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Title: So You Want To Be A Member
Keywords: mF, mdom, inc, teen, ff, ws, humil, mom, son
Author: Caesar

Prince Absalom lay with his sister And bundled and nibbled and kissed her,
But the kid was so tight,
And it was deep night --
Though he shot at the target, he missed her.

So, You Want To Be A Member?

by Caesar, copyright 2000-2002

$Revision: 1.4 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:28 $

I finally received an email reply from David and anxiously read it.
"Holy shit", I yelled before I jumped up out of my chair then bounced
about my bedroom in excitement.

Not only did David not dismiss my request outright he wanted to
schedule a meeting the very next day. It was paramount to being given
an audience with the Queen of England to a teenager in my suburb.

The club was so exclusive, it did not even have a name - only the
'Club'. As well, most of its members were unknown and thus the total
compliment of its membership. Only a select few volunteered to be
open to the public, by acknowledging their membership.

Oh sure, there were rumours. About dark masses and orgies in secret
places. Money to burn. Women ready and willing.

I'm not sure what was real and what wasn't - all I knew is that
everyone seemed to whisper about how cool it was to be in the Club.
But I don't think anyone whispering knew any more than I.

Then I overheard a group of my students in the cafeteria chatting with
David, hushed voices and small nods. That was how I learned David was
a member of the Club - a club so secret that no other members were
known. He was the centre of attention, the focus of all the questions
and who gave nearly no direct answer from what I overheard.

Oh certainly I could use the boost for being a member of such a Club
to my reputation, and even to my ego if the truth be told. I'm not
very popular in school, a silent bookworm that gets good grades and
keeps out of trouble. I do have several friends but they are all
approximately the same as I, simply travelling through our interment
in high school.

Then again, I remembered, I would not be able to tell anyone if I was
accepted to the Club.

Perhaps my desire to join this secret society was a dream, a phantasm
to reality. I just wasn't in any cool crowds. Hell I was barely even
noticed by my own teachers.

But I re-read David's email once more - and it boosted my ego yet
again. What if...
David was waiting by the baseball diamonds in our school yard, alone
with his jacket billowing out with the high winds. Winter was coming
and I pressed my hands into my own jacket as I approached him, to
still the cold as well as to hide my nervous quivering.

He smiled and we shook hands.

It already felt clandestine.

"Hi Joseph. Did you bring it?"

I passed over a recent photograph of my family which he looked at for
a few long seconds and then stuck into his pocket. I was a little
surprised at this request when I received his email and more surprised
when he pocketed the photo. No matter, it would not be missed from my
family albums.

"What do you know about the Club?"

I looked around, as if to be sure none could overhear us, but it was
redundant, no one was even upon the school grounds on this fine
blustery day. "Basically nothing. Mostly rumours."

He nodded amused. "What is the most outrageous rumour that you've
heard about then?"

I shrugged and inventoried the more recent rumours and thought of one
that excited and intrigued me, "Each member is given a girl as a
slave." I assumed he would laugh my rumour into the fall wind.

Instead, David nodded. "Not exactly. But what if part of that was

That surprised me. I had no comment actually - what fifteen year old could reply logically when asked if he would like a sex slave?

Now he laughed lightly and put his arm over my shoulder, "I can't tell
you any details at this stage - but if you are still interested I will
bring your interest for a membership to the Club?"

Interested... fuck yes! "Sure." Did he hear my quivering excited
voice above the wind?
Less than a week later, a school night mind you so I knew I would be
in hell when I got back home, I stood as David slipped a pillow-case
over my head. "Okay?"

"Yes." I had agreed to this of course, at every step of the way I had
been asked if I wanted to go forward with my initiation. As if in a
dream, I agreed whole-heartily.

David helped me back into his car, and we then drove for some time,
once stopping and I heard two others get into the back. No one spoke.

Finally we stopped and David helped me out. I followed the two others
with David guiding my shoulders from behind. We walked across some
short grass, up some cement steps and finally through a doorway.

"We are here Joseph." Inside a house I think, but where I have no
idea. "I will ask you not to attempt to remove the blindfold or to
talk without being spoken to first. Do you understand?"

"Yes." I felt like saying 'sir', but David was always so informal it
seemed out of place somehow.

Then he guided me further into the house, a large one evidently and
down a long flight of stairs to what I assumed to be the basement.
"Sit here Joseph."

I sat silently in a sturdy woody chair as I heard movement from
several others about me.

Eventually the movement slowed down and I could almost feel others
looking at me.

David spoke up from across the room, "Joseph you are here with the
other members of the Club, who at this time will remain anonymous, and
we wish to chat with you for a few moments?"

I nodded, comically I thought, as no one could see my head within the
pillow case.

A new voice, deeper and probably older, "Joseph Bentley?"

"Yes." My voice came out more as a crackle.

Same voice, as if reading, "Fifteen years old, tenth grade?"

"Yes sir." It just slipped and I almost hung my head for the rebuke
but it never came.

"You have two siblings - an older brother in college and a younger


"Your father is an executive and alternates between the office here
and out east?"

"Correct - yes." I wondered if someone had done research upon me
before this meeting?

"Your mother is on several charity boards in the city but mostly
spends her time at her office?"


"The photo you gave, this is your mother in the picture?"

"Yes." I almost volunteered where the picture was taken but stopped
realizing that I had not been asked a direct question. I most
certainly did not want to screw up this interview, as I have come so
far. Much further than I expected.

"How old is she now?"

"Forty one years old."

"Her name is Larissa?"

"Yes." Why so many questions about my mother?

Next he began to ask about my school, my grades, who was my friends
and whom I did not get along with. Then he asked me about my
teachers, and asked about my private thoughts on my attractive English
teacher whom every boy had fantasies about.

Then he asked about financial matters about my father, our home and
some of the items in our household. We were pretty well off, I should
imagine but, of course, I had nothing to gauge it by. I couldn't
answer very well to these, as I didn't know, and ended that part of
the questions feeling like my application into their Club was all for

Another voice spoke up, younger, maybe my age. "Relax Joseph - your
doing great."

I was? His comment helped.

"We are a small group Joseph and our interests are not always what
society would accept."

I have no idea what that meant! Yet I hadn't been asked a question
and could not talk.

"I'm going to ask you some more questions - odd questions - and I want
you trust me... us... and answer honestly. If at any time you feel
uncomfortable with what I'm asking you, simply stand up and we shall
conclude our meeting. No fowl. Okay?"

"Okay." I was getting nervous again.

"Do you masturbate Joseph?"

I was quivering in nervousness, and this question didn't help. "Yes."
If my face had been revealed so would have my glowing red embarrassed

"No problem, we all do." Several chuckles from about the room.

"What do you think about when you jerk off?" Before I could answer,
"How about Mrs. Lowell?" My English teacher.

I opened my mouth and a lie almost came out but I knew in my heart
that I had to answer honestly, "Ya, sometimes."

"What exactly Joseph?"

God this was embarrassing. "I think of her naked... doing things."
The last part came out in barely a whisper.

"Have you seen a women naked before Joseph?"

"I saw mom once," I regretted saying that immediately but wasn't sure
why, "and on the 'net."

"So the only 'live' naked woman you have ever seen was your mother?"

I guess, "Yes".

"Did she look good naked?"

"It was only for a second..."

"Yes, but did you enjoy the sight of her naked?"

No sense lying now, "Yes." Barely a whisper.

"Have you ever jerked off while thinking about your mother?"

I nearly stood up, an impulse reaction. How could this guy suggest
such a thing? Then I stopped, my ass a millimetre from the chair.

That was when I really made the decision that I wanted to be in the
Club. I could feel that it was more than just secrecy and guys sitting around the room, I could feel that it was forbidden thing this
Club represented. And though I had not idea what it was, my guts
started to knot and my palms sweated and I wanted not only to join but
enjoy these forbidden things. I wanted to belong to this secret
group, to belong to something for the first time in my life.

My resolve was set and I answered in a stronger voice than I had
answered most of my questions earlier, "Yes." It was true after all -
I had thought about me, mostly after the chance encounter of seeing
her naked as she stepped from the shower.

After my answer, it seemed liked the air was less thick in the room we
all sat in. "Have you tried to see her naked again?"


"How did it go?"

My mom is pretty strict about nudity and I tried to again walk into
the bathroom when I knew she was drying herself - she had always
locked the door after that first time. Then there was the peeks
beneath the table at her stocking clad legs, or down her blouse when
she bent before me, at her covered ass walking up the stairs in our
home... "Not very well."

A few chuckles and then I heard some whispering that lasted for a few

Someone walked, on hard heeled shoes, towards me. Again the younger
guy spoke up. "Before you is a naked woman."

Oh my god!

"She is wearing only her black heels and a collar." I could feel the
pillow case sticking to my wet sweaty face and my breath began come in
great gulps.

"If you feel that you would like to still be a member of this Club,
then reach out and slip a finger into her cunt."

Fuck me! Was this for real? Could I be so lucky, never having been
lucky so far in my life, as to still be in the running for membership
in this group?

I had to squeeze my fist to still the shakes, unsuccessfully. Yet
somehow I lifted it before me.

It touched the warm soft skin of a thigh, and I opened my fist to
grasp the outer leg to find my way to that spot I had never known

The woman had soft warm skin, smooth, not a hair, and I thought I felt
her quiver when my fingers slowly slipped between her thighs and I
felt the other leg against the back of my hand. I was between the
valley leading to that forbidden pot of gold that I've never even seen
- if only I was not blinded.

As I moved slowly upwards, I realized my hand was no longer shaking,
but it was the woman herself that quivered. It gave me resolve and
that first touch of her womanly bush surprised me. I turned my hand,
having to push the soft thighs apart slightly, and cupped her sex.

The first woman's sex that I have ever felt, though you can probably
guess at that. She was some stranger that I could not see, and may
never know. The pussy was cupped in my hand, it was damp and warm,
rough thick hair with small curls. I could feel the overheated
dampness beneath my fingers and I put pressure on my two centre

The woman knew I had done this before I did, as both digits slid into
the warm folds and into that new place and inside her body. I didn't
move after she moaned, not wanting this to end. She moved, if only to
quiver and perhaps to squat down a few inches to better my access.

Oh god!

Again that younger voice, "The woman you have your fingers inside of
is my Slave Joseph. How do you feel about that?"

Several chuckles from those about me. What could I say, "I like it."

He laughed heartily, "As do I. After you leave here with David, I'm
going to fuck my slave in her cunt and probably in her mouth as well."
His slave shook violently and sighed loudly. "When I'm done, I may
give her to any of the other members of the Club that want to use
her." Again a violent shudder - I would say the woman was looking
forwards to her Masters intentions.

David spoke up as he moved towards me, "Meeting over Joseph." The
woman stepped backwards away from me and my fingers slipped from that

The other guy, the older one, "We will discuss what we know about you
and David will be in contact in the coming days."

The younger guy, now standing near me, near where I imagined his Slave
to be standing - was he fondling her as I had just done, "We have to
be sure Joseph, I know you don't understand, but we only want members
that want to live the life we want too."

David's hand grasped my shoulder and guided me out.
I must have smelt my fingers for hours, I didn't even wash them for
two days. The woman smelled delicious, a smell that I have not ever
known, yet I wanted to become more intimate with. Did all woman smell
the same?

And jerk off - I could not keep my hands to myself. Every chance I
got, I pumped my cock.

The questions rolled about in my mind and even my answers, as I
remembered every detail. When I did this, I could not help about the
questions regarding my mother and think about my mothers surprised
face as I had interrupted her post shower ritual, her large hanging
breasts, her white buttock, her smooth thighs... then I remembered
'those' thighs from the Club. Now when I jerked off to my mothers
image, to my fantasies of her, I no longer felt guilt.

An email arrived two days latter, from David, asking for a detailed
explanation regarding the only time I had seen my mothers body. I had
to include details about what she looked like.

Somehow, this request didn't bother me and I sat down to type out five
hundred words in no time. I even scanned recent pictures of my mother to include with the note, mostly to give a face to the mental pictures
that I had written.

Then another email came the next day.

I sat again in the same chair in the same house and with, I suspect,
the same group of guys about me. Of course I had the pillow case over
my head.

The younger voice, "Congratulations, you've gotten to the next stage

All about me people clapped.

"Thank you", was all I could contribute. I wanted to ask questions
but kept silent, knowing my position was still precarious.

"This stage is mostly about information. And I have to ask your
continued patience as we still need to protect our identities still
later." Of course, it only seemed logical.

"We asked a lot of questions and we feel you have answered honestly.
It may not surprise you that we have had been researching you and your
mother these last couple of days."

My mother?

"You meet the criteria that we have set for ourselves. That does not
mean you are yet a member, but you can consider yourself a pledge."

More clapping and I smiled behind my blindfold.

"First off - we ask that anything and everything about the Club,
including your application, be kept secret. You must answer 'yes' or
'no' to these questions?"


"On your life?" Somehow I doubted it was a light oath I was taking,
that it was indeed my life that I now pledged.

I didn't hesitate, "Yes."

"Good. Thank you Joseph. Second - what exactly is this club right?"
It wasn't really a question.

The older guy spoke instead, "Joseph, this club was formed many years
ago and has always been kept very exclusive and small in numbers. The
members are all male, post puberty, and had to join as virgins."

How did they know I was a virgin? I again felt my cheeks blush - I
suspect it was not hard to figure out.

"The first and foremost mission of our Club is that each member has
their own mother as their personal slave."

I almost expected the guys to again laugh, but not a sound could be
heard. I was stunned as I listened.

"There are several rules attached to this, for the member and even for
his slave."

The younger voice broke in, "Just understand that we are not against
freedom and pleasure Joseph, only that the rules protect the Club and
its members."

I remembered my last visit, and the wonderful touch of that woman -
this voices' Slave he had told me. Could it be true - had I fingered
his mother?

His 'Slave' I chastised myself.

Again the older, "Do you have any questions Joseph?"

The younger, "You may speak freely?"

"I...", I could not find the words, my tongue just would not work.
"My mother...", would be my slave if I joined - but how? "She would
never... you know?" Hardly a question but they seemed to understand.

"One of the necessary components to joining our club was that you
seduce your mother. This does not mean we can not help you." Help me
get my mother into bed - for me to fuck her?

This was crazy! Okay, so I pictured my mother naked as I jerked off -
even thinking about her lips wrapped around my cock - but that is a
far cry from reality. She was my mother for gods sake!

"Another component to joining, is that you most not only fuck her but
she must submit to you fully." I only barely heard that, my mind was
clouded by the impossibility of the situation. The thought that she
become my Slave seemed unimportant as to the magnitude of the image of
mother spreading her legs for me.

I barely recognized that David was again leading me away.
Mother looked at me questioningly from across the table, "What is
wrong honey?"

Oh god! I have sat amongst guys that fucked their own mothers. I had
two of my fingers inside of one of them. I just could not set my mom as such a woman - impossible!

For a week I have been in a cloud, outside my mind and the blind
clandestine meetings with the Club just didn't seem important.

Dad frowned and told mom, "Maybe he is sick?"

Mom nodded affirmatively but never said a word. Did she know I was
looking at her lips right now and wondering what they would look like
parted with nothing but a sigh of pleasure upon them?

"Perhaps we should send him to the doctor Larissa?" Dads answer to
any ailment, doctors.

I remembered some of the documents I had read on the novice web site
of the Club. Passworded and encrypted of course. I had read nearly
two dozen real accounts how guys, like me, had gotten their mothers to
bed them. Some had been sweet and gentle, almost courting their own
mothers. Others had bound and raped their kin, continually doing so
till it was accepted. Most had been somewheres between, nonconsentual

Mother answered dad, "Maybe a few days in bed. Honey?"

