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Siste MaryMargaret


Sister Mary Margaret

By Katie McN <> (c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
Hi, I'm Katie Richardson and I'm being punished.

Everyone thinks I did something bad to sister Mary Margaret, but they
can't prove any of it. Well, that doesn't seem to matter to my
stepmother, Dora Lee, she told me I'd have to stay in my room all
afternoon unless I was willing to give sister Mary Margaret back.

Hah, now that I'm 14, cruel and unusual punishment just won't work on
me anymore. Nope, why, I bet I could stay in my room a whole day
without breaking down.

Anyhow, it all started with my 14th birthday party.

Every single one of my friends was going to attend the big party on
Saturday night right here at the stately McN Mansion. Everyone was
looking forward to the big event because they knew my parents would be
out of town and we could get rid of the servants by giving them $30 and
a bottle of Ripple Wine.

Wow, sex, drugs, and rock and roll it is, my friends!

I was feeling sooo good when I woke up on Saturday, I needed a quick
hand job to clear my head. Ooooh, that was fun, now off to get
everything ready for the big gala.

I almost crapped when I walked into the Grizzly Adams Room on the first
floor of the stately McN mansion. The room was designed to facilitate
an intimate party of 50 to 100 guests and the usual number of cocktail
waitresses and bartenders required to serve such a soiree.

A pink envelope was prominently displayed on the maitre de stand just
inside the large double door of the Griz (as we liked to call the room
in family conversation.)

I looked at the envelope and saw my name written across the front in
large purple scrawl. Shit, a fucking note from Dora Lee. What the hell
does she want now.

Holy Shit!

The envelope revealed a hand written page which informed me that my
parents decided it was not appropriate to have 75, 13 and 14 year old
boys and girls attend a birthday slumber party without adult

And, that's not the worst part. No, no, not by a long shot.

They told me that sister Mary Margaret from St. Alphonso Boarding
School for girls was going to attend the party as chaperon.

What is a girl to do? My parents fuck with me all the time, and I never
get a break. Crap, I'm not going to put up with this shit any more and
decided right then and there that it was time to teach them a real
lesson they wouldn't forget.

Of course I came out the winner, as usual, but I think I'll let sister
Mary Margaret tell you the rest.


I'm sister Mary Margaret and I want to tell you about a birthday party
that changed my life.

When my phone rang at St. Alphonso, I was so pleased when I heard Dora
Lee Richardson on the other end of the line. The Richardson family
donated over $87 million to the school building fund with the promise
of another $50 or 60 million if the first stipend ran out.

The church so loved families willing to make those little sacrifices.

Yes, yes, her daughter did cause a few small problems from time to
time, but she was just a little girl growing up. You just had to expect
a couple of irritations now and then. "Take the good with the bad" is
what I always say.

Anyhow, Dora Lee asked me to chaperon a birthday party for Katie on
Saturday night. She said that a few children would be coming over for
cake and ice cream. Dora Lee and her husband, JP, would be flying to
Austin to meet with Governor Bush, and she didn't think they would be
getting back in time to do the job themselves.

"Why, certainly Dora Lee. I'd be so happy to help out with your
daughter's party. Sounds like real fun for all the children and you all
have fun visiting with the Governor."

I arrived at the party promptly at 6 PM, two full hours before any of
the guests were expected. I wanted to make sure that everything was in
order. Dora Lee also asked me to check the lock on the W. C. Fields
Liquor Room and I certainly did not want to put any sort of temptation
in the paths of these impressionable children.

"My goodness, Katie. What are you wearing, girl?" I was shocked when I
saw how Katie was dressed. She wore a Versace Cocktail Dress made from
the finest silk. Her feet were adorned by a pair of Sergio Rossi patent
leather pumps with 5 inch high heels. A single strand of black pearls
highlighted her slender neck.

It always amazed me how rich people were so much better looking than
the poor. This was particularly true in Texas for some reason. And,
Katie certainly was no exception.

