!" Oh god!

A hand grabbed her small but firm breast in a death-grip, while the
other quickly trailed down and began to gently circle her light-pink
glistening clitoris. Within seconds, I was even seeing that part of
my dear daughter enlarge and moisten in rapid enjoyment.

She was gasping while grinding her hips and sex into her hand,
"Please... I need you... I belong to you daddy!" Oh god!

"I'll do anything daddy!" She suddenly dropped her knees and turned
about until she was laying up her flat teenage stomach and both hands
began to kneed and fondle her own round hard ass. "Is this what you
like daddy... spank your bad girl... please daddy!" Oh god, she was
pleading for me to spank her naked bottom!

What would you do? I know what I did, I nearly ran out of there and
took a long walk in the light rain to calm my throbbing nerves.

It was nearly time, as it was each night I watched Tania in this way.
Exhausted, she finally dropped down upon her knees before me. Eyes
just below the thick bulge in my pants, but looking between that mound
with her reach and up into my haunted eyes. Each time she did this,
we sat longer like this looking at each other. Finally she reached up
with her free hand, the other between her legs and the floor
manipulating her sex, and reached for the zipper in my slacks.

This was the first time that I could not move before she touched me,
normally I escaped from her room. Tania's eyes lit up as her finger
tips touched the bulge in my pants. She was closer to her "prize"
than ever before. How can a man defend himself against such a comely
attack, even from his own daughter?

"Oh god daddy!" She licked her lips in a way that I felt that moist
tongue down the length of my spin and my cock jumped against my pants
and her hand. "I love you!"

Once, I got a phone call at work. First of several actually. This
call was from Tania, and she only spoke a few words, "I'm for you
daddy, only you. No one has ever touched me, or ever will, except
you." Her voice was deep and throaty and I dare not ask what was
wrong, as I sat in a meeting with seven other department managers at
the time. Then she began what could only be a narrated masturbation
session. God help me but I loved that call. The others in the
meeting began to give me strange looks as I simply sat there with a
dumb look upon my face as I listened to my baby girls words and the
sounds of her body as she masturbated for me. " nipples ache for
you daddy... my clitty is so hard, it wants your lips wrapped around
it... my bum itches daddy, do you like my ass daddy... I'm pretending
my finger is yours as I ... oh god, I can feel it down to my toes... I
love you daddy... I need you daddy... please!" And much much more.

Tania's eyes widened in surprise at the twitch of my cock within my
pants and she looked amazed at the bulge in my pants. She whispered,
"I'll suck you good daddy... please!" Her one hand began to fumble,
but obviously in a delirious rush, with his zipper. "I need to please
you so bad... to taste you and to feel you all over my face and in my

My little girl had been having rather graphic fantasy images of her
own, obviously.

Continuing to whimper and beg in a little voice, "I need you between
my legs... and my bum, if you want that daddy... there is nothing I
would not do for you!"

Her other hand came out from between her thighs and I could see the
sticky wet coating that covered it. Tania was very excited at that
moment, her tiny nipples stuck firmly out but looked like taunt hard
raisins. With my zipper undone, she simply pulled my pants wide and
my hard cock popped out.

If there was any doubt before that moment, there was none now. I knew
my darling daughter was indeed a virgin. It was written upon her face
and even throughout her body. The sight of my manhood was the first
cock she had ever seen, but was the sight that she had thought of for
many months. Perhaps years.

It was as if she saw the face of god in my elderly incestuous cock.

Time stood still until she knelt up and pressed the side of her sweet
soft face against my hard manhood.

It was wrong, it was evil, but felt incredibly good!

I stood looking down in amazement, feeling like the god from the old testament himself. Tania quickly crawled forwards and I felt her body
press against my leg, her sex against my shin. While she did this she
also began to rub my thrusting hard manhood all over her face, slowly
turning her head this way and that to allow my hot tool to touch every
centimetre of her skin.

She began to hump my leg and I could already feel the moisture from
her sex through my pants. Tania's tongue slid out and her tongue
began to roll about the head and shaft of my cock. She clobbered and
lathered it up with saliva before, again, rolling its hard rigid
surface about her face.

It was an incredibly hot and exciting moment.

Then it happened!

That irritating moral beast that resides in (most of) us roared its
disapproval of my wrongful actions. An internal battle ragged within
me, you can guess at the two sides. And it was an incredible feat, if
I say so myself, when I stepped back even as my little girl was
starting to lick my cock like a big lollipop.

