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Slut Therapy

By Katie McN <> (c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
"Take these handcuffs off me, Kayla, and give me my clothes back right
now. I'm really getting mad."

I couldn't understand how it happened. I'm a licensed psychotherapist
and always in control. Until today that is.

I'd been seeing Kayla McNamara for about two months. Our sessions
started out at an hour, but her problems were so severe I decided to
extend the time to a full afternoon every week. Thirteen is a difficult
age for most girls and Kayla was certainly not the exception. She was
very shy, introverted to the extreme and naive about almost everything
in life. While other girls were trying to look like britney Spears,
Kayla seemed to be emulating mother Theresa. Dowdy clothes, no makeup,
hair askew and little or no sense of style and grace. I knew I had my
work cut out for me as soon as I saw her.

I was ashamed to say we made no progress in the two months since she
started seeing me. Today, was the first four hour session and I decided
to try something new. I asked her to bring in all the things she
thought were important. Maybe I could get her to talk about them and
open up to me.

'This is my sister's diary, Dr. Alexander. I read it all the time and
don't believe a word of it. She's a liar. That's all. Just a liar."

"Kayla, I told you to call me Madison. We should try to be friends and
work on things together."

"I'm sorry Dr. Alexander. I'm mean Madison."

"I don't know if it's right for you to get into your sister's diary.
That's pretty personal and she might not like it."

I thought she was thinking it over, but I never could tell with that
girl. She didn't seem to play with the same rules as everyone else.

"Well, maybe I won't read it anymore, but since I brought it in, maybe
we could talk about some things I found in here."

This is what I'd been waiting for. Finally, she wanted to talk and I
could sense a break through.

"Okay then, let's talk. Tell me what you found that's so interesting in
your sister's book."

Kayla read me several entries where her sister described getting
dressed for school or going out on a date. There seemed to be quite a
few descriptions of matching bra and panty sets, thongs, push up bras
and all the undies teen girls like to experiment with as the move from
little girl to woman.

"No way, Dr. Madison. girls wouldn't wear stuff like this. What's wrong
with my sister? She makes me nervous and I'm scarred."

I thought it was so sad. The poor girl knew nothing and she was getting
the wrong message from her sister's diary. I had a pretty good idea
about why she was so messed up.

"Kayla, you know I'm a professional woman and certainly wouldn't do
anything kinky."

"Well, yes", she said in a voice seemed a little skeptical.

Something made me pull my skirt up above my nylon top where I revealed
a garter and the red suspender that attached to my garter belt. I could
see the look of disbelief on Kayla's face when she realized I was
wearing underwear every bit as sexy as the items described in the

"You wear sexy underwear, too, Doctor M. Does that mean it's normal for
girls to wear stuff like you have on?"

She got me to pull up my skirt and stand in the middle of the room as
she walked around studying every detail of my black seamed nylons, red
garter belt and matching red panties. I loved wearing sexy lingerie and
somehow I was getting turned on standing there on display with the
young girl taking it all in.

"Gee, doctor, I can see right through the back of your panties."

I felt her hand rubbing my butt as she talked. She was feeling the
flimsy material and also starting to have an effect on me. I felt her
hand gently trace one of my butt cheeks and then I had a difficult time
standing still while her finger moved up and down in the crack between
my two round globes. I didn't want to stop her exploration because this
was the first time I got her to talk and I didn't want to ruin the

When she asked me if my bra matched my panties, I decided it wouldn't
matter if I slipped my dress off since we were both female. I felt a
little shiver of anticipation as I threw my dress to the chair and
waited for her to continue her inspection. I was amazed at the glow
forming in my pussy and noticed that I was wet. For some reason I got
very excited when she looked at me in my exposed state.

"Wow, a strapless push up bra. I've only seen things like that in

She was doing more than looking. She cupped my breasts with her hands
and I felt an insistent squeezing as she examined the flimsy red
garment. My nipples started to stick out and I could feel the heat flow
from the tips of my breasts to the rest of my body. I thought I was
going to lose control and I wanted her to stop, but I wanted to find
out how this was going to end even more.