She must be about 5' 7" now and couldn't weigh an ounce over 117
pounds. Her thick blonde hair flowed like a river of gold over her
perfectly formed shoulders. I was surprised to see how well developed
she was for a girl who had just turned 14 this very day.

Her breasts were nicely rounded and jutted out provocatively from the
skimpy dress she almost wore. Her behind looked like two puppies
fighting under a silk blanket. I was shocked when I realized she wasn't
wearing anything under the little dress. I'm sure God would have
thought up a new commandment if he had seen Katie walking around in
*that* outfit.

I told Katie she had to change into something more appropriate for a
girl of 14. She told me she would, but in all the confusion she must
have forgotten. Well, that was the least of my concerns as things
turned out.

I felt it was necessary to demonstrate my complete control over the
situation to avoid any problems later.

First, I instructed the servants to remove all the alcoholic beverages
from the room and secure the bottles in a locked storage facility.
Several of the cocktail waitresses told me that they were quite used to
checking IDs and they didn't think they would have much trouble with
this crowd, but I was having none of it. These were 13 and 14 year olds
for heaven's sake.

Next, I moved purposefully toward the musicians who were doing a sound
check. Why, was that a classic Bob Wills tune sweetly flowing out of
the 8 foot high speakers. My goodness, the Texas Playboys were my
personal favorites. I'm so sure they are all in heaven's symphony

"Hi, Sister, I'm George Jones and this is my band leader and musical
director, Pred." I had to say two quick Hail Marys and an Our father to
overcome the strange feeling of temptation that tried to overcome me as
I spoke with two of the most important people in the music business.
Undoubtedly, the two most handsome men I'd ever seen, as well.

As far as I knew, this would be the first time that George Jones
actually performed in one of his scheduled concerts. For some reason,
he had missed every concert he was supposed to perform in for the last
52 years.

Now I heard Pred and the Predtones on the radio once. I was surprised
that Mr. Jones would hire a group like the Predtones since they played
nothing but Jazz and Polka music. Oh well, I guess they work cheap.

I asked George not to sing any song that referenced alcoholic
beverages, prisons, loose women or pick up trucks. He said he would see
what he could do, but figured singing God Bless America over and over
just might upset the crowd. I knew I could count on Pred to help out if
there was a lull in the action.


When Dora Lee said there would be a few children over for Katie's
party, I didn't realize she meant 75 of the most *unique* people I ever
met. Yes, they all were 13 or 14, but seemed much older somehow. They
certainly were more experienced than most of the teenagers I met. In
fact they seemed far more experienced than most of the people I knew.

I could see that I would spend a lot of quality time pushing some of
these little animals apart when they tried to have sex on the dance
floor. Of course I was up to the task. Just to be safe, I decided to
ask George Jones to only play Western Swing music so there would not be
a chance that anyone would have any fun.

I headed to the back of the stage where the band was gathered and saw
the whole group clustered around a table. There seemed to be an uproar
over something, but I couldn't get a good look at what they were doing.
I did smell a pungent odor and felt I should give Dora Lee an air
freshener recommendation.

I was shocked at the change in George in the few minutes since I saw
him last. He looked at me with unfocused eyes and it seemed that saliva
was dripping out of his mouth although he didn't seem to notice it.

"How ya doing, Sis. Hey darlin', can you still roll? Me and the boys
got some good shit here, but no one can hold the papers steady enough
for it to do us any good. Whatta ya say baby?"

Why, I couldn't believe that one of my music heroes would partake in
the use of a controlled substance. He seemed to have corrupted the
other musicians as well. I hurried away to ask Katie what she felt her
parents would want us to do under the circumstances.

I finally reached the main room just as the Predtones staggered on to
the stage. I couldn't believe those boys could still stand up, let
alone play some fine Classical Country Music.

I was real surprised when they warmed up the crowd by playing the Jazz
Crusader's version of "Song of India". Apparently George didn't care
for this particular piece of music either.

