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Archived Sex Stories



Title: Sexploration.

Author: Charley Ace.



WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do
not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE

(c) copyright 2002 All Rights Reserved

(mf, mf, Bro sis Inc, First time)

As brother and sister go, Carol and I weren't very close for most of our
young lives. She didn't want to have much to do with her younger brother,
nor I with her. We didn't have any major squabbles; we merely ignored one
another and led our separate lives while growing up in the same house.

It was during my freshman year in high school, shortly after I turned
14, that the events that I'm about to describe took place. Carol, being a
year and several months older, was a junior.

Carol wasn't a pretty girl, but not ugly either, just sort of plain, but
she did have a nice, slim figure. Her breasts were small, but firm and
perky, and she had the nicest little ass. Should I have been looking at my
sister's ass? Probably not, but I had been noticing how cute it was for a
year or so. Damn! But I loved her little jiggle. Caused a stirring in my
groin every time that she wore tight pants, and often resulted in a visit
to the bathroom, or my bedroom, to spank my monkey.

Carol wasn't the only girl that I fantasized about, but I was such a shy
guy that I did nothing but fantasize, and masturbate. In my own mind I was
much too skinny and not very attractive, as a result I was afraid to even
to talk to the pretty girls. Carol and I had something in common besides
our parents; neither of us was popular with, or comfortable in the company
of, the opposite sex.

Carol dated on occasion, but she never went out with the same boy more
than a couple of times. Since she wasn't especially pretty, she didn't
attract the attention of the boys that she really liked. The guys that did
ask her out weren't the ones that she would have chosen.

Ever since I started having strong feelings for the opposite sex, I had
been trying to sneak a peek of Carol's feminine features. The most
exciting moment occurred when I caught a glimpse of her scurrying from the
bathroom to her bedroom in only her birthday suit. That gave me such a
thrill, even though I wasn't able to see much, just a fleeting glance of a
couple of bouncing little titties and jiggling buns, but enough to excite
me to full hardness, to be sure.

It had become common practice for my parents to leave us home by
ourselves when they went out, and Carol and I were never a problem for
them. On those occasions I would usually go into the den and surf the web
(often the porn sites), or into my room and play with myself, while Carol
watched tv most of the evening.

Then came the night, that wonderful night, that changed both our lives.

The evening started out as the typical parents' night out. I went to my
room while Carol stayed downstairs, plopped in front of the TV. I was
lying nude on my bed playing with myself while fantasizing about Missy, one
of the prettiest girls in my class, when Carol knocked on the door and
asked if she could come in.

"Just a minute," I shouted, and hurriedly climbed under the sheets, my
heart beating wildly at almost being caught 'meat' handed. "OK, come on

She opened the door, took a few steps to the edge of the bed, and sat
down. I was still a bit flustered at how close I had come to being caught
in the act of stroking my stiffie, but she also seemed a bit flustered and
unsure of herself. The situation was very unusual and uncomfortable for
both of us, as we rarely talked one-on-one.

After a few minutes of tense silence, she blurted out, "Billy, I need an
honest opinion from a guy's point of view. I want to know if I'm ugly?
The truth, please."

I had never thought of her as being ugly, and I answered honestly,
"absolutely not."

She had a very serious, sad look, and responded, "I must be, the cute
guys hardly even look at me, and never ask me out."

I could see that she was very upset and almost in tears, and I tried to
comfort her some. "I think that you're a very attractive girl, I'm not
going to lie to you and tell you that you're the prettiest girl around, but
you're far from ugly, and you've got a great body. You're not what I'd
call beautiful, but definitely very attractive."

She beamed at my compliment. "Do you really think so? I think you're
just saying that, look at how small my chest is." Her eyes drooped and she
got that sad look again when she mentioned her small chest.

"I think that your tits, or what I can see of them, are just about
perfect, They're not big, but I love the perkiness."

She was a bit taken back about my using the word 'tits', blushed a bit,
and smiled. "Thanks, but they're not as big as some of the other girls."

"There'll always be some girls who will have bigger tits than others,
besides, you've got a great ass. There aren't many girls that have a tight
little ass like yours."

She was really taken aback over that one, not sure whether to accept the
compliment or reprimand me for my brashness, she chose the latter. "What
do you know about my ass?" She retorted with a touch of anger in her voice.

"Not a thing, other than the shape of it when you wear tight jeans, and
believe me I've taken every opportunity to see as much as I can."

She was still a little shocked at my frankness, but somewhat pleased at
the compliment. "Why you little pervert, what have you been doing looking
at my ass?" She demanded, showing a hint of a smile on her face.

"Some guys like and fantasize about tits, I'm an ass guy, and I really
like yours. I know you're my sister, but a nice female ass is a nice ass."

Her mouth dropped open, then she smiled. "You are a pervert, but a cute
one," she chuckled. "How can I be angry with you for complimenting me like

"If being a pervert means that I'm a horny young guy who tries to get a
peak at his sister from time to time, I'm guilty. So, you had better be on
your guard because I'm going to look every chance I get," I responded with
a grin. After a pause, I added, "you know, I've never seen a naked girl,
other than in magazine pictures."

She chuckled, didn't say anything for a minute or so, then got a devious
looking expression on her face. "OK, since you've never seen a naked girl,
how would you like to see one now?" She asked, somewhat tentatively.

I was dumbfounded, my jaw dropped open and at the same time, my cock
sprang back to attention. Before I had composed myself enough to reply,
she added. "What I mean is that I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
I'm curious too, you know. I've never seen a guy's privates in person
either, and I really want to."

