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Silicon Valley Tales from the imagination of California Dreamer 2001, all
rights retained.

Critiques invited and responded to. califdrmr@hotmail.com

Moira and friends

First light.

Moira snuggled tight, pressing her head against my chest, her finger
tips twirling my chest hair under her chin.

"You okay with my little girl?"

"More than okay. She's a delight, I'll bet."

"De-light of my life," she grinned.

I squeezed her shoulders to acknowledge her wit.

"I'm sure," I murmured against her hair.

I let a hand start to wander up and down her body, from shoulder to
thigh. Lightly dragging my finger tips over her smooth warmth.

"Moira, tell me. Where do you want this to go?"

With a big sigh she said, "Don't know yet. But... I like it. Even if
it's happening very fast. You were scary intense earlier."

"I feel swept away, like I'm riding a wave. A wave of foaming, surging
surf but I know that as soon as I hit the beach I'll go right back out for
another ride."

She pressed tighter to me. "Yes, it's a ride alright," she murmured.

"Are you sleepy?"

She squirmed, rubbing her little belly against me. She felt so tiny in
my arms. So warm, so silky.

"Yes and no. I like hearing your voice. It rumbles through your chest
and I feel like my whole body vibrates to your sound. I feel peaceful and
safe right now. I feel strong and free."

She squirmed slowly against me, rolling my half hardness between our

"Me too. Strong and free. Ready to fly."

"Pilot to copilot. Give me the stick," she gurgled, pulling me over
onto her.

I held her face in my hands while hers were squeezing and stirring the
head of my heating dick around in her slick folds.

"You know what happens to women pilots, don't you?" I mouthed against
her cheek.

"Shut up. I heard that one in grammer school," she breathed into my

I pressed forward when she centered me. The head of my dick popped into
her tightness.

"Eeeah," she moaned that odd little sound a woman only makes the first
time a new lover enters her. I pushed slowly into her until friction
stopped me.

"Oh, so tight," she moaned.

"You read my mind," I groaned back.

I pulled back then slid deeper until I could feel her cervix stop me. I
held still and savored the feel of her twitching, tight slippery hot velvet
around me.

"Yeah, doing a lot of that tonight."

"Doing what? Fucking me?"

I ignored her question and let myself float in an etheral mist of
physical pleasure. She fluttered her hips, fast then slow, trying to slide
my full length in and out. I held still above her and let her move at her
own pace.

"God," she groaned. "Good. God, it's good. God. Good. God good."

Her words started to run together as her fingers fluttered around our
conjoined flesh. She flicked her clit with one finger and any part of my
dick that wasn't in her with the others. I became a spectator to her

"Gonna come good god good. Gonnna," she hissed through clenched teeth.
I started pumping, matching her rythem.

"Haiii. going to..." she screeched loudly.

She never finished the sentence. Her arms clutched hard up around my
shoulders and she strained upward. Her belly vibrated under me then she
melted into a limp, sweaty, pleasured boneless lump. I moved my arms down
and slid my hands under her little tight buns. Her legs came up and around
my waist. I moved higher up her body and began slowly grinding my steel
hard dick high against her, moving in and out of her at a deliberatly slow

She groaned, "Wait. I'm so sensitive. Let me..."

I squeezed her butt and smeared lightly across her ass hole with fingers
slick with her juices. She twitched and squeeked. One finger plunging
into her ass hole matching my slowly grinding dick. Soon two fingers.
Then three fingers plunging and holding her tight to me. Then I lost it
and began to grind her as fast as I could move. Humping like a crazed
poodle, I became just a dick. No brain, no body, no time, no reality, no
Moira, just a dick about to explode in the hot wet grip of...

"Ah. Oh. Oho. You're fucking meee! Ha. ha. hah. Another one.

Off she went, taking me with her. I bellowed out my pleasure as one
long, long burning slug of fire spurted through my dick. I strained hard
against her loins until my life force returned. Rolling to the side, I
pulled her with me and sobbed against her matted hair.

"Jesus," She said, still out of breath.

"Looks like we both got religion tonight," I panted.

"What did you do to me? I hurt all over," she groaned and stretched her
legs out, pointing her toes, squeezing her thighs together.

I pulled her top leg high over me and began massaging her inner thigh
with deep slow squeezes while our breathing calmed.

"Mmm. Nice. Enough."

I blew on her forehead and said, "That was a wowwy."

"Sure was. A real toe curler."

Her fingers trickled around my ear, her breath warm on my skin. I
hugged her lightly and searched for her mouth with mine. I rolled us over
and she sprawled under me.

I inhaled her breath and she the air from my lungs, our lips nibbling
gently like bottom feeding carp.

"Move over sweet stinky man. We're swimming around in a pond big enough
to attract beavers."

"Hope not. I can't handle more than one right now." I rolled over onto
my back again, taking her with me.

"Your sense of humour has too many high school flashbacks," she said,
digging her fingers into my ribs.

"My only flaw."

"Yeah, right!"

"Suck my dick," I said in a most congenial tone.

"Fuck you." Not a snarl but with potential.

"No, I mean it. I need your help to get hard after two rounds."

"You are not going to stick that thing in me again tonight. My pussy is
much too sore."

"I want a triple."

"A what? A triple?." She rolled over me and stared questioningly into
my eyes.

I gave her my most evil grin.

"Do you have any baby oil?"

"Baby oil?" Her jaw dropped. Her eyebrows went the other way, trying
for her hair line as she understood.

"You went over big time with three fingers stuck in your ass, remember?"

"You're not serious. You want to stick that thing in my butt hole?
Christ, three fingers?"

"Very much."

"Why? There's shit in there."

"No there's not. You're empty."

"I've never done it that way. Except... Well, let me say it like this.
I'll never let a guy with a skinny cock get behind me again."

I couldn't help laughing as I got the picture.

"Beware the pencil dick creeping up behind you. What did it feel like?"

"It offended my dignity. And I had this burning sensation in my asshole
so I made him stop."

Laughing softly, "I'll try not to offend, ever."

"I can't believe you want to do that. It's...nasty."

"You might like it."

She gave me a dubious look and shaking her head said, "Your cock is much
too big around."

"If you get on top, you're in control and can stop if it's

"I'll think about it, pervert."

She snuggled down on top of me and I fondled her ass cheeks. Like
palming two volleyballs I thought.

She sighed into my neck. "Your hands feel so good on me."

"Magic hands."

"Yes, you have magic."

"So do you."

Lethargy, sweet lethargy began to wrap us in a warm fog. I spread my
legs and wrapped them over hers, locking my heels behind her knees. I
kneaded her little ass cheeks and slid a finger between slippery lips. I
spread her cheeks and ran my finger lightly round her hairless anus.

"Go to sleep," she sighed. "You persistant pervert."

She rolled off taking me with her. We snuggled in, her cheek against my
chest, her head tilted back. I kissed her forehead and closed my eyes.

The first light of the day peeped through the curtains.

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