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Archived Sex Stories



Title: Song of Euphoria.

Author: Charley Ace.



WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do
not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE

(c) copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved

(MF, MF, Romance)

This is a story about Greg and Megan and Sam and Amelia (not at all
similar to Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice).

The cast of characters:

Greg Clark: Age 20, 6 ft 1 in., 180 lbs, dark hair, slim build and
average looking. Greg had a pretty level head on his shoulders, especially
considering his heritage. He grew up, and still lived, in a run down 2
bedroom house in the poorest section of town. His father was an alcoholic
who had trouble holding a job for more than two weeks at a time. His
mother, also an alcoholic, was the town punching bag. She would fuck
anybody (except her husband) any time, anywhere, and didn't care who knew
it. He didn't hate his parents, but he hated what they had become.
Because of them, he had been barely able to tolerate living at home, but
knew that it was the most expedient way of achieving his goal, which was to
save enough money to pay for a college education. He was very focused on
his goal, and was well on his way toward achieving it, by working two jobs
and saving his money, which he had been doing for as long as he could
remember. Even though he wasn't a 'hunk,' he had always been popular with
the girls. He had had his share of sexual experiences, but had never had a
serious girl friend. He was much too focused on his goal to let just any
woman into his life on a permanent, or semi-permanent basis. He was
honest, sincere and wasn't afraid to speak his mind. He was well liked
because he treated everyone equally and with respect, and he had an
infectious personality, some would call it charisma. His avocation was
studying people and their behavior, as he believed the secret to a
successful career in any field was understanding, and applying people, and
their skills, properly. He was mature well beyond his years.

Megan Carlson: Age 19, 5 ft. 6 in., 120 lbs, blonde, slim build and
beautiful. Megan had recently completed her sophomore year at Harvard.
She had been attending various private schools, usually away from home,
since she was 5 years old. As a result she had had very little contact
with the people in her hometown. Over the years many guys at school, and
elsewhere, had tried to bed her, with no success. She hadn't even let any
of them get beyond first base. While she enjoyed a good time as much as
anybody; she hadn't met anyone that seriously interested her. She had the
ability to recognize that most of the guys that she dated were shallow and
vain. She was rebellious, as most teenagers are, but not to the point of
biting off her nose to spite her face. She wouldn't fuck any of these guys just for spite. It was very important to her that when she lost her
virginity, it would be to a special guy. She had earned her reputation of
being an 'ice queen,' but could care less what others thought. She was
also her mother's protégé, very spoiled, and a snob-in-training.

Amelia Carlson: Age 44, 5 ft. 4 in., 115 lbs, blonde, average build and
beautiful. Amelia is Megan's mother and a first class snob. She was born
into the upper crust of society and strove to stay there, isolated from the
'commoners.' She had been determined to see to it that Megan be kept
isolated, also. She made sure that Megan socialized with, and planned on
seeing to it that she eventually married into, their class. Even though
Sam was originally a commoner, she had trained him reasonably well and was
quite proud of her family. She had married Sam only because her family's
fortune had been squandered away by her inept father. She was physically
attracted to Sam right from the beginning, but it took her many years to
realize that she loved him deeply. She was a strong willed person who
ruled the household with an iron hand, but was inhibited in the bedroom,
afraid of 'letting loose.' She hadn't enjoyed sex to the fullest with Sam,
mainly because of her inhibitions. She had never cheated on him, even
though her beauty had gotten her many offers. She was never seriously
tempted, because she had what she wanted and was not about to take any
chances of losing it.

Sam Carlson: Age 55, 6 ft. even, 210 lbs, mostly gray, average build
with a bit of a paunch, but distinguished-looking. Sam is Megan's father and a good person. He had dropped out of school at age 16 to help support
his mother and father, and wound up working his way to the top of the
business world. He was very intelligent and had a strong will to succeed.
He was also an exceptional judge of character, which was the single most
important reason for his success. He had earned a reputation as being a
firm, but fair person in his business dealings. Success to Sam meant
money, and his success translated into many millions of dollars. He didn't
marry Amelia until he was well on his way up the financial ladder, and then
because she was beautiful, and because he felt that he needed a socialite
to punctuate his success. As beautiful and desirable as Amelia was, he was
largely dissatisfied with their sex life. He tried, but couldn't seem to
get Amelia interested enough to try anything new to spice things up. His
attempts to improve their sex life were by persuasion, as he had wanted to,
but hadn't summoned the courage to take charge in the bedroom, as he had
done so effortlessly in the business world. He was apprehensive because of
Amelia's dominant personality. He knew that she had married him because of
his money, but he had grown to love her very deeply and he was sure that
she loved him, even though she wouldn't admit to loving a self-made man, a
former commoner. He had never cheated on Amelia, but had been seriously
tempted a number of times. It was his strong moral character that kept him
on the straight and narrow.

The story:

Coming from different worlds, Greg and Megan were not very likely to
ever meet, let alone become lovers, but as fate would have it, one dark and
lonely night...

As Greg was returning to the garage in his boss' tow truck, he was
forced off the road by some lunatic chick driving a bright red sports car,
he had seen the long blond hair flapping in the breeze. She had been
speeding and took a blind curve much too tight, and it took all of his
driving skills to avoid contact with her car. Neither he nor the truck was
the worse for the incident, but it was a close call and it shook him up.
He waited until his pounding, accelerated heartbeat slowed to near normal,
gathered himself together and headed back to the garage.

As soon as he pulled in, his boss asked him if he'd do him a favor and
take one more call. He told Greg that a young lady in a sports car had a
tire blow out on the road that he had just traveled. 'Hmmm, could it be?'
he thought. As tired as he was, he was more than anxious to take the call,
as he wanted to meet the lunatic chick and give her a good piece of his
mind. His boss went on to tell him that she was Megan Carlson, of THE
Carlsons, and asked him to treat her with kid gloves.

'Kid gloves, my ass,' thought Greg to himself.

It took him about 20 minutes to get to where Megan was stranded, and she
was furious. "What took you so long? I have things to do, I can't spend
my life waiting on incompetent people like you to do their jobs!" She
reprimanded him in an extremely disrespectful and angry tone.

He was amused at the fact that he fully intended to be the one doing the
chewing out, but she beat him to the punch as she continued to berate him.
He calmly, with a warm smile on his face, scoped her out. His eyes roamed
from her pretty face down to her dainty, sandal clad, feet and back again,
slowly and deliberately. She soon became unnerved at his quiet confidence,
his unresponsiveness to her demands and the way he was visually checking
her out, seemingly penetrating her defenses.

Her defense was to take the offensive once again. "What do you think
you're doing? Didn't you hear what I said? Get busy, and fix my tire.
Don't you know who I am?"

He continued to smile and said nothing. He had become enraptured with
her beauty as soon as he had laid eyes on her. 'She's a Goddess, yes, a
Goddess with a very bad attitude and a sharp tongue,' he thought to
himself. He had heard stories about Megan and how beautiful she was, but
that night was the first time that he had seen for himself, and he was duly
impressed. He had also heard people talk about how she was nothing but a
spoiled brat and untouchable for a commoner. Her beauty had captivated him
to the extent that he had completely forgotten that she had run him off the
road only minutes earlier.

His eyes moved to make eye contact with her again. He gazed into her
beautiful blue eyes and watched as the message that they conveyed changed
from fiery anger and disrespect to one of softness and caring, but only for
a brief moment. He felt like, during that one brief moment, he was able to
penetrate, to view her subconscious, her soul. He liked what he saw in her
eyes, in her soul, but not what he heard come out of her mouth.

"What are you staring at?" she snapped as the angry look returned. She
had become even more unnerved at his penetrating gaze and calm demeanor.