WOW! My sister was offering to show me her tits and pussy, it didn't
take me long to respond positively, "OK, I'm game, let's get on with it." I
was excited and somewhat nervous at the same time.

"You turn around and face the wall and I'll face the door. We'll both
take our clothes off and turn around at the same time on the count of
three. That'll be fair, won't it?"

A little childish maybe, but I figured that it was her call, I would've
done just about anything to see her naked body at that point. "Yeah, sure,
OK with me."

She turned around and I jumped out of bed and faced the wall. I didn't
have anything to remove. I was exceptionally aroused as evidenced by my
cock, which was sticking straight out, bobbing up and down with each
excited, accelerated heartbeat. "I'm ready," I said, even though I could
still hear movement and rustling of clothes as she was disrobing.

"Not yet," she responded, paused, and went on, "OK, I'm ready. One,
two, three."

We both turned around and gaped at each other, she at my hard, bobbing
cock and me at her perky tits with the very erect nipples. My eyes
eventually moved down to her crotch, where I could barely see the top of
her slit, but I noticed that her curly pubic hair sort of bunched up in the
middle, forming a concentrated line from the top of her slit to somewhere
further down between her thighs. Damn! Was I impressed, I knew that she
was my sister, but she looked more like a goddess, standing there in all
her naked glory. I was in awe, and more aroused and excited than I had
ever been. I finally looked up at her face and noticed that she was still
staring at my cock. She looked up, we made eye contact, and both smiled

"I've heard some of the girls talk about boys and their hard penises,
but yours is the first I've seen. I can't imagine one looking any better
than yours does. I-I mean I really like it."

Boy, did that make me feel good! She was a bit flushed and obviously
sincere when she said it. I responded in kind by telling her, "you're so
fine, your slim, slinky body is unbelievable." She could tell that I was
also sincere, and grinned from ear to ear.

"Turn around, I want to see the object of my fantasies, your bare ass,"
I requested.

She proudly turned around and teased me a bit by wiggling her cheeks,
bent over at the waist and gave me the most exquisite view of the female
anatomy that any guy could have. "You like?" She asked from between her

I was bug-eyed, and already had a firm hold of my cock, and I began
stroking it feverishly as she bent over. "My god! That's the most
beautifully erotic sight on this earth," I stammered. She took notice of
what I was doing from her upside down view, and smiled.

She stood up, turned around and said, "I guess you really do like what
you see." She was staring intently at my cock as I stroked it. "How far
can you shoot it?" She asked just as I exploded. It squirted out directly
at her, but only made it about half way across the bed, the other spurts
fell short of the first. "Wow!" She exclaimed. "That's the most amazing
thing that I've ever seen. I knew that's what guys do, but I never
imagined just how amazing it really is."

"Do you feel good now?" She asked seriously.

"Oh yeah, outstanding, absolutely outstanding," I responded, panting
heavily with my wilting, still semi-hard cock still firmly in the grip of
my right hand.

She seemed extremely pleased with herself, pleased that she had such an
affect on me.

"I'm pretty horny right now too, you know." She moved over to the bed,
and while avoiding my cum spots, laid down and opened her legs to give
herself access. She began to play with herself, one hand massaging her
breast and two fingers of the other in her glistening wet pussy.

I knew that girls masturbated too, but I was fascinated watching her,
and quickly became aroused again. My cock sprang back to attention almost
immediately, she was quick to notice, and gazed fixedly at it while she
played with herself. I watched as she used her index and middle fingers to
rub the upper part of her slit (I didn't know what a clit was at the time)
in a circular motion. She did so with an increasing tempo until she

When she had recovered, she stated, "ooh, that was good, the best one
I've ever had." After a short pause, "do you, you know, do it very often?"

"Yes, almost every day."

"I do too, but not every day, maybe two or three times a week," she
said. "It's probably not as good as the real thing, but better than
nothing. Tonight was special, though, I've never enjoyed it so much."

"Me too!" I chimed in. "I assume from what you just said that you're
still a virgin?"

"Yes, of course. mom told me that I should save myself for my husband,
and I intend to do just that, what about you?"

"Oh, yeah, I hate to admit it, but I'm still a virgin, too, but it's not
because I'm saving it for my wife," I added with a chuckle.

I got on the bed and lay next to her, on my side facing her. She rolled
over and faced me, smiled and took several long glances at my hard cock.
"You don't know how much I want to reach out and touch that thing of yours,
but we can't touch each other. It could lead to more dangerous things,"
she said, somewhat longingly.

I'm sure she sensed that I wanted to touch her in the worst way, also.
She was right, though, it just wouldn't be right between brother and
sister, even though it would be extremely pleasurable for the both of us.

We lay there making small talk about a number of things, both of us
fighting sleep. "I guess I'll be doing a lot of masturbating until I get
married <giggle>. I WILL save myself for my husband." With that profound
statement out of her mouth, we both dozed off for an hour or so.

Carol was the first one to open her eyes, tapped me on the shoulder and
woke me up. "I can't believe that little thing was so big just a few
minutes ago," she chuckled, pointing to my cock.

Having a naked girl lying next to you in bed is very stimulating and the
obvious began to happen. She stared at it in amazement as it grew. "Wow!
That's really amazing the way you do that, can you control it?"

"No, it has a head, and mind, of it's own," I chuckled.

She laughed and told me that she had enjoyed our little session very
much. "Would you like to do it again sometime? I mean, if I'm going to be
doing a lot of masturbating, I'd like to do it with you, what do you say?"

