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Silicon Valley Tales from the imagination of California Dreamer 2001,
2002, all rights retained.

Moira and friends Gang of six, continued.

"What were you and Aly doing in here all by yourselves?"

"I think she put a wrap on the 'getting to know you' phase of our new
relationship. She 'interviewed' me." I couldn't help but snort a big

"What do you think of my pretty baby?" Moira smiled her pride of her
child, her eyes dancing.

"Like you said, she's a delight. She inherited many of her mother's
good qualities."

"Yeah? Like what?"

"She kisses real good."

I pulled Moira's face down to mine for a long soft kiss."

"Turn you on, did she? You are a dirty old man, and you haven't even
cracked thirty yet."

"It was cool, but you're the turn on." I mumbled around her probing

Moira pulled her face away, and peered directly into my eyes for a

"It doesn't bother you that I'm seven years older than you?"

"I never noticed." I smiled at her. "You're such a pretty."

"I'm not talking about the physical, you know."

"Yeah, I got it. I'm ignoring your intent because I don't think there's
an issue here. I've been able to keep up with you so far, haven't I?"

Moira cocked her head and raised an eyebrow before nodding her head.
She had a thoughtful expression in her eyes.

"It just means we'll be changing each others diapers in fifty or sixty
years. No biggee." I cocked my head back at her and made my goofiest grin.

"You can be so disgusting," She snorted a laugh into my face.

"You talk too much. Kiss me, you fool." I laughed. "I've always wanted
to say that."

I slid a hand up the back of her leg, trying to get a handful of her
tight ass under her panties.

She pecked my lips. "I want to turn the lights down and...mmmf."

I put a big one on her. Sloppy and wet, lots of tongue. Lots of

She pushed against my chest. "Let me go. I want to light some candles
and play some music." She rolled in my arms to her back and hesitated,
looking up at me with a twitching grin.

"I'm feeling very adventurous tonight." Her voice small. Her eyes
seemed to be asking permission.

I nodded my head rapidly.

"Good. Let's take advantage of that feeling." I tried to cup her heated

"Wow," I sucked air in surprise. "You are so hot!" That she was. Her
puss was radiating heat. I pressed three fingers against her folds.

"Yeah, I want some more fucking."

"No tender mercies, pretty woman?"

She didn't answer. She didn't have to. Her face told more truths than
words could. She was in high heat.

"Hey, you two. The neighbors are lining up on the side walk." Kerry's
laughing voice brought us back.

Moira's hands jerked her skirt down over my scrubbing fingers. She
struggled to stand so I boosted her up.

"Light those candles, Kerry. We gotta set the mood." She pointed at two
large candles on the fireplace mantle. "I'll do the music," she said,
stepping gracefully to her stereo.

Dave flopped into a slouch alongside me as the women arranged the room
to their satisfaction.

"What about the kids?" Dave's tone carefully casual.

"They'll take care of themselves," I shrugged at him. "I don't think
they'll have any surprises."

"What's the game plan? Moira looks like she's pretty lively tonight."

"Yeah, you might say that," I couldn't help chuckling. "She feeling
'adventurous' she says. I don't know how far she wants to go so let's play
it by ear. What do you think Kerry's got in mind."

"Kerry's about three days from her menses. She'll be ravenous." Dave's
eyes gleamed in the candlelight.

"I'm in the mood for some sweet lovin' with Moira, but it's been a long
day. I'll have to give you the details later. One of my neighbors was a
little off in her judgement." I put a fake frowny face up for him and
shrugged. "I sorta accidently put a head trip on her."

Moira sashayed over to stand between my knees for a moment. That's the
only word that could describe the way her hips swayed in time to the
insistant base beat of the Salsa she had selected. I could only goggle at

"Ricky, would you mind if I sat on Dave's lap and kissed him?" Her
eyebrows popped up. "I'm curious about something."

"If Kerry doesn't, I don't..." I couldn't complete the thought, Kerry's
sweet voice stepped on my faint unease.

"I don't mind. Just don't ruin him for me later." Her voice broke into
a giggle halfway through the sentence. "I'll snuggle up to Rick. Enjoy.
Dave's a very good kisser," she said emphatically.

Kerry dropped her butt to the couch along side me. She leaned sideways
across my chest twisting onto her back to look up at me. Her blue eyes
gleamed dark in the candle light. I slid an arm under her shoulders and
the other around her waist.

"You two are a pair, you know?" Her voice held a soft melody of gentle
appreciative laughter.

