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Title: She Always Wanted To Be A movie Star
Keywords: mF, voy, fF, mc, inc, nc, mom, son, cousin, daughter Author: Caesar

There was a young chap in Arabia
Who courted a widow named Fabia.
"Yes, my tongue is as long
As the average man's dong,"
He said, licking the lips of her labia.

She Always Wanted To Be A movie Star

by Caesar, copyright 2000-2002

$Revision: 1.5 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:27 $

Her mother had repeatedly cried, "She always wanted to be a movie star", over and over. So it is what I'm naming this short story - the
legacy and circumstances that surrounded the 'move star'. And from
what I have already seen, she was certainly in many movies.

Porn movies!

Leslie Ann Duncan, Leslie Ann to her father and just Leslie to
everyone else, smiled through my monitor before closing her eyes and
throwing her head back in what came across as ecstasy. The skinny
brunette between her spread legs increased the tempo as her big toe
shoved in and out of Leslie's asshole.

You see, Leslie, loving daughter to Carol and Bill Duncan, is a
premier actress in the adult entertainment industry within North
America. In fact, her speciality was 'anal lesbian' movies. The man at the adult store smiled proudly when he related some of the scenes
that Leslie has won awards for. I also learned that she never, and I
mean religiously ever, fucks or sucks a man - on screen.

With the Duncan's expense money I had purchased a dozen of their
daughters top selling videos, on DVD. This was the third one that
I've seen so far. It seemed sacrilegious that I endorsed Leslie's
porn career by using their money - though I only increased my spending
so it couldn't have bothered me too much. I also purchased over
thirty magazines, of various types, with pictorials of their daughter.
I've purchased memberships to five online adult sites that had a
section with Leslie's photos upon it. I padded my expense sheet with
notes about 'research'.

Leslie's body began to vibrate as the toe worked within her anus,
bringing her to a very believable orgasm. 'Believable' because many
adult movies that I've seen, in my earlier years of course, the ladies
often looked bored or they could not even act out a moan of ecstasy -
they were often there simply to be a pretty thing for the screen.

Over a week ago, Bill had called me with a request to hire my
services. I'm a private investigator, in the truest sense. I worked
contract out of an office from my home - an apartment actually.
Bill's voice mail had immediately caught my attention, he offered me
more money per day on that first call than I get in a week of work.
I'm such a bastard, I negotiated a few dollars more out of him. I
think he can afford it though - after meeting him and the Misses the
next day.

After listening to them, I took the case immediately. Dumping the
divorce case I was working on at the time. It was a no win situation,
for the Duncan's I mean, and a very profitable win for me. There was
no way that I could conceive to get what they wanted, and I'm sure to
be able to string them out for several weeks.

I've a trip to Costa Rica planned after they pull my contract - and
the longer I can hold onto their purse strings the longer I can work
on my tan later!

Leslie was attractive, doesn't she have to be to become popular in
porn, but not in the same league as some of her counterparts. She
stood out in a crowd of attractive women that wanted fame and fortune
by spreading their legs for the camera by being 'real'. I'm serious.
Even after talking to her grieving mother, disillusioned father and
then sitting in her teenage room - I was addicted to those erotic
scenes that she performed for the camera.

She was wonderful, Leslie Ann, wore very little makeup, wore sexy but
conservative clothing, was just on the other side of thirty years old.
I think it was perhaps because she could be your friend from school or
a neighbour or even your sister. She was 'real'.

Then again, maybe it was her loud and wonderful orgasms. The first I
saw made me speechless, it couldn't have been fake I told myself over
and over. No one could control that many muscles while
sweating... and the animal noises of bliss from her...!

In some of the articles her co-actresses that mentioned her, spoke
very highly. 'Polite', 'courteous', 'genuine' and 'wonderful' kept on
popping up. I originally wondered if it was because she was
unattainable for men, being 'religiously a cunt-slut', as one of her
promo claimed, but didn't believe it - as there other lesbians in the
industry that were not near as popular. Others mentioned that her ass
hole was like a sucking mouth, and seemed to be the primary erogenous
zone of the actress. Her co-stars claimed that the way to Leslie's
orgasms were through her asshole.

In the single article I could find, I found it online actually, that
interviewed Leslie directly and was very interesting. It was one
statement in particular - after she acknowledged that she had many
boyfriends in and after high school, that she revealed that, "There is
only one cock that I am willing to enjoy now." She wouldn't reveal
who that cock belonged too, or if she was actively using it.

I'm Tony by the way - don't let your name fool you, I'm third
generation Japanese. Though, much to my grandfathers disgust, I don't
have any of the honourable practises that he and my father live by.
Nope, there is only one person protecting me and that is me!

Being beat up in school because my skin was a different colour than
the other boys - or not being able to go to college, even with great
marks, because my parents did not have the move ... it all contributed
to I am.
I saw Leslie close her mailbox and sort through the mail that she had
just received and so I approached her. "Leslie Ann?" I had slipped
into her 'high security', very exclusive, downtown condo with ease to
await her.

She looked up surprised, "No one calls me by that anymore ... except
my father and my cousin." Damn she was smiling - and I had to admit,
she was more beautiful in person than on the screen. I would never
have guessed it.

"In fact, your father hired me..."

" convince me to give up my career." It wasn't a question.

"Just call me Tony."

"Tony. My father is very persistent and you are not the first that
daddy has hired."

I've spent nearly three weeks viewing porn with this woman as the
prime actress in each. I've read stories of her lesbian escapades and
even the gory details of her anatomy and how its used. I've seen more
objects that I cared to count enter in any and all three of her holes.
I've seen her bound up and spanked, before being lead around on a
lease by a leather-clad slut. I've seen her look up into the screen
and into my soul.

Standing there before the live woman, is it any wonder that I got a

"Well is there anything I can say to at least get you to sit down and
talk with your parents?"

"I see mother frequently", that surprised me, "and every time I used
to see daddy it just turns into a fight - so I don't even bother any
more." She sighed gently and looked down and I saw the look in her
eye change when she saw the bulge in my slacks. "See Tony, even you
understand?" Leslie's smile widened and she nodded before turning
calmly about and retreating to her elevator.

I watched her every step and I had to agree, her ass was magnificent.
I had been under the indication that she hasn't seen her parents for a
very long time, years even. But she had said that she saw her mother 'frequently'. The woman I saw seemed to be beside herself with grief
and humiliation at the knowledge about what her daughter did. But of
course her husband had been sitting next to her when I met them - and
in my line of work you come to learn that many people had double,
sometimes triple, lives that their spouses did not even know about.

So I did what any investigator would do, I tailed the mother till I
could approach her in a public place without the old man around.

"Carol Duncan?" She was loading a pot with a tall plant into the back
of her SUV when she looked up at me in surprise - it quickly turned
into a frown.

I was standing very close to her. "I saw Leslie", I saw that she was
about to talk so I continued quickly, "and she told me that you and
her saw each other frequently?"

"That's not possible Mr. Ishido, my husband would never allow it."
She closed the rear hatch to her expensive vehicle.

I read that statement to mean that she did see her daughter but she
couldn't let anyone know - else her husband Bill would be irate.

"Allow it or not, I don't think Leslie has any reason to lie."

"No Mr. Ishido, I'm sure my daughter never lies." Strange statement
and I saw that she was completely truthful. She stared at me as if
she knew I was going to ask another question.

Well I was, "Can you at least tell me if you are as upset about your
daughters lifestyle as your husband is?"

Carol seemed a little put out about that, "I am most definitely upset
at the 'lifestyle' that Leslie leads!" She looked as if she was going
to leave, but paused long enough to add, "Perhaps, Mr. Ishido, that I
don't believe, as does my husband, that Leslie can be influenced to
change her mind."

