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Sorting Comics


Sorting Comics

Copyright: Felix Phile - January 2001

I've hit kind of a dry patch in my story writing, so I decided to relate
a completely true event from my past. This happened long enough ago that
I'm kind of hazy on some details. I won't try to make up things like
dialogue as it would be pure guess-work, so please just enjoy this brief
tale for what it is. Nothing has been changed to protect the

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It was summer vacation and I was eighteen. I was living in a fairly
large house with just my mother -- my parents had seperated a number of
years earlier and by this time all my sibs had moved out to university or
were sharing a house with friends. This meant that I had the place pretty
much to myself and it was a popular place for my friends to spend time.
The house would be sold not long after these events occurred, when I too
moved out.

On this particular day my mother was soon going out somewhere and was
going to be gone for the day. For some reason - boredom most likely - I
decided to sort my comic book collection. I wasn't a collector, I just had
a lot of comics that I'd acquired over the years. I'd been buying them
since I was ten or twelve and had several hundred of them stored in a
wooden chest, my old toybox to be specific.

So there I was - surrounded by piles of comics lying all over the floor
- as I pulled them out of the chest and sorted them. I heard someone
calling my name and looked up to see my friend Leslie coming up the stairs.
My mother had let her in and told her I was upstairs.

Leslie had been a friend of mine for a few years, probably three or
four. She was about a year younger than me and went to a different school,
but we hung around in the same crowd. She'd been going out with another
friend of mine but when they split up they both remained my friends.

Leslie and I had become close enough that she had started confiding some
of her personal life to me. One time I was walking her home after a party
we'd both been to when she was told me about some trouble with boys. She
was explaining some point and decided to use me as a hypothetical
boyfriend, but she qualified it by saying, "Of course, you could never be
my boyfriend."

I asked her why, purely hypothetically of course, and she explained that
we were "friends". I had no particular intentions towards her, but I hated
the way I got categorized as "nice/friend" instead of "cute/eligible".
Being a guy, I didn't make these distinctions, I just worried about "does
she or doesn't she?" I knew Leslie did, because she told me some story about being at a party and running into the guy who taken her virginity.

Leslie was pretty, but not eye-catching. She was five-foot-six with
straight, blond hair that didn't reach her shoulders. She had a slim
figure with small breasts and long legs. At the time she wore large
glasses that covered a lot of her face. That day she was wearing cut-off
shorts and a blouse. I remember this because it became significant later.

She asked what I was doing and I explained that I'd decided to sort my
comics. She sat down and started to help. I remember that I had to
explain some of the subtleties to her, how Superman might be in both Action
and Superman comics, but they had to go in different piles.

We worked on sorting for a while, until everything was in the right pile
and ordered by date. Then we stacked the groups neatly back into the
chest. I don't remember what became of those stacks, probably thrown away
when I moved out. I sometimes wonder what they would have been worth to
collectors today. Some of those comics had cover prices of ten or twelve
cents, imagine the increase!

I don't remember the exact sequence of events that happened immediately
after putting the comics away, but somehow we got into a tickle fight.
This was kind of fun in itself, but it got more interesting when Leslie
ended up pinned face-down over my lap as I sat on the bed. I was tickling
her waist as she didn't fight too hard to get away. Then I started
tickling the backs of her thighs.

I worked my way up her legs towards the edge of her cut-off shorts,
wondering at what point she'd decide to stop things. To my surprise,
instead of suddenly twisting out of my grip, she just got quieter. We went
from fairly vigourous struggles to near stillness as my tickles turned to
light stroking with my fingertips. Leslie's legs were parted and the
crotch of her shorts was narrow enough that I could see some of her

Still expecting her to stop me at any time, I worked my fingertips onto
the soft inner-thigh immediately beside her crotch. The only reaction from
Leslie was complete motionlessness apart from her breathing. I progressed
to brushing my fingers up and down the strip of her panties that was
exposed by her shorts, still in the guise of tickling.

This went on for a bit, but I was unsure of how to proceed; especially
as Leslie had once told me that I was in the "friend" category. Eventually
I stopped and flopped back onto the bed, expecting it to end there. I
hadn't reckoned with the amount of stimulation that Leslie had received;
she crawled over me so that she was kneeling over me and bent her head down
for a kiss.

That kiss soon involved wrestling tongues and the swapping of spit. I'm
not sure who opened Leslie's blouse but it came off as well as her totally
unneccesary bra. I said earlier that she had small tits, but that's never
been a problem for me. I can still see them in my mind just as they were
when she leaned over me - perfect cones tipped with tiny pink nipples. I
sucked on one then the other as I rubbed her ass and crotch through her
shorts; Leslie in turn rubbing me through my shorts.

Again I'm a little hazy on the details, but pretty soon our clothes were
off. I think I had Leslie kneel over my face while I licked her pussy.
However we did it, I remember the close-up view of her light brown pubic
triangle as I ate her.

I can also recall the magnificent blowjob she gave me - she's the only
one who ever took my balls right into her mouth. It's not likely I'll ever
forget that. She had a wonderful talent for her tender years, I'd loved to
find out how time has matured it. If this wasn't likely to be a one-time
thing, I might have let her finish, but as it was, I wanted to get into her
lovely pussy.

Eventually I moved her away from my cock and we fucked. I know that's
not much of a description, but I don't recall the details. I'm sure it was
great, she was certainly an active participant. My earlier girlfriend and
I had been having sex, but she tended to let me do all the work. She loved
getting head but wouldn't give it, Leslie was certainly a change of pace.

We finished up, all sweaty from the heat and the activity. I offered
her a shower but she said she had to leave. Leslie told me that it was
just a one time thing and we were just going to be friends again, but
"special friends".

It turned out that she was wrong about that too. That fall, I went away
for a while to do some travelling, but when I came back for Christmas we
got together again. We managed to fuck three times that week, one time
leaving a wet spot the size of a dinner plate on my dad's spare bed.
Everytime I thought we were done and try to pull out she'd give my cock a
squeeze with her pussy and I'd have to slide right back in.

I left again right after Christmas and didn't see her for several
months. We wrote regularly, but by the time I got back she had a boyfriend
and I was off to university. I saw her one more time a couple of years
later when we both happened to be on the same bus - she was looking pretty
good and I was covered in potato chip crumbs from the snack I was eating -
ain't that always the way. She'd started wearing contacts and had her hair
done up nicely. We made small talk until her stop.

I still have one of her school photos that she gave me that summer
tucked away in a drawer. But it's just with a bunch of other photos from
back then, and I haven't looked at them in years.


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