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Archived Sex Stories

Sibling Rivalry 02 Line of Sight



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar


Line of Sight

The sexy sixteen-year old stifles a moan. Biting her lower lip,
she sinks her hips. Her cunt slides down the length of the thick,
long penis of the servant who lies on his back beneath her,
between her spread thighs and knees. Her long neck arches and she
tilts her lovely face upward.

She is wearing only a light, off-white button-down shirt of some
translucent material. Several buttons are opens. A simple braided
gold chain hangs around her neck. Her large, sloping, succulent
breasts and stiff nipples are clearly visible through the cloth.
Beneath her, the lean, hard-bodied teenage servant grins and
chuckles softly. He flicks opens the buttons of her shirt and
slides his hands up her slender, superbly curved body to cup her
breasts. They fill his palms and he marvels at their weight and
fullness and the perfection of their form. He pinches the hard
nipples. The girl shudders in pleasure. Her hips sink lower and
lower. The youth grunts thickly, bending his knees and arching his
hips, thrusting his eight-inch long cock deep into her hot, wet
cunt. It is tight as a vise and he can feel its tiny, erotic
contractions on his throbbing penis. The feeling is extraordinary.
The girl's face is radiant with lust. Her lips part and her tongue
arches with wanton slowness and over her slender, bowed upper lip.
It is very sexy to watch. He slides his hands down to grip her

"Slowly," she whispers. "Don't be in a rush."

The youth stills himself, but not without effort. They are on the
cool stone-tiled floor. The top of the youth's head touches a
thick partition wall, made of long vertical strips of rough-hewn
wood. The girl leans forward now and presses her eye to a sizable
hole in the partition. Her breasts swing pendulous over him. The
young man cranes his neck and whips one of her nipples with his
tongue. The girl bites her lower lip and stifles and soft moan.

"Maya. What're they doing?"

"Ssh!" Maya hisses softly. "Shut up, Devilal! They'll hear us!
It's only a thin wall, damn it!"

"Tell me what you see."


"No. Now."

Maya sighs. "Oh god, Devilal, you're impossible! Don't you fuck
Sonu too?"

"Sure, and she's great," the cook whispers. "That doesn't mean I
don't like watching her fuck, too!"

"You can't watch her like this, can you?"

"That's why I want you to tell me what she's doing."

"Oh, all right, have it your way. She's with Mohan."

"Who, the watchman?"


"What are they doing?"

"What do you think they're doing? He's fucking her, of course!"

"I know that. But how?"

Maya looks down and grins. "It's really sexy, actually. What will
you do if I don't tell you?"

Devilal scowls and whips her breasts with his hands. She gasps
sharply, enjoying the sudden sting. He grips her hips and jerks
her cunt down on his cock, bucking his hips suddenly under her.
The breath rushes from her throat.

"That's what you'll get!" he snarls. "Ram-fucking!"

The teenager moans and, bending, kisses her cook tenderly. "Then,
my hero," she murmurs, her tongue in his ear, her hips writhing
erotically on his, "perhaps I should continue teasing you like

The cook chuckles and slows his motions, fondling her heavy,
pendulous breasts. Her kiss deepens, gets hungrier and she pushes
her tongue erotically in and out of his mouth. He squeezes her
buttocks and, pulling them apart, presses his fingertip to her

"I want to fuck your ass," he grunts.

"Later," she groans. "Not now. I want to watch Sonu first."

She lifts her body and presses one eye to the spyhole again.
Through it, she has an unobstructed view of the living room beyond
the partition wall. Lying under her, the cook chuckles and plays
with her lovely breasts.

On the other side of the partition, Maya's elder sister, Sonu, is
on her back on the living room floor, her legs spread and knees
bent, being fucked furiously by another servant-lover. The servant
leans over her on his knees and outstretched arms, his hands
crushing her swollen breasts, his hips rocketing up and down in a
rapid rhythm. Her body whips and thrashes wildly. Her hips heave
and jerk up and down. Her pretty face, twisted and contorted in a
rictus of lust, jerks from side to side. Her cries are loud and
hoarse and filled with wanton excitement.

MA UHHH OHHHHHH!" Sonu cries.

Mohan is dark and tall and lean, very handsome, with a
sharp-featured face and thin mustache. His shoulders are broad and
strong and the muscles ripple smoothly. His torso is V-shaped and
hairless and glistens with sex-sweat. His buttocks, flexing and
unflexing rapidly, are taut and firm and his hips are high and
lean. His head is bent and he is watching her as he fucks her,
rocking his hips back and forth and up and down with a quick
snapping action. His cock is huge, at least ten inches long and
correspondingly thick. It plunges in and out of the teenager's
cunt. She gasps and cries out, arching and bowing, her elbows
bent, forearms along his, her fingers taut on his triceps and
elbows. The man grunts through gritted teeth.

"C'mon! C'mon whore, take it! Oh fuck yes, take it, bitch, take

The man flips his hands off her breasts and onto the floor. He
moves faster and faster, hammering his hips up and down. His penis
savages her flesh, plunging and pistoning and ramming and reaming
furiously in and out of her wet slit. Beneath him, the
fair-skinned teenager thrashes and cries out, her body glistening
with sweat. Her breasts wobble and jiggle with his thrusts and she
lifts and squeezes them wantonly, groaning in pleasure. With a
loud, shaking moan, she jerks her hips up and arches her body, her
head arching back, her neck craning, her mouth open in a wide 'O'.
The breath rushes from her throat in a long gasp. The man arches
his head and groans and slowly pushes down deep, deep, deep into
her cunt. She whimpers, trembling and moaning as her orgasm
crashes over her. The man draws out, rams in, draws out, rams in.
Each thrust forces the breath from her throat in a rattling moan.
Sonu clenches his buttocks and, heaving her hips upward, pulls him
deeper into her flesh.

"C'mon! C'mon! Come inside me!" she gasps.

The servant gasps, his hips twitching and jerking between her
thighs, his buttocks flexed taut. He moans in relief as he
orgasms. Beneath him, Sonu's face creases in a smile of pleasure
as the heat billows from his cock and spews into her flesh.
Slowly, their bodies subside. The servant smiles down at her and
begins moving again, rocking slowly and gently in and out of her
cunt. Sonu murmurs softly, caressing his thick biceps and
shoulders and chest and back. He sinks down on her body and kisses
her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth.

"That was lovely," Sonu murmurs as she tongues Mohan's ear. "Thank

The servant slides off Sonu's body with a chuckle and gets to his
knees. She lies sprawled wantonly under him, her chest heaving,
still breathing hard, caressing her breasts sexily. The servant

"Thanks, cunt. Good fuck."

