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She Dreams for Warewolves


***************************************************************** STANDARD
DISCLAIMER The following piece of fiction is intended as ADULT
entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature.
If you are offended by sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT
read any further. All characters in this story are fictitious, any
similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely
coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of
the activities described in this story. This story may not be reproduced
in any form for profit without the written permission of the author,
Iskabibble ( This story may be freely distributed with
this disclaimer attached. Copyright 2002 Ishkabibble. All rights
reserved. *********************************************************

He got tired of everybody asking him. When you marry someone 10 years
younger and so strikingly gorgeous as Lisa is, men ask you all kinds of
very personal things. And yes, Harry and Lisa had an exciting sex life.
But the one question that his closest friend Roger would not let go of was
"Harry, have you been up her ass yet?" Harry didn't even know how to ask
for that perversion from Lisa. She was a church girl by upbringing and
just getting her to do oral favors and various positions took several
months of patience and some amount of alcohol. Then he started to resent
it that Roger kept bragging how much his wife gave that favor to him.
Harry didn't know that Roger was a fucking liar and had never sodomized a
woman and just loved to masturbate thinking about doing Lisa up the ass.
But Harry took the bait and started to scheme to take what he thought he
deserved from Lisa.

Roger helped him find a powerful tranquilizer and made him promise to
take some pictures of Lisa when he raped her as in exchange. Harry said he

It took him a while to get up his nerve. He saved the tranquilizer and
kept getting himself more and more stirred up. But he stepped over the
line and went to the point of no return that Thursday night when Lisa
stepped out of the shower and Harry grew aroused looking at her tight
perfect bottom as she dried off. He decided he had to have it.

Harry jumped from the bed and ran to the kitchen and fixed Lisa her
favorite wine, a particularly flavorful blend that would disguise the taste
of the drug. He took out the vial and added the sedative to her wine and
mixed himself a whiskey so there would be no way she would drink his
because she hated whiskey. She came out of the living room and sat in her
favorite chair and smiled sweetly at him when he brought her the drink and
he engaged her in conversation about mutual friends and plans they had for
the weekend as they each sipped their drink. He tried not to get turned on
looking at her but it was difficult not to. Her beauty was almost angelic,
her hair a soft almost white blond, long and lustrous, her shape perfect to
her tall form seductive and alluring.

Soon she yawned. Then again and then she exclaimed "Oh, I don't know
why I am so tired."

"Go on to bed sweetie, I am going to read my novel for a while"

"Ok darling" she cooed and she kissed him softly and moved slowly down
the hall to the bed.

Harry gave her some time and watched tv patiently but impatiently.
Finally after an hour he could not wait any more. He slipped into the dark
bedroom and saw her beautiful body flung across the bed. She had not even
made it far enough to get under the covers. She was lying face down,
spread eagle in the middle of the bed sleeping deeply. He could hear her
deep breathing.

Harry flipped on the light and the room was flooded with brightness.
Lisa did not wake up. He could clearly see her long sexy legs. She was
wearing a short nightie which was feminine and frilly. He eyed her bottom
hungrily. Harry walked over to his knocked out wife and touched her on the
shoulder. Nothing.

"Lisa" he said firmly. Nothing. He put his hands on her back and shook
her softly repeating her name and she did not respond at all. Her sleep
remained deep and steady despite his movements of her body.

Harry started to feel at ease that the powerful sedative was truly in
effect. He was told that it would induce a deep almost comatose effect in
Lisa and so it had. Harry looked at his bride's perfect body at his

She was glorious, her long legs stretched out with nothing more than
that thin shorty nightie panty covering her sweet ass and pussy. Harry
slowly and in a leisurely fashion disrobed and walked around the room nude
letting his penis respond to the excitement of the unconscious beauty that
was his toy as he wished and when he wished to use her.

Harry stood at the base of the bed to the side and reached in and opened
Lisa's thighs. She was lying flat on her stomach so her legs opened easily
giving him access to her crotch. He reached in and found the hem of her
panty crotch and drew it aside giving him a great view of her pussy.
Immediately his cock grew to full erection. My god her cunt was inviting.
He had the urge to climb onto her and penetrate her vagina immediately but
he had to remember she let him in there all the time. He had his goal.
Still he couldn't resist parting the soft pouty lips and gazing at the pink
puckered hole there hidden and protected. He touched it and it was moist
so without thinking he felt that opening and before he knew it his finger
had slid inside and he was assaging the soft textured walls of his wife's
vagina. A soft moan emitted from the sleeping goddess and he felt her hole become wet with excitement from his stimulation.

He could hardly stand it any more. His cock was aching to be inside her
body. Quickly Harry fumbled with Lisa's nightie bottom and worked it over
her hips and down her long brown thighs to her feet where they came off and
he threw them on the floor. There before him was the perfect cheeks of her
ass. Harry knew what to do and he stayed focused. He went to the vanity
and got the Vaseline Lisa used to take off her make up. Crawling up onto
the bed he pulled the 6 pillows that usually are at the head of the bed
down to her hips.

Carefully Harry reached under Lisa and lifted her hips slightly and slid
pillow after pillow under her making a pile and laying her on them so now
she was laying on her stomach with her hips pushed up so her butt was
forced up making it more accessible for his evil plan.

Harry moved between her spread legs kneeling just above her knees. His
rock hard cock pointed straight forward at that innocent virgin ass and up
a bit. hungrily Harry reached forward and placed his hands on his wife's
cool white butt cheeks and then he parted them making the crack open to his
eyes. He gazed with pleasure at the brown and pink flesh up and down the
hidden valley of her butt crack and then he saw the object of his lust,
that tiny puckered hole of her rectum. Holding the cheeks open his one
hand, he wet his finger and reached down and touched the opening. It was
soft and tight and he placed the fat of his finger against the rim and
rolled it around slowly saving the feel of this forbidden hole into his
wife's body.

