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SHOW ME YOUR tits by Headhunter

The behavior of my wife in the last six months has really changed,
for the worst. But, I guess I am to blame for the change.

Holly, my wife, was my college sweetheart. She comes from a very
proper Southern family and led a very sheltered life. She had always
been a very good athlete, and the attention she received was not for
her freshscrubbed girl next door looks, but for her athletic prowess
on the soccer field and tennis court. She is very slender with boyish
slim hips and small pert breasts that are barely a 34 B-cup. I don't
want you to think she isn't attractive, she is! But she has never
been into playing up her looks. In fact she always joked about those
women who wore heavy make-up, or used their bodies in a sexy way to
attract attention. For the first time in her life she got stares from
men after the birth of our son, 9 months ago. Being a health nut she,
of course, nursed our son. The effect on her previously diminutive
boobs was dramatic. In short her tits got huge. Given her athletic
background, it took her no time for her to regain her slim, fit body.
But now a set of, what looked like basketballs, bounced around on her

At first Holly was very self consious. She even complained that
carrying these milked filled jugs hurt her back, and the straps of
her bras dug into her sholders. She even had to buy some new clothes
that would fit her new figure. She said she couldn't wait for the
baby to stop nursing so she could get back to normal.

I must say that I enjoyed my new toy, or should I say toys, when we
made love. Holly would laugh and say, "all you men are alike. You
would follow a big set of tits anywhere." I smiled and said that her
boobs were nice, but it was her that I loved.

We have a couple who are our best friends. We have know Jim and Cathy
since college. We were best men at each others weddings and the girls
were maids of honor for each other. Cathy is a curvatious brunette,
and over the years I joked with Jim about Cathy's full-figure as
opposed to Holly's slender build. Jim admitted that he was a breast

We often vacation with them, but until recently it was only a
"regular" friendship. Jim and Cathy were helpful during the birth of
our son and the weeks of adjustment that followed. I noticed that Jim
would hang around a lot, especially when it came time for Holly to
nurse the baby. Since Jim and Cathy were such good friends Holly
didn't think anything about unbuttoning her shirt and hanging her
boobs out in front of our good friends. In fact, when Holly's breasts
were painfully full of milk and the baby was still sleeping, she
would occasionally free her breasts from the tight comfines of her
bra and gently rub them the ease the pain. Jim occassionally joked
that he would help rub if she wanted, or even suck on her boobs to
release a little milk. Holly would laugh, but I noticed that Cathy's
eyes would flash when he made these remarks.

One afternoon while we were playing golf Jim asked me if I ever took
nude photo's of Holly. I said no, did he take pictures of Cathy. Oh
yes! he said enthusiastically. It's great fun, really spices up the
bedroom action. He said that he knew I liked Cathy's full figure and
if I would take some pictures of Holly and show them to him, he would
share, what he said were some very good photos of Cathy.

His comments worked on my mind. Finally my curiousity about what
Cathy looked like naked got the best of me and I decided to take some
pictures of Holly.

That night I got out the camera and took some pictures of Holly and
the baby. I even got some of her nursing, but when I asked her to
pose for some pictues of just her in the nude, she said absolutely
not. She said, "Why do you want pictures? You can see me naked every
night if you want. I would be uncomfortable with nude pictures of me
floating around, you never know who might see them."

I asked Holly several times over the next week. But she steadfastly
refused, telling me to forget it. The next weekend Jim and I played
our regular golf game and as we finished, he pulled a thick envelope
out of his pocket and said I'll give you these if you've got some for
me. I said I didn't and he laughed at me and teased me by saying "Who
wears the pants in your family?" I asked to see his photos of Cathy,
but he refused unless he could see those huge hooters that Holly was

The next week I did something I shouldn't have. With out Holly's
knowledge I took several photo's of her. One of her getting out of
the shower, another as she applied what little make-up she wore,
sitting in her panties, at her dresser. Also I took several while she
slept, after I pulled the sheet down off of her body. Those shots
were particularly good. Because of the size and the tenderness of her
tits Holly had to sleep on her back. The fullness of her milk-filled
tits made them stand upright. Her nipples rock hard and dark against
the whiteness of her globes. Faint blue veins were barely visible
adding to the erotic sight.

The next week Jim smiled when I exchanged photo's with him after our
golf match. We agreed that we would keep this a secret. But my old
buddy blew it. I found out that a stiff prick has no concenous.

When I got home Holly was out shoping so I took out Jim's envelop. I
couldn't wait to see Cathy's voluptuous nude body. I was disapointed.
The pictures showed Cathy in a bikini that I had often seen her in,
and several others of her wrapped in a towel. Only one was slightly
erotic, showing Cathy in her panties and bra. She was sexy, but I
didn't even get to see her naked breasts. I called JIm to bitch about
the photo's, but he laughed and said in his best jokester voice, "I
got you! old buddy!"

When I got home from work on Tuesday I was met at the door by a
furious Holly. "You bastard!" She cried. "How could you, after I told
you no." With that Holly threw down a pile of photographs at my feet.
"Cathy brought these over to me this afternoon. She caught Jim in the
bathroom jerking-off over pictures of ME! He said he got you to give
him pictures of my big boobs. I can't believe you would do that to
me." Just then the baby started crying and Holly ran to the baby's
room. Calling out over her sholder that she didn't want to have a
pervert like me near her or the baby and that I could sleep on the
couch while she decided what she was going to do.

