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Silicon Valley Tales from the imagination of California Dreamer 2001, all
rights retained.

Critiques invited and responded to. califdrmr@hotmail.com

Moira and friends


"Wake up, Ricky. Wake up and let's shower."

I felt a hand push on my chest.


"Come on, stinky man. Time to get moving."

Her finger tips gently stirred my chest hair.

"'Kay. I'm awake. Umm, that feels good." I took a deep breath and
slowly blew it out before opening my eyes.

She was lightly scratching circles around my left breast with her

"You have such a sweet face when you're asleep. You look so innocent,
so trusting."

"Yow, ow, ow wow," I yawned, looking up at her through squinted eyes.

"Ricky? Tell me something?"

"Ummmm, sure, babe. What?"

"Why do you love me?" Her voice was soft. She had such a sweet, loving
expression that I couldn't resist.

"Um, well. You've got a great little body and you swallow. Ow!"

She had raked my chest with her fingernails.

"Richard, you shit! I'm serious, dammit!"

I looked up at her feral face. She was very serious.

"You give me beauty. You share your beauty with me. You share what you
feel is beautiful with me. And you make me stretch, too."

Her eyes narrowed, her brow furrowed. she leaned closer and stared
intently into my face as if moving closer would help her understand.

"I see beauty in what you do, in how you do it. It's wondrous. You are
a beautiful woman and I'm not just talking just about appearance."

I reached to cradle her head, stroking my finger tips along her temple
and neck until my palm rested on her cheekbone.

"And what's really amazing to me is that you give it to me. I feel so
lucky that I..."

All I could do was shake my head in wonderment. Words wouldn't come.

Moira leaned back, tipping her head to stare momentarily at the ceiling.

"Moira, I'm scared to be so lucky. I feel like something bad will
happen to me. I even avoid driving in the fast lane now. That's silly,
but that's what I've been feeling."

"You are silly but that's one of the things I love best about you, Rick.
You are fearsomely intense sometimes but then be a little kid rolling on
the floor giggling."

"So, girl, why do you love me?"

"It seems like you're in tune with me. You not only seem to be aware of
my feelings but you react to how I'm feeling. Sometimes I really just want
to be held, to feel your arms around me. I can feel that crowbar of yours
poking at me but you just cuddle me so nicely. Then I'll want you inside.
You'll move so tenderly like I'm fragile. I feel very loved when we're
like that."

She turned her face into my hand and kissed my palm softly.

"So do I, love."

"This has been a tender moment but I'm feeling sort of lewd and
lascivious this afternoon."

"Yeah, what are you going to do about it?"

"I want to stick my ass up in the air so you can bugger me."

"Sorry. Can't. Your ass is too small."

"Would you like to tie me to the bed posts? Spread eagle me and fuck me

"Can't do that either. Don't have any rope."

"God, you are so boring today. Where's your sense of adventure?"

"If you want an adventure I'll call Dave and Kerry."

Moira sat up, pulling away from my hand. Her eyebrows were trying to
climb up off her forehead.

I couldn't help but laugh. "Who's adventurous?"

"What do you want to do with them?"


Her eyes were wide, her face serious. "I wont do it with her." She
shook her head rapidly back and forth, a look of disgust on her face. Or
was it fear.

"Do what?"

"Put my face in her crotch!" she was almost shouting. "You know what I

"Why not? She has a pretty neat little puss."

Moira's face twisted into a scowl. "Yeah, I know. You said it all
tastes the same but..." She paused, her face relaxing a bit. "Would you
believe, I'm actually scared to try it. I know what I taste like 'cause
I've kissed you after you lick me. What am I afraid of?"

"Breaking traditional rules, maybe."

"You wouldn't ask me to do it, would you?"

"Yes, but not directly. I love to stick my tongue in you 'cause you get
your jollies quick and hard. I'd never refuse you that pleasure, or me for
that matter. I love to help you get off big time 'cause your pussy sucks
like a Hoover when you're coming. That's why I'll jump on you so fast
sometimes. If I'm especially horny, it's a very intense come for me."

"I love for you to do that. It's symbiotic or rather synergistic, in a
way," she mused, remembering.

"It's also a hell of a power trip, you should know."

"For a guy, maybe.

"For a woman too, I'll bet. Think how it would feel to be in control of
such an intense pleasure. You take your partner up to a peak and hold them
there until they're just about to pop then you back off and let them come
down a bit. You yo-yo them until they demand release or beg for it like
you do."

"I don't beg for it." She swatted my thigh, embarrassed by the truth.
"You've given me an idea. I'm going to do that to you to find out how I
feel about it."

"Yes, please. Oh, please. God, do that to me." I can beg with the best
of them.

"Right now?" she smirked at me.

"No, wait 'til I'm horny then you can suck my brains out."

"I'll try my best but I better start practicing now." She swooped down
on my limp little dick and slurped it all into her mouth.

I couldn't help a long chuckle. Then a groan. "No, stop. I'm too
sore. Wait until tonight, at least."

She stopped sucking and just held me gently in her mouth, her shining
eyes on mine. She spat out my dick. "I like the feel of your dick in my
mouth. The head is velvety. A salty, velvet knob."

I grinned at her. "Hey, there's something I've never done before. Get
on your hands and knees."

She scrambled quickly into position. "What do you want me to do?"

"Put your chest down flat and don't arch your back."

I moved behind her and stroked her small hard creamy white ass cheeks.

"You have the most bite able ass, baby doll." I bent and tried to gnaw
her butt but her skin was too taut. I settled for rubbing my cheek on her

"You need a shave, Ricky," she complained.

