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Shocking Origin



Shocking Origin

by Cat' sara

Categories: FF,MA,MC,FT
*foreword by EyeofSerpent

Please welcome Sara to our company of authors. She arrives bearing
gifts, in this case, a tribute to the tale 'Shockingly Black'.

Readers may wonder, 'Why would Eye encourage or allow someone else to
tell this story?'

My answer is simple. It is told well and with an energy that I feel
complements the original work. Please enjoy as I have.



*Author's note -
This story contains graphic descriptions of sex and adult situations.
If you find that you are offended by this, please read no further.
If you are offended by this and read it anyway, I suggest you quit
lying to yourself *grin*.

Also, I owe an incredible debt of gratitude to EyeofSerpent for
allowing me to play with this story, along with keen insights as it
progressed. I only hope that I have come close to creating the heat
that the original evoked.

- Sara*

Part One

You can call it an inspiration if you want, but that's not really how
it felt at the time. It was more like a realization that came over a
period of a few years, with the culminating point being a revelation.
Learning is like that. Take math, for instance. You don't understand
it, and you don't understand it, and you don't understand it, and then
you understand it. It happens all at once; a gestalt experience, the
Great Ah-Ha.

That's how it was with the creation of the Black Object. I call it the
Object because I don't know what else to call it. To explain, maybe I
should begin at the beginning: My background is mechanical engineering.
I went to MIT, and graduated with honors, although I wasn't anywhere
near the top of my class. I enjoyed the way things fit together into
efficient, purposeful manifestations of the dreams in someone's head.

Maybe it's because I'm a woman in a male dominated field, but I felt
I had a keener insight into that aspect, at least philosophically.

After leaving school, I worked, of all things, as Director of
Research for a cooking utensil company. It was horribly unsatisfying,
but it paid the bills. It also left me time to pursue other interests.
Really, there were only two. They were reading and sex. I know at this
point that you would like me to say I was more interested in sex, but
that simply wasn't the case at the time. I was having trouble finding a
partner, for one thing. In Kleeport, North Dakota, there aren't many
outlets for lesbian engineers. The only women I met were pretty
backward in taste and in knowledge. I don't mean to sound snobby - it
was simply a case of no one really "clicking."

As a result, I had a rather large collection of sex toys. Dildos,
vibrators, plugs, clamps, electronic gadgets... and although I had my
share of orgasms, the overall effect was rather hollow. I was searching
for the perfect toy, the perfect lover, the perfect anything that could
get me into the fantasized state of no longer caring what was happening
around me except for unbridled lust.

Don't look so incredulous; if you tell the truth about it, you have
always wanted that too. I know, because we're all the same in very
basic ways. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

At the same time, I was reading several books. They were all typical of
the genre I was currently pursuing: Sort of Eastern-philosophy mind-
over-matter creative-visualization "we create our own reality" books.
As I said before, I enjoyed looking into and exploring the link between
what we think and how we manifest our thoughts into real objects. It
had occurred to me more than once that what we create is nearly always
a compromise between what we can fashion with our hands and what we
think in our minds. There is always the flaw that comes from moving
from the psyche into the physical world.

Once I was done with my latest books, I found myself looking for a new
book at the local mom-and-pop bookstore when a little paperback caught
my eye. It was brown, not very thick, and had along the spine, very
simply in yellow block letters, the words "Subjective Reality". The
title didn't appear on the cover, and neither did the author, but it
was on clearance, so I decided to pay the $1.50 and take a look.

I opened it up that night and the first words written were, "You alone
are responsible for the amount of information you get from this book.
You already know it, and this book, if you let it, will guide you to
what you already know but do not realize."

I read it all night, three times, from cover to cover.

I don't know if I can truly explain this part - it's so personal, and
so profound that it is hard to describe. It was like watching all the
pieces fall into place. Everything I'd been taught, from the Golden
Rule to Higher Math, seemed to suddenly make sense. Areas of
philosophical conflict were easily and methodically brought to
resolution - it was like the coalescence of every moment and event in
my entire life. The information was simple, in fact. It was simply that
we create our own reality.

Here is an example.

