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Archived Sex Stories

Skippy 2


I didn't write this story...

...but It's a cool sequel to my story 'Skippy's Master',
(*sigh* my only doggie story). I think this sequel is
*really* good, maybe even be better than my Skippy
story, plus it's spelled a whole lot better! (wink)

I can't thank Howard enough for it!!!

Check it out:

Skippy 2
Howard Hightart

Tears of shame ran down my face as I felt Skippy pound
into me. But even though I felt humiliated I still
enjoyed the feel of my doggy lover next to me.
Feelings of joy and excasy mixed with self-disgust and
loathing as to what I was doing. With each pounding
of Skippy's doggy cock I muttered my new position in
life over and over again.

"Skippy's bitch"

"Skippy's bitch"

"Skippy's bitch"

Kneeling on all fours, pants and undies down around my
ankles with Skippy leaning across my back I thought
over the reality of what I as actually doing.

The humiliation in me grew with every thrust but that
just seemed to make me hotter. Soon I felt the first
wave of orgasm roll over me and dropped onto my elbows
almost passing out.

Skippy was still on top of me pumping in and out
rhythmically, and didn't even slow down as I fought to
catch my breath.

Boy this dog was good!

I had always thought that animals were quick and to
the point -- but Skippy was 'still' going strong.
Before I could fully recover from my first orgasm I
felt a second one approaching and right behind that....

During the throws of my 'third' earth shattering
climax I finally felt Skippy shoot his load. "Good,"
I thought to myself finally coming back down to earth
and realizing what I had just done, "now I could get
out of here and get cleaned up".

As I waited for Skippy to finish off, I promised
myself, again, that this would never happen again!

Shame and disgust washed over me as a mental picture of myself fuckign a dog stayed deeply burned into my
imagination. Humiliation rose the bile in my stomach
as the full realization hit me --

-- that Catherine had witnessed me do this.

I tried to rationalize it to myself; told myself that
she had instigated it all......but I knew inside that all
she'd done was push me to the final step that I'd
fantasied about, but had just been too gutless to try

"Never again" I muttered to myself. "Jesus
christ.....NEVER again."
God, I hate myself.

Several hours later, Skippy finally collapsed on my
back exhausted. As I got back on all fours he tried
to get off of me. The large dog managed to get off my
back but we ended up rear to rear together.

With horror I realized that his cock was still stuck
in my pussy!

I could feel the large knot of his maleness wedge into
my wet slit preventing my escape from this horrible
situation. My panic grew until I dimmly recalled
reading somewhere about how doggies stayed 'tied'
together after intercourse as natures way of keeping
the cum inside the bitch to insure her pregnency.
Thank god for birth control, I thougt to myself
stupidly! Could I get pregnet from a dog? Of course
not jen, what's the matter with you? I couldn't
'believe' I was asking myself such stupid questions.

Then I remembered -- the knot.

A fresh stream of tears trickled down my cheek as I
realized that I would have to stay 'tied' to this dog for GOD KNOWS how long.

Coming down from my sexual high, my humiliation grew
and grew as I remained attached to my animal lover
like the 'bitch in heat' I'd obviously sunken to.

It must have been almost an hour later before I heard
Christine's car drive up.

I was on all fours with Skippy's long dick stuck up my
pussy. As Christine walked around the corner of the
house she saw Skippy and I tied together. She
immediately burst into laughter. Fresh waves of shame
washed over me again and I hung my head in
humiliation. How could she every respect me again or
treat me like a normal person again. Then it hit me,
she 'shouldn't' treat me like a normal person, because
I wasn't. I was Skippy's bitch. As fast as that
thought hit me, i tried to block it out and scrambled
to get my dignity back.

"Please help me, Christine." I begged. "I'm stuck!"

"Now Milly, you know better then that" said Christine
as she walked up to us. "Bitches dont't talk."

"W-w-what? What do you mean?" I stuttered.


"Now if you talk like a person again I will slap you
again." said Christine firmly raising her hand again.
"You are Skippy's bitch now and you will talk like a
bitch. Do you understand?"