I spent the night on the couch. When I awoke the next day my business
suit was hanging on the chair with my shaving kit. My bedroom door
was locked and I could hear Holly and the baby through the door. I
shaved in the kitchen and left for work without seeing or talking to
Holly. I got a call from Jim. He apologised for the trouble we both
were in. Cathy had made him sleep on the couch as well. Jim met me at
my office at the end of the day, and said that Cathy had called him
and told him go with me to my house. Sally and Cathy wanted to talk
with us both. When Jim and I entered my house we found Cathy and
Holly sitting together on the couch looking pissed. Cathy spoke
first. "We have been trying to decide what to do about you ass-holes.
First, neither one of us want a divorce. ou have ever given us any
reason to doubt you, and from what we see out there in the real world
you are better husbands than most women have. But this infatuation
with women's breasts has to stop. So we are going to give you your
fantasy. Then we never want to hear about it again, or both you guys
will end up in divorce court." Her speech finished, Cathy stood up
and unbuttoned her blouse. Holly followed suit. Soon both women were
standing in their bras and skirts. The women looked at each other,
nodded and each unclasped their bras.

Jim and I stood with our mouths open and rapidly growing erections in
our pants, as four beautiful tits came slowly into view. I noticed
Holly blushing, but when she caught my eyes looking, she defiantly
threw her chest out and looked right at Jim's tenting pants. "It
looks like we got their attention Holly", commented Cathy. I gazed at
her lovely figure. She had conical tits, that had large red nipples.
Because her tits were elongated the nipples pointed downward, but her
breasts didn't really sag to much. They looked pillowy soft. Holly,
on the other hand, must not have fed our son recently. Her tits were
almost perfect spheres, attached to her slim frame. Her nipples were
bright pink and pointed up. What was amazing was how full they
looked. They looked hard, like water balloons, almost ready to pop.

Cathy didn't stop. She unzipped her skirt and it slid to the floor.
As Cathy moved, her breasts swung wildly. Her nipples making large
arcs in the air like two pendulums. It was very erotic. Holly looked
unsure, but dropped her skirt as well. Her taut tits just jiggled and
rippled. It was interesting to compare the asses of the two women.
Holly with her compact athletic ass and Cathy with her heartshaped,
well padded ass. Both were very sexy in their own way.

Cathy spoke, "OK Jim, I caught you playing with youself looking at
Holly's pictures, why don't you jerk off while you look at the real
thing." Much to my astonishment Jim dropped his pants and underwear
around his ankles, spit into his hand, and started stroking his hard
cock. His eyes were boring holes into Holly's tits. I couldn't
believe it, here was my wife and her friend standing in front of me
almost naked, in my own living room, while my best friend looked at
my wife and jacked-off. Cathy turned to me and said, "whats the
matter, are you shy? You weren't shy about showing naked pictures of
your wife to my husband." With that Cathy stepped forward unzipped my
fly and fished out my hard cock with her fingers. She wrapped her
hand around my shaft and after two or three quick pulls on my pud by
Cathy, my jism shot out all over the living room carpet. Cathy had to
jump out of the way to keep from getting hit. This made her tits
swing wildly up and down, and seeing that my cum shot out even

That broke the ice. Holly fell back onto the couch in a fit of
laughter. Her breasts bouncing so hard that milk squirted out of the
nipples. Jim groaned and started to cum all over the floor just as I
had. "My, My", said Cathy with a grin, "you boys don't have much
staying power." Holly just continued to laugh in fits, her boobs
bouncing and squirting. His face red from embarrassment Jim pulled up
his pants. I tucked my softening cock back in my pants. The girls put
on their clothes laughing about their idiot husbands. Holly went to
wake up the baby so he could nurse and Cathy said, "now you two have
had your little fantasy, so we can get back to normal. Holly and I
are taking the baby and treating ourselves to a shopping spree. You
guys clean up your mess. Jim, I'll see you at home in a couple of
hours." Cathy went on, "neither Holly or I want to see any of this
kind of garbage out of the two of you ever again. Do you understand?"
We mumbled that we did and soon Holly, Cathy and the baby, pressed
against Holly's full breasts, were walking to their car.

Jim grinned at me and said, "what did you think of Cathy's boobs? I
sure liked Holly's set, especially when the milk squirted. What I
wouldn't do to suck on those baby's!" I told him to get the hell out
of my house. After cleaning up the cum with a mop, I fixed dinner for
myself and thought how glad I was that Holly wasn't going to divorce

Later that night, after Holly had returned and put the baby in his
crib, we talked while sitting on our bed. Holly sat on her knees in
the middle of our bed in her panties and nursing bra. I sat on the
edge of the bed in my bathrobe. "I was really pissed-off at you", she
said, "but Cathy made me realize that all men are really little

I promised Holly that I had all of this foolishness out of my system.
She remarked that she had noticed that lots of people were treating
her different lately. I asked her what she meant. She laughed, "let
me show you!" She licked her lips sexily and reached behind her back
to unsnap her bra. Then like a stripper, she slowly pulled down the
straps, pulled her arms out and held the cups in front of her
magnificent tits. Slowly she lowered first one side then the other,
until her pink nipples were just starting to peek over the white lacy

She began to laugh. "What's up", I asked? She pointed to my erection
poking out of the opening of my robe. "You are! And I have not taken
anything off yet." With that she dropped her bra, leaned forward and
sucked my love piston into her mouth. After a minute of heaven Holly
sat up and said, "fuck my tits." I threw off my robe while she
flopped onto her back. I climbed over her chest and placed my 7
inches between her firm globes. Holly pressed her tits together,
looked up at me and said in a sulty voice, "fuck those titties!" I
began to stroke and as Holly squeezed her tits together surrounding
my straining cock with tit flesh. The milk began to seep out of her
nipples creating a warm wet love tunnel for my engourged cock. As the
purple head of my penis thrust forward Holly would lick it. My cock
soon erupted all over Holly breasts. She smiled and as I fell off of
her she began to slowly massage my jism into her tits. "Your cum
really makes my boobs feel better", said Holly. I laughed and said,
"I guess I'll have to eat your pussy, since I'm not quite ready to
give you the royal screwing you need." With that I went down on my
wife. To my surprise she was wetter than ever before. Her sweet vulva
was soaked from her secretions. I lapped up her juice with gusto and
she reached a thundering orgasm very quickly.

