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Archived Sex Stories

Sibling Rivalry 01 Guardians Angel



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar


Guardian's Angel

The handsome man stirs in his sleep. The midsummer night is warm
and humid. The slowly creaking ceiling fan barely stirs the torpid
air. The bedsheets are flung back. In the soft light from the
slumbering city streets beyond the window, the man's bronzed,
naked body glistens lightly with sweat.

In his mid-forties, the man is astonishingly, almost impossibly,
good-looking. His features are even and regular, utterly
masculine. He is clean-shaven, with firm hollows in his cheeks,
and has a square, hard jaw with a sexy cleft in the chin. His
aquiline nose is slightly hooked, but this only adds to his aura
of power. His hair is thick and flecked with grey, especially at
the temples. His mouth is wide and firm. His eyes are set in deep
sockets; when he is awake, they are powerful and dominating and
yet suffused with an animal's sensuality.

His body is superb, sculpted like an Assyrian bas-relief. The neck
is powerful but not squat, and leads to sprawling broad shoulders
with thick deltoids. The chest is wide and deeply cleaved, the
pectorals like two slabs of rock. His nipples are small and dark
and pulled wide and low on either side of the mighty W of his
chest that sweeps from armpit to armpit. His belly is rock-hard
and flat and his waist is small and his hips are high and narrow.
His arms and legs are long and bulge with musculature, with heavy
biceps, triceps and quadriceps.

His torso, which is smooth and hairless, with even the armpits
depilated, slashes in a stunning V from his shoulders to his hips.
The bronzed skin is smooth and clear, stretched taut over his
frame. His buttocks are small and taut.

Between his powerfully muscled thighs, his penis curves limply
over his heavy balls. His cock is enormous; even in its flaccid
state, it is at least seven inches long and an inch and a half
thick. His pubic hair is short and springy, flecked with grey.

The teenage girl sitting beside the man studies his beautiful
body. She, too, is naked. She is very lovely, in the full bloom of
youth. She is very sexy. Slender and dusky, she has an elegant
face, with high cheekbones, a straight nose, perfect teeth, a
lovely smile and dark, elongated, *kajal*-rimmed eyes. Her mouth
is sexy with a slender upper lip, the lower full and straight. The
chin and jaw are beautifully sculpted and firm. Her shoulder
length hair is dark and silky smooth, held by a plain cotton ring.
She wears small diamond earrings, finger-rings and toe-rings and a
gold chain twinkles around her long and graceful neck. There are
sexy hollows in her throat and shoulders. Her body is stunningly
curved. Her breasts are full and ripe, tipped with dark aureoles
and stubby nipples. Her belly is firm and flat, her hips are
flared, and her buttocks are delectable curves. Her limbs are
slender and well-turned with shapely legs and slender ankles and
wrists. Her fingers and toes are long and well-shaped. Between her
legs, the dark delta of her pubic hair is neatly trimmed.

A thin rivulet of sweat courses down the man's chest, trickling
through the deep cleft between the pectorals and sliding lower.
Slowly, the girl bends over the man and, pushing her tongue out,
laps at the thread of perspiration, tracing its downward path. The
man murmurs and stirs awake.

"I don't believe it," he mumbles drowsily.

"Believe it," the girl whispers.

"You can't be horny again."

"I am. I'm always horny. I'll always be horny. Just looking at you
makes me horny."

"You must have been a rhinoceros in your last birth." The man is
fully awake now and he smiles at the teenager, caressing her face
and cupping her full, heavy, pendulous breasts.

"Actually, you're the one with the horn," the girl grins.

The man laughs softly. The girl's face is soft and gentle against
his hard chest. She drags her tongue up his torso, lapping at the
tacky flesh and swirls her tongue around his hard nipple. The man sighs in pleasure. She fastens her lips around his nipple and
sucks gently. Her teeth scrape across the hard knob, and her
tongue whips it gently. It is a delicate, exquisite feeling. Her
fleshy breasts brush against his body and he slides his hand up
and down her back, caressing her tenderly, fondling her pendulous
breasts. Slowly, she drags her lips and tongue across his body to
the other nipple.

The man bides his time, surrendering to the young girl's
ministrations. She is very skilled, very adroit. The man waits
patiently. He, too, is a powerful lover and knows how to contain
himself to prolong the pleasure for both of them.

Gradually, the girl moves lower, tracing the contours of his body
with her fingertips and lips and teeth and tongue. Lower and lower
she goes. Her breasts brush his loins. Kissing his hard belly and
dragging her tongue through his navel, the girl writhes her torso
so that her breasts wobble and stroke his long, thick penis. It is
a wonderful feeling. With a soft groan, she presses her breasts down on his cock, her lips hot on his belly. His cock stirs and
begins to harden and thicken and lengthen. The girl rises and her
fingers encircle his shaft and cup his balls. The man grunts
softly. She masturbates him deftly, flipping the foreskin back
over the thick cock-head. His cock gets harder and harder.

"C'mon ... suck it," the man mutters.

The girl whimpers in pleasure. The man knows that she loves
sucking cock, and she does it extremely well. Now her tongue
ripples up his shaft and, with a sudden, maddeningly brief twirl,
snakes around his bulging cock-head. The man gasps. His cock
quivers and hardens. She continues masturbating him steadily. His
cock is now fully ten inches long, over two and half inches thick,
a massive, gorged pillar of male cartilage, ridged with thick,
pulsating veins. The cock-shaft is smoothly shorn down to the
hilt, as is his scrotum. The girl knows the reason why he keeps
his cock shaved: When he enters her, especially in the anus, it is
effortless and delightful for them both.

