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Title: Slut To Remember
Keywords: mF, inc, teen, mdom, mom, son
Author: Caesar

There was a young lady named Brook
Who never could learn how to cook.
But on a divan
She could please any man-
She knew every darn trick in the book!

Slut To Remember

by Caesar, copyright 2000-2002

$Revision: 1.5 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:28 $

I didn't even knock but entered into my best friends house with only a
quick glance behind me to ensure no one saw my entrance. The door
closed quickly behind me. It was Wednesday afternoon and I had a free
period, an hour and a half. It took only five minutes to get to
Williams place from my high school. Though William had a Math class
right then.

In fact, I have been coming to his home this time very week for nearly
the full school year.

The drapes were open and the early summer sunlight made the oriental
flavoured decor seem surreal. William and his family are from rural
China - though William called himself a 'banana', first generation to
be born in the West and was more 'white' than 'yellow'. His parents,
though, always revered and reminisced about their history. I guess
they didn't pass this honour down to their only son.

I threw my spring jacket by the door and smelled the delicious spices
that permeated through the house - alien, but delightful. I had been
invited to the Yang house many times in the ten years I've known
William - it was always a pleasure to my large teenage appetite.

My boots joined the jacket.

Williams father was an Engineer that was well educated, intelligent
and a dedicated father and husband. William took after his father in
looks, short dumpy with dark hair and small dark eyes. I got along
with Mr. Yang very well.

I jumped on one foot, comically, as I pulled my socks from my feet.
They were left draped over my boots.

Williams mother, was cut from a different stone than her son or
husband. She was in her late thirties, as far as I could figure. Had
distinctive asian features, with a small soft body, and spoke barely a
dozen words of English. When I attended one of the Yang family functions, she barely acknowledged my existence - neither William or
his father seemed to notice.

I strode into the comfortable home, and made my way to the back of the
home and the bedrooms - my shirt forgotten on the floor behind me.

I once asked William why his mom acted coldly towards me, and he only
laughed and revealed her dislike and distrust for anything outside her
Family and culture. I suppose I understood, she never came between me
and my friendship with her son - so I ignored her all those years as
did William.

I paused in unbuttoning my jeans to look into Williams parents room.
It shouldn't surprise me, I knew, but it always did. Mrs. Yang sat on
the edge of her bed, a large king-sized Western bed that I knew her
husband had purchased out of decadence for the comfort it had over the
bed they had brought from China. She wore black stockings, a black
garter that did little to hide the role about her middle and a half
bra that did nothing to hide her wide dark nipples topping her small
droopy tits.

Sara, as William and his father called her when they spoke English
about me, sat with a half smile. Waiting for me as she did every week
for nearly the last year.

Even as I stood and stared, enjoying the sight of the older woman - my
best friends mother - she spread her knees revealing her sparse black
straight bush between her thighs.

My jeans ended up about my ankles, and I knew better than to wear
underwear on Wednesdays.

Sara didn't move, but her smile widened so I could see her teeth - as
I stepped into her room. My cock the focus of her gaze.

Every week, she had worn the same thing, very Western lingerie. I
think she had some idea that her soft but shapely legs were
unattractive, while ignoring her soft stomach, droopy breasts and soft
wide ass. She wore only black lingerie, and I had counted three
different sets - her legs always clad in stockings.

It amused me but I never smiled in amusement within her presence. And
truth be told, I rather enjoyed it.

I stepped up to her and reached out a hand to the back of her head.
Sara Yang had short black hair, that hung just below her ears. She
didn't resist as I pulled her towards me - her mouth opening.

My half hard dick was immediately swallowed in the warm wet delightful
mouth. If I had any comment about Sara's cock sucking, was that she
enjoyed it so much that she would often suck so hard it would hurt.
The first time my dick had entered her, was in her mouth. The first
time she had taken my come, it had been in her mouth. In my weekly
visits, I most often had her suck me.

