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Vally Tales from the imagination of California Dreamer 2001, all rights

Critiques invited and responded to. califdrmr@hotmail.com

There is always some truth behind a lie. There must always be some
truth behind a fiction. Moira and Kerry, wherever you are now, I remember
you with more than fondness.

Moira and friends In the beginning

I was waiting for my friend, best friend actually, to finish a phone
call so we could break for lunch when I heard her laugh. A deep throaty
laugh that put chills down to my toes. I stood and held up one finger to
buddy Dave and homed in on her sound. Her office door was wide open but
all I could see was her upper back and head. red hair over a petit frame.
She glanced up from her notepad and saw my reflection in her window.

"Hi," I said and grinned at her mirrored face.

She spun her chair around and asked, "Can I help you?" Her smile caused
another ripple of pleasure for me.

"I was waiting for Dave to get off the phone so we could go to lunch
when I heard you laugh."

She looked past me out her door then up at my face. Her eyes were

"Yes, and?" she asked.

"I had to come find out who could put goose bumps on me with a laugh."

She smiled big, her full delicious red lips curving sweetly. I felt a
strong desire to know the taste of her mouth, the feel of her lips on mine.

"Rich, where are you?" Dave called from the hallway.

Giving her my best smile, "We're going to lunch at the deli. Please
join us. My name's Richard Peters." Stepping forward, I held out my hand.
She stood and took it in hers.

"Moira O'Rourk."

Her hand was tiny, warm and soft. Her smile flickered, our eyes locked,
a long moment of silence as we connected. We just stood there, holding
hands, smiling broadly into each others eyes. No words needed.

"Rich, let's go. I'm starving." Dave's irritated voice behind me broke
our connection.

I don't remember what I had for lunch, don't remember much of Dave.
Time was a blur of full red lips and green eyes. Dancing green eyes.
Smiling Irish eyes. I wrote her number on the palm of my hand.

"Let me have yours," she said.

I reached for her left hand and turned it palm up. I grinned at her and
wrote my number on her soft skin, lightly caressing her with the pen point.
I pressed our palms together. Our eyes locked for a long moment. She
laughed. I goose bumped and shivered. Connection. She felt it, I felt
it. We both knew what was happening.

"Call you? Tonight. Eight o'clock?"

She nodded then shook her head. "Nine thirty. I have to..." Her eyes
tightened. "After my daughter's in bed." Her eyes held mine as if asking a

I grinned at her. "Perfect." Her eyes smiled again.

The afternoon flew by in a glorious haze of sparkly sunlight. A calm
joy tickled me. This woman's going to be significant, important was all I
could think. I felt a sweet peaceful certainty.

That evening I waited and puttered, eager for nine thirty to arrive. At
eight the phone rang.

"Hi," she said. "My daughters exhausted from gymnastics. She's gone to
bed early. So I called."

"Can I come over?"

She laughed. I shivered, feeling delighted, a little flustered. Like a
little boy cavorting in front of the prettiest girl in the whole school.

"Mmm," she breathed softly as if pleased.

"Synchronicity," I said and paused. "That's what I'm feeling right now.
All afternoon."

I listened to her breathing, wishing I could feel it on my neck. Goose

"May I? Tonight. Right now?"

She was waiting for me in her open doorway. She'd changed from her
corporate dress into dark flowing slacks and a cream silky shiny blouse. I
stood on her porch and just stared.

"How tiny almost, she is," I thought.

My hand moved up to her face. I trickled my finger tips down her cheek.
She turned her face to nuzzle my palm, her breath warm against my skin.
Her hand moved to hold mine tight against her cheek. I slid my fingers
back under her ear and stroked her temple with my thumb. Her hair soft,
silky. I bent and softly stroked her lips with mine.

"Mmm," was all I could say. She took my hand down and backed into the
house, drawing me with her. I kicked the door shut as she pulled me
towards a hallway. A dream dance to her bed. She put one knee on the bed
and pivoted to face me, reaching for my shoulders. I kicked off my shoes
and reached for her waist with both hands. Tiny waist, warm under silk. I
pressed my thumbs into her taut belly muscles. She slid her hands down my
arms and pulled me to her, pressing her cheek against my chest. I dropped
my face to her hair and wrapped her in my arms.

"Your heart..." she started.

"Is yours," I finished, laughing softly.

"I know," she sighed.