Megan was disappointed in herself, she was impressed with what she saw
in this young mechanic's eyes and she had momentarily allowed him to
penetrate her icy barrier. She felt something, a stirring within her
heart, and her crotch. There was something about him that excited her, but
she couldn't understand what it was. She had dated better-looking guys than him who hadn't affected her that way. 'Why did he have such an impact
on her?' She soon snapped out of it, and resumed her bratty behavior.

He chuckled to himself, she came across as a spoiled brat all right, but
he wasn't daunted. He became convinced that she was a completely different
person than she wanted people to believe. Those few moments of penetrating
eye contact were enough to convince him that she was the woman for him, and
he the man for her. 'She doesn't know that yet, or does she?' he thought.
Of course, her radiant beauty didn't hurt any.

She continued her verbal barrage as he slowly removed his eyes from hers
and began the task of changing the tire. He had yet to utter a word, which
served to fuel her fire.

He continued with the task at hand, at a much slower pace than he
normally worked, as she continued her verbal assault. He finally had had
enough, as he put the tire iron down, slowly rose to a standing position
and turned to face her.

They made eye contact again and he saw, for another brief moment, that
same look of love and caring that he had seen before, and again, it didn't
last long.

"Why did you stop working? Get busy. I told you that I don't have all
night," she snapped again.

He merely continued his soft, penetrating gaze, directly into her eyes,
and once again her look softened. There was a multi-part message in that
look of his. He was showing her his strength of character and was telling
her that he wouldn't be intimidated no matter how much she berated him. He
was also telling her that she was his, now and forever. Those were surreal
moments where time had become suspended, as their eyes remained locked onto
one another for what seemed like hours, but, in reality, was only a matter
of seconds.

She felt like she was floating in the clouds, wrapped safely and
securely in his arms. No man had ever made such an impact on her, as he
had in those very brief, but wonderful, moments. She began to believe that
he was a very special guy, very special indeed

She landed back on earth with a thud. 'What was I thinking? How could
I even think about him in that way? He's just a stupid mechanic. I can't
allow myself to feel this way.'

When she came to her senses, even she was mature enough to realize that
she needed to change her approach if she ever expected him to finish the

"OK, I've been behaving like a spoiled brat, I'm sorry. Now will you
please finish changing the tire?" She offered grudgingly, but in a soft,
pleading tone. She pondered what she had just said. 'Did I just admit
that I was a spoiled brat? What in the world has come over me?'

His smile broadened as he once again turned to the task at hand, and
finished in less than five minutes.

He rose and looked at her once again. She was glad that he had
finished, but for some reason that she couldn't understand, sad that they
must now go their separate ways. As she turned to retrieve her purse from
the car in order to pay for the service call, she stepped into a rut and
lost her balance. She fell to the ground in such a way that a brush with a
nearby bush had scratched her shoulder and tore the spaghetti strap on her
dress, exposing her bra-covered left breast.

Greg immediately moved to her aid, bent over, grasped her upper arm with
his soiled hand and helped her to her feet. They both felt something as he
touched her, something excitingly electric. As he was helping her to her
feet, he spoke to her for the first time, "are you all right?"

"Y-yes, I'm fine. Just a little shook up is all." After she composed
herself, she smiled and asked, "so, you can talk after all?"

He smiled warmly at her, as he saw the torn strap and exposed bra and
reached over to her. He noticed that the scratches were superficial, and
he took hold of the two ends of her dress strap. Normally she might have
recoiled in fear that he was going to take advantage of her in some way,
but she felt no fear. She allowed him to reposition her dress to cover her
bra and tie the strap.

"Thanks," she said as she once again looked into those penetrating,
beautiful blue eyes of his. She felt the stirring once again, even
stronger than before. She was very, very confused, as she continued to
maintain eye contact.

He spoke again, "you're a very special young lady. On the surface a
spoiled brat, but deep down a very loving, caring person."

Even she didn't believe the part about being a loving, caring person.
"I don't think..."

He didn't let her finish. "I think that both of us know that something
special has taken place here tonight, I feel it and see it in your eyes,
and I believe that you feel it too. I don't expect that you'll admit it to
yourself, but there's no doubt in my mind that we're meant for each other.
I realize that we come from different worlds, but that obstacle can, and
will be, overcome."

She was flabbergasted. 'What did he just say?' She thought. 'How could
he ever think that they were meant for each other?' Even though she had
seen something very wonderful in those eyes of his, she wasn't about to
admit it to herself. 'Admit that she was attracted to a commoner - NO
WAY!' She reverted back to her bratty self.

"You're daft! You're just a common mechanic, I could never be
interested in someone like you," she blurted as she quickly turned, hopped
into her car and sped off. In her haste, she had forgotten to pay for the
service call.

On the way home she thought of what he had said. The more she thought
about it, the angrier she got with him, for saying something that
ludicrous. She decided that she had to put him in his place, to get even
with him. 'Her dress was torn, she was dirty, why not?' She thought.

Sam heard her car pull into the driveway and rose to greet her at the
door. He noticed her disheveled appearance and asked her what had
happened. She blurted out a lie about how the young mechanic had tried to
take advantage of her. She also let Sam know that she had managed to get
away before he actually did anything. Megan's stomach churned as she told
her father the lie, 'Why do I feel so rotten? He's nothing, why should I
care what happens to him?'

Sam fumed as he observed the torn dress and the dirty hand print on her
upper arm. He comforted Megan, and when she calmed down, he told her that
he'd take care of the mechanic in his own way. She smiled to herself, got
up and proceeded to her bathroom to get cleaned up. 'That'll teach the
brazen clod,' she thought. She also felt the guilt again, as she tried in
vain to convince herself that she had imagined all the crazy, but
wonderful, feelings that she had experienced with him.

Sam called the garage, but Greg hadn't returned as yet. He let Greg's
boss know, in no uncertain terms, that he wanted to speak to Greg
immediately upon his return. Greg arrived five minutes later, was given
the message, and was told of Sam's apparent anger. Rather than dodge the
bullet, Greg believed in facing up to adversity, and called the number that
Sam had left.

Sam answered and, very uncharacteristically, began to shout obscenities
and threats to Greg over the phone, a strong indication that he was livid
over what had happened to his daughter. Greg remained calm, he knew that
he had done nothing wrong, and waited for Sam to say his piece. When he
paused, or stopped, Greg calmly denied his accusations and offered to meet
him face to face. Greg's demeanor had a calming, but unsettling, effect on
Sam. While Sam did calm down, he felt unnerved over the young man's
refusal to be intimidated. Sam wasn't used to that, as he had been able to
intimidate most people when the situation called for it. He decided that
he would, indeed, meet the young mechanic, and proposed a meeting the next
day at his office. Greg agreed, even though it meant missing several hours
of work.

At the conclusion of the phone conversation with Sam, Greg was both
puzzled and pleased. He was puzzled as to why Megan had lied to Sam and
pleased that he had an appointment to meet the man that he had long
admired, based on reputation only. Many of his friends and other
townspeople worked at Sam's factory, and had told Greg repeatedly what a
tough, but fair, man Sam was. They all admired him.

Greg showed up right on time the next day, and told the receptionist
that he had an appointment with Mr. Carlson. She contacted Sam's personal
secretary and was told to have Greg wait for her.

Sam's secretary arrived a few minutes later and escorted Greg up to
Sam's private office. Sam had had some time to calm down and think since
last night, and was inclined to give Greg the opportunity to tell his side
of the story. Sam felt that he had sounded so calm and sincere on the
phone that he deserved at least that much. Besides, he knew that Megan was
a spoiled brat and very capable of making up, or embellishing, the story.

The secretary showed Greg in and closed the door behind him. He calmly
walked up to Sam and extended his hand. "I'm Greg Clark, and, even under
the circumstances, am be very pleased to meet you, sir."