The musky taste and odour of his cock are irresistible. The girl groans and, opening her mouth wide, slips her lips around his cock
and starts sucking it. Her tongue works his cock-head
relentlessly. The man gasps and moans, one hand on her head, which
now bobs up and down over his lap. His hips writhe and buck under
her face. He moves her head up and down to suit his pleasure. His
cock glistens and gleams as it runs in and out of her mouth and he
cranes his neck to watch her. Her mouth is wonderful, warm and
moist and her tongue is electric on his cock-head. Pre-cum gunk
spurts from the long slit in his cock-head as she prises it with
her tongue, and she moans and swallows his seed. He knows that she
likes drinking jizz and will not mind if he decides to come in her
mouth. He has often done so in the past.

"Want to come in my mouth?" she offers, mumbling, still wantonly
licking his penis. Her lips shine with his jizz.

"No. Keep sucking still. I want to fuck you."

"Good," she smiles. "I want to be fucked."

She bends her head again and the man sighs and sinks back into the
soft pillows, revelling in the marvels of her ministrations.

"Mm ... yes ... that's good ... yes ... keep sucking ... yeh,
that's good ... ohhh yes ... that's it ... keep going, baby ... mm
... yes! Ohhhh uhhh yes ... c'mon ... suck it harder, bitch! Oh
fuck yes!"

Her head bent over her lover's lap, his penis filling her mouth,
the bewitchingly sexy teenager groans softly in pleasure. She is
in deep rut and she slides her hands up and down her body,
fondling her swollen breasts, rummaging in her crotch and toying
with her wet slit. Pausing briefly, moaning and whimpering
sensuously, she kisses and licks his belly and, once again,
squeezes her swollen breasts over his now rampant penis. The hard
mass of cock-flesh throbs between her soft breasts. She runs the
sticky cock-head over her breast-tips, smearing her aureoles and
stiff nipples with his gunk. The man sighs and pushes her head
down again. The girl groans and slowly slips her lips about his
penis and resumes sucking it.

At last the man is satisfied. He tugs at her shoulders and,
lifting her head, she slithers up his magnificent body, kissing
and licking him wantonly. He cups and fondles her heavy breasts,
fingering her nipples. She bends her head to his and kisses him,
thrusting her tongue into his mouth, sucking on his tongue as he
responds. Her breasts crush hot against his chest and he can feel
the wetness of her slit on his cock between her thighs.

"Want me to lick your slit?" he asks.

She shakes her head. "I'm wet already. Later. Now I want your cock
in my cunt, lover. C'mon ... fuck me ... fuck me hard!"

"Say please."

"Please fuck me hard."

The man laughs softly. "Whatever you say, my lovely little bint!
Whatever you say!"

The girl spreads her legs and, kneeling astride the man's lean
hips, leaning forward on one outstretched arm, uses her free hand
to manoeuvre his hugely distended penis to her sodden cunt. Her
cunt-lips open easily and, flexing her buttocks, she eases her
cunt down onto his cock-head and part of his shaft with a
shuddering moan. The man chews his lower lip. Her cunt is
incredibly hot and tight as a vise. The girl groans softly and,
squeezing his cock eagerly with her cunt, rocking gently back and
forth, leans forward on both hands. The man slides his hands up
her body and cups her pendulous breasts. He squeezes the fleshy
mounds together and, craning his neck, sucks sharply on both
nipples. The girl gasps, arching her lovely face.

"Oh god yes!" she groans. "I love fucking you!"

The man notices that she does not say she loves him, but doesn't
mind. He knows it is the truth. This girl loves being fucked;
there are few men to whom she is emotionally attached and he is
not one of them. So long as the sex is satisfying, she is
generally indifferent to any emotional bonds.

"C'mon, take it!" he growls and, sliding his hands down her back,
gripping her buttocks, pulls her lower and deeper onto his cock.

The girl whimpers softly, her body writhing, her face suffused
with pleasure, a mask of wanton desire and lust. Her hips grind in
tight, erotic circles.

"Ohhh ... uhhh yes ... oh god yes!" she gasps. "C'mon! Fuck me!
Ohhhh god your cock's so good in my slit!"

She runs her tongue slowly over her slim upper lip in an utterly
wanton gesture. Her nostrils are flared, her eyes bright and
glassy with lust. Her breasts are hot and heavy. The gold necklace
around her neck twinkles as it sways and swings to and fro. Her
cunt slides lower and lower, engulfing his entire penis, taking
all ten inches of it fully in her flesh. It convulses and
contracts fiercely on his throbbing erection and its heat and
wetness are overpowering. The man arches his hips and thrusts his
cock powerfully into her flesh. The girl hisses in pleasure, her
head sinking between her arms, her mouth open, panting softly like
a bitch in heat. She moves her hips round and round in tight,
churning circles and the man groans as her hot, taut cunt cramps
on his penis. Slowly, she begins to rock and buck over him,
lifting her hips so that her cunt rising up along the length of
his cock. She pauses fractionally with just the cock-head and a
bit of his shaft in her slit and then, with a shuddering moan,
lets her hips sink to swallow his tumescence again. Gripping her
slender waist, the man begins to move with her. He never takes his
eyes off her face, transfixed by her beauty, by the blissful
radiance on her lovely features.