Tania froze even as I stuffed my prick back into my pants. Damn. I
hated myself, I hated that my daughter was so gorgeous and I hated
that I had to leave this room with her kneeling here like this. How
many men are offered nirvana such as this, not even taking into effect
that she was my daughter? Few I suspect.

I couldn't look at her even as I spun about and quickly retreated to
my room, away from her devilishly seductive ways.


Is this the end of the story? Do you think I went back and allowed
that sweet young mouth to give me pleasure?

Thankfully, or perhaps regrettably, Hillary came into the room from
our private bathroom. She was wrapped in a large thick white bathrobe
and had her head wrapped in a white towel. "Oh hi darling, coming to
bed?" It was bedtime, as it was each night I stole to my daughters
room to watch her dance and masturbate.

It was as if something inside me snapped, something that was held in
check when I stood above my daughter. Taking the five steps forwards,
I grabbed the white belt of the bathrobe and yanked it towards me. My
wife flew into my chest with a hollow thud and my lips roughly sought
out her own. My tongue invaded her mouth and she mumbled her protest
at the rough treatment even as a hand reached into her robe to seek
and quickly find a mature heavy breast.

The wide soft nipple took a harsh punishment from me that evening, as
the first of many assaults from my hands or mouth, I pinched it
between my finger and thumb causing my dear wife to scream into my
open mouth. Her hands attempted to push me away, but she could not
get a sold base to push against.

Instead, I immediately tired of her fumbling and lifted my mouth from
hers and removed my hand. "You bastard...!" My open palm came around
and stuck my wife of many years for the very first time. Her head
spun back and when she turned to again look into my eyes, her cheeks
now sported tears and surprise. More than hurting, I'm sure the
strike surprised her.

Within a second I had both hands upon her shoulders and began to push
her to her knees. I wanted her to kneel before me. I wanted to have
the image and memories of my daughter from my head and heart but I
also wanted to enjoy my dear daughter at my hearts content.

Hillary, for the first time in her life was being forced to succumb,
to submit. She didn't resist as I pushed her to her knees and finally
growled at her, "Take it out!" She just looked up in horror at me.
"Take it out slut!" I raised my hand to deliver another slap.

That caused her to move. With trembling hands she fumbled with my
zipper and my cock again thrust out of my pants. She stared at my
cock as if she never seen it before, but also as if it was some
disgusting little bug that needs to be squashed. I didn't like the
look and again hit her cheek with my open palm which again caused her
head to spin backwards. "Now rub it all over your face or by god...!"

I didn't need to continue, my sweet loving wife of many years whom had
given me a happy and safe home dropped her face and began to press her
face against the hard surface of my cock.

Obviously she was confused, hurting, humiliated but her whole life was
her family, me. She knew not how to react to my animal passionate
ways, ways that were never before surfaced.

I pulled off the white towel from her damp hair and threw it forgotten
over my shoulder even while she fumbled with my hard cock against her
face. I wanted to feel her worship my dick in that certain way that I
had felt not so long before. I needed her to relieve this fiery devil
within or else I may succumb to the beast and return to my daughter.

Try as she might her tears clouded up her eyes and her face felt not
nearly as inviting as my daughters had. I roughly grabbed a handful
of hair and pulled back and held it still. "Don't move!" With my
other hand I held the base of my manhood and began to rub it all over
every centimetre of her tear streaked face.

This humiliation lasted for several enjoyable minutes and I felt the
heat in my loins at my dominant actions. Finally I grunted, "Open
your lips... now get them wet with your tongue." She rushed to do as
I ordered, no doubt her cheek still stinging from my blows and her
hair probably felt as if half of it was being torn from her head. I
slipped the soft head of my thrusting cock in a circular motion about
her moist inviting lips.

When a part of me wanted those lips to be my beautiful daughters, I
growled out in frustrated torment and drove my cock deep into my
wife's mouth. Now we have enjoyed oral sex before but never had she
taken me fully down into her throat. Hillary now felt the open zipper
of my pants scratch her cheeks and chin, even as I began to roughly
pound in and out of her mature but still attractive face.

It was as if I was possessed with the image of my daughter, because I
kept seeing Tania kneeling thus, lips open engulfing my cock instead
of my wife. I knew one thing though, if it was my daughter, she would
love this, even as rough and brutal as I wished, she would be incensed
at any erotic treatment from me. Instead, my wife's familiar face
looked anything but pleased, eyes forced closed, mouth extended, tears
streaming down her face. I cared not, my cock and my mind needed its
debased release else I may implode with evil desires and intentions.