Sam remained seated and didn't take Greg's hand, he intended to make him
feel as uncomfortable as possible. He uttered gruffly, "I'm not so pleased
to be meeting you, young man. Let's get on with the business, tell me your
side of it and then I'll decide what to do about you."

Greg calmly told his story, leaving out the part about telling Megan
that they were meant for each other. The two men maintained eye contact
the entire time. Sam saw something in Greg that impressed him. It also
led him to believe that maybe Greg was telling the truth, but he didn't
want Greg to know that, not at that moment, anyway.

"Why should I believe your story and not my daughter's?" He asked.

"Because Megan's a spoiled brat, and capable of anything when her
dander's up and wants to lash out at somebody, in this case, me," he
replied calmly and assuredly.

Sam couldn't believe the nerve of the young man as he gruffly responded,
"you have a lot of nerve, calling my daughter a spoiled brat right to my

"Actually, sir, I think we both know what a spoiled brat she is, or what
she appears to be. Deep down she's a warm, caring person, and I suspect we
both know that, too."

At that point Greg had Sam on the defensive. Sam thought for a minute
and responded, "you're either psychic, or unusually observant, which is

"I'm not psychic."

"OK. Explain why Megan's dander was up enough to have lied to me."

"After our phone conversation last night, I gave that very issue much
thought, and I think I can explain her behavior. When I told you my story,
I left out one important detail." He proceeded to tell Sam what he had told
Megan about they being made for each other. "She was apparently frightened
and unwilling to face the prospect of being attracted to a mechanic like

Sam was really impressed with Greg. He had always known that Megan was
a warm, caring person beneath that snobbish, spoiled exterior of hers. He
just didn't know how to go about exposing it. In Greg, he thought that he
might have found just the person to help him accomplish the task.

While Sam was studying and assessing Greg, Greg was doing the same, and
Greg was equally impressed with Sam. He found him to be everything that
his friends had told him, strong-willed, but fair. His success was
obvious, but Greg's admiration went beyond Sam's success. Sam had given
him a chance to tell his story and had enough courage and insight to
believe the truth over his daughter's lies, a very difficult thing for most
people to do.

Sam rose from his chair, walked around the desk and offered his hand to
Greg. Greg stood up and took it. They shook hands, a firm, warm shake. A
bond had developed between them in a very short period of time. "Greg, I
believe you. I'm still not sure exactly how it happened, but you've
impressed me. Actually, I've come to the conclusion that you're a very
special young man, someone that I wouldn't be at all uncomfortable with
having for a son-in-law someday."

"I've made a similar assessment of you, sir." Greg, with a grin on his
face, added, "shall I call you dad?"

They both laughed at that comment. "You are indeed special, Greg. I
brought you here to admonish you, and you had every right to fear me, but
instead, you spent our brief time together assessing my character. You've
made a friend today, young man. Not only that, I intend to be an ally, a
co-conspirator to help make our assessment of Megan into a reality.
Together, we shall overcome!"

Sam went on, "I have to confess to being too weak or too busy to have
nipped the problem in the bud, and I'm also a contributor. Her mother has
done everything in her power to mold Megan into a snob, and I've helped
spoil her by giving her every material thing that she's ever wanted.
Together, we can correct my mistakes."

"We all make mistakes, sir. It's the ability and willingness to
recognize and correct them that really matters."

"Greg, you have the insight of a seer. I'd like to begin the 'unveiling
of the real Megan' by inviting you to dinner at my house tonight. Of
course I must warn you, there'll be two hostile forces present, Megan and
her mother. My assignment will be to neutralize her mother, Amelia, and
that's no small task, believe me. You're assignment will be to concentrate
on Megan. OK?"

Greg smiled and replied, "Agreed. What time should I be there?"

"Seven sharp."

As Greg turned to leave, he remembered, "oh, by the way, Mr. Carlson."

"Please call me Sam, son. What is it?"

"Megan forgot to pay the bill last night and I owe my boss for the
service call."

Sam chuckled, reached for his wallet, took out a bright new $100 bill
and handed it to Greg. "Will this cover it?"

"Yes sir, it's more than enough, but I don't have change."

"Keep it. You've suffered enough abuse to have earned it."

"Thank you very much, sir."

They shook hands again and Greg left. Things were looking very good,
and he felt that he had accomplished a great deal in the one-hour meeting.

That evening, dressed in his one and only suit and tie, Greg pressed the
doorbell at the front door of the Clark mansion at exactly seven. The
butler let him in and showed him into the study where Sam was waiting. He
looked at Sam in his casual clothes and immediately felt overdressed.

Sam stood up and they shook hands. "Greg, good to see you, I'm afraid
that I forgot to tell you that we're very casual around here. It's one
area in which I've had some success with Amelia. Get comfortable and have
a seat."

Greg immediately shed his jacket and tie, unbuttoned the top button of
his shirt and sat down.

"Greg, I have a confession to make, I haven't told Megan or Amelia just
who our dinner guest is. Does that make you uncomfortable?"

"No, but it's good to know in advance, thanks for the warning."

"I knew it wouldn't bother you, I have complete confidence that you'll
be up to the challenge."

Just then they were summoned to the dinner table. Megan and Amelia were
already seated in the dining room when they arrived. Greg first looked at
Megan, then Amelia. They were both very beautiful, and seeing Amelia for
the first time, it became obvious to Greg that Megan's beauty had come from
her mother's genes.

Megan saw Greg, their eyes locked, and her heart began to beat faster,
she was excited to see him again, yet afraid of what it might mean. Her
feelings immediately turned from excitement, to guilt, then to defiance,
"you! What are you doing here? Father, why did you invite this, this
rapist to our house?"

Amelia, upon realizing just who Greg was, took control from Megan and
began berating Sam for inviting him, and Greg for attempting to rape her

Sam and Greg allowed the ladies their due. When they began repeating
what they've already said, Sam interrupted, "OK, you've said your piece,
now listen to me."

Megan was having none of it, as she rose from her seat and started to
leave. "Sit down, young lady," Sam commanded in a very stern tone.

Megan turned, looked at him, decided that he was serious and returned to
her seat at the table.

"I would first like to make the proper introductions. Amelia, Megan
this is Greg Clark. Greg, this is my wife Amelia and my daughter, Megan,
whom you've already met." A sly smile crept out on Sam's face as he
finished the introductions.

The two ladies refused to acknowledge Greg.

"I'm very pleased to meet you Mrs. Carlson. I'm especially happy to
make your formal acquaintance, Megan."

Neither woman responded nor changed expression, which, by then, were
indignant scowls.

Sam looked directly into Megan's eyes and continued, "I've asked Greg
here for a good reason. He and I met at my office this morning and had a
very interesting conversation. The result of that meeting is, that I
believe Greg to be innocent of your accusations, Megan."

Megan couldn't maintain eye contact with Sam. She turned her head and
uttered, "hrumpf."

Amelia started, "how dare you accuse your daughter of lying. You..."

Sam, very sternly, almost angrily, interrupted, "hold on Amelia, you
stay out of this for the moment."

Amelia was shocked, but shut up immediately. She knew that it was in
her best interest to not upset Sam. She had been able to manipulate him
and get her way with things over the years by being very careful not to get
him upset.

"I think we both know that Megan is capable of stretching the truth. I
draw the line when her 'stories' affect other people in a negative way.
Megan, I want you to tell us what actually happened last night, the truth
this time." Sam glared at Megan, defying her to repeat her lie.

Megan was very nervous, as she tried to think, but had no success,
because she was frightened and confused. She had been caught in a lie and
didn't know how to get out of it. She looked at Sam and saw fire in his
eyes. She turned and looked at Greg and saw the warm, soft, loving look
that she had seen the previous night. It was the look in Greg's eyes that
gave her the necessary courage. After a long pause, she finally decided to
come clean, which was not at all typical of her previous behavior. She
told them all what had actually happened, then broke down and began to cry.