Bed. The last story related how the member had slipped into his
mothers bed late one night, and with a pre-greased cock slipped it
into her sex. Or another, several previous, how the member had
pretended to sleep upon the top of his covers, naked and with his
morning hard-on, his mother had come in and touched his hard member
till he awoke and confronted her. And another, a guy had caught his
mothers infidelity, in her own marriage bed, with a neighbour and
captured it on tape, then blackmailed her into submission.

Dad agreed, "Might be a good idea. Too much stress Joseph?"

I didn't say a word but dropped my knife upon the floor and bent to
retrieve it. mother was wearing slacks today but I imagined what the
shape of her thighs beneath must look like. I had seen them white,
smooth and uncovered, I knew what lay beneath her tan pants.

A thought came to mind, before I sat back up, if there was any
possible way that mom would... you know... be my sex slave, then I
will ask her, no order her, only to wear skirts. She had such sexy

I was startled by my own thoughts.

Again I became aware that this may not all be an impossibility.
David sent me email, since I had been home for two days, to follow up
on our last meeting. I knew his intentions, to find out my thoughts,
as I'm sure I was a basket case when he dropped me a block from my

I only replied with the necessary comments that everything was fine
and I was only thinking.

Another reply from him came the same day, that he was available if I
should need help with 'you know what'.

I didn't reply.

If indeed this phase of the initiation was about information, then I
was learning very much. I read every document that I could on the
Club's private web site for initiates, like myself. So many personal
stories, some as old as thirty years before. A few pictures attached
some of the stories, no head shots just body parts - and you can guess
which parts!

I didn't learn anything else about the Club's mission beyond that what
was told to me. They were expert enough to know how to handle newbies
like myself it seems.

As well as the Club's web site, I searched the Internet on topics
involving 'incest' and especially 'mother-son incest'. I had more
than I could possibly read, but I followed up on many of them. Most
were fictional some claimed to be factual, I began to enjoy all of

Though my masturbation sessions had halted those first couple of days,
they slowly started up again. To the point that I was pumping my seed
more often now than even before my interest in the Club.

When I slipped a family photo album into my room and spent an hour
looking at mother on our trip to Fiji two years before, I nearly
rubbed my cock raw. She had worn several different light outfits in
the hot climate and one very sexy one-piece bathing suit. Why hadn't
I noticed it before?

The longer I sat alone in my room, before my computer, and hunched
over photos of mom, I began to desire the lifestyle that the Club

I no longer thought about how to make it happen, only what life could
be like if it did.

Imagines came to mind - graphic desires expressed in incestuous
fantasies. Mothers mouth was often a favourite, and in my mind, her
mouth and tongue sucked and licked very inch of my body. She had such
a pretty mouth, petite I would say.

Her legs were a favourite, often sporting stockings - like the ladies
on the 'net - heels as she moved to my commands. Small ankles, well
formed perfect sized feet, great tapered strong calves, shapely sexy

Those only lead upwards, to her ass. Teardrop shaped, a slight
movement when she walked that balked of her younger athletic college years, perfect width, inviting looking.

Her breasts, not huge but more than a handful. Perfectly round shape
that I had only seen without clothing once, hanging down beneath her.
The dark brown nipples swaying towards the floor. I wanted to do so
much with mothers chest.

She had a well formed shape, womanly curves I imagined. Small waist,
but with a slight bulge for a tummy. Wide soft hips that simply
flowed with her lines. Wide shoulders that must be exactly the width
of her hips. Wonderful.

She had a round perpetually happy face, small mouth as I described,
perfect nose, wide brown eyes, tiny ears and brown shoulder length
thick hair which she often wore tied back.

I was finding myself in lust with my own mother.
David stood in my living room looking at the multitude of pictures
above the fireplace. He only noticed the pictures that had mother included in them.

"How is your research coming Joseph?"

I knew what he meant - the information that I was asked to review on
the Club's web site. Real accounts how sons seduced their own

I had just returned with two cans of Coke, "Fine." I guess.

He smiled at me over his shoulder and returned back to a photo of mom and dad dressed to go out to a New Years party three years before.
"She is a looker, your lucky Joseph." In that photo she wore a black
leather skirt, black nylons and heels, and a thick black sweater. "My
mom works hard at looking good, but will never be as hot as your mom."

It still hasn't settle in me yet, that the Club members each had a
slave in their own mothers. Oh I realized it of course, but when it
was spoken non-nonchalantly as it was now, it took me by surprise.

With David I felt more at ease than the two times I had been
interigated, "What is it like?"

David stopped leering at the photo and turned about to accept the can.
"What? Fucking my mother?" He was grinning knowingly.

"I guess, yes."

"There is nothing like it Joseph. And I mean nothing. I've fucked
many other chicks since my mother took my cherry, but there is nothing
like the forbidden fruit of ones own mom." He took a long drink of

"How did you... you know?" I sat and David followed my lead, sitting
across from me.

"Seduce her?" I nodded. His smile disappeared and he looked at his
can when he answered, "I used some knock-out-drops that the Club
offered to me... I'm not very proud how I did it. Then I did it many
times, lessoning the dosage each time. The Club provided a schedule."
I nodded, pretending I was empathic to his feelings. "Eventually mom went from a comatose toy... to partially concious...", she must have
thought she was having incestuous dreams I thought. "...and
eventually she simply accepted our relationship without the drugs."

I just didn't understand this. "But how?"

He still stared at this can, "Its a method the Club suggested, the
months long seduction and drugs helped convince her of our new
relationship." Brain washing, I realized!

I'm not sure if that was what I wanted to do. I just couldn't imagine
spreading my mothers legs, kneeling between them and forcing my dick
into her dry crack - all the while her eyes closed and her face

No - I wanted to see mothers eyes when she first saw my hard penis. I
wanted to feel her body response, hopefully positively, as I slipped
it for the first time into her. Would her lips sigh with pleasure as
I have imagined?

I shook my head, surprised at my thoughts.

David's somberness was gone, "Thinking about drugging your mother huh?" He was smirking again. "Did you find anything that interests
you on the web site?" He was referring to the methods that members
had seduced their own mothers.

I nodded no, "I don't think any of these would work." Or I just
wouldn't want too attempt them.

To be truthful, I haven't been thinking about how to make the
seduction, only what the end result will be like.

"Well, the Club is going to announce that this phase was finished very

That caught my attention, "What is the next phase?"

"You fuck your mother."

Or, I can not be in the Club, I knew.
I had to put the generous images of my mother as my slut to the back
of my mind, so I could concentrate upon the task at hand. I had to
research the best way to make her willingly spread her legs for me.

The more I searched, the less probable the possibility seemed.

The fictional stories just seemed outrageous and the Club members
accounts just didn't seem appropriate.

Of course I had to come to a decision how I was to do this deed, and
in the midst of despair and just ready to thrown in the towel I
realized something.

In some of the fictional stories, normally the crappie short ones
often excerpts from magazines, sometimes the mother was open to the
seduction. And made it effortless. What I mean by this is that her
son, in the stories, drops his pants and she suddenly falls to her
knees to suckle him and claims her desire for her own blood even as
his seed coats her face.

Now this was unrealistic, of course, but it held some truth. If I
could get mother to volunteer herself, to submit initially to my
desire, then my fantasies could become true.

There was two problems with my idea. One, that it was based upon my
own normally very chaste mother willingly spreading her own legs for
me - just not very believable I thought. The second, how to change
her from a lover to a slave?
The email from David simply stated that the next phase had started and
I had three months to reply with a positive conclusion to the task.
It ended with a note telling me that I could ask for help if needed.
I knew my mom better than any of the Club members - I have sat across
from her at nearly every meal for the whole of my life. I have shared
our home for the same length of time. I had seen her in her glory,
dressed to perfection and I had seen her laying upon the couch sick
and puking into a bucket. I have even seen her in a bikini as she
tanned, though was too naive at the time to even notice her beauty.

No matter what I read of the real-live accounts, the only way I could
seduce mom was using this knowledge that I've gained over the years.

For starters, I knew mom respected my privacy and she assumed I
respected hers as well. Never did my door open without a knock or did
she assume a path for me, in life in general I mean, that she did not
discuss with me first.

As well, mother was a prude. Nudity was not okay within our house -
even skimpy clothing was simply not acceptable. If not for that
chance sight of seeing her nude, there is little doubt that I would
never have seen a thing. She dressed respectfully and knew how to
dress to show off her figure, yet it was always classy and

Then there was the lack of my parents sex life - at least from what I
knew of it. None of the interesting sounds that I've read about ever
escaped from my parents room. I'm certain they must couple, but they
kept it quiet. Let alone with dads constant travelling, that they
must not have many chances to indulge. I just couldn't picture my two
parents having sex.

How best to use what I know of her to make her kneel before my hard
shaft of love?

Then it hit me, as I lay in the dark a week after David's email.

I won't seduce her I will just let her know my intentions.

Crazy huh?
Mom picked up the phone and was immediately nervous, "My god Joseph,
is there something wrong?" I never phoned her at work and my moms
secretary must have warned her that it was her son calling.

I wiped my palms on my jeans, very nervous.

"No nothing mom...", I could say it to her face to face, this initial
notice of my intentions for her, but chose to do it over the phone.
Your right, I am such a coward, "... I just wanted to tell you

Mother was a busy woman, I knew, but I also knew she would find time
to talk to her son. I could almost see her silently guiding everyone
out of her office, if she had visitors, and waving for her secretary
to close her door.

A short pause, and I knew she had just done what I envisioned, "Yes
darling, what is it?"

What I was about to do was going to change my relationship with my mom for the rest of our lives. If it worked, nirvana, if not... well
despair and loneliness.

"I love you mom." It was barely a whisper.

A short pause, "I love you too honey."

"No... I mean I love you." A longer pause. "And I want to make love
to you."

I thought I heard something fall on the other end of the phone, a cup
of tea perhaps? Then a muffled, "Shit!"

I can picture what mom wore when she left this morning, I had
discretely watched her as she left the house. A tan slack suit with
white blouse and heels. Had she had her legs crossed and holding a
mug of coffee or a cup of tea when I revealed my desire? Did she have
her jacket off and the top of her breasts revealed where the blouse
was opened? Had she just moistened her lips with her pointed tongue?

Did her nipples harden at what I just said?

"Joseph, we will talk about this when I get home." Her voice was even
and hard to read, I imagined her barely contained rage and
bewilderment. How would she handle this - me?

Larissa Bently, my mother, hung up the phone.

It didn't go that bad I thought even as I hung up as well.

I thought the worst part was over... I was wrong.
I wasn't home when mom arrived, as planned. My sister and mother sat
at the table when I arrived, half finished their supper. Dad had left
this morning as well, another trip, for a week this time.

I ignored mom's glare and dished out the leftover food before sitting
across from my younger sister. She felt the tension and excused
herself with a smile of satisfaction, thinking I was in deep trouble
simply by the way mom was acting.

Mom watched me for many long minutes, and I ignored her, gulping down
my milk as I knew she hated.

She half whispered, since her daughter was downstairs in family room
watching television, and half growled at me, "What the hell has gotten
into you!" It wasn't really a question.

I finally looked at her, I mean I really looked at her. I saw that
she was wearing what I imagined her wearing when I called her office,
hours before. And I purposely left my eyes upon the thrust of her

Mom stood up rapidly, "You little horny bastard." Her napkin fell to
the floor and she bent to retrieve it, I had a generous view of her
teardrop shaped ass. She must have realized this about the same time
that her hand enclosed the napkin and she jerked up, spun about, and
glared at my gentle smile and piercing eyes.

What I said next startled her, "Can you leave the bathroom door
unlocked tonight mother?" She spun about to retreat too quickly and
one foot caught the chair that my sister forgot to push back to the
table. mom half fell, catching herself against the counter. Her eyes
again spun to me and saw my same smile and leering gaze.

I finished my meal much more nervous than I think I looked.
Hours later, I heard the shower stop and I went down the hallway to
its door. I heard mother shuffling about behind it. I enclosed my
teenage hand upon the handle and loudly attempted to open it. The
shuffling stopped, and I tried several times to open it.

I retired back to my room, the smile genuine.
Mother slammed my door shut behind her, not even knocking as was the
custom. My younger sister had just left for soccer practice, as it
was Saturday mid-morning, and mother must have waited till we were
alone in the house.

She wore her traditional white terry-cloth robe and slippers and her
eyes had bags under them - I doubt she had a restless night sleep.

This time she ignored my gaze, "What the hell has gotten into you

I didn't answer, what could I say - that I wanted to join a Club where
all the members fuck their mothers? Well maybe later, but it was too
premature right now for such a statement.

Instead of an answer I turned to look out my window and sitting up in
my bed. I had planned for this moment, though had anticipated it late
last night instead of this morning. No matter.

Her voice had been much less stressed than it had yesterday at the
supper table, but I imagined it to be a facade to her anger and

Mother came over to my bedside and sat down upon the edge, turning her
head to look at me. "Listen darling, its perfectly natural..."

I had even anticipated this parental discussion, but it disgusted me
so I interrupted, "Why didn't you unlock the bathroom door last night
mom?" I couldn't look at her, else I was afraid I would screw this
confrontation up.

That stalled her, "Its.... just not right Joseph!" I could hear her
barely contained rage return as it caused her voice to reverberate.

I knew I had to do it and took hold of the edge of my blanket, "Is
this right mother?" I spun aside my blanket revealing my hard penis
thrusting upwards, an innocent picture of my mother next to my hip and
a dirty panty of hers draped over my cock, my circumcised head poking
through the hole of one leg.

She simply stared at it, mouth wide open, in surprise and, I wondered,

Larissa Bently, mother, again could not escape from me fast enough.
Okay, so I wanted to shock mother with my desires - to this end, I
knew I was successful. I could even hear the sobs of despair from her
room, which I ignored, though it tore my heart out. It was necessary

An hour later, mother knocked upon my door. "Come in mom."

She did and I added, "You never have to knock to come into my room
again mother." She ignored my statement.

Mom had worn the most dowdy clothing she could find, sweat pants and
large sweater. Her hair was in disarray and her eyes puffy from

"You look lovely mother - delicious." I smiled at her and her
entrance stalled in my doorway.

"I want you to leave Joseph." She couldn't look at me and stared at
my rug instead. "Go to your uncles place, he is expecting you."

My uncle was a couple of years older than mom, lived alone in the
city, a successful business man and was rumoured to be gay.

I think not!


She sighed deeply and I thought her ready to break into tears right
there. mother looked almost alien, I've never seen her like this
before. As I've said, it was necessary.

"He expects you to be there before supper time today."


"I left money on the kitchen table, enough for the bus ride into the
city and some extra for you."

"I'm not going mother."

I saw a tear escape her eye and roll down her cheek.

"What have I done wrong Joseph, why are you treating me like this?"

I wasn't prepared for this question and had to pause before answering.
"How would you like me to treat you mom - would you rather you wake up
bound and gaged? You always taught me to be honest and open with

My harsh words surprised her.

"Is that what you want honey - to hurt your mother?" As I was doing
now, I could almost hear her say. Instead mom was determined to be
the strong person I have always known, the mediator and mother.

I practised several answers in my mind before replying. "I do not
want it to come to that mom... but I will if you leave me no choice."

That comment must have stilled her heart. There was definitely no way
to go back to our prior relationship now. I had just told her that I
was willing to rape her just to enjoy my lust for her.

Her voice was becoming near hysterical, "Do you think your father would sit by and let you do this?"

I shrugged, lost on her since I doubt she could see through her
tear-filled eyes. "I'm not asking for his permission."

"If you touch me Joseph, you'll spend years in jail!" Her voice had
risen an octave.

"You would do that mother - send me to jail?"

The silence was thick and I was nervous for an answer but as the
seconds turned into minutes, I had it. mother could not send me to
jail, the humiliation upon herself alone, would not be characteristic
of her.