As we cuddled after our sex. Holly said that she had really been mad
at me, but seing Jim willing to masterbate in front of his wife and
best friend, while he gazed at her boobs, made her realize the power
of sex. "I guess you guys just can't help yourselves. In fact, men
have been treating me very differently since these mountains
developed." As she talked she lightly traced lazy circles around her
tits with both hands. Every time her fingers passed over her hard
nipples I could feel a shudder run through her body.

"Since they have gotten so big they are really sensitive. I never got
much out of you playing with my small breasts, but since they have
grown and gotten so tight, its as if all of the nerve endings are
extra alive and tingley. My nipples are especially sensitive. I
hadn't thought about it until I saw Jim jerking-off. It was like I
could feel his eyes on me. I actually came when you tit fucked me. My
pussy and clit weren't even touched and I had a big orgasm, just from
your cock rubbing against these mellons", said Holly as she placed my
hands on her tits. "Ready for round two", she laughed as she stroked
my hardening shaft.

The rest of the week our sex was great. I even tit fucked Holly a
couple of more times. My favorite was when she would straddle my hard
cock and dangle her enormous globes in my face. I would try to grab
her nipples in my mouth as they swung past. Once I bit with my teeth
on her protruding nipple and Holly yelped in pain. I realized that
her breasts were really very sensitive.

As luck would have it the weekend was the company picnic where I
worked. The picnic was at a lake and there would be a cookout, beer,
games on the beach and swimming. Holly and I decided that this would
be the first time that we left the baby with a sitter, since it would
not be at night. Holly expressed some breast milk into bottles, and
even fed the baby from her breasts right before we left at noon.
Because she had completely drained her milk jugs she was able to put
on a pre-baby bathing suit. The top was tight, with loose tit flesh
spilling slightly out from around the bathing suit cups, but she
could get it on. The bottoms were a perfect fit since she had
regained her slim muscular lower body. Over the suit she put on a
tee-shirt and nylon running shorts.

We had a great time at the picnic. We went swimming and played some
volleyball. After about 2 and a half hours it was time to eat. The 80
people at the picnic were feeling no pain after finishing off two
kegs of beer and playing in the hot sun.

Holly came up to me and said that her breasts were hurting. They were
filling up with milk again and the bathing suit top was cutting
painfully into her skin. I had noticed many of the men at the picnic
checking out Holly's tits as she jumped up and down during the
volleyball game. Holly had noticed the attention her breasts got as
well. She told me that she was going to put her tee-shirt back on and
remove her bikini top, so she would be more comfortable. Then she did
something I never thought I would see my consevative wife do. She
pulled the tee-shirt on over her head and before she put her arms
throught the arm holes she unsnapped he bikini top and pulled it out
from under her tee-shirt. This was shocking because several of my
male co-workers were standing next to us taking it all in.

She never showed anything, but the innocent way she went about it
made the movement very erotic. Right after she did this I got to see
first hand the attention payed to my wife since her chest
development. The men at the picnic literally fell over each other to
refill her glass or bring her a food. They jockeyed for position to
sit next to her, and the men's leers were obvious. Holly loved the
attention and even moved her body in a way that would make her tits
bounce under her tee-shirt. I noticed that her nipples had become
hard and made obvious little bumps on the front of her shirt.

I got called away to help tap a new keg of brew. I got back to Holly
about 15 minutes later to find her sitting on a picnic table in her
suit bottoms and tee-shirt, while six men sat on the benches laughing
and joking with her. Her bouncing, unconfined breasts at the eye
level of the drooling men. As I approached the table I noticed that
breast milk had leaked onto her shirt making the area around her
nipples wet. When Holly saw me staring, she looked down and jumped
off the table, much to the delight of her admirerers, since it made
her boobs bounce wildly. She blushed as she walked up to me and said,
"I need to jump into the lake and rinse this milk off of my shirt. Be
a good husband and get me another cup of beer."

Before I could respond she ran to the lake followed by three of her
male admirerers. By the time I got back to the lake with a cup of
beer, Holly was splashing and wrestling in neck deep water with her
new friends. They were tossing her around and I could see that
ocassionally the men would grab a handfull of tit flesh. Holly saw me
and started to walk out of the water to get her beer. As the water
got shallower the men with her whooped it up as the wet tee-shirt
clung to her full breasts. The tee-shirt was fairly thick,but her
pink, pckered nipple were slightly visible through the wet material.
I reached for a towel to wrap around Holly, but she laughed and said,
"I thought you wanted men to see my titties." I replyed that I
thought that what happened with Jim was forgiven and forgotten. Holly
replied that it was, "but I may as well flaunt it while I've got it,
at least for the few months that I've got it."

Holly's swimming buddies, guys I work with everyday slapped me on the
back as the came out of the water. "Man your wife has got some nice
knockers", one of them said. Another chimmed in, "I'm gonna have to
get my wife pregnant if it will give her hooters like Holly's." Then
he laughed and said "Holly's Hooters! Holly's Hooters!." The chant
was taken up by the three men, much to Holly's delight. I also
noticed that she checked out the bulges in the men's swim trunks.
"Holly's Hooters" had definitely had an effect on these three horny
guys. I was a little pissed as Holly spent the next 15 minutes
walking around the picnic in a wet tee-shirt. She was checked out by
all the men and even some of the women. I heard two of the older
women employees wispering about Holly and heard phrases like,
"brazen" "on disply like that", and "not appropriate for a picnic".
It was very clear what their opinion was, even if I couldn't hear the
whole conversation. I actually agreed with them.