To me she looked angry at me and not not very upset at her daughters
porn career in the least.
It cost me a thousand bucks but I stood in the shadows, or at least
behind the large mirrors and lights, at the filming of a scene for the
next one of Leslie's movies. No worries, I'll just add it to my
expense report for Bill Duncan - you don't think I'd flip the bill
myself do you?

The place was busy, probably a dozen people in the large atrium of
this exclusive home north of the city. All but me, had jobs to do.

I stood as the two youthful ladies spent nearly an hour kissing
licking and fondling each other while the director gave small queues
when it was time for them to change positions in any manner. The
amount of verbal direction surprised me - I had thought they would
follow some type of script and the director would not say a word till
he yelled out 'cut'. Goes to show you what I know about the work
behind the movies - especially porn movies. Hell the two ladies could
have been mannequins, as they didn't make a move without the director.

The cameraman nodded to me that Leslie, or also known as "Dane Childs"
to the porn community, was about to make her entrance.

Leslie, aka Dane, entered from a twelve foot door beyond the fountain,
dressed immaculately in a skirt suit and black hose. She looked very

"Girls!" She bellowed, looking angry. Dane stalked in and stood over
the pair of bleached, fake big boobs, and tan-from-a-bottle sluts that
were in the classic '69', hands on hips looking even angrier. "I did
not hire you so you can pleasure each other!" In the movie, they had
been hired to pleasure Dane!

The one girl rolled off her counterpart and stood up, several inches
taller than Leslie I may add, "I am... I'm sorry mistress." With the
director giving whispered orders and lines of course.

I had no idea of the plot for this drama, but did it ever matter with
porn movies?

The other girl rolled onto her knees and began to run her hands over
Leslie's nylon clad legs. The first moved forwards and whispered,
"I'm sorry mistress", just before her lips contacted 'Danes'.

While the kiss heated up, the kneeling slut was pushing up the taunt
skirt to reveal the tops of the black stockings. Lovely, I thought as
I squinted to see every detail.

Soon Leslie was down to only her black four inch heels and her
stockings as one girl licked between her legs and the other sucked and
fondled Leslie's 'B' cup breasts. I noticed that the director had
stopped giving verbal commands - and let Leslie, the experienced
'movie star' direct the two sluts, and she did it with small gentle
touches of her body and theirs. It reminded me of riding a tame
horse, all you do is touch it on the side of the neck and it will
begin moving in that direction - those two sluts were essentially the

The set was silent and all eyes, male and female, were watching the
scene with full attention. Mine included.

Dane was definitely the centre of all attention, as the two sluts paid
full attention to her. Twenty minutes later, I watched amazed as the
two fake blondes lay cheek to cheek on the marble floor and with
hardened tongues pressed together, they fucked into the older woman's
relaxed asshole. It was an incredible sight. Dane was holding her
her own legs just behind her knees and was making sounds of delight.

Within minutes of this, Dane began her famous orgasm. It was even
more incredible in person, watching this incredible creature growl and
loose all control of her body. I was even more certain that it was
not acting but genuine pleasure that wracked Leslie's body. The
sounds alone could never be converted to a digital or analog format -
they reverberated about the walls of the atrium and dulled my hearing.

Perhaps I was stunned as I was startled when the director bellowed,
"cut!" Everyone, including myself, began to clap heartily.

The lesbian trio broke up, and the two sluts disappeared after Leslie
gave each a tiny kiss upon their soiled lips. A tiny homely woman ran
forwards and gave Leslie a big cuddly robe that has seen lots of use.

A bustle of activity was happening and it seemed that everyone was
moving their equipment to another part of the large house - the
bedroom evidently.

Then she came up to me.

"Enjoy it Tony?" She looked up from the bulge in my pants with a

I never even bothered answering.

"Please come with me if you wish?" She spun about and went through an
alcove and like a good puppy, I followed.

I found her seated in a hard chair as the same homely woman began to
brush out her hair. Leslie winced as the knots, from her lesbian coupling, were yanked out.

"I hate this part." She saw my blank face. "Having to recover from
the last... scene, and jump to the next one." I had read that many
adult movie were made in a matter of days. How often did she have to
have sex, how many orgasms would she have in a normal day of shooting?

She looked up at me puzzled, "You are more persistent than the other
detectives that my father has hired in the past Tony?"

I shrugged pretending that I knew not what she was talking about, when
in fact I understood why I didn't just submit my bill. Greed of
course, but it was something else. I was in lust with this woman that
I've been able to approach. She was like some kind of fertility
goddess of an ancient civilization. Though something else...?

"Have you talked with my mom yet?"

"As a matter of fact I have."

"Learn anything?" She was smiling sweetly.

"That you and your mom do see each other and that your father wouldn't
approve if he knew." She nodded affirmatively.

"Father has never accepted my career."

"Has your mom?"

Her smile disappeared for a second, "I'm not sure what point you have
in talking with her Tony - but whatever it is, you won't get what
father hired you for." To get her to turn her back on this life, to
return to the family that raised her.

I had to justify myself to this woman, for whatever reason. "If I
understood a little about you, I may be able to give your father what
he is paying for."

She nodded, as if she understood. I had read and searched her room
back at the Duncan household, I knew that she had only been an average
student in high school and had later failed out of college. I had
learned so much more - it all accounted to a normal not-too-bright
upper middle-class young woman.

Her eyebrow arched, "The next scene I will get fucked by another
actress, in the ass with a ten inch strap-on - will you stay Tony?" I
wanted to say 'yes', but felt weak in letting my desires show so
obviously - I nodded 'no'.

"Pity." She smiled sweetly as I backed up, my 'audience' at an end.
I followed her for ten more days, though I didn't get any more close
viewing of one of her tapings, and in the end felt like I was climbing
up the wrong tree.

Leslie Ann Duncan lived a plan and unexciting life, much to my
surprise and disappointed. The only thing that she did was go to
work, at one of the various locations. I watched as she shopped for
her fresh organic vegetables down her street. I watched through the
window as she went to a chic hair stylist. Studied the styles that
she preferred when she went shopping for new clothes. And saw that
she liked sappy 'chick' movies when she rented a video. She knew I
was following and other than a glance now and then, didn't seem to

All in all - nothing. No friends coming over to her home, no strange
hours, nothing untoward.

What was I looking for? How would I convince her to return to dear
old daddy if I found out she had a host of lesbian lovers or used
truck-loads of whipping cream with her orgies?

Perhaps Leslie was just what she appeared to be, a thirty two year old porn star. Was it all as simple as that? My predecessors thought so.

I gave up tailing Leslie and sat in my office and viewed her movies and her pictures - over and over.

Then I remembered something Leslie had said to me nearly two weeks
before - that only her cousin and her father had used her real full
name, rather than her stage name. If the cousin used her real name,
it meant that they saw each other.

I know - desperate straws is what I was searching for. But my reports
to her old man were becoming sparse and I knew my flow of cash was
about to dry up if I didn't produce something very soon.

I found some pictures of her and a cousin in a family photo album,
that I had borrowed from the Duncan's. A couple of years younger,
long hair, but a handsome boy.

So he was a guy huh? Didn't she say something about there being only
'one cock' that she would enjoy? I haven't found evidence of any
other man in her life. Hell I think I have more of a life than she
Thomas was a strange young man. Late twenties, intelligent eyes but
looked rather bored. He had an incredibly attractive middle-teenage
brunette on one arm, and another serving us a late lunch - they were
twins. I doubt they were of legal age - but it was none of my

If the Duncan's had a large home, Thomas Duncan had a mansion. I felt
a bit relieved that I had gained entrance so easily.

"My cousin Leslie Ann has her life, I have my own."

"Yes of course, but how often do you see her Thomas?" We were on
first named basis, he exuded comfort and informality.

He shrugged, "When was the last time darling?"