I ventured a question, "Would you do something for me mom?"

She whipped a tear away from an eye and I could see her hands
trembling, she was fearful of my question.

"Could you make chicken sandwiches for lunch mom?"

She sobbed, paused for nearly a minute and then nodded affirmatively
as she left my room.

I let out a huge breath, and felt my hands quivering when I let go of
the arms of the chair I had been sitting in.

As I sat at the kitchen table, openly enjoying her movements, she made
lunch for my sister and I. When my brat of a sister called from a
friends house to tell me that she was spending the rest of the day
their, I silently praised my luck. mother never said a word when I
related the message.

She sat and stared at the wall as I ate my sandwich.

When it was done she asked what I think she had been holding out for
so long, "What happens now?"

She wondered if she would awaken at night, bound and gagged - and
probably even picturing her son naked with his hard cock thrusting
cock aimed towards her. I had revealed myself to her, the image could
come easily to her.

I wished her sweater was not so large and bulky, I wanted to know if
her nipples were hard and even contemplated asking her this. So many
answers came to mind, even as blunt as telling her to drop to her
knees right now to suck my cock. It was too early, to ask her this, I

"I think you should go take a nice long bath." That startled her into
looking up into my face. "You look like hell mom." I tried to smile
at her but was feeling extremely nervous myself.

"And then what?"

"Then nothing. Well, maybe we could watch a movie this afternoon?"

She breathed deeply and asked yet again, "Thats it?"

I nodded and smiled, unsuccessfully attempting to get her to smile

Finally mom nodded her acceptance and stood to do as I asked. When
she was nearly out of the kitchen I added, "Don't lock the bathroom
door mother."

She didn't even turn back.
It was two hours later when she descended the stairs, she looked
better but wore different bulky clothing this time. She sat down on
the couch with me, as physically far away as she could get while still
being on the same couch.

I paused the sound on the television and turned to her, "Did you
unlock the door mom?"

She was staring at the images on the screen and nodded affirmatively.

I got up to make us a bowl of popcorn, another old western was
starting in a few minutes. I hide my smile of triumph.
I thought about pushing the envelope and descending upon her with a
hard cock and hungry mouth - but I knew that I wanted something more
than a quick plunge of my dick inside her body. I wanted her to be my
slave, a slut to a member of the Club. I wanted to ask applicants to
reach out and slip a finger into my own mothers cunt while my
co-members sat in a circle about the two of them.

I had her phone my uncle to tell him not to expect me, and though she
was certainly scared she did as I asked.

Sunday evening, I had asked her... no thats incorrect, I told her not
to lock the door to the bathroom ever again. She never answered but I
listened the next morning and did not hear the noticeable sounds of
the bathroom lock. Another victory I praised myself.

The week went by and I never made any overtures to mother. I didn't
even test the bathroom door. Oh certainly I had leered at her,
especially in the mornings when she dressed in her business attire and
look very professional and to me, very sexy. And did not hide my lust
for her body from her, in fact I wanted her to see the looks I gave to

The only thing I did do, the next Saturday evening an hour before dad
was to arrive, was to yell out, "Mom, could you come here a moment?"
I was in my room and she in the kitchen below.

A few minutes latter, a tentative knock came upon my door. Mom's head
poked in after I told her to enter. I could see that she was fearful,
knowing all that had transpired between us the weekend before was not

She was wearing nicer clothing than she had worn at home the week
before, her anticipation for dad being home obvious. Was he looking
forwards to fucking my mom? While he pounded his cock into her body,
would she remember the sight of her son's hard cock with her panties draped over it? Or maybe should would not even let the old man touch
her - would he even try?

She didn't want to be here, in my room a reminder of what happened a
week before.

Off handedly I asked, "After dad falls asleep, come to my room
please." It wasn't really a question actually, I thought it proper if
she began to get used to my orders.

Perhaps she had thought that with my father in the house she was safe
from her sons incestuous demands and looked completely taken back at
my request. She nodded negatively, her mouth open without a sound
coming out. I strode two steps forwards and stood less than a foot
from her, "Did you really think my desire for you stopped when dad was

"Joseph this has got to stop - its impossible what you want. Your
father will find out and I will not go willingly." She had to
consciously lower her voice, as it had gotten louder with each word,
and my sister was liable to hear us.

I smiled, or attempted to, "Then I will rape you."

It was spoken so simply and so evenly, that mother just stood wide
eyed, looking into my own. Into my soul.

"You wouldn't?"

I smiled smugly.

She nearly spat at me, "I will come to you, you little bastard, but I
will not let you fuck me!"

Even as she left, I whispered loud enough for her to hear, "Yes you
will slut." She was visibly shaken as my door closed.

David's email arrived inquiring into my progress just after my family went to bed, and I gave him a synopsis of what was going on. I was
proud of my accomplishments - the highest was simply revealing my lust
to my mother and standing up to a parental figure.

His reply came a few minutes later, warning me to beware of the game I
played. And gave the example of one applicant that could not join the
Club, as his own mother had cut his penis from his body before putting
it into the garburator.

That chilled me enough that it stilled my cockiness.

The door silently opened and I turned to see mom enter into my room
It may sound, through all this, that I was a rock of dominant desire.
That I simply related to my own flesh and blood, humiliating a person
I loved so dearly, in a cold heartless mode.

Not true.

I was scared shitless. I have no idea what dad would do if he found
out about my cold demands upon my own mother, his wife. I do have
little doubt that my person would not come away intact.

It was all balanced on the edge of a great cliff.

The future of my life was precariously waffling between disaster and
nirvana. I had made the conscious decision that nirvana was the path
I wanted, and I had even made conclusions on how to make this happen.
Of course it was based upon the impossible condition that my mother kneel down, open my pants and suck my cock deep into her mouth. As
crazy as that sounds, it seemed to make sense to me that first week.

Now I wasn't so sure.

The fear that I was able to hide away, even as I told my mom that I
wanted her to not lock the door to the bathroom, was starting to
overload me.

It was nearly impossible for me to order mother, with dad only a short
ways down the hallway, to come to me this evening. Was I going to
fuck her? Suck her? Come over her face and tits?

Impossible, I was too fucking scared to even get it up I was sure.
I watched mom come into my room upon her bare feet, her cotton
nightgown hiding everything from her neck to ankle. I was seated at
my computer, working on school work, trying to take my mind away from
the home life that I had created for myself.

She stood near the door and would not meet my eyes but as the seconds
turned to minutes she shifted upon her feet and began to wrung her
hands together.

"Lets get this over with Joseph."

Get what over with?

Had mother concluded that she must give herself to me to still the
tension between us? Did her logic believe that her son was infatuated
with his mature but attractive mother and that my interest would wane
if she only gritted her teeth and allowed me a few minutes of lust
upon her?

Its not what I wanted.

She went over to the bed and sat upon the edge, her hands still
grappling together. I only watched her, grasping the arms of my chair
painfully, so she could not see them tremble.

"Well?" Both of her hands came up to her throat, trembling as
violently as I'm sure my own were, to begin unbuttoning her nightgown.

How could I stop this? Did I want too?

No, of course not. I had fantasied and jerked off to this woman, yes
my very own mother, for such a long time. Now here she sat in my room
preparing herself for me, her son!

"Stop Larissa." My use of her name was probably more startling that
my command for her to stop disrobing. Her robe was open to her navel,
and though I saw much pale skin beneath, and as erotic as it was,
nothing overtly sexual was revealed.

She looked at me in surprise, her hands an inch from the next button,
trembling. "This is what you wanted?"


I had to change the subject, something that I had wondered since I
asked her here earlier today. If I didn't, I wouldn't have the
strength to continue, and I would ... take her offer.

"Did dad fuck you mom?"

She looked at me with an open mouth, startled, her hands dropping down
to her lap. Finally, "That is none of your business!" mom looked
rather mad.

"It is my business." I stood up and locked my bedroom door. "You
come here to fuck me and I would like to know if you are soiled?" My
knees almost buckled when I turned about, so unsteady I was.

She just stared at me in anger and surprise.

Then finally, "If you must know, no your father and I did not make

I had something else to latch upon, "'Make love', doesn't he ever just
fuck you mom?"

"Joseph please!" Tears were coming to her eyes.

I had guessed after the last weekend, that when tears were in her eyes
she was susceptible, and weaker of spirit. I could not allow her to
just run away as she had last weekend, but to confront her as the
tears flowed. And then I should have a certain advantage over my own

"I'm your mother!" She had forgotten her open nightgown, though
nothing but the curve of a sexy round breast could be seen.

I had to keep on the offensive, she looked so sexy seated there that I
worried that I would ruin all and simply give into my passions. The
prospects that the Club offered were so much better than a single
tumble in the hay. "Your also a woman who needs a good hard cock
right mom?"

The other eye teared up.

"In fact, I think you are a sexy woman would needs nothing more than
to become a slut for a hard young cock!"

Tears rolled down her cheeks.

"How can you be so cruel to me?"

"Well is it true?"

"I'm your mother... my god!" She hid her face in her hands, her
elbows upon her knees and sobbed.

I couldn't stop, though the sight of her tore my heart asunder. "Do
you want to know why mom?" I didn't need to explain what the subject
was, I'm sure she had been thinking of it more than I since I reviled
my interest in her.

Her head simply nodded but she didn't even stop sobbing.

"I want to join a club mom." She pulled her face from her hands and
stared at me through bleary eyes, I'm sure wondering what this had to
do with it. "And to be a member of this club I had to fuck a family member."

When I saw the horror in her face, I knew she misunderstood what I was

Mother suddenly thought that it was her or my younger sister that I
must prostitute. That I chose her, she may think, it a mixed blessing
and a horrible nightmare.

She whipped away the salty tears from her face and nodded. "I will do
this thing for you Joseph."

I understood the misunderstanding and I knew what she referred too,
but I had to push the envelope. "What 'thing' mom?"

"Do I have to say it?"

I just stared at her.

"I will sleep with you honey. It is what you need to join this club
right?" Did she think she understood it all? That her son was under
some peer pressure to have one of the female members of his family submit sexually for him to join?

"Not exactly." Her mother opened silently again, surprise and horror
showing in her sad eyes. "I can't just fuck you to join mom."

It was excruciating, the wait, and mother could not pause any longer.
"Tell me please Joseph?"

"I must turn this person into a slave."

She tested the word, "'Slave'?"

"My slave."

Mom just looked around my room, as if looking for some piece of
physical evidence that helped her understand how her son ended up
demanding such grotesque things from his own mother.

It was enough for this evening, "Get out of my room mother." I I
turned, unlocked my door, and held it open for her.

Half stumbling, mother stood quickly and moved to the open doorway
and, what she may now feel as, safety. She was safe in no place.

Larissa stopped in my doorway, the rest of the house dark and silent,
she lifted a trembling hand to my cheek and touched me almost
tenderly, yet I knew it was a ruse before she even spoke. mom whispered, "Please Joseph, don't do this to me. No membership is this
important darling."

I had to reply, "I don't care about the Club mother", it was a lie of
course but only partially, "I just want you to be my slave."

For the first time in my life, I roughly touched my mother as I pushed
between her shoulder blades, pushing her out of my room. Silently
closing the door behind her.

I couldn't sleep a wink that night.

Dad left Monday morning, another trip.

Mom kissed him at the door with her robe still on and when the door
closed, turned to me lowered her eyes and then the tears begin. As
she did not have a real job, in the sense of most people, her charity
work often allowed her to work only part time. Today, she was staying

I thought of pushing our relationship a step further at that moment,
but my sister had not gone to school as yet. Though I did have ideas
for later.
Mom thought I had left for school, but instead I had simply left the
house - watched and waited for my baby sister to leave before I

The house was silent as I crept up to the main bathroom, upstairs.

Mother had been disappointed when the house we had purchased a few
years before had the oversized whirlpool tube in the large shared
bathroom and not in the private bathroom off the main suite. It was
always a loss of privacy, if only peripherally.

So when I gently laid my hand upon the door catch and turned it
slowly, it was obviously unlocked as it turned effortlessly. Silently
I pushed the door inwards.

The large white tiled room was spotless, our housekeepers diligently
kept all of our home that way, per mothers instructions, with the
large iron tub opposite from the doorway. mom was laying back, with
her head upon the smooth curve of the back of the tub, her
shoulder-length brown hair draped behind her. The jets were not
turned on but she had added a huge amount of bubbles to the hot
steaming water. So much so, that I was a little disappointed that I
could not see anything.

I'm not sure what it was that alerted her to my entrance, but she
suddenly jerked up to a sitting position and covered her bubble
covered breasts with both arms.

"My god!" At first it was simply the surprise at someone entering the
bathroom, when she thought the house empty. Then she realized that
her son, the one that lusted after her and had revealed his intention
of having her submit as some form of modern-day submissive slut by
either raping her or having her humiliate herself by subverting
herself on her own free will.

"I thought you were at school Joseph!"

It wasn't a question, and she looked very angry. She was in mother 'mode', ignoring that I had intruded upon her private sanctuary, the
bathtub. I thought I saw a twinge of fear in her eyes, it was enough
to give me added strength.

"Decided to go in late today." She opened her mouth to chastise
me... mother was still not accepting what I was forcing upon her, that
her son was no longer her little boy. If anything, she was becoming
my little girl, I thought leacherously.

"Just thought we could talk a little more." We both knew I wasn't
interested in talking.

I strode the few feet to the edge of the tub and sat down upon the
sturdy towel rack next to it. My knees were touching the white metal

"I love you mom." The gentle statement of love startled her and she
looked down at the bubbles of her tub, not able to ignore what has
passed between us.

I reached into the tub, approximately above where her feet lay
submerged. mom jerked noticeably and froze... then sighed thankfully
as my hand returned from the bubbles with the large sea sponge.

"Turn around mom, I'll wash your back."

I could tell she didn't like this, and there was fear in her eyes, the
anger quickly disapaiting. As she paused I commented with a smirk,
"You were ready to fuck me only a few nights ago and now you don't
want me to wash your back?"

Larissa frowned and realized my logic was sound, if nothing else she
did not want the confrontation that would happen if she didn't do this
little 'innocent' thing. My blunt words hung in the air like a thick fog.

With her shoulders just above the water line, and her chest well
hidden by water, bubbles and two arms, mother shuffled upon her bottom
to turn about and push her back to my end of the tub.

I had been rubbing soap into the rough sponge as I watched her move,
disappointed I was not able to see more of her delightful body. When
she rolled her shoulders forwards and lowered her head, exposing her
strong white back, but almost submerging her face into the suds, I
thanked her.

My hand didn't touch her but the sponge did, I began to rub up and
down the length of her back. Even going below the waterline to the
edge of her ass, which caused her to tense each time I did. I took my
time, alternating from soft to hard strokes.

I'm sure she loved it.


"Yea mom?" I could almost imagine our new life together, that she
would ask permission to ask me a question, her Master. I imagined it
may even be like this, perhaps without the thick expectancy about the
room though.

"Why didn't we... you know?"

She meant the other night, when she had come to me to offer herself.
Was she wondering why I demanded that she submit herself and then deny
myself her offering?

"You did not want too."

She could not deny this and didn't.

"You have always instilled honesty in us mom and I have always loved
you." Nothing from her, but I wondered if her eyes were again
clouding up with tears. "I hate what is happening between us."

She barely whispered, "It is your doing my son."

"I didn't know how else to get you to... understand what I want."

A pause, "What is it you really want honey?"

It was strange, talking like this. The tension and memories so vivid,
let alone the alien environment of sharing my mothers bath with her.
I think we both attempted to still our passionate responses, contrary
to each others I am sure, to have this time to talk frankly. I think
we could both agree that this method of communication was better than
me making a statement, her yelling a response, me growling another,
and her running off to cry for an hour.