"You bet I would, it's been great," I responded with a super wide grin
on my face and a sparkle in my eyes.

She reached over and kissed me on the cheek. "Next time mom and dad go
out," she stated, as she got off the bed, bent over to pick up her clothes
and walked over to the door. I watched her cute little ass wiggle and
jiggle as she walked away from me. She stopped at the door, turned around
and saw me with my cock in my hand again.

"Can I watch one more time?" She asked, as she put her foot up onto the
chair next to the door to give me a better view of her beautiful,
glistening pussy. I shot my load very quickly again, this time catching my
cum in some tissues. Satisfied with the show, she smiled and left the

Our parents would go out about once a month, on the average, and Carol
and I would do our thing each time. I loved what we were doing, but I
wanted more. Each time we got together, it became more and more difficult
to keep from reaching over and tweaking her nipples and fingering her
pussy. It seemed like Carol might have been having a problem with the 'no
touch' rule, too, but I couldn't be sure.

After six or nine months of the same, I made a daring move and got onto
the bed next to her while she was fingering her pussy, and took a closer
look. She didn't seem to mind, and when she finished, she even had me lay
back, still next to her, while I stroked myself off, so that she could get
a better look, too.

After each one of our masturbation sessions, Carol and I would talk,
something we had rarely done before. We talked about many things, but
mostly the opposite sex. I'd ask her intimate questions about girls and
she'd ask me the same about boys. I think both of us were pleasantly
surprised to discover what an interesting person the other was. We found
that we liked one another, and enjoyed our talks almost as much as the sex.
We were born brother and sister, but we became close friends, and in the
process, bolstered each other's self-confidence.

As time went on, I slowly became braver and braver. I first moved over
to kneel between her legs, remaining at the foot of the bed. It was while
I was in the kneeling position that I first shot my load onto her body.
The first spurt actually got as far as her left tit. Most of the rest made
it to her abdomen. She rubbed the gooey cum into her tits and abdomen like
a skin cream, then lifted her fingers to her mouth and tasted it. "Not
bad," she said smiling. "Want a taste?" She offered. I reluctantly licked
her finger and discovered that it really wasn't as bad as I had imagined.
Each time I came after that, she insisted that I cum on her body. She
scraped it up into her mouth each time, and continued to offer me a little
taste. She enjoyed the taste of my cum, and that got me even more excited,
as I watched her suck it off her fingers.

Eventually, I became brave enough to where, after I came on her, I got
down on my stomach with my face only inches from her pussy. I was somewhat
surprised that she didn't object, but she didn't. I was really enjoying my
close up view of her juicy pink pussy, and during one of those close-up
sessions, she made a point of showing me her clit and telling me how
sensitive the little knob was, and how good it felt when stimulated, as she

As my eyes and nose absorbed all that her pussy had to offer, I
salivated, wanting to taste her in the worst way. I had heard various guys talking about eating pussy from time to time. Some of them made it seem
like it was degrading or disgusting in some way, but with her pussy only
inches from my face, the urge to taste it was overwhelming.

"Are you getting a good look? How about if I do this," she said one
day, as she used her fingers to spread her lips in order to give me a
better view of her love canal and clit.

The very next session, while I was in the pussy close-up position, she
thrust her hips to get her pussy even closer to my face, I took it as a
green light, and I stuck my tongue out and licked it good. "Oooh," she
gasped, and did nothing to stop me as I continued to lick up and down her
slit, darting my tongue in and out and up and down between her lips, until
she came in a violent orgasm.

Her pussy juices tasted great, I saw nothing degrading in what I had
done. It was not only fun and exciting for me, but Carol found it to be
extremely pleasurable, as evidenced by her strong orgasm.

"Unbelievable, little brother. I've never felt anything so good in my
whole life," she said. "You're going to make some girl very happy with
that tongue of yours."

"Better than your fingers?" I asked facetiously.

"You better believe it!" She then reached down and pulled me up to where
we were face to face. She licked her pussy juices off my face and planted
a kiss right on my mouth. "Tastes pretty good, doesn't it?"

"Nothing better," I responded.

"I'm so glad that you enjoyed what you did to me with your tongue. I've
never felt so sexy, so desirable and sooo fantastic," she commented.

She pushed me over to the side and said, "your turn little brother.
I've so wanted to taste your penis; I just can't hold back any more. I
know that we shouldn't be going this far, but after you licked me, I have
to return the favor, don't I? I mean, it's only fair, right?" She smirked,
in an attempt to justify her hunger for my cock.

'Damn right!' I thought, as she leaned over and kissed the head of my
cock. "Ooh, yeah," I moaned.

"This is so hard and so perfect. I've heard that some guys have bigger
ones, but I can't believe they can be any more beautiful than yours." With
that she began to lick the head in earnest, lapping it like an ice cream

"Ooh my sis! That feels so great," I exclaimed. My words encouraged
her to take the head into her mouth, and she immediately began bobbing her
head up and down, giving me head. What a feeling that was, not only was
she stimulating me with her mouth, she never looked more beautiful to me as
her head moved up and down, her lips firmly encircling my cock.

It didn't take long before I grunted, "I'm going to cum, sis." Instead
of pulling away, she bobbed her head even faster, and POW! I exploded
right into her mouth in the most violent and pleasurable orgasm that I had
ever had. She swallowed as much as she could, but not being accustomed to
it, she let some dribble out of the side of her mouth and down my shaft.