She is so much like her sister, he thinks, and yet so different.
The elder girl, recently married, has a meekness of spirit. She,
too, is a fabulous piece of ass and a magnificent ride in her own
soft, submissive way, but in bed, he has not known the elder
sibling to be as demanding, or to take the initiative as often as
this one. Certainly, in the days when he fucked the elder girl regularly, she surrendered herself without question when he
demanded satisfaction, and never denied him his pleasure in any
manner he chose.

Even her marriage a few months ago to a childhood sweetheart
hasn't changed a thing. On learning that he was to be in town, the
elder girl made a special effort to make herself available for his
pleasure. On his first night in town, she kept him company and,
hungry after his long absence, the man had fucked her relentlessly
for several hours. Later, as they rested, he asked after the
younger girl, presuming she was out partying with friends. He was
stunned when the elder sister told him that two girls had swapped
places so that the elder's husband of a few months was enjoying
his teenage sister-in-law while his wife slept with another man.
The man was delighted. He knew that the younger girl was a
magnificent lover -- already, he had slept with her often -- but
he never suspected that the two girls would have this delightfully
freewheeling approach to fornication even after the elder's
marriage. The next night, he asked for them both and was overjoyed
to find them utterly uninhibited. They devoured him hungrily,
sucking his cock, the elder mounting his penis while the younger
sat her slit on his face. They fell asleep at dawn, exhausted and
sweating. Waking, he fucked them again, one by one and then
together. They spent the entire day with him, and, for his
pleasure, even had incestuous lesbian sex using the dildoes and
vibrators he gifted them. That night, he went uninvited to the
elder's girl's matrimonial home and watched as her husband fucked
first her and then her sister, taking them furiously. Later, he
invited the elder girl's husband to join them, and two or three
servants who had fucked the girls before, and there was a wild,
exhausting, exhilarating orgy that lasted several hours.

Yet, despite the shared love for sex, the two girls were very
different. This difference was typified in their approach to anal
sex. While both enjoyed it now, he suspected the elder one had to
be coaxed into it while the younger one probably wanted it the
very first time she got laid. Indeed, the younger one surprised
him by demanding it of him when they first fucked. The younger
girl is in a class of her own.

The man smiles to himself. He never ceases to marvel at his
amazing good fortune. Few men, he reflects, have the privilege of
such unbridled passion for sex in their lovers.

The two girls -- the teenager whimpering and gasping in pleasure
on his penis now and her elder sister -- are orphans. Their
parents died tragically in a motor accident when the elder girl was sixteen. The younger child was but fourteen years old at the
time. The two innocents were utterly helpless and, in the hard
city, easy prey for ever-hungry men.

The man was abroad when he heard the news. The girls' parents were
his closest friends, distantly related and, in a time and place
when he himself faced utter ruin, the couple stood by him. They
asked no questions, demanded no explanations. They were just
there. Gentle, simple folk, they helped him as best they could
even relegating to second place their own needs and those of their
small daughters, till he, a virtual stranger, overcame the
darkness that spread like a shroud before him. His debt to them
was beyond reckoning. Shattered by the news, the man returned to
the city that had driven him from its embrace so long ago.

Again, no questions were asked. No answers or explanations were
needed. With their parents gone, the girls had no other family but
him and it seemed natural that he should now take charge of the
girls without further ado. He provided for them, put clothes on
their backs and food in their bellies, paid for their schooling.
If anything, he was too indulgent, and the girls did as they
pleased. The parents had left enough money and a small comfortable
two-bedroom house. It wasn't in a posh locality but that hardly
mattered. The girls had their friends and companions and the house
was filled with their laughter.

By now, his business was flourishing and he was frequently forced
away from the house, sometimes for several weeks at a time. During
these occasions, an army of servants, part-time and full-time,
tended to the house and the girls' needs. Just how well the staff
tended to the girls' needs he found out only later. Within a few
months of her parents' death, the elder girl lost her virginity to
a handsome, masculine servant. Others followed. By the time she
was seventeen, the elder girl was sleeping regularly with every
servant in the block. She enjoyed having strangers sweat over her
writhing body, filling her flesh with theirs, calling her exciting
gutter-names. As for the younger one, she, too, grew up quickly,
sooner, perhaps, than nature's wont. spying on her elder sister moaning passionately in the arms of a stranger, experimenting with
a girlfriend from the neighbourhood, the younger girl followed the
example set by her sibling. At fifteen, she, too, surrendered to
the clamour of her delectable flesh with another servant, enticing
him to fuck her in the kitchen while, a few houses away, her
sister copulated in a frenzy with two servants simultaneously.

The man suspected nothing. He continued to travel, flying in and
out of the city at unexpected intervals. When he was in residence,
the girls seemed to lead normal, reasonably happy lives, spending
time with friends, going to movies and discussing the things all
teenage girls discuss. But the day he left, the atmosphere in the
house changed completely. Immediately, both girls ran amok in the
never-ending stream of hot, hard male flesh that clamoured for
their services. They were close, and hid nothing from each other.
Indeed, once she found that her younger sister, too, was sleeping
around, the elder girl took charge of her sexual tutelage and
instructed some of her more skillful lovers to hone the
youngster's skills. The younger one had a natural aptitude for
fucking. In the endless stream of servants from the neighbourhood
who called on them, the two teenage girls found a cornucopia of
delightful tumescence to sate their sexual needs. They were
careful not to do anything too noticeable. They did not whore. If
one was using the house, the other went elsewhere with her
companion. At night, when they were alone, the two sisters
revelled in each other's bodies and had prolonged incestuous
lesbian sex without shame or guilt.

