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Space Cases



That's the only disclaimer you get. Read on at your own risk.

This story is inspired by the (now cancelled) Nickelodeon series "Space
Cases." As they say, "Imitation is the sincerest form of plagarism."

The characters herein are fictional. Any resemblence to real persons,
living, dead, or undead are purely coincidental. All charcters except Nindam
the Androsian are copyright of whoever presentl owns the Nickelodeon cable
channel and there's precious little chance they'd have given me permission
to use them in this context, hence, I never asked.

This work is rated (tv Sci-Fi slow tg f-mast m/f 1st teen oral cun)
by the A.S.S. Writers Guild of America, West Delaware chapter (AW GAWD!)

tv from television
Sci-Fi science fiction themed
slow have to wait to get into the hot and heavy sex
tg transgendered character(s)
f-mast female masturbation (performed by someone else, as opposed to f-solo)
m/f teenaged male initiating sex with a teenaged female
1st someone's first time
teen the lower case letters in m/f should have taken care of this
oral tasty tongue treats
cun cunnilingus (the oral sex is upon a female, as opposed to (fel)latio)

That's the best description you're gonna get outside of actually reading it,
which, of course, I hold no responsibility for.

Permission granted to * provided everything between the "--" lines remains
unchanged, except for translations to alternate character sets for
convenience. I do my own spelling, punctuation, and grammar editing.

* = Do whatever you want with this.

Space Cases in

"Who You Calling a Girl?"
(tv Sci-Fi slow tg f-mast m/f 1st teen oral cun)

A young Adult (18+) Erotic Adventure

by Forbidden Fruit

It's a well known fact that when it comes to being loud, noone in the
solar system can top a Saturnian. It's a not so well known fact that they
also excel at being ultraquiet. And, that is what Catalina was doing as she
moved into position behind the bulkhead in the guest quarters of the
Just a dozen hours ago, the Christa encountered an alien space craft of
the most phenomenal design and its even more phenomenal pilot. He appeared
to be of standard humanoid classification. Ah, who was she kidding? cat thought to herself. He was gorgeous. Young. Seemed to be about the age of a
Space Academy graduate. Tall. Strong. Handsome. He claimed to be from a
distant planet called Andros, and that he was what his people called a
Galactic Surveyor. He was educated on his homeworld and then compelled
to venture off on his own to explore the universe around him.
The very idea of someone so young being all alone in the universe to
discover it all anew was so exciting to cat that she had to learn more about
this mysterious wanderer for herself. She'd already done some of her own
exploring of the Christa's engineering spaces with Harlan and had even
almost made out with him in a couple of them. Almost, yeah right. As if she
could actually get into a serious relationship with anyone without her mouth
getting in the way. She just couldn't shutup and enjoy another's company,
let alone make out with someone.
Catalina had discovered that there was a joint between two bulkheads in
the guest quarters. Horizontal. Not so wide as someone in the room would
notice, but wide enough that someone with steroscopic vision in the ample
space behind it could peer into the room and see everything. Nindam, that was
his name, told them that his last stop on his wanderings had been quite
awhile ago and he was looking forward to spending a few days with the crew
of the Christa to teach them about his people and to learn about the crew.
First, though he needed some time to himself and rest and clean up.
Nindam made it to the guest quarters before Cat, since he could take the
jump tubes and cat had to go to the nearest tube exit and walk the rest of
the way. When she got settled into her seated position behind the bulkhead,
Nindam was unpacking some personal items from his hardshell suitcase. He'd
only brought one case from his ship in the cargo bay, but it seemed to store
much more than the volume of things he was extracting from it. Some of the
things cat could identify or at least guess at. Pictures. Grooming tools.
Clothes. Others she couldn't even guess at.
After words, he figured out the bed controls and extended the sleeping
surface. He tried it out and adjusted its firmness for a couple of minutes
then just lay there relaxing for awhile. cat just stared at him, his firm,
strong chest slowly rising and falling in rhythm. Even barely moving, cat thought his movements were graceful, powerful. She silently wished he'd get
up and walk around some more so she could study his body some more, but
after a short time, she figured he was going to go to sleep and she was
about to rise and go back to her duties. Just when she was about to stand
and leave, a rustling of the bed sheets as Nindam got up. Returning to her
guy watching, she found Nindam standing, almost right in front of her,
facing the bulkhead which she was behind. For an instant, Catalina thought
she was found out, but didn't move just in case it was nothing. Then, the
most unexpected thing happened. Nindam began to disrobe.
cat couldn't believe her eyes as Nindam's hands moved over various
portions of his uniform and disengaged unseen fasteners of alien design and
his clothing began to seperate and fall to the floor. First, his sleaves
fell, and cat got a better look at his muscular arms. Then, his vest fell
and, cat got a better look at his broad chest showing a thin coating of hair.
Then, his pant legs fell away and cat got a better look at his sinuey legs.
The suspense was killing her and she was squirming in her seat in
anticipation. This is wrong. I shouldn't be doing this, but he's so good
Finally, her eyes rivetted on the shorts that was the only thing left of
Nindam's original uniform. It seemed to be an all or nothing garment worn
with no underclothes, so cat fully expected any second now to get an eyeful
of Nindam's virile manhood. Finally, with two more fasteners were released,
Nindam's arms fell to his sides and his shorts fell to the floor. cat gazed
dumbstruck at Nindam's crotch. Where she'd expected to see a pendulous
scrotum and magnificant penis, Nindam appeared no different from Catalina's
own sex. He had two labia and a tuft of public hair partially obscuring it.