He gets to his feet and holds a hand out to help her up. She gets
up and links her arms about his neck and lifts her face to his. He
kisses her gently, his hands caressing her breasts and buttocks
and back. She squirms against him, fondling his cock and balls.

"Enough," he says, slapping her bottom gently. "You've got more
fucking coming up, and I've got work to do."

"Do me."

He laughs. "That's not work. That's pure pleasure."

"Flattery will get you everywhere. How about my ass?"

The servant snorts and steps away. "Go on, you randy little bint!
Go get dressed. Rajan should be here any minute!"

Sonu giggles and leaves the room. The servant whistles softly to
himself as he pulls on his vest and shorts. On the other side of
the partition, Maya moans softly. All this time, she has been
writhing gently on the cook's lap with her eye pressed to the
peephole. He, patient and caring, filled with a curious amalgam of
tender concern and raw lust for the teenager, waits for her

"Oh god," Maya moans now, bending again to kiss him hungrily,
pushing her tongue into his mouth, swirling it through his ear,
writhing her hips over his, rubbing her swollen breasts on his
hard chest. "They were so sexy, Devilal!"

The cook chuckles, squeezing her buttocks and pulling her down on
his lap. "I know. Sonu's one hot number. Loves having her slit
stuffed. Great fuck."

"And me?" Maya says, lifting her body over his, her arms
outstretched. "What about me?"

The cook grins. "You, my little bint, are incredible, that's what
you are. C'mon now ... do it!"

He squeezes her pendulous breasts and bucks his hips under her.
Maya groans and begins rocking back and forth over him. The cook
watches the spasms of lust crossing her face and thinks she is the
loveliest, sexiest creature he has known. Her face is suffused
with a soft radiance of lust. Her nostrils are flared, her mouth
is open and her dark, lovely *kajal*-rimmed eyes are hazy with
desire. On her hands and knees over him, the teenager moves her
body up and down, back and forth, sliding her cunt along the
length of his tumescence. Her cunt is hot and wet and tight and it
convulses and contracts greedily on his throbbing penis. She moans
softly, her face arched, her long neck craned. The gold chain
around her neck looks sexy against her tawny golden skin. The cook
grips her hips and moves in unison with her. Her breasts bounce
and jiggle with their motions.

"Ohhhhh uhhh yes! Oh god yes! Oh that's so good, Devi ... uhh lal
uhhhh Ohhh fuck yes! Oh ma uhhh yes! Oh yes!" Maya cries out.

"C'mon ... take it, whore, take it!" the servant grunts softly,
heaving and pumping his hips under her.

His words excite her and she hisses in pleasure, arching her back
and rising, lifting and squeezing her breasts, crushing them in
her hands in an erotic action. Her hips grind tightly on his
crotch and he groans as her convulsing cunt swirls and churns
around on his throbbing penis. With a shuddering moan, she falls
forward over him, on her forearms now, her heavy breasts hot
against his chest, her nipples quivering stiffly, and begins to
move furiously, bucking her hips rapidly up and down over him. He
is an experienced lover and he quickly catches her rhythm and
moves in tandem with her. Her body rocks and jerks and swings back
and forth and up and down over his. Her gold chain swings against
his face. Her head is tilted up, her eyes are closed and she moans
and pants and gasps like a bitch in rut. He grips her lovely
buttocks and grinds his hips round, moving hers with his even as
she lifts and drops them alternately, sliding her cunt up and down
his cock-shaft. Craning his head he sucks on one breast, then the
other and then, squeezing both together, whips the nipples with
his tongue. Maya shudders and writhes, her face screwing up as she
struggles to stave off her orgasm and prolong the pleasure. Her
buttocks flex and unflex and her hips rise and fall in and erotic
cadence, bouncing off his thighs. Her cunt moves steeply, taking
his long, thick cock fully in her slit and, as she forces her cunt down hard on his cock, his balls hit her buttocks. The cook grunts
and gasps and, gripping her buttocks, presses his fingertip to her

It is too much for her to bear. With a long, shuddering groan, she
shoves her cunt down on his cock. Simultaneously, her anus opens
and his fingertip slips in, making her gasp even louder. Her
orgasm breaks and her cunt spasms and contracts frantically on his
throbbing penis. It is all he can do to contain himself. She bends
her head and kisses him hungrily, thrusting her tongue into his
mouth. The cook groans, holding his finger in her anus as her
tight cunt bites down on his rampant penis in a series of
explosive convulsions. Slowly, her orgasm ebbs. Maya moans and
sinks onto his body, kissing him feverishly.

"Fuck me again," she gasps. "Fuck me again, Devilal, c'mon!"

The cook chuckles and eases her off his cock. "Suck me, bitch.
Gimme head!"

Evidently, Maya's orgasm has done nothing to quell her lust.
Groaning, she snakes down her servant's body, brushing her breasts wantonly against it, kissing and licking his hard torso like a
feral animal. The cook grins and crossing his arms behind his head
and spreading his legs wider, cranes his neck to watch.

He is a handsome young man, with a fine-featured, smiling face and
a wispy mustache and a short, slim, wiry, lithe body. His skin is
an attractive lightly burnished tan. His nipples are small and
dark. He has very sparse, almost indiscernible body hair, and his
armpits are shaved.

His eight-inch long, two-inch thick cock looks incongruous on his
slight build. However, Maya obviously doesn't think so or, at any
rate, doesn't care. Moving lower, she nuzzles his flat belly,
swirling her tongue through his navel and rubbing her breasts against his penis. He grunts. It feels good to have her heavy, hot
breasts brushing tantalisingly across his cock-head. She holds his
shaft and rubs his cock-head over her nipples and aureoles,
groaning softly. The cook waits for her to go lower and suck his

The teenager surprises him. Instead, she moves up again, dragging
her tongue up his body, her eyes lifted to his face. Higher and
higher she goes, and her tongue climbs up to his face. He tilts
his face. Her tongue flickers over his lips, slides around to
swirl through his ear, returns to his mouth and darts like an eel
in and out of his mouth, whipping his own. Her breasts are hot and
heavy on his body and feel wonderful. He tries to kiss her and
begins to move his arms out from behind his head but she stops

"Don't," she murmurs. "Stay like this."

The cook waits and now he quivers in excitement and lust. The
teenager is bewitching and very, very good to fuck. She begins
moving lower again and he murmurs in pleasure as she runs her
tongue through his cleanly shorn armpits, ripples across his chest
to the other and then slowly moves up to his dark, hard nipple.
Her lips part wide around his small aureole and her tongue whips
the stiff stub erotically. The cook groans and arches. Her lips
fasten around his nipple and she starts sucking it tenderly,
teething the stiff peak, scraping it across her teeth, swirling
her tongue around it. The sensation is exquisitely delicate. Her
fingers crawl down to his crotch and begin working his penis. The
cook grunts and feels the heat surge in his balls. She releases
one nipple, moves to the other.