The twin on his arm looked pleased to be in his attention, her eyes
looked up with adoration and lust, "Nearly a month my darling."

"Ah yes, we had a little party." Thomas smiled knowingly, and his
gaze became distant for just one brief moment that I knew he was
reminiscing about something.

The other sister came in with the last platter of food and sat on the
other arm of Thomas, and with her sister, began to feed the man. I
watched amazed while he ignored my open jaw look - thankfully I
recovered quickly.

"Why don't you ask what you really came here for Tony?" He spoke with
grape juice running down his chin, a very pretty face moved forwards
to lick it off. Lord, this guy must live the life that I always
dreamed of when I was a teenager.

"And what's that Thomas?"

"You are wondering if Leslie and I fuck." He ignored the next morsel
offered by one of his twins and his grin told me he understood me
better than I did him.

I simply nodded - surprised that my intentions were so obvious.

He took the small piece of bread and chewed slowly, his eyes never
coming off mine. After he swallowed he finally answered, "Of course
we do - she gives me a private viewing of each of her new movies."

"'Private viewing'...?"

He seemed put out that he had to spell it so blatantly, "I fuck her
brains out as I watch her lesbian movies." The two sisters giggled

I had to gulp down half my water as my mouth became suddenly dry. "I
thought she was a hard-core lesbian?"

Thomas laughed heartily, while his twins waited patiently to serve
him. "She didn't start out that way - except for my dick she hadn't
been with another man since her pre-porn days."

I just had to ask but Thomas again surprised me, "Your wondering what
makes my cock so special right?" At the word 'cock' both twins cooed
and pressed their bodies against him - Thomas didn't even seem to
notice the two beauties. I certainly did.

"Lets just say we have an understanding." One twin had her tongue in
his ear - the other was making movements with her hands in his lap
that was hard to ignore, for me. "I gave her what she wanted."

"What was that Thomas?" I hadn't touched my lunch.

"She had always wanted to be a movie star." He laughed till be became

Contrary to the discovery of incest within the Duncan family, I hadn't
gotten any closer to my contracted obligations than when I started.

Carol and Bill sat across from me in their home, Carol again crying
and hiding her face in her handkerchief. I didn't believe a tear that
came from that woman was truthfully shed.

I had come here to tell them that I was finished with the case, that I
couldn't give them what they had hired me for. What I was here for,
was to collect my final check and to get on with the cheap whores in
Costa Rica - it would take months to work out the pressure in my

I was going over what little I had, "...and I talked with Thomas
Duncan...", that's when I noticed something.

Carol Duncan stopped her incessant sniffling and froze, I saw her eyes
dart to her husband and then to me. She saw my gaze and stared down
at her knees, almost waiting. I've seen it a hundred times - guilt!
So she knew - that her daughter and her nephew were poking each other!
Or was it something else?

I didn't intend on revealing the incestuous relationship - none of my
business, though I considered selling it to some smut magazines for
the gossip money when I was again getting low on cash. Was that what
Carol was worried about?

Finally my report was over, Bill sighed hugely and asked that fateful
question, "Do you see any sense in continuing?"

I remembered Carol's impatient gaze, "Yes I do." Bill looked
surprised and pleased. And I felt a surprise of my own - there goes
my plans of banging a new whore every week on my holiday. Well, maybe
not, it'll just have to wait a little longer.

Bill volunteered, "You are going on avenues that your predecessors
never ventured - I'm hoping you will be successful... in fact I'm
counting on it Mr. Ishido."

"Thank you sir." I stood and shook the mans hand - Carol, still with
dry eyes, watched me leave.
I called Carol Duncan, I had lain the night before thinking about that
gaze and how she had reacted to my comment. Was there something else
in her eyes - fear maybe? She didn't sound surprised to hear from me.

"Yes Mr. Ishido?" Cold - she expected the call but she certainly did
not want it.

"Can we meet, I would like to interview you about some items I thought

"I don't think that is a good idea." No surprise.

"Mrs. Duncan, your husband assured me that you will both do anything
possible to get your daughter back...?" The silence was thick.

"Are you blackmailing me Mr. Ishido?" She sounded angry.

Her question surprised me - why would I blackmail her, what did she
think I have to blackmail her with? There was still many things I
didn't know anything about!

My silence must have given her an answer, and she continued, "If that
is what it takes Mr. Ishido - your office in an hour?" My office was
the second room to my cluttered apartment - but it seemed as good an
area as any other. I gave her my address.

"In an hour Carol." I hung up, not wanting to invite more questions
that I had no idea how to answer.
Carol Duncan was a woman accustomed to better environments than what
she was about to come into - my apartment was a mess. I ran about
cleaning up, enough so the living room was presentable - at the
expense of filling my bedroom - when the front door to the building
buzzer rang.

I let her up without asking who it was. Unlike Leslie's building,
security in mine was non-existent.

I opened the door to find a surprise waiting for me. It was Carol
Duncan but a woman that I didn't know - she was wearing a short
leather skirt, black nylons, a black silk blouse, piles of makeup and
a strange smile.

"Aren't you going to ask me in Mr. Ishido?"

I moved out of the way and she strolled in, my eyes lowering to watch
the generous movement in her walk.

When I looked up I saw that her hands were already undoing the buttons
of her silk blouse even as she saw the piles of mess down the hall in
my bedroom. She then turned her head to see the tidy living room and
moved in that direction.

The blouse slipped off her shoulder just before she turned about, and
I was surprised at her unencombured breasts - no bra. When she
turned, she still wore that strange smile but I saw that her breasts were round firm and high upon her chest - a bit odd for a fifty
year-old woman. Had to be fake, I thought.

She saw my gaze and looked down at her chest, her hands coming up to
grasp each 'D' cup in a hand. "Like them Mr. Ishido - my nephew paid
for them." The nipples were getting large and tight - the reaction to
her ministrations or maybe from my hungry gaze.

I'm not sure what stunned me more - her actions or what I took as an
admission that she also was fucking Thomas Duncan.

Carol dropped her hands and within seconds her leather skirt fell to
the floor which she kicked away. Beneath it, she wore black stockings and nothing else. I saw the naked glory of an attractive fifty
year-old slut, her full brown pussy well trimmed and most probably
well used.

Now, Carol isn't a raving beauty - can any woman old enough to be a
grandmother? Well maybe - but she wasn't. In fact she looked her age
- big round ass, short but shapely legs, attractive but wrinkled face.
It was her big fake tits and her trimmed pussy that seemed ill-fitting
- the smile, the look of experience. This was a slut if I had ever
seen one - I had little doubt her husband was not privy to his wife's

Was this what she had thought I was blackmailing her for - that I had
known about her and her nephew? If I had known, what would I have

Most probably not this - I never even had looked at her in a sexual
light till this visit. I doubt it would have changed my report - I
didn't mention her daughter and Thomas had I?

In fact did Carol even know about her daughter and her nephew?

Thomas, that scoundrel... that, lucky bastard!

Carol slipped to her knees and spun about, her hands coming down to
spread her generous ass. I could see that she had trimmed all the
hair from about her brown wrinkled asshole. "I find that men like to
fuck my ass Mr. Ishido, maybe thinking I'm like my daughter and I'm an
anal slut like she is." She slipped one hand between her cheeks and I
saw a finger slip into the ring of her asshole, to the second knuckle.
"I assure you Mr. Ishido, that I'm much tighter than my daughter - I
get less use back there. Don't worry though, I prepared it before
coming over." There seemed to be a thin film of lubricant covering
it, now that she said something.

How the hell did she know that her daughter was looser 'back there'?

I unzipped my slacks and knelt behind the elder slut. My cock
throbbed as I leaned forwards and sunk into her tight asshole!

Would you believe this was the first ass I've ever shagged? And I
hadn't done a thing to acquire it - only unzip and thrust. Leslie Ann
Duncan's mother as well!