When she was sure that I had finished spurting, she lifted her head and
licked the remaining cum off my shaft. The self-satisfied expression that
she had on her face told volumes about how much she enjoyed what she had
done for me. She moved herself up, and planted a passionate kiss on my

We laid back, talked some and dozed off until we heard our parents opening the front door. She hurriedly picked up her clothes and scooted
off to her bedroom.

We had taken our 'sexploration' to the next level that day, and we both
were extremely pleased with ourselves, and each other. Neither of us had
expressed any regrets or guilt feelings.

Even though our brother-sister relationship had begun to improve after
the first masturbation session, it took a giant leap forward after that
first oral experience. We began joking around with each other every chance
that we got.

"I want to eat that delicious pussy of yours," I would whisper when I
was sure no one could hear us.

"Only if I get to taste the cock juice of yours," she would reply.

We would both chuckle, and eagerly anticipate the next opportunity.

Our parents took notice of the difference in our behavior toward each
other, but they attributed it to the fact that we were growing up,
maturing, if you will. They were very pleased, and commended us several
times. We merely smirked and told them that we were just 'discovering'
what each of us had to offer.

Little did they know!

The sexual experimentation with Carol had a profound effect on me. I
became much more confident in myself, and actually began to talk to some of
the pretty girls at school. Even though I was in my sophomore year by that
time, I didn't date any of them. It wasn't that I was afraid to ask them
out, but the truth was that I preferred Carol, my sister.

Was I sick, or what?

I'll admit to being very confused about my feelings at the time. I
didn't understand why I so wanted my own sister, to the point of not
wanting to get involved with any other girls. I still found the other
girls to be attractive, but I felt very comfortable with Carol, and enjoyed
our relationship immensely. I didn't want anything to change, except I
wanted to fuck Carol, of course. Even though she had told me that it was
impossible for several reasons, I still held out hope that she'd change her
mind, but I didn't push the issue.

One evening, several months later, when we had reached a break in our
oral action, she asked me a strange question. "I know how bad you want to
go 'all-the-way' with me, I want it very much, too. But I think we both
understand why we can't. Not only am I determined to be a virgin when I
get married, but intercourse between brother and sister is wrong. Sooo,"
she paused for several seconds, smirked and asked, "I was wondering if you
might be interested in doing it with Alice?"

"What?" I responded, shocked but very excited. Alice had been Carol's
best friend for many years. She had spent a lot of time at our house and I
had gotten to know her, but she wasn't the type of girl that I fantasized
about. She was just plain old Alice, Carol's frumpy little friend. If
Carol was not pretty, Alice was even less so.

Carol went on, "since she and I are best friends, we confide in each
other and I know that she really wants to lose her cherry. She doesn't
share the same desire as me, to hold out for her husband."

Thinking that maybe Carol had told Alice more than she should have, I
nervously interrupted, "does she know about us?"

"No, she doesn't, please let me continue. She's told me that she's
still a virgin, but doesn't want to be any more. She has no boyfriend and
her prospects of getting laid anytime soon are slim. When she told me
that, a light bulb went off in my head, I thought of you and how frustrated
you must be at not being able to do it with me."

I drooled as she continued. "She's told me several times that she
thinks that you're a cute guy. I told her that I've accidentally seen you
in the nude a few times and that you have a very sexy body. She wanted all
the details regarding your body, and I told her a few things, just to whet
her appetite. She became very excited and wanted to know more. Other than
that, I've not told her anything about us. Before I set this up, I first
wanted to know if you would be interested, as if I had to ask," she

I was more than a little dumbfounded, I had deliberately avoided the
girls in my class because of Carol, and then she offered me her best
friend. What was I to think? 'She apparently doesn't feel the same way
about me as I do her. Maybe she was merely using me to satisfy her lust,
and now she's trying to get rid of me. I don't know, I just don't know,' I
thought to myself.

After some contemplation, I finally came to the conclusion that, as long
as Carol didn't want me, I'd take Alice. I mean, I really did need to get
laid, I was so horny.

"I prefer you, but since you aren't available, I'll do Alice," I
responded. "Just what did you tell her about my body?" I demanded,
although somewhat flattered that she thought of me as being cute.

"Let's just say that she's very anxious to see you naked," she replied,
as she laughed.

"You're sure this would be OK with you?" I asked, as I drooled and
panted at the prospect of getting my first piece of ass.

"Of course, silly, I love you dearly, but we are brother and sister and
can't pursue our sexual activity any further than it's already gone. I
have a chance to do something to please you as well as my best friend.
Believe me, she'll enjoy you as much as you'll enjoy her. Just be sure to
eat her pussy before you, you know, stick it in her. You'll drive her wild
little brother," she added with a gleam in her eye.

"Oh, by the way, Alice is on the pill, so you won't have to buy any
condoms," Carol informed me as she turned to leave. I was so excited at
the prospect of getting my first piece of ass that I hadn't even thought
about the possibility of getting her pregnant.

Alice was shorter than Carol, had a decent body, a little fuller and
bustier, but not as nice as Carol's. Still, she wasn't a dog by any
stretch, and it was a chance to get laid. "What do I need to do?"

"Just let me handle it, I'll set the thing up. mom and dad are going
out again Saturday, I think I'll invite Alice over. Stay cool little
brother, stay cool." She chuckled and winked knowingly.

I couldn't wait to talk to Carol after school the next day; I asked her
if she had talked to Alice.

"Yes, everything is arranged," she responded with a decided smirk.

"What did you tell her?" I quizzed, almost pissing my pants with

"Well, I told her how horny you were," she chuckled.

