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Sibling Rivalry 03 Kit Kat



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar


Kit Kat

A few days later, Maya has her chance to be alone with Rajan. Sonu
is out with a gang of servants, letting them take turns with her
body. Yesterday, it had been Maya in her place, and the fucking
was glorious and unending. She lost count after the sixth man fucked her.

Over the past few days, she has borrowed Sonu's toys, used the
drugs, got a couple of servants to fuck her with the sheath and
discovered the delightful ingenuity of the convertible
double-headed dildoes. She got two servants to fuck her together
using it, in her cunt and ass and her orgasms were shattering.

In the hall where he fucked her sister a few days ago, she plays
soft slow-dance music on a little stereo, a gift from Ravi. Going
into the bedroom, she returns in a minute wearing nothing but a
large transparent shirt that hangs to her thighs. The buttons are
undone down to her navel. *Just like her sister, *he thinks,*
hiding a smile. Trying to follow her example. Well, they say
imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.*

They dance slowly, murmuring and smiling. Dancing around the
living room, she strips him gently, undoing and opening his shirt,
kissing him, sucking his nipples, caressing his body.

"Mm, yes," she murmurs, tonguing his nipple. "I love fucking."

"Randy whore," he chuckles, squeezing her breasts.

Her fingers trickle to his jeans and she opens them and they
puddle to his feet. He slips his hands under her shirt and
caresses her naked buttocks and breasts and belly and thighs. Maya
tilts her face to his. He slides his hands into her shirt and
fondles her breasts. Her fingers work his cock gently, tenderly,
deftly. His penis thickens and stirs and begins to harden at her

Gently, she glides to her knees before him and, cupping his cock
delicately in one hand, begins to lick and suck his cock. Rajan
arches his head and moans, swaying slowly to the music, enjoying
the wonders and pleasures of her cock-sucking. She is very good at
it and, as her tongue ripples over his cock-head and her lips
encase his penis. Her teeth scrape gently over his cock-head and
shaft and he groans thickly, softly.

"Mm ... yes ... ohhh yes," he murmurs. "That's nice ... keep
going, babe ... keep sucking ... ohhh yes ... suck it harder ...
Ohhhh uhhh yes!"

The teenager takes his cock deep in her mouth, sucking hungrily,
her fingers splayed around the base of his shaft and cupping his
heavy balls. There is magic in her lips and teeth and tongue and
he groans thickly as the heat surges in his loins. She moans deep
in her cock-filled throat as she sucks his cock, her head rocking
back and forth before him. He fucks her mouth slowly and heavily,
gasping and groaning, moving her head to and fro with one hand,
pumping his hips at her face rhythmically. His cock fills her
mouth and distends her face. She dips her head and works his balls
tenderly, licking and sucking the loaded orbs. Whimpering, kissing
his belly, tonguing his navel wantonly, she caresses her face with
his swollen penis, stroking her cheeks and lips with it. Rising
slightly, she pushes his cock between her breasts, squeezing them
in a taut sheath over his cock. He groans at the warm softness of
her flesh; he can feel her stiff nipples scraping over his hard
cock-shaft. With a soft moan, he pushes her head back down to his
cock, makes her take it in her mouth again. She groans and sucks
his cock hungrily, whipping his cock-head with her electric
tongue, probing the long slit in his cock-head with her

"Oh fuck yes!" he gasps. "Yeh ... that's good ... ohhh fuck yes
... c'mon, bitch ... suck my prick ... yeh ... c'mon ... suck
harder ... ohhhh uhhh yes uhhh yes uh ohhh fuck yes!"

Not for the first time, Rajan marvels at her sexual dexterity and
skill. She is incredibly good at it, and she sucks cock with an
awesome hunger and deftness. For a second he is tempted to cream
in her face. He knows she enjoys it. He hesitates, debating,
concerned about his ability to fuck her later if he relents now.
Then he remembers the drugs he presented Sonu. He has brought a
fresh stock of replenishment this time. He grins inwardly and
decides to succumb to the exquisite temptation. With a moan of
relief, he lets himself go, gasping as the lust-heat spews from
his cock-head.

"Yeh ... ohhh fuck yes ... c'mon, bitch ... drink it! Drink my
jizz!" he cries.