Holly's saw me mooping about and left the circle of men that was
surrounding her, and came over to where I was standing. I was glad to
see that the tee-shirt had dried and Holly's breasts were no longer
on display. "What's the matter honey?" Holly asked. I shook my head
and said, "It seems like your very popular today." Holly's eyes
flashed, "You started this! For the first time in my life I have got
guys flirting with me in the most outrageous way. I have always been
"hit on" by men, but this is different. I'm being looked at like a
sex object. It really does give me the most control over men. These
guys have been waiting on me hand-and-foot. My every whim is being
anticipated. Just because I am letting them look at my tits. It's
amazing. Besides what harm is there in a little harmless flirting and
looking. Nothing is going to happen. In fact all of this has gotten
me very hot. You are the one who is going to benefit from this,
because when we get home I'm going to give you the fuck of a
lifetime." I smiled at that and said, "what are we waiting for?"
Sally agreed, but added, "I've got those boys all hot and bothered,
I'm going to say goodbye and let them know what a lucky man my
husband is." Holly walked over to the men. Two of them draped their
arms over her sholders like friends would. I was sure that their
hands drifted across her breasts "by accident". I heard the men laugh
at something Holly said. Soon Holly was walking back to our car arm-
in-arm with me.

Eat your hearts out boys, this little lady is all mine, I thought as
we approached our car. On the way home I noticed that Holly was
playing with tits at one point reaching up under her shirt and
squeezing her big melons. It seemed to me that Holly was becoming
obsessed with her breasts. When we got home Holly took the baby to
nurse while I paid the baby sitter. Later that night after the baby
was asleep Holly and I had great sex, but again it centered on her
tits. I loved it but there is more to life than "Holly's Hooters."

As I expected on Monday a work I took some good natured kidding from
the men in my office about "Holly's Hooters". Once, while approaching
the coffee pot in the break room, I heard several men whispering
while one of the men held his hands in front of his chest in the
universal "boobs out to here" sign. The men got quiet when I
approached. When I got home that evening I found Holly laying back on
the couch wearing only a skirt massaging her tits with the baby oil
we used on my son diaper rash. She had her eyes closed and was
shivering from her own touch. The baby was crying in his room, but
she was oblivious to everything except rubbing her engourged boobs.

I blew up and asked her what the hell she was doing. She sat up with
a start and hearing the baby ran into the nursery. Later that evening
I asked Holly what was the matter with her. She said that her new
tits were exciting to her. She reminded me that I had started this
with Jim. Then she completely suprised me and asked if I still wanted
pictures of her in the nude. She thought she ought to have some made
to keep, because her tits would only last as long as she nursed the
baby. I said, that I had been taught my lesson and I just wanted
things to get back to normal. Holly took that as a challenge and
asked me if I would rub some baby oil on her tits because they were

I must admit that when I began to knead her wonderful globes with my
hands, this fixation of Holly's didn't seem so bad. As I rubbed with
spread fingers, her white skin oozed between my fingers. When my
thumbs strummed her rock hard nipples, Holly would moan. After 10
minutes of breast massage Holly bit her lip, her eyes glazed over and
she had an orgasm. I pulled off her skirt and panties and plunged my
rock hard cock into her sloppy cunt in one deep thrust. Not even
taking notice of my root burried to my balls in her tight quim, Holly
looked at me and said, "suck my tits, please suck my tits." I did and
as I stroked Holly harder than ever before she had one long orgasm
that lasted until I filled her with my spunk.

As we layed on the couch after our fantastic fuck, Holly said, "Your
not a very good photographer anyway, I think I'll ask Jim to take
some pictures of me. I know he would like a chance to see my tits
again. I could probably get him to jerk-off for me like he did last
time. It was really funny to see him standing in our living room,
pants around his ankles choking his chicken. With these tits I can
get men to do almost anything for me. Let me tell you what happened

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Holly began to tell me the
story of her visit to the grocery store this afternoon. "I took the
baby with me to the store, and had filled up a shopping cart. I was
wearing a skirt and a scooped neck blouse that really was a little to
low in front." I asked Holly if she had been wearing a bra. She said
no that she hadn't worn a bra since the picnic, they were to
confining besides she liked the way it felt as her tits swung as she
walked. "If I get them really swinging, my tits have enough mass to
pull my whole body from one side to the other. Where ever my breasts
go my body just naturally follows", she said. Mr. Green, the manager
saw me trying to push the cart and hold the baby. I was kind of bent
over and he just stood there looking down my shirt. Finally, I asked
him if he would help. He pushed the cart to the managers office. You
know it has a cash register and is up about three steps so he can see
the whole store. He opened the cash register and rang me out. He was
up about three feet and could help but keep looking down my shirt. I
looked up at him as he rang me up pushed my boobs together with my
arms and let my blouse gap at the top. From his angle he could
probably see down to my toes. The other shoppers were really pissed
because the lines at the regular registers were real long. I had him
so distracted that he didn't even ring up some of my purchases. I
figure that I saved about $10. When we were done he insisted on
helping me take the groceries to my car. I opened the back door and
he started putting the bags into the back seat I got in the front and
leaned over the seatback to help arrange the bags. Mr. Green's eyes
were about 1 foot from my boobs as they hung over the seatback. I
don't know why, but I decided to reward him for saving me time and
money. I pressed my boobs down on the seatback and pulled back so my
beautiful titties just fell right out of my blouse. I just let them
hang there as Mr. Green tried to get the rest of the bags into the
car. He sure took his time. God it made me hot. After he was done
loading the car I said thanks and tucked my tits back in my blouse
and drove away. I'll bet old Mr. Green went into the bathroom and
played with that hard-on I saw in his pants.