The cook is impatient to feel her mouth encase his cock. He pushes
gently at her head.

"C'mon whore ... go down on me!" he says, his voice soft and
hoarse, his breathing ragged. "Suck my dick!"

Maya takes her time. She loves doing this, tasting her lovers'
bodies, savours the unique odour and tang, each distinct and
special. She squeezes her breasts over his penis and licks his
belly and crotch. The cook groans. Her breast-sheath is warm and
soft, and he can feel her rigid nipples scraping along his shaft.
Slowly, she moves lower. He spreads his legs further apart. His
erect penis throbs and quivers upright. Maya wraps her fingers
around it gently and masturbates him slowly. Dipping her head, she
tongues his heavy balls. Devilal gasps at the soft touch of her
face and silky hair between his thighs. drawing a testicle into
her mouth, she sucks it gently, caressing its contours with her
tongue. Her hand keeps pumping his shaft. Moving lower still, she
slips her tongue between his buttocks. The cook gasps and lifts
his legs. Maya groans. She can smell and taste his dank anus and
this arouses her. She presses her tongue to his asshole and rims
him tenderly. The musky taste of his cock and anus fills her

"Fuck yes!" the cook gasps. "C'mon bitch! Suck me!"

There is a desperation in his voice that she finds enchanting.
Still she torments him, rimming his asshole, sucking his balls.
Slowly, her eyes lifted, glittering with excitement, she drags her
tongue up his erect shaft, scrapes her teeth gently along the
rough surface. Her lips hover over his cock. He can feel her warm
breath on his exposed cock-head. Her tongue whips out and swirls
around it. The cook gasps and arches his back, thrusting his hips
upward. Instantly, her lips open wider and slip around his cock,
taking the head and a good part of the shaft into her mouth.
Devilal grunts in relief and joy. Her mouth is a warm, moist, wet
cavern and she begins to suck his cock with intense pleasure and
enjoyment, constantly working the bulging cock-head with her
electric tongue.

"Mm ... yeh ... oh fuck yes ... yeh ... that's good ... keep
sucking, bitch ... suck it ... suck my prick, whore! Ohhhhh yes
... fuck yes ... suck harder, slut! Yeh! That's it!"

Maya finds it in an immense turn-on to be addressed in coarse
vernacular. She moans thickly and sucks harder, winding her tongue
cunningly around the cock-head, sucking her servant's cock. Her
face distends with the size of his penis and her head rocks and
bobs up and down over his lap. She keeps masturbating him with her
fingers. The heat roils in his cock and balls and threatens to
burst forth. The cook gasps, his hips bucking and rocking up and
down under the teenager's face. He thrusts a hand down and grips
her head, moving it up and down to suit his pleasure. His cock and
balls begin to ache and throb with the tension of holding back. He
groans and gasps, fighting to stave off his orgasm.

Just then, the doorbell chimes. Maya stops and looks up. The cook
gasps as her mouth surrenders his cock. He exhales rapidly,
blowing out his cheeks and manages to stifle his ejaculation, but
only just. Maya grins at him, her fingers still wound around his
cock, pumping it gently.

"He's here."


"Rajan. Sonu's next lover."

"Fuck. I didn't know he was coming, too!"

Maya giggles. "Actually, he hasn't yet, at least I hope not. She'd
be very disappointed."

Devilal snorts with laughter. "You're crazy, bitch. Still wanna

"But of course. It's an offer I can't refuse."

"Do you ever say no?"


The cook laughs again. "You gonna watch them again?"

"But of course."

"Okay, I'll fuck you from behind."

"Butt, of course?"


"Never mind."

Maya stifles her grin. Her body is still tingling with lust and
excitement. She turns on her hands and knees. The cook kneels
behind her and pushes his cock between her lovely buttocks. His
cock-head pauses at her cunt-lips. Maya waits breathlessly. Then
the cook flexes his buttocks and she groans softly, biting her
lower lip, as the youth's enormous cock surges into her cunt-flesh
in one long endless thrust. Devilal gasps, his fingers digging
into the soft flesh of her buttocks and, flexing his own buttocks
taut, presses his hips to hers. Her cunt convulses eagerly on his
penis. She turns her face over her shoulder to his, her tongue
arching sexily over her upper lip. Devilal groans and slides his
hands up her body and fondles her pendulous, swollen breasts.
Leaning over her, he nuzzles the nape of her neck around which her
necklace of braided gold glints on her tawny skin. Her lips are
open and he jams his mouth to hers and, thrusting his tongue into
her mouth, kisses her deeply. She writhes erotically against him.

"Fuck me," she murmurs. "Fuck me Devilal ... I want it! Fuck me

He loves it when she uses words like this. He unflexes his
buttocks and lifts his hips and draws his cock outward. It slides
out of her slit glistening and gleaming like a dark, wet pole. She
groans at the release in pressure.

"C'mon take it!" he grunts.

He thrusts into her again and she gasps, chewing her lower lip and
rocking forward under his thrust. He begins to fuck her slowly and
heavily with deep, long, punishing, skewering thrusts. Maya gasps
and whimpers, rocking back and forth on all fours beneath him.

"Now," she gasps. "Slow down ... that's good ... yes ... okay ...
move forward a bit ... yeh ... okay, that's fine ... now I'm going
to watch and you just keep fucking me slowly, okay?"

Devilal is hardly the kind to refuse. Now they are closer to the
partition and her eye is pressed to the spyhole. She is on
outstretched arms and her haunches, her knees bent and legs folded
under her buttocks in a great obtuse V. The cook is on his knees
behind her, sitting upright so that she is backed onto his penis
and her body angles upward under his from waist to shoulder. The
position restricts his movement, for her cunt is pressed down onto
his cock and he is pinned to the ground. He is content,
nonetheless, and does not protest. He fondles her breasts. Maya
stifles her moans of pleasure. His cock is wonderful in her slit,
hot and hard and throbbing. Her cunt convulses and contracts
strongly on his penis and she can feel his heavy balls pressed to
her buttocks. She squirms and writhes on his lap, grinding her
hips against his, churning her cunt with his cock.

"Mm ... that's it ... just hold it, Devilal while I watch."

