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Silicon Valley Tales from the imagination of California Dreamer 2001, all
rights retained.

Moira and friends

Day on the Boardwalk

Glancing out my office window, I saw Dave hot-footing it across the AMD
parking lot.

"Hm. Something's up," I thought as he trotted around the corner of the
building to the entrance.

As expected, an out of breath Dave came grinning into my office.

"Early lunch at the deli?" he panted.

"Sure, but let's go to Sakana Zushi. I want Oyako Domburi."

He nodded and puffed through a wide grin. "What's that?"

"Chicken and egg on rice. Oyako means 'mother and daughter'."

"Okay, but I've got some interesting news for you, Rich, my friend." He
beamed at me like a kid with a new present in his hands.

As we walked outside, he punched my shoulder several times.

"I've just scored big time," he growled playfully.

"Yeah? Tell me about it."

"I met this woman a few weeks ago and we've been out a few times but
haven't done much. Until last night, that is. She fixed a great dinner
for me and..." He let out a big sigh.

"She fixed dinner? That's a good sign," I laughed.

"Yeah, it sure is. Was. Her name's Kerry, by the way. And she has a
son named Paul, about ten or eleven. Nice kid, too. A really bright,
curious future nerd just like we were."

"You know Moira has a daughter about that age?"

He gave me a surprised look. "Hey, alright. We can triple date." He
laughed a big laugh.

I thought about that for a moment. "We could, yes."

"Kerry's really nice. And very pretty. She works in Fairchild's wafer
fab. Supervises a bunch of people."

"How'd you meet her?"

"I went to meet Gary for lunch and she was walking out with him. Gary
was giving her some line about coming to work for him and he introduced us.
We all ended up having lunch together. Gary talked non-stop about his DJ
stint with KSOL but I managed to get her phone number."

I laughed remembering Gary's delight and enthusiasm for his part time
job. "Oh, yeah. 'Dr. Soul' plays James Brown."

"Yeah. So any way, we've been hanging out after work a couple of times
a week. And last night, after her kid went to bed we got pretty cozy on
her couch. Rich, she is one well put together woman." He chuckled softly,
shaking his head slowly. "I'm not going to let Kerry get away."

"I feel the same about Moira. I'd be really stupid to screw up with
her. We've been spending more time together each week."

We looked at each other. "This is really strange. You've met Moira
just a few weeks ago and you guys clicked right away. Kerry sort of snuck
up on me. Her having a kid slowed me down a little but after last night
I'm going to try to get to know him better."

"Devious little shit, aren't you. That will really keep her

"Yeah," he grinned an evil grin. "I want all of this fine woman." Dave
rubbed his hands together and danced about on the sidewalk.

"Okay, let's triple date. How about the Beach? We can cruise the
Boardwalk, play some volleyball and dog paddle the kids in the San

"Great. Let's try for next Saturday. I'll let you know if Kerry's up
for it."

Beach day started early. Moira woke me up with an elbow to my ribs and
a kiss on my shoulder but she slithered out of bed when I tried to move

Soon we were headed up the hill to Santa Cruz. Dave rode shotgun,
everybody else sprawled all comfy in the back of my big van. I could hear
Kerry interviewing Moira. Aly and Paul sort of stared out the windows, a
little shy with each other. Kerry was indeed 'one well put together
woman', standing five feet ten barefooted and weighing in at about 170
pounds. Soft, dishwater blond hair framed a cherub's sweet face. She was
wearing rather tight tan shorts and a pink shirt with the tails knotted
under her ample breasts. She gave me a sparkly eyed smile when Dave
introduced us. I liked her immediately.

The day followed the expected path. We were early enough to get a spot
in the parking lot next to the old train bridge. We trundled our stuff out
onto the sand and spread it out next to the Boardwalk retaining wall. The
kids ran about and screamed, urging us to take them to the water as we
stripped to our bathing suits.