I couldn't believe it. Holly was completely obsessed with how she
could use her tits to tease men. I didn't know what to say to her.
The next day I came home and noticed that our lawn had been mowed. I
went inside and found Holly in the kitchen cooking dinner. She was
wearing a bib apron and panties, nothing else. The bib was not that
large and just hid her enormous boobs. But if she moved her pink
nipples would pop out into view. As she moved around the kitchen
preparing the meal, her boobs would swing out. First one then the
other, would come into view, then fall back, to be hidden behind the
bib. Ocassionally both would bounce out and the bib would be squeezed
into her clevage. While she was cooking she said, "Timmy came to mow
the yard this afternoon." She smiled then added, "he did it for
free." Holly continued, "I took him a cold drink while he was mowing
the back yard, and I was wearing my apron. He just took in the view
and stuttered thank you. Later when he to the back door to get paid I
told him that I didn't have any money in my purse. His eyes were
boring holes in my apron so I turned enough for one of my boobs to
come into view. He just stood there and said,"nnnnnoo chchchcharge" I
gave him a hug. He wasn't wearing a shirt. I'll bet he can still feel
my hot nipple pressed against his chest. 16 year old Timmy will
probably have a wet dream tonight!" Holly laughed, "Timmy even asked
if he could bring a couple of friends over tomorrow to help him clip
our hedges."

This was getting out of hand. The next day I left work early and when
I entered the house, all was quiet. I went to the kitchen to get a
drink and glancing out the window I saw three teenaged boys working
with clippers on our back hedge. Looking out the window I was
invisible to the people in the yard. I looked down and saw Holly sun
bathing on the patio. She was on her stomach wearing a bikini bottom
and nothing else. Her tit flesh bulged out on each side of her body,
making white rolls of skin that extended well beyond her back. The
baby was sleeping on a blanket nearby in the shade of a small tree.

Holly propped herself up on her elbows. I was glad to see that her
breasts hung so low that they were still in contact with her towel,
hiding her nipples and some of her dangling mellons. She called Timmy
over and asked him to rub some sunscreen on her back. Timmy was next
to Holly squirting the greasy sunscreen on her back in a flash. He
trembled as he rubbed her back. She looked over her sholder at Tim
and asked, "is my back getting red? I think maybe it is time for me
to get some sun on the other side. Do you mind rubbing some more
sunblock on me Timmy?" Holly rolled slowly and sensuously over onto
her back. Her tits looked like beachballs, her nipples were so erect
that they stuck out like inflator tubes. The other two teenagers were
standing next to Timmy in a flash. "Oh, my", said Holly, " it looks
like the other boys want to help you Timmy."

Holly streched her arms over her head making the skin on her breasts
even tighter and forcing her nipples even higher. In a flash the boys
were kneeling around Holly and six hands, quickly greased with oily
sunscreen were flying all over Holly's tits. Holly wimpered, relaxed
her body, and closed her eyes. She gave herself over to the enjoyment
of these horny young hands rubbing and fondeling her boobs. The boys
were tentative at first but as Holly began to squirm and when they
realized that she was really enjoying there hands they became more
forceful and bolder. Their hands began to fly over her chest,
pinching her nipples, squeezing the ample flesh. Her milky breasts
began to turn pink from the rough handling. Holly began to shake and
had a crashing orgasm. I noticed that the material of her bikini
bottoms had a growing wet spot on her crotch. One of the boys asked
Holly if she would have sex with him. Holly's eyes snapped open and
much to my relief she said no that she was a married lady. She went
on to say that the boys could continue to rub her breasts and play
with themselves if they wanted. The boys looked at each other then
they all dropped their pants and freed their hard young cocks. There
was my wife surrounded by three teenaged boys each one feeling her
tits with one hand while their other hand pulled thier horny young
cocks. It only took the boys a few minutes to begin to cum. Holly
said, "shoot your cum on my tits." A moment later the boys began to
groan and strings of pearly sperm was arcing across the patio and
landing on Holly. She laid back and began massaging their jism into
her boobs, before the last boy was even finished cumming. The last
strand of sticky goo landed in Holly's hair.

I was shocked at her behavior, but at least she hadn't fucked them.
The baby began to cry and Holly sloly stopped rubbing her cum covered
tits and said, "I need to feed the baby. But I need to clean off my
milk producers before I feed him." Timmy suggested that she use the
hose to clean up. Holly laughed and said, "you boys get the hose,
I'll let you spray me again, this time with water." Holly walked off
the patio onto the grass and the boys turned on the garden hose. They
took turns spraying Holly. At first the water was warm because to
hose had been laying in the sun. But soon the water turned cold
making Holly's nipples hard as pebbles. Holly did a sexy little dance
as the boys continued to spray her with the hose. At one point she
pulled her bikini bottoms away from her butt, and Timmy whose turn it
was to shoot water at her aimed the stream down her pants. Holly
laughed and said, "you boys go home. I need to feed the baby." Two
boys left through the back gate, but Timmy stayed around putting the
tools and hose away. Holly sat in the shade next to the baby and held
him to her left breast. He began sucking hungrily at her nipple.
Timmy looked tenderly at Holly. "Could I find out what breast milk
tastes like?", Timmy asked. She smiled and told him to lay down next
to her. He laid on his back and while holding the baby to her left
breast she leaned forward until her right nipple came in contact with
his lips. He gently sucked the nipple into his mouth and I could see
his cheeks hollow creating suction with his mouth. After a moment he
stopped and said, "it tastes warm and wonderful, just like you." He
began to suck again. Holly had a serene look on her face as she
nursed her two "babies".