We lay engrossed. Arms and legs moving slowly against each other as we
told our stories. My casual current relationships, her occasionally
intimate friend. We glossed over our work day lives and moved to travels
and pleasures. We shared our joy with the opera, our annoyance with
crowded lift lines, the serenity of cross country skiing. Snuggling while
at the movies. Free beaches. Squash. Dancing.

"Who was your first love?" she asked. "And when?"

"High school. She was Prom Queen and graduating class valedictorian.
Brains and graceful beauty."

"Did you tell her you loved her?"

"Couldn't. Wouldn't, she barely knew my name. She was "A" list. I was
"G" list. I was geek before the word was stolen from carnival lingo."

"Did you fantasize about her?"

"No. I just couldn't use her for my sexual fantasies. Two or maybe
three of the cheerleaders starred in my masturbatory sessions."

"Did you masturbate a lot?"

"Yes. Four times a day at least."

"What did you think about? What did you like to do with your

"Straight missionary or doggy."

"No BJ's?"

"Back then, that was disgusting."

"How about anal?"

"Wasn't even aware then. Watched my parents some and all they did was
missionary. Except the one time I saw my mother on her hands and knees."

"Did it turn you on to watch them?"

"No. But it pleased me that they enjoyed each other. They were very
loving, had a tender sexuality together. Do you see that image?"

"Yes, I like it."

She told me of her first love, a cousin three years older. That she
never let him know but felt he understood as he was always warmly
affectionate with her.

We shared our first times. Me, a high school senior and her, a college freshman. Her boy had squirted on her belly during their first attempt. I
chuckled and told her I'd done about the same. We hugged and giggled over
that revelation.

"I'm a bit kinky," she whispered.

"I am so shocked! How can an intelligent woman admit to that?"

She dug her fingers into my ribs.

"Don't try to tease. I'm serious. I like public places. If we could
do it in the park, I'd love it." She pulled her head back to look into my

I could only grin at her laughing eyes. "I like mountain meadows at
high noon."

She rubbed her belly against me. "Am I turning you on?"


"You're not hard."

"I am very aroused by you."

Her lips nibbled across my cheek. Her breath warm against my skin.

"You're flattering me, aren't you? You're savoring this, aren't you?"

"Yes. Savoring is a good word. I'm savoring you," I repeated her words
slowly in a throaty murmur against her ear. "Now I'm going to savor your
sweet silky body."

"Richard, I'll warn you now. I will retaliate," she mumbled against my

I pulled her blouse up and bent to her breast. Just a handfull, like a
blueberry muffin with a rubbery berry right on top. She sighed and
shivered as I licked and sucked and blew cool air on her skin.

She wiggled out of her blouse and I cupped her tiny so hot crotch. Her
hips surged against me, distracting her from my shirt buttons.

"I feel like a Wendy's hamburger," she moaned.


"Hot and juicy," she chortled.

I pulled my shirt over my head, grinning broadly into her face.

"Hey, that's my job," she scolded.

I thrust my hips at her and she stripped open my jeans, the brass
buttons popping like popcorn. She tugged them down taking my briefs along
for the ride. I pushed her onto her back and stripped her slacks down to
her knees. She raised her legs straight up and I pulled them straight up
and off. Her trim little legs and round butt presented to me. Couldn't
resist, I dove for her belly and kissed my way down to her "Hot and Juicy".
"Yiee," she screamed softly and clamped her thighs around my neck
driving my chin into the bed between her legs. My tongue a wild thing
seeking her core. I pivoted over her, wanting her mouth on me. She turned
her face away and I stroked her forehead and cheek with my dick trying to
find her mouth. She shook her head back and forth.

"Suck me. Suck it. My clit."

Her belly muscles twitched then twanged.

"Ah, ah, ah, oh. I'm." Her belly rippled like a horse's flank shaking
off flys.

"Ai, ai, ai. There," she groaned and collapsed into the bed. Her
thighs split, releasing my head.

I was lost in this woman. I wanted her. Badly. I felt a furious
rampage of lust. I wanted to mark her. Make her mine, all mine.
Consumed, ingested. Part of me forever.

My dick was hot against her sweaty face. I spun and straddled her chest
bending my dick down to her lips.

"No. I don't... want to," she groaned.

"Yes, open your mouth."

"No, don't want it in..."

She shook her head back and forth.

"Yes, stick your tongue out or I'll tickle you," I warned.

The tip of her tongue peeped out. I brushed my dick across her lips and
tongue softly.