Although, finally, it mattered little, it was they who seduced
him. Returning to the city after a prolonged absence, he suddenly
noticed that the elder girl had blossomed into a lovely,
fair-skinned creature with attractive curves. She was bright and
lively, with a cute face, an irresistible mouth and sparkling deep
brown eyes.

He fucked her for the first time the night after he arrived. He
was working at the roll-top desk in the hall when the teenager
came in with a tall glass of cold coffee with ice-cream for him.
The man looked at her and, for the first time, saw her as a woman.
She was wearing a flimsy pink nightgown and nothing else. It was
open down the front and loosely belted. Made of some translucent
material, it hid nothing and it clung closely to her contours. The
man saw the swell of her breasts and the stiff stubs of her
nipples each surrounded by a bright, puckered corona. The lapels
were open and showed her entire cleavage, with the breasts thrusting proudly at the soft material; and the robe remained open
even lower, till just above the belt. Involuntarily, his eyes slid
down her body and he saw that under the belt, too, the gown had
split open, revealing the dark delta of her crotch. The man sucked in his breath sharply and felt his pulse quicken.

The girl smiled prettily and gently and placed the glass on the
desk at his elbow. As she bent forward slightly, her robe opened
and he saw the full swell of her breasts and her naked midriff
beneath it. The man looked at her stunned. Her deep brown eyes
seemed strangely luminescent. Her body was very close to hers and
he could feel the soft, silken warmth and smell the clean, gentle
perfume of her flesh.

She was ravishing, irresistible. Her silken hair was pulled back
and held behind her head with a flat, broad clip. She wore a gold
bangle on one wrist, little studs in her ears and gold necklace.
There were rings on her fingers which were square and sensible.

The man tried to quell his rising hunger. He had not fucked a
woman in several weeks, and he desperately needed the release. But
she was his ward, the daughter of his closest friends; she was
family. He shook his head and turned his eyes away. This was not
possible. This was wrong.

The girl made no attempt to leave him. She straightened and
stepped back slightly behind his chair. The man sipped his drink
and turned back to the papers on the desk. The figures and words
swam before his eyes in a meaningless jumble. He was acutely aware
of her presence, and proximity. He couldn't ignore her forever.

"Thank you for the coffee," he murmured softly, turning his face
to her and smiling slightly.

She returned the smile. "You're welcome. I thought you might enjoy

"It's very good."

"You seem tired."

"I am. It's been an exhausting trip. No rest at all."

"Shall I massage your shoulders?" Her voice had dropped to a soft,
erotic whisper.

The girl didn't wait for his answer. Her fingers pressed into his
muscular shoulders and neck and she began kneading the flesh. She
was surprisingly adept at it and, within seconds, the man began to
feel more relaxed as she worked the tension out of his body. In
the warmth of the night, he was wearing nothing but his pajama
bottom and her fingers were gentle yet insistent on his naked

"Does that feel good?" She bent over him and he could feel her
warm breath on his face and cheek.

"Very," he murmured. "It's wonderful."

The man closed his eyes and tilted his head back over the backrest
of the chair. The girl's fingers continued to massage his
shoulders and neck.

"My," she said. "You really are tense. You shouldn't work so

"I have to. My business requires it of me."

Her hands began to drift. The man sensed them sliding around his
neck to caress his face, then gliding lower and lower, down his
broad, deep chest. He kept still. Her fingers caressed his torso
and her palms were soft on his nipples.

The man struggled to keep his eyes shut. It was obvious that she
was trying to seduce him. His conscience and mind told him to push
her away, to stop her now before it got too late, but his heart
and body would not listen. He felt the girl's lips on his upturned
forehead. He forced himself to be still. Her lips moved lower,
soft and gentle. He felt them move down his face. They met his
tenderly. The man froze. The girl's lips parted and he felt her
tongue slipping outward, trying to force itself into his mouth.
Her fingers pincered his nipples, flicked the hard stubs sharply.
It was too much to bear. His lips opened hesitantly and her tongue
snaked into his mouth, soft and wet and determined. He felt it
touch his own, swirl through his mouth and, drawing his tongue out
and up into her mouth, she sucked it tenderly and wantonly.

Her hands slid down his chest and over his belly and her
fingertips slipped under the waistband of his pajamas. He groaned
as he felt her fingers brush his pubic hair and the base of his
cock. His penis had swelled involuntarily and there was nothing he
could do now to hide it.

"Please ... don't!" he gasped, breaking the kiss.

The girl didn't answer, didn't stop. In his crotch, her fingers
encircled the thickness of his shaft. He turned his face and her
tongue swirled erotically through his ear and she nibbled his

"I want you," she hissed. "I want you!"

With a struggle, the man broke free, sitting up, panting heavily.
"For heaven's sake no!" he gasped. "We can't do this!"

The girl didn't reply. Her fingers caressed his penis, almost
wonderingly, and he groaned as she cupped his balls and ran her
fingertips up and down his shaft and over his thick, bulging
cock-head. Her lips fluttered over his face, her tongue flickering
sensuously at his ears and lips. Her gown had opened and he felt
the fleshy softness of her breasts against his face.

The temptation was too strong. He was about to succumb and take
her breasts in his mouth when the girl stopped, rising slowly,
sliding her hands out of his pajamas and straightening.

"Why don't you lie down on the couch?" she murmured with a smile.
"I'll get some oil and give you a proper massage. Come on, you'll
feel much better."