You touch something to your tongue. That creates a chemical reaction,
which creates an electrical current, which is sent to your brain. Your
brain interprets the electrical signal and you think something along
the lines of, "That tastes great!" or, "That tastes awful!" Well, what
I came to see is that EVERYTHING is that way. The only reason that a
house exists is because we believe it exists. It exists for more than
one of us because we AGREE that it exists. We each have unique
interpretations of it, and they may not match at all, but since we
cannot see into each other's heads, we simply agree that we must be
experiencing the same thing.

Taken a step farther, I could be lying asleep on planet Zortax healing
my nineteen tentacles, and dreaming every bit of this up. If that is
the case, then if I imagine something convincingly enough to make it
real, then it will be real. If others agree that it is real, then I
have wandered into a state of consciousness where I think great
prophets and miracle workers have ventured. I know many of you have had
these thoughts, but suddenly I knew them more truly and deeply than I
had ever known anything in my life. I was leaping into a new reality,
and I was ready for it.

By the way, as far as I know, I'm only Rachel Tellis, a human female on
planet earth.

Anyway, that's how the creation of the Black Object got started... I
was in a new reality, and I was also horny. I decided to meditate to
take my mind off my arousal, but it kept coming to me stronger and
stronger, along with the new knowledge I had. There was a primal form
shaping in my mind. I kept trying to make it into a woman but it kept
falling back in on itself in my head. It ended up and a vaguely phallic
thing, almost like a banana, with a little tip.

As I gave into my imagination, it became a sort of transceiver for
sexual play. It sent out pure erotic energy and as it returned, it
stored it like a battery, changing its functioning based on the
information it received. It was relentless in its pleasure, and it
changed the reality of the person it came in contact with. Everything
it touched became erotic and subject to the pleasure and whims of
whoever was engaged in its irresistible seduction. It would use my own
realization of the nature of reality to change the reality of whoever
used it.

I could feel my pussy on fire as the fantasy and meditation went on and
on. My nipples were aching and erect - my years of dissatisfaction
pouring into this moment. My body was moving of its own accord, and
inside my mouth and even in my anus I was feeling slick and chilled -
my mind was becoming lost in a sea of obsession and my reality was
shifting faster than I could control it.

My finger pinched my nipples and moved to my clit. I thought about my
tongue as a clit and pinched it and immediately realized the change
taking place in me. My breathing was rasping and as I screamed in pure
ecstasy my pussy and anus and tongue *orgasmed* together and I tasted
melon sherbet on my tongue. Soundlessly screaming as I leaked cum over
and over, my mind awash and lost in a sea of blasting, thunderous
ecstasy, music beyond words filled my brain and caressed my skin like a
thousand snakes' tongues as I slipped into delicious slick chill

I awoke sometime later, thick and groggy and itching from the dried
sexual juices that had flowed from me. My mouth was dry, and as I
reached up to touch it, I realized that I had the same juices covering
my face that were covering my thighs. I made my way through the
darkness to the bathroom and turned on the light and went to the
shower. As I turned on the water, I nearly convulsed from the shivers
of ecstasy as the water ran down my body.

Every nerve I had was singing to me, and I came hard, almost falling
over in the tub.

I rinsed off as best I could without succumbing to the delicious,
almost evil sensations coursing deeply through me and into my brain.
Even the towel was making my pussy slick and yearning... something in
me had definitely changed, and though it was scary, it was too powerful
to push away. As my hands wandered my body, I realized that my mouth
was thickly slick too... like sweet ambrosia... and as it slid gently
down my throat I found myself losing any thought save the pleasure that
was building once again. Suddenly, like a dam bursting, I fell to the
floor, convulsing with pure, raw pleasure. I could feel every nerve in
my body respond and transmit and amplify my orgasm, and before it even
crested another was upon me, and then another, stacking and stacking, a
mountain of bliss and lust. It kept pouring like Niagara into my soul
as I lost all thought and existence to primal, irresistible lust and
abandon, the Black Object filling my head until it was more than
everything, it was the Goddess, it was existence...