"Very funny," I retorted.

"Well, you are, aren't you? Anyway, I told her that you and I would be
home by ourselves Saturday night, and asked her to drop by. I also told
her that I would find some excuse to go out and leave you two alone. She
was very excited, and there's no doubt that she wants to get into your
pants as much as you want to get into hers. It'll be the first time for
her too, so be very gentle. Don't forget to eat her pussy first, you must
drive her as wild with your tongue as you do me."

"I will, I will," I promised, excitedly.

Saturday finally arrived, our parents left, and Alice showed up on
schedule. She was dressed in a pair of tight shorts and a t-shirt tied at
the navel, with no bra. She looked especially sexy and ready for action.
Her rigid nipples stood at attention, as evidenced by the little bumps on
her shirt.

'Carol was right; she's as excited as I am. I wonder if she notices the
bulge in my pants,' I thought.

We sat on the couch as if to watch TV, and Carol made sure that Alice
and I sat next to one another. After about 15 or 20 minutes of inane
conversation, Carol made an excuse for leaving us alone. Neither Alice nor
I minded that her excuse was quite lame.

Then we were alone, the time had come for action and my heart was
beating fast and loud. 'My gosh, what do I do now?' I thought to myself. I
didn't know where to start, since I had no experience with putting the make
on a girl. The only thing that I could think of, besides getting laid, was
her sexy outfit.

"I like your outfit," I finally said, to break the tension.

"Gee thanks, my mom said it's too revealing, what do you think?"

"I think it makes you look very sexy."

"You do?" she giggled. "You're not just saying that are you?"

"No, I really mean it." My bulge was growing by then, and I watched as
her eyes moved to my crotch.

She smiled and said, "maybe you are telling the truth," she giggled

'What do I do now? I think she gave me the perfect opportunity, but I
still don't know what to say.'

"Would you like to see it?" I just blurted out. 'Damn, why did I say
such a stupid thing? I really blew it now, damn, damn, damn!' I fretted.

She surprised me by giggling some more and saying, "oh, yes!" The crude,
direct approach apparently suited her just fine.

I stood up to un-snap and un-zip my pants and she moved closer. I
pulled my pants down and her eyes widened at the more defined bulge in my
briefs. I slowly lowered them until my hard-on sprang right out in front
of her. "Ooh," she gasped, somewhat bug-eyed. "I-it's fantastic," she
stammered as she kept her eyes glued on it. "I've never seen a big, stiff
one before, may I touch it?"

Feeling confident and in control of the situation, I replied, "sure, but
not before you take off your clothes. I'm dying to see your naked body,
too." She smiled, jumped up and quickly removed her t-shirt, revealing her
lovely mounds capped by those beautifully erect nipples. They were bigger
than Carol's and shaped a little differently, but beautiful nonetheless.
"They're beautiful," I told her sincerely. She smiled and lowered her
shorts and panties at the same time. As she stepped out of them she asked
again if she could touch it. "Turn around and bend over first," I said,
and she did so willingly.

As she bent over and gave me a fantastic view of everything she had,
just as Carol had done that first night that we had revealed ourselves to
one another. Her ass was much broader than Carol's, but looked wonderfully
enticing to my horny eyes, as I focused on her pussy lips. I could see a
glistening at her hole, indicating that she was aroused, wet and ready for

"Fantastic view, Alice," I offered, grinning from ear to ear.

She straightened up and said, "now, please, may I touch it?"

I instructed her to come closer and kneel in front of me. "OK, it all
yours to do with as you please," I told her. She got down on her knees and
positioned herself so that she looked straight at it, inching up until it
was only a few inches from her face. She reached over and touched it, and
I moaned, as I mentally compared her touch to Carol's, it felt almost as

"It's so masculine, so hard, I love it. May I kiss it?" She asked

"Oh yes, by all means. Kiss it, lick it, suck it, but don't bite it," I
warned with a chuckle, and she grinned. Her mouth was on it in a flash.
She kissed it, licked it and began sucking on it with a zeal I hadn't

She backed off for a second and asked, "I've never done this before, am
I doing it right?"

"Ooh yeah!" I replied. Her mouth on my cock gave me a different feel, a
different sensation than I had been experiencing with Carol. It was very
exciting, and it wasn't long before the floodgates were ready to burst.
"I'm going to cum," I grunted. She tried to smile and I saw a sparkle in
her eyes, as she kept on sucking. As predicted, I exploded into her mouth,
and she caught and swallowed every drop.

"Wow!" I exclaimed.

When she felt like she had gotten it all, she looked up at me and asked,
"tastes great! Did you enjoy that as much as I did?"

"Oh yes, yes indeed," I replied. She wasn't as accomplished as Carol,
but she hadn't had the practice that Carol had had.

"I want you to teach me how to do it better. I want to give you the
best blow jobs that you've ever had," she said sincerely.

"We'll need lots of practice for that," I stated with a shit-eating grin
on my face.

She smiled and nodded in agreement, "I'm all for it."

I was spent, my cock went semi-limp and I sat back on the couch. She
got up off her knees, sat next to me, looked straight into my eyes and
asked, "what now?"

"Well, for starters, as soon as I recover from that great blow-job that
you just gave me, I'm going to eat that delicious looking pussy of yours.
Then I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before."

"I can hardly wait, but I've never been fucked before," she said with an
innocent looking, sheepish grin.

"Have you ever been eaten out?"

"I had my dog lick my pussy once, it felt good, but I don't think that
counts. Does it?"