Timmy began to get a rather obvious erection. 16 year olds have great
recouperative power. Holly noticed and while holding the baby with
one arm she was able to reach down unzip Timmy's pants and free his
pink cock. She smiled to herself and began to gently stroke is shaft.
Timmy moaned but continued to nurse. I could see white breast milk at
the corners of his lips. The scene was shocking to me, but in a way
it looked gentle and nurturing. The scene lasted about five minutes.
Then Timmy stiffened and his teenaged seed cascaded over Holly's hand
as she continued to milk his cock. She put her hand to her face and
tentatively touched her tounge to the sperm dripping down her hand.
She wrinkled her nose, tasted the jism again, then licked her hand
clean with gusto.

She told Timmy that he needed to leave. He asked if he could come
back tomorrow. Holly said no, if she needed any yard work done she
would call him next week. Timmy looked heartbroken, but he left the
yard by the back gate. After a few minutes Holly came inside still
nursing the baby. When she saw me she looked startled then she simply
said, "I'm glad your home, I need you to fuck me bad."

Holly finished nursing the baby and put him in the playpen in the
living room. As soon as she had the baby settled I bent her over the
living room couch. I pushed her bikini bottoms down around her
ankles, and was balls deep into her blond pussy from behind in one
thrust. As I slammed into her I could see her hands carressing her
dangling boobs. They were swinging wildly since they were no longer
full of milk.

Later that night Holly said that Cathy and Jim were coming over the
next evening for dinner and fun. I asked what she meant, she said
that Jim was going to bring his camera equipment. Holly had decided
that she wanted some picture so she could remember the time in her
life when she felt the sexyist. "So you think that this is phase you
are going through is going to pass?, I asked. "Oh Yes", she replied,
"I'll only be nursing for another three months, then my boobs will
shrink back to normal and I am sure they will loose their hyper-
sensitivity. Besides aren't you enjoying all this super sex? I know
you like my body the way it is now." I answered, "I liked your body
the way it was before too Its not that this is better, its just
different. And yes! I am enjoying the sex, but from what I've seen
and what you've told me, a lot of other peoiple are as well." Holly
pouted and said once again that I had started this. She went on to
say that she wouldn't even consider having sex with anyone else. I
simply replyed that she had better be careful. Some men wouldn't take
no as easily as the teenagers today had. She laughed, "Thats one of
the best things about my boobs, I can get men to do anything for me.
Just think, do you think those teenagers would have jacked-off in
front of each other if they hadn't been under the influence of the
set of tits. I could get young Timmy to do anything for me. All I
have to do is rub up against him or flash him a little clevage and he
is mine to command. Like a little puppy. And you older guys aren't
much better."

The next day was Friday. When I got home I was relieved that only
Holly and the baby were there. Holly was wearing shorts and one of my
white shirts untucked with the shirt tail tied at her waist. Her
breasts bounced around and looked like two squirrels fighting in a
pillow case. She wasn't wearing any make-up, and she looked like the
fresh scrubbed young wife I had married, except for her boobs. She
was playing with the baby. She looked at me and said, "change out of
your business suit. Cathy and Jim will be here in a while and I
thought we would cook out." I smiled, having a cookout with our best
friends was something that we had often done, and we all really
enjoyed. Usually, we would cook steak or burgers, drink a few beers
and talk about current events, old times and plans for the future. We
would joke and laugh and have a good time.

When Jim and Cathy arrived it seemed like old times. After we had
some burgers and a few beers. Cathy said, "I couldn't believe it when
you said you wanted to take some naked pictures Holly. Last week you
were mortified by the idea." Holly smiled and said, "I know, but
something has changed in me, its like my boobs are contolling my
life. All I want to do is tease men and my titties are soooo
sensitive, its like I'm addicted to playing with them, God it feels
good when they are rubbed. I just want to have some pictures to
remember my big breasted body because I know they won't last." Jim
looked at me questioning, I just shrugged my sholders as if to say I
don't no what the hell is going on. Jim chimed in, "I'm looking
forward to being the photographer!" Cathy said, "Thats why I'm here,
so the photographer doesn't forget he's married. I know how much you
like the new Holly."

Jim said that he was going to get his camera equipment from the car.
I asked Holly where she wanted to take the pictures. Jim came back in
and said that if it was OK with Holly, outside would be best, because
of the late afternoon light. Holly said, "lets go to the patio where
we ate our burgers, I don't think the neighbors would apprciate a
show on the front lawn." Cathy laughed, "I'll bet some of them
would." We all went out to the patio. While Jim set up his eqiupment
Holly looked around the back yard. "I guess I'll just kneel on the
grass here in the middle of the yard", Holly said.

Holly untied and unbuttoned her shirt, looked at Jim and said, "your
dream comes true big boy." She dropped her shirt and her glorious
boobs were uncovered. Jim was right, the golden afternoon sun made
Holly look absolutely beautiful. The shadow cast by her tits was
immense. She knelt in her shorts on the grass and Jim took several
pictures facing Holly and some in profile. She just kneeled there
with her arms at her sides. She looked the the healthy girl-next-door
who just happened to have knockers the size of basketballs.