He came running out from backstage mumbling something about hiring
NSync next time. He started wrestling with Pred and in all the
confusion he fell off the stage and on to the hard surface of the dance
floor ten feet below. He didn't seem to be that hurt, but wasn't moving
around much either.

The Predtones tried to cover the loss of their lead singer by playing a
set consisting of the lost works of Ornette Coleman. Most of the
children had never heard of these songs, but they seemed relieved to
find that they were not going to have to listen to five straight hours
of country music and tried to listen attentively as Pred blew some of
the finest trombone and tuba they had ever heard. The crowd went crazy
when he played "Flight of the Bumblebee" louder than it had ever been
heard before. The audience was stunned to say the least.

Katie realized that the band was not doing it for the audience so she
decided to start the entertainment early.

"Okay everybody gather round. We are going to have Professor Sniff
demonstrate the art of hypnotism."

I couldn't believe my eyes. Professor Sniff was a tenured faculty
member at University of Texas, Big Spring and the Head of the Rocket
Science Department. What was he doing here?

Well the good professor took the stage to answer my question.

"Hi everyone. I'm so glad to be here to show you how to use hypnotism
in daily life. It's so simple to use hypnotism to get virtually
anything you want."

I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing. Not only was the man
a charlatan, but he was looking down the front of Katie's dress and had
an obvious hard on. I knew I should have made Katie change into a more
subdued outfit.

I didn't want to ruin Katie's party, but this person was obviously a
fraud. Hypnotism was nothing more than a parlor trick. Why did he want
to mislead the children like this?

Right then, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

"Children, children, please listen to me. There are a few things that
you should know about hypnotism. First, no one can be hypnotized
against his or her will. Second, even if a person is hypnotized, there
is no possibility that the person would do anything he or she wouldn't
do under normal circumstances. Finally, I must consider theatrical
demonstrations like this to be in very bad taste."

The teenagers just looked at each other wondering what the hell she was
talking about. No one made a sound.

"I couldn't agree with you more sister. That's what the demonstration
is all about. I am going to prove to the children here that everything
you said is spot on."

Oh, the professor was a person after my own heart. How wonderful! He
was going to do a public service for all of Katie's little friends. I
was quite embarrassed when I realized, I considered him some sort of
cheap charlatan, at first. Glad he set me straight!

"Okay can I have a volunteer. Wait a minute, since you know so much
about this sister, why don't I try to hypnotize you. It will be a lot
easier for the children to understand how silly this is when I
demonstrate on an adult mind."

Of course, what a brilliant man. No wonder he is an educational leader
here in Texas. "Yes, Professor Sniff, an excellent idea."

The rest of the session seemed vague. I know a lot happened, but can't
tell exactly how he was able to do it. I was quite surprised when I
found myself standing in front of the stage in some sort of trance like
state. I didn't know what I was doing.

"Well, as you kids can see, occasionally hypnotism works. The sister is
in a deep trance state now and should remain that way for the rest of
the evening."

A loud roar came from the throats of the 75 darlings standing around in
front of the stage area in the Griz Room.

What, the rest of the evening, why who would look after the children. I
had to do something about this and yet I couldn't seem to move or

"Okay sister, I want you to imagine that you have an important
educational role to perform. Yep, it's up to you to inspire the young
ladies here to want to become nuns. As you know, girls are impressed by
fashionable clothes. I want you to let them know just how cherche la
moute the nuns of St. Alphonso really are.

"Here's the deal, Katie is going to holler out the name of an item of
clothing. When she does, I want you to slowly remove it while
describing the inner meaning of the garment. Just to make it more
interesting, I want you to dance around to the sounds of whatever tune
the Predtones happen to play."

I was almost able to holler out that I would do no such thing when the
Predtones starting playing some raunchy bump and grind tune from the
early 1980's. For some reason, I couldn't help myself and started
dancing wildly as the Predtones played the score of Gypsy.

I thought I would at least be able to maintain my dignity by keeping
every last item of clothing on. But, I was wrong.

