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SiliconValleyTales11.txtSilicon Valley Tales from the imagination ofCalifornia Dreamer© 2001, 2002, all rights retained.Beachin' DayChad and Linda sprawled on the floor of my Dodge van, leaning back against the side wall opposite the doors. Aly and Paul sat huddled together, whispering, on the back seat. Moira rode shotgun with Dave driving. Kerry and I sat cross legged in the middle of the floor, trying to play strip poker. It's mid Sunday morning, and the gang of six has grown by a pair."Damn," Kerry exploded. "I thought I had you." She pulled her sweat shirt off over her head, her large bust cradled in a plain white bra, industrial strength. I heard a small sound escape Chad. "I'm bigger than she is," Linda stated proudly. "Don't get your balls in an uproar, pal.""All right, Linda, come play. Put out or shut up," Kerry cackled as she scooted over to make room for the new pair.Chad's fair skinned face flushed bright red. Seems our young draftsman was not used to blatant women.Kerry shuffled and dealt four hands. I had two aces, king high so discarded two."Garbage," Linda stated, throwing four cards down. Chad flipped one card onto the pile. "Tsk," Kerry complained her expression reflecting her distaste with her cards.I pulled an ace and dropped my cards face up.Kerry groaned, Linda moaned, Chad kept silent."Frazzle fricka razzle," Linda whined, dropping her cards to show a pair of twos.Chad showed a diamond flush.Linda looked me in the eye, and yanked off her tee shirt, displaying a black bikini top, more breast flesh exposed than concealed.Chad's eyes bulged, his flush returning. Linda cupped her breasts and squeezed them together."You like, Baby? You wanna suck some titty?" She let out her big horse laugh."Cool it, Linda. Don't gross out the kids." I gestured to the wide eyed pair on the back seat."Sorry." Linda looked chagrined. "Forgot about them. Gimme them cards."She stacked the deck and shuffled once. "New rules, the two lowest hands strip. Now, let's find out what the boys are packin'," she laughed and dealt around.Kerry giggled, and dropped three aces to the mat."I'm kickin' butt," she said easily. "That shuffle worked for me.""Not me," Linda groaned, dropping three cards.From Chad's sigh, he had nothing, He dropped four.I had two kings and threw three cards to the pile.Linda quickly dealt, her face a harsh grimace."Come to momma," she said, squinting at her cards. "More crap," she said, her tone fully revealing her disgust."Me too," Chad finally found his voice."Pair of kings," I said, flipping my cards over."All right, Linda. Let's see those jugs."Chad stripped his tank top off.Paul's mouth was hanging open. Aly was watching him closely, no expression on her face."Do the honors," Linda groaned, twisting around to present her wide back to Chad. His arms jerked once, then, his hands shaking, he fumbled with the strings. The elastic snapped free, baring her back. She cupped her breasts and turned, grinning at him. She didn't move for a long moment, then dropped her hands, pulling the red cloth free of her large breasts. They were pear shaped, drooping slightly, the nipples large, protruding and bright pink. She arched her back, looking from face to face.The van lurched back to center."Dave, keep your eyes on the road. You'll see more titty than you can handle at the beach," Moira said, poking a fist at Dave's shoulder."Suppose so," he mumbled, shaking his head."The Highway One North exit will be coming up," Kerry said, loud enough for Dave to hear. "We've about a half hour more to go."We played on, Kerry lost her top, I lost my pants as did Chad. We were down to our flip flops and skivvies when Linda let out a loud chuckle."Guess we get to see a naked boy," she chortled, presenting a winning hand. "About time," Kerry said, laying down three kings.Chad's face flamed, his hands trembled as he reached for his BVD's.I got to my knees, and, smiling at Linda, pushed my shorts down. My pink worm, shrunken by the cool air conditioning, peeked out."Oh, what a cute little one," Linda laughed. Chad squirmed on his butt, trying to work his shorts over his hips."Need some help, pal?" Linda reached over and tugged hard on his white cotton undies. "Show us what you got." She leaned over and peered at his crotch.Chad looked at me, a helpless, embarrased expression forming."Not bad. Looks funny with a foreskin. Haven't see many like yours." Aly stood, and leaned over Kerry, staring intently at Chad's not so privates.She shrugged, her face forming a "So what. Seen one, seen 'em all" expression."There it is, "Dave exclaimed, pointing to the large mailbox on the opposite side of the road. It's bright vertical stripes contrasting sharply with the dull sage brush around it.Dave cranked the wheel, and the van leaned hard, throwing us around, bouncing Kerry against the side wall."Hey," she yelled."Sorry," Dave muttered as he aimed the van towards the middle of the dirt road ahead.After a hundred yards of jouncing and bouncing through the