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Sherry's Mom Part 3



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are not to be used by commercial web sites. Persons using
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{ASSM} Sherry's mom 3 (MF, cuck, preg, ir, humor)
By Homer Vargas

[Note: mother Debbie, the famous advisor of cuckold
husbands, is the creation of CDE. He has generously
let me borrow her in order to help yet another woman
in need. Thanks CDE! Also, I acknowledge inspiration
from Dee Dee, wherever you are now. :( ]

Hello, out there on the World Wide Web. This is
Mother Debbie with another addition of my Internet
column for those of you who need the kind of advice I
offer. Some months ago I got a letter from "Sherry's
Mom" who was having trouble getting her daughter to
cuckold her wimp husband and get pregnant because of
the influence of her goody-goody little sister, Joyce.
I had some ideas about to deal with Joyce that worked
out very well. Now I am happy to share with you what
"Sherry's Mom" has written telling me how my advice
turned out for Sherry --and her.

Dear mother Debbie,

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! I followed your
advice and my Sherry is PREGNANT. Not only does she
have a big smooth belly, ballooning tits, and that
dumb, sleepy, horny look that men love to see on
knocked up women, but also the father is black!
Moreover, my bitchy little sister Joyce is nursing
twins that are DARK BROWN <yes!> and - oops - I'm
going to have a little one, myself. <giggle> Let me
tell you all about it.

In the previous letter I told you about arranging for
Leroy to breed my uptight little sister. Well not
long thereafter, I found out from her husband just how
well my lover had reset Joyce's priorities. "She's
insatiable!" Bob half complained, half boasted,
explaining why he hadn't come to me for relief
recently. "She wants it EVERY night, every morning.
Suddenly she lets me, hell she demands, that I eat her
before we fuck and she screams when she comes like a
little banshee."

"Good for you, stud," I laughed. "When did this
start?" As if I didn't know.

"Since I got back from that last trip. And that's not
all. She has stopped making me use condoms and has
started talking about wanting to be pregnant. Can you
believe it? After five years of me trying to talk her
into letting me knock her up, now all she can think
about is babies? I don't know what's got into her."

I knew what, but I didn't say anything.

"And she's dressing like a woman, too," he said, his
eyes gleaming with pride. "She's begun wearing micro
miniskirts and open-toe high heel sandals. She has
trashed all those goddamned pantyhose I detest and got
some proper stockings at last. She's letting her hair
grow out and has started using the jewelry I love:
bangles and necklaces and loopy earrings and anklets.
And she's finally wearing some of the sexy nightwear
I've been giving her for birthdays, anniversaries,
Valentine's Days, and Mother's Day ever since we were
married. She even lets me take her out dancing!"

I congratulated Bob on his good fortune of finally
having the kind of hot wife that all men desire but
few have. I hinted that it was HIS innate sexiness
that had finally broken through Joyce's frigid shell.
He felt so good about himself, he fucked me damned
good that day.

I was happy for my long-suffering brother-in-law, but
I figured that if Joyce was THAT eager for him (who's
just an ordinarily well-hung white guy, nothing like
my Leroy), she might be getting some on the side, too.
The clothes and jewelry were a give away. Damn few
wives dress up in full slut-wear as Bob described just
to keep their husbands fucking them. And it turned
out I was right!

A few months after Joyce had happily broken the news
she was pregnant (I noticed she didn't say, "Bob and I
are having a baby"), Sherry burst in on me one day in
tears. "Oh, Mom, I can't believe it! I thought Aunt
Joyce was such a good woman!" I kept to myself the
opinion that she'd only recently started acting like
one. "You won't believe what I saw!" You, mother Debbie will not be surprised, although my daughter was, that she had caught her Aunt Joyce in bed with
her Jamaican gardener getting her lights fucked out.
"And she was ENJOYING it," my silly daughter wailed,
"like a whore."

Of course I pretended to be just as shocked as Sherry
was, but secretly I was a little jealous. I had seen
Trevor, who can't be more than 18, tall with creamy
brown skin, and I had wondered how long it would take
the new Joyce to get that handsome young stud's cock
between her legs. Things were really moving along

With the image of her "perfect" Aunt Sherry destroyed,
Sherry became a lot closer to me. She and Ralph began
to drop over for dinner. Ralph and Dan had become
good friends; I guess Dan saw a soul mate in Ralph.
He must have known what was coming.

