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Singled Out


NAME       : SINGLED OUT (1/1)




This is my first post. Brickbats are not welcome, but bouquets are.
Suggestions for further episodes are welcome. Any ideas for new stories
will be greatly appreciated and I will give you credit in my story if
you so desire.
Best viewed in MS WORD or WORDPAD.


Jenny could not believe her luck when it came to finding submissives
and her ability to sense latent subs. She could sense it in this guy,
Mel, ever since he turned up on her show tonight. She had been teasing
and trying to pull him up. She even got the participating girl to ask
him a really humiliating question and his slight blush while answering
made her even more sure.
She was feeling really hot tonight and she was sure she wanted him. He
had admitted he was a virgin and she would love to teach him.  She could
almost feel him trying to please her with his tongue while she egged him
on with a paddle or her favorite riding crop and her pussy grew wet and
started throbbing at this thought.
Jenny suddenly realised that she had missed what her co-host was
saying. He had probably said something funny because everybody was
laughing and so Jenny also laughed. The source of her distraction would
pay, she thought to herself and giggled.
Mel was leading at one stage and Jenny worried that if he won tonight,
she might not get another chance at him. Mel appeared to be attracted to
her, as most males were, and was sneaking a glance at her every now and
then, even to the extent of losing his concentration. Jenny also preened
and did her best to distract him further, thus causing him to lose by a
narrow margin.
She walked upto him while everybody else was busy in congratulating the
winner. She engaged him in idle talk while the crowd dispersed. There
were still a few persons from the techical team remaining and she
it was time to play her gamble.
'You know, you would have won if you concentrated more on the game than
on my legs', she said watching him closely as he turned red at being
caught.'Maybe if I spank your bare butt, you won't repeat the mistake.'
'What mistake - loking at your legs, or not concentrating on the
show?', he whispered turning even more red, surprised at his audacity.
Jenny knew she had him and she decided to rope him in. 'Whatever be the

reason. After all, you do know that you badly need a going over from a
woman and maybe if you beg me nicely, I will warm your butt after you
strip it bare for me.'
He said nothing and Jenny could see that he was unable to make up his
mind. He licked his lips and looked at her legs again and she knew that
she had him.
'I can see that you want me badly. You can have me but on my terms, and
on your knees while you worship me and take all that I can dish out. Get
into my dressing-room behind the set if you want a spanking from me. I
will wait for five minutes, no more, I have enough men wanting to take
your place.'
'I will do anything you say, Jenny',he said, knowing that he would not
get another chance with this goddess.
'When you address me, you may call me Mistress, or Mistress Jenny.'
'Yes, Mistress Jenny.'
She left the stage and entered her dressing-room. She brought out her
special chair and set it in the middle of the room, took off her
panties, sat on her chair and waited for her new slave.
He knocked on her door and opened it just as she sat down on her chair.
He appeared apprehensive and she asked him to come in and close the door
behind him.
'If you are willing to serve me, get down on your knees, crawl to that
corner, strip off, crawl here and kiss my feet. If not, get out of
Mel who was still a virgin and used to get tongue-tied with girls could
not believe he was here with one of the most beautiful women. As it is,
he dreamed about a strong an ddominant woman who would take charge and
dominate him. He could not believe that his dream  would be fulfilled by
Jenny, his idol, of all women.
He crawled to the corner and staying on his knees unbuttoned his shirt
and took it off. The door suddenly opened and another woman walked in.
She was Ellen, Jenny's hair-stylist and make-up artist and was no
stranger to Jenny's penchant for submissive men. As she was an out and
out lesbian and did not go for men, Jenny did not feel it necessary to
hide her dominant sexual inclinations from Ellen, who was the only
person on the team who knew about this. As far as Ellen was concerned,
the sight of men debasing themselves before Jenny for sex was amusing
and served only to confirm her sapphic beliefs.
'Continue undressing and then stay there on your knees with your nose
on the wall while Ellen removes my make-up.',Jenny said.
Mel turned red at the thoughth of another woman watching but he was so
excited at the thought of what was to come that he did not think twice
about obeying the order he had been given. Anyway, he found this
humiliation vaguely exciting. He took off his jeans and his briefs
taking care not to stand up.
'Mel, has any woman seen you like this?',Jenny said.
'No mistress Jenny, I am a virgin and no woman has seen me naked.',he
'Really. Ellen here does not like men and has not seen many naked.
Crawl here and display yourself to her.'
Mel turned even more red but he managed to craw over to where Jenny was
seated and knelt beside her watching Ellen take off Jenny's make-up not
knowing what to do.