pot holes, Dave braked to stop next to a large bellied, gray haired, brown skinned naked man who held up his hand."Greetin's, Folks," he said sticking his head in the window and scanning us. "Five bucks a couple. Kids 'er free. That'll be fifteen bucks, please."Moira leaned sideways, and passed over some bills."You all have a wind screen? The sands blowin' awful bad today." He tilted his head to peer at Moira. "Bad enough to rub you raw. Wife's got a new batch of screens. Some of 'em kinda purty. Just thirty bucks." He pointed to a small trailer across the parking lot. A half dozen cotton print wind screens were arrayed for our viewing pleasure."Thanks," Kerry said, "We've got one." She gave the man a pleasant smile."Might need two for all you cotton tails.""We'll see," Kerry said, nodding her head slightly at Dave.The naked man retracted his head from the driver window, and Dave drove carefully across the mostly empty, deeply rutted parking lot to a tree shaded spot.Kerry opened the side doors, and scrambled to the sand. "Oh, so good to get naked again," she cried loudly, stripping down her shorts.We all shucked out of our clothing, and, grabbing up our stuff, trundled after Kerry. She toted her wind screen, towels and a large satchel under one arm. With her free arm, she gestured toward the beach. "Let's get movin', guys. There's rays to catch, and V-ball to play." Her eagerness so contagious, we all hurried to keep up with her. Kerry led us to a protected spot close to a sandstone bluff. She tossed her satchel onto the sand, and turned to face us. "This is a good place. We can see everything, but we're protected from the wind." We set up 'camp', spreading blankets and towels to mark our territory. Dave placed our cooler in a strategic location, the kids scrambling for colas. "I'm ready for a beer. Anyone else?" He held up a dripping can."Sure," I said, dropping to my knees next to Linda and Kerry. He tossed me the can, looked expectantly at Chad, who nodded his head. He seemed a bit awkward, as if uncomfortable naked. He stood scanning the area like he was committing the place to memory. His eyes rested briefly on the few brown bodies laying on nearby blankets. "This is pretty nice," he said, finally. "But it's a strange feel I'm getting.""C'mer, sweety," Linda chortled, "I'll give you a strange feel.""What?" Chad asked, his eyes bulging slightly."Come oil my back, please." Linda grinned crookedly at her young friend. "You think I meant something else?""Of course you did, Linda," I chimed in. You always have a double intention. At least, when you use that tone of voice, you do. My attention wandered as Moira's petit form crossed my line of vision. She and the kids were headed for the shallow creek that wandered through the sand to the sea."Ummf," Kerry grunted softly. Dave poured lotion onto the backs of her legs and began massaging her, digging fingers deep into her soft thighs.Chad stood over Linda's supine form, warily staring down at her as if studying a drugged animal. Aly's bright laughter caught my attention. She and her mother were splashing scoops of creek water at Paul. He danced and hopped, trying to dodge and splash back. The sun felt good on my skin, the sounds of gulls peaceful, the waves splashing and rolling on the sand a few yards away. The thunder of big waves far in the distance as they fought to undo the action of the uplifting tectonic plate below. I lay back and closed my eyes, my eyelids becoming red filters for the warming sun, wondering what will the future will bring? What was it I really wanted? The question answered itself. Moira, of course, but how much Moira.Yesterday, Saturday, Moira and I had talked very little. Paul and Aly, barely containing their excitement, explored every nook and cranny of the Rosecrucian Museum. There had been little time for soul searching, keeping up with the hyperactive pair.I let out a big sigh."Ricky?" Kerry asked. "You thinkin' again?" Her voice deep in her throat, she was so relaxed from Dave's magical hands."Mm, hm," I responded, not bothering to open my eyes. I felt her small hand on my arm, her fingers slipping down to interlace with mine.Kerry, my friend's wonderful lover. Dave's very lucky to have her, but she's lucky to have him too. Is it luck, I questioned, how we end up, who we end up with? What the fuck do I want? Random sex with unimportant women? Grow up, Richard. The bottom line, someday you're gonna die. How do you want it? Alone in some fleabag apartment, or your wife and children holding your hands. Gah, what a morbid thought. I shuddered, feeling a surge of pain, deciding not to think about my own death for a while. "You think too much, my friend. Let it rest." Kerry's quiet words were little comfort. I scrambled to my feet."I'll be back in a bit." I said to no one, everyone. I walked down the sloping beach until the gentle, bubbling waves lapped at my toes. Looking out at the horizon, I felt small and alone. And yes, scared. I sighed softly.


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