"I told you mom." Did I? What was more important, to get mother into
my bed or to join the Club? Since they went hand in hand, I wanted
both didn't I?

That caused another long silence.

She tried again, "Is it what you want or what you have to do to join
this club?"

I thought for a long few seconds but I knew I had the answer before
she asked, "You have been in my fantasies for a long time mom - before
I even knew about the Club." It was true after all!

She didn't say a word or move an inch, so I continued. "I didn't ever
put much thought in making my fantasies reality until I learned about
the Club and I read about how some of their members did it."

"Can you tell me a little about this Club?" I had expected another
harsh response and was proud that she had spoken rationally instead.

I wondered if I could tell her? Though it was secret, the slaves of
the members must be privy to at least some of the things. I thought
to tell of some of what she would learn anyways, simply by being a
slave to a member of the Club.

I had to still my thumping heart at that thought, mother as my slave!

"I don't know too much but I will tell you what you want to know?"

Her back was very clean, even red by the rough sea sponge, by this
time but neither of us made a move, by word or action, to stop my

"How did you find out about it?"

"Rumour mostly."

"Do you know any of the other members?"

"Just one."

A short pause, "Have you yet met his... mother?" His slave she almost

"No." But it was an interesting thought, intriguing to put a face to
the images that I had imagined. "But he did tell me quite a bit about

That interested her, "Like what Joseph?"

"How he got her to be his slave and that she was not near as pretty as
you were. He even said I was lucky to have such a pretty mother."

She sat silently for a while, "Was it difficult?"

"What was 'difficult' mom?"

She cleared her throat, "How she eventually...", she could not say it.

I saved her, "Yes it was difficult."

"Tell me please dear?"

I told her just as David had told me. I thought I saw her shiver when
I was finished.

A very long pause and she only spoke after I gave up stroking her
back, it was nearly red raw anyways. "Why did you not... rape me

That made me wonder if she wished that she awoke bound with her son
stroking a hard cock before her. Yet how could a mother, my mother I
should add, wish for such a thing. It was unthinkable.

"I... I did not want to hurt you."

There I said it - did she realize that I could never hurt her as I had
threatened? Could she just scream at me now and know that her privacy
was safe, as I could not do that next step to force my desires upon

Then what she said surprised me, "It might have been easier Joseph."
Barely a whisper and I don't think I was even intended to hear the

Yet I could not just ignore it. I could not hide the surprise and
anger from my voice, "It would have been easier if I had raped you

Nothing for a very long time. "Mom!" It was a new voice that I used
with her, not shouting but more of a loud bark, a command.

Larissa jumped. mom slowly turned back around, to her original

Most of the bubbles had disintegrated, as they do, over the last few
minutes, so that I could see down into the clear water and both her
arms still about her chest. I could see the delicious curvature of
those sexy round boobs.

She spoke calmly, after a long deep breath, "Did you ever wonder what
hurt you are now doing to me?"

I'm surprised tears were not in her eyes and that she was looking at
me directly.

"You are demanding that I give myself to you willingly aren't you
honey?" I simply nodded, it was what I wished for. And I was a
little glad she knew what I wanted without me actually voicing it.
"If you had taken me against my will, raped me", she paused and
swallowed slowly, "then I would not have to come to a terrible
decision." She rushed to finished when she saw that I was about to
comment, "To commit incest of my own free will!"

It was true - it made sense. Strange as it seemed, if I had drugged
or bound mom and she awoke to find her son pounding himself into her
body, the decision would have been made for her. Though she still had
to come to the realization that what was being done was permanent, not
a one-off type of deal. And my method, the one that I thought would
save her from harm, was actually hurting her more by forcing her to
decide. Of course she was being coerced into deciding in my favour,
but she still had to make that conscious decision.

I suddenly felt rather down.

Without a word I left her to her tub.
David had received my email and did not reply, I had revealed what has
happened between mother and I to date. And how I felt this guilt for
what I had thought was the best way to get what I wanted, rather than
forcing her to submit.

Instead David met me outside of my last class the next day and nodded
for me to follow him.

Outside was a large Mercedes with a voluptuous older woman in the
passenger seat waiting for us. David got behind the wheel and I sat
behind the older woman.

No word was spoken and the woman looked to David several times but
nothing was said. The resemblance was obvious, the older woman was
his mother.

I thought we were going back to the Club's conference, with a pillow
case over my head yet again. It wasn't too be.

Instead, we drove out of the suburb, towards the surrounding farmland.

When finally David pulled off the road onto a rough gravel road that
spiralled several times till it came to a dead end, surrounded by

He turned off the purring engine and turned in his seat towards me.

"Loosing sight of whats at stake aren't you?" It was obvious of
course, I had written my heart out to him.

"I would never tell anyone about what I know ..."

"Shut up for a second okay?" It wasn't spoken that roughly but I
immediately became silent and nodded in agreement. "Do you realize
how many boys, like yourself, have gotten this far and just could not
complete their task?"

He meant, fucking their mothers. It didn't matter to me though.

David turned to the older woman, patiently silent beside him, "Get the
fuck out of the car Glenda." She didn't seem to mind his harsh words,
and opened the door. She stood next to the car, hands in her pockets
and lower lip shivering in the chill afternoon air. Through the door
her son commanded, "Get naked slut."

I watched surprised and with growing interest as this voluptuous
forty-plus woman looked around nervously but didn't hesitate to start

David watched for a few long seconds before turned back to me, "Its so
cold that she'll freeze out there right?" I nodded, already I saw her
nipples were rocks beneath the huge white bra she wore. "But she'll
stand out their all night if I tell her too." I had seen that look in
her eyes when she watched her son drive, almost desiring a command
from him, waiting for her to slip into the radius of his desire - and
I doubted him not.

But it wasn't just about power - the power to cause a person to
willingly freeze, perhaps to death, than to disobey.

I turned back to look at his mother and saw that she was down to only
her smoke coloured stockings - these were rolled off immediately.

I've never seen a naked woman before, even with the glass separating
us, she was so close I could see the small, normally invisible, small
hairs on her upper thigh stand up in the cold. Or her nipples, that
were wide and dark brown but also had deep crevices or wrinkles -
probably from the cold. She never even looked in my direction, only
through the open door at her son.

David saw my hungry look.

"What if that was Larissa out their instead of my mom?" I was
surprised that I was actually startled at his comment. "Standing out
there in the cold, waiting for your nod to come back into the warmth.
Naked. Anything Joseph - do you understand? Your mother would do
anything for you?"

He turned to his mom, standing almost at attention, freezing cold.
"Get in here mom."

Her chubby body rushed to get into the car, but first dropped to
retrieve her discarded clothing. She shivered and sat silently,
leaving her clothes at her feet. The door quickly closed immediately
after she sat.

David simply reached over, placed his hand upon the top of her head
and gently guided her downwards. There was no resistance and I could
tell David didn't expect any. I couldn't see where she ended up, but
I knew of course.

The top of Glenda's head began to bob above her son's lap.

David turned and smiled at me, "Do you understand whats at stake here

For the first time I spoke, "I think so." I did.

"I don't share Glenda with anyone else." That surprised me, one of
the things I imagined were Club orgies with older ladies as the prime
pieces to be devoured and shared. He saw my furled brow. "Oh its not
mandatory, not at all." He sighed and reach across the front see to
slip his hand between the cheeks of his mothers generous ass. "Each
member's slave is his alone to share or not. I choose not too." He
roughly lifted his mothers head by her curly head of hair, "Isn't that
right slut?"

She gasped and I could see the saliva upon her lips and chin, "Yes
Master. Thank you Master" He pushed her back down.

"Part of knowing the boundaries of having a slave." He chuckled but
it quickly turned to a sigh as his mothers head bobbed perfectly in
time to some silent time-piece. "I knew that I could get mother to
spread her legs for me, even to submit to me - but I knew her boundary
was forcing her to spread for others."

I just had to ask, "And right now?"

David smiled and shrugged, "You will learn that sharing is not the
same is being an exhibitionist. In fact, to prove that you had passed
the previous phases, the Club will need proof." Was he saying I would
have to show that my mother was a slave, my slave?

His hand that had slipped between the cheeks of her wide ass were
making a small noise that I noticed, a sloppy wet sloshing sound. I
realized that he was fingering her sex and that sex was wet - very

David turned forwards in the car, let his head fall back to the head
rest, closed his eyes and signed. Glenda kept up her pace but with
little flutters of her chubby skin in time to the sloshing from
between her legs.

I watched, listened and thought even as David came with a gasp and
Glenda swallowed loudly.
I had fallen into a different world that what I had known up to a
month ago. Sitting in the back seat of a car while a guy, my own age,
got a blow job by his own mother. Even fingering her, afterwards, to
an orgasm of her own. I remember the smell of his mothers passion, it
had filled the car with its heady scent.

Let alone talking so calmly to my mother about raping her, fucking her
and having her kneel as my slave so I could join a Club of similar

It was all so surreal.

Mom had asked my sister to sleep over at her friends for the night, it
was Friday so no school tomorrow. I learned this when I got home and
as naive as I was, I did not think much about it.

Mother was dressed in her professional work attire and served me a
generous supper that was one of my favourites. She chatted
animatedly, about school and my friends but ignoring the pressing
issue between us. I was nervous to continue our conversations, after
our last, but I did want too.

With supper over and dessert but a memory, mom asked as I started to
rise from the table, "Honey, could we talk some more?"

I didn't ask about what the main subject was.

"Sure mom."

I was going to suggest my bedroom, hoping, when she finished cleaning
the kitchen she quickly added, "I'll meet you in the living room in a
few minutes okay darling?" It was a neutral place and seemed to be
'safer' than my room.

I retreated and already felt my palms moisten. I had no idea what to
expect, though I assumed it would break out into more threads and loud
threatening voices.

Mother came in wearing her apron above her business clothing, closed
the tall curtains, and then sat next to me on the couch facing me.
Our living room was so rarely occupied, me and my sister spending our
time in the family room in the basement that it felt almost alien in
the large clean silent room.

"Honey... I have been thinking a lot about what we had talked about."

"So have I mom." Would I tell her that I almost retreated from my
desires, that I would plead for her to forgive me and that I would
never suggest such things to her again?

Of course I couldn't. I no longer felt that way for one. Watching
Glenda give her son head and then the sounds of her wet cunt and sighs
were enough to convince this virgin teenager! Closing my eyes, I
could almost hear the graphic of her sex and the smell that it
produced. Did my mothers sex get that wet, what smell, if any
accompanied it?

She moved forwards on the couch, her nylon clad knees touching my own
denim covered knee, her two hands, cold, reached and held my own. I
ignored her gaze, though mom tried to meet my own.

"I love you honey."

"I love you too mom." I've never doubted that - did she know, even
with my demands, that it was true?

She smiled sweetly then continued, "I want to ask you something okay?"

I shrugged, "Sure." I signed, thinking mom was about to attempt to
talk her way out of my demands, only the memory of David and his mom gave me the extra strength to go on.

"If I was to agree... that you would never hurt me?"

My eyes rose to meet her own, her question and the meaning behind took
me totally by surprise.

Mother was biting her bottom lip, anxious and scared at my answer -
probably at the even asking the question. I could see the goose-bumps
raising her tiny hairs upon her arm. And amazed, I could see through
her white blouse to the white bra beneath and the hard points of two
nipples pointing at me.

It was my turn, I felt like crying, and my eyes even watered up for a
second. Of course I didn't and she had seen this reaction in me and
the corners of her mouth rose slightly in a small smile.

I could never hurt her, no matter how lustful my desires were. "I
love you mom... Larissa." She lowered her eyes at the use of her
name. "I will never intentionally hurt you ever again." We both
knew, after our last talk, that I had hurt her simply by wanting her
to comply to my wishes.

I just had to know, "You will do all that I ask?"

She didn't answer right away but returned her eyes to my own. "I need
to know something else Joseph?"

"If I was to agree, would you share me with others?"

I've thought about this since David had revealed more information
about his mother and his use of her, meaning he never shared her. "Do
you want me to share you mom?" To let others fuck her?

She looked into my eyes and nodded, "No honey I don't."

I exhaled loudly, "Good. I don't want to share you either." It was
true I knew, the images of Club orgies and having members finger my
mother had enticed me, but having this woman, my own flesh and blood,
for my very self was more exciting. I'm not sure if I liked the idea
of another guy fucking my mom - yes, I am the jealous type.

We both just sat there looking into the others eyes, our hands not
moving but holding the other.

I then spoke up and told her of my drive to the country with David and
Glenda, of what he did and how she reacted. "I would like to have
that power mom... if you give it to me."

She nodded, perhaps she did understand, though I thought it impossible
for a person to understand the dominant mind if they were, in fact,
truly submissive.

Then she changed the subject just when I thought my heart could not
beat any faster, "Your father and I, Joseph, have not been intimate
for a very long time. I tried..." I couldn't say anything, there was
nothing to say. "I... sometimes spend hours in the tub wondering...",
she swallowed loudly and would not meet my eyes, "... masturbating."
I was going to speak up but closed my mouth when she continued, what
she had to say I needed to hear. "It was mostly random fantasies, but
I always wondered what it was that would truly excite me - something
always seemed to be missing and I had no idea what it was."

She squeezed my hand, "I never thought about you when I
masturbated... until you spoke those words, 'I want to make love to
you'." I could feel the sweat of her hands against the back of my
own, "I could not get some graphic images out of my mind that whole
day. Then you revealed what you really wanted... perhaps it was love,
but it was different than what I had ever imagined."

I nodded, but she missed it as she stared at our hands. Was she
looking past our hands at the bulge in my jeans?

"I fought hard to deny what I was feeling, what you were drawing out
of me. I part of me wanted you to rape me, so I did not have to face
the images when I closed my eyes, I did not want to make that

I nodded again, we had spoken about this a few days before.

"I would have given myself to you that night, or any time since my
son?" She looked into my eyes, as if to press the importance of what
she was revealing. "You wanted more than just my body and that took
longer for me to come to terms with."

She swallowed again and spoke the words, "I don't care about any Club
but I want to be yours honey - its the part of me that has been
missing, what I've longed for."

We both sat silently for several minutes, holding hands.
It was mom that broke the silence, probably five minutes later. "Will
you teach me honey?"

That question surprised me, as I realized that fantasy was far from
reality and I had no idea what was next. "Perhaps we shall learn
together Larissa." I had always enjoyed her name and it just seemed
right to use it at the moment.

She nodded gently, "I love you honey, please don't forget that."

"I love you too mom."

She whispered, "What do you want me to call you Joseph?"

I wondered if she had thought about this question for some time and my
answer, I knew I had fantasied about it.

"You will call me 'Master' mom."

She nodded and smiled, though I felt her body tense up, "I love you

I responded, a smile upon my own face, "I love you too Slave."

Mother signed and a violent shiver ran through her, a girlish giggle
followed. She looked at me behind her long eye lashes.

I knew what she wanted - what I wanted.

Mom wanted to consummate our new relationship.
It took a lot of will-power to ask the next question, "Larissa, would
you take your clothes off for me?" I meant it as a question, it was a
test of our new commitment, our new life.

Mothers face brightened up and her voice rose an octave from her
barely contained joy, "Right now darling?"

"Master!" I barked.

She smiled and lowered her eyes submissively, "Right now Master?" The
sound of her voice speaking those words were the doorway to the
nirvana, the fantasies, that I imagined for so long.

"Right now." I pulled my hands away from hers.

Mother rushed to stand, her hands already fumbling with the knot of
her kitchen apron. Quickly it was pulled from her body and she threw
it behind me, behind the couch.

Big deal you may think, but the sight of my mother throwing a garment
upon the floor of our immaculate living room was another blast in the
face that I had gambled my life and won. Our house was, as mother had
always wished it, perfect. Me and my siblings had always been taught
to be conscious of our cleanliness. So when I see mom throw
something, it could have been anything, upon the floor its a change in
the woman I had always known.