Now don't get high and holy on me - would you turn down a free ass
fuck if it was offered to you? old or not?

Carol's hands came forwards to grasp my cheap well trod carpet as I
began to drive back and forth into her.

It was less than a minute before I coated her rectal cavity with my
sperm - while she never even made a noise. He may be a slut but I had
yet seen any eroticism from her.

In fact, as I sat back against my cheap couch upon the floor with my
soft wet cock comically hanging out of my pants she stood up and
dressed. With but a statement, she was gone.

She had said, "Same time next week Mr. Ishido?"

I hadn't the energy to stop her.
So let me get this straight, Leslie fucks her cousin and Carol was
also fucking Thomas. The young man lived a life that most could only
fantasies about. I imagined him poking his aunt one night and a few
days later poking his cousin. Did he fuck their assholes - or use
them judiciously?

It had taken me nearly thirty minutes to recover from my exertions and
surprise. Alone I had sat upon my floor, my dick still soiled and
exhausted while hanging from my trousers. Carol's expensive perfume
still lingered in the air.

Did Thomas tell his aunt that her ass was tighter than her daughters -
how else would she have known? That meant, regardless of how she
found out, that she knew of Thomas and Leslie. Did she approve?
Maybe she was jealous? Did Bill know what a slut his wife was?

Would she really come back next week?
"Did you know your mother and cousin are having an affair Ms. Duncan?"

Her reaction surprised me - she frowned, as if annoyed.

"Tony...", she simply sighed, "... this is getting a little tiresome."

"Don't you believe me Leslie?" Her response puzzled me, it wasn't
what I had expected - she knew then?

She turned to go.

"Let me understand this; Thomas gets to fuck both you and your mother and neither of you mind?"

That stopped her, if only for a second, and looked as if she was about
to say something. After pausing, and without a word, she disappeared
into her building.
That same night I had a strange dream, it was so realistic that it
scared me. Essentially, I had a long detailed dream about fucking my
own mother! She did everything I asked, and I asked for everything.

I don't remember how it started, but at some point she was cleaning my
dirty kitchen floor in my apartment - nude! I simply came up behind
her and forced my cock into her wet vagina. She groaned out and I
began to pound in and out of her elder body. I can still hear the
sounds of her overly wet sex as it sloshed about my prick - her deep
raspy breathing - even the slap of her pale yellow skin upon my own.

Then there was a multitude of encounters. Her lowering herself upon
my rod, it going straight into her rectum - she hissed that I was
taking her 'anal cherry'. Then sucking cock while I ate dinner at my
table. Me inspecting her lingerie, selecting white stockings and
push-up white bra for her smallish tits before allowing her to dress.
In a crowded elevator, my hand snaking up her skirt to finger her
slippery sexual channel. More fucking, her legs wrapped about my
waist. Watching as she removed every hair from between her legs for
me. Me finishing upon her yellow skin - her hands, her breasts,
inside her thighs, her ass and most memorable upon her familiar face.

I awoke with soiled sheets and almost humiliated at the dream I had
obviously enjoyed - I went to take a long long shower.

Believe me when I state that I've never, ever, thought of my mother in
any sexual way before!
"Like the dream Tony?" The voice on my phone was Thomas's, of course.

"Thomas...?" Even hours later, it was still so vivid in my minds-eye.
How could he know?

"Leslie Ann called me last night all upset... then I talked with Aunt
Carol... your the smartest one yet Tony." We paused as I was frozen
listening to him - feeling that I was getting into something that was
way over my head.

"Would you like to come over Saturday afternoon and we can discuss
this in more detail?" He sounded almost amused.

I croaked, "Yes", and Thomas hung up his phone leaving me more lost
that when I picked it up.
I went through a multitude of emotions those couple of days - but when
Thomas answered his door on Saturday, I was back to my calm
inquisitive self.

"Glad you made it Tony?" We shook hands, something we hadn't done on
our last and only visit together.

How could I answer, "I'm anxious to understand what the hell is going

He chuckled and led me into his mansion.

Within a parlour I found Leslie and her mom, Carol, seated silently
while sipping white wine. They were both dressed very elegantly,
lovely actually. Seeing them together was startling, yet I saw how
Leslie look some of her mothers facial characteristics - they were
obviously mother and daughter to any that should look upon them.

Thomas sat in the larger chair and motioned me to sit between the two
Duncan ladies. They simply watched me, both wearing small smiles.

The tension was too much for me, "What the hell is going on Thomas?"

"Well you were right Tony, I am fucking both Leslie Ann and Aunt
Carol." For some reason that didn't make me feel any better - it only
confirmed what I had already known. It was my incestuous dream that
bothered me still, and that Thomas knew about it more so.

Neither female said a word.

Then what happened took me from reality to some strange warped world!

My mother stepped into the room, also holding a wine goblet, and
dressed very elegantly. She strode over to stand next to Thomas,
smiling nervously towards me.


"I didn't drug you the other day or have something pumped into the air
of your apartment Tony - those dreams were yours." His hand came up
and I saw, with horror, as it slipped beneath my mothers knee-high
silk skirt. She didn't react as he fondled her from thigh to knee
almost absentmindedly. "I simply helped you release them."

That was it! "Like hell", I shouted and stood up suddenly.

It was my mothers calm voice that stilled me, "Please sit down and
listen darling." Staring at her and at the hand moving beneath her
expensive skirt, I felt by body drop back to the large expensive
couch. Mothers eyes were pleading with me to do as she had asked.

Thomas didn't even appear to notice my interruption. "Your mother was
a different story - right Aimme?" She looked down and smiled sweetly
at the younger hippie-looking man. "Your mom is sexually frustrated
Tony, so much so that her fantasies would have made a ten dollar whore
blush - but would you believe that she had never considered you in
those fantasies?"

I shifted but never said a word, though Thomas's hand had stopped high
up behind mother - possibly to the base of her buttock. A few more
minutes of this pricks 'story' and then I can grab mother and get out
of here. Does dad know that mom was here?

"I changed that for her." He smiled triumphantly and I the ladies
next to me giggled lightly.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

His hand retreated from beneath mothers skirt, his fingers coming up
to deeply inhale some odour, his tongue licking daintily. My heart
felt as if it was about to explode - while mother continued to smile
at me softly and sympathetically.

How could she sit there smiling at me while that pig licked the
fingers that had most probably been inside her sex just a moment ago?

"What I mean is that your dreams Tony, and I mean all of your dreams
and probably a few things new that your mother could teach you, have
just come true." I sat opened mouth and disgusted - does anyone
understand what the hell this prick was talking about?

"Lets just say that I have a way of influencing people." All the
ladies, including mother, laughed heartily at that comment.

He motioned to Carol. The older woman continued for her nephew,
"Thomas can control a persons mind Mr. Ishido."

"Well not exactly Aunt Carol."

She smiled patiently and with love at the younger man but turned back
to me, "From our perspective it sure seems like it. Though my nephew
will tell you that he can only heighten or hinder someones thoughts
and feelings." I could see that she didn't completely believe that
last statement that she had made - does that mean he has more power
than what she stated?

What the hell was I thinking - 'power'?

I noticed a movement and turned my head to watch Leslie stand slowly
and then advance towards Thomas and my mom.

Even as her mother continued to talk, she took her cousins hand and
licked and sucked at the digits that had most probably been inside of
my mother. "For instance - I will never lie no matter what, and I am
a slut at heart. He helped me realize those urges. My darling
daughter is a steadfast lesbian - other than Thomas - and works very
hard at being a movie star." She smiled proudly at her daughter as
the younger Duncan sucked her cousins fingers.

Soon, Leslie was standing next to my mother, the crotch of her skirt
pressing into mothers hip. I saw, with horror, that mother and the
'anal lesbian porn star' were viciously French kissing.