Greg rose from his chair and went over to Megan, and extended his hand
to her, she took it and stood up. Greg pulled her to him and hugged her
affectionately, and Megan responded and hugged him back. She soon calmed
down, as she felt very safe and comfortable in Greg's arms. With her face
buried in his shoulder, she uttered a muffled, "you must hate me."

"No Megan, I don't hate you. I told you last night how I felt about
you. Nothing's changed."

"I'm sorry I lied, I don't even know why I did it."

"I accept your apology, there's been no harm done."

Sam was beaming from ear to ear, both at Megan's confession and the
sight of his daughter comfortably in the arms of a young man that he had
come to like and respect.

Amelia was shocked at the turn of events. She had believed Megan
unequivocally, and her confession had set her aback. To top things off,
her daughter was in the arms of a mere 'commoner.' She glanced at Sam, saw
the smile on his face, and became furious with him, the situation and the
world in general. She rose from her chair, and left the table in a huff.

Sam watched her leave, wondering if he should go after her. Before he
had made his decision, Greg, noticing the uncertain look in Sam's eyes,
spoke up, "I'm taking care of my end of the business, now you need to take
care of your end, go after her. I think you know that what she really
needs, and is asking for, is for you to take control. She's crying out for
you to do that, probably has been for a long time."

Sam smiled as he looked at Greg and Megan, still embracing one another,
"I can see that you have that situation under control, and I believe that
you're right again young man, I did know that, and it's about damn time I
acted on it!" Sam slammed his fist on the table as he rose, and with
determination in his heart, went after Amelia.

Sam found Amelia in their bedroom, beside herself with anger. She
turned and glared at him as he approached her. "You bastard, you..."

Before she had a chance to say any more, Sam took her, forcefully, into
his arms and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. They remained
lip-locked until Amelia began to relax.

"Ummm, nice, but that doesn't..."

Sam planted another kiss, this time with even more force and passion.
Amelia melted, parted her lips and returned his kiss. As they were
kissing, Sam fumbled around until he had removed Amelia's clothing, and she
did the same to him.

They proceeded to make love, no, fuck, under Sam's terms for the first
time. He asserted himself and took her as she had never been taken before,
and Amelia loved it.

Sam led her to the bed, laid her on her back, spread her legs,
positioned himself between them and probed her pussy lips with his hard
cock. He rubbed it up and down her slit until she asked him to fuck her.

"I'll fuck you when I'm good and ready."

She moaned a bit, but didn't respond as Sam continued his manipulations
with his cock. When he felt satisfied that he had gotten his point across,
he began to insert his cock into her cunt. He inserted just the head and

"Ohhh, God Sam, that feels sooo good."

He pulled it out and reinserted it several times, each time only the
head, Amelia moaned louder each time.

Then, without warning, Sam plunged his entire length deep into her wet

"Ohhh, yesss, Goddamnit Sam, FUCK ME!"

Sam pulled it out again and waited several seconds, then plunged it in
again. This time he began a furious in and out thrusting that brought
Amelia to several orgasms before he shot his load deep into her. He lay on
top of her until his limp cock slithered out of her wet pussy. He got up
and straddled her chest and placed his flaccid cock on her lips.

"Clean it off and you'll get more."

Amelia first looked at the lust in his eyes, then at his limp cock, and
reluctantly took it into her mouth. She quickly found that the combination
of his cum and her juices actually tasted good, she picked up her pace and
licked and sucked him clean, and in the process, got him hard again.

Sam turned Amelia over onto her stomach, up onto her knees and fucked
her from behind, again with furious intensity. Amelia lost count of the
orgasms that she had, but she definitely enjoyed the new Sam. He lasted
much longer this time, and eventually shot his second load into her cunt.

Exhausted, he pulled out, turned her on her back, and they lay next to
each other, in a tight, affectionate embrace.

"Amelia, we've just had the greatest fuck of our married lives, and I
want you to know that I love you more than ever."

"Oooh, Sam, it was fantastic! I've never experienced anything like it.
I do love you, Sam, and now I lust after you too, more than I ever thought
possible. Where have you been all these years?"

"In lust with my business, but not any more, my sweet. Things will be
much different around here from now on. I think our future son-in-law will
be taking over the business in fairly short order. He's a very special
young man, and just what the business, and Megan, needs."

Amelia didn't particularly like the statement about her future
son-in-law, but was in no frame of mind to argue, "yes, dear, just shut up
and fuck me one more time."

Sam did just that, and they both rolled over into a restful sleep, only
to repeat their performance the next morning.

While Sam and Amelia were romping in the bedroom, Greg and Megan were
conversing in the dining room.

They giggled and chuckled every time that they heard the muffled screams
of pleasure coming from Amelia in the master bedroom.

"I think that they're having a good time," Megan said, as she giggled
once again.

"I think so, I can tell that they love each other very much."

"Yes, they do. Oh, Greg, I'm so sorry for what I did, I do hope that
you can truly forgive me."

"Everything is forgiven and forgotten, I'll be by to pick you up
tomorrow at 7:00. We're going out on a date, we'll take in a movie and
then get a burger and shake afterward, what do you say?"

She smiled, looked at him with loving eyes, and responded, "I'll not
keep you waiting."

On the way home, Greg was floating on cloud nine, joining Uncle Remus,
Brer Rabbit, the bluebirds and company, he began singing to himself
(Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-Ay,...). He was elated that Megan seemed to
realize, or at least admit to herself, that she was attracted to him. She
felt so very good in his arms, so wonderfully soft and warm, and, to top
things off, she agreed to go out with him and to venture into his territory
on their first date.

While on cloud nine, wondrous thoughts were dancing in Greg's head,
along with the singing bluebirds. 'She's the most beautiful woman that
I've ever seen, without a doubt. But she's more than that, she's really a
wonderful person beneath that bratty exterior, and she showed it tonight.
She admitted the lie, she was genuinely concerned that she may have hurt me, she was humble and sincere when she apologized. Yes, she's a wonderful
person, and now I'm more sure than ever that she and I will spend the rest
of our lives together.'

At the same time, Megan too, was floating on her own cloud nine, and
joining the bluebirds and the same cast of characters, was singing the same
tune (, oh my, what a wonderful day...). She had never felt so good,
so beautiful, so desired, so needed, so safe and secure as she had while in
Greg's arms. She had no problem with going out with him into the
unfamiliar territory of the townspeople. With him is where she wanted to
be, no matter where it took her. 'I've never felt like this about any
other guy, and he's just a mechanic. I must be stupid, but as stupid as I
am, I want to be with him, I don't care what my mother, or anybody else,
may think.'

Time has a way of changing attitudes, Saturday arrived and Megan's cloud
nine had disappeared in a puff, the blue birds had flown south, and she
was, in fact, having second thoughts. 'Why am I lowering myself to go out
with a mechanic? I know I felt close to him when he was here, but going
out with him means interacting with the townspeople, and I really don't
want to do that. Maybe I'll just tell him to forget it when he gets here.
Mother's right about not getting involved with a common person.'

After pondering the situation most of the day, she made up her mind, she
would just brush him off when he arrived and that would be the end of it.
She didn't tell Sam of her change in plans because she knew that he liked
Greg and was sure that he'd admonish her.

Greg left work early and spent a couple of hours cleaning his beat-up
old pick-up. 'It may be a pile of junk, but at least it'll be clean,' he

After showering and shaving, he put on a new pair of jeans and a soft
collared shirt, and started off to the Carlson's. Greg was,
uncharacteristically nervous, as he pulled into the Carlson driveway. He
wasn't his normal confident self, for he was unsure of what to expect.
'Would Amelia be there to berate him? Would Megan have changed her mind
and decide not to go out with him?' No matter, he was determined to face
whatever situation awaited him.