"How come your panties are transparent in the back and opaque in the

While she talked her hand slid between my legs and grabbed my pussy. I
felt the fingers of her hand glide slowly between my legs. He finger
was trying to split the lips of my cunt and I felt a firm pressure on
my slit as her finger pushed the panties into my cunt. I almost pushed
her hand away, but lost my breath when her knuckle marched across my
swollen clit. I lost track of everything except her hand and my
pleasure. I knew I should stop her, but I wanted her to go on even
more. Lust was clouding my mind and it was almost too late to turn

"What about this doctor." I came back to reality and saw her pointing
to another entry in the diary. "It says here that girls kiss and even
put their tongues in each others mouths. How gross."

I tried to explain to her that some girls liked to kiss each other and
that she shouldn't be so judgmental. We talked about it for a few
minutes and then somehow I found myself showing her how to kiss. I was
surprised at how quickly she learned and how easily I was being turned
on. I was still in my underwear and found I was enjoying the
opportunity to show off.

I felt her lips press against mine and her tiny tongue traced a route
across my lower lip. It felt like a tiny jolt of electricity that moved
from my lip to some hidden place inside my brain. Her tongue was like
a key that opened my mouth to her exploration. Her tongue snuck inside
and quickly found mine waiting there in the dark. Her mouth had the
sweet scented taste of ambrosia and her tongue was like a lovable
dragon trying wrap it's love around a mate.

She had me kiss her again and again. She delighted in what we were
doing as if she invented the kiss and now wanted to make sure it didn't
go away. My breath was coming in gasps and my chest rose and fell over
the constant thumping of my heart. Her hands were moving over my naked
skin. Her hand stopped at my bra strap and then moved on to the elastic
of my panties. A finger slipped inside and marched along the trail
formed by my butt cheeks. My back arched to give her better access and
my tits pressed into hers. I felt my heat and felt my wetness. I felt
my lust and felt my passion.

"Okay Doctor, I guess kissing is pretty good, but look at this. No one
would be dumb enough to let someone put handcuffs on. This is just

At first she seemed skeptical that people would play little fantasy
games. I told her that we all have things in the back of our minds we
might like to try and if we found a willing partner, it would nice for
both people. We talked some more and I thought she was finally
beginning to see the light.

"I guess you're right doctor." She pulled a pair of handcuffs from her
bag and dangled them from her hand. "My sister had these in her room so
I guess she does play those games."

"Yes, Kayla, it's just something fun to do. Would you like to try the

I thought I would put the cuffs and her so she could feel how much fun
a fantasy game could be. Before I could do it, she had my hands behind
my back and secured the cuffs on my wrists.

"Hey, this is really way cool, Madison. I can do anything I want to you
and you can't stop me."

Kayla was making me nervous. She hadn't done anything yet, but she did
have a strange look on her face. I felt very helpless with the cuffs
holding my arms behind my back. My nipples were still sticking out and
for some reason I was getting turned on by being exposed and helpless.

"Gee, Madison, I could do anything I wanted and you couldn't stop me.
This is so cool."

I wasn't feeling the same way. She squeezed my nipples through the
material of my bra and got them standing up straight like two little
soldiers. She traced the hills of my breasts with her hand and let a
finger slide into the separation. Her finger moved down to my bra and
slowly pulled on the cups until my tits popped out of their enclosure.

"What are you doing, Kayla?"

"Anything I want of course. Why don't you shut up and let me have fun."

"Who do you think you're talking to young lady?"

"Just some dumb broad who is standing hear in her underwear with
handcuffs holding her arms behind her back." She let her hand slip
between my legs and grabbed my pussy so hard I almost doubled over.
"She can't do shit about it either."

"This has gone on far enough, Kayla."

"Fuck you, Madison. If you don't shut up, I'm going to start screaming
and I'll get the receptionist. You'll be in deep shit then."

My god. No one would believe that a young girl could trick a mature
woman into taking off her dress and putting on handcuffs. I remained
silent as I tried frantically to figure away out of this mess.

"Okay doc, I've been reading up on this and I want to get a few things
straight. First, you better start calling me mistress. Understand?"

"Yes, Kayla."


"Yes, Mistress."

"Ah, that's better bitch. Now you better show me some respect and do
just what I tell you. I've got a few more tricks in my bag to make sure
you do."

