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Something New

By Katie McN <> (c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
I know I shouldn't touch myself there, but it feels so good.

Six AM comes early and tomorrow is a school day so I'll have to get
up. I want to fall asleep, but I can't. I try, but I can't do it.

This might be bad. My mother told me not to touch myself. She said it
wasn't nice, but it doesn't feel bad. Not to me. Not when my hand
sneaks down between my legs. I'm afraid and wonder what will happen if
I don't stop. Could someone come in and catch me?

How horrible and how exciting.

My panties are lost somewhere in my bed. My tee-shirt is pulled up
over my tiny boobs. They feel warm to my touch and I like the feeling.
They're not as warm as what's between my legs. I want to touch and I
do. My new boobies feel so good. My secret place feels good, too.
Something different. Very different. Very nice.

My legs start to spread. My feet move back toward my butt. Knees raise
the blanket. My back arches. My hands are on their own now. I'm
floating above myself in the dark watching something take over my
body. Something I don't understand, but it seems kind, very strong and
very interesting.

A hand, yes, it's my hand sliding across my breast. It feels nice.
Fingers squeeze my nipples. When did I learn how to do this? No one
told me. A finger touches a place between my legs. Yes, touch it more.
A finger moves the place. It's not a place, it's a thing. Something to
touch. Something to move. Something very special. Yes.

My back arches again. A sound sneaks out of my mouth. I can hear it
and hope no else does. Hands moving. Head shaking back and forth. Toes
curling and trying to hold the sheet. What's happening and it better
not stop. Yes, more, more.

Rubbing myself feels so good. A touch at first, then I let the finger
trail up and down my secret place. It wants to hide inside me, but I
won't let it. I will it to move back to that other place. Yes, rub,
touch, more, more.

My head moves in time with the fingers rubbing my breasts and touching
the place between my legs. A sound starts inside my mind. The sound is
made of orange light and it's moving toward my eyes. It flies through
my body and touches my hands. I explode, an orange flash. What is
this. My body. I'm afraid. I like it and it keeps on and on. Yes,
never stop, but then it does. I'm warm and can't move. My body slowly
straightens out.

I found something tonight. I want to think about it, but I'm so tired.
I'm going to fall asleep and I hope I don't forget what I did. I hope
this isn't a dream.
The End
Tell me what you think about my story!

Katie McN <>

Read more of my stories at my website\~Katie_McN\


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