He hopped out of the truck, bounded up the steps and rang the doorbell.
The butler opened the door, showed him in to the study, and asked him to
wait there while he informed Megan of his presence. 'Looks like I lucked
out, no Amelia yet,' he thought.

Sam popped his head in the door to the study before Megan made her
appearance, "hello Greg, good to see you again." He said with a big,
beaming smile on his face, which clearly showed that he was very pleased to
see Greg. He strolled over to where Greg was sitting and offered his hand.

Greg beamed himself, rose and took Sam's hand and shook it as he
replied, "hello Mr. Carlson, it's good to see you, too."

"That's Sam, remember?"

Greg smiled sheepishly, and responded, "OK, Sam it is, I'll try to

Sam turned serious for a moment and asked, "I expect Megan to be here
any minute, but before she gets here, I'd like to ask you to take some time
out of your busy schedule and drop by the office to meet with me again some
time next week. I have a very important business matter that I'd like to
discuss with you, shouldn't take more than an hour."

"Sure, I've got some free time on Tuesday right after lunch, if that's
OK with you."

"Tuesday at 1:00 it is, I'll see you then." Sam shook his hand, smiled
knowingly, winked and offered, "Just behave yourself with my daughter tonight, understand?"

They both chuckled and Greg responded, "yes sir! Anything you say,

Megan made her appearance just after Sam left the study. She was
dressed in an old pair of jeans and sweatshirt, not something that a young lady of her station would wear to go out on a date.

Greg took notice of her excessively casual dress and had an inkling of
what was about to come out of her mouth. 'Not a good sign,' he thought.

"Hello, I see you decided to show up. Well, I've changed my mind, I'm
not going out with you," she said rather snottily.

Greg was somewhat prepared for her change of plans, and more determined
than ever. He approached her slowly, took his left arm and placed it under
her right armpit and took a firm hold of her right hand with his, and
briskly ushered her, half lifting, half dragging, out of the study and out
the front door.

Megan was so surprised at his brazen action, that she didn't react until
they had gotten out the front door. "What do you think you're doing?" she
protested loudly, as she struggled to get free from his firm grip.

He didn't answer, as his grip remained firm, and he continued to
maneuver her over to the passenger side of the truck. She continued to
struggle and protest as he opened the door, lifted and pushed her up onto
the step. Just as she was in a position of vulnerability, up on the step,
with her cute little backside facing him, Greg gave her a rather firm slap
on her right ass cheek.

"Ouch! What the hell do you think you're doing?" She screeched.

"You made a date with me, and you're going to keep it, like it or not. I
don't take too kindly to people going back on their word, so get inside and
behave yourself, or I'll give you more of the same," he responded, in a
tone of voice unexpectedly stern and authoritative.

Megan was aghast, she had never in her young life experienced that sort
of treatment, not even from Sam. She was stunned to the point where she
entered the truck and sat obediently while Greg closed the door and made
his way around to the driver's side and hopped in.

He quickly started it up and began pulling out of the driveway. By that
time the shock had worn off and Megan decided that she had better issue
another protest quickly or it would be too late. "Let me out of here!
You, you, kidnapper!" Megan protested, half-heartedly.

Greg stopped the truck at the end of the driveway, glared into Megan's
eyes, and calmly, but sternly, stated, "you either behave or I'm going to
take you over my knee and spank your cute little ass like I would any
spoiled little brat, understand?"

Megan saw the stern, serious look in his eyes, and heard the
decisiveness in his voice. She wanted to jump out of the truck, but was a
little frightened. She was totally unsure of what to expect from him, and
decided that she had better play along for the time being. "OK, I'll shut
up, but you've got to let me change clothes, I can't go out anywhere in
these rags," she stated rather meekly.

"You look just fine, we're going as we are," he stated firmly, as he
pulled out onto the street.

Megan crossed her arms across her chest, moved as far from Greg as she
could and pouted silently all the way to the theater.

Greg smiled and thought to himself, 'this is going to be worth it, she
likes her man to be assertive and in control, and I fully intend to be her

Megan couldn't believe her own behavior, 'What the hell am I doing? Why
am I letting this clod push me around? Why am I letting him get away with
this? I don't believe this is really happening to me, it must be a bad

The brevity of her situation hit her as she realized that they were in
Greg's territory, away from the mansion and in the middle of town. Given
the fact that she was on foreign soil, she decided that she had no choice
but to continue to play along. Besides, much to her surprise, she didn't
feel at all uncomfortable or threatened with him in his beat-up old truck.
As pissed as she was at his brazenness, she felt safe with him; Greg seemed
to have a very calming effect on her.

She also felt something that she had never felt before, something that
she couldn't explain. Whatever it was, it was getting her excited and
aroused, she felt tingly all over and could feel that her nipples had
hardened, and the increasing dampness in her crotch area was most
noticeable. 'My God! I've never felt this before,' she thought, as she
tried to understand how and why she was feeling so good, considering the
circumstances, there was no logical reason for it.

The movie experience was uneventful, as they sat side by side, with Greg
taking Megan's hand in his and holding it throughout the entire movie. She
didn't object, and found that she enjoyed the feel of his strong, callused
hand. However, she sat there, pretending to pout with her nose stuck up in
the air, while secretly enjoying his company.

After the movie, they proceeded to the Burger Palace, as Megan griped
and let him know that she wanted to go home. Greg let her know that this
was part of the date, and that she was going to go along with it, or else
suffer the spanking that he had threatened earlier. Megan succumbed to his
not-so-gentle persuasion again, but not without a few snotty huffs.

As they sat across from one another in a booth, several of Greg's
friends came over to say hello, hoping to meet the unfamiliar beauty. Greg
introduced each of them, and Megan, continuing her snotty behavior, turned
her nose up and barely acknowledged them.

With what could have been a twinge of jealousy, one of Greg's female
friends, Sandy, responded to Megan's snub. She glared at Megan and said,
"well, looks like you have a real winner tonight, Greg. Surely you can do
better than snotty miss priss, here."

Megan glared right back, unafraid of the confrontation, "look, bitch,
keep your uncouth opinions to yourself, or I'll scratch your eyes out!"

Sandy was shocked and stunned, she turned and walked off in a huff
without saying another word.

Greg smiled, and thought to himself, 'I like her feistiness, she's very
capable of handling her own problems. She merely needs to channel her
energies and feistiness in the right direction.'

They finished their snacks without further interruption, and proceeded
back to the Carlson mansion. They walked up to the front door, hand in
hand. When they arrived at the stoop, Greg turned her toward him, put his
right arm around her back and his left had on the back of her head, pulled
her to him and kissed her firmly on the lips. The kiss was a firm and
loving one, and just as Megan began to succumb to the kiss and raise her
arms to Greg's neck, he broke contact and moved slightly away from her.

"Tomorrow we're going on a picnic up to the lake with some of my
friends. I'll pack the food, just be ready at 2:00. Dress appropriately
for the outdoors, and, oh yes, unless you want to go swimming in the nude,
bring a swimsuit," he told, not asked, her.

"But, I..."

Before she had a chance to respond, he pulled her closer and kissed her
once again. This time she put her arms around his neck and opened her
mouth. They probed each other mouths with their tongues for several

Greg finally broke the passionate kiss, pulled away and said, "see you
at 2:00." He turned and left Megan standing there a little weak-kneed.

Megan was in a major turmoil, 'Wow! He's something else! I've never,
ever, been kissed like that. I've never felt like this, what's happening
to me?' Deep down in her subconscious she knew the answer to her question,
but continued to fight it, and remained in denial, but her resolve wasn't
nearly as strong as it had been a few hours earlier.