Maya moans in pleasure, lifting and squeezing her breasts erotically in one hand, sucking his cock feverishly, jerking his
cock with her other hand, opening her mouth wide under his cock so
that the jizz spurts down her throat and spatters her face and
cheeks and breasts, dribbling down her neck. Her mouth fills with
his seed and she smiles radiantly as it trickles down her chin.
Moaning and murmuring softly, she massages his gunk into her
breasts and face, licks her sticky fingers and lips and, slowly,
takes his cock in her mouth again. Rajan groans softly. Dipping
his hands in his breast pocket, he takes out his fresh stock of
aphrodisiac pills and powder. He pops several pills, snorts a
little powder, makes her swallow some pills and sniff some powder,
too. She gasps and, on her knees before him, sucking his cock,
explodes, moaning and whimpering, crushing her swollen breasts in
her hands, masturbating frantically as a wild orgasm crashes
through her body. His cock balloons in her mouth, getting hotter
and harder and thicker and he comes again, shooting a fresh load
of creamy jizz into her mouth and over her face and breasts.

Rajan tongue-fucks Maya on the living room floor. She loves having
her cunt licked and Rajan does it very well indeed. Lying on her
back, her legs lifted high, she moans soft obscenities as he
swirls his tongue round and round in her wet cunt, lapping at her
streaming cunt-juices, flicking her gorged clitoris this way and
that. He pauses briefly to tease her gorged breasts with his teeth
and tongue, sucking her breasts, nibbling her nipples, scraping
them over his teeth and gums and the roof of his mouth while he
explores her clonic cunt with two fingers. Maya whimpers and
writhes joyously on the cool tiled floor. The music pulses on,
syrupy love songs that she enjoys and he detests. He prefers a
harder, more insistent, driving beat himself, but he is willing to
settle for this if she likes it.

He goes back to tongue-fucking her and she lifts and squeezes her
breasts in excitement, arching her back, her belly sucking inward.
Her face arches back and her mouth opens in a wide O, her lips
drawing back over her teeth in a grimace of pleasure. Rajan
tongue-fucks her relentlessly and her body jerks and rocks as
though she is being fucked, her breasts wobbling and bouncing.

"Yes!" she whimpers. "Ohhh god yes, Rajan, yes! Ohhh yes ...
that's so good ... yes ... c'mon ... do it ... lick my slit ...
ahhhhh uhhh yes ... ohhh fuck yes! "

She is panting with lust when he stops, just short of her orgasm.
She turns on her side and he lies behind her, squeezing his penis
between her buttocks.

"I want to raid your ass, whore," he growls hungrily.

"Later," she gasps, and he knows she will not deny him for she
loves being sodomised. "First fuck my cunt."

Rajan is in no hurry. He takes his cock and squeezes it between
her buttocks and slowly into her cunt from behind. Maya gasps and
arches and turns her face to his over her shoulder. His lips meet
hers and he thrusts his tongue into her mouth; she responds
hungrily, writhing her buttocks against him as he slides his cock
deeper into her slit.

"Ohhhhh yes!" she gasps. "Ohhh god yes! Fuck me! C'mon, Rajan!
Fuck me!"

"Fuck take it! Take it, bitch!" he growls in her ear, thrusting
his cock deep into her cunt with a savage jerk of his hips.

Maya cries out sharply, her face contorting and twisting. Rajan
groans and begins to fuck her rapidly and hard, holding her hip
and shoulder, jerking her body up and down and back and forth on
his cock, slamming his hips greedily at her buttocks. Maya moans
loudly, her body jerking and lurching as his thighs carom off her
buttocks, slapping loudly, his cock grinding heavily between her
spasming buttocks and crushing into her cunt-flesh. Her breasts wobble and jiggle with his thrusts and she hisses in pleasure, her
head arched back and runs her hand up her belly to her breasts,
squeezing and mauling them in a frenzy.

"Yes! Ohhh yes! Ohhh god yes!" she whimpers. "OHH uhh OH ma uhhh
Ahhhh uhhh OHHHH uhh OH uhh Oh ma uh ahhh uhh yes oh god yes!"

Rajan fucks her harder, his head arched back, his hand on her
upper leg, pulling it high and wide and back, his hips rocking
furiously back and forth, his penis slamming in and out of her
cunt. Her erotic cries arouse him further and, thrusting deep into
her cunt, gasping at its heat and tightness and eager convulsions,
he rolls her over onto her front, on her forearms and knees. Maya
moans softly, her buttocks writhing against his hips, her cunt impaled deeply with his hard, hot, throbbing penis. He bends over
her on his knees, his hands sliding up and under her body to cup
her swollen, pendulous breasts. Maya groans thickly and looks back
at him over her shoulder, her tongue pressed to her upper lip, her
eyes hooded in pleasure.

