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A Six Pack of Hecate

By Katie McN <> (c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
Hecate was so excited! She was finally going to meet Katie McN.

H could hardly believe that Katie would be able to arrange for the
Space Shuttle to land at Heathrow just to pick her up and take her to
Texas. And yet, here she was landing at Midland International Airport
at the start of her exciting adventure.

H was the only passenger on the Shuttle this trip. So, she was able to
sit up front in the copilot's chair for the entire flight. How

When the shuttle finally landed at Midland International, Hecate
started to thank Captain Kristy for the exciting flight. But, before
she could finish, a car came speeding toward the shuttle from around
the back of the terminal. It seemed to be moving at over 200 MPH and
was heading directly toward the large space craft now securely moored
on the landing strip.

Why, the racing sports car moved like a red flash of light in the dusky
shadows of early evening.

"Look, that's an Aston Martin DB4. My, that car must be 30 years old
and in such perfect condition." Hecate was surprised to see a marvel of
British Engineering here in Texas.

She watched the car brake into a power slide that brought the driver
side door almost flush against the passenger stairway.

Hecate ran to the passenger stairs and didn't stop running until she
was finally down on the ground next to the sexy vehicle. The young
British girl was standing motionless on the runway when the driver side
car door slowly opened and a mysterious woman stepped from the car.

Hecate, knew who this must be. Yes, yes, it was Katie McN!

Hecate recognized the incredibly beautiful woman from the picture Katie
sent her along with an autographed copy of her recent best selling
book, "Claudette of the North".

Hecate expected Katie to be some larger than life icon, but no. Katie
seemed so down to earth and very much like all the girls back home in
Swathford on Leaky.

Well, perhaps the clothes were a little different.

Hmmm. Katie certainly was not dressed like the girls back home. That's
for sure.

A very short, red leather mini-skirt that revealed most of the details
of Katie's extremely attractive legs.

Katie's legs looked even more interesting because of the 5 inch heels
she was wearing. Why, Hecate never saw a young girl wear such shoes. My

Katie was wearing a tee shirt that stopped about two inches above her
shiny leather belt. The shirt moved provocatively up and down over her
very flat tummy as she strolled toward the shuttle. It seemed that
every one of Katie's steps revealed just a little more skin. Why, every
man in the place was staring at her. She certainly was the most
beautiful girl Hecate had ever seen.

Hecate was staring, too.

Katie's gorgeous blonde hair was silky and thick. It draped over her
shoulders in rippling waves that cried out to be touched.

At first, it was difficult for Hecate to guess just how tall Katie was.
The high heels added quite a bit to her height. She finally guessed
Katie was around 5' 7" in her bare feet.

Katie's body was quite nice to look at, too. She was slender and
couldn't weigh more than 117 well proportioned pounds at the very most.

The Texas Rose had well rounded breasts and a butt that looked sooo
sexy on her rangy frame. Hecate never saw such an incredible body on
any woman.

H was so shocked when she noticed Katie was not wearing a bra!

Katie's boobs bounced and jiggled under her loose tee shirt in a very
provocative way as she walked toward Hecate with a look of pure lust on
her face.

Everyone was watching Katie and no wonder.

But Hecate was watching more intently than the others. With the proof
she had about Katie's criminal activities, she was really going to have
some fun.

Hecate noticed Katie was carrying a six-pack of long neck bottles. No,
it couldn't be, she was sure she saw the Cervesa Hecate logo on those
bottles of beer. Oh, well she thought, she'd have something cold to
drink as she amused herself with Katie later in the evening. She was
longing to have this little Miss over her knee for some fun and games.
Later, she imagined Katie with her head up her skirt, a nice shiny
black leather little number.


Lady Hecate is one of the richest women in the world.

And, unlike many other English aristocrats who rely on the title and
wealth handed down over generations, she lifted herself from a humble
beginning to take her proper place as a veritable scion of British

A few years ago, Hecate invented a computer database program which she
called Access. She subsequently licensed the program rights to Bill
Gates and Microsoft for several hundred million dollars.

Hecate used these funds to acquire over 200 breweries in Mexico and
gained a monopoly over the production of beer in that country. She was
able to drive the price of beer sky high. Why, the poor Mexican
campesinos had to pay as much as 2 or 3 centavos for a single long
neck. (Translator's Note for Foreign People: Texas patois for a beer
bottle. Second Translator's Note for Texans: Patois means slang

While everyone knows that the Hecate Brand of beer is the sales leader
world wide, few realize that Hecate devised the recipe and brewing
techniques, which now dominate the industry, over a long weekend at the
Luxford On Paunch resort in Whickinghamshire.