I bent around and started licking her gooey puss, sliding my tongue from
her perineum to her mons slowly and lightly. Then reversing my head I
licked from mons to clit to puffy labia. I drove my tongue as deeply into
her as I could before sliding up and over her ass hole. She waggled her

"Nooo, don't." She didn't try to get away so I started lightly licking a
circle around her pink anus.

"Oh oh oh oh," she chanted with each fluttering lick.

I kept licking, moving in closer to the center. Her sticky buns were
trembling under my hot palms. I slid a thumb into her slick baby hole,
dick hole, tongue hole. Nose hole? She groaned loudly when I tried to
force my tongue into her ass hole. And groaned again when I mashed her
clit under my thumb.

"No hands, just use your tongue around my ass," She gulped. "Hole."

I slid my hands up to her cheeks, stroking her lightly. She shuddered
and tried to back onto my tongue, forcing it into her butt hole. I tried
to spear into her but she was clenched too tightly. I was grateful. Her
hand snaked into her crotch. She started rubbing her vulva, avoiding her
clit. She pressed harder and rubbed faster.

"I'm so close, so close. Oh, there. There, it's coming, it's gonna.
Ah, ah. Yai. Yaiii." She collapsed onto her belly, sobbing for air.

After more than a few panting moments, Moira rolled onto her back. Her
face, neck and chest were bright red still.

"God, that felt weird. Good weird." She shook her head at me. "I don't
believe you could do that and not want to throw up. You've never changed a
full diaper, I bet."

I crawled over her and put my face over hers. I blew a puff of air into
her face. "Smell anything?" I blew again as she sniffed.

"No, just my..." She sniffed again. "Kiss me."

I pressed my mouth softly to hers and felt her tongue exploring my lips.

She pushed me up. "Call Dave." No expression on her face. "And Kerry,"
she grinned.

"Right now?"


"How shall we work it?"

"My place. We'll barbecue something. Tell them to be there at..." She
glanced at my alarm clock. "Five Thirty or Six, no later."

Click, click. Speaker phone and speed dialer.

"It's your dime," a sweet voice answered.

"Hi Kerry. You up for a barbecue this evening? At Moira's."

"Sounds good to me. Let me check with my man."

I heard a klonk as she dropped the phone on something hard.

A moment later. "Hey, how're they hanging?"

Dave was obviously in a good mood. His voice had a "very pleased with
himself" tone.

"Loose, buddy. Very loose."

"Moira's fault, I bet."

"You got it. You guys up for a barbecue at five thirty, six o'clock?"

"Sure. What shall we bring?"

"Hi, Dave," Moira piped in. "What ever you'd like. I've got everything
but some cheap red."

"Good, I'll bring that."

"Dave, one more thing."

"Yeah, what."

"Come hungry and horny. Both of you."

Momentary silence.

"How about all three of us?"

"Dav-id," Moira gasped. "Don't talk about the kid like that."

"I'll explain later, my good woman."

"I'm not your good woman, watch your mouth."

"Byee, Moira." He hung up with a clatter.

I fingered the speaker phone button as Moira asked,"Why would he say
that?" Her eyebrows were knitted and her pursed lips frowned a major scowl
at me.

"Don't know." I thought about what Dave had said earlier. "Maybe Paul
peeked in on them." I told her Dave's "potty mouth" story.

"So? You think Paul would want more than just a pollination

"Could be. Dave says he's a sharp kid."

"Heysoos Chreestos, I thought all I had to worry about was your deviant
sex drive. Now I have to worry about these kids too."

"Don't have to worry if you do something about it."

She regarded me coldly. "Like what?" Her tone suspicious.

"Does Aly masturbate?"

"Hell, yes. She found her little button five years ago."

"Yeah, how do you know?"

"I put her in bed one night and left without taking her dirty socks to
the hamper. When I went back into her room she had her hand in her pants
giving it a good rub.

"So, what did you do?"

"Nothing, just watched for about two minutes. She stiffened, shuddered
and gasped. Then she relaxed and was instantly asleep."

"I think that's cute. How did you feel about seeing her do that?"

"I thought maybe I'd give it a try that night." She grinned at me. "I
was having trouble falling asleep. Stress from work, you know."

"Did she know you'd seen her?"

"Don't think so. She wasn't surprised when I talked about masturbation
after she caught us. Why did I say 'caught'? There's no guilt involved.
Make that, 'walked in on us.'"

I sighed. "Were you embarrassed to talk about sex with Aly?"

"Not a bit. Why would I? It's part of the job."

"Explaining the facts of life?"

"That's the smallest part of it, just one of the most important."

"You've done well with her, I think. She's a cool kid. You do good
work, Momma!"

"I know she's a great kid but the 'boy' years are about to start.
That's when I started feeling like my parents were too restrictive."

"Were they?"

"Yeah, they were. Especially about boys. They were so scared I'd get

"Why so scared?"

"That's how I came about. Dad got mom pregnant when she was almost
sixteen. But, look at me, I'm not much bigger than a kid. I didn't get
tits until I was almost eighteen. What high school kid is going to mess
with a flat chested girl?"

"A smart one. But somebody did or Aly wouldn't be here."

"Yeah, there was but I was twenty five when Aly was born.

"So what's your plan for Aly?"

"Get her on the pill as soon as she tells me she needs it."

"Wow, so your communication lines are that open, eh?"

"I hope so. I told her she doesn't have to sneak around. She can bring
a boy home."

"But not keep him," I grinned.

"Only for the weekend," she laughed.

"Ready for the Carol event?"


I gave the concise, unexpurgated version. She listened intently, no
expression, no comment.

When finished I asked, "Ready for a shower?"

"We better get moving. Let's," she said, moving quickly ahead of me.

"Pretty buns, baby doll, You've got the greatest ass."

"I know," she laughed, wagging her tail. "You've finally convinced me."
Her tone very droll.

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