"Well, thanks. I'm not quite sure what you mean."

"You've been friends since what, fourth grade?"

"Mm, hmm."

"So you have all these growing up together experiences. I get the
feeling you're the adventurous one. Dave complained you got him into
trouble fairly often. Hm?" Kerry flipped her eyebrows at me and grinned

"Well, sort of. He likes to say that..."

"You're the quiet one, the dominant. I think you two love each other,
and are closer than brothers."

"Kerry, where are you going with this?"

"I'm going to marry him, and you're part of the package." Her face took
on a serious look. "I think I should get to know you a lot better. Moira
and I talked about this earlier tonight." Kerry fished for my hand and
draped it low over her belly.

I had a sudden flash of intuition. The girls were way ahead of us.
Dave and I had plotted a course, and now these two women were at the helm,
confidently making the decisions. I stroked Kerry's cheek with my

"She'll probably marry you, you know. Right now it's dependant on what
kind of relationship you develop with Aly. That's her only concern, at
this juncture."

"I'm very aware of that. Aly and I had a very nice chat earlier. She
promised to be friendlier since Moira and she worked through it. I have a
hunch she doesn't feel I'm competition for her mother's attention, but
maybe another source."

"I think we should plan another group outing. Ever been to the Red,
White and Blue beach?"

Kerry leaned her head back against the arm rest. She seemed very
content to just lay back and relax.

"I've heard about it. It's a nude beach?"

"Yes. I love the place. There's something exciting about twelve naked
people playing a hot game of volleyball." Kerry chuckled.

I pushed away the image of twelve naked people hopping about in the hot
sand, body parts flapping. I heard Moira sigh, making us look at her. She
had sat across Dave's lap and pressed his temples between her palms. They
were kissing gently. Dave was stroking her neck with gentle fingertips.

Kerry broke the silence with quiet words. "He's the best kisser," she
said. "Ahh, yes," she sighed after a moment, "He's very intuitive with his
hands. Very creative."

"We've both been through the same training program," I offered.

"Don't know about that. Haven't kissed you yet. On the mouth, anyway.
Let's watch. This reminds me of make out parties when I was in high

"The kid's are peeking around the doorway. Invite them in. They don't
have to skulk, do they?" I watched her face carefully in the flickering
candle light. She blinked and held her eyes wide for a moment. She
scrunched her lips and after a short moment, made a quick decisive nod.
She began flapping her hand, arm high in the air, motioning for the kids to
come into the room.

Kerry watched with intense focus as Aly towed Paul across the room by
the arm to a big overstuffed chair. She hesitated for just a moment before
nudging Paul to sit. My girl had figured out the makeout position
requirements in a flash. Thinking 'my girl' had caused a little flush of
pleasure. I savoured it for a bit as Aly scrambled to sit sideways across
Paul's legs.

"I'm, um, we're pushing the envelope here, don't you think?" Kerry's
voice had a strong hint of resignation, bringing me back to her.

"Yeah. Ours, not theirs. They grow up so much faster. Why should we
force them to sneak around? "

"I see your logic, but momma can't help worrying. It's part of the

"I'll tell you what I told Moira. I think you don't have to worry about
the kids' sexuality if you manage it. I remember when I was about
thirteen, sneaking into my house one night after a spin the bottle party. I
just knew my mother would see in my face that I'd been up to some evil. I
was so scared, I was shaking. Why should these bright livelies have to put
up with that? They are just as smart as we are, just slightly more
ignorant. Don't you think, in this era, we could be reconsidering our
tired old Puritan Ethic?"

"Why are you so subdued, serious tonight? This was supposed to be a
friendly little makeout party, at least. Wasn't it?"

"Yeah, that was the first thought except this has been an intense couple
of days. First, Moira had some serious issues to work through. I thought
I was going to lose her. Then my neighbor offers to indulge me her way. I
went seriously yin-yang on that one. Whew." I let out a big puff of air.
Kerry's eyes held a soft light for me.

"Then Moira comes crashing into my apartment. This afternoon was
somehow frantic, very heat of the moment when we called you. I'm wondering
if make up sex is the most intense, but sure don't want to test the
theory." I shook my head and faked a grin at her.

"Then Dave proposes to you after revealing what he and Paul explored.
Right now, I really just want to cuddle Moira and hang on tight for a

"Look at her. She's almost glowing."

I felt a little twinge of envy. The woman I love is making out with my
best friend. I had to rephrase that thought. The woman I'm in love with
is making out with my best friend whom I love. Yeah, that feels better. I
felt Kerry pull my arm around her waist.