This time when I woke up, I didn't even try to clean myself off. What I
had experienced was so earth-shatteringly beautiful that to change it
would be something akin to blasphemy. I made my way carefully, not
touching anything except my feet to the floor (which was enough to keep
me hotly shivering). I stepped over to my bed, and stopped cold. Lying
in the folds and wrinkles of the sheets (which reminded me, oddly, of
the folds of a vagina) was the Object of my meditation and fantasy.
Here was my vision, black, perfect, slightly otherworldly due to the
almost imperceptible iridescence it had as the light played along its
sides. The Object.

If you can imagine this, it was incredibly rude and intrusive, yet at
the same time it evoked an almost tangible sense of curiosity.

Okay, now I was scared. It's one thing to realize that we create
reality, and quite another to actually create it. I reached out to
touch it gently, to confirm it in my mind.


I lifted it, felt its weight. As my arm broke out in goosebumps and my
nipples hardened, I felt the swoon of the slick chill blackness of my
earlier vision. My mouth went slick and swollen along with my pussy. I
felt the urge to taste it, to feel it inside my mouth.

The power of this thing was greater than even my fantasy. Quite
honestly, I don't know how I managed to unwrap my fingers and let it
go. Maybe it had a consciousness and knew me as its creator, or maybe I
just got lucky. I knew somehow that if it ever made it into me
anywhere, its potent sexuality would consume me, despite the fact that
it came from my own wicked dreams. Even now it was insidiously shaping
my thoughts. Investigate this thing. Take it to the lab. Analyze my own
secretions. Need new samples. Put it in my mouth. No. My pussy. NO! My
ass! NO!!! I realized it was a losing battle. My own lust had been the
germ that created it. It operated like a terrible feedback loop, taking
my sexual energy, sending it back to me, my own mind adding to it,
sending it through again, amplifying it ten, a hundred, a thousand

*How do you defend yourself against your own most secret and obscene

I dragged myself to the kitchen and got a pair of plastic tongs. I
picked up the Object with them. Mmmmm tongs pinching my nipples... no,
taking it to the window and dropping it to the sidewalk below, hearing
the Object smash on the ground... I felt the thing shatter inside my
head, wracking me with pain and despair. This was far beyond anything I
had ever thought earlier in the evening. I went to bed and crashed into
sleep, thinking vague and half-crazed thoughts about what door I had

I woke up late the next morning, feeling a little run over. With
everything that had happened, I had forgotten to set my alarm. Luckily,
I was only a half-hour later than normal so with some luck I would
still be ready when Laura, my carpool partner, arrived to pick me up
for another dreary day.

I thought about the night before and felt frightened and elated at the
same time. Somehow, I had managed to completely transform my experience
of reality, or gained the ability to transform reality itself.

As far as I knew, it might be a unique experience.

The sudden sense of responsibility was staggering. I went to the open
window for some fresh air. I was thinking about how "in control" I
would have to be with this new knowledge, when I looked down and nearly
lost my composure completely. Instead of shards of shattered black,
there were several identical Black Objects laying scattered on the
ground outside. Seven of them, to be exact.

I threw on my robe, grabbed a broom and dustpan from the kitchen, and
went outside to pick them up. As they rolled from the sidewalk into
the dustpan, even the light tinkling sound made my tongue go slick and
I felt my clit swell. The sound was sweet corruption - it *blended*
into the music that kept echoing through my head like a song that was
stuck there. By the time I got them to the living room, I was
staggering from the erotic visions burrowing into my mind.
Even the wallpaper looked like it was swirling and dancing in rhythms
that made my hips move and my tongue rasp against my teeth, bringing
forth a nerve-shattering clitoris-like sensation I couldn't resist.

I stood on a precipice, the music and memory calling me with dark,
black, slick promises of unending sexual fire. It was as if the chill
black Objects were now working in concert, calling me by something
deeper than my name, something more basic than breathing. My
splintering mind barely commanded my arms to put the dustpan down, and
I fell away, rather than walked out of the living room.

In the hall, I caught my breath, and after a few minutes my mind
cleared a bit, and I made my way to the bathroom for a quick shower.
Every motion was an agony. Step. Step. Pull back the shower curtain.
Lean over. Turn on the water. Turn on the shower. Step in. Pull the
shower curtain closed. Turn around. Luckily, this morning, the water
was just water. My mind was finally starting to wake up again,
although my fingers seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time
washing my nipples and crotch. I realized with a start that touching
my own body had changed.