Leroy didn't have a "thing" about fucking me in my
husband's bed; he found it more convenient that I went
downtown for our frequent fuckfests. Consequently
Sherry had never seen him, much less seen him making
her mom bellow in ecstasy as he pounded my pussy with
his woman tamer.

I clued Dan in, but decided that surprise would be
best with Sherry and Ralph. I planned a big
anniversary dinner for "my kids." I was not surprised
by now that Ralph was NOT planning a night on the town
with my sexy daughter (and getting her drunk and
fucking the shit out of her and a baby into her) so
they accepted. They didn't even think it strange that
I planned the celebration for a day that did not
correspond exactly with their anniversary, but did
correspond exactly with Sherry's most fertile period.
(OK, I admit; I'm a tampon snoop.)

I had them come rather early, before Dan had the
dinner ready. We sat on the couch for a while and
talked and they drank. "I suppose you know why I
invited you two over, don't you?" I said at last.

"Yes, thank you, mother Jackson," Ralph replied
happily, glancing shyly at my gorgeous daughter, "
Because it's our anniversary?"

"Well, yes, that is the occasion, Ralphie, but not the
real reason," I replied, encouragingly. "I thought by
now you two might have something you wanted to ...
tell me." I leaned forward slightly.

"Er, 'tell you,' mother Jackson?" Ralph asked.

"Of course, dear," I replied kindly. "You don't have
to be shy with me. It's very normal for a young couple, especially this long after the honeymoon. I
wanted to be the first to know."

"'Know,' uh ... what?" Ralph asked, glancing over at
Sherry who must have guessed, as she was biting her
lip and clasping and unclasping her hands.

"I mean have you knocked my daughter up yet, Ralph!" I
replied, unable to restrain my annoyance longer. His
naivete was almost criminal. "It was embarrassing
enough that Sherry didn't have a nice bulging tummy
for the wedding ceremony, though that was partly her
fault," I admitted. "But now twelve MONTHS have gone
by, boy. Any normal man would have had a sexy woman
like Sherry nursing one baby by now and working in a
second one!"

"Mother, please!" Sherry interjected in defense of her
cringing husband. "This is a very private matter
between the two of us."

"I agree getting a baby fucked into your little belly
is private! I didn't ask to WATCH, although that
would be sexy," I leered. "I'm just interested in
results. You're almost nineteen, young lady. This is
the most fertile time of your life. You should be
popping out grandchildren for me once a year.
Remember what happened to your Aunt Rita. She didn't
start until she was over twenty and now and she is
going two or more years between babies. At this rate,
she'll barely reach a dozen and SHE has both her
husband's brothers helping her."

"Excuse me, mother Jackson, but Sherry is right,"
Ralph interjected. "When and how many children we
have or don't have is none of your business."

"Now Ralphie, you can't really mean that. I'm
Sherry's mother. I'm only interested in seeing her
pregnant for the next twenty years, as any prospective
grandmother would be. What's wrong with you, anyway,
son? Are you shooting blankozoids? I admit she had
the absurd idea of not having sex before the marriage,
but what kind of boyfriend were you to take that shit?
If all else failed, you should have taken the silly
filly out one night and slipped a baby into her while
she was drunk. I swear, I can't figure out youngsters

Ralph had turned white, but I was letting all my
pent-up frustration out.

"I'm sorry to say, Ralph, I think you were selfish and
irresponsible to ask a beautiful girl like Sherry to
marry you without at least fucking her stupid for a
few months. You've proven to be inadequate. I made
that mistake with Sherry's daddy. I never thought it
could happen to my precious daughter!"

Ralph was stunned to see me so riled, but I continued,
"Well, that's water over the dam, but what about
now?" I demanded. "You've been fucking my daughter for a year. A little minx like her could fuck, what,
three times a day? More on weekends, I guess? You
could fill her hot little cunt, say, twice each
session..." I feigned being lost in her mental
calculation. "Cum load for an average man is three
ounces." I cast a disparaging glance at my
son-in-law. "Say, one-half ounce for YOU ... makes
...<mumble mumble> ... over eight gallons of spunk you've had time to pump into my little girl! That's
enough to give her a swollen belly right there." I

"Mother," Sherry exclaimed. "You've got it all wrong.
I don't let Ralph to do me nearly that often."