I felt the release of that demon fast approaching, the mental image of
my daughter fuelling him forwards. If my pounding movements were
harsh before, they were now brutal as I was hitting my wife's face so
hard that her head was forced back at least a foot, and this with my
hand holding her firmly. Hillary screamed in pain and humiliation at
her treatment even while I doubted not she knew what was soon

Again grasping the base of my saliva covered dick, I quickly pulled it
from the stretched confines of Hillary's mouth even as I groaned and
held my balls in a vise. The first blast of sperm and energy shot out
with such a force that it actually splatted when it hit my wife on the
side of her face, just below the eye and a stream back into the side
of her graying hair. I held her face as another and another shot of
thick pearl coloured come escaped from my body, coating her horror
filled face.

For a few seconds I don't remember anything. When finally I again
returned to reality, I looked down to see my wife coughing and choking
out the come from her mouth and throat before my feet. She looked up
between coughs and hissed, "You bastard... how could you...?!"

This was not how it was supposed to be. I needed a sexy submissive
lover that could not get enough of me, of my cock and of my come. I
wanted to be seduced and stalked for even a moments attention. I
wanted to be the master of a sexy slave.

I wanted my daughter, but I must settle for my wife.

That demon within me again rose. I again grabbed a handful of hair
and pulled Hillary's head back and up, looking right up into my face.
She seemed amazed that it wasn't over, that she could again be
brutalized by a man that had only been compassionate and loving.
"Shut up slut!"

Her eyes widened and instead of crying and submitting as she had just
done, she closed her mouth and a second latter a wad of spit came
flying out to land upon my golf shirt. "You fucking bastard." She
began to twist and her hands fumbled at my hand holding her hair.
"Let me go you fucking prick!"

If you have ever felt possessed with the devil you may have felt what
I'm about to explain. A warm calm engulfed me and I smiled like a
hungry wolf down at my wife of many years even as she struggled.
Without a word or warning I began to walk back towards the bed,
dragging my wife by her hair.

She screamed out in pain and anger at this treatment as well as
holding upon my hand to help still the pain of being dragged by her
own hair and head.

A new strength came to me and I knew my passions were not finished for
that evening and I lifted and then threw my wife down upon our
marriage bed.

She began to turn about and started to raise up, to what looked like
to strike me, but she never got a chance. I reached down and grabbed
both her ankles and twisted her until she was upon her face, ankles
and knees raised off the bed. Her legs started to thrash about but
not before I had a chance to hastily wrap a tie about her shins.

Hillary twisted and thrashed upon the bed, turning her head to again
and again spit and swear at her long-time husband even as I began to
tie her own sash from her hastily discarded bathrobe about her wrists,
behind her back.

Calmly I reached down to the small pile of discard dirty clothing and
retrieved her soiled white cotton panties. The same style and colour
as our daughter wore, I thought with amusement, if not a few sizes
larger. Reaching about her head, holding her hair roughly to steady
her, I shoved the whole panty into her mouth.


But I could hear the devil laughing in amusement and my own heart
pounding. Hillary watched me with her eyes, hatred and a touch of
fear within them. I ignored her and began to undress. She mumbled a
few words and wiggled about helplessly before calming down enough to
cry uncontrollably into a soft white pillow.

I cared not, that calm demon was still within me.

With images of my daughters seductive body I retreated to our bathroom
and took a long hot shower. Instead of it calming me and bringing me
back to the fold of normalcy, it fuelled my internal fires and I
stepped, dripping, back into my bedroom with a raging hard cock.

Hillary saw it from her position upon the bed and began to scream into
her panty. There was little doubt to her now that her rape and
humiliation was far from done.

Standing there, I saw something else within her fearful eyes -
betrayal. On my part of course. It was the first splash for brutal
honesty for my bestial ways that first hit me.

So hot was my passion, that it barely phased me. Instead I saw the
white of her thigh and hip, where her rob separated. It wasn't my
darling daughters sexy taunt skin and young smooth flesh, instead it
was my soft supple wife's. I knew the pleasures of that flesh and
felt a persistent throbbing between my legs.

My hand stole out and roughly grabbed at the soft white flesh, and I
could feel Hillary's body tighten beneath. I wanted to touch Tania
like this, to bind her and use her in every sexual idea that may come
to me. Instead I had my wife in this situation, unwillingly, but in
my condition it did not matter how we ended up here.

