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Singapore One

This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE EXIT. IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to read electronically transmitted erotic material, please EXIT.NOW!!!! All characters in this story are the creation of the author, and any resemblances to real persons, alive or dead, are purely coincidental.

This material is Copyright protected. AnnabelleandJay 2002.All Rights Reserved.

Annabelle's Diary: Singapore, Part One

The hotel in Singapore was beautiful brand new and very opulent, with gleaming
marble floors and columns, ornate iron and glass light sconces, soft brocade
fabrics and plush, warm carpeting. Sharon, who was the client contact, and I had
been at the hotel for several days before the program began, checking details,
managing the set-up, and doing general preparation and trouble-shooting. We'd
shared lots of meals, meetings, and drinks over late night debriefings. Now, at the
end of the week, with the program running extremely smoothly, we could begin to
relax a bit and enjoy ourselves.

One evening, when the program has was over for the day, and the participants had
gone out in various groups to discover the local night life, we decided to have a
relaxing swim in the newly-opened outdoor pool. We poured our drinks into paper
cups and went out to the deck.

The pool was on a terrace six floors above the hotel garden, which stretched
below. The air was warm and soft, and the scents of tropical flowers carried from
the garden on the gentle evening breeze. The pool was beautiful and tranquil in the
soft moonlight, dramatically curved and darkly tiled. Two giant iron cranes on
either end of the expanse spit arcs of water from their upturned beaks into the
shimmering water, and broad stairs spread into the pool from the nearest edge.

We dropped our towels on nearby lounge chairs and walked down the steps into the
water, which was almost body temperature, so that wading in felt almost like
walking through heavy air. We both swam for a bit, enjoying the exercise, and
finding that the stresses of the week began to slip away. Then we both sat on the
broad steps, leaning back against the side of the pool with our drinks in hand, and
letting the water buoy our bodies, staring up at the night sky. We talked for some
time, then just sat quietly, enjoying the quiet and darkness and the water on our

I'd finished my drink and had a pleasant buzz. As I lay with my eyes closed, I
heard Sharon moving beside me. Then she giggled, and I opened my eyes to see
that she'd stripped off her suit and was swimming naked across to the spot where
one of the arcs of water was landing in the pool. There she stood in the hip-deep
water and lifted her arms upward, letting the water fall onto her breasts and

"I've always wanted to skinny dip," she laughed, "and this is terrific!"

She was tall and lean with beautiful, heavy breasts and long blond hair that hung
wet down to the middle of her back. She was tanned and taught, and looked
fantastic with the water splashing on her naked body. I suddenly felt hot, feeling
the liquor warm in my belly, and my clit tingled deliciously as I watched her. I
wanted to touch her body and lick her wet nipples. I stripped off my suit and swam
over to where she stood. She laughed with delight, and made room for me under
the water spray, saying, "doesn't it feel great?!" It did indeed, and I laughed too,
wanting to reach out to her but not knowing how she would respond. Rather than
spoil the moment, I turned and swam across the pool, enjoying the feel of the
water on my naked body.

I swam for a moment, ending back up on the steps, where I relaxed again, watching
her play in the water. She looked at me then, smiled, and swam over to the steps
to sit beside me. I lay with my head back against the side of the pool and closed
my eyes, afraid I would betray my thoughts if I looked at her any longer. "it's
wonderful," I said, sighing deeply and arching back a bit against the tile while the
water buoyed me up.

She didn't say anything, but murmured an agreement, and we sat there for awhile,
not saying a thing. My thoughts were active, though, and I couldn't get the thought
of touching her out of my mind. She moved in the water then, but I stayed as I
was, leaning back, eyes closed. Suddenly I was aware that she'd moved directly in
front of me. As I opened my eyes to look at her, she floated her body above mine,
her breasts touching my belly and then rubbing against me as she moved up the
length of my torso until we were breast-to-breast. Then she pulled herself closer
and kissed me on the mouth. She pulled away slightly and said softly, "I thought
that would be nice, and it was." I smiled and pulled her back to me, kissing her and
letting my tongue explore her mouth, still warmly flavored with the liquor she'd
been drinking.

We sat together for some time, fondling, caressing each other fingers gently
touching, legs rubbing, mouths exploring each other. It was a gentle, sensuous
discovery, not so much hot and passionate as tingling and pleasant. Happy murmurs
and laughter bubbled from our throats as we played.

Then, over her shoulder, on the other side of the pool, I saw one of the health club
attendants standing in the shadows. He must have come out to pick up towels or
straighten the deck chairs before closing up for the evening. He was transfixed,
watching us together, naked and getting hotter and hotter.

I must have started, because Sharon turned to look over her shoulder. He was tall
and lean, very good looking, and with an incredible hard-on that showed clearly
against the fabric of his shorts. Sharon laughed and said quietly to me, "I've
always wanted to do a threesome". Disengaging herself from me, she turned and
swam quickly across the pool, pulling herself up on the other side. She walked to
him quickly, and pulled his t-shirt up, pulling his bare chest against her wet breasts.
He gasped and then began to return her kiss, grabbing her bare ass and pulling her
against his hard dick. She pulled back from him and unbuttoned his shorts, letting
them drop to the deck, while he stripped off his shirt. He didn't have underwear
on, and his dick stood out hard and straight from his body. Sharon laughed with
delight and led him to a deck chair, where she pushed him down and straddled his
body. "Come on over", she said, "and join the party!"

I swam across, not taking my eyes from them. Sharon was straddling the deck
chair now, while he lay back, and she lowered herself slowly onto his dick. I pulled
myself out of the water and crossed to them, coming around beside them. I put a
towel under my knees and knelt beside the chair, offering my breasts to his mouth.
He suckled eagerly, biting and sucking my breasts while he fondled Sharon's. She
bent her mouth to mine and I cupped her ass with one hand and her head with the
other. The three of us were linked by cock and cunt, mouths, breasts and hands.
We writhed and moved together, our excitement building. He came suddenly,
bucking and crying out, and then sinking back, shuddering against the chair.
Neither Sharon nor I had come, and we continued kissing and fondling, not wanting
to lose our excitement. She pulled herself away from him and lay down on the
grass next to the deck, pulling me after her. I lay beside her, my mouth to her
clit, her mouth to mine, and we sucked and licked each other until neither one of us
could hold it any longer and we came together.

We lay back in the grass, panting and laughing softly. The poolboy sat watching us,
a broad smile on his face, his cock getting hard again. Sharon and I looked at each
other, then back to him, and she said, "seconds, anyone?"

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