"This is bullshit - if that is so why doesn't he just have Bill",
Leslie's father and Carol's husband, "fuck you and forget about his

Thomas's hand was again high up mothers skirt while watching me,
Leslie was molding my mothers near flat chest in her experienced hands
and Carol was talking like this was all normal. I couldn't take my
eyes from my parent as she was mauled consentually before me.

"He did change my husband Tony - in the privacy of our own bedroom, I
am to pretend that I am Leslie. He really enjoys that." She smiled
pleased for some demented reason. "Yet he will never reveal his lust
to his daughter, though we laugh about it all the time, but would like
her to move back home to be close to him." It was all so strange, it
actually made sense in a weird way.

I turned my full attention back towards the other three after I heard
a moan of pleasure, from my own mother!

Her skirt was pulled to her waist revealing the white stockings that I
had picked out for her in my dreams and nothing else. Her sparse
pussy was difficult to see as Leslie was stroking it softly, her
fingers dipping down into the top of the grove - which caused the
another throaty moan. Thomas's hand could now be seen, he had two
fingers directly aimed upwards and they were moving in and out of what
was obviously a very wet pussy.

I was in some dream fantasy land - maybe I hadn't woken up? Yet, this
was all real - I could feel it inside my body somehow. Thomas had
done this!

But what had he done to me? "What did you do to me Thomas?"

He smiled non-chalantly, "The dream Tony. I released your lust for
your mother - it had always been there, so I simply heightened and
tweaked it a little." It was true, what he said, that I now felt a
high passion for my own middle-aged mother. Almost as an afterthought
he added, "And you will never tell anyone else about any of this."

Mother had her eyes closed while Leslie sucked on her tongue. mom was
also squatting down as if to get more of Thomas's fingers within her

Then Carol crawled over to Thomas, and with little effort and no
warning took his averaged size cock within her mouth. The older woman
began to fellatio her nephew very slowly.

Thomas didn't even seem to notice.

"Mom!" I was again standing and mothers eyes snapped open to look
upon me, they were half glazed as if she was in some dream-state.

"What is it Tony?" The words came out with much work.

Leslie had changed from sucking on mom's tongue to biting mothers
nipples through her blouse.

I then realized that I had seen mother like this before - impassioned
and totally enthralled with her pleasure - in my dream only the other

I also remembered what else Thomas had told me, that and what I had
dreamed. mother had been totally my submissive in my sleeping state
the other night - could everything be true?

"Mom", I had to swallow, so thick was my tongue, "come with me." She
looked at me in surprise and I growled, "Now!"

I strode out of the room and waited at the doorway to Thomas's house.
I heard light footsteps and slow heavy breathing behind me.

Without even looking I went to my car and waited till my mother was
seated next to me before putting it into drive. I was so anxious to
get out of that place!
"Where are you going honey?"

"I'm taking you home mom."

A few lengthy minutes of silence before she spoke, "Take me to your
apartment Tony." She sounded like the mother of old - stern.

There was a stop light, so I turned to face her for the first time
since I witnessed her debauchery. She looked dishevelled, but at
least her skirt was back covering her to the knees. Was that damp
torn spot in her blouse from Leslie's bitting of mothers nipples?

Stop it - I told myself!

"I can't go back to your father honey." Her voice was softer this
time almost as if she was resolved to this new life that I had

'Why the hell not?" I was practically screaming.

She looked at me in surprise, "Did you not hear what Thomas and Carol
Duncan had said. I am not the same woman that your father knew."

The light was green so I drove the car a few meters and pulled over.

"If you mean what happened back there...?"

She interrupted, "No, not what happened today." mother looked almost
sad though she eventually continued, "Since that dream you had about
me honey."

There, it was said. My god, this was all my fault?

"Thomas was right, I had an active fantasy life dear - your father and
I hadn't... well its been years since we had 'slept together'." She
didn't mean 'sleep', as we both knew. She added hastily, "Don't
misunderstand me, I have never cheated on your father... if you don't
count fantasies."

"This is all my doing?" I felt an incredible sadness overtake me.

She thought for a brief moment before answer, "Yes, I suppose it is.
But with Thomas's help, he has revealed something that I would never
give up."

Our eyes met, the first time since getting into the car, "That I don't
need to fantasize any more." I shook my head, my mind thick with all
that had been revealed to me. She sighed and added, "That I can be
your sex slave darling." This simply was not happening - I'm in the
fucking twilight zone!

It was said. Here in my car, away from those freaky fucked up people
that we had just left.

Somehow, the two of us alone, it sounded almost agreeable. Was that
what Thomas had done to me - altered me to accept this?

"And I think you would enjoy it as well." She motioned towards my lap
and like some imbecile, I looked down to see my dick straining at my

Mother licked her lips and asked, "Would you like me to help you with
that my love?" She had this wicked half-smile that spoke volumes.

I couldn't answer - though it didn't matter, as my mother and parent
leaned down across the seats and after a little fumbling took my hard
cock into her mouth.

It was heaven!

Time stood still as mother sucked me, up and down continuously upon my
thrusting rod. It took less than a minute before I flooded her hungry
willing mouth with my seed.

Mother never missed a drop, and sat back licking her lips contentedly
- smiling at me softly. She seemed to be almost savouring the taste
as if it was an expensive wine.

It was then that I noticed some of the faces of the people walking by
turning to look into my car and mother and I. Oh shit. I gunned the
vehicle and got the hell out of there!
In the elevator on the way up to my apartment, mother told me that she
had never sucked a cock before - strange hearing her use those words.
When the doors opened, I unconsciously watched her lead the way to my
apartment - the small movement of her near-flat ass.

When we reached the door and I was fumbling for my keys mother again
took me by surprise, "You can do more than look now darling." I
simply looked up into her soft smile - god she had the greatest gentle
looking lips that curled ever so softly to whatever mood she was in.

Somehow we ended up in each others arms, with her lips searching my
own. I felt her tongue advance past our lips and thrust against my
own. Her pelvis was pressing into my renewed hard penis, her breasts against my chest, her hands clawing at my back. She had to be on her
toes, since she was smaller than I by several inches.

Then she pulled back and looked at me in that dream-state glaze, "I
need you inside me!" We both rushed into my apartment, falling to the
dirty floor with the door still open, our arms and legs intertwined.
Somehow that single statement didn't shock me - Thomas must have done
quite a number upon me!

It was a mass of movements, of lips and hands, soft elder flesh and
erotic noise. I smelt mothers erotic scent for the first time in the
air and it enthralled me, impassioned me even more if that was even
possible. She rushed and fumbled yet again with my zipper and belt,
only opening my pants enough to again release my cock. With a quick
mass of skirt about my chest, she suddenly sunk down.

Time suddenly slowed and we both froze to catch our breaths, my cock
sunk to the hilt into her very hot wet sex. Our eyes spoke volumes as
we simply looked into the others. We fit like a glove.

I then knew that I had been truly manipulated - as I don't ever
remember having a conscious fantasy about my mother before that dream.
Perhaps there was some Freudian teenage interest, long forgotten, but
what had happened to me now was a complete alteration to my desires.
I was angry, horny but still angry.

Mother must have sensed something, maybe a look in my eyes and then
began the slowest most pleasant of movements with her hips. Up and
down, so very slowly that I thought it was almost my imagination that
she moved. Yet she closed her eyes, sat up with her hands upon my
chest and through back her head in desire - the moan that escaped her
must have been heard from every apartment on my floor.

I could not stop my thoughts even as I watched her couple with her own
son - that my mother may have had a colourful fantasy life is
something that I can accept, but that was a far cry from committing
incest in public. This was not the woman that had given birth to me.
She was now a slut, a submissive slut I corrected... my submissive

The silk blouse ripped when my hands yanked it, she jerked in surprise
but only saw that my interests were in her elder small breasts.
Though probably an 'A' cup, her nipples were thrusting painfully
looking towards me. Pulling her back down from her sitting position,
my mouth found and engulfed one hard nipples... savouring it and
before moving to the other.