With a open hand, I felt the soft supple flesh of my wife's flank. I
pushed her robe away from the side of her helpless body and move my
hands upon all the skin exposed. I twisted her nipples and watched
her face contort in pain. I slapped her raised buttock to watch it
flush and listen to Hillary squeal.

She watched me with horror filled eyes and I loved the felling of that
look. Hillary began muffling into her soiled panty as if to talk, why
not I thought, and tugged her undergarments from her mouth.

The first thing she did was cough and take a few deep breaths before
again looking up into my eyes. "Why...?"

I twisted her nipple again which caused violent reaction within. She
again caught her breath and asked, "What is it you want?"

As I had watched her lips move as she talked, I saw a nearly dry trail
of my sperm upon her check and that hot passion boiled to a new level.
My hand grasped my own cock and started to stroke it with
determination even as my other hand fondled and played with my wife's
bound body.

I saw her eyes look at my masturbating hand and cock with fear and a
touch of something undetermined. I cared not. If this was Tania that
lay here, she would beg for my cock within her. Beg to give me, her
own father, pleasure. Why could my wife not do the same?

With caution I crawled up onto the bed and knelt behind my bound wife.
"Please no...!" I pushed her knees together and up nearly to her
chest, mildly surprised that she did not resist.

Anger and lust drove through my body as I took a hold of myself to aim
it towards her. Only a part of me knew where my cock pressed and my
dear wife screamed into a pillow, "Oh god, no!"

I grunted animal like as I pushed into her, forcing my hard cock into
her rectum. Only a distant part of my being heard the woman I loved
scream in pain from the thick intrusion into her virgin asshole. I
cared not and it seemed to only heighten my pleasure.

Leaning over, I began to kiss and tongue the side of her face, tasting
her fear. She continued to scream as each of my thrusts bounced her
upon our marriage bed. I knew I was rough, but I wanted it rough. A
part of me was punishing myself as well as Hillary for our not
enjoying the relationship that my own daughter had promised me. I
knew if I had not done this, with my wife, that I would have returned
to Tania.

At some time during my forced anal assault, my wife had broken out in
a sweat and now lay beneath me gasping for breath. I opened my eyes,
my pleasure ensured, and looked upon her tear, saliva and sperm
stained face. I slipped my tongue into her open gasping mouth and
tongue fucked her in time to my cock. Hillary did not hinder or help
me in the least.

Her asshole, having been assaulted for the last many minutes, had
loosened enough that there was very little resistance against my hard
cock. Even so, she was grunting with each thrust as my hips pounded
into her bare ass.

I sensed a realignment within her, as she simply allowed me to fuck
her in this way. Her body limp beneath my own, her anal ring even
relaxed enough that it no longer gave me near the pleasure that it did
earlier. At least her tears seemed to have stopped but her eyes still
lay closed.

Without compassion or gentleness, I pulled out of her body and sat
back to quickly unbind her wrists and shins. I roughly threw her onto
her back and placed a knee on either side of my waist. Again I
grabbed at my hard cock and aimed it.

This time Hillary opened her eyes and looked up at her husband of many
years, she watched me with peculiar eyes as I moved towards her.

I did not expect anything when I roughly pushed into her, but I
especially did not expect a wet furnace to accept my cock. Nor did I
expect her reaction when I was seated within her sex.

My dear wife, whom I had just legally raped and sodomized, began to
clench momentarily before her whole body quivering out in orgasm. She
thrashed beneath me, I looking on like an idiot with surprise,
effectively pumping her sex about my own as waves of pleasure shot
through her body.

It lasted nearly a full minute.

Hillary, now looking as if asleep, opened her eyes momentarily and
smiled sweetly up at me. "Thank you darling, god that was wonderful!"
I did not doubt that she meant it.

Pulling my still hard cock from her body, it dripping with her juices
down upon the bedspread, I sat back with my fire extinguished. Of
course I was still horny, hard and willing to play -- but that angry
rough rapist from earlier was gone.

She lay with eyes closed for a couple of moments, her body randomly
quivering with exhaustion and spent energy. She looked like she just
stepped out of the shower, rather than I, as she was dripping with her

When her left leg moved, to get comfortable, and her inner thigh
bumped into my still hard cock her eyes opened in surprise. I looked
at my wife as she leaned out with a hand to grasp me, "Oh god, your
still hard!" A twinkle was in her eyes.