I knelt there, shocked and uncomprehending. She
couldn't mean... No she couldn't! Once again I tried
to reason with her.

"Christine, please...."


"I will ask you once again, Milly. Do you

I hung my head in shame and not wanting to get slapped

I quietly managed a pathtic little 'bark'.

"What was that, my sorry little bitch? What did you

"Woof" I barked louder beginning to cry again.

"Good bitch." She sounded pleased. "Now bitches don't
wear clothes do they? So let's get these off of you."
With that she proceeded to remove my pants and panties that were still tangled around my ankles along with my
shoes and socks, working around Skippy who red penis
was still nessled firmly inside me. Throwing these in
a pile she next grabbed the hem of my shirt and began
to pull it up over my head. Numbly, I lifted first
one arm and then the other to help her remove my
shirt and bra.

Now naked at her feet and rear to rear with Skippy,
she Grabbed up the pile of clothes and stood smirking
over me.

"When you are 'done' with Skippy here, I want you to
scamper into the house. Understand Milly?"

Quietly I barked.

"Good bitch"

And with that she went into the house. As I knelt on
my elbows to the ground in dispair as Christine
gingerly walked by Skippy and I a few times to unload
some bags from her car, ignoring this huge dog penis I
had to indure. Each time she passed she's glance over
at me and smile. I kept my eyes down, too disgusted
with myself to look her in the eyes as I realized with
self loathing, that I was starting to become wet
again. What was wrong with me?!

Finally Skippy shrunk back to normal and pulled free
as I whimpered in relief. Shaking I got up and
stretched my sore arms and legs. Looking around to
make sure that nobody could see me naked I walked over
to the house and in the back door. Christine was in
the kitchen waiting for me.

"Since when do dogs walk on two legs Millie?" She
asked. "Get down where you belong!"

Ashamed at myself I got down on all fours did as I was
told. I was ashamed to feel that my pussy was getting
wet again and my nipples were hardening. Surely I
couldn't get off on this treatment?! Could I?
Kneeling naked on all fours on the kitchen floor I
bowed my head before Christine.

"Good bitch" she said as she petted my head. Once
again the feelilngs of humiliation ran through me but
once again I could also feel my pussy spurt in
excitement and become wetter. How sick was I?

"Now if you are going to be Skippy's bitch you will
need to do a proper job of it. Do you understand?"


"Good. Now I thought you still might be here when I
got back, even though any normal person would have
left long ago, wouldn't they have Milly?"

"Woof" Humiliation. pussy spurting. Nipples getting
so hard they hurt.

"Anyway I got you a few things." With that Christine
reached into one of the bags on the table. I half
expected to see the leather collar that she pulled out
but I was still shocked at seeing it. What had I
become? I asked myself. Why was I doing this? But
even as I asked myself these questions I hung my head
down to make it easier for Christine to attach the
collar tight around my neck. Numbly I lifted my head
back up to look forlornly at the woman standing over

"Now, Millie, don't give me that sad look. If you
didn't like it you
wouldn't be here. There is nothing to stop you from
leaving. Of course if you left you would no longer
get to get humped and rear fucked my a doggie now
would you? Do you want to see what else I got you?"

"Woof" Quietly I barked knowing that by doing so, I
had agreed to staying in this demeaning situation.

"Good. That's mommie's little bitch." Millie crooned
patting my head. "Now let's see what else we have for
you." Reaching into the bags again she began to pull
out more items.

"I got a leash to go with your collar so I can lead
you on walks. Or maybe Skippy can lead his little
bitch on walks, eh? I could put the leash in his
mouth and let him lead you around the yard. She
giggled. I can just see you on all fours scrambling
to keep up with him!"

As she said this I too pictured myself being lead by
that big dog. A pet's pet. I could hardly imagine
the shame of being lead naked on hands and knees by I
dog galloping through the yard with my tits swaying to
and fro as I tried to keep up with him.