"Where would you like me honey... Master?" She shook her head in mock
disgust, we both needed to get used to our new roles. From the look
of her face, I would say that she was as excited about those roles as
I was.

We had a short four foot square marble table between the two couches,
a table that I was never able to get near with sticky hands or food
when I was growing up. "On the table mom." She didn't even hesitate.
It was again proof that my life, our lives, were changing.

Upon her nylon feet she stepped up and then stood, feet a foot apart,
directly in the middle. I contemplated getting her to dance to her
strip tease - but I would rather just devour the pleasure the gentle
sight of her.

I stood up and walked slowly around the short marble table - my eyes
never leaving the woman standing in the middle of it.

Mother was wringing her hands together nervously and biting her bottom
lip - but I could see the points of her nipples beneath her loose
sheer white blouse.

To her flank I stopped and asked, thinking it was my right as her
dominant - though I was still testing the waters and not actually
knowing what, if any, my boundaries were, "Are your nipples hard mom?"

She barely whispered, "Yes."

It had been a redundant question, I could see them. "Does that mean
your excited."

She nodded affirmatively, shyly.

"Answer me please?" I like the sound of her voice - her submissive
voice I should explain.

"Yes Master, I am excited."

"Sexually excited?"

"Yes Master." She was whispering again. Was she embarrassed?

"Are they sensitive mom?"

Insane! I was asking mom if her nipples were sensitive and hard
because she was excited.

"Very." She had barely moved her lips that time.


Louder, "Very much so Master."

"Grasp your chest in your hands mom."

She didn't move for five seconds and then I watched as her hands come
up and moved before her. Larissa, my slave, gasped when she held each
C cup in her own paw. I was surprised at how rough she squeezed
herself, and made a mental note of it.

"Keep squeezing till I tell you to stop mom."

She shivered in response, as she again squeezed herself. Her eyes had
closed some time ago, I realized.

I continued to walk about her, stopping this time directly behind her.
In her current clothing, her business skirt was form fitting without
being tight - I've seen her wear these type of skirts of most of my
life. They showed off her teardrop shape - she could have been pulled
from an old forties movie, the way she dressed and looked.

"I have always liked how you dressed for work mom." Nothing to be
said but I thought I saw her knees quiver. "Shows off your sexy legs
and great ass."

"Now move your hands to your ass", her hands were already moving,
"give that big sexy ass a good squeeze!"

Above her clothing, her skirt, she grasped one wide soft buttock in
each hand squeezed roughly. mom wasn't reacting as positively as she
had done when fondling her chest, but I could tell she enjoyed it.

I moved around to the front, alternating my gaze from her rumpled silk
skirt that could not hide the excited hard nipples beneath to my
mothers face with her open moist mouth and her clenched eyes. "I love
this mom - watching you do what I ask."

Larissa's eyes opened and she looked at me as if in a daze, but she
didn't say a word.

I wanted to hear her voice, "Hows that ass feel slave?"

"Good... Master." I could see her arms move as her hands continued to
fondle and squeeze herself.
It was time for the next stage. One that I had been fantasizing about
since the time I accidently saw mom in the shower. That had been
barely a glance, from the side as she bent over, her breasts hanging
down but nothing much else. White skin, that is what I remembered the
most, and the sight of her wide surprised brown eyes.

I was going to see my own mother naked.

"Stop mom." She did, her hands dropping to her side but they seemed
to clench and flex unseen flesh, though reluctantly.

I had no doubt that if I asked her to remove every stitch of clothing
she would - her actions this evening were enough proof to me. It was
all so incediblous of course, but somehow felt right - like this was
what our relationship should be.

All it took was for me to ask.

"Take your skirt off mom."

She froze for a lengthy second before those trembling hands came up
and unbuttoned it from the side. With a little wiggle of her sexy
hips and a single gentle push, the skirt slipped to her feet. mom stepped from the garment as I reached for it. She watched as I throw
it behind me, behind the couch I had sat upon earlier.

Though our household was prudish, I had seen mother in this garb. Her
white nylons going to her hips and the white cotton panty beneath.
Though it wasn't something new, it was still exciting to know that she
now did this for me and all that remained was but for me to ask and
she would immediately remove the garments.

I didn't hesitate. "The blouse." I held out my hand and waited.

In seconds she placed the white blouse upon my open hand, it landed
somewheres behind me as well.

Now she was in her bra, nylons and panties.

I thought again what she would look like in thigh-high stockings, but
put that thought in the back of my mind for later retrieval.

"Your nylons." They were quickly discarded and then left by the low
table, as I didn't reach for them.

She was in her bra and panties. I thought she would look very sexy in
bikini, French cut or otherwise, or thong style panties - it would
suit her curvy frame.

"Do you want to keep going mom?"

Her eyes had been open since I asked her to stop squeezing her ass,
she was watching me nervously. I had trouble actually reading her at
that moment and just a part of me was relieved when she answered, "Yes

"Your choice slave - bra or panty?"

Her hands wrung together before her and she thought for almost a full
minute before her hands came up and behind her. I watched, knowing my
eyes grew huge, as the shoulder straps loosened and I saw, almost in
slow motion, as her ugly white bra slid down her shoulders and chest.

Then it fell to the floor, already forgotten, leaving that incredible
round breasts with dark wide brown hard nipples. She shivered
violently as she waited for my next command, probably gauging my
reaction to seeing my own mothers chest.

I couldn't wait any longer and caught her eye and motioned downwards,
my intent obvious. Her thumbs hooked into the hip elastic of her
panty and she pushed downwards.

I saw the 'V' of her pussy and didn't even notice what she did with
her panty. Though I did notice a string of thick clear liquid link
her between her legs to the crotch of her undergarment, only breaking
and attaching to the inside of her thigh once the panty reached her

I simply stared at her sex in awe. It was the source of my fantasies
- the one area that was both highly desirable and impossible. This
was my own mother for gods sake!

Yes, this was my mother.

I stared at it for some time and then looked up to find her eyes. We
shared a long gaze. I wondered at that look; was she embarrassed of
her older body, or was she changing her mind once her pussy was
exposed, did she wonder if I compared her to the models in my

I returned to that magic spot. Between her soft sexy thighs, I could
make out the cleft of her vagina... her cunt, I corrected
myself... the two dark pouty lips and the red glistening fold poking
between. The coarse brown hair about those lips, though sparse,
seemed to glisten with the dew that I saw upon her inner pouting

Mom was excited!

"Hands behind your head... stand straight!" She jerked to attention,
following my barked command.

I again moved to her flank, taking in the nude sight of her. It was
the first time, in all the time that I had fantasied about her, that I
noticed her imperfections. Those 'C' cup breasts that hung low, were
no longer firm cones upon her chest any longer, they had dark blue
veins running through them. Her hips, wide and round were overly soft
and had tiny white stretch marks upon them. Her stomach, with its
slight bulge, also had stretch marks, and I could see that it looked
more pronounced and softer than it looked beneath clothing. Her
ankles and calves looked very fine but she also had dark blue veins
behind her knees. Her ass, though very fine in clothing, was no
longer firm either, and had slight dimpling from age. Her thighs,
were very inviting, but also looked soft and had the rare dimple.

It just blurted out, "Oh god I want you!" Larissa turned her head in
surprise and met my eyes. I was too - but I looked inwards and
realized it was true. mom was no model from a magazine, but a mature experienced woman. One that I've known for many years, one that I've
fantasied and desired for so long.

Mother looked downwards and her eyes widened when she saw the obvious
bulge in my jeans. I looked down, mostly for dramatic reasons then
traced my dick with my index finger beneath the denim. I gasped it
firmly, "This is for you mom!"

She licked her lips and thrust out her chest to inhale deeply.

"Do you want it?" I was teasing her, but I was enjoying this moment
very much.

She hoarsely whispered, "Yes."

I barked, "Eyes front!" She jerked her head forwards and stared at
some invisible spot before her. As impossible as it may seem to you
and I, I was beginning to think mom wanted this more than I!

"Is there anything you won't do with my cock?" She jerked and I
thought she would topple when I said the word 'cock'.

More firmly than the last reply, "No Master."

Again I moved to her front and leaned over the table, my face inches
from her thick brown bush. mom must have felt my breath upon her sex
and thrust herself a couple of inches forwards, probably
involuntarily. Was that my mothers scent I smelt?

Oh god.

It was! It was Larissa's excitement. My imagination never came close
to this moment, the smell of her sex. It was like an aphrodisiac - I
loved it.

With great will power, as my mouth watered to taste her, I stood back
up and then climbed up upon the table with her. She was shivering
uncontrollably now, as if cold. Though I knew she was not cold.

I leaned in and kissed her gently upon her moist warm lips. Surprised
at first she didn't react, then she opened her mouth and tilted her
head as if inviting me into her. I pulled away and looked into her
eyes, "Would you use your mouth on my cock mother?"

Her eyes watered and she nodded, "Yes Master." She licked her lips
and I imagined her mouth watering for my organ to enter her orally.

I lifted both my hands, palms towards her and pressed them into her
chest. Both nipples, tight and hard, thrust into my palms. mother leaned into me, pushing her body closer to me. I remembered her own
rough touches and squeezed firmly. They were delicious, warm and

Larissa closed her eyes and groaned.

"And these big sexy tits mom - would you wrap them around my cock?"

She barely got the words out, "God yes... Master! They ache for you

I removed my hands and she groaned and almost fell forwards against
her clothed son.

Larissa gained her balance about the same time that I suddenly cupped
between her legs with one of my hands. Immediately I felt my two
middle fingers touch a slimy wet slickness that seemed to draw them
forwards, while the palm of my hand was tickled by the rough thick bush. I slipped two fingers into mothers body as easily as it takes
to write it.

Something happened almost instantly, mother fell forwards collapsing
into me as her body and cunt convulsed in orgasm. Her hands had come
down from her head and she held me firmly to hold herself upright I
thought, though it may have been so my fingers would stay submerged.

She was the first woman that I've ever touched this way, not counting
that unknown woman at my initiation meeting. mother was also the
first that I've held as she orgasmed. I could even feel her cunt muscles milking my two digits as her body thrashed against me in
uncontrollable waves.

When it appeared to be the last jerk of her body, I whispered into her
ear as my fingers moved back and forth within her, "Would you let me
fuck your cunt mother?" It seemed like a silly question now, but I
wanted to hear her answer. My game was not yet over.

Speaking into my neck she answered, "Yes Master." mom sounded
exhausted, good... but I wasn't finished with her yet.

"On your knees slut." The word just slipped out and though she didn't
seem to notice, it thrilled me. Calling my own mother a 'slut' was
another forbidden step in my lust for her. I pulled my fingers from
her sloppy sex and stepped back... she fumbled and half fell to her

I stood down from the table and moved behind her. mom got upon her
hands and knees, and she looked incredible. Her generous round
breasts hanging down, her round ass with wide shapely hips raised. I
grunted, "Knees further apart... arch your back slut... lower your
shoulders!" These commands didn't come from experience but from lust,
this was how I wanted to see her kneel before me.

Her orgasm upon my fingers, seemed to release some dominant boldness
in me, I had seen her loose herself as she came - there was no longer
any secrets between us.

Her ass was raised wonderfully, and I saw her pouty cunt flowered open
behind her. That was what I had fingered, touched intimately, what
had caused her spasm. It was mine - mother is my slave!

I poked my index finger of my right hand into her cunt effortlessly,
she groaned but otherwise sat still. Moving it round, feeling inside
her and coating my digit with her generous spend, which was now
running down the backs and insides of her thighs, I pulled it
eventually from her body.

Mother wiggled her ass slightly, perhaps to entice me to again enter
her body, maybe with my cock this time, her permission had been given
by her submission.

Aiming, I pressed it firmly but gently against her dark brown wrinkled
anal ring. She gasped and froze as I persistently pressed forwards.

In minutes I was in fully, to the third knuckle. "And here mother -
would you like me fuck your tight ass hole?"

It was a long almost awkward time before she responded, and I would
guess that she was a virgin back there and perhaps had not even
imagined a cock using that part of her before. "If you wish Master."

It sounded imprudent, and not as submissive as she had with my other
questions, "I will slave... I will!" It withdrew with a pop.
Nothing else was to be shown to mothers new Master, I have seen and
touched it all. What I have not done was consummate our new
relationship - I mean we have not yet fucked!

A hundred different methods for our first time came to mind, from
simply slipping my dick into her right now from behind to laying upon
my bed and letting mother lower herself upon me. Then I knew how our
first coupling should happen and I reached forwards to grasp one white
soft ass cheek to tenderly fondled it.

"Get your ass upstairs mom, run a bath and I'll be right up." She
turned her head to look over her shoulder at me in surprise. "And use
lots of bubbles!" Did she believe I would mount here upon that marble
table? I so wanted too!

She didn't move at first but my gentle fondling hand withdrew and
immediately struck downwards with a loud splat upon her soft ass. It
left a bright red hand print immediately. mother jumped in surprise,
giggled - a sound I've never heard before today - then fumbled to
climb off the table and rushed out of the room. I heard the water
running upstairs within the minute.

I slowly followed, my clothes leaving a trail back to our family living room. I would have my slave clean our discarded clothing later
- naked so I could watch. As I ascended the stairs I was astounded at
my calmness, my hands no longer trembling and my heart thumping
firmly. It was my cock that spoke volumes, as it thrust forwards
before me as if guiding me to my mother, my slave.

Is this not how it is supposed to be - a young man just entering the
sexual peak of his life and a mature experienced woman who only wished
to be loved? No? Well how about if the young man was a member of an
ultra-exclusive Club that had every member in exactly that lifestyle?
And what if the mature woman was the young man's mother - does that
change anything?

The door to our bathroom was open and I saw that the tub was
overflowing with white bubbles, the floor already slippery. My slave
was kneeling, as she had been on the table in the living room, before
the tub, her body kneeling amongst the bubbles and water upon the
floor. Her hair, I noticed, hung down in the pool of water and her
forehead nearly touched the tiles as well.

Mother saw my nudity immediately from the corner of her vision and her
eyes widened as she turned her head to stare with lust, yes that is
exactly what I saw - lust, at my hard young cock. She jerked up,
sitting upon her heels. It was like looking at a starving person look
at a buffet, I imagined, amused.

Even in my wildest fantasies, I never thought I would see her looking
at me like that. It tore those fantasies into shreds and affirmed
that this reality was better than even my imagination could conjure.

I had no idea what to say, "Lots of bubbles I see." She smiled,
taking this as a compliment and of all things that we have done this
evening so far, her pretty face began to blush at this.

Of course after entering and closing the door behind me I came to
stand next to the tub, turning off the water. Though there was no
preconceived plan within my mind, I thought we could both get into the
water and I would experience what I had only imagined. I wanted it to
be special, erotic and very grand.

What I didn't know is that simply the intensity of our emotions and
that it was a mother-son sexual relationship that we were entering,
that this was what brought the 'grand' to this evening. The 'erotic',
by her kneeling in submission to her son, it seemed to cause the air
to tingle with erotic energy.

Mother has had romance, I learned later, in her life - in the early
years with dad. Their coupling 'fine' and certainly satisfying but
without that spark of the unknown, perhaps danger and certainly what I
brought - the forbidden. What Larissa now needed, what she discovered
was missing in her life, was the raw intensity of a purely sexual
lustful relationship. That it was coupled with love, seemed to
heighten the pleasure.

Why am I explaining this now? To explain why she did what she did as
I was leaning down to turn off the faucets that were close to
overflowing the tub.

Here I was, leaning over the large tub, one hand upon the edge and the
other turning the knobs to stop the rush of water when I felt it.

A warm wet suction envelope my rock hard cock.