Moira had a tiny black and purple bikini that seemed painted on her
elfin body. Kerry's was more discrete; black bottoms with a red,
industrial strength strapless top. Dave wore a speedo and I wore baggy
shorts. The kids were coccooned in bright yellow floatation vests.

Soon we were all wading and splashing in the San Lorenzo's cool, loamy
tasting water. I floated around pretending to be an alligator sneaking up
on Moira or Aly. Then Kerry announced she needed some lotion and headed
for our blankets. I joined her and we sat watching Dave and Moira splash
each other and the two giggling kids.

"Moira looks great in that bikini," she sighed. "I wish I weren't so

I looked at her half smiling face. She glanced nervously at me, just a
brief flicker.

"I don't see any fat on you," I laughed. "You're just not a petit.
You're a beautiful zaftig woman."

"Zaftig?" she asked while squirting lotion on her full thighs.

"Rubinesque. Okay, it's a euphymism for a big beautiful woman. And I
think you're very beautiful and I think Dave's very lucky." I spoke with
some enthusiasm and she turned to look at me closely.

"I don't feel like you're coming on to me but..." She hesitated.

"If I weren't connected with Moira and you with Dave, I would come on to
you. Like a run away truck rolling down a hill! You wanna know why?"

"Sure, tell me." She wasn't smiling but her eyes were dancing and

"I think you're a class act. I listened to you 'interview' Moira and
Aly in the back of the van. You're very articulate and open. You've a
warmth and gentleness that's very appealing. I'll bet we're going to be
great friends. We'll be a 'fearsome foursome', for sure. Or sixsome, if
you like."

"Yeah, I like. You're very articulate too. Are you from the East? You
don't talk like a California boy."

"Born and raised here. Where are you from?"

"Ithaca, New York. Came here to get away from the nasty weather with
Paul's father."

"Where's he now?"

"He's dead. Killed almost ten years ago when that NASA plane crashed in
the golf course.

"Sorry to hear that. I remember it and another plane too. An anti-sub
patrol plane." I didn't mention I'd seen the smoke plumes on my way to work
that day.

"Do my back?" she said, holding out the green plastic bottle.

"Sure." I took it and tried to squirt some on her shoulder.

"Wait," she said, squirming onto her stomach.

I looked at her long rounded body stretched out on the blanket. She was
gorgeous. I straddled her thighs and squirted and smeared lotion on her
shoulders, rubbing it in well. Her sun warmed flesh was firm under my
palms. I did the same to her waist then slid over to get at her thighs.
So firm yet soft at the same time.

"What are you doing to my woman, Richard?" Dave's voice boomed in my
ears. I looked up to see him and Moira grinning down at us.

I grinned back. "I'm playing with her pretty body. What do yah think?"

"I think you're having too much fun. Gimme that lotion." He plopped
down along side and put a possessive hand on Kerry's butt, giving it a
squeeze and a pat.

"Hey, what about me?" Moira was wanting a little attention too.

"Come here, sweetheart. I'll do you up fine." I motioned for Moira to
lay alongside Kerry. Soon Moira and Kerry were mumbling to each other as
Dave and I smeared and rubbed lotion down their legs. I paid special
attention to Moira's tiny feet and she moaned appreciatively.

"Magic-hands, you're not to stop anytime soon."

Dave started in on Kerry's feet and she made a gutteral little groaning
sound. Dave grinned at me and scraped his knuckles across the bottom of
one pink foot. Kerry clenched her buttocks and sighed.

"I think she likes that." I eyed Kerry's round ass. She hunched her
hips into the sand making her ass cheeks go hollow.

"Think I've found erogenous zone number forty seven."

"You've been a busy boy, Dave, finding so many, so fast," I chuckled at
him trying not to leer.

"He's lying. That's only the third or fourth." She inhaled deeply and
let it out slowly saying, "Or maybe the fifth."

Moira giggled and wiggled her toes. "Cool it, you guys. We'll get

"Oooh. But this is fun," Kerry giggled back. "It might be worth it."