Habit! Scapular! Robe! Chemise! I couldn't believe it, not only was I
dancing in a provocative manner, I was doing a hot striptease as 75, 13
and 14 year olds looked on. How could this be happening to me.

I thought that Katie was going to let me stop taking off my clothes
when I was down to only a few remaining items. I soon discovered that
she only had me stop so the audience could see that nuns wore some
unusual attire under their fine nunnery.

I was standing there wearing nothing but five inch high heels, seamed
black nylons, a leather garter belt and matching leather pushup bra. I
don't think many of the people in the audience suspected that all nuns
wore stuff like this under their more sterile uniforms.

Katie had the Predtones play another tune. It was the worst version of
Melon Collie Baby I'd ever heard. And yet, I was compelled to start
dancing again, and I did it with a vengeance. I could just imagine the
impact I was having on the innocents who were wallowing in the mud that
somehow appeared in front of the stage.

Katie had me take off each remaining item of clothing, one piece at a
time. She made me put the heels back on and then ordered me to climb up
on the stage. I couldn't seem to resist her. Each time I tried, I had a
vision of Professor Sniff saying something to me. I had to do what I
was told no matter how much I didn't want to.

You can imagine how embarrassing it was climbing up the side of the ten
foot stage. I was completely nude and it was obvious the audience was
positioning themselves in ways that they could see all my private
areas. I must have turned three shades of red.

I had the most devastating experience as I finally reached the top and
tried to get up on the stage. I'm not sure exactly how this happened,
but when I threw my leg over the top of the stage, there was a large
popping sound. I felt myself opening up and could actually feel a draft
of air in my inner privates. I was frozen there for the longest time as
the audience screamed and cheered.

After finally getting to the top of the stage, I tried to relax for a
moment. I put aside the fact that I was totally nude except for the
five inch high heels. I couldn't worry about that for now.

Professor Sniff walked up the stage stairs and approached me, smiling
and beaming the whole time.

"Maggie baby! I got to say you're one hot babe. Best fucking strip act
I'd ever seen. Hey wouldn't you guys out in the audience agree?"

A rousing cheer seemed to lift the roof off the building. It was
obvious that the people liked what they had seen but it was time for
this humiliation to end. Yet, I couldn't seem to do anything, but
follow the directions set for me by Katie and Professor Sniff.

"Okay Mags, I want you to move forward a little closer to the edge of
the stage. The kids are trying to get some pictures and videos and it's
kind of hard for them to get you in focus if you stand way back here."

I looked down and saw dozens of cameras taking pictures and videos of
me standing there in the nude. Professor Sniff had me turn slowly
around so that every aspect of my body could be captured on film or
video. I wanted to stop when he told me to squat down so the gang could
get a better view of my pussy. Soon, though, I found myself in a
crouched positing showing the people everything I had.

"Hey Maggie May, got a great idea for you girl. Why don't you put a
finger on that little clit and go for the gusto."

At first I didn't understand what he meant, but soon I was giving
myself a hand job and couldn't help but start to enjoy it. Actually, I
enjoyed it quite a lot and soon found myself getting very aroused. I
was hoping that the Professor would let me move on to some other
indignity, but no, he just watched as I got closer and closer to a

I couldn't hold back any longer and screamed out as I succumbed to the
most powerful orgasm I'd ever had to endure. I fell backward with my
legs spread in the air. Even though I was in this unusual position, I
noticed that four of my fingers were still buried in my pussy. I
couldn't believe that I would have to tell father Dorfki about this
when I went to confession next Saturday.

Professor Sniff finally had me stop playing with my pussy. I was glad
he did because I was getting aroused again and couldn't face the
children in that condition.

"Okay sister, I am going to say three phrases so listen closely. Blow
Job, Ass Fuck and pussy Burner. I want you to think of a person so
depraved that she would consider those words to be amongst the finest
terms she ever heard."

That certainly wasn't a problem. I became a nun because of the evil
ways both my sisters and my mother followed. I tried very hard to
ignore their sinful activities when I lived at home as a young girl,
but it was impossible. I really needed the quarters the men gave me for
putting their condoms on. It was the only way I could raise enough
money to eat lunch at school.