"What? Your loving husband doesn't fuck you three
times a day? What kind of man you marry, anyway,

"Well, it's not all Ralph's fault. Aunt Joyce always
told me it isn't proper for a wife to have sex that
often. We're not supposed to, you know, just RUT all
the time like animals."

"Joyce, that hypocrite who is fucking her gardener,
her driver, and half the appliance repairmen in town?"
I exclaimed, "I knew I should never have let you hang
out with that crazy church crowd. And you?"

I turned on Ralph with fire in my eyes "You put up
with that kind of frigidity? What kind of man doesn't
fuck a wife just because she says she doesn't want to?
A real man would take her and paw her until the
little bitch was crying for it. You ought to be
screwing my girl's brains out. After a few good hard
fucks, she'd have begged you for it. That's what
Leroy does to me."

"Leroy?" Sherry asked.

"Don't play games, Sherry! You know I've got to have
a stud oiling my clock every day. For the last few
months, it's been Leroy. I don't know what I'd have
done without him," I sighed and smiled for the first
time. "Now there's a man! I'll guarantee you,
Sherry, Leroy would have you knocked up in orbit by

"I'm not a shameless hussy like you, Mother. How can
you even think about me being unfaithful to my darling

"Don't tell me YOU don't!"

"Of course I don't!" Sherry protested.

"Then what ARE you thinking about when you have this
buried in your twat, you horny little bitch?" I asked
triumphantly and pulled out a huge black dildo.

"Where did you find ... er, what do you mean, Mother?"
Sherry stammered.

"I took it yesterday from your nightstand, the same
second drawer you've kept your toys in since you were
12, Sherry. That was the reason I was never too
worried about you running around with those religious
nuts, promising to remain a virgin and all that
nonsense. I knew that every night you were sneaking
back into your room fucking yourself silly with Junior
here. I could hear you writhing in ecstasy and
moaning 'Fuck me, you big black bastard, fuck me

"Sherry!" Ralph exclaimed in shock. "You were ...
'touching yourself,' even when we were dating?"

"Of course she was," I snapped. "All women do. We
have to masturbate frequently; very few men can give a
woman all the hard-pounding sex we require and the
ones who can have several women to take care of. Even
if you did her several times a day, a healthy young woman like Sherry would still need lots of sex toys to
keep her mental equilibrium. Without six or seven
good, gut-wrenching orgasms a day we girls become
bitchy and hysterical."

Sherry had turned crimson.

"I certainly was, even though I was spending several
hours a day with my vibrator. I was nearly a wreck,
until I met Leroy. I don't blame Sherry for getting
off," I added sternly. "Especially since you were
falling down on your marital duties. I just blame her
for settling for an artificial fuck stick that can no
more put a baby in that belly than you can,
apparently. Lemme see your equipment, Ralph!"

"What are you talking about, mother Jackson"

"Your baby-making tool, dammit!" The boy was starting
to get on my nerves. "Your dick, your cock, your
prick, your Johnson!" I snapped.

"She means she want to see your penis, Ralph," Sherry
tried to explain more reasonably.

"Mother Jackson! You expect me to expose my private
parts in front of both of you? Why I turn the lights
out when we're going to ... you know ... to spare
Sherry the trauma of having to look at a man's...."

"What crap!" I exploded. "A real man shows off his
dong every time he gets a chance, 'cause he knows
seeing a nice slice of slit salami turns a woman into
a mush of rutting woman flesh. So, fish it out and
lets see it, buster."

"Do as she says, dear," Sherry said, reaching over to
unbutton Ralph's pants, "I have been rather curious,

"My god! Jockey shorts and I don't see a bulge," I
exclaimed as Ralph's pants dropped around his ankles.

"Go ahead. Pull down your shorts, honey, mom wants to
see your sweet little thingie," Sherry said.
Mortified, Ralph complied.

"Oh!" I could hear the disappointment in Sherry's
voice as Ralphie's worm peeked out from his shorts.

"I don't believe it!" I gasped. "It's even smaller
than my Dan's! How do you expect to get a girl pregnant with that thing? Get that thing out of my
sight. Why that's not a cock, it's a weenie!" I

"Speaking of weenies ...Dan," I called into the
kitchen, "Is dinner ready?"

"Almost, darling," he sang. "I can serve the salad,
but it'll be another few minutes for the Knockwurst."