Jim said, we should have more action in the photos. I told Holly to
do her hose trick. Cathy asked what I meant and Holly proceeded to
tell her about her afternoon with the teenagers. Cathy said, "why
Holly I didn't know you had that kind of thing in you." Cathy got the
hose and she and I took turn spraying Holly while I Jim clicked away
with his camera. Holly dropped her shorts and danced in the water
wearing only her white cotton panties. The panties turned transparent
when they got wet. We all laughed and joked, but as Holly danced and
rubbed her tits. I could tell she was gettig turned on. Finally,
Cathy said, "you look too goodie-goodie Holly. Let's make you a Men's
Magazine Playmate."

Holly agreed and we all went inside. We were loosing the afternoon
light anyway. Holly and Cathy went to the bedroom to "dress" Holly.
Jim and I set up his camera equipment in the livingroom. For some
reason I wasn't feeling upset, probably because I trusted Cathy, and
this seemed like innocent fun.

Cathy and Holly were gone for half an hour. Cathy came into the
livingroom and introduced the "new look Holly." When Holly entered
both Jim's and my mouth fell open. The fresh scrubbed Holly was gone.
A creature that could give a deadman a hard-on slinked into the room.
In a throaty wisper Holly said, "How do you like the look boys?"

Starting at the top Holly had put on a curly blond wig with tresses
that fell to her sholders and framed her face. Her face was heavily
made up. Like a $10 hooker. Heavy mascara, long black false
eyelashes, dark high arched eyebrows, deep highlights on her high
cheekbones, bright ruby red lips with lip liner making them appear
full and pouty, matching red fingernails and toenails. It was very
different because Holly was so fair. She normally wore almost no
make-up and her eyebrows and lashes were so blond that you hardly
noticed them. This was an amazing change.

She was wearing a black panty and bra set, black self supporting
thigh high stockings and black stelletto heel shoes. Cathy said that
she had given Holly her bra, because a white cotton nursing bra just
wasn't the look they wanted. Holly, Cathy and Jim all laughed as I
checked out Cathy to see if I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra
under her blouse. Cathy looked at me and said, "your as bad as my
husband, but this is Holly's show not mine."

Holly said, "lets take pictures of me on the couch. But how should I
pose?" Jim said that he had the answer and ran to his car returning
with a handful of skin magazines. Cathy looked at him and said, "more
jerk-off material Jim." He blushed and the rest of us laughed. He
said, "I thought that Holly could copy the poses in these. It would
get us started." The four of us crowed around the coffee table and
started looking through the skin mags. It was a funny feeling, the
four of us looking a naked women, with Holly herself looking like a
wet dream. We couldn't agree on the poses we liked. Finally I said
that since Holly was the model and she wanted the pictures that we
should do the poses she wanted. Everyone agreed, but Jim added that
since he was the photographer he would ask for some poses.

Holly choose a photographic layout that was more conservative than
the others. It showed a big breasted model on a couch, starting in a
dress and disrobing in each photo. Ending up in her panties and
licking her lips. Some of the shots were simple other showed the
model bending around in some acrobatic positions. Positions that
accentuated her breasts, legs and ass.

We all helped Holly get into her positions when she dropped her bra
and unrolled her stockings. The room got real quiet. Jim finished the
pictures then said he wanted his shots. He picked out a lyout from
one of the raunchier magazine. No striptease just a naked model in
very graphic poses. The model had a shine to her skin. So Jim had
Cathy and I rub baby oil all over Holly, when she pulled down her
panties Jim applauded. We oiled Hollys ass and legs. Holly spent a
lot of time rubbing her breasts with oil and she appeared to have
several small orgasms. Cathy said, "boy she really is sensitive."

Jim asked Cathy to get her lipstick and he painted Holly's nipples a
bright red. "That will make them stand out in the photo's better. He
was right her tits were milky white topped by cherry colored nipples.
Jim started posing Holly. Holly licked her own nipples in one photo,
on her hands and knees ass facing the camera in another, laying on
her back in the classic crotch shot, her blonde pussy hair shinny
with oil. Finally one shot of her grabbing a breast with one hand
while the fingers of her other hand spread her cunt lips so that her
clit was exposed for the world to see.

Holly said that posing was hard work and she was hot from the lights.
She asked Cathy and I to get her another cold beer. We went to the
kitchen, found a beer and poured it into a glass. When we walked into
the living we saw Jim first, pants around his ankles withdrawing his
red cock from Holly's puffy pussy. A long string of cum ran from his
purple dick head to Holly's gaping hole. Cathy swore, I yelled, and
Jim simply said, "I wanted a picture of her pussy full of cum." Holly
laid on the couch in a daze. While JIm clicked away with his camera,
his wet penis waving out from under his shirt tails. Jim said, "Don't
be mad Cathy, after all you jerked Holly's husband off, remember."
Cathy replied, "Yea! but I didn't fuck him. But I'm going to make up
for that right now." She dropped to her knees, unzipped my pants,
pulled my cock out and locked her lips around my cock. I could feel
her swirling tounge tracing circles around my engorged cock head.

Holly finally realized what was happening, and said, "I'm sorry, Jim
was rubbing my tits and I didn't even feel him slip his cock in me
until it was to late." I looked at her cum running down her thighs
and angrily replied, "I didn't feel Cathy sucking my cock until it
was to late." I began to blast my jism down her throat. This started
an orgy. Holly with Jim and Cathy and I trying to out do each other.
We fucked and sucked for the next hour. Cathy even had me fuck her up
the ass after I had squirted baby oil on my cock. That was something
Holly and I had never done. As I withdrew my cock from Cathy's hairy
bung hole. Jim was finishing a tit fuck of Holly. His cum was
dripping off of her nose and chin. The baby started to cry in his
nursery. Holly jumped up and went to feed him. Cathy and Jim picked
up their clothes and equipment while I straightened up the mess in
the living room. By the time Holly came back JIm and Cathy had left.
We looked at each other but didn't say a word.

