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Silicon Valley Tales from the imagination of California Dreamer 2001,
2002, all rights retained.

Moira and friends Gang of Three

"I heard what you said to Kerry, about pushing our envelope. I'm
feeling a little pushed."

Moira snuggled in, throwing a leg over my hip, tugging the bedcovers
back into place.

"Oh? How do you feel about that?"

"Remember that first night. You came at me with such overwhelming
intensity yet..."

She shuddered slightly.

"It was like you were throwing your love at me. You know? A fast ball
right at my sweet spot."

"Mm, yeah. I gave you a good pitch and you homered."

"You certainly have a good opinion of yourself." She scratched
fingernails down my neck. "But it is true. I always knew there'd be
another man for me, sooner or later. Probably later as I'd had a nice
peaceful ten year plan until you leap into my life one day, and all that's
out the window. It's not just me and Aly anymore. It's me and Aly and you
and yours. It's like we're going to build a tribe."

"A tribe, eh. You comfortable with all this?" I felt a vague pang of
worry for her.

"That's the surprise, I'm very comfortable with these recent twists and
turns. Kerry told me a little about herself, her story is fascinating.
Did you know she has an undergrad degree in genetics? She was planning on
a Ph.D. when Paul came along and slowed her down a bit."

"Oh, really? I see what you mean by twists and turns. Then they
immigrate to California, and her husband is killed in a plane crash.
That's twisted enough for anyone."

"But she handled it, don't you see. What ever is thrown at her, she
handles it, and she uses it as a growth opportunity, not a misfortune."

"Okay, power of positive thinking. What's your point?"

"I think we should merge, the six of us. It's so logical even if

"Well, we Sili Valley guys don't live from convention to convention."

"Aii, I'll ignore that. When Kerry and Dave come back from their
weekend in The City, let's talk seriously about this."

"Okay, that's good timing. We can think through the pros and cons
between now and then." I hugged her and yawned.

"I have to say sorries for freaking out on you this weekend. I hope I
didn't hurt you."

"I think I expressed my forgiveness this afternoon. Several times, you
might remember."

"I remember, but I needed to say the words."

"Mm, hm." I was fading fast as she rolled to her opposite side, her butt
squirming close to my belly.

I nuzzled her neck making her sigh softly.

"Gimme your stick." Moira raised her leg, and gentle warm fingers
stretched my limp penis up against her soft pelt.

"Now it's nice and safe," she murmured.

Safe from what, I wondered as I faded into dreamland.


The bed bounced slightly. I felt cool air on my naked butt as the
blankets were lifted.

"Mmm?" I asked of the dark bedroom, feeling warm fingers on my shoulder.

The bed bounced again and warm legs and belly pressed against my butt.

"Mmm," I agreed.

"G'Night, Daddy," a soft voice whispered.

"G'Night, Punkin," I whispered back.

Aly gave my shoulder a friendly pinch before sliding her palm down to my
waist and around to my butt. She patted it three times and gave it a
squeeze. I slid an arm from mother to daughter and returned the favor.
Three pats and a squeeze. She kissed my shoulder blade and sighed. I
kissed her mother's hair and sighed. Last fading thought, this is how we
slept in the caves.


Morning's soft light woke me. That and last night's beer. Moira's warm
butt pressed against my hip, her hair a dark cascade on her pillow. Aly's
leg, thrown over mine also warm and comforting. I stared up at the
ceiling, trying to ignore the urgent bladder message. No thoughts came, my
mind blank as I tried to be aware of feelings and sensations. Life is
good, I thought. Damn good.

Wiggling carefully so as not to disturb my partners, I crawled out of
bed, and felt my way to the bathroom. Standing in front of the bowl, I
waited for the first painful gush to start.

"Hurry up, I've gotta pee real bad."

A naked Aly stood in the doorway, knuckling an eye socket.

"You go first, Honey pot, I'm stuck for a moment." I dropped the seat
for her.

She lurched over and aimed her butt at the toilet. She squirmed a
moment, looked at my dick then up at my face as her tinkle exploded.

"Aah," she breathed. "Almost didn't make it." Her face held a sleepy
little grin as her pee rattled.

She fixed her eyes on my limp penis, cocking her head slightly, her eyes

"Looks different with the lights on."

Feeling a little twinge of discomfort, I hid myself behind my hands.

"I saw it before, you don't have to be shy with me."

"Um," I articulated.

"It's a lot bigger than Paul's."

"Um?" I queried, feeling more than nonplused.

"Why are you turning all red? It's just a penis."


"I've seen a bunch of 'em."

"You have?" The first pair of words I could muster.

"My friend's mother subscribes to Playgirl."

"Are you all done?" I couldn't keep the urgency out of my voice. My
bladder had reasserted itself.

Aly tore off some TP and patted herself as I tried to dance away my

"That looks silly now," she pointed at my flopping penis as she rose to
her feet, lifting the toilet seat.

"Can I watch?"

Not having much choice at the moment, I just grunted assent as my stream
burst forth.

Aly seemed fascinated by all the bubbles. I shook my pecker free of the
last few drops and reached to flush.

"You don't wipe it off?" she asked, her eyes wide.

"Nope," I mumbled, feeling weirded out by her presence. "Let's go back
to bed. The alarm doesn't go off for another few hours."

"Carry me?" she asked, a hopeful look on her sweet little face.

"Sure." I bent and scooped her up. She wrapped her legs around my
waist, and her arms around my neck.

"I'm thirsty. Carry me to the kitchen, please." Aly buried her face in
my neck. "I want some milk."

"You're a heavy little girl, Aly," I commented as we danced through the

"Seventy pounds and growing, I hope," she said into my ear. "My butt's
gotten bigger, but no sign of boobs yet." She made a melodramatic sigh. "I
sure hope I don't have to wait as long as mom did."

"Don't let it bother you, Sweet Peach. It's probably to your

"Yeah, mom 'splained." She spoke softly after a yawn.

At the fridge, Aly didn't ask to be put down. She leaned slightly, and
tugged the door open to find the milk carton in the door shelf. She pried
open the spout, and raised the carton to her lips, swallowing a half dozen

"Ooh, so cold." She shivered, returning the carton to its slot.

"Can I have some?" I asked, not able to repress laughter in my voice.
Before she could move I licked her upper lip. Now she had only half a

Her eyes dancing, she turned the other cheek. "I have a silly daddy,"
she giggled.

"You sure do. That's the best kind." I licked away the other half and
kissed her chin.

"Bedtime," I sighed as I bounced her up and over to my other arm.

"Yeah," she sighed back and slumped to rest her forehead on my cheek.

"Scratchy whiskers," she mumbled. "Can I come to your office tomorrow?
I mean today?" She yawned again.

"Sure, anytime. I'll put you to work."

"Mmm," she sighed as I dropped her feet to the bed. She felt as
boneless as only a sleeping child can. I laid her down and crawled over
her to snuggle against Moira.

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