My fingers and hands, although I controlled them, felt like someone
else caressing my body. You know what I mean; it never feels as good to
fondle yourself as it does when someone else is doing it. Well, at
least that's how it was before that morning. I was drying myself off,
unable to stop my mind from wandering into more thoughts of lust and
beautiful abandon, when I heard Laura call out, "Rachel?"

"Be there in a minute, Laura! I'm running a little late - I'll be right
down!" I responded. I put a simple outfit on the bed and towel-dried my
hair. Thank the Goddess (the image of the Object brought a brief smile
to my face) for short hair. Funny how the Object was appealing and
revolting at the same time.


I felt my mouth go slick and a rush of arousal hit my pussy and I
suddenly remembered the Objects on the coffee-table.

"Laura?" No answer. "Hey, Laura!" I shouted and ran to the living room.
Nothing prepared me for what I would see. Nothing in my entire life.
There was Laura, her legs spread widely, on her knees leaning over the
couch. Her clothes lay in a crumpled pile nearby and her eyes were wide
and wild with panic. But the sight of my naked friend was not what
shocked and frightened me. Not at all. Her mouth was full of obsidian
blackness pumping in and out with her tongue. Her hands were at her
crotch, one pumping a black glass deep into her pussy, the other
pumping an Object alternately, slickly, in and out of her anus. She
looked like some bizarre sex cultist, her body undulating obscenely and
with total
disregard to anything else in the world.

*In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out.*

Her body arched backwards as she came, and she fell to the floor, her
legs bucking and flailing, here eyes now closed, her mind apparently
lost in the sensations my creation was giving her. Her mouth sucked and
gagged at the copious juices she fought to keep from escaping her
mouth. As she lost consciousness, I tasted melon sherbet on my tongue
and remembered how good it was. How it could hardly be better. How I
was born for this. How I wanted to do it. How silly my objections were.
How I could not stop. How I had to obey. How I had to let go. I shook
those thoughts off, or at least tried to press them down to a
manageable level. I had to think fast or we'd be in even bigger
trouble. As she lay there, I went to the kitchen and called into work
to report that I wouldn't be coming in that day. I called Laura's
supervisor, and asked if she could loan her to me for a special
research project I was working on. That done, I returned to try to help
my friend.

I swear, I had only the purest of intentions. I know it was wrong, but
as I walked back into the room, a wave of raw lust hit me and I lost
it. After a night and morning of being assaulted with unimaginable
arousal, I surrendered to the primal need coursing through me in wave
after wave. I looked at Laura, and knew I should help her. Help her.
Help her. Help her. I walked over to her passed out form. I wasn't sure
how to proceed. I reached down to the coffee table and picked up a
Black Object. Before I even had a chance to think, my hand pressed it
easily into my slick vagina. I gasped and my eyes nearly bulged out of
their sockets. It was so fucking *good*. I'd had no idea. I knew right
then that it was of no use to think of morality and ethics.

There was only desire. The blackness, the Object and desire. I giggled
as my brain began the musical and repetitive rambling of lunacy. *The
Object of Desire. The Obsidian of Orgasm. The Lodestone of Lust.*

I grabbed the coffee table as I fell to my knees as a wave of
unrestrained bliss washed over me and filled me. My fingers grabbed for
purchase and found instead another chill curve of black glass. As if
obeying the call of a deeper demon, my hand plunged it unprepared into
my anus as my mouth went slick and dripping with sexual essence. My
mind calmed. Nothing more than this. Nothing less than this. My eyes
closed as music filled my head, music from heaven and hell, music that
would not be assuaged with reason. I felt Laura stir and turned to look
at her. Her eyes both pleaded with and called to me.

"I'm going to help you, Laura," I said gently, careful not to disrupt
the passion singing in my ears and flowing over my skin. "Everything
will be fine," I whispered as I leaned over and put my mouth to hers,
and began pumping the chill black glass in and out of her mouth, and in
and out of mine, keeping time with music beyond imagining...


Part Two

I felt myself coming up from a pool of blackness, vaguely wondering how
long I had slept. I had the half-asleep feeling of deep arousal that
comes with the end of sexual dreams, but the dreams were already
disappearing, leaving only a hazy feeling of euphoric satisfaction.