"And I also got you a food and water dish," said
Christine holding up a pink food and water dish. "I
even had your names put on it" I was confused by the
plural of name until she showed me the word 'Millie'
on the one side and turning the bowl around showed me
that it said 'Skippy's Bitch' on the other. "I'll put
this besides Skippy's so that you two lovers can eat
together." continued Christine.

"I also got you a few dog toys to play with." she
said holding up a red ball, a chew bone and some other
toys. "And finally in order to help you look more
like a proper bitch, I got you this." Christine held
up a short stick with a ball on one end. Out of the
other end was a large tuft of long brown hair. I was
not quite sure what it was supposed to be.

"It took me awhile to find this which is why I took so
long but I think it will be perfect for you." As she
said this Christine, my Mistress I suppose now that I
was a dog, began to lub the ball end of the stick and
walk behind me. I was still confused as to what she
was talking about. Then suddenly I felt her spread my
ass cheeks and push the ball up against my anus.
Shocked I yelped and tried to pull away.

"Now now Millie. Stand still. This won't hurt a
bit." With her free hand Christine grabbed my collar
holding me in place as she continued to push with her
other hand. Slowly I could feel my tight little
virgin asshole open up allowing the intruder farther
into my ass.

Pain flaired in my rectum until all of a sudden it
went away and I felt my butt hole close again. Or
atleast mostly. I could still feel the thin rod
sticking out and as Christine released the globes of
my ass cheeks I could feel the long hairs rub against
my naked ass and the back of my thighs. As I looked
over my shoulder behind me I finally realized what it
was. A tail.

"There now you look like a proper bitch, Millie."
beamed Christine straightening up and admiring her
handiwork. "Shake your tail for me."

Slowly I shook my butt. I could feel the hairs swish
along the back of bare legs. Through the feelings of
humiliation i could feel my pussy leak with
excitement. What a sick slut I was! Maybe I deserved

"Now I know you won't be able to poop with that thing
in your butt so when you need to go come to me and I
will take it out for you. I don't want you doing
anything with your hands, do you hear me? You are a
proper bitch dog now and those are your paws. If I
see you do anything a dog wouldn't do I will punish
you." Catherine said sternly. "You couldn't be a
master so now I am your master. Do you understand


"Good girl. Now I am going to put you and Skippy in
the kennel. I will
come out later to feed you two but in the meantime you
two play nice." With that Catherine attached the
leash to my collar and lead me back outside.
Surprisingly enough Skippy was still hanging around
the back door and followed Catherine docily as she
lead us to the kennel. Once inside, Catherine closed
the gate and without a backward glance returned to the
house. I looked at the gate for a minute knowing that
as a human I could easily open it. But not anymore I

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing with
Skippy. The big dog loved having a new friend to play
with. I tried to act like a dog as much as I could
both to please Skippy and for fear of getting punished
by Catherine. I had no idea if she was secretely
watching us or not and did not want to try it. Skippy
and I scampered around the kennel, with me falling

Every once in a while Skippy would look behind him at
me as if to hurry me up. I tried me best but I didn't
have the years of practice that he had. I consoled
myself that I would get better with time. Once I had
to pee in the corner. That was a new experience,
trying to pee without getting it all over myself.

I felt awkward at first but knew again that it would
improve over time. As the sun began to set Cathrine
came out of the house with our food dishes and brought
them over to the kennel.

As soon as I saw Catherine I began to feel ashamed
again. It was as if my depraved acts didn't both me
if I was only around Skippy but as soon as another (or
should I say "a" since I was now apparently a proper
bitch) person was around then the disgusting and sick
nature of my actions began to sink in.

My humiliation and shame grew as Catherine approached
the kennel with a sly smile on her face. As my face
grew red though I also felt my pussy begin to wetten

Catherine set the two bowls down on the ground inside
kennel and straightened up. "Here you go pets.
Dinner is served."

Skippy rushed over to his bowl and began wolfing down
his food. I slowly crawled over to my pink bowl
feeling Catherine's eyes on me the whole way. As I
reached the dish I saw it was full of moist dog food
and water. Silently I looked up at Catherine pleading
with my eyes not to make me eat this stuff.