Through the partition, Maya sees Rajan walk into the living room
followed by Mohan, who has obviously answered the doorbell. He is
everything a lover should be: Tall, lean, with the aquiline,
hard-jawed, fair-skinned features of a Nagar or an exceptionally
handsome Gujarati. His hair is thick and brushed back. He is
clean-shaven. He lives in the *chawl* opposite and Maya has had a
crush on him for some time. He is dressed in stylish trousers and
a pastel shirt with several buttons open and the sleeves rolled up
his muscular forearms. He is carrying a large gift-wrapped box. He
pauses in the bedroom and turns to the servant.

"Where's the girl?"

"Inside. Cleaning up."

"You had her yourself?"

"Yes. Just finished."


"As always."

The men grin. "That broad will do anything to get a rod into her,"
the servant says.

Rajan smiles. "Have you told her about the other one yet?"

"No. We agreed it would be you."

"Good. Thank you. The other knows about her though."

"Yeah. She's inside with the cook." The servant nods to the
partition. "I've told her to watch."

Rajan smiles and looks at the partition and the eyehole. Maya's
eyes dance. She knows both men well. They have fucked her
frequently in the past few weeks, unknown to Sonu.

"When are you going to do it?" Mohan asks Rajan.

"Do what?"

"Tell her about the other."

"Soon. Soon. Don't want to upset her."

The servant chuckles softly. "And then, maybe, we can have 'em
both together, right?"

"That's the general idea."

Maya feels a rush of excitement. She has been waiting for just
this for a long time. She finds Sonu sexy and desirable and,
fuelled by the erotic magazines that Rajan gives her, she wants to
try lesbian sex with her sister while the servants watch and later
join in. The prospect inflames her lust. She grits her teeth and
rocks her cunt up and down on Devilal's cock.

In the living room, Rajan flings himself into a chair, puts the
parcel on the table at his side. He nods to the servant. "Let's
go. Get her."

Mohan saunters across the room and pokes his head around the door
into the corridor that leads to the kitchen and toilets.

"Sonu!" he calls. "Rajan is here! Come on!"

Mohan ducks back into the room and, in a corner, squats on the
floor and is still. Like many of his kind, he can sit like this
for hours on end.

A minute later, Sonu comes into the room. She is wearing a light
pink satin *kurta* and nothing else. The material is fine and
smooth and clings to her contours showing the swell of her breasts and her cleavage and even the prominent stubs of her nipples. It
has buttons down the front to her crotch; all of them are open and
the men have an unimpeded view of her lovely body under it. A thin
gold necklace nestles against the creamy skin of her cleavage. She
is carrying a tray with a glass of ice-water.

Rajan grins at her. "Hey cunt," he says. "Looking hot."

Sonu smiles prettily. Her breasts bounce as she walks across the
room. She stops by his chair and, bending, sets the tray down on a
small three-legged stool at his elbow. As she bends, her *kurta*
drops open, exposing her succulent breasts. The gold necklace
dangles free. She looks very sexy. Grinning, Rajan lifts his hand
lazily and slides it into the neck of her *kurta* and cups one
breast, squeezing it gently. Sonu shudders visibly, her lips
breaking apart. He flicks his thumb across her stubby nipple. It
stiffens visibly and she gasps softly, biting her lower lip, her
eyes glittering.

"Randy as always, eh?" Rajan chuckles softly. His grin widens as
she moans softly in response.

"C'mon, whore ... show me how hot you really are. Suck my cock."

Standing by his chair, Sonu bends and kisses him deeply. Her
breasts hang free. He cups and squeezes them. She slides a hand up
his thigh into his crotch and deftly flicks open the clasp of his
trousers, pulls down his zipper, draws out his cock.

Rajan's penis is a wonderful instrument of joy. Limp, it is nearly
six inches long and, as both girls know, in the glory of its
tumescence, fully eight inches or more in length and
correspondingly thick. His balls are heavy and low and loaded with
thick, hot jizz. He shaves his balls and the shaft of his cock all
the way down to the base. There is a reason for this, which he has
explained before -- for him, the advantage is that it enables him
to feel a cunt or ass or mouth fully and, for the women he fucks,
it causes no discomfort when he sodomizes them.

A tremor of lust ripples through Maya as she watches her elder
sister on the other side of the partition jerk Rajan's cock gently
in her fist. She knows from experience how good it feels in her
cunt, what a great lover the man is. She rocks back against the
young servant behind her, squirming her buttocks against his
crotch and briefly tearing her eye from the spyhole, turns her
face to his. He squeezes her breasts and kisses her deeply,
thrusting his tongue into her mouth and jerks his hips under his,
pushing his throbbing cock into her hot cunt.

"Ohhh ... uhhh yes ... fuck me, Devilal," the teenager groans
softly. "Oh god yes ... fuck me ... take me, lover ... fuck me
like a whore!"

Devilal chuckles softly and squeezes her breasts hard. "All in
good time, slut," he growls. "First finishing your peep-show!"

Maya moans and turns her face back to the wall, pressing her eye
to the hole again. Devilal grins and fondles her naked body
tenderly, making her tremble in pleasure. He caresses her breasts,
lifting and weighing them in his hands, pinching and tweaking her
stiff nipples. His lips press to the nape of her neck and he
swirls his tongue through her ear. She moans and writhes eagerly
against him, struggling to contain herself.

In the room beyond, Rajan has pulled Sonu's *kurta* open and,
tilting his face back, is sucking tenderly on one breast while she
masturbates him. Sonu moans softly, her body trembling, her face
flushed with excitement. Across the room, squatting in a corner,
Mohan grins at them. Still sucking one breast, Rajan dips his
finger into the tall glass she brought for him and picks up an
ice-cube. She doesn't sense his intention till it's too late. Then
she gasps sharply, her head snapping up, her back bowing as he
slides it up under her *kurta*, over her buttocks, between them,
into her crotch. Her knees sag and she sinks to the floor by his
chair. Rajan chuckles. He moves the ice-cube to her neck, down
into her cleavage and over her breast. Sonu groans, her body
twisting and writhing.

Rajan's grin widens. He caresses her face with the slowly melting
ice, presses it to her lips. She understands now and, taking it in
her mouth, quickly bends her head over his lap and, flipping back
his foreskin, takes his penis in her mouth. Rajan gasps sharply.
Sonu moans softly and, jerking his shaft in one hand, sucks his
cock-head hungrily, her head bobbing rapidly up and down over his
lap. Slouching in the chair, spreading his legs, Rajan groans
thickly, his head bent, watching her, fondling her breasts through
the neck of her *kurta*.

"Mm ... yeh ... that's it ... suck it, bitch ... yeh ... c'mon ...
suck my prick, whore ... yeh ... oh fuck yes ... that's good,
whore ... c'mon ... suck harder ... ahh yeh ... that's it!"