I hollered out that the most evil person I knew was my mother. Sniff
smiled at that one and said, "Maggie, just imagine that you are your
mother. You will do everything that your mother would do when I count
to three."

The Professor signaled to Pred to move in front of me. As he did, the
Predtones starting playing an off key version of young In Love.

"Okay, Maggie, I'm sure your mother would know what to do with such a
hot looking guy, right? I figure she would be real interested in giving
him the finest blow job of his life. Wouldn't you agree?"

Yes, yes, that's just what my mother would do. I quickly unzipped his
pants and pulled his already hard dick from its hiding place in his
pants. I couldn't believe that my mouth seemed to have the power of a
vacuum cleaner as I sucked his entire manhood into my demanding

Although he had an enormous cock, I soon found my lips pressed against
his flat belly, his dick solidly in my throat. I was living so very

I continued on for several minutes when suddenly Pred came in my throat
pouring an ocean of cum into that tiny space. It almost choked me, but
tasted so good that I was able to swallow all of it before I drowned in
a sea of semen.

My focus was on mom and I knew she would never stop with just one blow
job. So, I didn't let up and could tell the Predster never had a woman
do him like this before. He stayed hard and started pounding away at my
mouth with increased fervor. He got so excited that he fell backward on
the ground, but I never missed a stroke as I fell on top of him.

I was sucking him with renewed fury when I suddenly felt something
poking at my asshole. Oh my, it was Professor Sniff and he had his
pants around his ankles. I was compelled to continue sucking Pred's
jumbo meat missile, and I could only wait to see what Professor Sniff's
large cock might feel like jammed into my tight little asshole. I
didn't have long to wait.

Professor Sniff's throbbing lance forced its way into my asshole as if
it belonged there from the start. He began pumping slowly at first, but
soon picked up the pace until he was in sync with my ministrations to
Pred's dick.

My mouth was full so my screaming came out as some sort of mumble. I
came over and over again as the two studly guys serviced me in ways I
never thought of in my wildest dreams.

Suddenly, they both climaxed together. It was more than I could take
and so I came again, or was that two or three more times.

When the two major hunks pulled out, I collapsed on the floor, a sated

Katie ran forward and said that it was unfair for me to be so selfish.
It was pretty obvious to her that I got off at least 12 times since
starting this adventure. Everyone else had to watch for the most part,
so they were all turned on, but had no way to take care of themselves.

I didn't understand what she was getting at until she lifted me up and
pushed me off the stage hollering out, "Stage Diving Time!"

I thought I would crash on the hard dance floor surface, but I was
quite lucky to land on George Jones who was there still passed out on
the floor. I thought I was lucky, until I noticed he had his zipper
pulled down.

George pulled his large cock from his pants and forced it into my tiny
love box. I couldn't believe that I would lose my virginity this way. I
thought that it would hurt the first time, but for some reason he was
able to get going hot and heavy without me feeling the slightest pain.

After a short period of time, I really started to get into it and was
fucking him back just as hard as he fucked me. Where did I learn how to
do this?

George passed out again after he got off. I thought I was through then,
but found out I was wrong.

I felt several sets of hands pulling me off George's dick. My pussy
tried to remain attached to his manhood but, I wasn't able to hold out
for long.

I was pulled on top of some guy who was already lying on the floor with
his pants around hid ankles. I was dropped on top of him and soon found
his dick moving relentlessly inside my joy hole.

I started really getting into fucking him when a dick slid into my
asshole. I should have been shocked at this, but instead, I just said,
"Bring it on. I can handle everyone here, no sweat."

I couldn't believe I heard myself say that. It must have been something
Professor Sniff did to control my mind. I didn't think this sort of
thing was possible, and yet, here I was fucking two guys at the same

I spoke too quickly. I opened my mouth to get a breath of air and found
a dick shoved into it.

By then, people were tearing their clothes off and running around in
obvious states of excitement.