"Come on Millie. Be a good bitch and eat your food."
she said with a ugly little smirk on her face.
Defeated I lowered my face to the waiting dish. I
could hardly see the brown stuff with my tears
clouding my vision but I supposed that helped. With
my face in the bowl I could feel Catherine watch me
eat until I had downed every last morsel and drop in
the dish.

By the time I was done I could feel my tummy queasy as
the bile rose at what I'd being willing to eat like a
damned fool, but I also could feel myself blushing
from my cheeks down to my chest, suddenly aware I was
once again trickling down the insides of my legs.

Skippy of course finished before I did and as my
excitement grew he began to start sniffing around my
rear end. I froze, half in degredation, half in
embarrassing anticipation. Soon he jumped onto my back
and began hunting around with his hips for my wet
hole. The force of his body on my back pushed my
"tail" farther into my rectum causing me a brief shock
of pain, which started to fade as my rectum relaxed a
little more and my "little doggy tail" sunk in

Skippy's impossibly long, bright red sticky doggy
penis found my waiting hole and sunk its way in. This
time, along with the pleasure of having his large
rough dick running up and down my under my vagina,
there was also the added sensation of the rod in my
ass as it got moved around by Skippy's body pushing up
against mine. The pain in my rectum soon faded and it
became just another tactile sensation I savored.

I began to moan in exctasy.

"Now now Millie. No human sounds out of you or you
will get punished" corrected Catherine leaning over
the kennel fence watching us. In my excitement I had
momentarily forgotten that she was there. The added
feelings of humiliation fueled my fire further. I
tried not to make a sound but found it too hard. I
needed some release. Soon I was yelping and whinning
like a dog. "That's better, Millie." I heard dimly
through my sexual haze.

Cathrine continued to watch us until both Skippy and I
had cum. Once again when the large dog tried to
climbed off of me, we found each other connected at
the groin again. As Cathrine chuckled at the site. We
were either still there with me cowering under him
burried in me like that, when I felt Skippy trying to
turn around his upper body, which was painfull.

I inquickly whimpered at the pain and his trying to
move into another position.

"It's okay girl, don't panic - Skippy just wants to be
end to end so he doesn't have to look at your face for
a change!" Cathrine broke herself up as I fought more
tears at her cruel words, and Skippy continued pulling
against me.

"Boy Millie, you really do get stupid when your get
fucked silly by a long hard doggie prick. Okay, let's
make this simple so even a bitch in heat like yourself
can understand it, okay? Just crouch down in a
submissive pose so your dominant can place you butt to
butt, which Skippy seems liked best." Catherine
instructed as I did just that. So here I was, rear to
rear, which made me burn with anger over, but what I
wanted didn't matter since I was clearly "number two"
now on everybody's eyes, including my own.

"Boy you two make quite a picture. Jesus dogs are
silly sometimes!" Catherine grinned as I winced.

Somehow I found this the most humiliating of all.
When Skippy walked a bit forward, I scrambled to walk
backwards, and basicly realized since he was in
charge, where ever he walkd I'd better follow! I felt
as vulnerable as a stupid marshmellow stuck on the end
of a stick. Skippy's stick! My sexual high for the
moment abated and back down to earth here I was stuck
naked on all fours stuck genetalia to genetalia to a
dog with someone watching. My feelings of self-worth
dropped to an all time low as I became more and more
disgusted with my self.

"Well pets, you have a good night now." Catherine
said as she turned and headed back into the house.
The sun had set now and I watched her walk back
against the red sky. I had meant to ask her to allow
me to poop but had forgotten and I realized that now I
would have to wait until morning. Of course there was
no way I could do anything right now anyway, stuck as
I was.

Skippy and I came apart about 15 minutes later.
Luckily I didn't have to wait as long as I had this
afternoon. By the time we finally managed to
disengage ourselves though it was completely dark and
I had to feel my way to the dog house. Crawling
inside I curled up into a ball and cried myself to

The next morning I woke up with sunlight streaming
through the dog house opening. Skippy was curled up
beside me. He had woken me up some time during the
night when he came in but I had quickly fell back into
an exhausted slumber. As I crawled out of the house I
felt my bowels cramp up and hoped that Catherine was
outside. I really needed to go!