His cock balloons rapidly, growing, thickening, lengthening,
filling her mouth and distending her face. She sucks harder and
faster, her head bent, rising and falling rapidly, bobbing over
his lap, her fingers curled around the hard, dark, thickly-veined
stem, jerking it steadily. Pausing, moaning hotly, she caresses
her face with it sensuously. Her lips and cheeks grow sticky with
his pre-cum gunk. He pushes her head back into his crotch and
makes her suck his cock again for several minutes. Finally, he
pushes her head away. Sonu gets to her feet. She is breathing hard
and, pulling her *kurta* open, lifts and caresses her breasts erotically. As she spreads her legs and straddles his thighs,
lifting her *kurta* up over her waist, he stops her.

"Not so fast, whore," he says with a short laugh. "I've got a
present for you. And I want you to do something for me first."

"A present?" Her eyes dance with delight.

"Yup." He hands her the box. "Go on, open it."

Still straddling his thighs, Sonu tears open the wrapping. It is a
large box and she opens the lid and looks into it and cries out in
surprise and pleasure and delight, her eyes dancing, her face
creasing in a wide smile.

"Oh, wow!' she cries. "Thank you! This is fantastic!" She turns to
the servant, watching curiously from the corner. "Look, Mohan,
look what Rajan got me!"

Sonu displays the contents of the box. On the other side of the
thin wooden wall, Maya gapes and moans in desperate excitement.
Sonu has been presented a set of sexual toys. There are dildoes,
vibrators, sheaths and, she sees, another little presentation box
with two pretty bottles on it, which she imagines must be perfume.
One by one, Sonu examines each of the ersatz penises. The first is
an enormous device, two inches thick and nine inches long, shaped
like a cock, its surface covered with flexible rubber spikes,
thick ribs and large knobs.

"That's a vibrator," Rajan explains. "Battery operated. The
latest. Here's the switch. When you press that, it vibrates ...
and here's the best part, when you jab this button it actually


"Oh yes. Fill it with warm water or milk. They say thick milk is
best. Come on, try it. Frig for me."

Mohan gets to his feet and takes the vibrator-dildo from Sonu's
outstretched hand and disappears into the kitchen. Meanwhile, she
looks at the other items. The next is a double headed dildo, with
a cock-head at each end.

"That's for lesbian fucking. I thought you might want to get into
that sometime soon. You put one end in your cunt, and then fuck
the other cunt with it. Get it?"

Sonu looks awed, excited.

"This," he says, picking up a curious double-pronged device with
two cocks joined at the base, "is another dildo vibrator. Meant
for doing your cunt and ass together. See, the thick one goes into
your cunt, the thin one into your ass. And this," he picks up
another item, this one with four stems, two in each direction, "is
similar, but for lesbian fucking in both cunt and ass. You do it
back to back, the thick ends in each other's cunts, the thin one's
go in the ass."

"And this?" Sonu picks up a black rubber thing from the box.

"It's a sheath. You slip it over a cock. See, the cock-head sticks
out the top, so there's no problem coming, not like a condom, you
can feel hot jizz. And because it's tight it keeps a cock hard
longer. Also, it's got these great spikes and things." Like the
first vibrator, the surface of the sheath, too, was studded,
ribbed and spiked.

"And this? Perfume?" Sonu looks at the presentation box.

Rajan laughs. "No, my sweet little bint. Not perfume.
Aphrodisiacs. Pills. Powder. Take them. They're safe and they'll
make you hot as hell. Just see."

"How ... how many do I take?"

He shrugs. "Two, three. Not more. And just a pinch of that

Tentatively, Sonu tips three little pills into her palm and pops
them into her mouth, washing them down with a sip of water from
the glass of water she brought for him. Taking a pinch of powder
from the second container, she sniffs it gently in one nostril.

"More in the other now," Rajan instructs her softly. "Yes that's
it. Okay, count to three. One ... two ... three ... it should hit

It does; like a hammerblow. Sonu gasps sharply, loudly. Her head
snaps back, her mouth jerks open, her neck arching. Her nipples
shoot out stiff and hard. Her hands fly to her breasts and she
squeezes them feverishly. Her hips pump and writhe and she thrusts
a hand into her crotch, masturbating frantically. Rajan slaps her
hands away. She cries out. She tries to squeeze her breasts, grab
his cock, mount him. He pins her hands to her sides. She writhes,
gasping and moaning, her chest heaving, her hips pumping wildly.
Rajan pushes her away.

"On the floor!" he snaps, just as Mohan comes in with the loaded
vibrator. "Frig! Come on! Now! Do it!"

Sonu grabs the vibrator from the servant and flings herself on her
back on the floor, spreads her legs, bends her knees. Gripping the
vibrator with both hands, she pushes it between her legs. The huge
cock-head pops into her cunt. She gasps and arches steeply, her
mouth tearing open in a wide O.

"Deeper! Shove it in! All of it!" Rajan grates. "Do it whore!"

"OHHHHHHH uhh OH ma uhhh OHHHHHHH!" Sonu cries, obeying him.

She forces the vibrator deeper and deeper into her cunt. The
spikes bend and scrape, the ribs and knobs rasp over her inflamed,
quivering clitoris. She pushes it deeper still.

"Now frig!" Rajan snaps. "C'mon, bitch! Frig hard!"

Maya moans, writhing feverishly on Devilal's rampant penis as she
watches her sister masturbating frantically with the enormous vibrator. Her hands are clenched on the protruding handle and her
breasts, exposed under the open lapels of her *kurta*, bulge
swollen and hard between her arms, her nipples rigid. Her face
flips from side to side and her hips pump and writhe and her body
rocks and jerks on the floor, her breasts wobbling and jiggling as
she moves.

"Faster!" he orders. "Frig faster!"

"Ohhhh uhh Ohhhh uhhh oh fuck uhhh ohhhh uhhhh ohhhh uhh ohma uh
ohhhh uhh ohhhhh!" she cries.

Maya watches in fascination and envy. She wants to try it, too.
She will have to borrow it when she can, when Sonu's out of the
house, fucking one of her lovers elsewhere. For now she must
content herself with watching.

On the other side, Sonu is dizzy with excitement and lust. She has
never felt so horny in her life. The vibrator feels wonderful,
thick and heavy, the hard ribs and knobs and stiff spikes mashing
and crushing through her tender cunt-flesh, pulverizing her gorged
clitoris delightfully. She masturbates faster, jamming the
enormous vibrator into her cunt, rocking it deep in as hard as she

"Fuck, this is great!" Mohan chortles, masturbating openly,
visibly aroused.

Rajan grins. "Watch this."

