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Sherry's Mom Part 2



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Sherry's mom 2 (MF, cuck, preg, ir, humor)
By Homer Vargas

[Note: mother Debbie, the famous advisor of cuckold
husbands, is the creation of CDE. He has generously
let me borrow her in order to help yet another woman
in need. Thanks CDE! Also, I acknowledge inspiration
from Dee Dee, wherever you are now. :( ]

Hello, out there on the World Wide Web. This is
Mother Debbie with another addition of my Internet
column for those of you who need the kind of advice I

Some months ago I got a letter from "Sherry's Mom" who
was having trouble getting her daughter to cuckold her
wimp husband so she could get pregnant. The trouble
was the influence of her goody-goody little sister,
Joyce. I had some ideas about to deal with the
unfortunate situation and I am happy that "Sherry's
Mom" has written back to tell me how my advice turned

Dear mother Debbie,

You are a genius! That dumb sister of mine is
finished as an "example" for my Sherry. She's knocked
up higher than a kite and NOT by her husband.

Let me tell it from the beginning.

Well, I followed your advice and started getting
closer to Joyce, inviting her over for lunch
occasionally and sometimes meeting her for a drink in
the afternoons. I told her of my worries about Ralph.
Not only did she NOT share my concerns; she was
horrified that Sherry was fucking "like a minx" (once
a week?) without protection and thought she was damned
lucky NOT to be pregnant. And although we were
getting to be better friends, I was making no headway
when I occasionally hinted that Joyce ought to get
herself a hunky young lover and start letting him fuck
her silly.

Fortunately, about this time I had met Leroy, a big,
bad, gansta rapper who was fucking my lights out so
often and so well I hardly had time to worry about
Sherry. Still, I did mention to him one time wanting
to loosen up Joyce.

"Nuttin' loosen up a marri'd white woman faster'n a
big black cock in her pussy," Leroy opined. I'd
certainly been feeling a good bit looser since Leroy
had been reaming ME with his beautiful fuck pole (my
Dan is in heaven with the amounts of cum I bring home
for him to lick out), so I had to agree.

From this conversation emerged a plan. Leroy knew of
a club in a small hotel owned by a brother --
superficially decent and in a good part of town --
where white wives went to meet their black lovers. I
figured I could get Joyce to go there with me. "Din
ya puts dis in 'er drink," he said handing me a small
envelope of white powder. "Makesa woman hornier'n a

A little taken aback, I asked if he'd ever put that in
MY drink.

"Yose ALREADY hornier'n two skunks," Leroy snorted.
"I'd be wastin' yo money."

I could see the point about my money. I wasn't
exactly paying Leroy by the fuck, but I was "helping
finance his next album."

Making sure the fateful meeting occurred when Joyce
was fertile was MY idea. She had changed her tampon
over at my house the week before and I did the
arithmetic. We met at 5:00 p.m. and by 7:00 p.m. I
had her pretty tipsy. Bob was out of town on a
business trip (and probably happily at last getting
laid) so Joyce had no excuse to hurry home. The hot
jazz was soft and by the time the mixed couples
started drifting in, Joyce was too high to notice the
giggles and gasps of little white wives being warmed
up for a long night of hard fucking.

When I saw Leroy walk in, I poured the powder in
Joyce's drink. He was right; *I* didn't need to be
drugged. Leroy in that black tee shirt, his muscles
rippling and his tight pants doing nothing to hide a
massive woman pleaser, almost made me come in my
panties (except Leroy doesn't let me wear any). He
waited long enough for Joyce to start fidgeting. It
was dark, but she was breathing heavily and I could
see she was flushed with arousal.

Then Leroy strolled over was to our table and asked me
to dance. I pretended to be surprised but accepted,
leaving my sister horny and confused. We didn't go
far, putting on a show for her. Leroy pulled me
tightly against him and ground his crotch into my
pussy in time with the music. It was mainly for her
benefit, but I was loving every minute of being
expertly fondled and humped by this sexy black stud.
I wasn't faking the orgasm when his hand slithered
into my skirt and his thick middle finger slid into my
wet, inviting twat.

Joyce was glassy-eyed with excitement when Leroy
brought me back panting to the table and extended his
hand toward her. I could hardly keep from laughing as
Joyce fought with herself. She'd never done anything
like this (she was even prejudiced as I had been until
I felt my first black cock in me), but the drug and
watching Leroy get me off just a few feet in front of
her, had made her crazy with lust. "It's OK, baby,
you'll enjoy it," I reassured her. The combination
was too much; she lifted her hand and let Leroy lead
her to the dance floor.

I was surprised with Leroy's finesse and self-control.
He did not immediately attack her as he had me.
Rather he led her around the floor, dancing
beautifully, letting her relax. Only gradually did he
pull Joyce close and that was more to let her melt
into his arms than to imprison her in his embrace. It
almost made me jealous to see him seducing my little
sister; of course I'd never given him the chance to
seduce me.

When he brought her back, she was purring and didn't
object when he sat her down between us. She downed
the last of her spiked drink and snuggled next to
Leroy, closing her eyes as she lay her head on his
shoulder. He had told me the drug would make her
pretty drowsy as well as horny, so I wasn't surprised
that her eyes remained closed when Leroy started
unbuttoning her blouse and removed her bra. She just
moaned softly as Leroy's thick lips took possession of
one nipple while his hand toyed gently with the other
breast. If she had looked up, she'd have seen half
the women in the club topless and being felt up by

I couldn't keep my hand out of my pussy as I watched
Leroy work Joyce into a sleepy frenzy. She did open
her eyes wide when she felt his hand begin to stroke
her pussy, but I don't think she saw anything, so high
was she with arousal. I covered her mouth with a kiss
to keep her from crying out when Leroy touched her
clit and triggered a violent climax.