I pressed Moira's shins against my half turgid dick to let her know my

Dave saw my move and did the same thing to Kerry.

"That what I think it is, big boy?" Kerry flashed a quick look at Moira
then over her shoulder at the two grinning louts behind her.

"Moira, they're getting off playing with our feet." Kerry cackled.

"Hope they have higher ambitions," Moira laughed back.

I flipped Moira onto her back and dropped on top of her. I nuzzled her
face. "I'm so fucking hard and hair triggered right now, I'd lose it on
the second stroke if I could stick it in you."

Kerry's expression was delicious as if she thought I'd try and follow up
on my words. I laughed and got off Moira, letting Kerry see the lump in my
shorts. She gave me a wicked grin and rolled over onto her back trying to
check out Dave's condition. There was a sausage in his speedo that Kerry
eyed speculatively.

"Kerry, don't you even think about it or he'll be dragging you under the
Boardwalk whining for a..." Moira stopped herself. "Oh, go ahead," she
said, shaking her head. "I'll watch the kids."

Dave grabbed a towel as they scrambled to their feet.

"Can I come too," I pleaded.

Kerry looked at Moira who just nodded. "Sure. You wanna watch or...?"

Dave's eyes bulged. "Kerry? Are you for real?"

She looked at him calmly. "You two have been down this road before I'm
sure. You told me you do 'everything' together."

Dave relaxed and grinned. "You move pretty quick, Kerry girl. Let's

"Have fun, you three," Moira laughed.

I leaned over to whisper in Moira's ear. "I think I'm falling in love
with you."

She looked at me goggle eyed.

"Get outta here, you twit. You've got my body. What more do you want?"

My silly grin hid the rush of love that surged through me but my eyes
gave me away I'm sure.

I jumped to my feet and joined Dave and Kerry.

We sauntered as casually as possible towards the piling supported
section of the boardwalk. Kerry grabbed Dave's hand and reached out for
mine. We linked up and tried to casually scan the beach before us.

When we reached the first piling I turned and said, "I'll go in here.
I'll meet you just behind the steps. Bye."

I plopped on the sand next to a piling and leaned back to survey the
scene. Not many people yet and no one seemed to be aware of me so I
crawled under the boardwalk and headed for the steps. It was a long fifty
feet on hands and knees in sand. I heard Kerry's laugh and then noisy
kissing sounds.

"Mmmm," somebody moaned. I headed in that direction. I crawled up to
them and saw Dave pull Kerry's top down and bend to suck a nipple. The
light was dim but I could see them clearly enough. I crawled around them
and reached for her other breast. A big, soft cool pillow filled my hands.
Her nipple was puffed out like a strawberry on a large scoop of vanilla ice
cream. I attacked it with relish. I heard Kerry's soft whimper as both
her big, pear shaped breasts were lustily devoured.

"I want you in me. Hurry." I reluctantly released my strawberry as she
fell to her hands and knees, presenting her ass to Dave. He pulled her
shorts down as I rolled onto my back and slid my head under her chest. My
mouth found a hard nipple and I was in heaven. She moaned and I felt her
lurch as Dave slid forcefully into her.

"Ah. Oh, Dave, that's so good."

Dave pumped, she moaned, I sucked.

I reached for her crotch and began strumming her clit.

"Yow," she exclaimed. I felt her hands on my belly trying to find my
dick. I squirmed around to give her access, reaching down to shove my suit
off my hips. She brushed her hand back and forth across my belly hair.
She dove onto my dick and rested her chin on my pelvic bone and sucked like
she wanted everything I had in me and wanted it right now. I intensified
my attack on her clit and started humping my hips up into her face. She
rode my dick, sucking, humming and panting through her nose. I found a
nipple with my free hand and pinched it.