The next week Holly continued to use her breasts to manipulate men.
She got discounts at a clothing store by leaving the changing room
door ajar and flashing her breasts at the salesman. She bought some
clothes which displayed her breasts to best advantage and were only
barely legal to wear in public. At a restraunt she held her shirt
open for the waiter. Instead of a cash tip she displayed her tit tips
for him. She said he was happier with the flash than the cash. This
became her new saying "flash or cash". All of the men she did
businees with wanted the "flash". She even got the postman to bring
the mail to the door rather than leave it at the box on the street.
This was something he had told us was against postoffice rules. But,
with Holly standing in the door, wrapped in a towel, just out of the
shower, he was happy to break the rules. Especially when Holly let
the towel slip to her waist.

The final straw came when I came home early one day to find Holly
sunning herself on the patio while five teenaged boys worked in the
yard. Holly must had called Timmy and told him to bring some friends.
They were busy digging up the garden, when they weren't looking over
at the topless Holly. She moved around on the towel alot, giving them
plenty of looks at her impressive mams. Finally, Holly called them
over to put sunscreen on her. The boys were surrounding her in no
time and they dropped their clothes without being asked. Ten hands
rubbed and tweaked her breasts.

The ten strong arms lifted her up and laid her on her back on the
picnic table. Holly didn't even seem to notice since she was having a
series of orgasm from all the attention her tits were receiving. One
of the boys said, "Watch this." to the others. He released his hold
on her breasts and walked down to her legs. He quietly untied the
sides of Holly's string bikini bottoms. He pulled the front of her
suit down exposing Holly's wet fuck hole. I could see her pussy lips
actually expanding and contracting in time to action of her breasts.
The teenager stepped up spread Holly's legs and pulled her down the
table until her butt was on the edge of the table. Without the table
in the way he simply walked forward and sank his horny teenaged cock
into my wife. I looked at Holly's face, but could not see any
difference in the mask of extasy she displayed.

The muscular boy thrust at machine gun speed into Holly and in
moments groaned as he shot his seed into her compliant blonde cunt.
He withdrew his wet and shrinking cock and walked back up to Holly's
chest nodding for another boy to take his place. One after another,
the five boys fucked Holly while the others stimulated her reddening
boobs. As they continued to squeeze her tits they became even more
sensitive. Finally, unable to take any more, Holly begged for them to
stop. But he boys didn't stop and she couldn't stop herself, until
the last one shot his load into her. Then the boys stopped. Timmy got
the hose out and while Holly lay spread eagled on the picnic table,
he began to hose her off.

The water revived Holly and she stood up. She looked down a realized
that her blond pussy hair was white with cum. Then rivers of cum
began to run out of her well used cunt and run down her legs. She
looked up at the teenagers and said, "looks like you boys have been
bad." She grabbed the hose from Timmy and hosed off her pubic hair
and legs, at one point aiming the hard stream of water right into her
gaping pussy. "There, all clean", she said, "now its your turn."
Holly aimed the hose at the boys cum covered penises.

I couldn't take any more so I called out, "I'm home", from the
kitchen. The boys ran out of the back fence, pulling on their clothes
as they went.

I opened up the back door, shook my head in disgust and told Holly
that the baby was crying in the nursery.

Over the next two months Holly continued her exhibitionism. One
Saturday she went to the home of one of my co-workers. The home
belonged to one of the men who had been chanting "Holly Hooters" at
the picnic.

I thought she was out for the day with Cathy. But the next week at
work, one of the men who had been there told me about the afternoon
"pool party". He said that I hadn't been asked to the party because
the boys wanted to see if they could get Holly to do the wet Tee-
shirt routine again. He said that Holly had jumped into the pool
shortly after arriving. Wearing only a thin white tee-shirt and
bikini bottoms. Every time it started to dry one of the men would
push her into the pool making the shirt transparent. One of the men
had even held the neck of the tee-shirt when he pushed her in. The
shirt tore right off of her. She didn't bother putting anything on
after getting out of the pool, but continued to enjoy the party as if
nothing was amiss. He went on to say that she had disapeared with the
owner of the house for about a half hour. But he didn't know if
anything went on. He did say that Holly had posed for pictures with
the guys at the party, topless. He said many of the guys had taken
liberties, playing with her tits whenever they felt like it. He also
said Holly seemed to enjoy getting the men to bring her drinks and
generally respond to her every whim.

By the end of the week several pictures of a topless Holly standing
next to and hugging my co-workers began to show up on the desks
around work. Fortunately, after a few days one of the female
executives asked for all pictures showing nudity to be kept out of
sight. She said she was offended. She couldn't imagine how offended I

Holly continued to do her "flash or cash" routine around the city.

Finally about a month ago the Pediatrician suggested to Holly that
she stop breast feeding and put the baby on solid food. It didn't
take long for her breasts to shrink back to normal. Her breasts lost
their hyper-sensitivity. Holly's boobs became quite ugly. The skin
had streched so much from their amazing size that after the milk
stopped being produced they ended up like pancakes hanging off the
front of her body. Flat and drooping towards her bellybutton.

She complained that nobody was paying attention to her anymore. Even
the postman started putting the mail back at the box by the street.
When asked if they would prefer "flash or cash," the reply from men
now was "cash".

I had been considering leaving Holly, but since she is back to normal
I think that I'll stay. She is a very good mother to our son and I
truly love her.

Just today I noticed that she had an appointment with somebody named
Dr. Nolan. I wasn't familiar with him. When I asked Holly if he was a
new Pediatrician for the baby, she laughed and said, "NO! He's a
plastic surgeon".

I'll bet you can figure out what his specialty is!!!


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