"C'mon, Rajan ... fuck me ... fuck me hard!" she groans. "I want
it, baby ... fuck me! Fuck me like a whore!"

He kisses her roughly, thrusting his tongue into her mouth and she
sucks on it ardently. He begins to fuck her slowly and deeply with
heavy, skewering, spiraling thrusts. Maya gasps and moans, rocking
back and forth under her lover.

Maya closes her eyes and arches her head in pleasure. His cock is
wonderful in her slit, his hands hard and exciting on her breasts.
She moans and begs him to fuck her harder. He gasps in excitement
and, holding her hips, begins moving his hips faster and faster,
swinging them rapidly with a snapping action that drives his cock
into her in a deep plunge. Maya gasps in pleasure, rocking and
jerking eagerly under him.

She gasps loudly and bites her lower lip as Rajan rams his cock
greedily in and out of her cunt. Groaning, she turns her face over
her shoulder again.

"Rajan ... please ... slow down ... I want to suck your cock again
... please?"

Rajan chuckles softly and gives in to her request. He slides his
cock gently out of her cunt, making her gasp softly at the release
in pressure, and gets to his feet. Maya turns and, kneeling before
him, moaning in excitement, caresses her face with his cock.

"Come on ... let's go out to the balcony," she murmurs. "I want to
fuck in the open."

Rajan grins. This is Maya at her horniest, the risk of being seen
only adding a fillip of excitement. Out on the balcony, standing
by the balustrade, screened by climbing creepers, Rajan lets her
suck his cock for several minutes. She loves sucking cock and does
it exceptionally well. He groans and gasps, flinging his head
back, holding her head and rocking it back and forth between his
thighs, pumping his hips as he fucks her face. He bends his head
and looks down, his mouth hanging open. He thinks she looks
beautiful, her tawny face distended with the size of his cock. Her
skin is smooth and clear and her bejeweled fingers are curled
lovingly around his thick, throbbing cock.

"Yeh ... mmm ... yeh ... oh fuck yes ... suck it ... suck it
harder, bitch ... c'mon ... that's it ... oh fuck yes!" he gasps

The heat surges in his loins, almost unbearable now. He pushes her
head away and she rises to her feet, smiling wantonly, running her
hands over her body, lifting and cupping her breasts erotically.

"C'mon Rajan ... fuck me ... I want your cock in my slit," she
whispers. "Right here. From behind."

Rajan kisses her hungrily, squeezing her swollen breasts. She
jerks his cock eagerly, writhing against him. Her eyes glitter
with excitement. A cool breeze picks up and she whimpers as it
caresses their hot bodies.

Groaning, she turns around and leans forward on the wooden
railing, parting her legs and pushing her hips and buttocks back
at him. Standing behind her, Rajan squeezes his cock between her
buttocks and into her cunt with a slow, grinding thrust. Maya
moans and gasps, her head rising, her buttocks quivering and
flexing, her cunt convulsing eagerly on his cock. He gasps and
thrusts deeper into her, holding her hips, his fingers digging
into her soft, smooth flesh, his buttocks flexing taut. His cock
surges into her cunt, driving in deep, to the hilt.

"Yes!" she moans. "Ohh god yes! Fuck me, Rajan! C'mon ... fuck

Squeezing her breasts, nuzzling the nape of her neck, kissing her
deeply as she turns her face to him, Rajan fucks Maya with hard,
jabbing thrusts. His buttocks flex and unflex and his hips swing
back and forth in a sharp, snapping action. His thighs slam at her
buttocks and her body jerks and rocks as he rams his cock greedily
into her cunt. Her breasts are hot and heavy in his hands and she
writhes her buttocks against him, her nipples quivering and stiff
in his fingers.

"Ohh yes! Take it! C'mon whore! Take my prick! Take it you fucking
slut! Take it!" he gasps.

She arches her head, her face suffused with lust, her fingers
clenching the handrail. Her mouth is open in a wide O of lust. She
loves this hard, demanding fucking.

"Yes! Oh yes, Rajan, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, lover! Fuck me!"
she cries.

Her cunt convulses and spasms frantically on his penis. He gasps
and moves faster, his throbbing hot cock ramming and reaming into
her. Viewed from behind, they look very erotic, Rajan gripping her
hips and breasts, his hips jerking and lurching back and forth
with savage, snapping twitches, his buttocks flexing taut with
each thrust, her body jerking and rocking as he slams his cock
into her.