Quickly I was hard and pumping in time to her plunging face, my hand
casually holding the back of her head.
Most days I jerked off at least once. Fourteen and my favourite toy
was hanging between my legs - no surprise there. Didn't most teenage
boys spend most time fantasizing about every female around them?

Well I never thought about Mrs. Yang - she was the silent small mother of my best friend. Not unattractive I suppose, but with her cold
attitude towards me and the fact that I never seen her in anything
less than a long skirt and sweater, she was far from my fantasies.

That changed when I opened the door to Williams room, his father reading in a lawn chair in their backyard and telling me to just go
in, and found Mrs. Yang kneeling upon her sons bed - her son behind.

It didn't register at first but then I saw her naked bottom, the dark
thick skirt bunched at her waist, her white cotton panties half ways
to her knees. I had entered the room as William shoved his naked hips
forwards, his slacks and underwear around his ankles, and smacked
loudly against his mother.

I stood startled beyond description - my best buddy was fucking his

William continued to pump his dick, his soft ass jiggling almost in
time to his mothers. He was holding onto her hips and I could tell he
was speeding up, in my innocence I still knew what was about to

Mrs. Yang was grunting as William hissed and shoved one final time
forwards into her. I had done the same thing, but into my hand to
fantasies best not revealed her - but my buddy was emptying his seed
into his mom.

They both fell forwards and William lay upon his mothers soft body,
panting. She was breathing heavy but didn't seem as tired as her son
when she turned to look at her son over her shoulder to find me
standing in the doorway with my hand still on the door handle.

She spoke in Mandarin and hissed at her son.

William turned his head and turned white at seeing me. Frantically he
rolled off his mother, fumbling with his pants and underwear while
continuously saying, "Shit".

It wasn't William that I was looking at, but the naked soft round ass
of her mother. Though I did notice that her face had a worried look
until her eyes lowered, to my crotch and the bulge within. She smiled
in that half smile I had come to know, and spoke quickly in Mandarin
to her son.

He answered in English, she understood much more of my language than
she spoke, "Mom?"

After his slacks were belted up he quickly departed his own room,
taking care to ignore my look of astonishment. I heard the door to
their house open as he exited to the back yard.

I turned back to Mrs. Yang to find her rolling off the bed and to her
knees on the carpeted floor, the skirt falling to hid her naked loins.
I watched still stunned as she crawled awkwardly on her knees to kneel
before me, her eyes looking into mine.

Without a change in her face, she reached up and undid the buttons of
my jeans. Her glaze turned downwards even as my cock sprung out of my
pants - she gasped and her eyes widened in what I would classify
pleasure. I was much larger than her son, my beast friend.

She didn't hesitate but closed her eyes, opened her mouth and took my
hard dick half ways, the head of my circumcised penis already hitting
the back of her throat.

I still had not taken my hand from the door handle as my best friends
mother began to suck my virgin cock.
I pulled her face firmly off my hard dick, her mouth still obscenely
wide but empty. She mewed with desire, her eyes opening to stare at
my saliva covered white dick.

I was teasing her, knowing how much she loved my big cock within her
mouth. She was a tiny woman, barely five feet tall, and with small
features to match. My cock seemed to stretch her her lips wide while
puffing out her cheeks. And when she took my cock down her throat, I
could see my head moving inside her neck. She loved it.

It was out of reach of her mouth as I leaned over and slipped my hand
between her spread thighs. My fingers immediately came into contact
with her straight pubic hair, feeling the generous female spend
already coating it.

When my fingers touched her thick clitoris she jumped, but I ignored
it and moved lower till my middle finger sunk within her hot wet cunt.

She mewed again, her body falling back onto the bed and her knees
coming up till her stockinged feet were flat upon the bed. Sara loved
fingers inside her body, especially mine which were nearly the size of
her son's penis.

