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Title: Sorority Pledges
Author: Gilglim <>


Sorority Pledges

-- Introductory Party

I have always been a social person (student counsel, cheer leaders, etc...).
It just seemed natural to join the greek system when got to the university. I
decided to live in the dorms the first semester so I could find the right
sorority house for me. Sigma Kappa, I decided, was the one for me. It was
one of the larger, older buildings and one of the best respected and most
active houses on campus. The members seemed confident, together and
supportive of each other. They were a very popular house and acted like
"sisters". That was the kind of environment I thought would be perfect for me.

My dorm roommate that first semester was a sophomore who had pledged at Sigma
"K", as she called it. She said that the girls their were great and that she
really liked the place, but that she "decided that it just wasn't right for
me". She told me that pledging their was unusual and difficult, and that I
shouldn't join unless I was absolutely decisive that it was the right place
for me. She was vague about what she meant... Later she told me in a quiet
voice that she often wished that she had "gotten over the peculiarities",
stayed-with-it and made the place her home.

Any doubts I might have had about the place vanished when my best friend from
high school, Jenny, told me she was pledging there. So we went to the intro
party where prospective pledges check the place out. It was a normal greek
party. More girls than guys, simply because it was designed for the freshmen
and sophomore girls to get to know the members. Some of the members had their
boyfriends there. Jenny and I had a great time and stayed until the party was
over. The only unusual thing that happened was near the end of the party
after most of the prospective pledges had left. One of the jock boyfriends
was sitting, talking to some of the sisters when one of the girls (gesturing
wildly) accidentally knocked his drink in his lap. "Oh my god," she said
surprised and apologetic. Then she grinned at his soaked crotch and said,
"let me help you clean that up". Without another word, she knelt between his
legs, unzipped his pants and started licking and sucking his dick. He didn't
seem too shocked, and the other girls at the table just giggled and watched.
Then one of the girls across from the couple, got up and walked around the
table, chiding "share and share alike, sister". The first girl kept pumping
his dick with one hand and pointed it towards her girlfriends mouth, who
swallowed the end of the knob eagerly.

Jenny and I just stood there flabbergasted as the two girls took turns on
him. Jenny smiled at me and whispered, "I think I'm going to like this
place. They share everything!" She had know idea how right she was.


-- Pledge Week Days 1 - 5

Pledge week is when most of the people who aren't certain that they want to
join the house are "weeded out". It isn't an adversarial thing. They just
make it difficult so that people who don't really care will quit. Our first
day there, Marsha -- the presiding sister -- gathered all of the pledges in
the living room and gave us the following speech:

"Nothing will ruin a sorority house quicker than apathetic members.
Unfortunately there is only one way to tell who cares. That is what pledge
week is all about. It will be difficult and if you feel like quitting, you
probably should. In order to be a member of this house, you have to be
willing to do anything for your fellow sisters. You will have no secrets from
each other. You will share everything. It will be difficult. You will be
asked to do things that would not be appropriate in any other setting. If you
drop-out, there is no reason to be ashamed just tell people that this wasn't
the right house for you."

This same speech was given (with variations) by all of the senior members of
the house and then we would be put to some test or task. We were given
booklets about the sorority's history and were quizzed on the information. If
you got something wrong they would make you do something stupid. This was
called "level 1". Short for "level 1 humiliation". This was the house's
primary form of punishment. For example, I couldn't remember the year the
sorority was founded, so I had to stand in front of the group for 15 minutes
in my bra and panties, sucking my thumb while the rest of the group was
lectured on how the house chores were to be conducted.

There are two other levels of punishment before you are kicked out of the
sorority. Level 2 is called "advanced humiliation" and is relatively rare.
Level 3 is called "physical humiliation" and only occurs when someone is
border-line on getting kicked out. We were told that we would always have the
option of leaving the house rather than take the punishment. We were not given
examples of what levels 2 or 3 might be.

The first two days were filled with boring tasks (cleaning bathrooms,
repainting the rec. room, etc...), lots of memorization (sorority history,
chore schedules, member names, etc...), physically demanding chores ("run this
book back to the library and be back in ten minutes") and sleep deprivation.
We only got two hours of sleep each night, sitting at a table with our heads
resting on our pledge books. Five of the twenty pledges quit in the first two

Days 3-5 were much the same, except more demeaning. Marsha made us scrub all
of the bathroom and kitchen floors dressed in our bras and panties. Tina --
another senior -- made us go through the Richard Simmons' "Sweatin' to the
Oldies" aerobics workout tape...completely nude. Some of the sisters looked
on and made comments and jeers. "Look at that one's nipples! They must be
larger than a silver dollar!" "She's got a great ass, too bad her breasts droop", etc... Five more of the girls quit that same day.