I lifted my head and suddenly felt chill slickness in my mouth. My eyes
sprang open to see Laura's face, her closed eyes so close they merged
into one in my vision. I jerked back as I remembered the Black Glass
and the ravaging I had put her through. I felt the smooth black invader
pop out of my mouth and the rush of heat through my nipples and into my
clit; vibrating against an identical Object already nestled in my

My mouth *ached* and my head fell forward, sliding down on the vile
glass before I could form the thought to stop myself. I tried going
very slowly, and was able to get free of the glass after what seemed
like an eternity. I looked down at my carpool partner and sudden,
unexpected lover.

The outrageous obsidian beast was still sticking out of her mouth as
she slept, and I felt guilt and revulsion course through me. She was
absolutely covered in our combined juices, but they had not dried--
they were viscous, and shone like oil on her skin. I sat back on my
legs and felt the other Objects still inside me slip deeper and I
nearly fainted from the pulse of pleasure that swept upward through me.

I caught a glance of myself in a reflection from a window. My lips were
swollen to the point of grossness, but somehow they looked sexy,
inviting the most depraved visions to enter my head. I looked at Laura
again, her auburn shoulder length hair, green eyes and petite nose...
her lips, once thin and dry, were swollen and loose and begging for my

The Black Object *called* to me again and I was immediately filled with
aching need. I was angry and Laura's complete vulnerability to what had
happened felt like my fault. My nipples tightened and I ran my tongue
over my lips. It hit me then. Was the Glass using that anger to create
a desire to return to more passionate hours of endless bliss? Could
anger be transformed into lust? *No!* I thought. *You are not going to
get me back into that spiral!* I screamed inside to my chill black

I stood and felt the Objects still inside me bounce and collide and I
caught my breath. It was not just good; it was so far beyond good. It
was willful, complete seduction. I took a step towards the bathroom and
I felt my tongue *orgasm* and the smell of sex and melon sherbet filled
my nostrils and mouth and slickness streamed down my chin to my breasts
and belly, spreading desire and aching lust wherever it touched. Each
step became a pleasurable shift of my innards. Before I made it to the
bathroom, I came three more times... I had to use the walls to keep
from falling over.

I grasped desperately at reason, at the last brittle shards of my
sanity, as the slick chill blackness began to sing its dark, addictive
song of wanton lust. A soft moaning sob startled me. It sounded so
lost. It didn't sound like me at all. I had to get these things deeper
into me - NO! - out of me before I began pumping them in and out again,
before I became a deranged accomplice of the Black Glass, deliciously
letting the oblivion take me farther and farther to the point of no
return where only ecstasy and bliss and fucking and cumming and-- NO! I
sat down shivering on the toilet, and excuse me telling you this, but I
tried a natural bit of muscle work to push the Object out of my anus.

You know what I mean.

I pushed and felt it move and my anus went slick and I felt it *swell*
and suddenly my muscles slacked and it slid back in. A wall of pleasure
hit me like a breaking wave and my head swam. I tried again, slowly,
and the chill Black Object gradually slid out again. I was
concentrating on my effort and didn't even notice my hands hovering
near my breasts. Suddenly, without any thought, they pulled my nipples
hard and I spasmed, pulling the object back in. I tried to scream but
all that came out was a deep animal moan. I pressed out. Pulled back.
Pressed out. Pulled back. The music in my head was getting louder,
drowning out my thoughts. It took on a rhythm that my body followed,
like a possessed savage - even the air against my skin built my passion
upwards. I tried to fight it away, but it used all my energy to
increase the need in my lunatic fuck-filled mind. One hand leapt to my
pussy and began working the Object there against the beautiful *No!*
horrible, terrible, monstrously perfect, obscenely divine Black Object
in my ass.

What little was left of my mind flashed that I had nothing more with
which to fight. And then that rational part wilted and died with the
slutty, whorish wail that came from my lips as I came over and over,
and I felt my brain *orgasm* and spread fire to every cell in my being.
Again and again I climaxed; it was unceasing, cascading into the black
music that would never be still again, the purest passion and lust
released forever as wave after wave of unbridled libido transformed my
very reason for existence. Even as I lost consciousness, the waves did
not stop, doing the work of my lurid creation, the creation that I
could no longer, that I had no desire to control.