He bends over and presses a button in the vibrator's base.
Instantly, there is a soft hum. The breath whooshes from Sonu's
throat and her back bows steeply and she plunges the vibrator deep
into her cunt, thrashing wildly on the floor. Rajan grins. On and
on she goes and a series of orgasms begins to crash through her
body, making her gasp and cry out loudly. Rajan is bent over now,
one hand on the floor, waiting. As her third successive orgasm
hits, he flicks her hands off the vibrator, grabs it, jams it deep
into her cunt, making her cry out and arch, her hands crushing her
breasts, her face whipping to one side and then he jabs the second
button. Sonu reacts as if she has been shot. Her hips arch stiffly
and her body snaps with sharp little jerks. Maya realizes that the
vibrator is ejaculating inside her. Sonu whimpers, crying out.
Rajan grins, holding it in place buried deep in her cunt and then
slowly draws it out. It is still spurting. Warm milk shoots over
her body, spattering her thighs and belly and trickling between
her breasts, wetting her *kurta*. She gasps, writhing and
squirming, moaning deliriously as the fluid splashes on her fair

"Fuck," Rajan says. "This is fantastic! The thing actually heats
up, too! Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!"

Laughing softly, he tosses the vibrator aside and, getting to his
feet, drops his trousers. Stepping out of them, he kneels on the
floor and pulls her off her back onto her hands and knees before
him. His rampant penis sticks out at her face.

"C'mon, whore, suck me some more," he growls.

Sonu moans and pushes her face into his crotch, taking his cock in
her mouth. He grunts softly and fucks her mouth slowly, head bent,
watching her, pumping his hips to and fro, rocking her head back
and forth with one hand. With the other, he takes another pinch of
the aphrodisiac snuff and holds it under her nostrils. She can't
help inhale it and the drug hits her again, making her gasp and
moan deep in her cock-filled throat, taking his cock deeper in her
mouth. She thrusts a hand between her legs and begins
masturbating. Rajan pulls her *kurta* up under her armpits and
fondles her swollen, pendulous breasts as she rocks on all fours
under him. Her nipples are painfully stiff. Sonu moans thickly,
gobbling his cock, taking it deep in her mouth, sucking it
rapidly, hungrily. Rajan grunts, his excitement mounting.

"Mm ... yeh ... c'mon ... suck it, whore ... yeh ... that's good
... keep sucking, bitch ... just keep sucking my dick, slut ...
yeh ... use your tongue ... ahhh yeh ... that's it ... oh fuck
that's good head, bitch ... real good ... ohh yes ... that's it!"

He grabs the double-pronged dildo-vibrator from the couch where
she tossed it and, bending forward over her body, slowly pushes
the thicker of the two cocks between her thighs and buttocks,
pressing the bulbous cock-head into her slit. Sonu gasps, her head
rising, her hips swaying erotically. He grunts and forces her head
back into his crotch.

"You keep sucking, whore!" he says. "Do it till I tell you to

"Ohhh uhhh ohma uhhhhh OHHHHHH!" she cries as he pushes the dildo
deeper and deeper into her slit.

The device has a leather loop at the base and Rajan slips his
wrist through it for a better grip. He keeps the companion shaft
raised in the web between his thumb and forefinger as he shoves
the thicker stem further into her cunt. Sonu's fair, lissom body
trembles and quivers, her hips writhing frantically. Rajan
chuckles at her reaction, steadily pushing his cock in and out of
her mouth.

On the other side of the partition wall, Maya whimpers in
excitement, deeply aroused, and begins to rock back and forth on
her knees and outstretched arms, pushing her cunt up and down the
length of the cook's inflamed penis. Her breasts, swollen turgid,
the nipples rigid and stiff, wobble and bounce and the gold
necklace tosses and dances on her skin. She wants to use the
device, too, longs for it. She doesn't know it yet, of course, but
the multi-pronged dildoes have hard inner cores that are
removable; without them, the dildoes become sheaths and a man can
push his cock into either of them to fuck the woman's cunt or ass
through the sheaths.

Now, as she watches, Rajan curls the second, slimmer, dildo and
bends it between Sonu's spread buttocks, pressing the bulging
cock-head to her anus. She gasps, stiffening, her head lifting.
Rajan laughs softly, pushing his cock at her face and slowly
presses the second dildo into her asshole. It pops into her rear
orifice; her face contorts in a paroxysm of lust and a loud,
shuddering cry of joy erupts from her throat.

"Ohmauhhhh ahhhhh uhhhh yes uhh OHHHHHHHH uhh OHHHH!"

The servant watches pop-eyed. Rajan snorts in delight and pushes
the second dildo into Sonu's asshole and simultaneously pushes his
cock at her face.

"Now ... suck hard, whore!" he cries. "Choos! Jorse choos!"

Moaning, Sonu takes his cock deep in her mouth, sucking it
feverishly, her body rocking and jerking and writhing in erotic
torment before Rajan.

"Mm ... yeh ... ohhh fuck yes ... that's good ... c'mon ... take
it! Suck my prick, bitch ... yeh ... that's it!" Rajan grunts,
fucking her mouth rapidly.

He reaches out and takes a pinch of snuff, snorting it quickly,
pops four pills. The drugs hit him hard and he gasps, arching his
head, jamming his hand at her buttocks, forcing both dildoes into
her cunt and ass, masturbating her furiously, rocking his hips
back and forth at her face. The orgasm crashes through him and he
explodes in her mouth. Sonu moans, sucking his cock hungrily,
opening her mouth, letting the hot, creamy jizz spurt down her
throat and spatter her face and neck and pendulous breasts.

"Yeh, that was good," Rajan gasps, rubbing his sticky cock over
her face.

He slides the dildo out of her cunt and Sonu moans, her body
trembling, her head sagging. Rajan chuckles and makes her suck his
cock again. It is still rock-hard; the drugs are very powerful

At last, he pushes her head away and makes her lie on her back on
the floor again. Grinning at her, he strips off his shirt. He has
a fine, muscular body, the torso V-shaped, smooth and hairless,
even the armpits depilated. Every muscle is ridged and rigidly
defined; the curve and cleft of his chest, the square blocks in
his belly. His hips are high and narrow, his arms thick with
rounded, bunched muscles, his thighs strong and sturdy. The
forearms ripple with veins. His muscles are so developed that his
skin is stretched taut over them. His buttocks are taut and firm,
small and rounded. His nipples are sharp stubs in small aureoles.
His magnificent penis stands proudly erect. He is one sexy hunk.

"Please ... fuck me," Sonu moans, writhing on the floor, fondling
her breasts. "C'mon Rajan ... fuck me!"

"Okay, now let's try this," he mutters and, taking the black
rubber sheath, slips it over his cock.