The girl didn't wait for an answer. She left the room to fetch a
bottle of creamy lotion. When she returned, the man saw that her
face was even more flushed, bright and glowing with excitement.
The belt of her gown had loosened further and she made no attempt
to cover her naked body. The man could see her naked midriff and
her breasts and thighs were almost fully exposed.

"Come on then," she said softly.

The man was in no state to resist. He obeyed meekly, and moved to
the wide, low divan across the hall and lay down on his front. He
closed his eyes and pillowed his head on his crossed forearms, his
face turned to one side.

"Not like that," the girl murmured. "Stretch your arms out. Yes,
that's it."

She moved the round bolsters and cushions off the divan and he
slithered to its centre and stretched his arms loosely. His
powerful shoulders knotted. He felt the girl move on the couch to
straddle his thighs, just under his buttocks. He didn't move.
There was the sudden sting of cold, sticky lotion in the middle of
his back and he squirmed slightly.

"Relax," she murmured. "Just relax."

Slowly, steadily, the girl worked the lotion into his body,
kneading his body with surprising skill. The man groaned softly in
pleasure as the tension began to ebb from his body. She worked the
hard knots of muscle in his back and shoulders, moved to his neck
and then to his upper arms, slowing moving down to his forearms,
doing each in turn, working in silence. She took more lotion and
worked him over again. The man's mind began to drift. The girl worked his back without a word, moving from his shoulders to the
small of his back. He felt her hesitate at his waist. The man took
the plunge. He was no longer thinking. The past sloughed from his
mind. This was not going to change a thing; if anything, it would
make things better. They would become closer. It was natural, for
this was no child. This was a woman who needed a man, wanted a
man. He was glad that she had chosen him.

"Keep going," he murmured. "Don't stop there, finish the massage.
You don't want to stop now, do you?"

"No." The girl's voice was soft and sexy.

"Come on then."

He lifted his hips slightly and she passed her hand under his
waist and tugged at the drawcord of his pajamas. The loosened
immediately. He let his hips sink back when she pulled his pajamas
down over his buttocks. She pulled them lower and he let her take
them off altogether. Now he lay naked on his front on the couch,
his eyes closed. The girl paused and moistened her lips as she
studied his superb body. Trembling with excitement, she straddled
his calves and picked up the bottle of lotion. Slowly, she tipped
it over his buttocks. The man gasped. The pale, sticky fluid
trickled slowly over the taut mounds and seeped into the cleft
between them. The girl began massaging the cream into his
buttocks. The man sighed in pleasure. His erection pressed into
the couch. He shuffled his legs apart and lifted his hips
slightly. The girl bit her lower lip in tension. She could see the
darkness of his anus and, beneath, caught her first glimpse of his
heavy scrotum and thick penis. His cock and balls were smoothly
shaved, she saw. Taking the bottle of lotion yet again, she
dribbled more into the crack between his buttocks. The man sighed
as the cold fluid trickled over his asshole. Slowly, the girl began massaging his flesh, her fingers kneading the buttocks,
moving inward to his anus. She touched his anus and her fingers
crept lower to cup his balls and stroke his mammoth erection. The
man writhed. The girl pressed her fingertip to his anus and the
man groaned softly and yielded. She pressed her finger into his
ass and gently masturbated it, pumping his shaft with the other.

"Mm ... that's lovely," he murmured.

"Turn over."

The man was no longer thinking. The girl slipped off the bed and,
with a soft moan, the man turned over on his back. The girl knelt
across his thighs. The man opened his eyes. She was looking at him
with raw desire in her eyes. Her face was suffused with naked
lust, the nostrils flared, the pretty lips parted, the eyes glassy
and bright. Her gown had parted even at the belt and he could see
her cunt clearly. The girl ran her tongue sexily over her upper
lip and then bent slowly forward and kissed him again. This time,
his lips parted readily and unhesitatingly and her tongue slipped
through into his mouth. He groaned. Without thinking, he slid his
hands up her body and caressed her face and neck. She turned her
face and sucked sexily on his fingertips. He drew his fingers down
her face and throat, slid them under her gown and over her
breasts. The girl shuddered and arched her head, closing her eyes.
Her breasts were full and heavy and ripe, the nipples quivering
stiffly. The man pulled the belt open and slipped the gown off her
shoulders. He cupped her breasts and squeezed them tenderly,
marvelling at their weight and fullness, the hardness of her
nipples. She bit her lower lip in tension. She was very beautiful,
very desirable. The man smiled. It no longer mattered. He smiled
tenderly at her.

"You're very lovely," he murmured and pulled her face down to his
to kiss her again. He could sense the wave of relief and pleasure
that swept through her. Her breasts were hot and heavy on his
chest and the hunger in her kiss was evident from the way her
tongue probed and darted in his mouth. "Come," he said. "Will you
finish the massage first?"

The girl understood and smiled radiantly. "Yes," she whispered. "I

His eyes twinkling, the man waited. The girl was panting with
excitement now and she bit her lower lip to contain herself. Her
hands trembled as she took more lotion and slowly began to rub it
into his skin. The man waited, raising his arms above his head.
She worked his chest and neck and shoulders, tipped a puddle of
lotion on his belly. Their eyes stayed locked. She took more
lotion and dribbled it on his lower belly. The girl groaned
thickly and began to massage lotion into his penis and balls. The
man's erection was huge and his cock throbbed in her fingers as
she worked the shaft tenderly, masturbating him.

"Mm, that feels good," the man murmured slyly, teasing her. "Keep
going. That's wonderful."

She moved down his legs, then up again to his crotch, unable to
resist. The man spread his legs apart.

"What lotion are you using?"