Unfortunetly Catherine was not there and I ended up
waiting for a good fifteen minutes as my need grew
before I finally saw her come out of the house towards
us. The feelings of humiliation and shame rose up in
my again as I saw her but I did not care anymore.
Quickly I scampered over to the fence and turning
around presented my butt and tail to her and started
to whimper and whine. Part of my cringed at the
indignity of what I was doing but I kept doing it

"What's wrong Millie?" Catherine asked. She sounded

Whimpering loudly I frantically waved my ass at her
hoping she would understand. I was tempted just to
talk and tell her but I was still to scaried of being

"Oh-h-h," exclaimed Catherine, "Do you have to go

Excitedly I barked to show her that is what I meant.

"Okay then let's get this tail out and you can do your
business." Bending down, Cathering reached between my
ass cheeks and grabbed the base of my tail. MY pussy,
already wet from the feelings of humiliation I was
feeling, got wetter yet as I felt her hand so close to
my wet slit. Then with a steady adn firm pressure she
pulled the tail out of my anus. I felt a sharp moment
of pain but it faded quickly and I concentrated on
hold my butt closed as I quickly crawled over to the
corner of the kennel to do my duty.
Kneeling down lowering my ass as close to the ground
as I could I saw Catherine watching me with the same
smirk on her face as yesterday. Ashamed, I lowered my
head and let loose my bowels.

Relief flooded through my body as I emptied myself.
It was almost orgasmic. When I was done I had to think
for a minute how I would clean myself up. Finally I
ended up dragging butt along a relatively clean grassy
area to clean myself up with. When I was done I
crawled back to Catherine and Skippy who was up by
this time also and happily eating his food.

"Very Good, Millie. Now let's put your tail back in
and you can eat your breakfast."

Unable to look my her in the eyes I docily turned my
back to her and backed up until she could reach my
rectum with the tail. My body shuddered in desire as
once again I felt her hand near my pussy forcing the
tail into my butt. By the time she was done I could
feel the juices of my excitement trailing down my bare

"All down, girl. You can eat now." said Catherine
with a pat on my behind.

In a daze I crawled over to my bowl and began to eat
the food in it. Of course by this time Skippy was
done and had begun to notice my excitement. After a
few exploratory sniffs at my crotch, he jumped onto my
back and began to push himself into me. Taken by
surprise, my face was pushed into the food before me.
Catherine laughed.

"You two lovers are insatiable, aren't you?"

The humiliation of the word "lovers", and Skippy's
large member soon had me forgetting about my breakfast
and yelping in excitement. Soon I felt my first
orgasm roll over my with another right behind it.
Each time Catherine would laugh louder feeding my
excitement. When Skippy was done Catherine left with
a few words that she would be back later "to play".

As usual, Skippy stayed attached to me so while I
waited to be released, I finished my food and slurped
up some water with Skippy's groin attached to mine.

The rest of the morning Skippy and I just roamed the
kennel. We scampered around smelling the grass. We
took the occasional nap and generally just lazed
around. I was surprised to realize that I found it
quite relaxing.

In the afternoon Catherine came out again and leading
me by a leash attached to my collar took me out of the
kennel. She proceeded to spend the afternoon teaching
me tricks like how to fetch and play dead and other
doggy tricks. Embarrassment ran through me as I
meekly did as she told me to but as I had come to
expect I became quite excited also.

As evening aproached Catherine lead me back to the
kennel where Skippy smelling my excitement promptly
proceeded to jump me. By this time I was becoming
glad that Skippy was there to relieve my frustrations.

Catherine came out later to feed Skippy and I but did
not bother to hang around. Skippy and I spent a quiet
night in the kennel before crawling into the dog house
to go to bed.

The next few days were a repeat of the first with a
feeding first thing followed by a relaxing morning.
Training in the afternoon was followed by another meal
and a quiet evening. I became more and more adept at
crawling and relieving myself without getting anything
on myself. I still got humiliated and excited
whenever Catherine was around though and was glad that
Sippy was around to satisfy me.