Jenny and I were going to make it. We would give each other supportive
glances when one of us slipped up and we knew that the whole thing was just an
attempt to weed out the weak ones.

By the end of the fifth day only six of us remained. We knew that only four
of us would be selected to join, so at least two of us would be forced to quit
over the next two days. We had already been through so much I couldn't
imagine what more they could do to us to get us to quit. During dinner, Jenny
whispered to me, "Hang in there, sister. There is nothing they can do to us
that could get us to quit now...Nothing!" She smiled and winked at me as
Marsha yelled at her, "No talking during pledge week unless you're spoken to,

At 10pm on the fifth day, Tina gathered us in the living room and said:

"As you know, only four of you can be selected. You have shown resolve and
strength in dealing with sleep deprivation. You have memorized an enormous amount of information. You have displayed courage in putting up with the
humiliation and degradation we have dealt you. You have performed a multitude
of chores and tasks. So this year, like every year before, we are faced with
the problem of how to get at least two more of you to quit."

"We will not torture you, of course. Thumb screws would make all of us,
even members, quit. Besides, torture is illegal. The test of time has shown
that after exhaustion, sleep deprivation and basic humiliation has failed,
there is only one thing left, besides torture, that can test your resolve in
becoming a member of our sorority."

"What I am about to suggest will make you feel vulnerable. It may terrify
you. It might repulse you or it might excite you. [she grinned here] What I
am talking about is sexual contact with another woman."

"We are going to let you get a full night's sleep and tomorrow's chores will
be lighter than previously. This will give you time to think about your
resolve and if you want to quit, so much the better for the remaining pledges.
Otherwise, we intend to test your resolve tomorrow night."

"If you love this sorority enough to kiss your "sister's" breasts, kiss her
mouth with your tongue, or even taste her between her legs, then be prepared
to show that resolve."

"If you don't have that sort of resolve, then do yourself a favor and give up


-- Pledge Week Day 6

There was one less pledge at breakfast in the morning. I was surprised more
hadn't quit. More than once I had questioned my resolve after Tina's speech
last night, but I didn't want to let Jenny down. After our meal, we were sent
to clean the rec. room and the door was locked behind us.

For the first time in six days, the remaining 5 pledges were left together,
unsupervised. Looking back on it, they did this by design so we could talk it
out amongst ourselves. Jenny whispered to me, "We can do this. It'll be
easy." We continued to whisper until we realized we could talk openly,
because we would hear the door being unlocked before they could catch us
talking. Each of us told the other four what they thought. Jenny said, "I
don't have any problem with this. Don't get me wrong...I like boys. But
looking back on my sexual experiences, this can't be all that bad. I mean,
the first time I had oral sex was under the bleachers at a track meet right
after my boyfriend finished running the mile. After sucking on that steaming,
sweating cock and swallowing his chunky spag, being with a woman can't be that

"I can do this too, " I said. "I'm straight too, but I must admit that when I
watched a porn flick with my boyfriend, the only scenes that excited me were
the lesbian scenes. I'll just try to stay detached when I'm doing it."

Toni, a cute redhead giggled, "I'm bi-sexual so this is going to be fun for

Sharon, a timid looking girl who had surprised us by not giving up over the
last week said, "I can't give up after all we've been put through. It would be
too hard to bear to have gone through all this for nothing."

Nancy, a tall girl who looked older than she was, quietly listened as each of
us spoke, finally said, "If all of you can do it, then I can too, but
something bothers me." We all stared at her questioningly. "If none of us
quits then they will try everything they can think of."

Jenny said boldly, "The we will do everything that they can think of."

Just then, we heard the rattle of the lock and we scurried about acting like
we were cleaning the room.


That evening after dinner we were taken to the tv room upstairs. The room had
five desk chairs arranged in a 10 foot diameter circle and behind each chair
was another chair. We were told to sit in the inner circle of chairs. Members
(most of them juniors) sat in the chairs behind us. The seniors stood off to
the side. Marsha stood in the middle of the circle and addressed us sternly.

"Only one more of you needs to quit. You are about to engage in sexual
activity that you consent to, in order to prove your loyalty to the Sigma
Kappa sorority. Keeping this in mind and knowing that you are free to leave
this room and this house at any time, I again ask each of you do you still
want to be a member of this sorority?" She turned to each of us in turn and
each of us in turn said "I do".