"Give me a hug?" she whispered.

"Mmm," Kerry sighed and sucked in a deep breath as I squeezed her tight.

I heard Dave chuckle. Moira mumbled something louder and laughed a big
laugh. They seemed more playful than sexual.

"Moira, look at me."

She turned her face. Her eyelids drooped as she gave me a little smile.
I smiled back at her and nodded. I wasn't giving her permission, I was
telling her that her pleasure was also mine. Moira held her hand out to
me, palm up. I slid my hand free of Kerry's waist and gave her my
fingertips. She smiled, and nodded her head, her face showing me her

"I agree with you, Kerry. Dave's a really good kisser."

There was giggling across the room. The kids were tuning in on us.

"It's somehow not so strange watching you two play around," Kerry
sounded slightly amazed as she glanced at Aly and Paul then brought her
eyes back to Moira and Dave. "It's like you've invited us into a
partnership. I feel like I'm part of an extended family. We should all
live together."

We were all staring at Kerry and nodded as one.

"Does anyone feel jealous?" Kerry looked at me then Dave. "I sure

"I don't either," Moira added. "Dave?" she added, "How do you feel?"

"I'm fine with this. It seems..." He frowned, searching. "Right. It
seems just... right."

I nodded in agreement. "Yeah, from the start."

"It's like somebody rolled four dice and they all came up boxcars." Dave
looked around at our faces. "All sixes," he clarified.

"Six dice, all sixes." I gestured towards the kids.

Aly was cuddled in Paul's embrace, her head on his shoulder, his cheek
against her forehead. They both had a dreamy contented expression on their

"Are you awake, honey?" Moira called softly.

"Mm, hm, Mom. Just listening." Aly spoke softly not opening her eyes.

"What do you think about sharing a house?"

"Fun, maybe," she glanced at Paul, "you think so?"

Paul nodded his head and shrugged noncommittaly.

"If I can have my own room," he said, after a moment of scrunching his
eyebrows together.

"We can buy some tie died clothes and grow pony tails, guys. We'll be a
sixties style hippy commune," my thought of the moment.

"Yeah, sure," Kerry and Moira chorused.

"Wait. Maybe we can go retro, free love and everything," Moira laughed

"How about just renting a duplex and putting a doorway between the
dining rooms?" Dave's practical engineering mind at work.

"How about between the bedrooms?" Kerry's face smirked up at me.

"Take the whole wall out. We'll buy a monster water bed." Moira's voice
held a hint of sarcasm.

"Let's go to my room, Paul. These guys are all talk and no action." Aly
bounced to her feet.

Aly pulled Paul to his feet and dragged him out of the room.

"I hope she doesn't do anything I'd like to do tonight," Kerry sounded
slightly concerned.

"And what would you like tonight, my friend?" I waggled my eye brows at

"Oh," she drawled long, "something that's probably still illegal in most
Southern states."

I felt her flex her butt muscles against my legs.

I patted her belly and shook my head. "Sorry, Kerry. I don't think
Moira left anything in me. This afternoon was a marathon. I'd love to
but..." A look of disappointment flickered across Kerry's face. "Maybe
later. Soon later?"

Kerry nodded her head and faked a melodramatic frown. "We'll see. I'm
randy as hell tonight. I don't want to wait for later. I think I'll take
my men home, and dance the Can Can for Dave. He likes that."

"Is that a play on words, Kerry?" Moira sounded amused.

Kerry flashed a grin at her. "Just might be." She seemed thoughtful.
"Yeah, just might get Can Can'd tonight."

"What's it feel like? I've always thought it would hurt."

"Dave is very gentle at first so it just makes me feel stretched. Once
I get warmed up, he can't cause any damage, and I like for him to pound
pretty hard. I use my strongest vibrator, and, let me tell you, I have
some really nice big ones." Kerry grinned big. "Whooee," she emphasized.

"Yeah, does she," Dave added. "She clenched so hard the first time I
thought I'd stuck my, uh, cock in a crimper."

"Okay, let's go home, Davey boy. You've got your work cut out for you
tonight." Kerry scrambled quickly to her feet. "Thanks, Moira, for taking
good care of my man."

Moira stood and rubbed her butt.

"I think I've been sitting on a rock or something." She rubbed her butt
as she leaned toward Kerry. They kissed cheeks and smiled softly at each

"Thanks for the warm up. He doesn't need it, but thanks anyway." Kerry
smirked at Dave.

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