"No, it doesn't," I laughed.

I knelt in front of her, positioned her on the edge of the couch, asked
her to spread her legs and dove in for my evening snack. I used everything
that I had learned with Carol, and drove Alice wild. She moaned, squealed,
and quivered the entire time I licked, sucked and tweaked her clit with my
lips and tongue. I didn't know if it was one big orgasm or a series of
smaller ones, but she seemed to have been cuming continuously.

She finally had had enough, pushed my head away from her pussy, looked
me in the eye and said, "my God! That was so much better than I had ever
imagined it would be, where did you learn to do that?"

"I have a natural sweet tooth for sweet pussy like yours, and I've read
a few good books," I lied.

The pussy eating experience had gotten my cock rock hard again. After
she rested up for a few minutes, I looked at her and said, "look at what
you've done to me again." I pointed to my rigid cock.

She smiled, obviously pleased with the effect she had on me and said,
"what do you want me to do about it?"

"Lay back and spread those gorgeous legs, show me that pink pussy hole,"
I instructed.

"Yes! Fill me with your hard cock, I want you to take my ripe cherry.
I've been wanting, waiting for this moment for a long time."

She laid back and I mounted her in a flash. Her pussy was sopping wet
and my cock slid part way in effortlessly. When it met with a bit of
resistance, I backed off and pushed it in again. As I nudged her cherry on
the second thrust, she lunged forward with her hips, and I was home, buried
to the balls. We both let out a low moan as I slid in past her cherry. I
didn't know it at the time that women often feel varying degrees of pain
when they lose their cherry, but she didn't give any indication of being in
any pain. I marveled at how good it felt to finally have my cock buried in
a wet pussy, natures cock garage.

"You broke my cherry, and it didn't hurt at all," she moaned. "Well,
maybe a little bit, but only for a few seconds."

"Good," I replied, as I began rhythmically thrusting my cock in and out
of her pussy. In a short while her groans grew louder and I felt ready to
explode again. She gave one loud moan, clamped her legs around my torso
and dug her heels into my ass cheeks. I couldn't hold it any longer, and I
spewed every bit of cum that I had left into her wanting pussy. She
convulsed almost out of control as I continued to pump until I was as limp
as a wet noodle, at which time she relaxed her scissors grip, and we both
laid back, totally spent.

After a few minutes I asked, "how was it?"

"Wonderful, absolutely wonderful, I dreamt that it would be like this,
and it was," she replied.

"It was fantastic for me too," I told her.

"I'm so glad," she said. "I so much wanted to please you."

"You did more than please me, you made me ecstatic and took my male
cherry in the process," I told her with all sincerity.

"We took each other's, now neither one of us are virgins any more," she

"Do you think we could do this again sometime?" I asked.

"Ooh yes! Yes! Yes! I could do this every day with you." She was very
sincere and I was most pleased with myself. 'My first piece of ass, and
she's asking for more, what a wonderful world this is!' I thought. We
hugged each other for a few minutes, until a knock on the door got us
scurrying for our clothes.

We scrambled to get our clothes back on, and Alice moved over to
position herself over the wet spot on the couch while I went to the door.
It was Carol, as we expected. "I thought I'd better knock, just in case,"
she snickered. "You two weren't up to anything were you?" She smiled

"Oh, no," we both smiled as we answered simultaneously.

After Alice left that evening, Carol cornered me and had me give her all
of the details. She seemed to show a mixture of self-satisfaction for
having gotten me my first piece of ass, and a hint of jealousy. She placed
her hand under her dress and rubbed her pussy through her panties as I
detailed the events of the evening.

Watching her trying to pleasure her self got me horny again. "How would
you like me to eat that delicious pussy of yours?" I stated as I shoved her
back onto the bed. I didn't wait for an answer, I took her silence as a
positive response, as I pulled her panties off and ate her pussy like it
was the last one on earth. I could tell that she really wanted that,
needed it in fact. She was especially responsive and had one hell of an

When she recovered, she reached over to undo my pants. "You don't have
to do that tonight, sis," I told her.

"I want to, I really want to," she replied sincerely, and proceeded to
give me the best blow-job that she had ever given me. It seemed to me that
she might have looked upon Alice a rival, and felt the need to outdo her,
to show that she was still queen of the blow-jobs in our house.

"Your cock tasted like pussy tonight," she said somberly. "I'm just
sorry that it wasn't my pussy." With that utterance, she picked herself up
and went off to her room.

I wished it was her pussy, too.

Our relationship changed, yet again, that night; Carol became
increasingly moody and began distancing herself from me. She was rarely
willing to get together for sex, and was never willing to talk the way we
had been. Every time I tried to talk to her, she excused herself, saying
that she didn't feel like talking.

Over the next couple of months Alice and I got together as often as we
could, which was about once every other week. I continued to sense that
Carol didn't like the attention I was paying to Alice, but she said
nothing. Since I couldn't get Carol to open up and talk to me, I took
advantage of Alice to keep my young, virile horns trimmed.

About six months later, Carol met a guy that she liked, and began dating
him steadily. Her attitude changed somewhat after meeting Mike, she
loosened up a bit, but she still wasn't the same Carol that I had come to
love. I could understand why we didn't have sex very often, but I just
couldn't understand why she wouldn't talk to me. 'She must be getting what
she needs from her boyfriend,' I thought. That thought brought on a pang
of jealously.

One Friday night Carol was out on a date with Mike, my parents were in
bed and I was watching late night TV. Shortly after midnight, the front
door opened abruptly and Carol stormed in.