A mouth as you may guess. Mothers mouth as is obvious.

I froze and looked down to see my mothers thick brown hair, closed
eyes, white face and wet moist lips move up and down before my lap, my
cock moving in and out of her.

Of all that we had done, the words the looks and then the touches - we
had not passed that forbidden boundary between innocence and incest.
Mother had willingly, and unbidden I might add - I shall have to
punish her later I thought with a sigh of pleasure - crossed it.
There could never be a way back to how we used to be, our lives were
forever to be changed.

What could I do... I turned towards her, to give her easier access to
my manhood, grasped her warm head by clumps of her thick hair and
began to move my hips in time to her bobbing face.

I would like to relate how I fucked her face for an hour, made her beg
for the inevitable. Impossible - I was a teenager that has sported a
hard dick for nearly an hour. This was my dream, this... my fantasy
come true.

Within seconds of grasping her hair I felt a pain between my legs, my
balls were aching with the impossible pressure I had placed upon them.
My shaft began to jerk within mothers mouth though she never stopped
moving her head.

My orgasm came barely a second later... it didn't seem to surprise or
scare Larissa in the least. If anything she seemed to hunger for my
seed, swallowing loudly, clamping her lips tight against my shaft and
grasping my bare ass so as not to pull away.

It was a huge load, our first together as Master and Slave and as
mother and son. mother never missed a drop.
The next few minutes were a cloud and I realized I was was in that
erotic after haze that I've never truly felt before this day. Oh, I
had read about it in various places and thought I had come close
several times in pleasuring myself. But I had definitely never
experienced what I just had.

Mother helped me into the water, and I complied like a zombie, barely
noticing my surroundings.

It took several lengthy minutes for me to recover my senses enough to
clear my gaze and again take in my surroundings. For those few
moments I had not been the Master of our relationship, but our
combined love and trust only strengthened our pleasure and that bond.

Mother sat, with legs across my lap, watching me intently, anxiously.

"Hum... thank you mother." I smiled and reached out to grasp her
closest breast, the nipple thrust into my hand.

"Your welcome Master." She arched her back, pushing her chest closer
to me.

I realized that mother could teach me, her Master and son, much about
sex and giving pleasure in our near future. It excited me, learning
and enjoying with this woman.

"I think I would like you to do that more often."

She blushed again and smiled shyly. "I would like that... very much

"Come here slut." mother sat up and easily moved towards me, my hands
directing her to straddle my thighs with her own.

"Oh Master... its hard!"

She had felt it poke her in one of her soft inviting thighs and I
grunted a command, "Put it in."

Without hands, she moved her bottom a few inches and slowly lowered
her torso until the most exciting place on this earth swallowed my
cock whole.

I had found it, nirvana!

When our kinky hairs combined and when I was fully seated within my
mothers cunt, she began to thrash in another wild orgasm.

Leaning forwards, I took a hard brown nipple into my mouth while my
hands roughly grappled with her round sexy ass even as she squealed
and wiggled on my lap.

It was mine - all of it - everything!

Mother had given it to me willingly. I had asked, ordered and then
sat back to watch her offer it to me. She knew about the Club, enough
to know that we were not just lovers but she my Slave. It sounded so
strange, thinking about her in that light but as I look upon her as
she orgasmed I knew it to be true. It had to have been fate, meeting
David, mothers feeling of unfulfilled sexuality, my own desires
towards her.

She slowed down and almost fell backwards, off my lap, but I held her
ass firmly against me. "Are you finished Slave?"

With effort, she whispered, "Yes Master." I meant her orgasm. I
wanted to set the boundaries of pleasure - where my own was the sole
purpose of our relationship and the basis of her submission while her
own a byproduct. Don't think me incredible to think of such a thing
at that time, I had read it on the Club's web site.

I reached up to hold her face inches above my own, our eyes locking.
"Then fuck me slut!"

Another whisper, "Yes Master." Her hands grasped the side of the tub
on either side of me and then I felt it. Not only was I inside of her
but I was moving deliciously in and out as she moved her hips up and

Already she was horsely groaning with what I only imagined as another
orgasm. I purposely pinched one nipple enough to cause her to shriek
in pain, "Your not allowed to finish until after I do... understand

Her face looked astonished and I doubted she believed it even possible
to quash such a thing as a fast moving orgasm.

I then lay back, rested my hands upon her thighs, and simply watched
the delicious sight.

Mother began to really work at fucking her son. At first all she did
was move her body up and down upon my thrusting pole. Then I saw the
effort in her face and movements - she wanted that fast approaching
orgasm and needed my own to precede it, as ordered. Her face was
sweating profusely, her bottom lip bleed lightly from biting it. Once
in a while she would open her eyes to almost plead with a submissive
look, but I never wavered. My orgasm would come and our relationship
would be complete but I was not interested in rushing the inevitable.

Perhaps it was her own fault, blowing me earlier had revitalized my
manhood - else this coupling would have lasted less than a minute. I
chuckled after she again closed her eyes and added a little wiggle of
her hips on each down-thrust.

When her groans turned to gasping and the muscles of her thighs
quivered in exhaustion beneath my hand I knew she has had enough. I
reach behind her to grasp her ass, arched my mouth to again suckle
first one nipple then the other, and began to lift and drop my own
mothers body in a few rapid pace.

I was soon grunting with her, a smile had returned to her face and she
knew and you the reader know. We both approached that climatic summit
that each pair of lovers ascend.

To tell the truth I know not who began first, her or I. I think she
may have but if that were true I was but a second behind. It felt as
if my cock was jerking so hard that I was sure it would bruise her
inside. As well, it felt like a gallon of sperm left my body and
filled her sexual cavity and with the cries of pleasure from her and
the praises to god and to my cock, I think she thought so too.

My slave collapsed from sexual exhaustion, for the final time that
evening, even as I closed my eyes and attempted to regain my breath.

Again I sat in the hair, surrounded my the membership of the Club. I
had just related all that I had told you - even my earlier doubts and
mothers comment of her lack of interest in this group.

There was much silence and several whispers as I imagined them
discussing my first coupling with mother.

The one that I've come to know as the younger interrogator asked, "You
did very well Joseph... very well." He sounded impressed, which
boasted my pride a few notches. "But would you say she has submitted
totally to you?"

I didn't hesitate, "Yes I do."

More whispers and then a chorus of voices accepting something.

"Seems you have gotten to the next phase faster than nearly any other
prior member." It wasn't a question so I didn't say a word. "You may
remove your blind fold Joseph."

I hesitated, as if unsure, but finally reached up and lifted the
pillow case from my head.

I blinked at light, though it was dimly lite, and the new faces about
me. They were not all young, as I had imagined, most a decade or two
older than I. One seemed to even be in his fifties, which surprised
me - to stay a member, you had to have a living mother as a slave or
you had to retire your membership. This man was still fucking his
mother when she was probably in her seventies or even eighties. Wow!

A younger man came forwards, and though he didn't look familiar I knew
who he was immediately by the sound of his voice. He reach a hand out
and I took it, gladly. "My name is Ben, its a pleasure to finally
meet you Joseph."

Others came forwards to shake hands, and the names all became a cloud.
A drink was thrust in my hand, a beer, and I was immediately accepted
by this group of men who found so much pleasure in enslaving their

Many asked me questions about my mother Larissa and even more asked me
specifics about my seduction of her. I was surprised and had expected
to be asked more about the actual fucking that we have done, then and
since then.

One even asked, "Will you share her?" He had sat and heard the story like the rest of the group and so I paraphrased what I had told

"Its an agreement, before Larissa accepted, that I don't share her
with anyone." He looked disappointed and I contributed, "Not even
with my father." My mom had revisited this two days after our first
evening as Master-Slave, that our agreement also included my father.
It seemed she no longer had any interest in him or his style of love.
How that would take, when father returned, I had no idea. Neither did
mom - though she speculated that he might not even ask for his wife to
fulfil her vows for a very long time, if ever.

David pushed through the crowd of mingling men and presented me with a
very naked Mrs. Lowell - my English teacher. "Meet Ben's mom."

I looked openly upon her nakedness, the white of her thin body, the
rings in her small nipples, the well prepared makeup. This was
another woman of my teenage fantasies and unknowingly I had already
fingered her sex.

Ben came over and laughed at my surprised gaze. "I already
heard... unlike you Joseph, I like to share mom with the Club." He
reached out and twisted a nipple-ring, causing her to wince in pain.
"You like it too right mom?"

With a voice that I had listened to for hours, reading Shakespeare and
reciting sonnets, she answer, "Yes darling, I love fucking your

If that wasn't enough, Ben added, "If you become a full member Joseph,
you can use her whenever you want."

The final phase was the proof the Club needed that I had passed all
other phases, that my mother submitted to me consciously and

It was rather simple really. mother and I were to retreat to a cabin
not too far in the country, that a member owned, and simply fuck our
brains out.

Easy right?

There were some stipulations, to prove that our relationship had
progressed to the point of no return, that mom had willfully
submitted, I had to push the envelope and test her. And the test had
to be sexual.

I gained more access on the Club's web site and I discovered whole
volumes of stories and discussions on other young men that had reached
this far in their recruitment.

Some had forced one of the kenneled dogs upon their slaves, others
whipped them until blood dripped from their bodies, others urinated or
defecated upon them. Most simply used their older bodies in ways that
they had never done before.

At times the coupling turned almost into rape and humiliation, the son
forcing the mother into acts that she vehemently did not want to do
all in the he name of joining the Club.

I hoped I did not have to push my mother too far, that she would
simply do as I asked.
It was morning and the sun was stealing into my room, mother lay in
the crook of my arm, her head upon my shoulder as she asked not for
the first time, "Do you have to be in this Club?"

As had often been the case in the last two weeks, after an enjoyable
dominant love-making session, mother often relented on the demands
that I had placed upon our relationship. I actually enjoyed it, it
allowed us to talk openly and honestly - some things that I did not
allow her to voice while we waltzed to the incestuous song that we had

I didn't answer right away and she continued, "Is not what we have
enough darling?" The fingers of one hand played with my nipple.

Larissa smelled of sex, her mouth of sperm, her skin of sweat and her
own juices. It was a smell that I had always enjoyed but now I pushed
her off me, it was nearly time to get up anyways - and mother would
return to her room before my sister awoke.

She sat up, all modesty at her nudity forgotten as her breasts swayed
deliciously. If not for her sucking me to orgasm only minutes before,
I think I would have had to have another tumble with her. I could
tell that she wanted an answer, and probably even earned an answer.

"If not for the Club we would not be together!"

She must have noticed my impatience but her own persistence drove her.
"I just don't understand. What will you do to me at the cabin?"

I had revealed the final phase in my initiation - that we had to spend
two days alone and I had to push the boundaries of our relationship.
I had also told her of some of the more outrageous stories I had read.

I snapped, "Whatever I want - isn't that what you agreed too?" She
had, and knew it.

Her face turned towards the window, probably gauging the time by the
level of the sun. We only had a few more minutes together.

"You said you would not share me with anyone?" She could not let this
go and I was getting frustrated in my inability to answer. "Does that
include dogs?" She sounded hurt and frustrated as well.

I realized that she was bound by our mutual agreements, but there was
simply some things mother did not want to do. "Maybe...", I pictured
the sight of mom bent over with a big shaggy dog pounding into her and
revisited my answer, "... no, I would never do that to you." My wish
to be a member of the Club did not go as far as to harm my mother, as
I had concluded weeks before - forcing her to acts that disgusted her
fell into that definition of 'hurt'.

She looked relieved and we shared a smile. "Will you hurt my body?"

"Probably yes." I had spanked mother twice since she knelt to me,
both for infractions in her submission. Without a word, it had become
or method of punishment between us - and if her reaction after a
spanking was any idea, she loved to have her ass paddled.

"Pee on me?"

I had to think about that one - pissing on anyone never interested me,
and with mom, even less so. But it could be used as a way to show
dominance and force her submission - though I did not want to push it
into humiliation. "Maybe."

She looked surprised but didn't say another word on that topic.

"What should I wear?"

I smiled and related her garments for the weekend, it was a short
"Okay mom - take off your jacket please." mother had worn a long coat
that covered her from neck to knee. Which was good, since she only
wore black four inch pumps, black thigh high stockings that had black
lace that was tight enough upon her thighs to not need a garter and a
black push up bra. The jacket landed upon the floor by the front

The cabin was rather nice - nothing rustic about it. It had
television, with over a hundred smut movies in the cabinet beneath. A
phone, with no buttons - incoming calls only I presumed. Well stocked
kitchen. A single bedroom with a king sized bed. A walk in closet
that was filled with all manner of adult toys and female lingerie.

Outside, we passed a large kennel which had half a dozen dogs, two of
which were huge and barking at us. mother didn't even look at them.
I did, amazed to know what some potential members did with the beasts.

Snooping, I found gadgets that I had no idea what they were for.
Still others that I was surprised to find - like a kit to do piercing.
I wondered if I should piece mother, as Ben's mother had been, through
her nipples.

In the single chest of drawers by the bed, it was filled with lingerie
of all sizes, colours and for any tastes.

Mother was blushing as she followed me about the cabin. It was our
'home' for two nights and two days - my sister staying with friends
and dad out of town on his frequent road trips. And the cabin was
built for one thing - fucking your slave.

We both knew what we were here to do - and if we had forgotten the
sound of the iron shackles clanking in the wind outside would remind

It was an incredible environment.

I sat in the only chair in the small cabin, and wiggled my finger for
mother to come over. With a nod of my head she knelt before me, in
the position that she knew I enjoyed and the one we had learned
together that first night together.

Reaching out I rubbed her well groomed hair softly, "We're here. You
look great mom." I meant it! I loved her in lingerie - especially

"Thank you Master." Our roles were predefined, the surroundings
demanded it. Let alone the commands of the Club.

It had been three days since we had sex and I was randy as hell.
Ninety minutes before dad and my sister left our home approximately at
the same time, after supper. mom met me outside and she drove the
sixty minutes to the cabin. I hadn't even been able to see what she
had worn for me - though I had given her pretty specific guidelines to
follow. And that was all she had brought, what she wore through that

We had fought about her bringing a toothbrush, of all things, and
after I spanked her and then we fucked to mutual orgasm, I agreed to
let her use mine, as I was bringing a small overnight bag.

"Take off your heels and throw them over by the door mom." She
wiggled them off and literally threw them over to the doorway, one
landing upon her discarded coat.

"Put a hand between your legs slut and tell me if your wet?" She did
as asked.

"No Master."

That surprised me - since that first night, I have not yet experienced
a moment when Larissa's cunt was not hot wet and ready for her son's
cock. I knew what it was, of course, the cabin. It was a den of ill
repute, and though mother only wanted to be a slut, she only wanted to
be my slut. This cabin was not me, or us!

I had to correct that problem right now - it would not do if her pussy was dry for this weekend. "Take my cock out mom." She expertly
unzipped my jeans and withdrew my own organ - which was soft by the
way. I looked her in the eye and commanded, "I want you to suck me
and play with your cunt at the same time mom. Don't bite me, but I
don't want to come but I do want you to have an orgasm." She nodded
in acceptance - a look of uncertainty. "Get started slut."

Mother immediately lowered her head, opened her mouth and engulfed me.

Outside a large dog barked.
That night we slept fitfully. She had, finally, orgasmed upon her
fingers with my hard cock in her mouth. When she was finished, I was
surprised that with all the toys in the cabin I was only interested in
going to bed. I ordered her to use her breasts to finish me.

I watched that next morning as she breathed deeply, studying her face
and the dry sperm upon her round mature 'C' cup breasts.

This is what I want I told myself over and over - to have my mother as
my slave, my personal fuck toy. Isn't that what I had fantasied for
so long about - why I wanted to join the Club?