Two girls pulled my hands into their pussies and made me give them hand
jobs. The secret suggestions that Sniff used on me must include lesbian
action. I not only gave them hand jobs, but wanted to do even more for
these delightful young darlings.

Two other people started molesting my boobs. I could hardly stand the
tension building up in my body when suddenly I came in a screaming
frenzy. This had such an effect on the guys fucking me that all three
of them filled me up with their cum.

As soon as they were finished, three more people took over. My pussy,
asshole and mouth were never empty again until everyone passed out in
the early morning.

I knew that many of the nuns had sex with each other, but I never
realized I could enjoy the lush bodies of the young women who comprised
half the audience. My tongue lashed out in a frenzy of excitement as I
went down on uncounted numbers of women. I had my own box filled with
more tongue that you could find at a New York City delicatessen.

Roving bands of teenagers assaulted me in every way possible.

The entire Pred and the Predtones band jumped off the stage and fought
their way toward my exhausted body. They were so noble, smashing any
member of the audience who dared get in their way, as they ran forward
to vent their desire on my ravaged body. I could not say no, again and
again and again.

George Jones was able to crawl over and fuck me in the ass before
passing out for the final time.

The secret controls that Professor Sniff implanted in my brain made me
feel that all the humiliation and abuse I received was all so shiny and
new. I just loved it and wanted more, more, more.

The fun and excitement kept up until the early hours of the morning. I
have no idea where my strength came from, but I loved every minute of
the experience.


I must have slept for 15 hours. It was late the next day before I woke
lying next to Katie. We were both nude and tangled up in each other's
arms and legs.

Katie told me that the mind control Professor Sniff installed in my
brain consisted of a number of key words. When one of these was spoken,
I would immediately want to fulfill the expectation related to the
word. Hmmm.

I must of seemed confused to her so she demonstrated what she meant.
She told me the word "armadillo" was a key word for me. When I heard
the word, I would be compelled to go down on her and give her a quick
rimming following by a hand job if she still looked a little tense. I
was not able to hear everything she said, as I had my head buried
between her legs lapping up all her love juices. I was so lucky.

Katie also explained that the word "penguin" would allow me think
rationally until I heard the word "skewa". I felt, I was being rational
so Katie provided another demonstration by saying the word "penguin".

When I heard the magic word I realized that I had just lost my
virginity to over 80 people at one time. The worst part was knowing how
much I loved every minute of the ordeal and that I still wanted more.

I agreed with Katie when she said I needed to do something to atone for
my sins. Yes, yes, the darling girl was so right. Being a Catholic nun
I simply had to confess my sins and I'd be on easy street.

Well, it really wasn't as simple as that. I've found that anytime I had
a juicy sin like a sex fantasy or really neat hand job, the priest kept
me in the confessional for hours explaining each facet of the sin in
exquisite detail. This usually resulted in my having to leave the
confessional and hurry back to my room where I would sin again. I often
heard strange sounds coming from the other side of the confessional
window and wondered what the priest might be doing as I told him this
or that intimate detail of one of my sex fantasies.

"Here's another key word for you, Maggie. 'Pendejo'!" The moment she
said that word I was willing to do anything she said without the
slightest reservation.

She told me to wait in bed while she got herself ready for a little
trip. When she was ready to go, I walked out to her car without a
single item of clothing on. All I wore were my five inch Sergio Rossi
heels. Amazingly, I didn't feel in any way uncomfortable walking nude
on a busy sidewalk. Yes, people did stare, gawk and make rude comments.
It simply didn't bother me and I was able to simply ignore the large
crowds that followed us everywhere we went.

Katie brought me into the West End Tattoo Parlour. I knew this must be
a classy place based on the British spelling of the word parlor.

I agreed with Katie when she explained to me that my pussy was the
fount of all evil. Yes, yes. I had sex with more than 80 people and had
no one to blame but myself. I needed to do something to atone.