"Hi sis, a bit early for you to be home, isn't it?"

"So, what business is it of yours," she snapped and went straight up to
her room. 'Must be having problems with Mike,' I surmised.

I decided that if I went up to her room to see if I could comfort her,
maybe let her vent a little, our relationship might improve. I proceeded
up the stairs to her room, found her door unlocked, walked in and closed it
behind me. She was lying on the bed, face down, sobbing away.

"What is it sis, what's the matter?"

"Nothing, it's nothing," she replied with a sniffle.

"Something is obviously bothering you, c'mon, tell little brother all
about it."

"Go away! I don't want to talk about it," she said, sobbing loudly.

"Having problems with Mike?" I continued anyway.

"None of your damn business, I just don't want to talk about it," she

Undaunted, I pushed on, "what can I do to help? It'll do you good to
talk about it. You know you can talk to me any time, I love you and I want
to help if I can."

"No you don't, you don't love me at all. Now GET OUT OF HERE!" She
shouted. I was afraid that we would wake mom and dad, so I left, more
confused than ever. She had been giving me the cold shoulder for awhile,
but I didn't realize that she was as pissed at me as she seemed to be that
night. I couldn't imagine what I had done to get her that upset with me, I
was merely trying to help.

It just so happened that mom and dad were planning on going out the next
evening, and I had invited Alice over, expecting that Carol would be out
with Mike. The next afternoon Carol informed me that if Alice and I were
going to 'get-it-on' that night, we would need to go somewhere else. She
planned on staying home, and wasn't about to change her plans for us.

I could sense that she had calmed down a little and that she might be
willing to talk about what was bothering her, and I felt that she needed me
more than Alice did. I phoned Alice and told her that something very
important had come up and we would need to postpone our date. She was
disappointed, but accepted my brief explanation.

After mom and dad left, Carol came down and sat on the other end of the
couch from me, not saying a word. She had her arms crossed in front of her
and a serious and determined look about her. I could see that she was not
at all interested in the football game that I had tuned in.

"Feeling any better?" I asked.

"A little," She responded curtly. "Do you have a date with Alice

"No, I called it off."


"I wanted to stay home with you tonight, to be here just in case you
decided to talk about what's bothering you." She seemed a bit surprised,
but pleased with my response as her stern expression softened a bit.

"You know that you can talk to me about anything, anything at all. I
love you very much, and I want to help you in the worst way. I feel so
useless when you shut me out," I told her.

I could detect a hint of a smile, but only a hint. She said nothing, so
I asked, "is it Mike?"

"Partially," she said, at least I got that much out of her, it was a

"Is he trying too hard to get into your pants? Is that the problem?"

"Partially," she responded. Her one-word responses weren't getting us
very far, but I continued anyway.

"He hasn't taken your cherry, has he?" I asked hoping for the answer
that she gave.

"No, but he sure has tried."

"Still saving yourself, eh? Well maybe he'll be your husband some day."

"No way! He's cute, but we really aren't compatible." After a pause,
she added, "anyway, we broke up last night."

"So that's it, you and Mike had a fight."


"What do you mean, partially? What else could be bothering you?"



"Yes, you, damn it!"

I was dumbfounded and speechless, as I couldn't imagine what I had done
to upset her.

As I was pondering her statement about me being the cause of her
problems, she blurted out, "I'm so jealous of Alice," and she started to

I was take aback a little, but I scooted over to her and hugged her.
When she calmed down, she went on. "I really want to be in Alice's place,
I love you very much and I want to feel you inside of me so badly. I just
can't stand the fact that she's getting you and I'm not."

I was in a state of total shock, 'this is the same Carol who started our
sexual exploration and set up all of the ground rules. We did everything
her way. She was the one who got Alice and I together. Now she was upset
with me. Go figure!' I thought, as I tried to sort things out in my mind.

"I-I don't know what to say. You're the one who set up the rules, I
merely followed them."

"I know," she sobbed. "But you could've pushed a little, you knew how
much I wanted you, I would've given in," she said, still sobbing.

'Women!' I thought to myself. 'Damn them, anyway!' She had aroused the
animal in me, as I felt that she had questioned the very essence of my

I didn't think, I just reacted, like an animal in lust. I stood up,
removed my shirt and pants, pulled her to her feet and attacked her. I
practically tore off her blouse, shorts and panties (she wasn't wearing a
bra) and proceeded to take her cherry.

After I had her naked, I bent her over the back of the couch, fingered
her receptive pussy until I felt that she was wet and ready for my hard
cock. I positioned it at her entrance and rammed it home, with no regard
to her potential pain.

"Ouch, damn that hurt!" She squealed.

"Too, bad, get used to it, you wanted assertiveness, now you've got it."

She only complained of pain on that first lunge, after that she moaned
and groaned in obvious pleasure as I pounded her with zeal.

"OH, yes, yes I do want it. Fuck me, I want you to fuck me good!" She
encouraged as I continued to pound in and out of her newly deflowered

I was no longer her loving brother, I was an aroused animal as I
continued to fuck her silly until she came, screaming and convulsing. She
was still quivering when I finally shot my load deep into her canal.

Finished with the mating ritual, I began to think like a human being
again. 'God, I hope I didn't hurt her, I just lost it for a while.'

"Are you OK, sis?" I asked with genuine concern.

"Am I OK? I'm better than I've ever been, you're absolutely amazing.
You're so young, yet so much a man," she responded. "You gave me just what
I needed, and have been wanting all this time."