On the fourth day after our afternoon training,
Catherine decided that I needed a bath. Bringing me
into the house she cleaned me up in the tub. by this
time I was glad to be cleaned and enjoyed the feeling
of clean skin and hair again. I was also savouring
the feeling of a bare pussy. Catherine had decided
that since I did not have fur like a proper dog that
she might as well get rid of what little body hair I
did have and proceeded to remove all the hair on my
body from my neck down. I was glad that she did not
shave my head though! The feeling of the cool air on
my sensitive and no bare pussy was incredibly exciting
and I could feel my juices leaking out as Catherine
toweled me dry in the kitchen. Of course it could
have also been due to the feel of her hands all over
my body!

As Catherine finished towelling me off and put my tail
back in the telephone rang.

"Hello." said Catherine picking up the reciever.

"Hello? Catherine is that you?" Being this close I
could hear the other person on the line.


"Oh. Well its Beth. I thought you were still gone
and Mildred was watching the place. I just called to
see how things were going with her." I heard Beth
say. Inside I cringed. If she only knew that I was
still here naked on all fours and being Catherine's
bitch dog; a bitch in heat no less!

"I came back early," replied Catherine, "But Milly's
still here."

My eyes opened in horror! No please don't tell her I
silently begged.

"Oh really?" I heard Beth say. "Is she still watching

"Kind of," replied Catherine. "She is staying with
Skippy now and keeping him busy." With growing
horror, I realized that Catherine might not hide our
little secret.

I just couldnt't face that possiblility. Beth had
been one of my best friends for forever and I just
couldn't stand losing her as my friend. What would
she think if she knew what I was doing? Tears rolled
down my cheeks as I begged Catherine not to say
anything to Beth.

"You mean she's staying with you and watching Skippy
while your there?" asked Beth.

"No she is staying with Skippy and I am watching both
of them."

"What. What do you mean, Catherine?"

"Well Millie really couldn't be Skippy's master like
she needed to be so she became more of his bitch. She
is staying with Skippy in his kennel and I am taking
care of both of them." exclained Catherine. Hearing
that I broke down and started to bawl at Catherine's

"What! What are you talking about, Catherine? Be
serious. Where is Mildred?" I heard Beth's anxious
and incredulous voice over the phone obviously not
believing Catherine. I breathed a sigh of relief.

"I am serious, Beth. MILLIE is Skippy's bitch now.
She is living in the kennel with Skippy and both of
them are my pets. She is actually becoming quite a
good little doggy." I started to cry again.

"You can't be serious, Catherine. Is Mildred there?
Let me talk to her"

"Okay, Beth" replied Cathering smiling down at me.
Holding the phone to my head she said "Say hello to
your friend Beth, Millie"

Quietly I barked into the reciever.

"What? What was that? Mildred are you there?" I
heard Beth say. "Talk to me Mildred. What Catherine
said isn't true is it?"

"Louder Millie. I don't think your friend heard you."
Catherine ordered me.


"What!! Oh my God, I don't believe it! Mildred is that
really you? What are you doing?"

"Woof, bark." I replied. By now tears were running
fully down my cheeks and dripping on the floor. My
world was shattered and I had no one to blame but
myself. I felt my pussy twitch is excitement and that
made me hate myself even more.

What kind of person was I?

Catherine took back the phone and started talking to
Beth again. "See," she said, "I wasn't lying. She is
here right now on the floor at my feet. I just
finished giving her a bath and drying her up. I was
going to practice a few more of her tricks with her
before I put her back in the kennel with Skippy for
the night." She reached out between my legs and ran
her hand up my wet pussy.

"By the feel of things I would say Skippy is going to
have fun once he sees his bitch again. But then again
he usually does." Catherine chuckled while I held my
head in shame.

"What do you mean, Catherine? Are you forcing her to
do this? Surely you don't mean Skippy and Mildred

"Sure they do. All of the time. I have never seen a
couple of dogs go at it so much. And Millie loves it.
And no I'm not forcing her. Millie
brought this on herself." Catherine went on to explain
the whole situation, how she had found Skippy and I
first jacking him off and then letting him dry hump
me. Soon Catherine hung up the phone but not before
Beth said that she was coming right over.