We never spoke, I never asked or considered what Sara may want.
Perhaps I had an asian soul - it was how her son treated her. I knew
she wanted my cock within her - she always enjoyed when I cunt-fucked
her. Yet I reached for one of her arms and pulled her hand to her
loins, she saw my look and slipped two fingers into the grove at the
top of her slit. She again closed her eyes to enjoy.

I fingered her hole as she frigged her clitoris and I knew she would
not take long.

My free hand pumped my cock and I imagined my sperm raining down onto
her clean black lingerie, yellow skinned breasts and face.
"I'm going to ask you a favour okay Jerry?" We stood outside his
parents bedroom door, his hand on the handle looking at me. He knew
his mother was blowing me for the last couple of weeks and I knew he
was fucking her nearly every day. We had no other secrets.

"Sure man?"

"I don't want you to... ", he couldn't meet my eyes and I had no idea
what he wanted, "... fuck her okay?"

What! I had thought when William asked me to join him and his mother,
in a threesome, that I would finally get to loose my virginity.

He must have seen my disappointment and confusion, "You can fuck her
mouth or ass if you want." Her ass? I had not even thought of such a
thing - in my fantasies, I only thought of sexy mouths and wet cunts.
I still hadn't said anything, "You can... if you want... when I'm not
around." He meant fuck her cunt.

"You don't want me to fuck her...", I couldn't say it.

"Vagina." He offered.

"... when you are around?" He nodded. "Sure William, no problem."

He opened the door and I saw the first fully naked woman in my life,
clad only in black lingerie. My best buddies mother as she sat up on
her bed and spread her legs, her wetness readily apparent.
Near silently Sara climaxed, her eyes glued to my pumping hand on my
cock, her sex clenching my plunging finger. Her hairless yellow body,
now clad in a sheen of sweat glowed in the afternoon light.

I don't think she ever orgasmed with her son or husband, and she would
suppress her pleasure when her son was with us. I never understood
this, but never dwelled upon it. But alone, on my Wednesday afternoon
visits for instance - she had a hair-trigger and often came several
times each.

I had lain awake last night, thinking how I would fuck Sara today, as
I stroked myself. I thought of using her ass hole again, knowing that
she had some perverse enjoyment of the pain-pleasure that she endured
each time I fucked her there. Or of laying back and having her bounce
up and down upon my cock - enjoying the mature sight of her movements.

My finger slipped from her overheated wet hole and I slapped her hip
and motioned for her to turn over. She frowned but turned over, on
her knees, assuming I wanted her in that position. Sara never seemed
to care how her son or I used her body, never denying us when we had
I was panting and spent, as Mrs. Yang crawled off my body towards her
sons, only a brief longing gaze over her shoulder at my dick. I
watched her gaping ass hole, and my pearl coloured fluid leaking out
as her wide ass waddled towards the bed. William grabbed his mothers
hair, roughly, and pulled her mouth to his tiny hard cock. She sucked it obediently.

How many times I had slept over at the Yang household as a kid, though
it now contained a completely different purpose. Williams father would go to bed with his wife and when he fell asleep, his wife would
come to her sons room. I slept over as many times as my parents allowed me, and never did a night go by that I didn't get to use my
buddies mother in some way.

His eyes stole a look at my softened soiled cock, jealously barely
contained since it was larger than his when I was soft, and asked me
if I had finished the Art assignment due tomorrow.
Mr. Yang had a huge collection of ties - he wore them every day to
work - and they were easy to find. Sara looked surprised when I
motioned for her to lift her arms before her and press her wrists
together. Of course I bound her.

Using the loose end of the tie, I half dragged the middle-aged woman
out of her room and to the kitchen.

The Yang household had very little Western furniture - the dining room
being empty except for an old wooden cabinet - so the only table
existed within the kitchen, in the breakfast nook. I placed her face
foreword upon the wide strong table and tied the loose end of the tie
to the far end. Two more ties bound her ankles to each table leg,
spreading her feet over a meter apart.