The sheath is a tight, snug fit and covers his cock from the ridge
behind his cock-head all the way down to the base. The sheath is
open-ended and his swollen cock-head pops through the aperture.

"Hey, great," Rajan says, grinning down at his armoured
tumescence. "This feels terrific."

He leers at the teenager sprawled wantonly on the floor. She moans
softly, pulling her *kurta* up under her arms and then, crossing
them, tugs it off her head and flings it aside. She lifts her
breasts, squeezing and crushing the swollen mounds eagerly and,
sliding her hands down her body, splays her cunt-lips open for her

"Fuck me," she moans again. "Fuck me, Rajan ... fuck me hard!"

Rajan drops to the floor with her, moving between her forked
thighs and bent knees and leans over her on his knees and
outstretched arms. Bending, his powerful shoulders rippling and
hunching smoothly, he kisses her deeply, thrusting his tongue into
her mouth. She writhes against him wantonly, rubbing her swollen
breasts against his hard chest, her hands caressing his superbly
muscled body, fondling his sheathed penis and loaded balls. He
dips his head and gently laps his tongue at one stiff nipple, then
the other, tugs then, nibbles them, scrapes them across his teeth
and gums. She shudders and moans, her hips writhing and pumping
and undulating eagerly under him.

"Fuck me!" she gasps. "C'mon, Rajan! Fuck my slit! Fuck me hard!
Fuck me like a whore! I want it! Please!"

She grips his sheathed cock and moves it to her cunt-lips. Rajan
relents. He rises on outstretched arms and pauses, his cock-head
at her cunt-lips. She groans again, begging for it. He takes a
deep breath, purses his lips and slowly flexes his buttocks and
sinks his hips. His cock-head pops into her cunt. Sonu gasps and
arches, her back bowing, biting her lower lip. Rajan pauses and
then slowly pushes his cock deeper into her, flexing his buttocks
tighter and tighter, sinking his hips.


Sonu's cry rents the air. Her head snaps back, her neck cranes,
her face twists in a violent rictus of lust, her back bows and her
breasts thrust upward. Her hips shudder and jerk upward. The huge
cock pierces deeper into her cunt, the spikes on the surface of
the sheath bending as they scrape through her cunt-lips, the knobs
and ribs mashing her inflamed clitoris delightfully. In and in her
goes, till he has buried himself in her cunt to the hilt. Sonu
whimpers, her body writhing, her hips grinding against his, her
knees spread wide. Her chest heaves and her breath comes in
wracked, broken sobs.

"OH uhh OHH uhh OHH uhh OH ma uhhh OHHHH!" she moans.

Rajan is visibly delighted at her response. He begins fucking her
slowly and heavily with deep, piercing, measured strokes. His
buttocks flex and unflex rhythmically and his hips swing up and
down in a smooth cadence. The huge, black-sheathed cock glistens
wetly with their comingled coital juices as it runs in and out of
her cunt. Under him, Sonu gasps and moans, her head rolling from
side to side, her body heaving and writhing and jerking and
rolling ecstatically under his, her cries ringing in the air. His
muscles ripple smoothly as he moves, his hips bucking rhythmically
up and down, up and down, his armoured cock grinding and
squelching in and out of the teenager's hot, tight cunt.

"Ohhh uhhh ohhh uhh Oh ma uhhh *hanh* uhhh Ohhhh uhh Ohh Rajan!
Uhh Ra ... uhhh ahhhh ... uhhh Raj ... uhhhn uhh OHHHH uhh yes ...
oh god yes ... yes ... fuck me ... ohhhh yes baby yes! Fuck me!"
she cries.

"Mm ... yeh ... c'mon ... take it! C'mon! Yeh ... oh fuck yes ...
ohhh uhhh yes ... oh fuck yes ... c'mon, whore, take it!" the
handsome man calls.

He begins moving faster and her body jerks under his thrusts, her
swollen breasts jiggling and bouncing heavily, the nipples
nut-hard. Her hips pump up and down in an erotic tempo that
matches his thrusts. She clenches his bulging biceps, caresses his
powerful shoulders and torso, squeezes his buttocks, pulling him
in deeper into her flesh.

On and on they go and he moves faster and faster, taking her
powerfully and without respite. After several minutes, they pause,
then slow and he slides out of her. Without waiting for his
command she turns on her front, on her forearms and knees on the
floor and pushes her buttocks back at him. Her breasts hang heavy
and pendulous, like succulent fruit. Her gold necklace sways
against her creamy skin. She looks over her shoulder at Rajan and
wantonly runs her tongue along her upper lip.

"C'mon, Rajan ... fuck me ... fuck me like a whore," she mutters.
"My cunt's so hot, baby ... c'mon ... shove your fat cock right up
in there!"

Panting heavily, Rajan drops in a low squat over her hips and
slowly forces his sheathed cock into her cunt. It surges into her
slit and she gasps, lurching forward under his lunge, her head
jerking up, her face radiant with joy, her tongue pressed to her
upper lip, her mouth in a tight, excited O of passion.

"OHHHH uhh yeh ... ohh fuck yes ... c'mon ... deeper! Ohhhh yes,
Rajan baby ... deeper! Ohhhh uhhhh fuck yes!" she gasps.

He thrusts in deep, all the way, and then begins fucking her
deeply and rapidly, swinging his hips swiftly back and forth,
flexing and unflexing his buttocks, rocking his cock in and out of
her cunt. His penis appears and disappears between the creamy
curves of her buttocks. His balls surge against her buttocks with
each thrust. Her breasts jiggle and bounce and her gold necklace
dances to and fro, flapping against her chin. Her cries rise in
pitch and volume, and her face is a vision of lust, the eyes
hooded, the mouth open, the nostrils flared.

"Ohhhh uhhh ohhh uhhhh ohma uhhh ahhh uhhh ohhh uhhh *hanh* uhh
ohhh uhh *hanh* uh ohma uh *hanh* uhh oh yes oh yes Rajan yes ohhh
baby yes ohhh uhhh yes!" she cries, rocking and jerking under his,
running her cunt back and forth on his penis.

Faster and faster he goes, his knees deeply bent, his fingers
digging into the soft flesh of her waist and hips. He slides his
hands up under her body and cups and squeezes her swollen breasts.
She writhes erotically against him. He lifts his hips high and
plunges into her viciously, drawing a shrill, shaking cry from her
open mouth. He rams into her cunt greedily, making her gasp and
moan loudly.