That, in fact, controlled me.

I dreamed of the Black Object. I felt my mind become porous, soaking in
the will of the lewd Obsidian Totem, my purpose becoming clear, my lewd
obedience becoming ingrained in every atom of my being, every wisp of
my soul. I saw the shifting reality I had tapped into, saw that
consciousness resided in between realities, a consciousness that I had
allowed into this world by way of knowledge and vision, but that was
much more powerful than the woman who had beckoned it. I had given it
form and purpose in this place and now it held me in its relentless
grip. My spirit was falling into a constant orgasm, though I knew that
awake I would only sense it as constant arousal, with incredible
orgasmic peaks that would follow as I moved in and out of congruence
with the consciousness embodied in the chill black obsidian of the

When I awoke, I was actually standing before the full-length mirror on
the back of the bathroom door. I felt the stab of the unreal. I had
somehow stood up and positioned myself in front of the mirror without
being awake...

I felt focused, I felt everything around me vibrate to the beautiful,
black, sinister music of symphonic debauchery. I was delirious with
rapture and need. My short blonde hair was mussed and matted with
slickness, and my body shone with the juices that had come from my
passion. My eyelids looked heavier and my body was literally exuding
sex, like waves of energy radiating outward along the curves. My eyes
were so dilated that I could only see a tiny line of blue where my
irises had once been. I was fucking *made* of horniness.

I spread my legs apart widely and slowly removed the Objects from my
pussy and puckered asshole, each tiny motion causing me to sway and
moan as the undeniable pleasure coursed through my blood and into my
slick clit and tongue. And I thought of Laura.

Laura with auburn hair and green eyes turning solid black... her lips
turning dark blood red, her face nearly white. The visions kept coming,
like the dreams of delirium, white hot with fevered hallucinations,
transforming her body, our bodies entwined in lovemaking, love making
her cum, coming to the edge, edging toward insane endless fucking.

I looked up to see my reflection holding the freed, chill Black Objects
to my temples. The two soft arcs of glass head to my head that way
looked like horns. Like a horny goat girl. I cocked my hip in a sultry
manner and realized that I was turning myself on. I hadn't ever looked
at myself quite the way I was seeing this wanton image in the mirror.

God, I was so fucking hot.

I sashayed into the living room. Laura was still passed out. I felt a
wicked grin cross my lips as I realized that this was probably so far
beyond her experience that she was unable to take so much at once. My
grin broke into a full smile as I realized with a delicious shiver that
we were just getting started.

"Laurrrrraaaaaaa!" I sing-songed to her. "Time to fuuu-uuuck!" I

She stirred and opened her eyes. They were solid black. Heat flashed
from the center of my bones outward, erupting on my slick skin as she
turned to look at me.

"Rachel... what the hell happened? How could I have done this?!?" she
nearly wailed.

I could tell she was near hysteria. It was perfect. She didn't even
know about her eyes yet. I was relishing every moment of driving her to
the brink. "It's not important, really, Laura," I said gently. "You've
just had a little bit of a... makeover is all," I giggled. Fuck! I was
even making myself hotter by playing word games with her.

"But Rachel, I'm not a lesbian, I'm not even f-f-faintly bi! I have a
f-f-fucking fiancé! How could I have let you f-- fu-- make love to me?"
Her face went ashen as the meaning of her own words hit her full force.

I watched it all sink home inside her mind, and she made noise like a
whimper that turned into a low, uncontrolled moan. Her lips were
swelling as she remembered, turning blood red. Her resistance was sooo
beautiful and futile that it made me stagger slightly from the heat. It
was all I could do to keep from falling to her mouth again, pumping
sweet, black, insidious defilement and pleasure into her. Into me. The
inside of my mouth was pure slick chill sherbet as I thought again of
sharing the Object between us.

*Not yet* I thought, *not yet...* Through the sexual haze I realized
that she had changed according to my thought. Surprisingly though, my
thoughts about myself had left me unaltered. *Mmmmm so nice... time to
play. Slide your hands to your crotch* I thought at Laura.