"Er ... this ... what you ... um ... brought for us."

"It smells good."


"What does it taste like?"

His eyes burned into hers. The girl groaned loudly in relief and
her head sank into his crotch and her mouth opened and engulfed
his erection. The man gasped loudly, arching his back, and
struggled to stifle his explosion. His balls ached and throbbed
for release. The teenager's mouth felt wonderful, warm and moist.
She sucked his cock slowly and deeply, moving her head up and down
over his lap, pumping his shaft in her fist and, with the foreskin
flipped back, working his cock-head with her tongue. The man was
certain now that she was no virgin, that he was not her first
lover. For a moment, he wondered who it might have been and then
the sensations in his loins overcame him and he put it out of his
mind. He would find out later.

He decided to give her a surprise. He would come in her mouth. She
might be disappointed, but she didn't know of his experience,
stamina, skill and powers of recovery. His erection would not wane
and he could fuck her again for a long time after orgasming.

As it turned out, it was she who surprised him. She stopped and
got off the couch. He looked up startled and saw that she had
crossed to the desk to get the glass of cold coffee, still
half-full. She returned, her eyes twinkling mischievously. Before
he could react, she took a large sip of the liquid and some
ice-cream and then took his cock in her mouth again. The man gasped and arched steeply. The feeling was incredible. The cold
liquid oozed over his hot, hard, throbbing penis.

"Oh fuck yes!" he cried.

The girl began sucking his cock faster and faster, working his
cock-head with her tongue, laving his penis with the cold coffee
and ice-cream. She took more in her mouth and sucked him again.
Then, bending his penis and tilting the glass, she pushed his cock
into the drink. The man's body writhed and twisted in a delightful
agony on the bed. The heat surged and roiled in his balls. She
took his cock in her mouth and now it was too much. He exploded
with a loud moan. The jizz spurted from his cock-head and shot and
shot and shot into her mouth. The girl held his cock in her mouth,
swallowing his jizz with the drink, sucking him hungrily, jerking
his cock in her fist. Moaning, she lifted her head. jizz dribbled
down her chin. His cock sputtered and spattered her breasts and
neck. She groaned in pleasure. He kept coming and coming. The man moaned thickly as his body subsided.

Gently, the girl took his cock in her mouth again. It was still
rock-hard, as he knew it would be. He took several deep breaths
and began his sexual meditation, a skill acquired under the
tutelage of one his early lovers. It was part yoga, part
mind-power and he was adept at it now. He felt his balls surge
with a fresh load of jizz.

The girl lifted her head and he saw the joy and surprise in her
eyes and he chuckled softly. He pulled her head away from his
crotch and drew her up over him. They kissed slowly and deeply and
her cunt was over his rampant penis, already wet and open.

She reached down and guided him to her hole and with a loud
shudder, sank her hips. The man groaned, crushing her swollen
breasts in his hands and arched his hips under her, thrusting his
penis deep into her cunt. It was hot and wet and tight as a vise
and it convulsed powerfully on his throbbing penis. Lower and
lower her cunt sank till she had it all embedded deep in her cunt.
She gasped and moaned, biting her lower lip and leaned over him on
outstretched arms, her breasts swollen and pendulous, her face
tilted up, her eyes squeezed shut. The man craned his neck and,
squeezing her breasts together, sucked on both simultaneously. The
girl's head arched and she gasped. The man slid his hands down her
back and squeezed her buttocks.

"OHHHHHHHHH uhhh Oh ma uhhhh ohhhhh!" the girl gasped.

Whimpering and gasping, mewing with lust, she began rocking back
and forth above him, moving her cunt up and down the length of his
penis. The man smiled, watching the spasms of lust on her face and
moved in rhythm with her, rocking his hips in unison with hers.
Her cunt ground up and down his cock-shaft. She gasped and moaned.
Her breasts bounced and jiggled. The gold necklace around her neck
tossed on her creamy skin. She began moving faster and faster,
with rising urgency as her orgasm neared. The man allowed her to
take her pleasure and matched her pace. Her buttocks bounced off
his thighs and her cries grew louder and sharper and her face
screwed up with lust and her head flipped from side to side.

"OH! OHHHHH uhh Oh ma oh ma ohma uhhhhh OHHHHHH!" the teenager
cried. "Oh yes Oh yes oh yes oh god yes oh god yes!"

Faster and faster they moved, the man watching her, the girl beyond caring. He crushed her breasts in his hands, squeezed her
buttocks, jerked her up and down on his cock, whipped his hips up
and down under her hips, plunging his penis steeply in and out of
her flesh. With a low, guttural moan the girl came, her cunt convulsing frantically on the man's throbbing, rock-hard cock. The
man dragged her down hard onto his cock and arched stiffly under
her, holding her still till the orgasm ebbed, groaning as he felt
the sharp sting of her juices flooding his cock. He held back
effortlessly. He planned to fuck her again.

Gasping and panting, the girl sank on top of him. The man held her
close, caressing her naked back and buttocks, stroking her head.
They kissed tenderly and gently. Her breasts were hot and heavy on
his chest.

"I want to fuck you again," the man murmured, his tongue in her

"I want it, too," she said, squirming against him.

Gently, the man rolled over with her under him and slid slowly out
of her.

"Now it's my turn," he murmured, and picked up the bottle of

For the next forty-five minutes, the man toyed with his teenage
ward's body. He massaged her with the cream, kneading it into her
breasts and face and neck and shoulders and belly, into her groin,
and used his fingers and tongue and teeth on her nipples and slit
and ass. The girl panted with lust.