She dumped the contents of her bag on my desk after pushing my things
to the floor. I didn't recognize most of what she had, but the cat of
nine tails and riding crop looked ominous.

Her hands found the back of my bra and I felt her unsnap it one hook at
a time. When it was completely unfastened she pulled it back and forth
across my breasts. My nipples were being tortured by the rough material
sliding over them. I tried to move away from her, but she had me

My breasts jiggled and bounced when she let my bra pop off my tits. I
felt my face turn red as her hands moved easily over my boobs. She
pulled my nipple until it hurt and then let it snap back into place.
She pulled both nipples next and held them until I moaned. Somehow this
all seemed right and yet I was the prisoner of a 13 year old girl.

"You like this don't you, Madison?"

"No, let me go now."


"Yes, Mistress, I like it."

"Yes, I thought you did. You better like everything I do if you know
what's good for you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."


With that, I felt a finger from each hand slide into the elastic of my
panties. She pulled them down very slowly while she smirked in my face.
I could just feel the top clear the start of my pussy hair when she
grabbed the red silky garment with both hands and tore it off my body.
I was more than naked standing there in nothing but heels, stockings
and garter belt. I couldn't cover up and she didn't try to disguise her
lewd glances at my body.

"Well, why don't you open your mouth as wide as you can. Madison."

I had no idea what she had in mind, but decided I better go along with
her until I had a chance to get away. As soon as my mouth was opened,
she jammed my panties into it and pushed my chin closed.

"Now I want you to take good care of those panties. If you drop them
I'm going to do something really bad to you. Do you understand."

I couldn't talk with the silk garment in my mouth so I just nodded my

"Now spread your legs, Doc. That's a good girl."

Her hand was on my pussy. She was rubbing me in a constant motion and I
could feel her finger slide up and down my slit. Her hand wasn't moving
very fast. Just enough to tease and taunt my body, but not enough to
give me the release I needed so badly. I could hardly think straight.
She had me on the ropes and I wanted it to end.

I felt an orgasm sneak up on my body and I tensed for its pleasure. She
must have felt it, too. She stopped just long enough for me to cool off
and then started in again. She did it over and over until I was crying
with frustration.

"Does the good doctor want to get off? To bad I can't understand you
with those panties in your mouth. Oh well. I guess we'll play another

She stopped moving her hand and left one finger inside me. I tried to
move my body to get off. She let me thrust my cunt into her hand over
again without moving it. I didn't care how foolish I looked. I was
desperate and needed her hand.

Just as I was ready to get off on my own she said, "Ooops, times up.
You should have been faster, Madison. Well, you'll know better next

She pushed me down on my knees and then made me sit back on my legs. I
was very uncomfortable, but couldn't do anything about it. I was
relieved when she pulled the panties from my mouth and gasped for
breath when my mouth was empty.

I watched as she unzipped her granny dress and let it drop to the
ground. I was stunned when I realized she was wearing a bondage uniform
underneath her cotton shroud. My god where did a 13 year old get
something like that?

She grabbed my hair and buried my face between her legs. I could smell
her lust and feel the shaved smoothness of her pussy. When she pulled
my hair harder I realized I had no choice and tentatively licked her
pussy. She used my hair as a rudder and controlled my actions to suit
her needs.

My tongue was buried in her slit and I tasted a flood of her juices
pour into my mouth. My tongue was twirling around inside her pussy as I
lapped up the liquid that cover my tongue and face.

She pulled hard on my hair and screamed out her orgasm. I felt her body
tense and tremble. She shuddered as she lost control to her lust.
Nothing but the sound of animal lust and woman passion.

It seemed like forever before she finally got control of herself. I
hoped it was over, but I was wrong.

"Okay, Madison. Hop up on your desk. Get a move on."

She made me kneel down in the middle of my desk and bend my body in a
90 degree angle. My tits hung loosely pointing toward the desk like two
upside down mountains. They swayed back and forth with every little
movement. When I finally spread my legs and arched my back to her
satisfaction, she jammed my panties back into my mouth. I felt like a
fool and must have looked even worse.