Her little pointed tongue slid straight out like a tiny pink penis and I
rubbed the underside of my dick over it, back and forth.

"More." Her tongue disappeared for a moment then came back.

"Taste good?"

"No," she mumbled, trying not to open her lips.



"Yes. Open." I lightly brushed my dick across her face as she shook her
head less vehemently than before.

"Open your mouth. I want to come in your mouth."

"Noooo," she moaned.

I slid my dick between her pursed lips and felt her tongue trying to

"Lick it. Make me come," I growled softly. She shook her head giving
me a nice sideways rub.

"Ah, that's nice. Lick it and suck harder." I lifted her head and slid
two inches into her mouth. She sucked softly then started wiping her
tongue back and forth under the head. A writhing snake laving my dick
head. I groaned and held still, tensing while she brought me closer and

"Ah, feels so good, Moira. You're really doing it," I groaned through
gritted teeth.

Finally, I pulled away, realizing I'd almost lost it. I slid down over
her and kissed her open, gasping mouth, tasting my saltiness.

Her hands grabbed my head and she pushed my face back from hers.

"You put your cock in my mouth," she accused in a little girl voice.


"You made me do it."

"You liked it."

"You forced me."


"Yes, you forced me to suck you."

"You liked it."

"You made me do it."

"Wanna do it again?"

She didn't answer.

"Do it again?"

"Get off me."

I rolled off and knelt beside her. She sat up and wiping her mouth,
crawled to the edge of the bed. She slumped, dangling her shins over the

After a moment she sighed.

"My mouth is too small." She looked appraisingly at me. "I can't handle
more than a couple of inches." She looked down at her hands, her hair a
swaying dark curtain in the dim light.

"I noticed." I moved close behind her and wrapped my arms around her
waist and my legs around her butt. She leaned her head back against my
shoulder and looked up into my face.

"I was going to let you come in my mouth," she sighed. "Why did you

"'Cause I didn't want you to just let me." I kissed her forehead.

"You had your tongue buried in me so why not?"

"I love putting my tongue in you. You're delicious and it gives you a
nice come."

"Yes, it did. A very nice one." She licked my throat. "You're salty."

"How did you feel when I was forcing you?"

"I felt trapped. You were sitting on my chest and I couldn't move. You
held my head and pushed your cock in my face."


"I felt so helpless. You could do anything you wanted to me and there
was nothing I could do to stop you." She licked my chest again. "So I just
gave up and did what you told me to do." She shuddered against me.

"Was it bad? Was I scaring you?"

"No, it wasn't bad or scary. When you started poking that thing in my
face I didn't want to but..." She pulled her head up and looked at me
intently. "I started getting into it." She stopped talking and her eyes
narrowed. She thought for a moment before continuing.

"You were dominating me in such a gentle but persistant way, almost like
you were teasing and I liked it after I realized that all I had to do was
say 'stop' and you would."

I hugged her lightly, "Yeah, I felt that."

"You felt it? What do you mean?"

"Empathy. I'm very aware of peoples feelings, especially yours." I
stroked her back from shoulder to butt. "Your skin is a role model for
silk. I love the feel of you."

"Don't change the subject. You know I'm an alpha female at work and for
me to say you're a beta male is probably too generous."

"Yup. You make decisions and I make recommendations." I stroked her
back up and down slowly before cupping and squeezing her butt.

"Stop that. You can play with my butt later. I'm.."

I cut her off. "I can talk and fondle butt at the same time."

"It's distracting. You're putting zingies up my spine."

"Good grief girl, what do you think your licking me is doing to me?"

"Okay, I'll stop."

"You already did."

"Shall I do it again?"

"No, it's my turn now." I ducked my head to her firm breast and licked
salty skin.

"More zingies," she groaned.

"Mmmm," I mumbled around her nipple. I felt her arm start jiggling.
She was rubbing fast with three slick fingers pressed hard and flat against
her pussy.

"Harder," she moaned. I bit harder and twisted her other nipple

"Oh, it's close. A nice little one."

I chewed her al dente nipple with my teeth.

"Yess." She came with a little lurch against me. "Ah, so good. It's
nice to be held and come soft," she panted. "Dreamy little come." Her head
lolled back against my shoulder and I brushed my mouth over hers, inhaling
her warm, sweet breath.

"Your cock got hard, you voyeur." She reached around to stroke the few
inches standing above her thigh.

She slid off the bed to the floor and scrambled to her knees.