The booths in the club were well deigned for this sort
of thing and Leroy and I soon had Joyce out of her
damned pantyhose and laid out on the seat, her flowing
pussy open to Leroy's magic tongue. I knew she had
never let Bob eat her. She had heard how excited
women get when a man eats them and she didn't want to
risk giving in to her husband on the wrong day. But
here she was, with a black man she'd never seen before
between her legs climaxing her in a downtown club.
Maybe it was the drug or maybe Joyce is just a natural
slut, but Leroy's tongue in her love box was making my
repressed little sister come like a string of cheap
firecrackers. The air was filled with cries of
adulterous pleasure so I stopped trying to keep her
quiet and began busily sucking her tits. Leroy later
told me later that he had never had a woman who
squirted when she climaxed. I was a little jealous.

A half hour later I figured Joyce didn't know her own
name, much less remember she had been a normal
housewife who normally refused to fuck her husband.
Leroy and I guided her to the room we had reserved.
We finished stripping her (except for her heels; Leroy
likes to fuck women in heels) and laid her out on the
bed. Walking up to the room and the time to fully
undress her must have let the effects of the drug and
the cunnilingus downstairs to diminish, because when
Leroy started to nose his prick into her pussy, Joyce
began to object. "No, please, ... don't fuck me.
Can't ... can't come in me ... now ...ovulating." She
was barely coherent, but she knew what was about to

Leroy just continued to tease her pussy with his cock.
There were probably enough sperm just in the pre-cum
that was dribbling into the portal of her fuckhole to
knock up all the white wives in the city, but we
weren't taking any chances. I put my lips close to
her ear and whispered, "It's OK, honey. You're so
sexy, Joyce, you need a baby. You'll look so good
with a big pregnant belly, honey, those pretty titties
of yours full of milk for Leroy's baby. And it feels
so good, sweetie, that hot, potent semen flooding into
your fertile little puss. I know you're horny, baby.
Just relax and let Leroy put his big cock in you and
knock you up good."

It could have been my words that pushed her over the
edge, but more likely it was the sensation of Leroy's
huge love tool brushing against her clit. Suddenly
she threw her body up at Leroy, impaling herself on
his cock. "Oh, shit Yessssss!" she screamed. "Oh,
yes, fuck me, fuck me you stud, I need it so bad!"

Again I was surprised that Leroy restrained himself,
slowly moving only part of that ten-inch baby maker in
and out of Joyce with deliberate stokes. Joyce was
going crazy flailing and humping, trying to get more
of Leroy into her. "Yo sho yo wants dis Miss Joyce?
Yo wants me to fuck a big black baby into yo little
white belly?" His constant teasing of the aroused
woman's gushing pussy belied his words of concern.

"Yes, anything!" she gasped. "Stick it in me all the
way. Give me your baby, you black fucker; make me
your slut whore, but fuck me, fuck meeeeEEEEE!" Joyce
spasmed like a stuck pig when Leroy plunged in and
released a torrent of thick potent sperm into the
delirious woman. I was amazed to see him continue to
move in her as if he were pumping her womb full of
jism, which set Joyce off on a new string of orgasms.
When I saw her at last fall unconscious, overwhelmed
by Leroy's masterful breeding, I realized I had
covered my hand with my own salty-sweet spend again.
Leroy wasn't even sweating.

"Guess dat fix her," he said with a satisfied smile,
starting to get up.

God I wanted him, but looking at Joyce's ravaged cunt,
leaking semen, I shook my head. "No Leroy, you can't
leave her yet," I implored. "Not after just one real
fuck. She deserves a real black sexing. What if
she's not pregnant? Better stay and keep her filled
all night, just in case."

He looked at me doubtfully. I like to think he was
reluctant because he wanted ME, but the thought of
ensuring a black baby in Joyce's unused womb was
enough. I got him a beer from the room's minibar
while he waited to screw my uptight little sister a
second time. I left after Leroy brought Joyce to
another set of screaming orgasms and filled her again
with another load of potent fuck-fluid.

If you are expecting me to say I let Leroy spend the
next several weeks fucking Joyce silly, you don't know
me. Hell, *I* needed his massive love muscle in MY
cunt to keep me satisfied too badly to share, even to
knock up my bitch sister. Besides, I figured once was
enough with Leroy's semen in an unprotected white

And I was right. Twins, and they're going to be DARK

Happy Sherry's mom

Dear Sherry's Mom,

I'm just thrilled for you, dear, AND for your sister.
The story you tell is a fairly typical one. Few white
wives can resist an experienced breeder like your
Leroy. Now that she's going to have a black baby, I'm
sure I don't need to tell Joyce to keep Bob fucked
seven ways from Sunday. mother Debbie cannot
understand how a wife can deny her husband the
pleasure of fucking a drippy, pregnant pussy,
especially if she doesn't want him to raise a fuss
when that curly little head pops out of her baby chute
in a few months. If Joyce keeps Bob's prick limp, my
guess is that by then he'll be so damned happy to have
a horny wife at last, he won't care.

One down and one to go.

Keep me posted.

Mother Debbie

(To be continued)

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Homer Vargas

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