Marsha sighed. She flipped some of her long black hair over her shoulder and
said, "To show our same dedication, the seniors have agreed to start the
process. I see that all of you are wearing jeans. We will need to remove

With that, the girls sitting behind each of us scooted their chairs in tight
behind us and the seniors moved into the circle and kneeled between each of
our legs. It was a bazaar sight almost like synchronized swimming. The girls behind us lightly grabbed our wrists and pulled them down to the sides of our
chairs and the girls in front of us busied themselves with unbuttoning our
jeans and sliding them down to our ankles.

Sharon was wearing a short sleeved blouse and her glasses skewed a bit on her
nose as she struggled a little, in her surprise at her hands being grabbed.
She looked like a shocked librarian. Tina knelt between her legs and paid no
attention to her struggles as she pulled down the small chested girls jeans,
revealing her cotton panties with little yellow flowers on them. Sharon
calmed down enough to pull her socked feet out of each pant leg. Tina put one
hand on each of Sharon's knees and smiled up at her reassuringly, "This is
going to be OK."

Meanwhile, the junior who had grabbed my hands and pulled them down to the
sides of my chair leaned up to me and she whispered in my ear, "relax, it's
easier on you if I hold your hands at first, but if you want me to let go,
just tell me. If you want to quit, just tell me and we'll have you out of
this room in less than 10 seconds."

"I'll be right here." she whispered, resting her cheek against my hair. I
could hear her breathing in my ear and heard it become more and more irregular
as she and I watched the scene unfold. Nobody was kneeling between my legs,
so I had a moment to watch. Marsha was still standing in the center, making
sure everything was running smoothly. She turned, looking straight at me and
said, "I'll be with you in a moment." An unexpected shiver of excitement went
down my spine.

I saw Sharon tense up again as Tina's fingers hooked the waistband of her
panties. She looked helpless, hands held back, as she watched her yellow
flowered panties slipping down her thighs and pulled to her ankles. Tina
paused for a moment to drink-in the sight of this timid girl's thinly haired
snatch. Leaving the panties on Sharon's ankles, Tina spread Sharon's legs wide
and leaned her face into Sharon's crotch, letting her drooling tongue slide up
and down generously on Sharon's clitoris. Sharon closed her eyes and arched
her back uncontrollably.

Next to Sharon, Toni had also been surprised at having her arms pulled to her
sides, but she quickly smiled and helped the senior at her feet as best she
could. I didn't know her name, but had noticed how attractive this senior's
rear was earlier in the week. She was wearing a mini-skirt which slid upward
as she squatted at Toni's feet, revealing a pair of silk black panties underneath. Her lycra mini-skirt slid higher as she pealed Toni's jeans
down. I was surprised to notice that Toni wasn't wearing any panties. The
senior with her exposed behind leaned forward and ate Toni without
hesitation. Toni pushed her hips forward on her chair and spread her legs
wide open to help accommodate her. The junior behind me giggled in my ear as
we both noticed the senior pull the crotch of her black panties to one side
and started to finger herself while she was eating Toni. Toni stared down,
wide eyed, at the sight of a woman eating her and panted through her mouth
formed like an "Oh".

I looked back at Sharon to see that she had resigned herself to being eaten
out and might even be enjoying it. Her eyes were still closed and her face
turned to the right, but the junior behind her had released one of her hands
and had reached up Sharon's blouse. Sharon's free hand was on the back of
Tina's head pulling it into her crotch. Tina's head was bobbing up and down

Nancy, the taller girl with a model's figure had reacted calmly to the whole
thing. She sat tall and gracefully as her hands were taken to the sides of
the chair and lifted her hips a little to help the senior pull her pants
down. The senior girl had taken a moment to cup one of Nancy's panty clad
buttocks while Nancy's bottom was raised off of the chair and her other hand
was pulling the pants to her knees. Nancy and the senior smiled to each other
for a moment and Nancy sat back down. The senior left Nancy's blue panties on
and just pulled the crotch aside and dipped her head towards her target.
Nancy sighed loudly through her nostrils as the senior found her mark.