Maya explodes violently, mewing her pleasure. Rajan gasps at the
frantic convulsions of her cunt on his cock and contains himself
with a struggle, exhaling rapidly, sharply, jerking and slamming
and reaming into her cunt hard, drawing choking gasps from her
throat. Her orgasm wanes and she moans, her head sinking between
her arms.

"Now I want your ass, bitch" he grunts.

Maya whimpers softly, but does not resist. She enjoys being
sodomised, and all her lovers know it.

"Get some cream," she murmurs.

"You got butter?"

"In the kitchen."

"In the fridge?"

"No. Outside. On the counter."

"Good. Nice and soft. Hang on."

He hurries to the kitchen and returns with the butter dish and a
large packet of Kit-Kat chocolate he finds in the fridge. Maya is
waiting in the balcony, fondling her breasts and slit dreamily. He
goes up to her and, setting the butter and chocolate packet on the
floor, wraps his arms around her, his cock pressing to her
buttocks, his hands on her breasts. She turns her face to kiss him
slowly and deeply. He sucks on her tongue.

"Fuck my ass, Rajan," she moans softly. "I want it."

Rajan chuckles softly, tonguing her ear. Her breasts are hot and
heavy in his hands. He squeezes them gently.

"Oh god," she moans as his penis presses between her buttocks.
"Fuck me, Rajan ... fuck my ass ... come on!"

He steps back and picks up the butter dish. She shuffles backward
and bends steeply, spreading her legs, her fingers clenching the
bottom of the vertical bars under the handrail.

Rajan hesitates for a second, then drops to his knees and presses
his face between her buttocks. Maya moans thickly as his tongue
swirls over her asshole. It feels wonderful. Her tightly puckered
anus is musky and he savours the taste and smell of it, rapping at
it with his tongue, rimming her anus gently. She groans and
trembles, her buttocks writhing. Silently, he unwraps the
chocolate with one hand and breaks off a long rectangular bar.
Gently, he slips it between her buttocks, presses the tip to her
anus. Maya gasps in surprise and shock.

"Rajan! What ...?"

"Chocolate, my love," he chuckles. "It makes the world go round."

"Oh god," she moans, thrilled and excited by what he is doing to
her. "Oh my god."

"Come on, open up."

Maya whimpers and relaxes her anus. It opens and he slips one end
of the chocolate strip into her asshole. She gasps and her
buttocks tremble and flex and writhe. He laughs softly and pushes
it deeper and deeper, till just half sticks out. He is careful not
to snap it.

Beneath, her cunt-lips are unfurled and he takes another strip and
presses it into her slit, pushing it in slowly. Maya gasps and
lurches. Now her anus and cunt are both pranged by strips of
Kit-Kat, the dark brown bars sticking outward. Using both hands,
Rajan masturbates her with the chocolate bars, gently grinding the
strips in and out of her cunt and ass, twisting them around. The
heat of her flesh begins to melt the chocolate.

"Yum yum," he murmurs and pushes his face between her buttocks

Maya's head arches and she moans thickly, her hips writhing and
trembling, her body bent steeply. His tongue and lips are
everywhere now as he sucks and chews the chocolate bars. The
sensation is exquisite, extraordinary. She can feel his lips and
tongue forcing the strip into her ass, drawing it out, pushing it
in, twisting it round, slowly pulling it out bit by bit as he eats
it. Then he moves to her cunt and her loins crackle with
excitement as he grinds the chocolate bar around her slit, mashing
it over her gorged clitoris, sucking and licking and chewing it
delicately. A bit snaps off inside her slit and he burrows deeply,
sucking it outward. She gasps and grinds her hips around, her
buttocks flexing taut, catching on the companion bar impaling her

"Ohhhhh yes ... oh fuck yes!" she groans.

Slowly, he pulls the chocolate out of her cunt, which is sopping
wet now, streaming thickly with cunt-juice. He returns to her anus
and slowly finishes off the remaining chocolate. Maya whimpers as
he rises slowly and pushes his cock into her cunt. Gripping her
hips, he fucks her slowly for a few minutes, rocking her body back
and forth under his, savouring the hot convulsions of her cunt.
She gasps and moves with him, rocking her cunt up and down the
length of his cock. His hands slide up to squeeze her swollen,
pendulous breasts.

"OHHHH uhhhh OH ma uhhhh OHHHHHH!" she groans feverishly.