Always looking for new adventures, the darling girl purchased a number
of haute couture fashion maisons where she installed some distinguished
looking people who pretended to be the owners.

Her fashion empire includes the distinguished establishments of Yves
Saint Lauren, Versace, Sergio Rossi and Galliano. She paid these people
so well that they never told anyone who the real owner was, and,
certainly never considered leaving no matter how difficult matters
might get.

Once a year, Hecate acquired a complete wardrobe from her Yves Saint
Lauren boutique. Of course, Yves would have preferred to be in some
Paris hotel room with a 12 year old boy who would beat his naked body
soundly with an oak cane. But, on the special day when Hecate toured
the plant, he was more than attentive to her every whim and need.

Yves realized that his only other employment opportunity was limited to
men's room attendant at some seedy Bosnian Restaurant in Montmartre,
and so he would do anything to please the grand dame. Many of the
humiliations she forced on him seemed to be in fun, but he still did
not understand why she made him stroll through the halls of YSL in silk
boxer shorts, singing Conway Twitty songs. She explained it to him
once, but he was never really clear on the details.

Shoes were always a weakness for Hecate. She found that there was
nothing like a tastefully appointed 5 inch, stiletto heel to make a
girl feel so very feminine. Every January, all normal work stopped at
the Sergio Rossi studios in Milan. Yes, it was time to create the
delicate footwear and assorted leather goods Hecate would use during
the next 12 months.

Sergio did not oversee the production of shoes alone. No, no. The
master craftsman produced a wide range of whips, harnesses, straps,
bindings, masks, cuffs and other bondage items so favored by the people
of the British Isles. The house slogan "Quality is As Quality Does"
never meant more.

Hecate would have no one other than Donnatella Versace herself
supervise the manufacture of her leather undergarments. It required the
year round efforts of more than 200 Italian grandmothers to simply tan
the skins used in the creation of Hecate's hidden secrets. The leather
came from the hides of lambs no older than 14 months. The tanning
process produced a finished product with the look and feel of urban

Donnatella worked for a minimal stipend at this labor of love. Just
seeing the lovely Hecate in leather suspenders and seamed, black silk
stockings was enough payment for Donsie (as Hecate playfully called
her). She felt she had died and gone to heaven on the rare occasions
when Hecate let Donnatella use her tongue to savor the sweet juices
that flowed like the nectar of the gods from Hecate's love box.

It was rumored that Hecate had some very explicit pictures of the Queen
and that she used John Galliano as a go-between whenever she needed
that just right piece of jewelry from the royal collection to set off
an outfit. Hecate must have something on John G, as well, given the
strange attire and affectations he had to endure over the years at her


And now back to our story...

Katie observed the incredibly exotic foreign woman standing on the
runway next to the car. She was far more beautiful than any picture
could convey.

Hecate wore a very short, shiny, black leather mini-skirt that revealed
seamed black silk stockings and 5 inch high heels.

The fashion diva wore a silk blazer that ended about two inches above
her shiny leather belt. A single button kept the coat from completely
exposing the two most enticing breasts Katie had ever seen. Why, every
man in the place was staring at Hecate. She certainly was the most
beautiful girl Katie McN had ever lusted over.

Hecate's gorgeous raven brown hair was silky and thick. It draped over
her shoulders in rippling waves that cried out to be touched.

At first, it was difficult for Katie to guess just how tall Hecate was.
The high heels added quite a bit to her height. She finally guessed
Hecate was around 5' 7" in her bare feet.

Hecate's body was quite nice to look at, too. She was slender and
couldn't weigh more than 117 well proportioned pounds at the very most.

The Flower of British Womanhood had well rounded breasts and a butt
that looked sooo sexy on her rangy frame. Katie never saw such an
incredible body on any woman.

Katie was so excited when she noticed Hecate was not wearing a blouse
or bra!

Hecate's boobs bounced and jiggled under her loosely buttoned coat in a
very provocative way as she walked toward Katie with a look of pure
lust on her face.

While this was the first time the two lovelies met in person, they
embraced as if they had known each other forever. The persons standing
around the Space Shuttle gawked in stunned disbelief in the presence of
these two stellar beauties.

Even with Katie helping her into the car, Hecate had a difficult time
getting into the passenger seat of the sleek sports vehicle. Somehow
her leather skirt rode up in such a way that Katie had an unobstructed
view of the skin between the top of Hecate's leather thong and the
delicate leather garter belt holding up her silk stockings. After, a
few moments of struggle, the two delightfuls were finally able to get
into the Aston Martin and streak off toward the I 20 Expressway, known
locally as the Gateway to Big Spring.