"Yeh ... oh fuck yes ... take it! C'mon, whore! Take it!" he


The heat in his loins is unbearable. Her cunt is hot and wet and
tight as a drum and it takes all he has to stave off his orgasm.
Panting and gasping, he slides out of her and pulls off the
sheath. Sonu moans and whimpers deliriously, frantically trying to
claw his cock back into her cunt.

"Oh god no!" she sobs. "Don't stop, you bastard! Don't stop now!
Not now! C'mon ... please ... fuck me!"

"I want your ass, whore!" he growls and, rising, pulls her to her

He goes back to the chair and, spreading his legs wide, slouches
low. His penis quivers upright. Whimpering, Sonu straddles his
legs, her back to him and slowly lowers her butt onto his penis.
He moves his cock between her buttocks. She pauses with her anus
pressed to his cock-head, her hands on the arm-rests, her
shoulders hunched, her chest heaving, her face tensed and tight.

"C'mon, bitch ... sit your ass on my dick! Do it! Now!" he snaps.

With a shuddering moan, Sonu forces her anus down onto his penis.
His cock-head pops through into her rear-channel and she gasps,
her head whipping back, her mouth jerking open, a cracked sob of
pure pleasure erupting.

"OHHHHH OHMA uhhh AHHHHHHH uhh AHHHHH!" she cries.

"More!" he growls. "Take it all!"

He pulls her back against him and, putting his arms around her,
cups her breasts, lifting and squeezing them hard. She leans back
against his hard chest and turns her face to his. He jams his
mouth to her and kisses her deeply.

"Spread your legs ... wider!" he snaps.

Sonu's legs jerk open. Between them, Mohan and, on the other side
of the wall, Maya, have an unimpeded view of Rajan's cock buried
in Sonu's anus. Her hips writhe and squirm on his lap. He fondles
her breasts, her cunt-lips, her slit, flicks her clitoris. She
moans, biting her lower lip. He begins to pump his hips under her.
She groans and clenches the arms of the chair, forcing herself to
move in unison. Her buttocks grind slowly and heavily up and down
the length of his cock. She gasps and moans, her back arched, her
head flung back, her breasts thrust outward. Her hips writhe and
gyrate on his lap. Her anus rocks up and down on his cock. Sonu's
head swims with pleasure. She loves being fucked in the ass --
there is nothing as wonderful as the bitter-sweet pleasure of
being sodomized by a good, thick, hard, long cock.

"Ohhhh uhhh OHH uhhh ohhh ma uhh yes! Ohhh baby yes!" she cries in
unbridled pleasure.

"Now for a little fun," he says.

He motions to Mohan and points to the dildo-vibrator with which
she masturbated a while ago. The servant grins and picks it up and
comes across to them. Rajan takes it from his hand.

"Fuck her mouth," he instructs the servant.

The servant grins and pushes his erect cock at Sonu's face. She
moans and takes it between her lips and begins sucking it
hungrily. Rajan grins and slips the vibrator between her legs.
Sonu gasps, tensing. Mohan pushes her back and pins her against
Rajan's body. Rajan keeps her legs splayed. Sonu is trapped
between the two men. Slowly, Rajan forces the huge vibrator into
her cunt. Sonu goes wild. Her body whips and writhes, thrashing
frantically. But there is nothing she can do. Her mumbled moans
and cries are loud and feverish. Her anus is filled with Rajan's
penis, her mouth with Mohan's and now, between her thighs, there
is the huge vibrator that Rajan is rocking steeply in and out of
her flesh, mashing and crushing her stiff clitoris with the
vibrator's spikes and knobs and ribs. Mohan and Rajan squeeze and
fondle her swollen breasts, fucking her together without respite.
She sucks feverishly on the servant's cock while Rajan fucks her
ass and masturbates her cunt. She flings her arms back around
Rajan's neck. He nuzzles the hollow in her throat, moving the
dildo with one hand, fondling her breasts with the other.

"Okay, stud. Fuck her cunt now," he says to the servant and slides
the dildo out of her cunt.

Her anus impaled on his cock, Sonu moans deliriously, writhing and
squirming erotically. She spreads her legs wide and pulls her
cunt-lips open for the randy servant.

"Fuck me, Mohan," she groans, her voice guttural and hoarse.
"C'mon ... I want your cock in my cunt!"

The men laugh softly.

"Right randy bint," the servant grunts with a grin. "Really hot,

He moves between her legs and bends over the chair, pushing his
cock between her thighs. He pauses with his cock-head at her
cunt-lips and then, taking a deep breath, plunges his cock into
her in a deep, rushing thrust. The breath whooshes from her throat
and her body arches stiffly, her mouth tearing open, her face
contorting and twisting in a savage grimace of lust. The men grunt
and chuckle and begin fucking her together, bouncing her thrashing
body between theirs, the two huge penises sawing rhythmically in
and out of her adjacent orifices. Sonu goes wild, thrashing and
panting and writhing and calling out obscenely, loving every
minute of it. Sweat breaks out on her body. Rajan pumps his hips
under her buttocks, thrusting his cock up into her anus as Mohan
drives his cock into her cunt. On and on they go, their cries
ringing in the warm air.

On the other side of the partition, Maya whimpers and moves away
from the wall. Her body is hot and her cunt is on fire. She
shuffles backward and bends forward. Devilal kneels behind her and
squeezes her pendulous, swollen breasts. She moans, jerking her
cunt back and forth on his penis.

"Fuck me!" she gasps. "C'mon Devilal ... fuck me ... fuck me like
a whore, baby ... fuck me!"

The cook responds like a thoroughbred, and begins fucking her with
long, deep, punishing, skewering thrusts. Maya whimpers and gasps,
biting her lower lip, rocking and jerking on all fours, her
breasts wobbling and bouncing, her gold necklace dancing.

"OHHHH uhhh Ohhh uhhh Ohhh yes Devilal yes ohh yes Uhhh yes!" she
cries. "C'mon ... do it ... ohhhh uhhhh yes ... more! UHHHH yes
... ohhh fuck yes ... that's it ... shove it in harder, lover ...
ahhhh uhhh ahhh uhhh ahhh uhh ohh fuck yes ... come on, baby ...
fuck me ... ohhh uhhh yes!"

The cook begins fucking her faster and harder, slapping his thighs
at her buttocks, holding her hips and jerking her body back and
forth, dragging her cunt up and down the length of his cock. The
teenager whimpers and groans feverishly, begging for more.

"My ass!" she gasps. "Fuck my ass, Devilal ... please ... take my
butt! Do it!"

The cook chortles and, slowing, slides his cock out of her cunt and presses his cock-head to her anus. He enjoys buggering women
and this one especially. She loves being fucked in the ass.
Actually, he thinks, she loves being fucked, period. That's what
makes her so special. And him so lucky.
= o =


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