Gently, he slips out of her slit. Pausing, he scoops butter from
the dish at his feet and slowly smears it on her anus. Maya
whimpers softly. Taking more, coating his finger, he presses it
into her anus. She gasps and bites her lower lip, trembling in
tension. He masturbates her anus for a minute, twisting his finger
around in her asshole.

"Like it, bitch? Like it in your ass?"

"God ... yes ... oh god yes!" she moans.

He laughs gently and, sliding his finger out, takes more butter
and anoints his cock with it, coating it thickly, stroking and
jerking his erect, rampant shaft. It glistens, smooth and slippery
and he takes his cock in his hand and presses its head to her
asshole. Maya tenses at the pressure of his cock-head. He presses
firmly, his cock-head establishes and, with a shuddering moan, she
yields. He flexes his buttocks and slides his hips forward. His
cock-head pops into her anus. She cries out, her head snapping up,
her mouth tearing open, her face contorting in a savage grimace.


Rajan gasps, his belly rippling inward, his muscles cording in
tension. Her face is turned up, her lips drawn back over her
teeth, her neck arched with tendons popping, her dark hair flouncing high over her head and framing her face, her breasts swollen and heavy, his cock-head embedded in her anus, his thick shaft protruding between the smooth round curves of her buttocks.
Her anus convulses frenetically on his cock and he groans thickly,
his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her buttocks, spreading
them wider to receive his swollen shaft. Maya's head swims with
excitement and pleasure. His penis is wonderful in her anus, thick and hot and hard. She moans loudly, her chest heaving, her pulse
pounding in her head and writhes her hips erotically.

"Oh Rajan!" she gasps. "Oh god yes! Do it, baby! Shove it in!
Shove it all in, Rajan ... fuck my ass ... I want it! Fuck my

Rajan groans and slowly flexes his buttocks tighter, pushing his
hips forward. His cock disappears between the curves of her
buttocks into her hot, tight, clonic anus.

"Oh fuck yes! Oh motherfucking god in heaven oh fuck yes oh yes
c'mon bitch take it ohhh god yeh ... take it, whore ... take my
prick!" he gasps.

Rajan sodomises the teenager slowly and deeply. His cock drills
her anus and her face twists and contorts as he pushes it in
deeper and deeper. He takes her ass unhurriedly, gasping in
pleasure. Bent over before him, Maya moans and writhes as he
buggers her thoroughly, his hips rocking slowly back and forth,
his cock grinding in and out of her cunt without respite or mercy.
Her body flames with lust, and she moans and whimpers and gasps,
her breath rattling from her throat in broken cries and moans. His
hands slide up and he squeezes her breasts, thrusts a hand under
her belly and fingers her wet, sodden slit, arching two fingers
into her cunt as he strokes smoothly in and out of her anus, his
thick penis grinding and rasping in and out, in and out, in and

"Oh uhhh ohhh uhhh ohhh Rajan! UHHHH Ohhhh uh Ra uhhh ahhh uhhh
Ahhhhj UHHHHn uhhh OHHH ... uhhh Ohh uhh oh uh oh uh oh ma uh ah
uh oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma uh yes!" she cries. "Oh god oh god oh
god uhhhh yes ohhh yes baby yes ... fuck me! OHHHHH uhhhh yes!"

"C'mon!" he gasps through gritted teeth. "C'mon, whore ... take it
... oh fuck yeh ... oh fuck yeh ... c'mon ... take it, bitch! Take
it all!"

He moves faster and faster, holding her hips and pumping his back
and forth, thrusting his cock greedily in and out of her hot anus.
It spasms in a frenzy on his penis and he gasps, tossing his head
back. His buttocks flex and unflex and his hips grind heavily back
and forth, snapping as he plunges into her asshole, driving his
cock deep into her tight rear channel. Maya cries out, rocking and
jerking under him, her fingers taut on the vertical bars, her body
lurching under his thrusts, her breasts jiggling and swinging, hot
and heavy with lust. Her body flames with lust.

"Take it! Take it, whore! Take my cock ... oh fuck yes ... take it
... c'mon bitch ... take my prick ... oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck yeh
oh yeh oh yeh that's it oh fuck yes oh yeh oh yeh c'mon oh uhh oh
uhh ohh uh ohhh!" he gasps, fucking her ass hard and fast.


