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Sex and the Magic Book

By Katie McN <> (c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN

"I feel like a sperm receptacle," said Theresa and she stirred the cream
in her second cup of coffee. "Bill's been so busy at work, he's given a
new meaning to the phrase, 'Wam! Bam! Thank you ma'am!'"

"Hey, this is the same stuff you were talking about last week." Jane
tried to hold back a smirk as she noticed the tell tale glow on her friends
face. It looked like something more than a quickie happened before she
arrived. "I thought you were going to throw yourself into housework until
he finished the big project?"

"Yah, that's what I said. I finished cleaning the whole house from the
basement to the attic and back again. I'm done with all that now. I'm
going to get a vibrator and quit wearing myself out."

In college, the two women were known as the odd couple. Sally often
thought she would like to be cute and curvy like her blonde friend.
Theresa was a cheerleader while Sally had to settle for a place on the
girl's basketball team. Somehow they became friends for life and now a
days they hardly missed a week without getting together for coffee after
Bill and the kids were gone for the day.

"What do you make of this? I found it in the attic and can't remember
seeing it before." The short woman handed her friend an old leather bound
book held together with metal filigree. It had the faint smell of age and
the look of ancient mystery.

"The title says it's a Magic Book, Reecie." Sally, paged through the
book until she noticed her friend stand and come around the table. "It
looks old, but who believes in magic?"

Theresa was still dressed in her robe and didn't seem to have much of
anything on underneath. Her full breasts and large nipples were obvious
through the thin material. The tall woman shuddered as she felt a hand
rest lightly on her back. She tried to concentrate on the book and ignore
the breast pressing against her arm.

"Protection against vampires. Conjure up a demon. Well some of this
stuff looks pretty useless, Sally, but look at this one."

"Total control over any person isn't possible. You're being silly."

"Come on, let's try it."

The two women laughed about the spell and how dumb it was for anyone to
believe in such things. Sally soon let herself get talked into the
experiment, just for fun.

"Listen to me and hear me well." Theresa turned the page of the book and
continued on in a dark and somber voice. "In the words of the ancient
masters, Ke'l arnet d' mufstu, I take your mind for my own."

Sally listened as Reecie continued to chant in the language of the past.
She didn't understand the meaning of the words, but could tell her friend
was really trying to cast the spell.

"Sally, you are in my power. You'll do anything I tell you."

"Yes, I'm in your power."

"Stand on your chair and touch your nose." Sally did as she was told and
soon found herself standing on a chair next to the kitchen table. She felt
no unease.

"Now sit down again and forget everything that happened."

"This is silly, Reecie. You went through the whole spell and nothing."

"You were in my power and climbed up on the chair. You touched your

Sally laughed at the blonde and told her she was wrong. "I never left
my chair, Reece. You're making all this up." In a few minutes they decided
to try it again.

"Okay, you don't believe I can control you, so if I can, you'll do
anything I say and not be mad at me?"

"Why would I get mad at you. Nothing is going to happen and you know

" Ke'l arnet d' mufstu ..."

"Now I want you to do a table dance for me." The blonde moved her chair
to the middle of the kitchen floor. "I want you to do a sexy table dance
and take off all you clothes while your at it. Do it real slow and very
sensuously. Get me so hot you can seduce me and I won't be able to stop

Sally stood behind her friend and rubbed her pear shaped breasts against
the back of the blonde girl's head. Her hands slide down the front of the
thin material covering the two large breasts hidden inside of Theresa's
robe. The tall woman let her two hands weigh and measure the ripe tits waiting impatiently under the smooth material. Two nipples struggled to
break free of the satin prison that held them captive while a sigh of
anticipation snuck out of Theresa's throat.

A wool blazer was thrown to the floor. One by one Sally undid the
covered buttons that closed her silk blouse. Her black push up bra peeked
out from her cleavage and then was more obvious as one button after another
was undone. Sally moved close to her friend and slowly worked the blouse
from the confines of her pants. She nipped at her friends ear lobe and
deposited her tongue in Theresa's ear. She could tell from the reaction
the effect was more than interesting.

Sally stood back and let the blonde girl see the silk blouse slip down
her shoulders until it fluttered to the floor. The lacy black bra gave
Sally's breasts an interesting look and to make sure her friend noticed,
she pressed her tits into Theresa's face. She moved her boobs back and
forth so the blonde could feel and smell them.

The tall woman turned her back on Theresa and unhooked the black bra.
She made sure her friend could see each slow movement and finally let the
bra hang free. She turned to face the woman in the chair and used one
finger to tease a bra strap off her shoulder. She took more time with the
other strap and watched as Theresa seemed ready to tear the lacy garment
away to get at the treasures it covered.

"Do you want to see my tits? I can feel the hard nipples through my
bra. I bet you'd love to touch them."

"Show me. Show me, please."

With that, Sally let her bra fall to the floor and listened to the moan
coming from the girl in the chair.

"Would you like to touch them?" Sally didn't wait for an answer. She
took her friends hands and pressed them into her breasts and rubbed them
over her rock hard nipples.

Sally let Theresa continue playing with her tits as she bent forward to
give the seated girl a kiss. She buried her tongue in the blonde's mouth
and felt something waiting in the dark cavern return her attack. A kiss.
More touching, fondling, kissing, excitement, heavy breathing and more,
more, more.

