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Sexual Frustration


"Sexual Frustration"

My boyfriend, Chris, and I had decided to spend the night at my house
and rent some videos. We cuddled up together on the couch. It was kinda

Chris had been teasing me for a month or so, but wouldn't have sex with
me. I was super horny and Chris knew it.

He kept playing with my breasts, and brushing his hand between my legs.
He was doing anything he could to make it worse. This was driving me
crazy. I was so frustrated.

Tonight was no exception. He kept kissing my ear, which he knows drives
me absolutely wild. So, I turned around and started kissing him, but when
I tried to go further, he stopped me and smiled. Then he went back to
teasing me.

I finally got so frustrated, I walked out. I went outside to my shed.
It was quiet out there. It was a good place to cool down.

I was there for about two minutes when Chris came looking for me. He
asked me what was wrong.

ME: Why won't you have sex with me? Is there someone else?

CHRIS: Come on, Marie, you know there's no one else. I just like getting
you worked up. I'm sorry.

ME: You've got me so horny, I feel like I'm going to explode.

CHRIS: Really?

He gave me one of his evil, sexy smiles. I finally lost all self
control. I ran over and kissed him. I'd never been this aggresive before,
and I think it excited him.

I wasted no time. I immediately started taking off his clothes. I was
almost ripping his clothes off of him. He didn't resist at all this time.
He just let me do what I wanted and kept that evil smile of his face.

Once I had him totally naked, I started kissing him again. As we were
kissing I took his dick in my hand and started rubbing it. Then he started
undressing me. We were both naked in seconds.

I moved down quickly and put his cock in my mouth. I sucked and licked
it as hard and as fast as I could. He was moaning really loud.

When I felt him tense and knew he was going to cum, I stopped.

Then I stood up and started kissing him again. He moved down to my
breasts, but I pushed his head all the way down until he was on his knees.
Then I pushed his head into my wet pussy. He tried to start licking
slowly, but I pushed his head further in. So, he started sucking and
licking it hard and fast. Everytime he tried to slow down, I'd push his
head into my pussy again. It felt so good, I was almost screaming. When I
felt myself cumming, I pulled his hair and screamed his name over and over.

When my orgasm was over, I pulled him onto his feet and the pushed him
down onto the wooden table. Then I stradled him and started pumping back
and forth hard and fast. I fucked him like I had never fucked anyone
before. Everytime I saw that he was close to cumming, I would stop, and

Then after a few moments I would start again. I was clawing at his
chest. I never slowed down. I was moaning so loud, and he was moaning as
loud as I was.

When I felt my orgasm start, I let out a long, loud scream. Then Chris
started cumming too. He leaned up and held onto me as tight as he could. I
rocked a little slower, and then fell on top of him.

I lay there for a couple of seconds and then lifted myself and kissed
him. He just smiled and said "I was wondering how long it would take you
to do that." I playfully slapped him.

Then we got dressed and went in to finish our movie.

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