I was confused, with the in-your-face surroundings we found ourselves
in, and with the privacy I should be poking my mother in every
position and as often as I could. But right now I was content to just
lay next to her and enjoy the sight of her.

No idea how long or what time it was, mothers eyes blinked open and
she was surprised to see me with my head resting on my hand looking
down upon her.

She was about to speak but I stopped her with a gentle finger to her

"You told me a few days ago that what you enjoyed about our
relationship is that you could let go and simply 'enjoy'?"

"Yes my darling Master."

"Then why haven't you 'let go' yet?"

The question surprised her, and a whispered reply, "I thought I
had... darling." I didn't correct her of the improper name - I rather
like intimate nothings from her.

"Then explain last night?"

We both knew that she had a lot of trouble finishing, even getting
herself to the point that she was wet enough to finger herself took a
long while. While, since we had been intimate, when together her sex
was normally a river of juices, her orgasms frequent and often a
multiple of two maybe three of my own. I have only to touch her in a
certain way, and with her mentally and physically prepared, and she
would orgasm.

"I think I'm nervous Master."

"Nervous?" That surprised me a little - we had fucked quite a bit in
the last couple of weeks.

"What you will do to me." She explained.

Ah! "What do you want me to do to you?" She didn't reply and I
hadn't expected an answer. "I will tell you one thing I will do to
you before the day is out..."

She couldn't wait, "Yes Master?"

"I'm going to fuck your virgin ass."

In our talks, I knew of her fear of the imagined pain. I had played
with her ass hole and knew it to be very tight - though I also knew it
to loosen with gentle attention, like a tongue or slippery finger.
And when given the proper attention, that part of her became highly

I pushed it further, felt that flow of dominance run through me, "In
fact, you will be my little anal slut this weekend right mom?"

Her brown eyes were wide and she answered, "Yes Master."

"Turn over Larissa."

She had removed her lingerie before bed and was naked as she rolled
upon her stomach, cheek upon her folded hands looking at me.

I reached down, slipped my fingers between the cheeks of her bottom
and felt the tight anal ring. Leaning over, I whispered in her ear,
"Perhaps I should fuck your tight ass right now?" I felt her tense up
beneath my finger. She didn't reply so I grunted, "Answer slut!"

"You are my Master, I will do anything you ask of me." Impertinent

Under the large framed pine bed, there were several drawers - I had
already found a large stash of lubricants and oils in one of these.
Moving quickly I found a squeeze-tube of KY jelly and returned by
straddling her knees.

It wasn't a slow erotic build-up as we had so often done with each
other in recent memory, only the steps needed to pleasure myself upon
her body. I grunted, "Pull your ass cheeks apart slut!" She hid her
face in the pillow and complied with my order.

I aimed the tube of jelly between her ass, upon the clenching anal
ring and squeezed a generous amount. mom shivered at the cool jelly
filling the gap between her cheeks.

The tube was thrown behind me, on the floor, already forgotten. With
her obediently pulling apart her cheeks, I poked my finger in and felt
around till I found her ass hole. My index finger wormed itself into
her as mother grunted and clenched her muscles in response.

You know even without experience, that her hole was going to be tight
but there no way to describe the feeling of having your index finger
clenched so tight that you loose all feeling in the tip.

"You've got such a tight ass mom!" I was now moving my digit in and
out with difficulty, like a small cock and as the minutes moved passed
the tightness of her rectum became easier. Another finger joined the
first as I continued to frig her bottom.

Mother was no longer hissing and grunting with the pain of my
intrusion - and I could tell she was attempting to relax her rectal
muscles, or else my continued plunging into her would cause more pain
and harm. Larissa was not experienced in this area at all, but we had
talked about how we would enjoy such an experience and mother knew it
was only a matter of time. The only thing about those conversations,
was that I was not following them as I had agreed - a warm mutual
bath, gentle touches, a tongue to relax and moisten, slow application
of lubricant, a gentle slow fuck, the pinky finger inserted into the
rear passage and then a larger finger, and only when mother agreed
then she would guide her son's cock into her ass hole using her hands
while I sat still. That plan went to hell quick enough.

When I was able to get three fingers into her I only fingered her for
a few more seconds before leaning in and replacing those digits with
my missile of passion. mother tensed when I pressed it against her
spincter which caused her to cry out in pain when my circumcised head
was forced into her body.

God was mothers ass tight!

Upon my hands and knees, I began to slowly and from my point of view
pleasurably fuck my own mothers ass hole. As a good slave, she
continued to hold open the cheeks of her ass but as my fucking sped up
she was no longer able to hold them. My pelvis began to loudly smack
into her generous round buttocks causing them to shake and roll

Her body was moving up the bed and she used her own hands to press
upon the head board, so as not to brain herself with my aggressive
thrusts. To help the angle, Larissa, pressed her knees together and
pushed back her ass, lifting it from the bed several centimetres.
This just gave me more reason to pound even harder into her rectum,
which caused her to jerk forwards to the soft bed violently. She
would then attempt to again lift it before I again thrust into her.

Though I was not long before that familiar tingling began deep down in
my balls, I knew it must have felt like hours to mother. It was most
certainly a delicious fuck - probably with the addition of her total
submission to my needs. I knew even when I felt the head of my prick
ballooning up to explode, that mother would not be joining me in this

I filled her with my seed.
Catching my breath, I reached over to slip my hand to that round sexy
ass that I just enjoyed. mother was still laying as I had left her,
while I lay facing the ceiling beside her. My fingers found the gully
of her ass cheeks and the thick jelly within, three fingers easily
slipped into her rectum.

"Great fuck mom." She never said a word and had her face turned the
other way.

I pulled my digits from her and moved them lower between her thighs.
What I found surprised me, mother was extremely wet with excitement.
The smile could not be contained and I blurted out, "Like getting your
ass fucked mom?"

No answer yet again. My slave needed to learn her place - she was the
submissive of a future Club member. One of the most attractive of the
lot, if many of the members remarks were any indication.

I felt great at that moment, invincible, dominant. Larissa was but
sexual puddy in my hands.

"Go into the other room and wait for me slave." It wasn't a voice to
contend with, and without even looking at me mother slipped from the
bed and my fingers to disappear through the door.

I was five minutes behind her and dropped the large object before her
kneeling form. She eyed it with disgust. "I noticed this last night
and wondered if we could make use of it this weekend."

It looked like half a barrel, cut length-wise, with a six inch
life-like cock thrusting up from the middle of it. I've read accounts
of how other members had their slaves use it - I never thought I would
command my own to do the same.

In seconds it was plugged into the wall and I sat facing it with the
controls in my hand.

"Get on mom."

This time her face turned towards me, looking at me with surprising
resistance. "Please Master... don't make me do this?"


She stared in surprise, thinking, as we had infrequently done in the
past, that she had earned spankings. No so. "Thats 'five' minutes
slave." The stories I ready, a woman would barely last three.

Larissa looked in horror at the contraption, probably only guessing
what it must be like upon it.



That stilled her words, and she shut her mouth firmly. Her son, lover
and Master was not joking. It was the dark side of the lifestyle that
my own mother agreed to live by - that it was not all soft touches and
slow-building orgasms. At times, it was demanded that her new blunt
sexuality be presented and used contrary to her wishes.

The minutes clicked by and I finally barked, "Fifteen." I don't like

Larissa, my mother love and slave, crawled over to the barrel and
swung her leg over. The thick prick thrust before her, poking into
her navel.

My mother looked at me one last time, with pleading eyes, and saw only
the hard reality of my lust. There was no going back, we had both
discussed not so long ago, we could not ever go back to being a
'normal' mother-son relationship. We had done too much and she had
shown her true heart by giving in to my earliest demands. Her path
was limited, and we both knew it, her trust in me was being pushed to
the limit but I knew it could not break else she must humiliate
herself more than she had done just by submitting.

Mother, upon her knees, strained upwards and over the pink phallus and
aimed it directly towards her sexual cavern.

I smiled as she lowered her body onto the cock.

Larissa threw her head back upon her shoulders and groaned from
somewheres deep inside her. I would say that mothers initial
experience with the toy was very positive.

Then I turned the remote control to on - in the low setting.

Mother suddenly jumped, nearly off the cock, and her eyes swing
towards me in surprise. I could not see what was done within her, but
from her reaction I would guess it to be both positive and startling.

With our eyes locked, I turned the knob and heard the machine start to
hum and mother start to moan with pleasure.

Both her hands came down to grasp the curved front edge of the barrel
as she tried to hold her pelvis in place. Between her thighs, I could
just make out the fake dick as it moved up and down, side to side and
round and round. It was making movements that no living male could
ever stimulate and from mothers reactions, it was taken positively.

My slave began to orgasm within two minutes - a minute under the
average. She cried out loudly and I watched with pleasure as her body
seemed to convulse and quiver with delight. It was an intense orgasm,
and it seemed to last for nearly the full minute.

But it wasn't over, mother had several more minutes and evidently more
orgasms to undergo with the contraption. Sweat was soon pouring off
her body and her limbs quivered in exhaustion as the second orgasm
rocked her at the ten minute mark.

The build-up to the third orgasm was more torture than pleasure and by
the twelve minute she was begging me to stop it, to let her rest, to
have mercy. Another minute and she was promising to do things for me,
things we had previously agreed not to explore, like sharing her with
the other Club members, or licking my come from another woman's cunt,
even letting a dog fuck her. At the fourteenth minute, mother began
to scream her lungs out as another orgasm was taking hold of her. It
was like watching a person get hit by lightening for thirty seconds, I

Mother slide to the floor, thirty seconds early... but I doubt she
knew of my leniency by not punishing her. She was a quivering bundle
of sweaty flesh for the next hour - as I left her next to her torture
machine and went to take a long hot shower.
Hours later, having been well fed with the brunch my slave conjured up
for me, I was laying upon the bed as I watched mother model lingerie
outfit after lingerie outfit, so numerous was the cabin stocked.

She wore only one common item, a small blunt plug that I had found
after my shower. It was a butt plug, and it does exactly as it name
implies. After mother had a long hot bath, I again lubed up her ass
hole, less generously this time, and inserted the thick plug. She
undergone the humiliation without a word and wore a red face of
embarrassment with every step she took, as she walked sort of

The phone rang, causing us both to jump in surprise. I half-ran to
the other room and picked it up.

"Hello Joseph."

It was Ben Lowell. "Hi Ben."

"Having fun?"

How could I answer... though my pause startled me. "Of course", was
the obvious answer.

"We know." I frowned and saw that mother stepped into the room
wearing a purple lace one piece jump-suit, completely see-through and
distracted me for a second. "The whole cabin is bugged, and we have
everything on tape."

I swung around and looked for the 'eyes' of the camera, I saw nothing.

"They are well hidden Joseph, so you won't see them unless you go
looking. Don't." mom noticed my startled look and began to get
nervous herself, I forced myself to be calm and to stare down at the

"David and I are five minutes from the cabin and thought we would stop
by for a chat."

What! "Sure."

"Have your slave make us some coffee, for two. And get her to put
something on - white, Larissa looks best in white." I had to agree,
though I was a little put-out listening to another guy make sexual
references to my mother. My slave, I corrected myself.

In minutes the coffee started to peculate and mother was kneeling, as
I enjoyed, in the middle of the common room. She looked furious at
the loss of privacy - if only she knew!

David came in with his mother Glenda, and then Ben with his mother Mary. The two Club members came into the common room, stood over my
kneeling mother and with a nod of pleasure at the sight of her, both
sat on the couch. At the door, the two middle-aged women, without a
word, began to disrobe. Rushing, they were soon down to nothing and
then knelt at their son's feet, heads on knees. David stroked his
mothers head, Ben didn't seem to notice - all eyes on my mother.

I sat down in the chair across from the two members. Ben started,
"Your slave took her first ass fucking pretty well?"

From the corner of my eye, I saw mother tense - though she didn't move
from her kneeling position. Good slave, I was proud of her! mother had no idea how they knew, but she now realized that they did - and it
was another layer of humiliation and submission to what was once a
proud and dignified woman.

I had to shake off the feelings of guilt that was coming over me.

David asked, "Did you enjoy it?" He was smirking as if us three
teenagers now shared a common secret - fucking a submissive mothers
ass to be the highlight of life itself. He was probably right -
though, I had to add, it would have been better if mother had enjoyed
it as much as I.

I put on a smile, "Oh ya."

The two of them laughed as if we all shared a secret joke.

David continued, "What else do you have planned for her ass?" I had
made an announcement that very morning, that it would be an anal
weekend - seems the Club also had the cabin bugged for sound.

It was like the three ladies were not even in the room, or that my own
mother, whom we now spoke of her first painful ass fuck was not
kneeling before us silently.

I told them about mothers ass plug... almost reluctantly.

Ben wanted to see it, so I ordered mother to stand, face towards me
and lift her white lace nightie to show those behind her the base of
the plastic apparatus seated firmly within her. Larissa had her eyes
clenched firmly closed.

David whistled in appreciation for mothers teardrop shape ass and
shapely sexy legs, opposite to his mothers round heavy-set figure.
Ben just licked his lips as if he was suddenly starving, I tried not
to think why this sudden hunger overcame him. My mother obviously the
sexiest of the three - Mary being tall and thin, Glenda heavy - I
could understand their interest.

Seconds ticked by when David suddenly rushed to unzip his slacks and
roughly pulled his mothers head into his lap. I saw Glenda take her
sons tiny hard member fully into her mouth and began to bob her face,
just as she had done in the car not so long ago.

Ben didn't even seem to notice, and I doubt that this wasn't a common
occurrence within the Club.

Larissa did, she looked over her shoulder in horror at the incestuous
sight before her. I could almost hear her thoughts on seeing what she
would term 'fabricating like animals', a part of me would have to
agree with her. Normally such a sight would excite me to no end, but
I only felt that these two members and their two slaves, were
violating mothers and my privacy.

Ben asked, "Want to swap for an hour Joseph?"

I wasn't sure what he meant, "Pardon?"

"My slut for yours for a few minutes?" He licked his lips and could
not tear his eyes from mothers bottom. I told you it was a very nice

Mary turned her head to look at me, I saw lust in her eyes and she
spread her kneeling thighs apart so I could see her sparse pubic
region. It was obviously wet and the dew was collecting upon her
thighs. Ben's mother was a slut, I had to agree with him there.

Larissa was glaring into my eyes when I turned my gaze from Mary's
pussy - as if reminding me of my agreement not to share her. It
seemed that mother was not affected by the high sexual energy
engulfing the room - well neither was I.

I was tempted to almost agree with Ben's offer, just to rebuke mothers
demanding stare. Did she forget whom was the Master in this
relationship - what she had agreed too?

But no matter my pride or will to dominate, I would not be able to
live with myself knowing that mother was used by another. No, she was
mine and mine alone.

I felt my head nodding negatively and was suddenly worried that this
may extinguish my possible membership. Instead Ben laughed it off,
reached down to squeeze his dick through his jeans. "Your just about
there Joseph - though a few have some concerns."

It was almost a question and the simple comment stilled my heart, I
had worked so hard to get into the Club, and I figured I was now
effectively in. "What 'concerns' Ben?"

"A couple of the old-timers, think you haven't shown that you are the
true master over your mother. That is more of a love affair than
dominant fucking."

Mary seemed to ask a question with a gaze and her son nodded, my
English teacher turned about and knelt upon her knees to begin to help
Glenda with David's cock. The two heads bobbed alternately and almost
to some unseen music. My slave was again looking over her shoulder,
watching the threesome.

I asked the obvious, "What else must I do to prove it?"

There was no hesitation, "Humiliate her."

Mother again froze in her voyeur gaze and I forced myself to remain
calm - had I not just pushed the boundaries of our relationship?