Katie suggested a tattoo to ward off evil would be just the thing to
prevent something like this from happening again. The logic was hard to
follow, and yet, I trusted Katie and knew she would not have me do
anything that was not in my best interest.

She had Mr. Scumboy show me a booklet containing a number of hideous
designs. Most of these were of Satan or one of his minions. Katie
selected just the right icon to help me with my atonement.

"Okay, Maggie, you're gonna half to shave off that there pussy hair if
this tattoo is gonna work for you. Yep, you need to get that pussy
clean as a baby's butt before Mr. Scumboy can put this fine looking
tattoo on your pussy."

Mr. Scumboy handed me a bucket of luke warm water, a straight razor and
a bar of soap. I soaped up my pussy real good, working up a nice
lather. I kind of wished that Mr. Scumboy and Katie weren't watching so
closely. Oh, well, I really needed to atone for my sins and I could
overlook a few things.

I noticed that the straight razor was fairly old, so I was quite
careful as I shaved my pussy hair. It was a good thing I did, because I
still managed to cut myself several times in the process. In the end,
though, clean as a baby's butt. How cute!

Mr. Scumboy quickly got to work tattooing the evil Satan on my pussy.
It was quite interesting to watch how he was able to draw Satan's mouth
in such a way that it fit perfectly with my pussy. It looked like
anyone who wanted to fuck me would have to stick their dick into
Satan's mouth. What a funny joke. It was well worth the incredible
pain, to have this cute tattoo on my womanhood.

When Katie suggested I reward Mr. Scumboy with a blow job for all his
efforts on my behalf, I quickly dropped to my knees and proceeded to
give him the most exciting hummer he ever had. I brought him to a state
of release on five different occasions and stopped each time before he
could come. Finally, I let him explode in my mouth. He filled my throat
with almost an ounce of his liquid love honey. I quickly swallowed
every drop and sucked him off until every last drop was transferred to
my waiting mouth.

When I looked up, I noticed a handsome stranger standing next to Katie.
Mr. Scumboy looked at him and said. "How's it going Wozza. Did you come
here to see your new merchandise in action?"

The handsome stranger was very tall. He had on a kangaroo skin leather
coat that almost reached the floor. It was trimmed in koala bear fur
and had buttons made from crocodile teeth. His handsome face was
slightly obscured by the matching leather bush hat. It was obvious to
one and all that this was a man used to having control of any

When he spoke, everyone listened. "Damn right Scumboy. I figured any
bitch who can gobble something as ugly as you, will make me a fortune
when I put her on a street corner in Bondi Junction which is only five
minutes away from my home in Ozzieland.

Australia? What was this handsome stranger talking about? Why would I
be going to a place called Bondi Junction? How could I make him a

Before I could ask any questions, Katie entered the conversation.
"Okay, Warren M, I want $25 thousand American for this quality piece of
merchandise. You can see she's already well trained and hot enough for
your most demanding ozzie clientele."

Warren M happily paid Katie the money. He figured even if the nun only
gave super head at 5 or 6 dollars a go, he would have his investment
back in less than six months. If she turned out to be able to do
certain specialties, he would recoup even sooner. In any event he
needed something hot kneeling down in front of him on the long flight
back to the land down under.

Wozza easily picked up the now defrocked nun and threw her over his
shoulder. He never looked back as he walked smartly through the front
door of the tattoo parlor.

Sister Mary Margaret was about to start her journey to a life of total
degradation and humiliation servicing any and all in the most sordid
red light district in Australia. She was so happy.

Katie knew she would never see the good sister again, so she lost
interest and turned to look at Mr. Scumboy.

When she was directly in front of him, she gave the Tattoo Artiste a
word of advice as she strolled through the now open door of the

"Damn, Scumboy, you gotta do something about those open sores on you
body, boy. Figure you might try a little soap and water."

Scumboy was indifferent to Katie's suggestion. No one cared what a
tattoo artist looked like. He popped the top of a cold Hecate and
watched the fine looking ass of the sensuous 14 year old girl and she
moved her goods out the door.
The End
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