"I... gonna come." I heard Dave's groan. He started to drive against
her ass harder which drove her onto my dick. I pinched her nipple a little
harder and flailed her clit. Kerry started making a high pitched whine
through her nose and then grunted and convulsed. I shot a big hot surge
into her throat and she pulled back and took the next two on her tongue.

"Mm. Mmmm." Was that Kerry or Dave? Or me?

"Ung, ung, ung." Three grunts from Dave and I knew he was popping shots
into her.

Kerry clamped her lips hard around my dick and pulled slowly off me.

"Aiee, yah." I bawled softly. Sensory overload.

She dropped her cheek to my quivering thighs and panted warm breath on
my skin.

I felt Dave stroke gently in and out.

"God, that was nice," he sighed.

"Yeah." I heard Kerry sigh.

I wrapped my arms around Kerry's butt and pulled her pussy to my mouth
and drove my tongue into her.

"Oh, fuck," she snorted.

I sucked her clit hard and she convulsed. Her belly was soft and hot
against my chest. I felt her hands grip my thighs.

"Dave, stick something in me," she wailed.

He slipped two fingers into her and waggled them back and forth, in and
out. Her belly muscled rippled and she squeeled. "Oh, fucking good."

Dave pressed his thumb into her and stirred it around in time with his
fingers. I felt her hot pant on my dick as she pressed her lips to it.

"My ass. Oh fuck. My ass is..."

I looked up to see Dave's thumb buried in her dark little back door.

"Clit. Oh, my clit, please, my clit."

I renewed my suction on her clit and that did it for Kerry. Her body
went rigid, her belly muscles twanged and her breath panted hard on my leg.

"Yeah. Yeah, yeah, Yeaaah."

She collapse onto her side.

Thank you, Kerry, I thought. For not crushing me.

I looked up at Dave, his dick was dangling just over my forehead. I
reached for it.

"Bring it here, baby."

He flopped onto his hands and knees over me. I sucked his limp dick
into my mouth and gently nursed on it. I felt him sucking Kerry's saliva
from me.

"Holy shit, you guys are queer!" Kerry exclaimed.

Dave mumbled something, I didn't bother.

He rolled to his side taking his clean dick away. I sighed.

"Pussy on a stick," I mumbled.

"What," Kerry exclaimed?

"It all tastes the same, you know." I stated and took a deep breath,
letting it out slowly. "Pussy juice, snot, semen, blood, tears. It all
tastes about the same."

"You're too much. Both of you." Kerry sat up and reached for the towel
to hold it in front of her breasts.

"We don't fuck each other, Kerry love." Dave sounded worried.

"You just sucked each other's dicks, David love," she said with high
sarcasm. She seemed a little disgusted with us.

"Let me tell you a little story," Dave tried to soothe.

"Wait, not now. Let's go back so Moira can hear it too," I said.

"Yeah, good idea." Dave still sounded a little concerned that Kerry
wasn't going to be as casual with what she'd just seen as he'd expected.

So we adjusted our suits and crawled out into the bright sun. Two guys walking by gawked at us but we ignored them. I think Kerry's tight lipped
face gave them the wrong idea 'cause they didn't gawk for long.

Kerry didn't want to hold our hands so we trudged back to our blankets
and Moira. I was starting to feel just a bit up tight. I looked at Dave
and he was grinning. That made me feel better. He knew her better than I
which gave me a faint feeling of hope.

We found Moira sitting on the blankets watching us approach. She
flashed a quick, strangely shy grin at me.

We all flopped down on our butts and Kerry, with some agitation said,
"These guys want to tell a story about sucking each others dicks."

Moira's eyes got real wide and she laughed. "Well, well. That sounds
like a fun story."

Kerry gawked. "You sound like it's okay for guys..." She closed her
mouth and looked around at us then back at Moira. "Okay, okay. I'm sorry.
I may be overreacting. I'm sorry, you guys."

Dave and I both went "Whew."

"Let's hear the story." Kerry was adamant.

Dave started in.