He masturbated her slowly and unhurriedly in her cunt and ass
together, using his thumb in her cunt while his long, thick finger
probed and twisted this way and that in her anus and his tongue
whipped her rigid, quivering nipples wickedly. The girl thrashed
uncontrollably on the bed.

"OHHHHH!" she cried. "Oh ma uhhh Oh yes uhhhh OHHHHHH!"

The man grinned and, pushing his face into her crotch, began
tongue-fucking her. The teenager gasped and cried out, her body
arching and bowing on the bed, lurching back and forth with sexy
little jerks as though she was being fucked as he tormented her
gorged clitoris with his tongue and teeth. When she came to the
brink of a wild orgasm, he stopped. She moaned her lust and
frustration. Smiling, the man moved up over her and pushed his
cock into her mouth again. She sucked him hungrily. He turned
around and they locked in a hot, eager sixty-nine. Again, he
stoked her cunt-fire deftly just till she was about to explode and
paused. By now, the girl was trembling and whimpering, quivering
with excitement, moaning obscenely for him.

"Fuck me!" she gasped, spreading her legs and clawing her
cunt-lips open. "Oh god c'mon ... fuck me hard!"

Chuckling softly, the man bent over her between her spread legs.
She reached between his thighs for his cock, guiding him to her
cunt. He paused and she arched her hips eagerly to his. He took a
deep breath and then, flexing his buttocks, sank his hips. His
cock ran into her smoothly and deeply in a single long thrust,
penetrating deep into her cunt like a hot knife into butter.
Beneath him, the girl arched and gasped, the breath rushing from
her throat as the huge penis surged powerfully deeper and deeper.

"Yes!" she cried. "Oh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard UHHHHH OH!"

"C'mon! Take it!" the man gasped and, bending his head, kissed her

For the next hour and a half, he fucked his teenage ward without
respite. The girl was a revelation, astonishing him with her
dexterity and appetite. No matter what he did, she took it, and
begged for more. He fucked her on her back, leaning over her with
his hands on her heavy breasts, rocking his hips back and forth,
running his huge cock deeply in and out of her tight cunt. He
fucked her from behind, bent over her body, his hips cannoning
against her buttocks, his mouth jammed to hers, his hands crushing
her breasts. He took her astride him, her back to him, and fucked
her kneeling upright. He licked her slit and they sixty-nined.
Finally, anointing her anus with the lotion she had used on him,
he sodomized her with slow, measured strokes. The girl orgasmed
repeatedly. He fucked her cunt again and, this time, taking her
from behind, powered into her flesh hungrily, slapping his hips at
hers, astride her hips in a deep squat till he could contain
himself no longer. With a loud, shuddering moan, he let himself
go, emptying his copious load in her slit in relief. The girl was
sweating and panting, moaning deliriously when he was finally
sated and slid out of her flesh.

They spent the night together in the hall. They woke once in the
middle of the night, and she roused him again by sucking his cock.
They fucked once more and he took her from behind, lying behind
her and thrusting eagerly in and out of her body till he was done.
They lay together in silence, their naked, sweating bodies
entwined, hers flung across his. He caressed her gently.

"Tell me about your lovers," he murmured.

"Which ones?" she smiled, stroking his thick penis, licking his
nipple. "I have several."

"I can imagine. Tell me about them all."

"There are too many."

"Take one to begin with. The first."

The girl spoke easily and without hesitation or shame or fear of
reprisal. The man listened in silence, astonished by her narration
of what she and her sister had been up to while he was away. He
felt strangely excited by her story as she told him of the
servants who trooped through the house to enjoy the two girls,
sweating and labouring over the eager, quivering teenagers who
never seemed to get enough. As she spoke, she aroused him get
again, gently kissing and licking his body, sucking his cock yet
again till he was hard once more. With a loud groan, he took her
again, turning her on her front and squeezing his throbbing penis
into her cunt from behind as she lay on her front, her buttocks
raised and pressed to his hips. He bent over her and she turned
her face so that he could kiss her. He squeezed her heavy breasts and she moaned, pushing her tongue sexily in and out of his mouth.

Later, he told her he wanted to fuck her sister, too.

"So do it," she said. "Just ask her and she'll spread her legs.
She does it for pretty much every other guy, no reason why she
should say no to you. But not till next week."

"Why not?"

"I want you to myself for one week. Then you can fuck her."

"All right. But I want to fuck you both together, too."

"The week after next."

The man laughed. "You're crazy."

"Yes. About being fucked. Now c'mon ... fuck me ... mm ... yes ...
shove it in deeper ... ahhhhhhh yes, there! Ohhh god yes ... ohhh
that's so good ... you know ... you should see us ... watch us ...
with the servants ... it's so sexy!"

The weeks that followed were the most incredible, intense period
the man had ever known. For one week, he fucked the elder girl nightly. A week later, he had the younger one, and it was as
effortless as the elder sister had said it would be. He just
summoned her to the bedroom, waiting in his jock-strap and nothing
else. The younger one came in wearing a shirt and nothing else.
Without a word, she knelt before him and began sucking his cock.
She was even more magnificent than the elder girl, hotter, more
demanding, far hungrier.

After they fucked, she told him she had been watching him fuck her
sister since that first night and waiting for her turn had been
torture. Aroused, he fucked her furiously again and she gasped and
moaned her pleasure. He fucked her every night for a week. The
third week was heaven, when he had both sisters together and the
pleasure was so unbearable intense that the man thought it to be a
dream from which he never wanted to wake.