He added, as if he was my friend, "Of course I wasn't one of these and
told them I thought you were doing great!" I was starting to dislike
Ben, his soft young voice, his slutty mother, and his lecherous gaze.

His eyes looked at the base of the plug in mothers ass, it had
probably jumped when she tensed though I could not see to confirm
this, and he added, "They are probably just jealous of how sexy your
mother is."

David gasped out, his pleasure obviously rising with each bob of
either head, "Fuck her Joseph!" It wasn't really a command and I only
guessed that it was mother that he was referring too.

Ten minutes ago I would not have thought about such a thing, here
before these two Club members. But I didn't want to hear Ben's voice
any more, and I had to be open enough to fornicate before my fellow
Club members if I wished to be accepted.

"Slave!" mother turned her eyes to me and saw me nod towards my dick
that was pointing out of my white robe.

Ben had a request, "Fuck her with her ass pointing this way Joseph, I
want to see what that incredible big ass looks like as you pound her

Mother simply straddled my lap with her thigh and then lowered herself
down, almost as she had done with the apparatus earlier in the day.

I was surprised at how wet mother was, probably as wet as that first
time together - when my fingers were first engulfed in her womanhood.
Was she enjoying this encounter? Was she not humiliated as I assumed
she would be?

Larissa immediately began to bounce upon my lap, her face hidden in my
neck, and I had little doubt Ben had a great view of mothers generous
ass. I saw that David was also focused upon the backside of my slave.
I was weird knowing that someone was able to see my teenager prick
moving in and out of my mothers super heated wet sex.

Ben asked, "Get her to remove the plug Joseph?"

Mother didn't even wait for my command, much to my disgust, and with a
single hand moved it behind her to pull out the thick blunt object.
It came out with a pop and she let it fall to the wooden floor, I
wondered at the view the two Club members could now see. Was she
gaping open?

Ben roughly pulled his mothers head back and leaned in to whisper
something in her ear - the English matron ran into the bedroom and
quickly returned with a huge rubber cock. Ten inches long and
probably wide enough that I would not be able to get my hand about it.
I watched in shock as Mary knelt behind my mothers hard-working ass
and though I could not tell what she was doing I suddenly felt mother tense up and stop her rapid thrusts upon me.

I then felt it, it was like something else was joining me in mothers
love canal, but I knew it to be in her other hole. An anal slut,
indeed! Mary just smiled at me across Larissa's back in triumph and I
could only imagine the image that her and the two teenagers behind her
could see.

Through this invasion, mother knelt very still above me, moving only
to clench her sex about my cock. The sounds coming from her were
almost demonic, hissing and gasps, grunts and then cries of pain or
pleasure, I could not tell. She bit my neck for a second and then
licked my ear even as felt the large fake cock attempt to push me out
of my own mothers body simply by the size of it and the small room
within my slaves passages.

Was this not formally 'sharing' her with another - though inanimate
object? Did this not fall under the definition of her succumbing to

I lost a little respect for mother just then when she again resumed
her up and down movements, slower and with much more sounds from her
body, with such obvious lust and pleasure.

Mary had two hands wrapped about the base of the long cock and was not
timing it to mothers movements, but instead driving it in and out of
her anal passage with a vengeance. The school teacher was enjoying
this so much I could see her teeth as she smiled, she obviously also
liked to 'give' as well as to 'receive'.

Larissa, my mother and my slave, came upon my cock and upon that long
dildo within a minute. I saw every face in the room watching her
sweaty lingerie-clad body ripple in pleasure, her sex seemingly
engulfing me and the rubber-lover to our bases. Even Glenda watched
with wide eyes, her face sporting a new covering of her sons sperm,
while her hand still held his soft cock forgotten.

It was over nearly as soon as it had started, mother lay fully upon
me, dead weight. As naive as I was, I thought it was over.

Mary pushed my mother from me, and she fell to the floor in the fetal
position facing me, next to the schoolteacher, a loud farting sound
came from her rectum when the dildo was evicted. Ben's mother, still
holding the long thick cock, threw it over to my slave, next to her
head. Then Mary closed her eyes, leaned in and took my still hard
cock within her mouth.

My slaves eyes and my own locked, she was exhausted but I saw her hand
snake out and grasp the base of the thick dirty dick inches before
her. I watched as mother opened her mouth, eyes glued to Mary's mouth
and my excited member and then began to suck that dirty huge cock as
Mary now sucked me.

No one moved for the next two minutes, the time it took me to come in
a great big gusher, covering my school teachers face. I had imagined
what she would look like with her pearl face cream, my fantasies never
even came close. The older woman only smiled up at me, as if knowing
my thoughts.

Ben and David were now clapping and I saw that mother was still
sucking that big dick, trying to get it as far down her throat as
possible. She only got about four inches of it, and that seemed to
split her lips wide.

"I think my slave has earned a little reward - what do you think

I had no idea what Ben was talking about and just looked at him in
what I knew to be an exhausted look.

He didn't wait for an answer, "Larissa", I came awake at the sound of
him addressing my slave directly, "get between Mary's legs and thank
her with your tongue for the pleasure she gave you and your son."

Was I invisible? He should not be addressing my slave directly should
he? I would learn that the wishes for sharing of slaves did not
extend to other slaves.

As startling as this was, mother rolled onto her quivering hands and
kneels and crawled back towards Mary. Ben's mother dropped to the
hard wood floor and spread her legs with barely contained

Larissa did not even look towards me and I felt hot anger run through
my veins. The fucking slut!

Mother had told me that she had never had a sexual experience with
another woman before - I had asked and as I had fantasied about such
an occurrence, doesn't every boy? But I watched as she crawled the
couple of feet and without hesitation, lean in and slip her tongue
into the obviously wet slit of another slave.

Mary squealed in pleasure, brought her own knees up to her near-flat
chest and held them in that position with her hands. Larissa spent
much time licking upon that enlarged red clitoris, but would suddenly
slip down to lick and tongue-fuck Mary's anus and cunt-hole. My
school teacher was loving it.

I stood on unsteady legs and retreated to the kitchen, the excuse to
refresh my drink. But I stayed for the duration of Mary's oral
pleasure. It was obvious when she was finished, the thump of flesh on
wood and the squeals of pleasure rocked the small cabin.

I returned just in time to see Mary half sit up to slip her tongue
into my mothers mouth, as the two shared a long French kiss. Mother,
at times, would remove her lips and lick at the strands of my sperm
attached to Mary's face, savouring each tonguefull before returning to
the passionate kiss. I ignored the sight of my slave and saw the two
Club members make moves to leave. Their slaves not far behind them,
rushing to dress.

"Too bad you won't share that slut of yours Joseph - she would be a
favourite of the club!" David shook my hands, as if in
congratulations - perhaps it was. Was this the final phase that I had
to do to gain entrance in the elite Club?

Ben confirmed my suspicions, "I think even the hard core members will
accept your membership into the Club Joseph." I think they expected a
look of joy upon my face, but I felt nothing. "I'll confirm and let
you know this coming Monday."

I shook his hand at the door to the cabin, the other three already
getting into David's and Glenda's car. "One more piece of advice", he
offered with a sly smile, "this being your last night here, tie her
over the beam in the kennel", he nodded to the dog kennel a few meters
near the cabin door, "overnight, naked, and she'll never think about
disobeying you again." Ben chuckled lightly and looked over his
shoulder at his smiling mother, "Mary hates it, but I do it to her a
couple of times a year. The next morning she is so cut up and bruised
that she isn't much use, and every hole on her body is sore for a
week. Those dogs put us guys to shame!" He laughed all the way to
the car and I stood in the cabin doorway and watched their car pull
The weekend wasn't over, but I had just learned that I was
unofficially a member in the Club I had so longed for. So much so,
that I had done the unthinkable and actually brought my fantasies to
light by successfully seducing my own mother.

This had gotten me to know my mother, Larissa, with intimate carnal
knowledge. I had fucked every one of her holes, I had treated her
like some oversized love-doll and made her dress outrageously, then I
had allowed another woman to forcibly fuck a huge dildo into mothers
ass, then watched as mother orally pleasured the same woman.

All in the name of the Club, I realized.

I retreated from the common room, not wanting to see my kneeling slut
of a mother, so soiled and obviously sexually-used that it disgusted
me right then, and found myself within the large shower.

My thoughts would not leave me, the images so clear to my minds eye.
The hot water did little to queel my dark thoughts and memories.

I tried to think of the benefits of being in the Club, what had seemed
so appealing not so long ago. Getting to fuck the other women, like
Mary, so it was almost an endless supply of submissive flesh.

I never even need to fuck my own mother again if I did not want too!

Where did that come from?

Larissa Bently, mother and slut, knelt as I had taught her not so many
weeks before with forehead nearly on the floor, as I had left her
before my shower. Her raised ass, normally so sexy and seductive to
this young highly-sexed teenager, did nothing to still my dark

I could feel it, something has changed here in this cabin between us.
A new level of depravity and submission, obviously. But it was
something else, something within me.

To shake this feeling, I grunted, "Get your ass over the chair!" My
voice was not one to be disobeyed, though I felt little resistance
within my mother any longer as she rushed to obey.

Over the back of the large chair, mother bent, her ass high, her head
almost to the cushion seat.

I reached forwards with both hands and tore her soiled nighty from her
body, it came away reluctantly. My slave froze, perhaps in fear of
her new Master, she too knew that much has changed.

Did she wonder if I would bind her within the kennel for the horny
dogs to use? I did, surprised that I now considered it. I was also
surprised to realize that she would do even that, if commanded.

Mother, I had learned, was betrayed by her body when faced with
humiliation and submission, she became very excited.

She wore her white stockings still, one nearly to her calf. I thought
of tearing these from her as well, but they fit her, made her look the
part she has done so well this day. It was what she wished for was it
not - to give away her trust and passion to a strong man... that and
coupled with the nastiness of that man being her son highly excited my

I retreated to the bedroom in disgust.

In minutes I returned from the bedroom and Larissa barely breathed,
let alone move. She would not then know what I carried in my hand as
I strode purposely back to her.

No words had yet been spoken between us - I had little use of words
for her now, I didn't care to know her thoughts. But I grunted out
one word as my arm came down, the meter long leather crop whistling
before it hit into the soft white flesh of mothers ass, "Slut!"

I began to rain a beating upon her, her ass soon a mass of red welts
but I never let up. Our agreement that I should never hurt her
forgotten, by the both of us I was sure.

True to my disgust, mother didn't move and thus proved her low
behaviour to be truly a slut. She cried out without words, and
thrashed about in the ass-high position, but she did not stop me.
Larissa took all I had to deliver and I stopped only when my arm was

The crop fell to the floor and still she did not move and I stared in
fright at the droplets of blood dripping from her skin.

I moved forwards, my surprisingly hard penis finding the now familiar
crevice of my mothers ass. I wanted to fuck this slut, hard and fast,
to hurt her more. She was a slave, a slut, to be used by her Master -
me. It had been her choice, her desire - something that had been so
pleasurable in the beginning now ...?

Her ass hole only had a light film of lubricant from mothers earlier
usage and she screamed when I tore into her still loose, but very
abused, rectum. I could feel the heat and dampness of her cunt upon
my balls - even now she reveals her low desires at this savage

Earlier, when I took her anal virginity, was like being kissed with a
feather compared to the fucking I gave her just then. She screamed
out as I pounded in and out of her body, my stomach getting red from
her blood where we joined. It wasn't enough, I yanked her brown
shoulder-length thick hair back so it arched her back and forced her
face up. With my other hand I twisted and tore at her nipples

Still she did not cry out for me to stop, but her pain-filled screams
were turning to those of harsh delight.

I was delirious in my animal rage as I again, for the final time that
day, emptied my balls into her body. She took it and perhaps even had
a small orgasm of her own. Did it matter?

With that handful of hair, I yanked her harder and she fell to the
floor, my cock pulling from her slimy ass hole. Positioning her upon
her knees before me, I shoved my half-hard but quickly wilting dick
into her sexy petite mouth. Mothers eyes were closed, so I could not
see her brown pupils gaze upon me, though I watched with disgust as
she opened her mouth and readily accepted my soiled dick, with what
could only be described as... love.

I pounded against her face with my soft member, her neck would have
dislocated if not for both my hands roughly holding her by her hair.

Not enough!

Mother was not crying out in shame and humiliation, begging her son to
have mercy. Instead she took all that I gave, took it and gave
compassion and love and lust in return.

I pulled from her mouth and held my cock in hand, a stream of piss shot out and hit her on one cheek. "Hold your tits up and open your
mouth slut!" Larissa opened her eyes to look up at me, knowing what
was coming, and looked not at my peeing dick but into my soul, while
holding her 'C' cup breasts up and together her mouth open, as
commanded, a few centimetres. I washed those aged sexy tits with my
urine, sometimes moving up to surprise her by getting a stream in
between her sexy lips. Still she did not waver, only swallowed and
looked up at her son's madness, obviously seen within my eyes.

When my bladder was empty, so was my madness. I stood, pitiful, hand
on slimy wet dick looking into the eyes of a submissive and sexy woman
that I had wronged. I could not go any further, my humiliating
dominance exhausted.

I fell to the floor before her and cried, her wet soiled body wrapping
me in a loving embrace.
Apart from a thick letter reminding me of my obligations and promise
not to reveal anything of the Club, I never spoke to any member again.
With the letter, I received several tapes - some of the more memorable
moments of our trip to the cabin. I considered destroying these, but
could not - that time was a part of me, us, now.

I did not even need to let them know that my request for admission to
their elite Club had been withdrawn - they had seen the tape.

Mother says I need to end this with a description of what happened
after that last day in the cabin - she is right.

Let me state for the record, that I love Larissa, my mother and my
slave with all my heart.

She is the one that kept me sane while I quickly descended to my own
personal hell and humiliation. Yes, even while I did all those
debasing things to my own mother, I was also humiliating myself as
well as her.

After my tears had dried and my limbs stopped their trembling I held
my mother for a very long time, no words were then spoken. Then I
simply stood up, dressed and with mother wrapped only in the coat she
had came in and bare feet, we retreated - soiled and reeking of our
sins. Our bathtub at home seemed to sooth both our exhausted bodies
and wash away the evidence of our memories.

The next day, Sunday, mother and I packed and ran away together -
leaving dad a tape of mothers anal cherry night. Perhaps it was harsh
of us, I loved him, but she had pleaded with me. My sister was given
instructions to stay at her friends house till Larissa and I find a
new home. mother wrote a sealed note, that she said explained all -
to this day I have no idea what was in it, but my younger sister never
raised an eye at anything she saw in the future between her mother and
brother. She even is bold enough to sneak watching her mother and I
at night, when I am particularly randy.

Most of my parents money was my mothers, I learned, so cash was not a
problem - though mother demanded I return to school when we settled.
I agreed reluctantly. From experience, she related that one needed
more in life than a bank account or hard cock - we still argue about
the latter.

It took mom ten days after the cabin before her body recovered from
her ordeal, I know it would take much longer for my heart and soul to
heal. My lover never spoke about it, but that change that we had
undergone in the cabin was still a part of us - mother did anything I
asked her. And in the week of travelling after her recovery, I proved
it many times. We had both learned so much about ourselves and each
other - we are now bound by more than simply love and desire now.

Mother never again listened to another, as she had done with Ben's
requests, over my commands. Perhaps the beating she received at the
cabin was her punishment - or so I assumed. My will was never again
contested, for which I was very thankful. And though we entered into
new territory, as Master and Slave, she never hesitated.

It is a year since our cabin ordeal, just over a year since I had
first tasted mothers sexuality. Even the nightmare of the cabin is
something I would never change, something we needed as incestuous
Master and Slave... lovers.

Mother infrequently asked if I regretted denying myself the Club, I
can truthfully answer that membership was not what I wanted - what I
wanted I now have.


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