Mothers gasps became more frequent and she had a difficult time to
keep her slow deliberate movements. I reached around to grasp her
small flat ass in both my hands, which fit perfectly by the way, to
sped her up - knowing what was inevitably coming.

I forced her roughly down to my lap, our bodies slapping and her sex
loudly echoing her pleasure. Her gasps turned to groans and then to
squeals, as mother gained the summit of her near impending orgasm.

I felt the walls of her sex ripple as it hit her, at first in the
crotch and then moving outwards, with such a force that she jerked
straight up frozen in place as the waves of passion rolled through
her. It was a magnificent sight to see.

As suddenly and as exquisite to watch as it was, mother rapidly
descended from that mountain and collapsed upon me, her son. I was
still hard and wanting her body impaled upon my spear.

Mother was a small woman, so I deftly held her limp body against me as
I cautiously gained my feet. It would have been comical to see, if we
had witnesses to our debauchery, a limp older woman still encased upon
a younger mans cock. I shut the door, thankful that it was the middle
of the day and no one had seen us, before taking her to my room.

She had had another orgasm a few seconds after mine, her body seemed
to be triggered to my release. It was the best, hottest and most
passionate sex of my life. And it as with my own mother!

I had lain her down upon my messy bed, her legs dropping to either
side of me, and my hands on the bed against either side of her chest.
I began to earnestly fuck myself in and out of her body, her small
frame jerking as our combined sexes smashed against the other.
Rapidly she awoke from her stupor and urged me one with words I had
never heard spoken from my mothers mouth before, with her hands
pulling my ass towards her and from those stocking covered legs up and
down from my waist to my calves.

It seemed to last forever, probably only a few minutes, but the
inevitable feeling between my legs caused me to groan out my
displeasure at this event soon coming to a close.

I rolled off her, exhausted, and lay next to her. The both of us
still fully clothed with our soiled loins showing and her breasts heaving up and down as she took great deep breaths.

I watched her for several minutes, guessing her to be asleep as
exhausted, or perhaps more so, than I.

Thomas had manipulated me into his circle of sinful lust and I had no
option but to accept.

With exhausted limbs, I reached over to roll my mothers closest nipple
between thumb and forefinger even as my eyes won the battle and

Hours later, I awoke to a supper the likes that I have not had since
leaving home so many years before. She must have gone shopping, I
hadn't the food in my fridge for what she severed.

Embarrassed, I entered the dining room and saw that a clean spot was
cleared off one end, with a single setting placed upon it, wearing my
robe. I had left my soiled clothing next to hers upon my floor.

Mother came in and was taken momentarily by surprise, "Your awake!"
She was naked. The last remaining garment, her stockings, gone. A
kiss, a quick slip of the tongue and she slipped away, "I'll get your
supper lover. Please sit down."

I did. "Did you already eat mom?" We often had conversations like
this when I was living at home - me yelling across two rooms.

Mother, some things don't change, reacted as she always had, coming
into the room before answering, "No darling, I'll eat later."

"Later?" She placed some food upon the table and turned probably for

She again returned hands full, "Its not right for a slave to eat at
the same time as her master." mother spun about before I could open
my mouth. She wore a wide happy smile that I swear I have never seen
before as she disappeared back into the kitchen.

She returned with the final pot - a virtual feast, one of my
favourites as well.

Gently, and with practised sign-language of two people that knew each
other, she doled out what I wanted onto my plate.

"Listen mom, I'm not going to sit here and eat without you?"

She leaned down and kissed my nose, "Then its your choice my son,
would you like me to suck your cock as you eat or sit down and eat
with you?" mom wore a nasty grin which told me what she preferred.

I would have said the former, if not for my embarrassment - I could
not even look down to her naked limbs.

I never answered but she pulled another chair next to her and sat
down, she then proceeded to slowly and deliberately feed me. It was
all so very strange. She took a small bite from my fork once for
every dozen that she gave me.

The dream seemed so distant now - but I remembered one part where
mother sucked me slowly and with love as I ate a hearty meal. Well,
perhaps she will give me the offer again during another meal - as I
was starting to regret my earlier decision.

"Where did you go to get all this food?" What I really wanted to know
was what she had worn, her torn blouse was still on the floor in my

"Down the corner - its really a very nice little store - a bit over
priced but..."

"What did you wear?"

"I wore my skirt and one of your tee shirts. I think I will have to
go shopping Monday." That was two days away. "Until then, I think we
both don't mind what I'm wearing now? Or is my body a little too old to go prancing around naked?"

I slipped, "I like it", between forkfuls.

The silence, except for my chewing - I was famished - was thick.

I thought of Leslie, the lesbian porn star and her family. Her father fucking his aged but slutty wife while pretending it to be his
daughter. Mrs. Duncan looking for any excuse to spread her legs, for
anyone. Of Leslie, who had always wanted to be a movies star. And of
Thomas her cousin that helped her make her dream into a reality.
It was a very long, but enjoyable, weekend. Needless to say, I would
never forget the things I had done - with my own mother! It would
fill many pages with the images I could convey - graphic descriptions
of what exactly we did together.

Its all over - right?

Thomas wins - Leslie Ann Duncan is now and forever a porn star, much
to her fathers disgust and pleasure. How could I compete with
whatever the hell power that Thomas had over his cousin?

There was one more thing to do, collect my check. I was still going
to Costa Rica, but I thought to take my mother as my toy - she had
proven herself very admirably these last couple of days. And I could
think of naught else but returning to her hungry mouth and tight

Bill Duncan barely looked at my invoice before pulling his check book
from his office drawer. Must be nice to have that much money! I was
sniffing my fingers, having dipped them into the incestuous canal of
my own parent before leaving my apartment when Bill stood up and
frowned. It caught my attention enough to sit straighter and notice
that his pen had not yet actually signed the check!

"Tony...?" He had that far away look that made me nervous - nothing
worse than a client that could think for himself.


"You mentioned Carol's nephew the last time you were here - what does
he have to do with this?"

He was poking your daughter and wife - but don't fuck with him, he has
this strange ability to alter a persons free will!

I had to say something, "He and Leslie still see each other." It was
true wasn't it.

His frown got tighter, "She won't come to my house but she still keeps
in touch with her cousin?"

I suppose, "Yes sir."

The frown turned to disappointment and he mumbled, "Well, they spent a
lot of time together as kids - I suppose I should be thankful she
hadn't completely severed all ties."

"No sir, your wife can attest to that."

I froze. Shit - that was a completely unplanned statement on my part!
Stupid stupid stupid - I knew it was a fucking mistake as soon as I
had closed my big fucking mouth!

"My wife?" I kept silent and starred at the pen in his hand, the one
that could allow me, what I considered, a much deserved holiday. "She
has seen Leslie Ann too?"

What could I say here - should I lie? If I tell the truth and Thomas
finds out, can this mysterious power of his be used against me?

Then something totally foreign came upon me, that I had been hired to
provide information and help persuade Bill's daughter to leave her
style of life and that it was my obligation and responsibility to
provide this. It wasn't something that Thomas had ingrained in me -
but something that had come out with the realization that I had been
manipulated by that man. If I had been asked a week before if I would
like to have my own mother as a fuck slave, I would have been
appalled, disgusted and possibly thrown a punch. Yet, here I was
smelling her sex upon my fingers and looking forwards to going home to
bend her over for more of the same pleasure. I had been twisted for
the pleasure of one man, it irked me suddenly.

Is that not when a person does the most stupid of things - for

"Mr Duncan... your wife and daughter have been seeing Thomas on a
regular basis."