"Come here, you naughty man," she said in a soft purring voice.

She pulled my butt to the edge of the bed and smiling up at me, kissed
the head of my dick making it twitch. She laughed and started licking
around the head making me groan.

"Put it in your mouth. Do it like you did before." Giving orders while
I could still talk. She sucked like a nursing baby. Short hard pulses
that were going to short circuit my brain very soon. She started jacking
my dick with one little hand, the other busy between her legs.

"Sucking good," I moaned trying to hold back for just a little longer.

I forced my body to relax and grabbed her head, pulling her off. "Sit.
Put your back against the side of the bed." I kneeled on the floor before
her, my dick twitching in front of her face. I pushed forward to her lips
and she opened her mouth slightly. I nudged her lips and she let me slide
in. I put both hands on the bed and starting slowly fucking her mouth
going ever so slightly deeper with each stroke. She gagged, I pulled out
and didn't move while she coughed. Her mouth opened, one little hand
palmed my balls and the other started stroking me. Faster and faster she

"I want it. Give it to me." She chanted, "Come, come, come." Her tongue
flicked back and forth under my dick faster than an old Sicilian mandolin
player's pick.

"Argh," I grunted and squirted molten semen. She gagged when the first
spurt splatted the back of her throat. Time seemed to stop. A moment
stretching to minutes. I felt another burning blob coming down the pipe
and groaned in pain/pleasure.

"God, god, good," I groaned.

It coated her tongue as I felt yet another one coming. I lurched
forward and she got more than two inches. I could feel her throat
clenching and releasing around my dick head as she swallowed. Nirvana,
Valhala or some Kingdom of Heaven was on me. As well as Moira's tongue.
She sucked hard then started a gentle nursing. The electric charges
zapping my skin slowly faded to pleasant warm tingles. I sighed. She
nursed. I shivered. She chuckled. Try that with a sensitive dick in your
mouth, ladies. Please.

"Mommy, what's he doing to you?"

I slumped forward, pressing my elbows into the bed and turned my head
towards the sound. The words beginning to register.

"Don't you hurt my mommy!"

A Raggedy Ann doll swung by an angry little girl hit my forehead. Moira
toppled me over with a push and held out her arms.

"I'm okay, Aly. Come here, sweety." The little girl stumbled over my
shins and was pulled onto her mother's lap.

Glaring, Aly tried to stomp my shin with her tiny foot. I moved quickly
to sit on my butt trying to hide my spit dripping dick.

"What was he doing to you, mommy? Why was he yelling at you? Who is

Moira hugged her little daughter into her lap and kissed her cheek.

"He's my friend and we were just playing a game, honey pie."

Ever graceful, I waved and choked, "Awk, um. Hi, big girl, I'm Richard.
What's your name?" She just gaped at me.

She looked at her mother's face and reached out to touch a finger tip to
a shiney glob on her chin.

"What's this? Were you screwing him, mommy? With your mouth?"

Moira mumbled something into her daughters ear.

"You were having fun? But you told me you only did that with daddy. Is
he going to be my daddy?"

She turned to inspect my face. "My name's Alison. I want a daddy
'cause I've never had one," she smiled coyly at me, her anger and fright
replaced by curiousity.

Moira shrugged at me and made the exasperated face of a parent stuck on
a hardball question.

I scooted on my butt closer to Moira's side.

"Can I call you Aly? That's a nice name." The winning charm of the
articulate Irish kicking in.

A part of me was watching Aly and her mother. Another part was watching
me as I tried to figure out how to help desensitize the situation.

"Be Casual. Go gently. Show affection to Moira. Sweet talk Aly," my
thoughts flew fast. "Think, lame brain. What would my dad have done if
I'd walked in on him and mom? My mother? No, forget that."

I looked at Moira and stroked her shoulder. She looked at me and
smiled. I smiled and gave a little laugh.

"Classic scene, classic line," I chuckled.

Moira gave me a quizical look.

"Mommy, what's he doing to you?" I quoted in a squeeky voice.

Moira grinned and tried to laugh but didn't pull it off.

"Then she hit me with Raggedy Ann!" I laughed louder. Moira tried to
hold back her smile then laughed for real.

Aly's face showed she thought she was dealing with crazy people.

"Go back to bed, sweet heart. Give me a minute and Mummie will come
tuck you in."

Attributed to Truman Capote

"What did you do this morning?" "I put in a comma."

"What did you do this afternoon?" "I took it out."


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