After that they settled into a routine, where he alternated
between the girls, taking both together every third night. Some
nights, he watched them with the servants and the elder girl was
right, it was incredibly erotic to watch. The men came in and the
girls fucked with them as they might with any lover, giving
themselves utterly and without reserve to each man who asked for

It was the girls who first came up with the idea of having an
orgy. The man was entranced and asked that the girls choose their
favourite lovers from among the servant-lovers who fucked them
regularly. They chose wisely and well. The orgy was a huge success
and the man remembered each girl taking three men simultaneously
in her cunt and mouth and ass as it ended.

Watching them was such intense pleasure that the man started
shooting photographs and videos. All three enjoyed watching
replays and never failed to get aroused. They would settle down
before the television and before the tape ran out, they would be
copulating in a frenzy that lasted for hours.

They changed his life. Ravi was never the same again. Being parted
from them for even a day was a terrible wrench. No whore in the
world satisfied him as they did. Wherever he was, in Paris or
Vienna or Tokyo or Stockholm or San Francisco, he longed to be
back with his wards.

He bought them expensive sex-toys, dildoes, vibrators, sheaths and
gimmicks of all kinds; he bought sexy videos by the cartload. The
girls loved each new toy and he was constantly amazed by their
inventiveness. They loved the huge twin-dildo with they could fuck
each other in cunt and ass while they sucked off two servants.

Ravi enjoyed having them together. Maya, the younger, would mount
her elder sister, Sonu with a double-headed dildo/vibrator, one
end in each cunt and then they would work his cock and balls and
ass together. While Sonu lay on her back and sucked his balls and
rimmed his ass, Maya sucked his cock hungrily. Then they switched
positions, and Ravi went mad with lust, unable to decide who was
better at doing what to which part of his body.

Ravi tried to shift his business to Bombay, but it wouldn't work.
He was forced away for weeks together and these were the most
terrible torture. The girls, he knew, didn't mind. They had as
many lovers as they wanted. And when he returned, they were always
ready and waiting for him, devouring his flesh with a passion that
consumed his entire being. Then he fucked Maya in her cunt while
she licked Sonu's slit; then Maya sat on Sonu's face while he
fucked the elder one's cunt; and so on and on, without respite for
hours on end.

Now Ravi groans, kneeling behind Maya, his cock thrust deep into
her cunt. On all fours before him, she whimpers and gasps,
writhing and squirming her delectable buttocks against his, her
breasts succulent and pendulous, her gold necklace swinging as she
moves. He holds her slender waist and fucks her slowly and
heavily, rocking his hips to and fro, his buttocks flexing and
unflexing, his cock grinding and pistoning rhythmically in and out
of the teenager's slit. She turns her face over her shoulder and
he leans forward to kiss her, thrusting his tongue into her open
mouth, his hands sliding up her body to cup her full, generous
breasts, marvelling at their weight and the perfection of their

"C'mon Ravi ... fuck me!" she murmurs. "Fuck me hard ... c'mon, do

Ravi groans and, spreading his legs, straddles her slender, curved
body, bent over her in a steep arch, his arms outstretched, hands
on the bed. She groans and he lifts his hips steeply and, with a
shuddering moan, thrusts down hard and deep and fast into her
flesh. Maya gasps and cries out, her head arching, her face
twisting and contorting in a rictus of lust. Ravi lifts his hips
and slams his cock into her again, drawing another passionate cry.

"OHHHHHHHHH uhhhh OHHHH yes! Oh fuck yes! Do it, Ravi! Fuck me!
Fuck me hard! OHHHHHHH uhh yes oh god oh god oh god!" Maya cries.

Ravi loses control as the heat surges and builds in his loins. He
starts ram-fucking the teenager, thrusting mightily in and out of
her flesh, plundering her cunt, his cock pistoning and plunging
faster and faster in and out of her cunt. Maya cries out thinly,
jerking and rocking under him, her face twisted in an agony of
lust. Her orgasm is apocalyptic and, within seconds, as her cunt spasms and convulses on his penis, Ravi loses control. He thrusts
into her and explodes, his hips pinned to her buttocks, his cock
buried in her slit, his jizz spewing and spuming in stinging jets
into his teenage ward's tender flesh. Slowly, her body subsides,
racked with shuddering sobs. Ravi slips out of her and draws her
close to him. She groans and turns her face to kiss him. He cups
her breast and suddenly his heart is heavy. He is leaving tomorrow
and will not return for several weeks, perhaps a couple of months.
He is tempted not to go.

"I hope you're not thinking of cancelling your trip," Maya says

He starts. "Whatever made you say that?"

"I know you, Ravi. You don't like being away any more."

"That's true."

"But you must go. Work is work, and we'll always be here for you."

"You're right."

"And neither Sonu nor I would ever let you touch us again if you
neglected your work for us. That's not how we want you to be."

"Where would I be without the two of you?"

"That I don't know," she smiles. "Probably in some stinking
brothel in Morocco with a woman whose face you can't even


"Much better to go away and come back to us, isn't it then?"

"Without question."

She laughs softly and turns in his arms and kisses him and her
fingers are already working his thick cock.

"You're not finished yet, are you?"


"Good. Because I want you in my ass now."

Ravi chuckles and yields yet again. Maya swings around on top of
him in a sixty-nine and he groans as her wonderful mouth engulfs
his cock again. Above his face, her cunt is moist and wet and
sticky and he cannot resist it. He opens his mouth and drives his
tongue deep into it.
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