The skirt was undone next and Sally slowly pulled it down past her hips
until it could drop to the floor. She stood in the center of the room in
nothing but her heels and black stay ups.

"Do you want to touch my pussy, Reecie? Here give me your hand." Sally
pushed the blonde girl's hand between her legs and made sure she could feel
her wet cunt.

She sat on Theresa's lap and covered her face and neck with tiny ksses.
Nibbles, nips, bites, kisses, touches, hold, feel and lust, lust, lust.
Sounds of passion and moans of desire. Smells from two women trapped in
their pleasure. Sally felt her secret places attacked by sensations that
lay hidden since the first day she met her best friend many years ago.
They were dormant and just waiting for today.

"Please fuck me. Carry me into the bedroom and make love to me, slow
and sweet and exciting," Theresa said. "Do it now, Do it now before I

Sally could feel the heat coming from the blonde girls body as she
picked her up and carried her toward the bedroom. They stopped, once,
twice, three times to kiss and hold each other.

The tall woman set her prize down in the middle of the room and noticed
the bed was still unmade. She could smell earlier lust and felt it would
add something special to her seduction.

Theresa stood with her arms at her sides as Sally slipped a finger into
the fastening that held the blonde's robe closed. A pull, a tug and soon
the garment opened to reveal two perfect breasts and an already swollen
pussy. Sally tore the robe from her friend's body and stood back to enjoy
the sight of her nakedness. Their embrace became a kiss and then a fall as
their bodies bounced on the waiting bed.

"You're going to have to beg me, Reecie. If you want me to get you off,
you'll have to beg."

Sally started kissing her friends face. She nipped playfully at a nose
and used her teeth to tug at Theresa's ear lobe. She smelled her friends
hair and let her face luxuriate in the softness of the long blonde tresses.

The tall woman blazed a trail of lust from Theresa's face to her neck.
Kisses and sucking and touching. Sally used her mouth to tease her friends
breasts. She circled the blonde girl's nipples with her tongue and finally
felt the hard digit pressed against her tongue. Her mouth found the puffy
areola. The large pink circle was swollen and pushed out at least a half
inch. It was a playing field for Sally's mouth. The tiny soldier stood at
attention as the tall woman sucked and pulled. It was a switch controlling
the engine of sound hidden away in some deep part of Theresa's body.
Sally's hands played with the two large breasts that seemed on display.
Nothing less than a pleasure chest. Firm and full. Perfectly shaped.
Secrets so nice to see and feel.

Lower. Kissing and nipping and touching on a relentless track toward
her secret garden.

Sally reached the neatly trimmed public hair and used her teeth to pull
at the soft fur that signaled the start of Theresa's pussy. The blonde already had her legs spread and it was easy for the tall woman to drop her
head between her legs. Sally let her tongue touch the other woman's clit
once and then moved off to kiss her inner thighs. She rubbed her breasts on her friends abdomen and let her hands slide up and down the smooth
surface of the legs spread wide before her.

"Please don't let me wait any longer, Sally. I can't take it. Do me."

"Say it again, Reecie. Say it again."

"Do me. Please, do me."

The tall woman put her face on her friends cunt and buried her tongue in
her wetness. The taste of dessert before the meal. Her finger slid
delicately between the blonde's two butt cheeks. Sally put a little
pressure on the blonde's asshole, but only enough to let her know she was
there and not enough to go inside before she sneaked away to find another
toy. She came back when the short woman wasn't paying attention and teased
her again and again.

The tall woman licked her friend's pussy and tasted the hot juices
flowing from her cunt. It was like having dessert before the meal. Her
lips kissed her friend's shaved pussy and felt the heat from her swollen
labia. She wanted all of her, everything and even more.

Sally pulled her leg over the blonde girl's head. Theresa knew what to
do and grabbed her hips with both hands. The tall woman felt a tongue
force its way into her pussy. She could smell the perfume of her own lust
and taste the bouquet of her friend's passion.

They melted together as one being and brought each other to some new
plane of existence. Touch, feel, kiss, hold, suck, probe, heat, lust,
passion, color, smell, more, more and more.

Sally felt her orgasm explode from somewhere deep inside her body and
she could hear her friend's scream as the blonde girl came to the same
place. Rolling waves of pleasure stormed the tall woman's mind and she
released herself to the feeling. Again, again, again. It felt like it
would never end until it finally did and the two women found themselves in
each other's arms. Holding tenderly. Tiny kisses. Warmth and love.

The morning became the afternoon and love making was the way of life.
Sally lost track of how many times she came. She never wanted to leave,
but she knew she better before the children came home.

"Come on Reecie, we better get up before we get into trouble. Let's
take a shower together and you can wash my back."

"You are still in my power, Sally. Once a week you'll come by in the
morning and make love to me until I'm completely satisfied."

"Yes, once a week I'll come to you."

"Now you better get going before the kids find you here."

Sally thought about the day. A day she wanted since college and felt
pleasure remind her body how nice it was to be with her best friend. She
wondered if her friend knew it was Sally who put the book in the attic. It
didn't matter any more. They were beyond that now. They were lovers and
that was magic enough.

The End

Tell me what you think about my story!

Katie McN <>

Read more of my stories at my website\~Katie_McN\


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