Sara watched me nervously, but with a strange hunger that I've come to
know. She wanted what I could give her - what her son or husband
obviously could not provide. My big white cock in her tight yellow
cunt... and when properly applied could lift her to the heights of
When I entered the kitchen, a foot behind my buddy, he spoke rapidly
in Mandarin. Till two weeks before, Mrs. Yang would have turned her
head in disgust when her son asked Mr. Yang for his best friend to
have supper with them.

Instead, Sara caught my eye and gaze for several long seconds.
Turning only when Mr. Yang agreed, with a smile, as he always did.
Before I sat down her eyes looked below my waist to the slight bulge
beneath my jeans and I caught her licking her lips as if half-starved.

The kitchen towel covered her face, and more importantly, her eyes
perfectly. Sara was blinded. For the first time today she spoke to
me, in Mandarin - which of course I did not understand - to ask a
nervous question.

I took this to mean she had not ever been tied up before.

Good. I've never tied a woman up before either - the idea coming to
me from some messages on the 'net.

A quick look at the clock showed that I had enough time left for what
I wanted to do.

I pulled a chair up behind her and sat down.

Sara was straining her head, as if to hear what I was doing. She was
mumbling nervously in Mandarin, that small smile now gone.
It took some time to manoeuvre but Williams idea finally took root
when I felt his dick press up against my own within his mothers body,
only a small membrane between her ass and cunt separated us.

I sat in Williams study chair, in his room, with his mother above and
before me, her ass properly impaled upon my thick white cock. It
always took time for her body to adjust to my size in that small tight
hole. Even with generous lubrication, it could take fifteen to twenty
minutes of easing in slowly. Though, when it was the three of us, I
think this was the favourite time for Sara, as alien a thought as it
was for me. She loved her ass hole being plugged, she loved it even
more when it was my cock and I was forced to wait for her muscles to

With both sets of knees spread, William squatted between them and
slipped himself into his mothers very wet sex.

Sara grunted when her son and I began to slip in and out of her in
sync - possibly holding back the orgasm I thought she must be building

It was a unique sensation and experience - we all enjoyed it.

Her round yellow ass skin was smooth, soft and warm. Between the
cheeks of her bottom, the skin darkened naturally down to the lighter
brown of her anal ring. It was naturally hairless.

Sara was breathing deep and quick as I held both cheeks open with my
palms, and studied her. I had looked upon this crevice many times,
had seen it before, during and after my abuse. Yet I never tired of
it. Perhaps it was because of the vulnerability that we both enjoyed
it - her with her ass high, head down, all her most private of parts
shown. I could do anything with her I wanted - that has always been a
part of our relationship. Its the foundation of what we both enjoyed.
William nudged me in the hallway of our school and half-whispered, "I
think mom misses you." Its been nearly six days since I stayed over
with the Yang family - but my own parents would not allow me to stay
at my friends too often, no matter how much I wanted too.

I shrugged, "There is that focus group that I have been preparing

William nodded, he had other school projects that kept him busy as
well, and understood perfectly my excuse.

"Though I kinda miss your mom a little too." Again my friend nodded,
his smile wide.

It was our secret - no one outside of William, Sara or myself knew of
our three way affair. Certainly it was illegal, immoral and possibly
perverted - but we all had our own reasons for the obtuse pleasure we

I think I knew Sara's reasons - her sexuality was overflowing and she
needed more. Simply put, she wanted cock - and the only place she
could retrieve it discreetly was at home. It had been a great boon to
her pleasure when I joined with her - she had told me in very halting
English once.

That was also part of the reason William enjoyed what we did - the
nasty incestuous pleasure had to be surreal and intense. I'm not sure
why he enjoyed sharing with me though. I tried not to think about it
too much.