Her conscious mind tried to fight her attraction to Greg, but her
subconscious had already conceded to the fact that she cared for him,
deeply. He had stirred feelings in her that she hadn't ever before
experienced in her young life, very good feelings.

Come 2:00 Sunday, Megan was ready when Greg arrived. She had battled
herself most of the night, and her attraction to Greg won out over the
logic of the situation. 'I'll give it one more try,' she thought, 'then
I'll be able to make up my mind about him.'

They drove out to the lake and joined Greg's friends; five other couples
in all, the male half of which were in the process of setting up a
volleyball net. After spreading his blanket, Greg went to join them.
Megan sat on the blanket and watched as they completed the job in short
order. Greg returned to Megan and asked if she'd like to play, as they
were planning a mixed-couples game. She refused, as he expected, and he
left her to herself.

As the game progressed, she noticed that the sides were unbalanced due
to the fact that she was the only one not playing. She loved volleyball,
as she had played on her prep school team, and was pretty good at it, if
she had to say so herself. She was itching to play, but her stubbornness
kept her from joining in. Soon it was obvious that the short-handed team
was losing miserably because of their 'womanpower' disadvantage.

It wasn't long before Jerry, Greg's best friend and one of the guys she
had met the night before, yelled over, "c'mon Megan, we need you, they're
killing us."

That was all the coaxing she needed, she jumped up and joined in. The
tide turned in a hurry, as her skills prevailed. She forgot all about the
fact that she was mingling with common townspeople, and had herself a great
time. She was not only civil to everybody, but after being heavily
complimented on her volleyball skills, she began to feel like she fit in.

Even Sandy came up to her, and after telling Megan how she was the best
female player there, apologized for what she had said the previous evening.

"It's I who should be apologizing to you for my snotty behavior. Can we
start over and maybe even be friends?" Megan responded.

"Yes, Megan, I'd like to be your friend. Any friend of Greg's is a
friend of mine." They hugged each other warmly and walked back to the group

The group sat around for awhile chatting and getting to know Megan, and
Megan them, exchanging information and jokes. She took a bit of teasing
for her behavior the previous evening, but took it in stride, and dished
out a few teasing comments herself.

They ate, swam for awhile, and after dark built a large fire. They
roasted marsh mellows and hot dogs and ate again. Soon Jerry pulled out
his guitar and they all began singing a few well-known campfire songs, and
Megan enthusiastically joined in.

One thing that Megan couldn't help but notice was that there was no
alcohol. All of the liquid refreshments were soft drinks, and she liked
that. She guessed that some of the people were of legal drinking age, and
some were not. The lack of alcohol went a long way towards convincing her
that Greg and his friends were good, sensible people.

Another thing that became very obvious to her was that Greg was the
unassuming leader of the group. His friends liked and respected him, and
they followed his lead. He didn't take control over them; they merely
looked to him for guidance.

'This isn't a rowdy bunch of hicks, like I thought all townspeople
were,' she thought to herself. 'They're just normal, good, people who
enjoy having good, clean fun. There's no pretense here, they're
comfortable with who they are. I should feel out of place, but I don't.
I'm glad that I came, I'm having a great time.'

She snuggled close to Greg and he pulled her closer with his right arm
as she put her head on his shoulder. 'Ummm, this feels so good,' she

Greg had a difficult time suppressing a self-satisfied smirk. The real
Megan, the one that he knew existed beneath her snobbish façade, had
emerged, and he loved it, and her.

Megan's conscious and subconscious minds were finally in agreement. She
knew, and accepted, why she felt the way she did, she was head-over-heels
in love with Greg. She needn't try to deny it any longer.

The picnic broke up about midnight, and after the fire was completely
extinguished, she and Greg headed back to the mansion. "Greg, I had a
great time today, thanks for everything."

Greg smiled, glanced over at her and said, "I'm glad, Megan, I had a
wonderful time, too, mostly because you were here with me."

It was Megan's turn to smile, as she said, "you were serious that night
we first met, when you told me that we were meant for one another, weren't

"Yes, you're a very beautiful and very special young woman."

"You also knew that I felt something that night, too, something that I
didn't understand, and it scared me?"

"Yes, I could see it in your eyes, they're very expressive."

"You probably also know that I've been fighting my attraction to you."

"Yes, considering our differences in backgrounds, I expected you to
fight it."

"Well, I want you to know that I'm not fighting it anymore, I've become
convinced that you were right that night, I'm yours as long as you want me,
Greg, and I'll never again try to deny it."

Greg smiled, glanced at her again, and offered, "Megan, I've loved you
from that first moment that I saw the soft, loving look in your eyes, and
I'm determined to dedicate myself to making you happy. I want you, and
love you, now and forever."

"Oh Greg, I love you too."

Greg pulled over to the side of the road, took her into his arms and
they kissed passionately for several minutes, then just held one another
for what seemed like hours, but was only ten or fifteen more minutes.

Finally, the reality of the time and the expectation of some serious
grief from her mother prompted Megan to say, "Greg, I love you and I love
being in your arms, but I need to be getting home, my mom will be worried."

"I know, we're off, we're probably going to have a tough enough time
with her as it is," he scooted back to the drivers side and they sped off
toward the mansion.

They kissed again at the front door, until Megan broke away, "I'd ask
you in, but it's much too late, please call me tomorrow."

"OK, tomorrow it is," Greg responded as he bounded down the steps and
back to the truck. The bluebirds were whistling that tune again, and this
time with even more gusto than before, and the words to that wonderful song
were running through his mind, 'Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-Ay, my, oh my,
what a wonderful day...'

Maybe not so coincidentally, again, the same bluebirds and tune were
running through Megan's head, 'Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-Ay, my, oh my,
what a wonderful day...' The bluebirds had apparently changed course and
headed north again.

Were Greg and Megan on the same wavelength, or what?

Megan entered the front door only to find Amelia waiting for her in the
study, and suddenly the bluebirds disappeared again. 'Oh, oh, I'm in
trouble now,' she thought.

"Megan, please come in here, we need to talk," Amelia said.

Expecting a major confrontation, Megan took a deep breath and proceeded
into the study and took a seat across from her mother. She looked at
Amelia and saw a serious, but not an angry look, which puzzled her

"Megan, you probably think that I'm going to admonish you, but I'm not.
I want to get something out in the open between us, so that you'll be able
to understand me a little better. First off, let me ask you a question,
you like Greg a lot, don't you?"

"Yes, mother, I know now that I love him very much."

Even more surprisingly, Amelia responded with, "I thought so, well, I'm
not going to tell you that you're making a mistake, I'm not going to tell
you that he's not good enough for you, and I'm not going to tell you that
you can't see him again. Surprised?"

"Yes, very," Megan responded with a very wide-eyed look of disbelief on
her face.

"Well, let me tell you the story of Sam and Amelia. I married your
father because he was rich. My own inept father had squandered our family fortune, and I wanted to find a man with money so that I could maintain my
family's social status."

"I liked him, and maybe even loved him, but didn't know it at the time.
I felt that he was beneath me, socially, but he had the money that I
needed. Even though I felt that he was inferior, I could tell that he was a
good man, a fair man, and he seemed to adore me. Put those together, and I
accepted his proposal, which came after a short courtship."

"I can't tell you how long it took, but my feelings toward your father changed over time. I got to know him, and found out that he was an even
better human being than I had originally thought. Admittedly, I was a
snob, which he detested, but he put up with me anyway. He also hated the
fact that I tried to make you into a snob, and we had many heated
discussions over that. However, he didn't hold any of that against me, he
still treated me like a queen."