It was fortunate that Katie had driven this highway so many times
because she could hardly take her eyes of the vision of loveliness
sitting next to her in the car. Hecate made no attempt to adjust her
leather skirt which by then had ridden up well over the top of her
nylons revealing the metal snaps and leather garters that held her
stockings firmly in place. Katie noticed a tiny patch of material from
Hecate's thong peeking out at her from the lush confines of the vee at
the top of the most gorgeous legs Katie had ever seen.

Hecate was quite interested in the exciting scenery along the I 20
expressway. As the young British girl turned to look this way or that,
Katie was able to see one or both of her succulent globes as they
playfully revealed themselves and then hid again inside the expensive
silk jacket.

It was fortunate for Katie that they soon arrived at the stately McN
Mansion in Big Spring or she would have been forced to relieve her
tensions right there on the highway.

The stately McN Mansion was located on 53 thousand acres just North of
Big Spring, TX. The main house looked very much like the White House,
except much larger. It had 197 rooms, including the Davey Crockett
Theater where every year the top ten grossing country acts were allowed
to play the room to the delight of the 15 or 20 invited guests. Katie
was thought to have spent over $12 million on this event last year.

You could feel the tension in the air as the two women faced each other
in the H. L. Hunt Library room. Katie had just finished showing Hecate
her autographed collection of Peter Parker stories. During a lull in
the conversation, Katie offered Hecate another mason jar full of
Amontillado. Both girls were a little flushed after drinking a couple
of six packs of Hecate and a half gallon of tequila. The distinctive
taste of this fine wine would set things off just fine.

Hecate was really beginning to enjoy Katie's company. She almost hated
what she was going to do next, but she just couldn't help herself and
decided it was time to move forward with her plan.

"Katie I have the original copies of several manuscripts here." She
threw some dog eared papers on Katie's desk with obvious disdain. Katie
didn't know what to make of this turn of events.

"I had my attorney, Daphne Xu, review these stories. She found that you
used under age characters in every one of them. Why, in mother Knows
Best you had a 13 year old girl enjoy sex with two adults including a
woman. You implied that she would be having sex with her stepmother on
a regular basis. And, look at this Claudette of the North story. The
two little girls you have getting drunk in a "tittie" bar are only 14.
The lesbian sex between those two is just shocking, and it certainly is
disgusting that you would have the poor innocent Canadian girl's first
time be an eight person gang bang. A Letter to Vanessa may be the most
disgusting one of all. Why, who would ever think to write a romantic
story about two 13 year old girls' first time lesbian encounter.

Daphne told me that you could get 20 years on a chain gang here in
Texas for writing such sinful stories."

Hecate knew she was in control now. She smiled at Katie and said,
"Katie, twenty years seems like such a long time. Perhaps if you are
cooperative, we can work something out." Her clipped, English accent
added something sinister to her suggestion. It certainly got Katie's
attention right away.

"Look a here, Miss Hecate. I sure enough didn't mean anything by my
writin'. I figure I fell in with bad companions and didn't know what I
was doing." Katie was clutching at rustic straws, and Hecate knew it.
She had her now.

"Let's quit fooling around, Katie. I've got you by the boobs and you
only have two choices. You can either do just what I say, or you can go
off to the slammer for the next twenty years. The choice is years,

Katie was shocked. She never thought that a person of Hecate's quality
and refinement would stoop to blackmail to get her way. Katie felt she
just had to go along to avoid any problems.

"All right, Hecate, what do you have in mind?"

"First, I expect you to call me Miss Hecate, do you understand?"

Katie could hardly speak and finally said, "Uh, yes Miss Hecate."

"Ah, very good Katie. Now let's have some fun, shall we." Katie stood
quietly in stunned silence. She had so much looked forward to an
exciting weekend with a fabulous English Society babe. Instead, a cheap
blackmail plot. How horrible!

"Katie, I can see we have a real problem here. You'll have to learn to
speak when you're spoken to, girl. I'm not used to people ignoring me
when I talk." Hecate pulled a straight back chair into the middle of
the room. She sat down and signaled Katie to stand next to her. Hecate
removed a 14 inch riding crop from her handbag and flexed it a few
times to make sure Katie could clearly see the nasty little tool.

"All right Katie, I think it's time for you to understand just who is
in charge now. Okay, strip off your skirt so I can apply a little
education to your fine looking ass. NOW, Katie."

Katie was not used to anyone speaking to her in a harsh tone of voice.
She quickly complied with Hecate's order hoping she would not raise her
voice again.