Ralph was still in shock but Sherry helped him pull up
his pants and led him to the table. Sherry gasped
when Dan brought in a platter with a huge black
sausage seemingly plugged deep into a mound of blond sauerkraut. I moistened at the very apt image. A
well I might. That very afternoon, before Dan started
dinner, I'd been warming that cool, round thickness in
my steamy cunt, helping assuage the frustration of
waiting for this night.

We had just begun to eat when the doorbell rang.
Pretending surprise, I went to the door. "Why Leroy,
what are you doing here?" Sherry and Ralph were
shocked to see a huge black man step inside, pull me
into his arms, and deliver a kiss that curled my

"Yo gonna know what Ise here fo, woman. I ain't had a
piece yo fat ass in two days. Wherse yo been

"Sherry, Ralph, I'd like you to meet my - uuuh --
friend Leroy, I squealed as he dragged me over towards
the couch, already starting to paw my tits. "Leroy,
honey, we were having a family dinner, I'm afraid I
don't have any cornbread and turnip greens," I

"Don't matter. I comes to fuck. Only thing I needs
to eat is right here," he growled and flung up my
skirt and thrust a couple of fingers into my cunt.
"Das good," he grinned, "yo be nice and juicy fo
Leroy," and plunged his head between my legs.

Leroy's tongue in my twat never fails to make me come
and I felt a big one approach, but I was still able to
appreciate the shocked looks on Sherry's and Ralph's
faces and Dan's proud smile as I began to moan and
thrash about. "Oh, yes, Leroy DARLING! ... Eat me,
eat me! ... I love it! ... Oh, shit, YES! ... Like
that. ... Make me ...Aaahhiiii!"

One of the things I like about Leroy is that he is
never content to eat me to just one come. Even as I
was recovering from that first assault, his tongue was
still busy. Sherry was still gaping.

"Mother! What are you doing letting a man, and not
even Daddy, put his mouth down ... THERE?"

"Oh, Sherry," I gasped as Leroy probed me, "I love
your Daddy's mouth, but no one can make me come like
Leroy can. they're so ... oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-YEEEEEES!"
Another orgasm took me.

My eyes were just starting to uncross when Leroy
grinned up at me, "Yo ready fo some my black python in
dat sloppy silt 'o yose, woman?" He didn't need to
wait for an answer but stood, dropped him pants and
waved his monster love muscle at me. "Is dis what yo
wants from Leroy?"

"Oh, yessss!" I hissed. "Fuck me you black bastard,
you know I need it!"

"Yo sho' does," he agreed. "Yose one o' da horniest,
nastiest white bitches Leroy ever seen. Ise gonna
fuck de shit otta dis drippin' white pussy o' yose!"

"Mother," Sherry cried, "You can't let him put that
thing in you; It'll split you ...

"Oh, yes, Leroy. Welcome HOME!" I interrupted her as
Leroy's cock easily plumbed my pussy depths, his fat
testicles audible slapping against my ass. "Give it
to me Leroy, oh, yes! Fuck your white whore!"

"My God, Mother! It's ... it's so much bigger than
..." Sherry stammered.

"It IS darling <puff> Much bigger than your Daddy's.
<ugggg> That's why I have to get some from Leroy
<fufff> every day! There's nothing <pant> like having
thirteen inches <uhhh> of prime black cock <ahhh>
stuffed in your <gasp> pussssssyyyyy."

Partly this was scripted for Sherry's benefit, but
there was nothing feigned about my babbling pleasure
as Leroy slowly sawed his manhood in and out of me.
Did he ever have me going.! "Yes sweetheart, his cock
IS much bigger than Dan <ufff>. Your daddy is
wonderful at cleaning up <ghaaa> my poor punished
pussy with his tender sucking mouth when Leroy
<oooohh> finishes with me, but for real fucking
<uuuuh>, I need a cock - Yes, like that, Leroy!
Deeper! <thuu> Do want to see it better <uuh> honey?
Come here and watch <uuuuh> what real sex <uhh uhh>
with a real man <puuuph> is like. <ahhhhhhaa>

I think Ralph tried to hold her back, but Sherry was
already under the spell of the huge black cock that
was disappearing into and reappearing from my horny
quim more and more rapidly, turning my pussy juice to
froth. Getting as close as she dared, she leaned
forward looking almost directly down on her mother happily getting her brains screwed out.

"Go ahead, honey <uhh-uhh> touch it." I encouraged.