"The bottom line here is that I learned to love your father, very
deeply, and I'm so much happier with him than I ever would have been had I
married someone whom I considered my equal, socially. Yes, I tried to get
you to find a man in our social standing, but what's really important is to
find someone that you love and who loves you."

"Your father has convinced me that Greg is a very special young man,
someone who is destined to achieve big things, and that makes this
conversation much easier for me, because I want you to have the best things
in life."

"Oh, mother! I'm so happy that you feel that way, I do love him so
much," Megan said, as she went to Amelia and hugged her for dear life, as
the tears of happiness formed in her eyes.

Amelia hugged Megan as tightly as Megan hugged her, and she had trouble
holding back the tears, as well. As they were in their tight embrace,
Amelia said, "I want you to invite him over to the house for dinner again
soon, I'm afraid I didn't behave very well at our first meeting and I'd
like a chance to apologize and make up for it. I don't want to start off
on the wrong foot with my future son-in-law."

They both smiled through the tears, and Megan responded, "oh yes,
mother, yes. I'm so very happy."

Sam was so pleased with the progress of the relationship between Megan
and Greg, that he was practically giddy. He had assessed that Greg was a
special young man that first day that they had met, and everything that
Greg had done since then merely reaffirmed his original assessment. He had
high hopes for Greg, not only in becoming his son-in-law, but in becoming
involved in the business, also. He had been looking for someone like Greg
for several years, and was extremely happy and pleased with himself to have
finally found him.

Tuesday at 1:00 PM, Greg showed up at Sam's office, they greeted one
another, shook hands warmly and sat down. Greg wondered why Sam wanted to
see him, he had said it was business, and had nothing to do with Megan, so
what could it be?

Sam knew that Greg had too much pride to accept charity, therefore, he
had to be careful to phrase his offer in such a way as to assure Greg that
charity was not involved, which was the truth.

"Greg, I've given this subject much thought and I want to prefix what
I'm going to say with an emphasis on the fact that what I'm about to offer
you is not charity, or nepotism, in any form, and it has nothing to do with
your relationship with Megan."

Greg was a little astonished, he hadn't expected to be offered anything.

Sam went on, "Greg, I've known you a very short time, but I've come to
believe that you're a very special person, a person that I'd love to have
in my business. Would you be interested in working in my company?"

"You caught me by surprise, but yes, I'm interested in hearing more. I
won't be able to answer that question until I've heard what you had in
mind," Greg responded.

"Absolutely, here's my proposal, I want to offer you a series of
positions which would enable you to learn every facet of the business, a
specialized on-the-job training program, if you will. You would start at
an entry-level position and work your way up the ladder. My thoughts are
that it might take 1 to 2 years to complete, at the end of that time I
would want, and expect, you to become my personal assistant for another,
year or two. How does that sound?"

Greg was doubly astonished, and he replied, "I'm overwhelmed, why would
you do this for me?"

"I'm not doing it for you Greg, I'm doing it for myself and the
business. You see, I want to retire someday soon, and when I do, I want to
leave the business in good hands. Until we met, I hadn't found anyone that
I felt was able to run the business in the manner that I would like.
You're the most capable person that I've met in years, I'd have no problem
trusting you with the business, or anything else, including my daughter,
for that matter."

Sam went on, "capability has nothing to do with formal education,
whatever education you'll need will come from learning the business, from
the ground floor up. You have that special quality of understanding
people, you're very intelligent, and you're confident in yourself, those
are the qualities that will make you an exceptional businessman and leader.
If you desire a college education, the company will pay all your expenses
as long as you put in at least 30 hours a week at work."

Greg was overwhelmed, but quick to recognize a golden opportunity, "I'm
overwhelmed, sir, er Sam, and I can recognize an exceptional opportunity
when I see one, I accept your generous offer. When do I start?"

"As soon as possible, the sooner you start, the sooner I'll be able to
retire," Sam responded with a chuckle. Sam added, "I assume that you'll
need some time to give your current employers notice. I'd like to conclude
by emphasizing, once again, that my offer has nothing to do with your
relationship with Megan. Should you two have problems, and I sincerely
hope that you don't, it will have no impact on your position here."

They parted company with another firm handshake, Sam beaming and Greg
smiling and thanking Sam, but somewhat in awe over the unexpected offer.
He just didn't know what to think, it sounded too good to be true, but he
sure as hell wasn't about to turn it down. He decided that he'd just play
it out and see what happens.

Greg told his two bosses of his opportunity and took the initiative to
help find replacements for his current jobs. It took him only a week to
accomplish the task, and he began his new career at Sam's company with
nothing but best wishes from his former bosses.

Greg started his new career as a mail delivery boy, and spent the next
nine months working his way up the ladder. He got to know how each
department operated, the key people in each department and how each of the
managers were thought of by their subordinates, all very valuable
information. He also made his own assessment of the key personnel, and
formed his own opinions. He was not only learning how the business
operated, but he was learning the strengths and weaknesses of the key
people, as well.

During this time Greg and Megan were seeing more and more of each other,
but had yet to enjoy sex together. They loved each other very deeply, and
had made a commitment to one another. They had discussed marriage and both
agreed that they would wait until she had finished school and he was more
stable and secure in his position with the company. Sexually, they hadn't
done any more than some clothes-on petting. Greg had told her that she was
to make the decision on when they were to become sexually involved. He
loved and respected her and wanted to make sure that she was ready.

However, they were normal, young human beings with strong primal urges,
therefore, they decided that there was no need to wait until they were
married to engage in the physical side of their relationship. Greg wanted
their first time to be very special, especially since Megan was a virgin.
Of course, Megan wanted the same thing, but was willing to go along with
whatever Greg wanted.

After seeing one another for almost nine months, Megan finally decided
that she was ready, and made Greg an offer he just couldn't refuse, that
being to give him her most precious gift, her cherry.

In anticipation of the big event, Greg dipped into his former college fund and rented a room at the fanciest hotel in town, and it cost him a
pretty penny. He had checked in and located the room before he even picked
Megan up on the designated Saturday.

For the first time since their second date, Megan was a bit nervous.
She knew that she wanted to have sex with Greg, but, after all, it was her
first time. She was afraid that she wouldn't be good enough for him, that
he would compare her unfavorably with other girls that he had been with
before her.

Greg was a little nervous himself, for one of the few times in his life.
Yes, he had had sex with other girls, but he hadn't felt the same about
them as he did about Megan. Megan was the love of his life, and he wanted
her to remember, and cherish the experience for the rest of her life. He
knew that women consider their first time to be very special, much more so
than men. Even though this wasn't his first time to have sex, it was his
first time with Megan and he, too, wanted it to be special.

Megan had been on the pill for over a year, so pregnancy wasn't a major
concern. Greg hadn't been with a girl for quite a while, but he didn't
want to take any chances, so, he had himself tested for STD's, and was
assured that he was clean.

On the designated day, Greg pulled around back of the hotel, parked his
truck and the two of them made their way through the back door and into the
elevator. They reached the desired floor, exited the elevator and
proceeded to find their room. Greg pulled out his key card, opened the
door, picked Megan up in his arms and carried her across the threshold.
She giggled and held on to him for dear life.

He set her down on her feet near the king-size bed, pulled her close and
kissed her gently. She responded by placing her arms around his neck and
pulling him even closer, and they kissed, ever so increasingly passionate,
until their tongues probed and explored each other's mouths with reckless

Greg broke the kiss, moved back from Megan and began to disrobe her.
"Its time, my sweet, please don't be frightened, I'll be gentle, I'm not
going to fuck you, I'm going to make love to you. I love you more than
anything in this world."

Those were comforting words for Megan, just when she needed them most.