Me. Well give a fifteen year old a randy slut to enjoy, one that
never said 'no' and never even spoke and had to be discrete - that was
what I had. I would be crazy not to dip my wick into the pleasures
that Sara provided.

"What about during your spare?" He meant my Wednesday afternoon spare
that I drew this school year.

Why not, I thought. I rarely get any peace and quiet to catch up on
school work during that hour and a half anyways - too many
distractions. I smiled nodded my acceptance.
My tongue slide again into the doughnut of her anal muscle - she
stifled yet another groan of pleasure. A tongue never even touched
this part of her before - though I knew that it enjoyed a finger or
cock, it had too enjoy a gentle tongue. She protested in her alien
tongue at first, before I actually pressed it into her, now she just
moaned in pleasure.

For almost five minutes I kissed, sucked and tickled her anus with my
mouth - until she relaxed and even tried to press her ass hole back to
meet my tongue.

Without even touching her vagina or especially her clitoris, Sara
began to squeal in orgasm - her ass hole the target to her pleasure
I watched nervously as Sara talked with my mom at the picnic, about
the barbecue. It had to be a difficult discussion as I knew how
little Sara could say in English.

I played soccer with William and our fathers, my younger twin
brothers, one on either team, also joined in. Even as I played, and
got sweaty in the warm sunshine, I could feel Sara Yangs gaze upon me.

My eyes often looked towards the two ladies and saw that Sara was
watching my crotch avidly, hungrily.

To my horror mother also saw the looks between us.

An hour later, my mother leaned over as she handed me my second hot
dog and whispered, "Just don't get caught okay Jerry?" I looked up
and she nodded towards Mrs. Yang.
With hands upon my hips, I aimed expertly at the familiar hole. The
head of my penis touched her swollen flowered open inner labia and I
could tell her passionate nature by the heat and wetness. I pressed
forwards and sunk into that wonderful familiar hole.

She grunted like an animal as I began to roughly pound in and out of
her body. Her ass squashing and smacking loudly, her body thrusting
against the table top and her left check against the top of her arms,
spittle and drool coming from her open mouth to pool on the table

I alternated, with one hand, fingering her relaxed saliva covered ass
hole to roughly grappling with one of her big dark nipples. My other
hand slipped between us and I held the base of my cock - so my fist
smashed into her unprotected sex. She didn't get the full depth of my
prick but she got a vaginal battering that I knew she enjoyed,
My mother dropped me off at the Yangs house, William and I were going
to a movie after his mother made supper. Just when I opened the door
to our car my mom spoke up, "Have a good time honey." Something in
her voice caused me to pause. I turned to see a strange look in her
eye and remembered the picnic a couple months before.

What could I say, "I will try mom." I didn't move and we just stared
at each other. Each of us knowing.
Sara began to hiss and thrash at her bindings, her cunt muscles
squeezing me deliciously as she orgasmed yet again. Nearly a record
number during this visit, I proudly smiled at the knowledge. My best
friend could not even bring his mother to a single orgasm - though I
doubt he even thought about it.

The middle-aged woman began to beg in her native language, and I knew
she has had enough. Her body and her soul stripped to its base so
that she felt she could no longer take another round of pleasure and

Normally I could care less, I had learned well from watching her son
use her. Yet, I knew of another pleasure I wanted before I had to

I pulled from her sex with a tiny suction sound, as if she was
attempting to hold me within her. I unbound her feet but left her
wrists bound together, though removed the tether from the table. She
pulled off the makeshift blindfold.

I sat and motioned to my wet hard cock. I had only five minutes
before I had to get going - I couldn't be late today.

Sara Yang knew and understood exactly what I wanted. With tired
limbs, she knelt before me and leaned down. Without hesitation she
took me into her mouth and began to suck.
The head moved before me in slow circles, as the tongue licked up and
down my shaft. She savoured each lick and was making small humming
noises, enjoying her work evidently. One of my hands had slipped
under the back of her skirt and aggressively fondled her soft ass, her
ass hole a prime target.