I was sure his brow could not become more furled. "Seeing them how

I think he knew the answer before I said it, "They are both having an
affair with Thomas Duncan."

Bill took a big deep breath and moved to the chair next to the desk, I
saw that the pen in his hand was now quivering beneath his white
knuckled fingers.

His voice was surprisingly even, "And why was this not in your

"I thought it outside the scope that was originally assigned to me."
Which was true.

"Does my wife... does she know Leslie Ann is having sex with Thomas?"

I didn't know how to say this any other way, but to lay it all out.
"Your wife and daughter are often with him at the same time." A wild
three way incest coupling each time, to be sure!

The pen fell to the floor.
Okay, I'm a fool.

I get an unlooked for present in the form of a sex slave - regardless
of whom it is... I was about to get a big check that would set me free
for a couple of months... I challenge a man probably with enough
powers to alter my mind to the point of him doing a lobotomy upon me.

I'm fucking nuts!

Yet it felt good. I must be sadistic or something.

I had told Bill all - from what little I had learned about his
daughters sordid but boring life, to his wife spreading her own ass
cheeks for me, to me knowing of Bill's poking his wife while she
pretended to be Leslie. I had told him that Thomas had some type of
power that molded or manipulated a persons mind.

The middle aged man had simply listened and looked at me, with open
mouth and pale skin. I thought he was going to have a heart attack or
something. He had never looked so old to me as he did right then.

I even told him I was not immune, and about my weekend. I related the
pleasures I had found but I also told him how much I resented being
manipulated into doing it.

Finally, after a very long pause and with no movement on his part, he
finally choked out, "Get him here Tony...Mr. Ishido... bring Thomas to
Thomas frowned and let me into his home, and speaking only after the
door had been closed, "Your mother won't be at your apartment when you
return there." His warm voice was gone and it now sounded cold -

I had assumed that my big mouth will again alter the relationship that
I had with my mom. Though I had hoped he would overlook it.

As I said, stupid right?

"In fact she is returning to your father to admit all - I think he may
have some interesting methods of extracting revenge from your mom."

What the fuck was this prick talking about?

"What I am talking about Tony", I really gotta remember not to fuck
with mind-readers, "is that your father will whore your mother off... she'll be selling any of her holes for ten bucks a shot before
midnight tonight. Each and every night for the rest of her miserable

I didn't snap - you would think I should have, but I didn't. For one
thing, I felt an intense desire for my mother yet again - so harsh a
feeling I slipped to my knees grasping my aching balls.

Thomas just laughed and snarled down at me, "You will never touch her
again, she hates you now - making her what she is now, a whore. But
you'll never be able to live a minute without thinking about your dick
and her cunt."

He was right, my mind was flowing with fond memories from the weekend
even while my balls felt like I hadn't squirted in years! I had an
extreme case of 'blue balls'.

"I know why you came here Tony!"

One of his bare feet flew off the hardwood floor and hit me on the
side of the face, I flew back onto my ass without my hands coming off
my balls - I was in that much pain.

"And I'm going to surprise Uncle Bill and go see him." He laughed
heartily, evil sounding even. "Carol and Leslie Ann will meet us

He kicked at my groin, with most of the blow hitting the top of my
hands, as he stepped over me. "If you can, why don't you come and
watch the show!" I heard the door open behind me and his laughter as
he left the huge home and foyer.
It took some minutes but I finally stood back up, surprised at the
flow of tears raining down my cheeks. Along with the lecherous
incestuous images in my mind I saw images of her strutting her elderly
body in whorish clothing in some ghetto and felt a wave of anguish
role through me. She was being used right this minute by disgusting
men, ten dollars a hole Thomas had said.

I was a basket case, with alternating waves of pure lust and then
awful despair.

How could I have been so naive to believe that I could deal with
Thomas in a manner that I could treat all others - he could read and
alter my fucking mind!

I'm not even sure how but I found myself behind the wheel of my car
driving back to the Duncan's home. Tears blurring my vision.
"Ah, Tony!" I entered Bill Duncan's home with a smiling Thomas
meeting me at the front door. "You almost missed the fun."

He lead me deeper into the house, to a huge bedroom. The Duncan
family had already assembled there, though none noticed my entrance.

Thomas placed his arm over my shoulder and waved towards the king
sized bed before us, "As you can see, I've been talking with Uncle

Carol Duncan was kneeling upon her bed, facing away from us. She wore
expensive lingerie that seemed to be several sizes too small for her -
that in fact looked familiar - it was one of the outfits her daughter had worn in a recent movie. Both her hands were holding her generous
ass cheeks apart.

Bill Duncan was naked kneeling behind his wife, his hard manhood
penetrating her anus. He too was bent forwards, half laying upon his
wife's back.

Leslie Ann Duncan, aka Dane Childs, wore a dress that she had worn to
some porn award show last year, I had read a magazine article and seen
her pictures thereof. She was kneeling behind her father and was
spreading the generous hairy cheeks of his ass while pressing her face
within - she was rimming her own fathers asshole.

Thomas beside me was fully dressed but with his lecherous evil grin,
looked the most out of place in the family orgy.

Watching Carol getting crammed full of cock only brought painful and
very fond memories of doing the same to my mother the day before. I
had taken my mothers anal cherry and she had screamed out in passion
for more! I had not thought, at the time, that it would be the last.

And then watching Leslie's experienced tongue fuck her fathers asshole
only made me think of ordering my mother to do the same to me!
Though, it would never be, Thomas had seen to that. I shrugged off
his arm about my shoulders and cried silently as the incestuous noises
became louder in the large bedroom.

Bill was grunting like a bull now, his hips thrusting sharply into his
wife while Leslie's tongue-task was more difficult with his sudden
irregular movements.

Carol was mumbling fuck-words randomly from her lips... about her, her
daughter, her husband, me, Thomas, the drug store boy, the girl that
delivers the papers, Bill's best friend, three different neighbours,
even a stray dog... a whole army that had fucked or used the older woman in some way.

Thomas and I knew when Bill let shoot his ejaculate into his wife,
even as she yelled out, "I'm coming in you Leslie Ann!" So far gone,
he did not even realize whom he was buggering.

I fell into a chair facing the bed, holding my head in my hands,
feeling very depressed and horny. I could not take my mind off my
mother's submissive naked body.

The Duncan's upon the bed were moving about - mother was licking her
husband's cock clean while grinding her wet gaping cunt down upon her
daughters face. It was sickly, slimy, dirty and mindless.

Soon Carol was squealing, while her husband forced his still-hard dick
in and out of her mouth, as an orgasm washed through her.

The two elder Duncan's were panting from exhaustion but it was evident
that Bill's dick was still hard and his wife was still very wet.
Leslie's mom had rolled off her and the younger woman sat up, whipping
her cheeks from the female spend left upon it. She didn't even look
at her parents or even Tony but crawled to the floor and began to dig
out the mind-controllers dick.

Leslie had lots of experience with her cousin and was soon bobbing her
face up and down upon it - just the way he liked it, I was sure.

My mother would do that for me - she loved to suck my cock, I
remembered fondly!

Then I saw Bill's lust filled eyes watching his daughter blow his
nephew. I could tell that he wanted more - her younger body was
easily visible as the dress was a mockery of a cocktail dress - it was
completely translucent. He was eyeing her swaying ass.

He looked at me for only a moment and I saw lust, but I also so agony
- possibly not so unlike my own. It startled me - but I understood so
very well - he lusted after his daughter but he was conscious enough
to realize that he was being manipulated and his urges were very

Carol's hand had been stroking her husbands hard stick and it looked
as if she was about to again mount him, though from above, this time.