Jenny, to my right, giggled nervously as her hands were grabbed. At her feet
a petite senior with a high pitched, quiet voice said, "I was really nervous
when this happened to me. It's better if you just relax and enjoy it." She
meticulously opened Jenny's button fly and gently pulled her pants down. The
junior behind me gave me the freedom of reaching over and holding Jenny's
hand, without releasing my wrist. The senior at Jenny's feet seemed to relish
slowly pulling Jenny's pink panties to her ankles. She held Jenny's legs open
by kneeling right between Jenny's knees. And then she reached both of her
hands under Jenny's sweatshirt and leaned forward and kissed my best friend
full on the lips. She pulled back about an inch from Jenny's mouth and just
massaged Jenny's C cup breasts. "Is this OK?" she asked. Jenny nodded slowly
back. Then the petite senior french kissed Jenny for nearly two minutes,
playing with Jenny's nipples the whole time.

Just then Marsha knelt at my feet and said, "Sorry to keep you waiting."
Marsha efficiently opened my fly. She looked up at me and said, "I'm going to
pull your pants down now and lick your pussy, Cathy. Just let me know if you
want me to stop." It was a real turn-on hearing my name in that sentence.
Marsha quickly removed my jeans and took a moment to run her fingers over my
crotch through my plain white cotton panties. While my pussy was being rubbed
I looked over at Jenny. Jenny's sweatshirt was pulled up and her left bra cup
was exposed. The petite senior was pulling the top of the right cup down to
expose Jenny's nipple. I watched the senior lick and then suck her nipple as
Jenny arched her back and squeezed my hand tightly. "That feels good doesn't
it" the senior whispered. Jenny nodded again. The little senior continued to
stimulate that nipple with her left hand and reached down to Jenny's crotch
with her right hand. The senior turned to me, smiled mischievously and said,
"your friends pussy is drenched." Jenny blushed, but pushed her pelvis
forward for better access as the girl finger fucked her.

Then I felt my panties being pulled down and I looked to see Marsha eyeing my
snatch. Marsha said, "here I go" and buried her face in my lap. She
immediately found my clitoris and I smeared my sopping pussy on her chin. It
felt delicious to be eaten by this woman. She was hitting the mark from the
start. My eyes panned the room and I took in the whole scene as my orgasm

Sharon was orgasming on Tina's tongue with her hand on the back of Tina's
head, while the junior behind her played with one of her nipples and held her
other hand behind her back. Sharon's eyes opened as she orgasmed.

Toni watch panting with both hands behind her back as the senior with the nice
ass ate her snatch and fingered her own pussy for all to see. Toni closed her
eyes at the last moment and then orgasmed loudly. The senior at Toni's feet
rocked back on her heals after Toni's tremors subsided and looked up into
Toni's eyes. Holding her panties to the side with one hand, the senior
fingered herself to orgasm with the other. Toni just looked down with her
hands held firmly behind her, amazed at the seniors lust.

Nancy sat tall and straight, eyes closed and breathing heavy through her
nostrils as the senior ate greedily at her pussy and held her panties aside
with her left hand. Suddenly, the senior reached up under Nancy's shirt with
her right hand and lightly pinched Nancy's nipple through her bra. Nancy
orgasmed loudly saying, "Ohhhhh, Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhhhh!"

Jenny was getting finger fucked and titillated by the petite senior who was
frenching her and talking to her. "You like that don't you?". Jenny nodded.
"Now I'm going to eat you." Jenny moaned. The girl licked my best friend's
clit while fingering her at the same time. She also still had her hand on
Jenny's tit. I could tell Jenny was almost there, because she was squeezing
my hand hard.

Marsha was looking up at me intently from my crotch as she lapped at my clit.
I felt Jenny's hand trembling in mine as she came. Trying her best to muffle
her moans. Then I notice that all the other girls, having orgasmed, were
watching me getting eaten by Marsha. I blushed at the raw exposure of my body
from the waist down. The junior behind me whispered in my ear. "I wish I was
you right now getting my pussy eaten by Marsha while the whole room ...Let's
give them something to see." With that, she lifted my T-shirt to show the
room that I wasn't wearing a bra. As she released my hands she said, "put
your free hand on Marsha's head." I looked like Sharon now riding Marsha's
face and ready to cum. Then I was surprised by Jenny, who leaned over and,
still holding my hand, started sucking on my nipple. The girl behind me took
my other exposed nipple and pinched and rolled it between her fingers.
Everyone watched as I came on Marsha's face for nearly three minutes
straight. Jenny kept licking and sucking my nipple and Marsha just wouldn't
stop licking. Finally the orgasm subsided and Marsha pulled away from my
crotch, smiling up at me.

(To Be Continued, Comments and Suggestions Please)


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