I just smiled and responded, "Thanks." I felt so proud of myself, and so
adult and virile.

I looked at her swollen lips and noticed some blood seeping out, mixed
with my semen. "sis! You're bleeding!"

She looked down, checked it out and consoled me, "it's OK, I bleed worse
than this during my period, would you get me a wash cloth, please."

I jumped up, ran to the bathroom and returned with a damp wash cloth in
a flash. She wiped herself and showed me that the bleeding was minimal and
was nothing to be concerned about.

She left the washcloth in place between her legs and pulled me close to
her in a loving embrace.

"Mom has been after me to get on the pill, I think I had better take her
advice before it's too late," she chuckled.

"What about tonight?" I asked worriedly.

"It's my most infertile time of the month, it won't be a problem," she
assured me. I wasn't convinced, and fretted until she had her next period.

"What should I do about Alice?" I asked Carol.

"Do you want to see her again?" she responded with a question of her
own, sort of glaringly.

"No, not as long as I have you," I replied.

"Then leave her to me, Mike has been looking to get laid. I'll just fix
the two of them up, just like I did with you two. I know Alice likes Mike,
and I'm sure Mike doesn't care who's pussy he gets into. He's just looking
for a place to park that stiff prick of his," she giggled, as she explained
her plan.

If our brother-sister relationship had been special before, it had
become even more special that evening.

We lay there in each other's arms for a long time. As we were finally
getting up to go to bed, she whispered to me "I'm still a virgin, brothers
don't count."

I think she was serious.


Carol and I continued as lovers for several years, but all good things
must come to an end, and did.

The end to our sexual relationship came shortly after Carol met a
special guy during her junior year in college. After only a couple of
dates with him, I began to notice a change in her, and her attitude toward
me, but it wasn't until she began to refuse sex with me that I fully
realized that she was serious about him and what the implications were.

She tried to ease the pain that she knew I'd suffer by bringing Kevin
over to the house often, in the hopes that I'd get to know him and like
him. I responded negatively, with jealously and resentment. I refused to
accept Kevin, and it tore Carol up, she was caught in between Kevin and I,
she loved us both, and when the situation didn't resolve itself, she became

I, too, sunk into a state of depression, knowing deep down that Carol
was doing the right thing, but still not being able to accept losing her.
Logically, it had to happen, but emotionally, I couldn't handle it.

Even though I resented Kevin and tried to find fault with him, I had to
admit that he was a good guy. Even admitting that, and knowing that he was
good for Carol, however, didn't help my state of mind.

I suspected that Carol had told Kevin about our relationship, because
they began to introduce me to other girls as a means of possibly solving
the problem. They tried to fix me up with eight different girls over a
period of a couple of months, all of whom were attractive, but it proved
hopeless. We double dated several times, they brought several of them over
to the house, but I still couldn't get interested in any of them. Two of
the girls seemed very interested in me, but I couldn't bring myself to
reciprocate the interest.

And then it happened.

My parents, sensing that Carol was serious about Kevin, invited Kevin's
entire family over to our house for a barbecue one Saturday, so that we
could get to know one another better. In addition to his parents, his two
sisters, one older and one younger were invited. The older sister was two
years older than Kevin and married with a child, and the three of them
attended. The younger sister, Dixie, was a year younger than me, and had a
steady boyfriend at the time, and he accompanied her to the barbecue.

The minute that I laid eyes on Dixie, my entire outlook on life changed,
I was completely captivated. I couldn't take my eyes off her as she made
her entrance, with boyfriend in hand. Kevin introduced us, and as I looked
into her beautiful hazel eyes and clasped her dainty hand, the sparks flew.
My heart began to palpitate, butterflies fluttered in my midsection and my
knees weakened and began to buckle. I was so smitten with the vision of
loveliness before me that I was at a total loss for words. I managed to
utter a "nice to meetcha" and that was the extent of our introductory

My focus immediately changed from Carol to Dixie, and I forgot all about
my jealousy and resentment toward Kevin. However, as good as I felt about
Dixie, there was a slight problem, she already had a boyfriend, which is
why Kevin hadn't ever tried to fix me up with her.

Dixie was very gregarious and went out of her way to make me feel more
at ease, and she accomplished her objective by being overly friendly and
attentive. There were no outward signs, but I sensed that she liked what
she saw in me.

I followed her around like a little puppy dog that evening, much to the
chagrin of her boyfriend. To his credit, though, he didn't say or do
anything to cause a scene, but he easily could have. Maybe it was because
of Dixie's diplomacy that he didn't, as she found a way to entertain the
both of us without favoring one over the other.

As the party broke up and the guests were leaving, Dixie came up to me
and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I was smitten, big time,
and I sensed, even more strongly, that she might have been, too.

The week following the party, I was lamenting the fact that Dixie had a
boyfriend, and was trying to decide what to do. I couldn't get her out of
my mind, I wanted to call her, just to talk, and maybe to ask her out, but
kept making excuses, and continued putting off the phone call.

Dixie solved my problem, she called on the following Thursday and asked
me out on a date that weekend. She pulled no punches, and told me that she
had broken up with her boyfriend and wanted to go out with me. It was
typical of her, liberated, sure of what she wanted and no qualms about
going after it, and I was what she wanted.

That was the beginning of a great relationship, which has lasted to this
day. Dixie and I are married and have two wonderful children. Carol and
Kevin are also married with three children of their own. The four of us
are very close and get along famously, and are happy and content in our
respective married lives.

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