'Lie down on your back and put your legs up in the air. Good, now
spread your legs a bit. Yes, now use your hands to spread your
ass-cheeks and display your asshole. Yes, this is how you must display
yourself.' Jenny said as Mel complied.
Mel lay on the floor, his legs raised high, his cock exposed. His hands
spread his ass-cheeks exposing his asshole. Ellen giggled and Mel was
reminded of his humiliating nakedness but he found it vaguely exciting.
'I see you haven't gotten around to removing his pubic hair.', Ellen
teased and Mel turned red with embarassment.
'Get on your knees and kiss my feet.'Jenny said.
Mel complied and on her command licked her shoes feeling his erection
grow more than he ever considered possible.
'I know you want to lick my pussy.'
'Yesss...',he moaned.
'You have to prove yourself by licking my asshole first. If you are
good, only then do I let you near my pussy.'
Jenny lifted her skirt and sat down on the chair again. Mel crawled
around behind the chair and saw that it was specially designed so that
Jenny's pussy and asshole were easily assessible to his tongue as he
knelt behind the chair.
Mel started tonguing the asshole of this gorgeous woman who was his
idol, still not believing it to be true. He slurped wetly at the
puckered dark hole at the command of his goddess.'Tongue-fuck my
asshole.' Jenny ordered and Mel complied.
Ellen turned to leave and on her way out kicked Mel on his ass and he
'Crawl around here.'Jenny ordered.'You pleased me by obeying me in
front of Ellen. Not many of my slaves get the honour of sucking my pussy
on their first night with me, but you have earned it. Come, you get just
one opportunity to please me. If I don't come at least three times, I
will beat your ass so hard you won't be able to sit down for a week.'
Mel started licking her pussy and as soon as he tasted her honey, he
knew that he was now forever her slave. He would do anything to get
another lick of that sweet pussy. Jenny was very excited and was soon
near her orgasm. She shook violently as she came, grabbing his head and
pulling at his hair. Mel could not get enough of her love-juices and
continued to slurp at them, obeying her commands as she manipulated his
movements by her grip on his head.
After he had been going at it for nearly half an hour, Jenny was
finally sated and let him relax as she slumped back in her chair.
'Now crawl over to that cabinet and bring back my paddle and riding
crop. Hold it in your mouth and don't get it wet. If you do, you know
how I will dry it. Don't you?' Jenny said after she recovered from her
violent and explosive orgasm.
'Yes Mistress Jenny', Mel said and crawled away to do her bidding. He
found the paddle and the crop and brought it back in the manner he was
told to. At her bidding, Mel placed himself over the knees of his
gorgeous blonde  mistress.
'Have you been spanked before?'
'No, Mistress Jenny.',Mel answered and he was scared of what was sure
to come, tensing his ass-cheeks.
'Good. I will enjoy it even more as I break you in. Don't expect me to
be gentle just because it's your first time.' his mistress said as she

giggled devilishly, already anticipating the joy that was sure to come.
She started with the paddle, delivering the first blow near the small
of his back, where his ass started, moving methodically down turning his
entire backside, and then his thighs red, keeping him waiting, holding
back the blow till he relaxed his body, teasing and tantalising him by
alternating strong and weak blows.
After she had delivered about two hundred blows, she suddenly stood up
and he fell to the floor but quickly recovered and knelt on the floor
before her.
'I think you are ready for a taste of this.'Jenny said brandishing the
riding crop.
His backside was already on fire and Mel was terrified at the sight of
the riding crop which he could see would hurt badly.'Please no, Mistress
Jenny. Not that.'
'How dare you say no to me? That has just earned you more punishment.
Get your ass on that chair.'
She arranged Mel so that his ass was on the chair and presented a nice
target for her crop.'Raise your ass higher.'she said as she brought down
the crop hard on his ass. She gave him thirty hard blows starting once
again from the top of his ass and ending on his thighs, leaving his ass
a violent shade of red.
On an impulse, she gave him a light blow on his cock which was peeking
out catching it on the tip. The blow almost made Mel come. He had a
strong urge to jack himself off to ecstasy, but held himself back as he
was sure his blonde mistress would not forgive this error of his.
She ordered him off the chair and made him kneel before her, his lips
affixed to her shoes, as she contemplated what to do with him.
'Do you want to come?'she said.
'Yes Mistress Jenny.' he said.
'I don't relish the thought of your come falling everywhere and making
my room dirty. I am in a generous mood, so I will let you come if you
agree to lick off every drop, no matter where it falls.'
'Yes Mistress.' Mel said, his balls aching with his pent-up come.
'Then say it.'
'Please let me come Mistress. I will lick off every drop no matter
where it falls.'
She put some cream on his cock and made him start masturbating, even
though he needed no lubricant. She told him to spurt his come over her
legs. She watched him closely as he masturbated, kneeling before her.
She sensed he was about to come and gave him a soft blow on the tip of
his cock with her crop, sending him over the edge of release, his come
spurting wildly and she was surprised at the intensity of his orgasm.
Mel lay exhausted at her feet and she rubbed the tip of her finger over
his cock gathering his come and took her finger to his lips. He meekly
opened his mouth and licked her finger clean. She raised the crop to his
mouth and he licked off the few drops that had fallen on the crop.
He then knelt before her and licked his come off her legs as she beat
him lightly, directing him to lick off the odd drop that had fallen on
the floor or on her shoes.
When she was finally satisfied he had licked up every drop of his come,
she let him go, finally satisfied for today but sure that he or another
of her submissive fans would be there at her service when she wanted.


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