With a feather touch, she stroked my cock. "What... what are you going
to do to me now?" She said this with an accompanying mischievous
smile. Hillary looked sexier than she has for years, and looked just
what she was, a freshly fucked woman.

What was I going to do to her now?

My fire was spent but my cock was hard. My daughter, my cock lurched
when I thought of her, had gotten me in such a state that I had raped
my own wife. Though it was certainly beneficial to me that Hillary
actually enjoyed her domination and seemed to desire more.

"I'm going to fuck you... of course!" She smiled hugely. "But first,
I'm going to tie you face down and whip that big sexy ass of yours."
The smile quickly disappeared. "Go into my closet and get that old thick leather belt." She looked momentarily up into my eyes before
rolling quickly, but with tired movements, off the bed to do as I bid.

I was going to punish her for spitting and fighting me earlier, from
now on she would have to know her place.

Hillary returned and tried to hand me the belt, a tear was on one
cheek as growled at her, "On your knees slut." She quickly knelt down
between my knees, holding the belt in both hands up to me. Ignoring
it, I reached to her heavy hung breast and pinched a nipple till she
whimpered in pain. "I think you should start calling me 'Master' when
we are alone Hillary."

She nodded and blurted out when I dug my nail into her nipple, "Yes

"And Hillary," I released her nipple and took the leather belt, "when
we are alone your going to be a slut, my slut."

Her head nodded enthusiastically and she again replied affirmatively,
"Yes Master!" My dear wife was smiling hugely.

"Now get your ass onto the bed so I can beat you."


It was days later when Tania finally cornered me alone within our
house. She came into my study and quickly sat down upon my lap. I
had avoided her since that fateful night with Hillary when I turned my
normal housewife into a submissive slut. I still wondered at the
power my daughter had over me, so sexy and desirable as she was.

Tania jumped into my lap, both her knees on either side of my hips.
She gave me a big hug and ground her crotch into my own. "I love you
daddy", she whispered into my ear. "I missed you these last couple of
days." I could feel the heat of her loins through my pants.

My cock twitched and pushed against her.

"Do you still love me daddy?" She ground against me extra hard.

Of course I do, but I couldn't answer to that else I would be within
her seductive powers.

"Will you come to me tonight?"

I reached behind her and pulled her head back roughly by her long mane
of hair. Momentarily, I kissed her neck and chin which caused a gasp
of surprise and pleasure. I held her in this awkward position as my
other hand reached around and slipped up beneath her short skirt. Of
course she did not wear underwear and my fingers slid into the crevice
of her ass.

"Your such a little slut Tania." She was breathing quite hard at my

"Oh yes daddy, yes! Your slut daddy, only yours."

A finger traced the ring of muscle protecting her asshole for several
long seconds. Tania was humping my crotch even as my fingers went
lower and found her wet hot vagina ready and willing.

I let go of her hair and she rapidly began to kiss my whole face.
Again she asked, "Come to me tonight daddy? Please!" My finger found
her tiny hard clitoris and she began to vibrate with pleasure. Tania
was gasping and crying out with excitement as I brought her closer to
an orgasm.

When I guessed her close to sexual release, I quickly stood up and
released myself from her. Tania nearly fell to the floor before
standing before me looking naughty and sexy. She looked surprised at
my actions but as always, she trusted me explicitly. "Daddy?"

"Go to your room Tania and strip naked." She looked like she was
about explode with happiness.

"Now daddy, do you want me now?"

I roughly grabbed her mane of hair and forced her face near my own,
"Listen slut", she whimpered at my words but I felt her body melt with
mine, "go to your room, close the door and...!"

"Yes daddy, what is it you want me to do for you?" I could see that
she was practically pleading with me.

"Go to your room and fuck yourself Tania." It was as if a curtain was
closed within her, and her body stiffened in disappointment. I let go
of her and she stood looking at me as if there was more. I couldn't
resist those sexy young eyes, "Start keeping a journal slut, and I'll
be tanning your ass if you don't do exactly what and when I say it."
I felt a flush of heat fill my cock at what that journal may hold.

She brightened up some and turned to exit my study and do as I
requested. Even as she was about to close the door to my study I
asked, "Tania, ask your mom to come in here."

My darling daughter smiled hugely at me, knowing our relationship was
just beginning but not knowing that my wife was to be my sexual
release else I would end up committing incest, and nodded in

Within seconds Hillary closed the door behind her and dropped down to
her knees before me. "Yes master?"



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