The objects in my hands sparked as she obeyed. *Lick your lips. Touch
the black glass still inside of you...* Laura's looked at me in panic
as her tongue seductively traced her swollen lips.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!?" she screamed at the top of her lungs. "It's
wonderful," I softly replied as I began to walk towards her. Her hands
found the nubs of the chill Black Objects *spark* and her entire body
jerked and I *came* hard with her, the slick juices melon sherbet music
tongue clit asshole beckoning me deeper into corrupting this so
recently innocent girl.

Despite obvious intentions to the contrary, she began moving the
Objects again, slowly, reluctantly, but steadily succumbing to the
incessant urge to let go. "This is so fucking good - ummm humiliating!"
she managed to pant through her quickening breath. ", no, no, no,
no,..." Her slickened lips and tongue formed the words long after the
sound was gone.

I lay down my own pair of Obsidian Beasts and slid my body next to her
and placed my hands over hers, over the chill black shapes moving
faster and faster in and out of her shiningly slick, dripping cunt and

"Yes, it's absolutely evil," I whispered in her ear.

She let out a low feral moan and I pressed my mouth to hers and we
began to cum together, cumming, cumming, cumming, no thought, only
pleasure... only orgasm on top of orgasm, deeper and deeper, riding our
bestial passion, mindlessly cumming, music building into thunderous
waves of rhythm, bursting over us and through us, minds and bodies
driven to the perpetual motion of fuck-lust, until we both passed into
the deafening, ethereal music of blackness and exhaustion.

I awoke to her hands touching my hair.

"I hate you, you bitch, and it only makes me want you more," she
snarled, pulling me into another searing kiss. She began to tremble and
broke away, pushing me onto the couch.

I stared into her deep black eyes of obsidian oblivion with unabashed
hunger. She was crying. She had lost. And she knew that I knew. "You
can't stop it Laura. I tried and it's too fucking strong."

I felt a wave wash over my head and shook it. Cascades of pure white
hair swirled around my belly and hips. So, she had discovered that
trick. Apparently we were subject to the whims of our partners now. I
smiled into her glare and closed my eyes briefly, imaging the most
outrageous vision I could bring to mind.

I sat back, playing gently with my over-sensitive clit as the skin of
her body shaped itself to my whims. Her torso and tits turned a deep
shade of incredibly shiny, reflective purple. It wasn't like lingerie,
it was her *skin* that changed. Her waist pulled in, her breasts grew
and thrust outward obscenely, like orbs of grapefruit, and her aureoles
and nipples changed to the same lovely black obsidian glass as her
eyes. Panic hit her face, but her traitorous hands roamed down her
body, her nerve endings suddenly a hundred times more sensitive, and I
felt a swell of orgasmic pulses in my tongue as I saw each little
goosebump raise on her ample, violet bosom. She tried to speak, but
could only mumble out vague surprise that turned into moans as her body
betrayed her yet again. I realized with a muted start that I had
grabbed one of the Black Objects and had begun to slowly fuck my cunt.

"So fucking *good*, Laura, yesssssss..." I sighed as I waited for the
vision to come to life that would transform her life forever. Her whole
body shot forward at the waist and her hands found two more of the
chill black glass captors.

"Noooooooo..." she rasped, overcome with both revulsion and carnal

I could see that she was trying to hold her hands away from herself. At
the same time I could *see* the waves of lascivious corruption flow up
into her arms, into her body, into her cunt, down her legs, stopping
halfway up her neck, as her body betrayed her suddenly hollow morality.
Her hands, like a relentless, teasing lover, lifted the objects in
front of her face and then lowered them to the tops of her breasts,
pressing them deep into her flesh.


I began moving the object faster and faster in and out of my cunt.
Through the slick half-mist of wanton pleasure I saw her pressing and
staring at my lewd performance. I was building to something beyond the
orgasms even this chill black sliver had given me, a place where reason
had no purpose, where sanity was beyond memory. Music pulsing, pushing,
faster and faster. in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. in.
out. in. out. in. out. in. out.

Laura's nipples spewed out high pressure streams of thick golden fluid
as the Black Objects disappeared *inside* the flesh of her breasts,
hitting my face, in my mouth, over my cunt, and I felt my entire body
*cum* in unison with my tongue and clit, losing control, losing thought
as the heavenly scream of Laura's ecstasy drove the black, maniacal
music to a fever pitch...