For the next hour I just lay on the living room floor
at Catherine's feet. She kept petting my head and
telling me that it was all right. My tears had
stopped and I just felt numb. But perversely enough I
could still feel my pussy dripping and my insides
tighten with anticipation at Beth seeing me like this.

Soon I heard a car pull up the driveway.

When the door bell rang Catherine got up to answer it.
I just continued to lay down dreading what was going
to happen. Would Beth leave in disgust? Would she
hate me? Why oh why was I doing this? I knew that I
could get up and walk away any time but I just could
not bring myself to do it.

Before I knew it Catherine and Beth walked into the
room. "Oh my God!" exclaimed Beth when she saw me. I
got on all fours and faced her bracing myself for the

"I can't believe it. She's actually acting like a

"Yes and she's pretty good at it too." answered
Catherine. Beth stared at me for the longest time, a
look of disbelief on her pretty face. I cringed
waiting for her to express her disgust but didn't

Finally Beth spoke.

"So Catherine," she said quietly a vicious look
appearing in her eyes, "um.......well.......what kind of
tricks have you taught her?"

Both Catherine and I looked at her startled. I think
we had both expected her to be outraged, not curious.

"Well, the usual dog tricks, fetch, roll over. You
know the usual thing." said Catherine slowly.

"I want to see...." Beth said forcefully.

So outside we went where Catherine had me perform my
tricks for Beth. Fetching, rolling over, playing dead,
speaking, shaking my paws. Catherine had me do them
all. When we were done me face was red from
embarrassment but my cunt juices were trickling down
my legs. I knew I was close to an orgasm.

"To tell you the truth Beth," Catherine said, "I'm a
little bit surprised at your reaction."

"Are you nuts, Catherine!" gushed Beth, "do you
realize what a power trip it is to have someone
totally humiliate themselves in front of you like
this?! Expecially a friend. And I can see that she
enjoys it. I mean look at the juices running down her
legs. You can smell her excitement from here! I want
to totally humiliate her and see how far I can get her
to degrade herself."

Hearing these words my pussy spasmed and an orgasm
shook through my body. Catherine and Beth noticed and
began to laugh which started a second and third earth
shattering climax. Soon I was quivering at their feet
as my body rocked from waves of pleasure.

When I came too, the two women were looking down at

"Well I would say she likes it wouldn't you
Catherine?" asked Beth.

"It certainly looks that way." replied Catherine
smirking down at me.

"What do you think, Mildred, oops, excuse me, Millie?
Do you like this?"

Quietly I barked an alffirmative. I still don't know
why. It humiliated me even further to openly admit it
to these two ladies but for some reason I felt I had
to be honest and answer truthfullly.

"Do you want to stay with Catherine and continue being
Skippy's bitch, Millie?" Beth asked seriously.

I looked up at both women and knew the decision was up
to me. I could get up and leave or I could answer
yes. If I left I could stand up and walk out of here a
real person again. I could forget about this whole
sorid incident and try to regain my dignity again.

If I decided to stay though I knew that it would be as
Skippy's bitch, living in the kennel acting like a dog indefinately. Beth and Catherine would be my
mistresses and how knew what more humiliations they
would pile on me. I hardly even thought about it.
Another orgasm came over my as I barked my desire.

The days were pretty much the same as the first few,
except I never got used to the pure ugly humiliation
of having someone see me like this. Catherine
continued to feed me and bath me and generally treat
me just like another dog but in the evening Beth would
come over and visit. When she did my feelings of
shame and humiliation would rise and rise.

It probably had something to do with the fact that she
used to be my best friend but she also thought of new
and more degrading ways for me to humiliate myself
before her.

My stomach always tightened in fear and anticipation
whenever I saw her coming towards the kennel but then

I *never* climaxed quite as powerfully as I did as
when she was around and giggled over my being....

Skippy's bitch.

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