First the dress was unzipped and removed, then the bra, revealing her
perky, medium-sized breasts, and then her panties, pulled at the waistband
and down her legs to the floor. She kicked her shoes off as she stepped
out of the panties. He gaped at her neatly trimmed blonde bush and slit.
'My God, that's the most beautiful pussy I've ever seen,' he thought, as he
stared in admiration.

Greg stepped back and admired the naked body of the beautiful woman, a
real, live goddess, his goddess, standing before him. He smiled admiringly
and she smiled appreciatively.

"You're the most beautiful woman on this earth," he told her in all

"I hope you'll always think so, because I feel so beautiful, so
appreciated, so desired, standing here naked in front of you, my one true

Greg quickly removed all of his clothes, and Megan gasped as he pulled
his briefs down, revealing his very hard, stiff cock. She had never seen a
live hard-on before, and she was impressed with his. He stood there in all
his glory, his flagpole waving in the breeze, for a few minutes. She
couldn't take her eyes off his cock, as it projected outward from his
crotch, angled somewhat down from horizontal and a bit to Greg's left (he
was right-handed), and bobbing with each beat of his heart.

"Oh honey, it's so beautiful, so wonderfully hard and delicious

He smiled in appreciation as he laid her down on her back and climbed
onto the bed next to her. Holding her around the shoulders with his right
arm, he resumed the passionate kissing that had begun earlier.

Greg took his left hand and began to slowly, and gently, massage her
right tit, working his way up from the base to the nipple. Upon reaching
the nipple, he ran his finger around the areola several times, then flicked
the hardened nipple once or twice, and repeated the maneuver several times.

"Mmmm," was Megan's muffled response to the finger flicking.

Greg then took the nipple between the thumb and forefinger and pulled
and twisted it at the same time, gently, but firmly.

"Ummm, mmm."

After repeating the nipple manipulations several times, Greg moved his
hand smoothly along her side and down to her outer thigh. He rubbed it up
and down, from her hip to just above her knee. He proceeded to move his
hand over the knee cap to her inner thigh, and she instinctively spread her
legs to give him better access to what she hoped was his ultimate goal.

He rubbed the inside of her right thigh from her knee to her crotch, not
touching her swollen mound. He moved back down from whence he started, and
switched to the other leg and repeated his maneuver.

"Ummm, mmm," moaned Megan, each time he neared her very wet and
throbbing love receptacle.

After several trips up and down each thigh, Greg lightly touched Megan's
pubic hair, stroking it up and down her slit, being careful not to touch
her lips.

"Ummm, Ummm," moaned Megan, as she spread her legs as wide as they would
go and began thrusting her hips forward in a rhythmic attempt to capture
his fingers in her wet snatch. She was so aroused that all she could think
of was that she needed something in her, anything, and his fingers were

Greg got up and repositioned himself between her legs, moved down to
where his mouth could reach her nipples, and began his oral assault on
them. He repeated with his tongue, what he had done with his fingers
earlier, rimming the areola, flicking and gumming and pulling the nipple
with his lips. He continued by sucking on each nipple for a few seconds.

"Oooh, mmmy, oooh," she moaned.

He then kissed and licked his way down to her naval, paid some attention
to it, and proceeded southward to his primary target.

He reached the top of her triangle, lingered there a bit then veered off
to the inside of the right thigh. He licked his way half way down her
thigh, then back above the top of her triangle, then down the left thigh.

He moved north to her juicy essence and lightly licked the tips of her
pubic hairs directly over her slit, as he had done with his fingers

She placed her hands on his head and tried to force his face into her
waiting crotch at the same time, as she thrust her hips upward in an
attempt to capture his inviting tongue. He resisted, and backed off as she
thrust her hips. He moved closer to her slit and blew a hot breath
directly onto her clit. She moaned audibly in delight, "Oooh, my gaaawd."

He finally made contact with her pussy, lightly licking her outer lips,
starting from just above her sweet, puckered ass hole all the way to the
top of her slit, Megan was writhing and moaning with pleasure. He repeated
the light licking two more times, inserting his tongue between her inner
and outer lips, before he isolated her clit for further stimulation.

He flicked her clit a few times, up and down, then back and forth, and
she began to tremble in orgasmic pleasure. He continued his stimulation
until she had convulsed in one powerful orgasm. As her orgasm subsided,
Greg removed his tongue from her clit, waited a minute or two, then began a
light tapping of her clit with his tongue, and again she began to tremble.

This time, she frantically grabbed him by the hair, pulled him to her
and thrust her hips at the same time, shoving her quivering pussy into his
face. Greg continued the clitoral stimulation until she exploded into
another, even more powerful, orgasm. Her juices were flowing freely and
Greg was lapping them up as best he could as she convulsed.

When she finally came back down to earth, Greg backed away from her
pussy and moved his body up to where he placed a passionate kiss on her
lips. Megan tasted her own juices for the first time and began to lick
Greg's face.

"Oh, God, darling, I'm as ready as I'll ever be, please put it in me."

Greg positioned himself for the missionary entry, took hold of his stiff
cock and began stroking it up and down her slit. "Please, darling, do me
now," she begged as she panted with desire.

He found the wet entry to her love canal, and pushed the head of his
cock in. "Oooh, yesss," Megan moaned.

He backed out and did it again, this time he penetrated a little
further. He found no resistance to this point, as she was a wet as could

On the third pull-out, push-in-a-little-further movement, he met the
resistance of her cherry. He pulled out again and told her, "OK, babe,
we're going to do this together." He pushed in to the same point again, and
told her, "I'm going to shove it all the way in, I want you to push back."

"OK, now, ughhhh."

"Owwwe, awww, oooh, mmmyyyaaayyy."

Greg looked at her face and didn't see any sign of excruciating pain, he
held his cock in as far as it would go and waited for a minute or two, just
to make sure that she was OK. After getting no negative reaction from her,
he pulled back and thrust all the way forward again.

"Oooh, yesss, it doesn't hurt honey, do me, do me good!"

Greg took that as a good sign, as he began to rhythmically thrust in and

Megan felt so wonderfully filled with his cock, and was thrusting her
hips to meet his every push. In and out, in and out, the rhythm of making
love was overcoming the both of them.

Soon Greg announced that he was about to cum, and that was all that
Megan needed to trigger her best orgasm yet.

"Ooohh, yesss, ummm, damn, yesss, ugh, ugh, aaah."

Greg maintained his position above Megan until she had settled down,
opened her eyes and smiled broadly, very pleased with herself, and him.

He pulled his deflating cock out of her pussy with a slurp, and
repositioned himself to lie next to her on the bed, putting his arms around
her and holding her close. Before doing so, he checked to see if she might
be bleeding excessively, and was relieved to see evidence of only minor

"Megan, that was incredible, absolutely incredible. I'm such a lucky
guy to have a goddess like you to love and to cherish."

"Oh, my darling, I'm the lucky one. That was so much better than I ever
imagined it would be. I love you so, so much. Just hold me and never let
go, I'm in heaven with you by my side."

Megan admitted that she was a little sore 'in there,' and after lying in
each other's arms for a lengthy period of time, they cleaned up, dressed
and left, not wanting to aggravate her soreness.

The young couple made love, and fucked, many times after that first day,
learning new and different ways to please each other, but none compared to
the special nature of that first time.

It was another three months before Greg was named personal assistant to
the president and CEO, and his salary leapt into the six-figure range.
Soon thereafter, the couple formalized their marriage plans by announcing
their engagement.

They were married a year later, have since had three children (two cute
little blond girls and a dark-haired boy) and are currently living happily
ever after...


For those of you who may be curious or interested, the song
'Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah' which played in the minds of Greg and Megan during
their euphoric, happy moments won an Academy Award in the 1940's. It was
the featured song in the Walt Disney classic movie 'Song of the South,'
which was first released in 1946 and re-released four times since:

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