Katie usually did not wear panties and this day was not an exception.
She stood in front of Hecate in her tee shirt and 5 inch high heels
with nothing on in between these two clothing items. Hecate looked on
with obvious lust at the sight of this sexy woman in such a vulnerable

"My, my, Katie you certainly look fetching standing there with your
private areas exposed. Quite a nice looking pussy, if I do say so, and
it feels so nice, too." Hecate had her hand in between Katie's legs and
was slowly massaging her well trimmed blonde bush. Just, dialing "O" on
the little pink telephone.

Hecate let her middle finger trail up and down the pink slit between
Katie's legs. She slowly moved her finger from Katie's clit all the way
back to her tiny little asshole. She applied just the tiniest bit of
pressure on that dark circle before moving her finger back to the clit
where she rubbed and teased until Katie was squirming in an obvious
state of arousal.

"All right Katie, it's time to show me your tits. Off with the tee
shirt. Let's go. I don't have time to waste."

Katie quickly removed her shirt and stood before Hecate in nothing but
her high heels.

"All right now Katie, bend over so I can feel those fine looking
boobies. Oooh, your tits are so nice. Why, even though they jiggle
around, they still are very firm and so nice to squeeze. You do like
this, don't you Katie? You do want me to keep doing it, don't you girl?

"Yes, yes, Miss Hecate, I like you playing with my titties. Please,
don't stop."

"Well before I really get serious, I have to teach you a little lesson.
Pretty soon you'll learn how to answer as soon as I ask you a question.
Okay, now lay down on my lap, Katie. Face down, let's go now."

Katie laid herself across Hecate's shiny black mini skirt. Her ass was
sticking up in the air providing Hecate with easy access to her
personal areas. Hecate took the opportunity to examine Katie's cute
butt. She squeezed and massaged Katie's wonderful ass, taking plenty of
time to enjoy every little nook and cranny.

After a few minutes, she slapped Katie's fine looking posterior with
her riding crop. She hit her several more times causing red marks to
appear on the young girl's well formed booty. Hecate enjoyed the moment
and looked forward to many years of pleasure humiliating and abusing
the voluptuous darling girl.

Her thoughts brought her to a high state of arousal, and Hecate could
feel a burning between her legs that cried out for the tongue of Katie
McN. Hecate had thought of nothing else since she left her home in
Swathford on Leaky.

"Katie, it's time to get your knees dirty, girl. I want you to get on
the floor in between my legs. Get your pretty head up under my shiny
black mini-skirt where it belongs.

Hecate pulled her skirt up around her waist and pushed her leather
throng to the side to allow Katie easy passage to Hecate's sweet, rosy,
obtainable desire.

The sight of the beautiful blonde girl kneeling down in front of Hecate
was amazing. The two most beautiful women in the world were ready to
join in the most intimate sex two women can have with each other.

Hecate still had her high heels on. Her skirt was pushed up around her
waist providing an unobstructed view of her black leather garter belt
and suspenders. The seams of her black stockings remained in perfect
alignment as she awaited the ministrations of the sexy blonde.

Katie wore nothing but her high heels. She could tell by looking at
Hecate's swollen pussy that the girl was more than ready for Katie's
tongue to slide into her and relieve her tensions.

Katie was easily able to probe Hecate's pussy with her tongue. She
could taste the love juices that already formed in Hecate's secret
garden of joy.

Katie moved her tongue over Hecate's clit. Slowly, at first, and then
with more pressure and speed. She was able to massage Hecate's clit
with her tongue in ways that Hecate had never felt before. The young
British girl was not used to losing her composure like this.

Hecate tossed and squirmed in the chair. She had a difficult time
maintaining her balance. It was pretty obvious that Katie McN had done
this sort of thing many times before and was quite expert. Hecate had
never had an experience to match what Katie was able to do in just a
few seconds.

Within a minute, Hecate had the biggest orgasm of her life. She
screamed with joy as she came in waves of pleasure. Her orgasm
continued on and on, like the endless tides crashing on the beach in a
winter storm.

Hecate was finally able to get control of herself and noticed that
several other persons had entered the room.

"Hecate, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Special Agent Katie
Richardson of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This is my
associate, Claudette de Pardieu of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
and the other four women are from the Texas Rangers.

"Hecate, you are under arrest for attempted blackmail and forced sexual
activities with a person of the same sex. Both of these crimes are
punishable by the death penalty here in Texas, as are just about every
other crime a person might commit here."

Hecate found that she was a victim of a sting operation. Even worse,
she learned that her attorney, Daphne Xu, was secretly on the payroll
of McN Industries and had been giving her bogus legal advice all along.
How could Hecate know that the age of consent in Texas was 25 for males
and 12 for females. That meant Katie could not be charged for any of
the alleged story crimes.