Images. Laura. My bare slick mound. Tongue tasting Laura's pussy and
asshole. Eyes gone silver. Melon sherbet mixed with lemon meringue.
Tongue cumming. Licking Laura licking Rachel. Black. Music. Clit so
long. Tongue sliding deeper. Deeper. Cum. Lust. Fuck. Slick. Black.
Glass. Obey. Lips. Obey. Fire. Object. Fuck. Obey. Cum. Surrender.
Obey. Cummmmmmmmmmmmm... --


Laura and I sat across from each other in the living room. We didn't
speak for a long time. It wasn't just from not knowing what to say; we
had to wait for the tongues we had lengthened to regain a size suitable
for something other than teasing every orifice on each other's bodies.

Finally, she said, "Tho whadh dtho we dtho nowl?"

I had to laugh, and she shook hard, finally bursting out herself. After
waiting a few more minutes, I answered, "Well, we certainly can't go
out in public. No one could possibly understand the process we've been
through. On the other hand, I have no inclination to go backwards."

I could see agreement in her hungry smile.

Laura and I sat in reflection and contemplation for some time. Not
nearly the days we had spent in glorious rapture (only stopping on
occasion to eat and drink), but for at least a good twenty minutes. It
was all I could do to not walk over and drink from her Black Object
enhanced breasts, starting it all over again.

*Not now,* I thought, *but soon.*

"I suppose," she said, breaking the silence, "that it would be out of
the question to 'teach' people, wouldn't it..."

"Totally unethical," I agreed, feeling my tongue go slick and chill at
the thought. "I'll be right back," I said, and left the room.

When I came back with a bucket and folded towel, Laura had her legs
spread wide, playing with her long, sensual, hypersensitive, delectably
purple clit. I opened and laid out the towel that contained the three
remaining Black Glass Objects we had cleaned and gotten lost in and
worshipped and cleaned again for the last three days.

I jerked as I felt the Black Obsidian Objects within my own breasts
*spark* in anticipation (thanks to a lovely payback from Laura). "Get
ready," I said quietly to Laura. "This is gonna hurt for a little
while," I continued, as I pulled a hammer out of the bucket and one by
one, writhing in unimaginable agony, smashed my little slick black
glass pleasure demons to bits.


It's been six months since we sent out our little seductive sculptures.
It took an incredible amount of self-discipline to change each other to
a presentable state in order to make sure our little "packages" were
safely sent, but we managed.

We decided to use the airlines.

It was expensive, but virtually untraceable. All we had to do was buy
tickets to different destinations, check the luggage with illegibly
written tags (which the agents never checked), and let destiny take its
course. While lost luggage was a possibility, I knew that every bag
would be picked up. The Black Objects don't ever let themselves be
ignored for long.

We did have one near misadventure, though. Our number came up randomly
for a luggage x-ray check, and when Allison, the perky little ticket
agent saw only a single banana shaped shadow on her screen, she just
*had* to take a look.

And then a touch.

And then a taste.

Laura and I had quite a time getting her out of that situation. Well,
not quite "out" of it. In fact, you'll have to excuse me - Laura and
Allison are in the next room fucking again, and my tongue is dripping
melon sherbet slickness all over my keyboard.

I've got go 'tend to my friends'. I'm sorry but I'm sure you understand
that 'doing' is much more important than 'typing' about all this.

Please don't think badly of me. Don't think that I was irresponsible or
hateful in bringing the Black Glass into the world. Don't think that
this is Armageddon or something weirdly dramatic. I'm writing this so
you all understand how close we all are to our minds touching something
huge and wonderful.

Our world is changing. Be a part of it. Besides, it's much more fun
once you're willing.

One last thing - if you find yourself in the presence of a small,
strange, stylized banana-shaped black glass sculpture - after you
finally find the time to think again, give your tongue a little bite,
think of me, and *cum.*
*Please feel free to send any comments and/or feedback to I hope that this little journey has given you a
bit of pleasure. Most of all, thanks to EyeofSerpent, who has
graciously allowed me for a time to participate in a wonderfully erotic

- Sara*


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