Yet it was not to be, Bill roughly pushed his wife away from him and
rolled from his bed. He knelt behind his busy daughter and began to
bundling her long skirt to her waist - Carol and I watched, knowing he
wanted what Thomas had placed in his mind, the lust for his
daughter... for his daughters ass more specifically. His wife was
just not enough - it simply was not the 'real' thing.

I wondered how it all started, that Leslie was known for her lesbian anal adventures in the porn industry seemed to build the story in my
mind. She had grown up wanting to be a movie star, but was destined
for the mediocre life like her prosperous parents lived. Thomas, her
trusting but powerful cousin helped her achieve her desires - though
with his own twists. She only appeared in lesbian movies because
Thomas had a spark of jealously and did not want any man to ever again
enter her body. She did anal movies because her father had once
thought about his daughters very attractive bottom one day - with his
nephew listening to his thoughts of course. And it was just like
Thomas and his strange sense of queer humour to twist that one thought
to her 'career' - forever tormenting the old man. He was only left
with his slut wife, always pretending her ample ass was the sexy round
one of his daughter.

Thomas whom had his eyes closed in pleasure suddenly opened them,
looking down at his uncle - he did not look pleased.

Leslie suddenly froze for a brief second and then pulled her face from
the dick before her so as to scream out over her shoulder at her
father, "No daddy!"

Carol yelled from the bed, fear showing in her eyes, "Bill stop!"

It all happened so suddenly that I could write thousands of words
about those few seconds. But it was all so simple - Bill suddenly
gasped and grabbed at his head, falling back to the floor. Carol had
been climbing off the bed to stop her husband while Leslie had been
trying to hold the hem of her see-through dress below the bottom of
her ass. All attention was focused upon Bills uncontrollable desires
- desires that had been instilled into his mind without his control.

Bill was screaming out animal-like and I thought I saw blood drip from
his tightly closed eye-lids. I acted without thought - probably what
saved me from a similar fate as the older man - and shoved Thomas
roughly from the side.

The young man fell slowly, at least it seemed to happen all so slowly,
sideways like a falling try. Those piercing nasty eyes turned to me
even as he fell and I saw that he was surprised, a look that I am sure
was very rare from him. Then his head hit the edge of a old mahogany
dresser, a loud thud, and then the man lay upon the ground on his

All became silent in that second as I saw the slow spread of the red pool of blood become larger about the base of Thomas' head.

Then it was madness - Carol was kneeling next to her husband, his head
on her lap, as she wailed and cried.

Leslie was still on her knees but looking back and forth between
Thomas and her father, her mouth still open and her face had a lost
look that I would be hard pressed to describe.

Then I noticed that my grief and overwhelming-lust was gone, that my
normal heartless selfishness was back!
The last movie of Dane Childs was the one that I had witnessed in
person, at least a single scenes of. I read in some porn magazine
that she had tried to do another months latter, but the director and
crew had given up in disgust from the actions from the "spoiled slut"
as he was quoted in calling her. What little footage that was taken
for that movie was released on the net, which I found, and the anal
lesbian porn queen was gone - what was left was an embarrassed,
past-her-prime, prude. It wasn't flattering.

Though, of course, I understood.

I had been there when Leslie Ann Duncan had watched her father die
from a brain embolism induced by her cousin and lover then turning to
see that her cousin was also dead, his life-blood covering soiling the
knees of her dress. Even as I had come to the realization that
Thomas's control of me was over, so did Leslie. She broke down and
cried for the life she had been forced to live on the whim of her
childhood friend and cousin. Even as we all do, she remembered all.

Me - well, after a month of jail time, I was released when it was
evident that there was not enough evidence to convict. None in that
room said a word about what had happened - no one outside it could
pierce together what had happened.

I got out of jail and went immediately to see Carol Duncan for my
payment - whom had promptly cursed me out of her home. Obviously at
least one of us was rather upset that we had to revert back to our
original 'uncontrolled' life.

Leslie came to see me not long after, we sat in a coffee house as she
embarrassingly thanked me for killing her cousin. She wore shades and
a hat, her clothes loose and concealing. I could only guess that her
memories were the source of much embarrassment for her.

A week later, Carol had written me to blame me for Leslie's overdose
and death. Though I remember Leslie's warm small hand as she held
mine - her heart felt thanks shocking my soul, Thomas had made us
soul-mates by our association with him. We had both undergone some
humiliating and debasing acts for his demented pleasure.

Its not all over dear reader - of course I went back to spying upon
horny housewives and shoplifters. Hell - it paid the bills didn't it?

"Tony are you done... supper is on the table?"

"Coming mother."

Aimee, my mother, had sold her body for a couple of hours that
tortuous night not so long ago - forced out into the streets by her
husband, my father. When the burden of whatever Thomas had placed
upon her mind had disappeared, she found that she was sucking some
sixty year-old man's condom covered cock in the front seat of his car.

Everyone one remembered - perhaps that is the worst part of what
happened to us. mother remembered everything, as did my father.

They tried to reconcile - while I was forbidden by the both of them
from my family home or even from voice contact. Then my uncle called
and told me mother was staying with him, but that I was not to call or
come over.

Months later I was returning home from a case, looking at the
pitifully small check in my hand, when I looked up to see my mother standing before my building.

She couldn't meet my eyes but motioned for me to continue to my
apartment, which she soberly followed.

When the door closed, she came and lay her head upon my chest and
cried long and hard. And I must admit my eyes were non too dry

Finally she whispered, "I have no where to go - no one wants me!"

I remembered Carol - alone and in agony from her loss. The sad but
relieved look in Leslie's eyes as she held my hand. And even my own
hollow eyes when I shaved before the mirror.

"You are not alone mom." I kissed the top of her head gently,
tenderly. Her face tilted up to finally meet my eyes. We shared a
look, one that none could imagine unless you lived through what we
had. Which I doubt there was many out there to that claim. "I want
you Aimee."

I felt a tiny shiver roll through her small body and knew she felt the

A small hand stroked my head returning me to the present, "Tony, its
getting cold?" I turned to look directly at my naked mother and
immediately pulled her to my lap playfully. "Tony!" mom giggled
while seating herself sideways on my lap, she could feel my hard cock
press through my pants to her hip.

One of my hands found her small breast and squeezed gently, my mouth
found hers but she slipped her face away from mine at the last minute.
With a sigh of remorse she gasped, "Can you not wait till after supper
young man?"

My hand slipped from her breast to her lap, and though she attempted
to keep her knees together, she only resisted minutely and my hand
slipped between those soft thighs. When I found what I had been
looking for mother suddenly arched her back and gasped out in
pleasure, her knees spreading wide.

I again stroked her clitoris and teased her, her mouth now looking for
my own in an aggressive desirous manner. Her sex was quickly becoming
wet and my finger was now stoking up and own her slit, teasing the
opening of her vaginal hole. "Tony please honey!"

She was naked because it was easier that way, we now lived as lovers.
In this house, it did not matter that it was wrong and illegal to
commit incest. None will tell - father was humiliated and shamed, the
rest of the family having no idea what was going on.

Aimee, my own mother, finally was able to grab my resisting hand and
pressed it inwards so that my finger would penetrate her sex fully.
She let out a very loud purr of pleasure, and knew it would not be
much longer till she orgasmed. And after a long day without love,
mother can became very thankful after that initial orgasm!

In the privacy of my apartment, mother gave me no boundaries - she did
all that I asked. Well of course she was still my parent, but only
acted thusly when the rare occasion arose. She was like a teenager
living in sin with an older man - anxious to follow and learn by doing
all that was asked of her. After writing this account of the last
months, and remembering the beautiful Leslie Ann Duncan and her
experienced ass, I knew mother was going to have her ass crammed full
of my dick in a very short while. I could hardly wait - either could
mother, by the anxious way she wiggled when I teased her anal ring
with my finger before plunging it back into her cunt.

It had all started because Leslie Ann always wanted to be a movie star.



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