Katie seemed a little disturbed as she stood there in nothing but her
high heels. "How come you cops waited until after I got it on with the
chick before you came in and arrested her."

Officer Katie R just laughed and said they hadn't seen sex that hot in
a long time and decided to see how it turned out before they disturbed
anything. They just couldn't see breaking up anything that looked that

Hecate was in tears. She had blackmailed hundreds of people and never
had anything this terrible happen to her. She could not imagine living
on death row while her attorneys appealed the case to no avail for the
next 42 years before she was executed. What was she going to do?

Hecate turned to Katie McN and said, "I'm willing to do anything you
say, if you will save me from prison and the death penalty."

This was the moment Katie was waiting for. "Okay British Babe hop up on
the desk. Now, when I holler out an item of clothes, I want you to take
it off like you been working at the 5th and Main Follies all your life.
You got that?"

Katie and the police watched as Hecate did a bump and grind while
slowly stripping off her skirt. Katie made her take off her coat next
and they all watched as Hecate danced on top of the antique desk in her
leather garter belt, thong, stockings and heels.

Every one of the women was getting excited watching the incredible
sight of a member of the British Peerage do a hot strip tease.

Hecate slowly removed the remaining items of clothing to the screams
and cheers of her audience. For some odd reason, she was getting turned
on by all the attention. How interesting.

"Okay, Hecate, it's your turn to do a little work, girl. Get your ass
over here between my legs and start gobblin' little darlin'."

Hecate quickly moved to the center of the room where she went down on
Katie much to the approval of the police officers.

Hecate was also quite experienced in the ways of tongue fucking. She
decided to make Katie sweat before she would let her come. Several
times Katie thought she would be able to get off, just before Hecate
stopped and let her arousal subside, just a little bit.

Finally, Katie came. She had an orgasm so far beyond anything she had
ever felt before that she almost passed out from pleasure. Hecate was
pleased that she could get Katie off like this.

"Okay, Hecate, I want you to remember how you did that, cause you're
going be doing it a lot over the next few years. In the meantime, I do
think you owe it to the officers to help them out a little bit seein'
as though you got 'em so hot with all this action."

Hecate looked back at the officers and found that all six of them has
taken off their clothes and were standing there in nothing but their
high heels or cowgirl boots.

Claudette was putting on a strap-on while Katie R lay down in front of
Katie McN's chair.

"Hecate, I want you to sit on Katie R's face while you do a little muff
diving on my pussy." Hecate got right to it because she needed the feel
of Katie R's tongue pressed against her clit. If she didn't get off
soon she would just explode from the tension.

Claudette greased up the strap-on and wasted no time poking Hecate in
the ass. She got going in time with every one else and soon the
threesome looked like a well oiled sex machine.

The four Texas Rangers officers wanted to get in on the action, too.
Normally they only had male prisoners to sexually abuse and this sure
looked like more fun to them.

Two of the officers took Hecate's hands and pressed them into their
tight pussies. Hecate knew what she was supposed to do right away and
got into some truly exceptional beaver bashin' with the lady cops.

The other two officers had been eyeing Hecate's exquisite breasts and
couldn't wait to get their hands on them. They didn't have long to

Hecate had to raise herself up so she could continue to lick Katie McN
and also give the Texas Ranger Ladies hand jobs. When she got herself
into position, her tits started to jiggle and bounce around. Every
woman in the room wanted to put those mounds into their mouths, they
looked so good on display. The other two Lady Texas Rangers were the
first, but certainly not the last ones, to enjoy the pleasure of
Hecate's tits.

No, no. Everyone took turns changing positions and having Hecate do
things that none of them had ever experienced.

As the night progressed into morning, Katie brought out several 14"
vibrators, a dog leash, dog collar, ben-wa balls, dildos, hot oil,
Spanish Fly and a dozen other little helpers designed to keep the party
going for a lot longer than anyone thought possible.

If she had been able to count, Hecate would have realized that she had
more than 50 orgasms during the course of the orgy and gave just as
many to the lucky women who were there with her.


The alarm went off at 11 AM.

At first Hecate didn't know where she was. Finally, she realized that
she was in bed with Katie McN on day two of her exciting vacation.

Where did that terrible dream come from? My goodness, Katie is the most
wonderful person she could ever imagine. Why would she dream that she
would do such terrible things to Katie?

Hecate turned and saw Katie smiling at her before the two women
encircled each other with their arms and legs. Tenderly at first, but
then with more passion and desire. Their kiss lasted for what seemed
like more than forever. Certainly the start of a wonderful
relationship, or at least, incredible sex for the next two months.
The End
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Katie McN <>

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