I noticed something strange. No matter how bad things got, my body
betrayed me and seemed to want even more to happen. My pussy was wet
and I felt heat radiate to every part of my body. My lust was all I
could think of. I knew I should stop this, but I couldn't think and
didn't know what to do.

"I think you need a few decorations, Madison. You're just all naked and
stuff. Let's see what I've got for you."

I muffled a scream when she put the first nipple clamp on the sensitive
tip of my breast. She just laughed and found the other clamp which soon
held my other nipple in a permanent erection. I didn't know what she
was going to do with the third clamp until I felt her trap my swollen
clit it its vise like grip. I felt pain and suddenly spit the panties
out of my mouth with a scream.

"Oh, too bad. Now I have to punish you. Don't you agree, Madison."

I went along with her and said, "Yes, Mistress. You have to punish me."

"I'm glad you agree."

I felt the cat of nine tails crash on my back.

Twack! Twack! Twack!

Stripes of heat seemed to be forming over my back in all the many
places where the razor sharp lashes struck. I cried out once again.

"Damn. You're not learning anything. So I guess I have to do it again."

Twack! Twack! Twack!

This time I was able to hold back my scream. I was relieved to see her
throw the cat to the ground.

"Now let's see. Yes, I was decorating you."

She picked up a ten inch long round cylinder that had a large red and
yellow feather attached at one end. The other end was slightly rounded
and blunt. I refused to scream as she jammed the butt plug into my
asshole. I realized that I must look like a fool, but it was now far
too late to do anything about it. I was in her power and had no other

Next she took a bright red lipstick and colored my areolas until my
breasts looked like parody. She roughly colored my lips making sure to
enlarge their look and took no care in being neat. She painted my
cheeks with a bright red rouge and I could fell myself being turned
into some sort of clown.

She has the largest container of hair gel I'd ever seen. She poured it
over my head and molded it into something that must have looked like a
hair style the Bride of Frankenstein would wear. Once she had it
looking hideously the way she wanted it, she took out some spray colors
and turned it purple, orange and blue. She used the rest of the purple
color on my back and spelled out, "F-U-C-K M-E N-O-W!"

She produced a bar and used the ropes on the two ends to tie up my
ankles. My legs were now spread apart and I couldn't close them. Just
to remind me how much was exposed, she pressed several fingers roughly
into my pussy and twisted them around until I could hardly stand the

Next a cord was attached from my hand cuffs to the bar spreading my
legs. It split my butt cheeks and put pressure on the butt plug that
was still sticking out from my asshole.

I couldn't move.

" I think we need a remembrance picture, don't you Madison?"

She started snapping away with a digital camera. I realized she was
only one step away from being able to post pictures of me on the
internet. My god what was I going to do?

She set up a tripod and started a video camera. When she was happy with
her setup, she took out the riding crop and started wailing away wildly
on my ass.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Every time I cried out it caused her to hit me again and again. Somehow
I was able to stifle my screams and see decided to stop. My body was
now covered with red welts. I knew it wouldn't be possible for me to
sit down for several days and I certainly couldn't expect to lay my
back down on anything.

Even though I was in extreme pain, I realized that my body was
betraying me. My pussy was soaked and I longed for more of her brutal

"Now I've got one more thing to do here and you better not make a
mistake. Do you understand?"

Somehow I was able to mumble a "Yes" and she continued on with her
torture. I felt the riding crop get stuffed into my swollen pussy. I
was very wide, but the handle on the crop was big enough to jam into my
womanhood. It was stuck in the hole between my legs like some grotesque
cock without a rider.

"Okay, Doctor Alexander. I have to leave now, but I'm sure your
receptionist will come in to get you eventually. I'll just take my
stuff with me. I'm sure all my friends are going to love the videos and

With that she was gone.

I've been here for over three hours. I knew I would be trapped until
the morning. My receptionist never bothered me when the door was closed
and by now she had gone home. I couldn't move and had to wait until my
assistant arrived in the morning.

Then I realized it was Friday and no one would be around until Monday.
My god. It was then that I noticed the video camera still pointing at
me. When I saw the antenna I knew that it was broadcasting to some
remote location. I had the whole weekend to think about who might be
watching the broadcast.
The End
Tell me what you think about my story!

Katie McN <>

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