Perhaps I should fuck her ass hole, I thought to myself?

She always wanted to know exactly, with minute detail, how Sara took
me in her backside. Often begging me without a care to tell her all
even as she bounced up and down on my cock. I just loved her huge
breasts and nipples, torturing these as my cock thrust between the
lips of her sex. Knowing that my fumbling finger, as it slipped to
the second knuckle, entered virgin territory of her ass.

The mouth again moaned, bringing me out of my ethereal thoughts and to
the present - as she savoured the taste of another woman upon me.
Sara Yang moved her head about, round and round, as her neck moved up
and down - my cock getting the most delicious stimulation that its
hard to remember all those memories that were coming to me today.
Knowing I was close... Sara knowing I was close.
She looked nervous, even scared, but nodded her acceptance. When I
reached and grasped her round white ass in my hands, I felt her
stiffen nervously. Did she believe I would do it right then - without
any preparation?

Actually that image did have some delicious thoughts to it. Making
this slut cry with pain, beg for the pleasure and groan, ultimately,
with orgasm.

My lips found her own, and as was so often the case, they were slick
with her saliva from the work she had done with my cock. Like Sara,
this slut also loved to suck my big cock - practically worshipped it
My hands grasped Sara's straight black hair and I roughly held it
within my hands and forced it up and down... so close!
The carrot slipped in and out of her hairless sex, coated with her
pleasure. I watched her face as she again gained that summit, towards
a second orgasm with the vegetable. Her own fingers rotated those
hard nipples above the large fleshy woman flesh over her chest.

I knew, after her next orgasm, which was fast approaching, that I
would watch her eat the carrot even as I lubricated her ass hole. My
cock was thrusting like a magnet towards her body, never tiring of
My ejaculate shot out the head of my cock as Sara moved her face
around before me, her bound hands aiming me perfectly. It coated her
lips, one cheek and covered one eye and forehead. Sara always enjoyed
having me finish upon her, when her son was not present, enjoying some
nameless perversion that I had no interest stopping.

My breath came in gasps as I smiled down at her, that same small half
smile looked back at me.
She held her big fat breasts together for my dick to slip in and out
between - greased up from the earlier lubricant from her sex. Her
tongue slipped and fondled the head of my cock upon each thrust
forwards, loosing it in the fleshy folds as I retreated.

I wanted to surprise her with my spend, to finish upon her face for
the first time. Normally she could not get enough of my cock, to the
point of swallowing my eventual come - this time I knew how I would
Sara handed me my jacket just as I finished tieing my shoes - every
week was the same. Rush to get here, fuck her to whatever mood that
best matched my desires and then rush back to school. It sucked.

I looked down at the pleased and tired sperm-covered face of my own
mother, and knowing that my surprise had been successful. The
pleasure and pride swelling my soul, knowing that she was just as much
of a slut as Sara Yang. The biggest difference, was that she was my

She released her huge breasts which fell to either side of her chest,
and used her fingers to scoop up my come, sucking each digit clean
before searching her own face for more.

What a sight!
Mrs. Yang, naked with quivering tired flesh, stood upon her toes and
kissed my cheek - as if thanking me. Her face still had the telltale
tracks of my sperm, her ankles and wrists her husbands ties, and her
thighs her own juices - she looked the role that she was, a freshly
fucked woman.

Even as I reached for the door I knew I would be back next week, and
would get to use her yet again. Her own son would probably use her
tonight I remembered.

She was no longer smiling as I slipped away - rushing back to my next
class, knowing I would probably be a few minutes late.
Mother smiled up at me, when she could no longer find more sperm to
digest - and I never told her of the strand in her blond hair,
thinking she looked rather wonderful - and I slipped my dick forwards
for her to clean with her mouth.

Unlike William and Sara, my mother was not shared with anyone - only I
knew what a slut she truly was.


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