Harry was started when some soft gasps came from Lisa but he looked
around at her face and she was still solidly unconscious, just reacting to
the physical sensations of his exploration. His probes became more
insistent as he rolled his finger in her ass opening and then the tip
entered her rectal tunnel. he penetrated up to the knuckle feeling his
heart exploding in his chest. "More, more, more" his mind demanded and he
pushed slowly back and forth like he learned from Internet sites so as to
open the channel slowly and allow it to stretch. But it worked and he saw
his finger enter his anus inch by inch until he discovered he has his index
finger completely up Lisa's ass. God he loved how it felt inside her anal
hole. He felt around loving the tight sucking her ass put on his finger.
Lisa moved and moaned a bit at the penetration dreaming all kinds of

It was time. Harry pulled his finger out of her ass and wiped it on a
damp towel her had brought and placed at the foot of the bed. he opened
the Vaseline gar and scooped out a wad and worked it over his erection to
make it nice and slick. he tried not to use this action as masturbation
because he wanted to have all of his friction come from sodomizing Lisa.

It was time. Harry rose up on his knees and leaned forward. It was
kind of awkward. he leaned on his elbow and held her ass cheeks open with
his left hand. Then with his right hand he grasped his erection just below
the head and moved it with precision will until it wedged between her ass
cheeks. he worked it down using his hand and with some looking and some
guessing he finally forced the opening of his cock to contact the tight
anal ring. "I can't believe I am about to go up her ass" he thought but he
could feel the warmth of that hole against the tip of his cock. Holding
his penis firmly he began to rotate it around the rim of her anal hole pushing forwardly lightly as the rotating motion opened the rim. he
grunted at the effort and pushed up on one hand letting his thighs hold her
butt open and then, almost by surprise, the tip popped inside her ass.
Lisa moaned "Ohh" with a surprised sound to her voice feeling her butt
become penetrated as she slept in a drug induced state.

He was in! "My God, I'm inside her butt!" he thought. He continued to
hold his cock as he had learned and continued to rotate it to open her up
and sure enough, tiny amounts at a time, his penis pushed inside her butt a
bit at a time. He stopped every so often to let the stretching get settled
then pushed a bit more and inch by inch he entered her. Half way in he
took his hand away and leaned forward on both hands watching between her
thighs as he used his powerful back muscles to force his cock up her ass.

Then it was all inside. Up to the balls, his entire cock was as deep
inside her butt as he could get. She would divorce him if she knew he was
raping her anally like this. He was beyond reason, lust took over. Harry
lay on top of his young wife and grasped her around the middle and began to
fornicate in that forbidden hole. A little at first, in and out then
faster and longer strokes. Back and forth he pulled it out about half way
and drove into her again. "Baby I am fucking your ass" he whispered as his
thrusts increased in fury. Pounding into her asshole again and again over
and over, now out to the head and all the way in harder and deeper each
time. Lisa moaned and writhed. Harry didn't know that Lisa was dreaming
that a huge werewolf dog was raping her in the woods.

In her dreams the werewolf was raping and devouring her at the same time
and Lisa felt her own orgasm coming loving the sensation of being
completely possessed by the raw desire of an untamed beast. Lisa was
overwhelmed with the raw violent desire she felt from the animal. She slid
her fingers down between her legs and opened her pussy to stroke her clit.
This was not just dream masterbation but Lisa was literally stroking
herself as Harry sodomized her,

all the while in a state of semi-unconsciousness. Her pussy was oozing
with wetness from her excitement and when one and then two of her own
fingers entered her vagina hole in reality, she dreamed that two mad dogs
were inside her making her their slave bitch.

Harry felt his orgasm gathering and he felt a twinge of excitement mixed
with apprehension. Should he come inside her intestines? It was almost
the most debauched thing he could do but his lust was too powerful. He
fucked into her with fury stretching her rectal tunnel to let him deep
inside. he groaned and kissed her neck and bit her back sliding his hands
under her nightie top and scooping her perfect bare breasts into his hands
to squeeze and maul them in his animal passion.

Suddenly Harry could hold back no more. he moaned loudly and pushed his
cock as deep inside her rectum as he could and then he came hard. He had
never felt so much sperm shoot from his testicles. When masturbating,
Harry could shoot as high as 2-3 feet in the air and he knew his powerful
ejaculation was forcing his sperm deep inside his wife's intestines. he
came again and again and again until he was spent and he lay there gasping
wedged in her anus. He heard something from Lisa but was not aware of her
orgasm that wracked her body with spasms of ecstasy and her release oozed
into the bedsheets to match Harry's that was streaming from her anus.
Within moments Lisa fell back into her drug induced coma and in her dreams
she sat naked i the woods and wept crying out for the wild animal to return
and ravish and devour her again.

Harry washed up and looked over at his still unconscious victim. He
felt thrilled, scared and satisfied. He saw the sperm trickling from her
violated ass onto the sheets. He knew he would have to clean her up then
he remembered - the pictures! His had promised to take pictures to pay for
the drug. He had forgotten.

Harry calmly walked out to the hallway and got the camera and came in
lying on the bed and undoing his pants. "Well" he said to himself "Just
going to have to do it again", he smiled thinking of it " that's all".
********************************************************* for comments,
criticism or unrestrained praise -


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