She reached out a finger and gingerly touched the tip
to Leroy's drenched pussy pleaser and jerked her hand
back as if burned.

"Yeah, girl, touch it. Das da cock yo slutty Momma
needs in her cheatin' cunt, da cock make her come like
a crazy woman. She can't get enough." I could hardly
concentrate on his narration. "Das da cock gonna
shoot her full of fuck juice 'til it run out 'er
eyeballs and put a little black baby in her. "Yo
wants to stand dere and watch Leroy preg up yo Momma?
Yo can wave at you little brodda o' sista as he go

Pregnant? Baby? Hold on. That wasn't part of the
plan. But, -- oh shit - I had been so excited about
putting on a good show to arouse my daughter, I forgot
to make sure Leroy put on a condom before doing ME!
And -- quadruple shit - I was fertile this weekend,
just as Sherry was! My protests, interrupted by gaps
of ecstasy as Leroy pounded my toward climax, were
right out of a classic DW tale.

"No, no, Leroy! No baby! You've got to stop. Put on
a rubber. You'll get me pregnant."

"Stop fuckin' yo?"

He did pause for a moment, leaving me stuffed with his
fuck-log. It was torture. "No, Leroy, I need you to
fuck me, but don't come in me. Oh shit, fuck me, you
know I need it. Oh, baby, fuck me," I almost wailed

"Das what I thought, bitch. Getin' fucked is what yo
wants and fillin' yo wid my baby juice is what I
wants. At last I got my bareback cock in dat slutty
pussy o' yose an Ise givin' yo a Leroy Black Baby
Special. Gonna fill yo full of my hot thick jizz and
yo gits what all de slutty white wives gits sooner or
later, a bellyful of black bastard. An," he slowed
down again, teasing me, driving me crazy with lust for
his cock, "Miz Joyce say tell yo, yose not de only one
can snoop a tampon."

"NO, noooooo," I groaned, but I was too far gone to
stop him. He was fucking me divinely with loud
sloshing sounds, brushing my clit with his pubic hair
with every thrust and pushing me ever closer to the
Big O.

"See yo Momma hump me, girl," he gloated to Sherry.
"She want dis. Her womb been wantin' my baby fo' a
long time, but her head'd been gittin' in de way."

I was in heaven and hell, seconds from climax. He was
about to shoot his load deep inside my unprotected
womb, to knock me up just as he had Joyce and several
of my friends. I thought *I* could outsmart him, but
his cock and my reptile brain had ganged up on my tiny
gray frontal cortex; all I could do was hump back.

As he continued ramming me with his cock, I forgot all
about rubbers and bloated tummies as my white ass fell
into in perfect rhythm with his black ass, slamming
into me. We fucked like pigs then to my surprise, I
started moaning, "Fuck me you stud, empty those big
black nuts in my belly, make me pregnant, come in me
Leroy, plant your black seed deep." I looked up
helplessly at Sherry's lust-glazed eyes for a moment
and then it hit me, a cataclysmic orgasm.

"Das it, bitch, come good on Leroy's cock. Show missy
here how a slutty white pussy gets ready for Leroy's
baby-makin' fuck-cream ... it ... CUM!"

I felt a gusher of hot jizz blast into me and carom
against the walls of my overheated cunt. I howled
again as yet another orgasm convulsed me. It was the
hardest, longest lasting orgasm he'd ever given me.
When I could think again, I knew why; Leroy had done
it, put his baby in me.

I might know, but Leroy wasn't taking chances. He
rolled me a little so not to crush me with his weight,
but basically kept my pussy plugged with his cock,
letting his semen pool up deep around my cervix. He
wanted his wigglers IN. And as I lay there panting
from three climaxes, secure in the arms of this
magnificent male, I realized that I wanted it, too. I
was going to be a mommy again. I'd been having fun
fucking this beautiful stud for months, but now that
he was giving me a baby I broke done and sobbed for
joy, clinging to him like a little girl after her
first fuck. "Thank you, Leroy, thank you for giving me
a baby! Thank you"

With the deed, done, Leroy showed a softer side.
"Don' cry, Miz Jackson, yose gonna be a fine Momma for
Leroy's baby. And don't yo worry, Leroy gonna keep
fuckin his white ho all de time 'til yo pops out dat
little brown baby."