"Well, Rich and I went to a party put on by some Intel guys." He stopped
to get beers out of the cooler and threw them around. "We met a couple of
sisters who worked as assemblers there. Wafer scribers or something like

Dave looked at me to see if I understood.

"They operated the machines that scratched the wafers so they will break
cleanly into individual die." He took a long swig from his beer can.

"We, anyway, ended up back at their place, making out like crazy on
their couch. Pretty quick we were both getting some head. One of them
said, 'Let's switch' and they did. The girl doing me now was Laura and
Gina was doing Rich. They got us really close to a nice hot come and they

Dave let out a little laugh.

"So Laura says to me that she's not gonna finish me off. She wants to
see me suck Rich's dick. So Gina gets her mouth off Dick's dick and says
yeah, she wants to see us suck each other. So we did. What the hell, give
the girls what they want. So I sucked Rich's dick for about two minutes
being careful not to make him come. I didn't think I could handle a
mouthfull of come even it was my best bud's. Then Rich sucked me for a
minute or so. The sisters were oohing and ahing, kinda laughing at our
obvious inexperience and discomfort. So I look at Rich and he says 'get
em'. I grabbed Laura and threw her on the couch and stuck my dick in her
and started fucking her as hard as I could. Rich did the same and real
quick these two hotties are popping their cookies and us right along with
em. Then they both start screaming 'eat me, eat me' so we, being
accomodating gentlemen, ate them out with some gusto. Pretty quick Laura
starts yelling 'switch, switch'. I didn't get it until she pushed me away
and yanks Rich's hair until he's got his face glued to her slimey puss. So
I dive on Gina and start lapping like a thirsty dog." Dave stopped to suck
on his beer can and looked over at me. "Finish the story. I gotta go take
a leak real bad."

He got up and Kerry and Moira turned to me.

"When we finally got out of there I told Dave that I didn't mind sucking his dick but wasn't going to make a regular thing of it. He agreed and we
left it at that. But later I started thinking about it so I called him. I
told him to think about this. We ate each others come out of those two
pussies. He said yeah, so what. I said, Your's tastes just like mine and
it got those two sisters so hot they popped like fire crackers so let's try
it again. He said, 'Let me think about that.' and hung up on me."

A couple of days later he calls and asks if I'm up for Laura and Gina

"Sure. When?"

"Saturday night, their place. It's a fuck date."

I looked at Kerry. "Do you know what I was thinking, Kerry?"

"Yeah, you were gonna suck some dick. Keep talking."

"Right, but I had something else in mind too. When I picked up Dave I
told him my plan. They are gonna be surprised 'cause we'll go down on each
other without them asking. Then we'll have a hot fuck and load them up
with lots of our come. Then we'll munch down for about five seconds then
suck each other again but just for a minute then we'll switch to pussies
and to different sisters. Dave agreed and that's what we did. Those two
sisters were so hot that night they wore us out. We didn't get to sleep
until dawn."

I looked at Moira who was laid back with her eyes closed. She'd put a
towel over her belly and her hand was rubbing gently against her mons.
Kerry was staring at her with her mouth open. The silence made her open
her eyes. She looked at me through slitted eyes.

"My turn soon?"

I almost laughed but thought better of it.

"I'm hungry." A little girl voice.

"Me too." A little boy voice.

The rest of the day was Boardwalk time for two little kids and four big
ones. The fun house, the roller coaster, the merry go round. We got to
Moira's late, tired and gritty. Kerry begged off dinner saying she wanted
to get home to a shower and lotion.

"Oh, and Dave, too," she grinned at him.

Moira and I had the same plan. The kids said happy, tired goodbyes and
the Boardwalk adventure was a wrap.

After showers and a snack, Moira and I plopped on the couch. Aly was a
limp doll on the floor.

Moira closed her eyes and sighed. "This was a really, really fun day,
lover man."

"It sure was," I agreed. Moira gave me a look that foretold my evening

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