Maya gasps and cries out, her body writhing and lurching and
rocking frantically. His fingers dart in and out of her tight
cunt, masturbating her rapidly. Her hips writhe and grind
frantically and she rocks eagerly back and forth, jamming her anus
hungrily on his rampant penis. A violent orgasm sweeps through
her. Rajan groans and holds himself back, slowly grinding into her
ass again and again.

Slowly, he slides out of her. She sinks to her knees, clenching
the bars, moaning and gasping and panting, her breath coming in
ragged, heaving, racking sobs. He stands behind her, caressing her
head gently. Whimpering, she leans back against his thighs and
slowly turns her face. His erect cock bounces against her face.
She takes it in her hand and kisses it.

"C'mon ... suck me ... I want to cream in your face again," he

Maya turns and slowly takes his cock in her mouth. She sucks it
gently and steadily, her face distended with its size. He fucks
her mouth for several minutes, his head bent, watching her,
transfixed by the size. His cock tastes heavenly, an erotic
mixture of her cunt-juice, ass-juice, chocolate and butter and
jizz. Her tongue coils lovingly around his cock-head. Taking more
of his cock in her mouth, jerking his shaft in her fingers, she
sucks harder and harder, her head rocking rapidly back and forth
between his thighs. Rajan groans and gasps, arching his handsome
head, pumping his hips back and forth, pushing his cock in and out
of her mouth. The heat roils and surges in his belly and balls.

Finally, with a low groan, he lets himself go, gasping in relief
as the heat spews from his cock. Maya moans and opens her mouth
under his cock-head, jerking his shaft. jizz spurts in endless,
hot, stinging jets into the lovely teenager's hungry mouth, and he
moans, watching it fill her mouth, watching her swallow what she
can, more dribbling down her chin and neck, spattering her face
and breasts. She groans, jerking his cock, kissing and licking and
sucking it wantonly, caressing her face with it, moving it over
and between her swollen breasts.

The drugs are still working on her. She wants more and, a while
later, he fucks her again, on her back this time on the floor of
the balcony. Maya groans softly in pleasure as he squeezes his
cock deep into her cunt and begins to rock slowly in and out of
her flesh. Her legs wind taut about his lean hips.

"Ohhhh god yes!" she moans. "Fuck me, Rajan! Fuck me!"

Flexing his buttocks and driving deep into her cunt, Rajan gasps
and arches his head, delighting in the hot tightness of her cunt as it convulses on his throbbing penis. His lean, muscular body
rocks and swings, bucking greedily up and down, his buttocks
flexing and unflexing, his hips swinging rhythmically as he drives
his cock in and out of Maya's hot, wet cunt, marvelling at his
fortune in having such wonderful lovers. He bends his head and
kisses her, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. Her breasts are hot and heavy under his chest and he bends his head and drags
his tongue over a stiff nipple, nibbles it tenderly. Beneath him,
Maya moans and thrashes, heaving and writhing deliriously, her
cunt sucking and squeezing his cock, a vortex of ecstasy.

Later, in the kitchen, he quite literally eats off her. Maya
moans, lying on her back on the dining table while he piles her
body with a fresh fruit salad, cream, ice-cream, chocolate and
melba sauces. Maya whimpers and writhes as the cold fruit and
cream and ice-cream and warm sauces trickle between her breasts,
down her belly, into her crotch, through her open cunt-lips. He
laps at the fruit and sauces on her breasts and in her cleavage,
pops a fruit from his mouth to hers, goes down to her crotch. She
moans thickly when he ladles more ice-cream on her cunt and
squirts the thick, sticky sauces into her slit. Peeling a large
green banana, he stuffs it slowly into her cunt, masturbating her
with the fruit. She gasps and moans, lifting and squeezing her
sticky breasts, writhing frantically on the table. The fruit gets
mashed in her flesh. He sprays her body with whipped cream from a
can. Pushing its nozzle into her slit, he floods her cunt with the
sweetened white cream froth. She is frantic now, begging obscenely
for a fuck and he relents with a deep laugh and slowly grinds his
hot, swollen cock into her slit. Maya gasps in relief and
pleasure, arching steeply on the table, clenching his bulging
biceps, heaving her hips under him. His cock feels wonderful in
her cunt, hot and thick and hard and long and he rocks
relentlessly in and out of her cunt. When he has her on the brink,
he slides out of her cunt, lifts her legs high and wide, forcing
her body back on itself and slowly runs his cock into her anus
again, pushing his cock in deeper and deeper with a loud,
shuddering moan. On the table, Maya whimpers in joy, her head
swimming, dizzy with joy, moaning and begging for more, more,
= o =


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