I was recovering from the greatest fuck of my life
when I finally looked up a Sherry. She was still
gazing in awe at Leroy, but her hand had disappeared
under the band of her skirt. Leroy noticed too.
"'Scuse me, Mix Jackson, but yo daughter look like she
need a Leroy baby, husef."

Sherry shook her head as Leroy rose from the couch
where he had nailed me, but she didn't move. I guess
part of Leroy's success with us women is to know when
to be soft and when to be firm, even cruel. He smiled
tenderly and pulled Sherry's hand from her pussy and
brought it gently to his mouth. mother Debbie, I had
never seen anything so erotic as that huge black man sucking cunt juices from my daughter's nasty little
white fingers. I came again, I swear.

"Yo sho does tastes sweet, girl," Leroy told her
sincerely. "Tastes like yo little white pussy's got
pretty wet while yo watched yo sexy momma get black
bred, huh?. Lemme feel. Drop yo skirt, girl"

Sherry shook her head again, but she was staring at
his glistening cock and unfastened the skirt and let
it fall to the floor. Leroy motioned for her to turn
around. "Nice ass, girl. Yo takes after yo momma, but
I ain't never seen such un-sexy panties. Dem sho
ain't de fuck-me panties dat a marri'd woman outta be
wearin', but den, all yose 'spected to get in 'em was
yo hubby's little fo' incher, so guess I don't blame
ya. Better take 'em off for Leroy"

Sherry looked frightened but hooked her thumbs and
shimmied the white cotton panty over her hips. I
could smell her excitement from where I was. She
shivered slightly as Leroy appraised her.

"Let's see dem tits too." Sherry didn't need to be
instructed and dutifully shucked her blouse and
released her large firm breasts from the bra. Leroy
whistled, impressed. "Damn fine baby-feeders, girl.
Yose gonna make a GOOD momma with dem tits." Sherry
moaned slightly as Leroy took one in his hand and
began to fondle a nipple.

"Sherry, no!" Ralph cried out. "Don't let him touch

Hell, I'd forgotten about Ralph. Evidently Sherry
had, too. She was so caught up with letting Leroy
work her large sensitive breasts, I don't think she
even heard him. Shaking off my post-orgasmic
lethargy, I got up and went over to Ralph on the other
sofa. I had to make sure he didn't do anything

"It's OK, Ralphie," I cooed. "Leroy is going to make
our Sherry very happy. You want to see your beautiful
white wife sexually satisfied for once, don't you?"

"Yes, ... but ... but ... he's ..."

"He sure is, honey; he's sexing her up so good. Look
how that finger in her cunt makes her squirm, Ralphie.
He's making her want it so bad, getting her ready for
some hot fucking."

"But mother Jackson, Sherry is ovulating this weekend.
If she ... if he ..."

"I know, Ralphie. Aren't you happy to see your
beautiful wife being bred right before your eyes? Few
husbands get to see that so early in their marriage.
Aren't they a perfect couple? Our big, strong,
womanly Sherry looks like a little girl beside that
magnificent male specimen. They're going to make such
a beautiful baby, Ralphie! Aren't you excited?"

I could tell he was because there was a small but
noticeable lump in his crotch. "Of course, you are,
sweetheart!" I whispered in his ear, placing my hand
between his legs. "Seeing that marvelous stud make a
baby in your pretty wife must be a dream come true for
a man like you, Ralph." I guessed a few minutes ago
he'd have thought it was a nightmare, but my hand
stroking his little lump through his pants, had him
confused. "Is it frustrating, dear, knowing that a
superior man is going to be giving your wife the sexy
pregnant belly she craves? Come to mother Jackson and
let me make it better for you."

Ralph was perplexed, then seemed to understand and
began to lower his pants so I could fondle him better.
I smiled and shook my head, pointing to my pussy,
still leaking Leroy's semen. "I'm going to show you a
cuckold husband's greatest pleasure, Ralphie, eating
her lover's sperm from a freshly fucked woman."
Totally overwhelmed, the docile darling let me guide
his head snug between my thighs.

"That's it sweetie, lick me ... like that. Uuuu,
Ralphie, that's sooo good ... in there with your
tongue ... uhhh." He was amazing. I wondered if some
other woman -- not my silly Sherry -- had taught him
to eat pussy or if he was just a natural submissive.
"Yes, yes, Ralphie, eat me, sweetheart, eat your
mother-in-law!" I moaned. He was really getting into
it. Maybe it was just his sweet disposition, his
desire to please a woman. He was so different from
Leroy. Leroy's tongue is strong and did wonderful
things to me, but I knew it was always for HIM. He
did it just to get me hot, to make me crazy to fuck
him. Ralph was worshiping me with his mouth because
*I* wanted him to. He would stay there, pleasuring me
until I made him stop.

Which I had no intention of doing anytime soon. A
soft little orgasm washed over me as Ralph's tongue
found my clit. Sherry had chosen better than she

Sherry! The wonderful feeling of Ralphie's lips on my
clitty had made me forget about my daughter and Leroy,
but my attention was jerked back when I heard Sherry
shriek and come violently. My lover had my daughter on her knees, her big breasts smashed down against the
rug as he took her - hard - from behind. "Better git
used to fuckin' like dis, bitch," Leroy was roaring.
"When yo belly git big with Leroy's baby, yo won't be
able to get it no udda way!"

Sherry was drenched in sweat as Leroy pounded away at
her, making her climax almost constantly. The sounds
coming from my daughter were poignant resignation and
unbelievable desire mixed. "Tell me what wants, girl.
Tell me yo want's Leroy to fuck a baby into yo
marri'd white belly."

"Yes, yes," she wailed. "Fuck me Leroy, fuck your
whore. Give me a baby, anything, baby, but fuck me
fuck meeeeeeeee!" Suddenly she went rigid and then
spasmed as Leroy roared like a Brahma bull proudly
impregnating another heifer from the herd. Maybe
Ralph heard it too for at that moment he took my whole
clit in his mouth and I exploded again in orgasm.


Well, that's the way it happened, mother Debbie and
Sherry and I couldn't be happier. I don't know of
anything that creates a stronger bond between a slutty
mother and her adulterous daughter than being knocked
up at the same time by the same black lover. We even
did our pregnancy tests together -- she came over to
the house and we peed in the little cups at the same
time and watched the cards turn blue, mine then hers.

We squealed and danced around like teenagers when we
realized that Leroy had knocked us both up that same
night. We spent the rest of the afternoon eating each
other out and talking about our babies. I was hoping
for another little girl I could rear to be a happy
little slut. Sherry was more conventional, wanting a
boy to fuck. Later, to celebrate, I called Ralphie to
come over and we let him and Dan worship our now
officially pregnant pussies. I was surprised that
Ralph had become and even better cuntlicker in the
three weeks. My Sherry had obviously been giving him
intensive training. Someday he'd be better than Dan.
Lucky little slut.

Since then, we've been inseparable. Now that we are
showing we like to dress up in stocking s and heels
and go to the mall together shopping for sexy
maternity dresses, shocking the sales girls when we
both ask to have them shortened by several inches so
we can proudly display our growing tummies. We have
the same cravings, and I don't; mean just for Leroy's
cock. <giggle> We spend lots of quality time in bed
stroking and loving and massaging each other's smooth
round bellies and kissing and fondling each other's
swollen breasts. And whenever we can -- he has other
actual and perspective pregnant white wives to attend
to -- we get Leroy to come over and fuck us senseless
seriatim. Then we let Dan and Ralphie eat the thick goo from our satisfied little (well, not so little
now) pussies. The boys love it and adore us for
arraigning the treat.

Dan, of course, is over the moon knowing he is going
to be a daddy and getting to eat my drippy, pregnant
honey pot again after so many years. Ralph is still
not completely happy about a rearing a houseful of
Sherry's multi-colored bastards, (She's said next
time she'd like to have a Latino baby.) But every
time she gets Ralphie's head between her legs for a
few hours and lets him drink her sweet, intoxicating
pussy juice, especially when fortified with a lover's
semen and then makes him shoot his watery spend into
her soft, lotion-slickened hand, he "cums around" a
little more.

Joyce, too, is ecstatic with her twins, big baby boys whose little chocolate lips keep even Milky Joyce's
udders almost drained. (To Bob's delight, her bust
size just exploded.) As you predicted, Bob is so
happy having a sexy wife that keeps his balls screwed
off and now lets him nurse from her titties, he
wouldn't have cared if the babies were green and had
tails! In turn, Joyce has fallen in love with Bob all
over again for being such a sport about her need for
strange cock. She is so grateful, she's promised to
let HIM make her pregnant with the next baby and all
the even numbered ones from now on.

Thank you again, mother Debbie. We owe it all to you!

The End

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