As usual, Cat's mouth operated at a much faster speed than her brain, as
she burst into the boys' quarters shouting, "He's a she! She's a he!
Nindam's a girl! He's-- She's not what he appears to be--"
"Hey! No girls in the boys room," shouted Bova while pulling his bed
covers higher over himself.
Harlan, seeing that Catalina was visibly agitated tried his best to calm
her down and figure out what she was trying to say, "Hey, hey, hey, Cat,
Cat, Cat, Cat..." He couldn't get a word in edgewise.
Shortly, cat calmed down enough on her own to realize what a fool she
was making of herself, but it was too late. She decided to fess up anyway,
rather than have the guys wondering about just what she was making a fool
out of herself over. "I was sorta, kinda spying on our guest."
"You were spying on Nindam? But why?" asked Harlan.
"Well, he is kinda cute--" remembering her attraction for him snapped
her back to her news report, "But that's what I came to tell you! He's not
what you think he is."
"You mean he's not a wandering Androsian?" Bova asked.
"No, no, not that. He's not a he. He's a she."
"And just how did you find that out?" Harlan asked.
cat demured a bit with her shame and finally came clean, "I sorta
watched him get undressed in the guest quarters."
"And you're saying he didn't have a--" Harlan said and wiggled his finger
downward like a dangling phallus.
"No, he didn't have a--," cat said and then mockingly duplicated
Harlan's lame example.
"Woah. There's gotta be some kind of mistake," Bova said. "I was there
when he came aboard, and we all saw him when he explained who he was and
where he was from. He's a guy."
"You wouldn't be saying that if you'd just seen him undress," cat shot
"Oh, thank you so much for putting that picture in my head. Now, I'll
never get to sleep," Bova said and flopped back down on his bed and pulled
the cover around him.
"Well, I, for one, don't believe it," Harlan said.
"You don't beleive that I was spying on our guest?"
"No, that I believe. I don't believe that you saw him undress and that
he doesn't have a dick."
"I think he was getting ready to shower when I left him. He should be
getting out by now. If you don't believe me there's only one way to find out
for certain."
"Oh no. I'm NOT going to go barging into the guest quarters and demand
to see Nindam's crotch. No. Uh-uh. It's not going to happen. For all I know
this is a dirty tricdk you're trying to play on me."
"I think so. I'm not going to be the only one freaked out by this. Come
on...," cat said as she grabbed harlan's hand and nearly drug him to the
jump tubes and shoved him down one followed swiftly by herself.

They both quickly found themselves standing outside the door to the
guest quarters. From inside they could hear the sound of a running sonic
"I guess he's still in the shower," cat said, "Do you want to knock or
shall I?"
"Don't look at me. This is your fantasy. I don't want any part of this."
Catalina leaned over to the door panel and hit the annunciator. The
shower sounds from inside ceased and a voice came from the other side of the
door, "Yes?"
"It's Catalina and Harlan. Can we talk?"
"One moment. I'm naked. Let me put a towel on."
As the seconds ticked away, cat dropped her gaze to her feet and
fidgetted a bit before looking up to Harlan and asked, "After this, are you
going to think any less of me, Harlan?"
"Cat, that wouldn't be possible," Harlan responded with mocking grin.
"Oh," cat smiled, thinking he meant that he wouldn't think any less,
then, "Oh." Cat's smile melted a bit as she realized the conotation that
Harlan already thought little of her. That seemed quite out of character for
the warm individual cat thought she had come to know of him. Maybe he was
just verbally kidding around. Maybe he didn't like the idea that even after
making out with him, even as little as they had, she would sneak around to
watch a perfect stranger undress.
The door finally opened and a bedraggled Nindam appeared on the other
side wearing nothing more than a towel around his waist. His hair had the
usual touselled look of a user of a sonic shower. "Hello, please, come in."
Harlan followed cat into the guest quarters.
"Okay, I know this is going to look bad," cat said without pause, "but
I've already told some people aobut it so it's only a matter of time before
I have to tell everyone else and so I thought it best to just bring it to
you first before it gets any farther so we can just get everything out in
the open, take the consequences and then work to get past it all."
"What's she tlking about?" Nindam asked Harlan.
"Don't ask me. She's been making even less sense than usual lately."
"What I'm talking about, Nindam, is that I know you're really a girl."
"And it's okay! I mean, there's nothing wrong with a girl living as a
guy; I mean different strokes for different folks, and all."
"What are you on about, Catalina?"
"Well, when you first came aborad, I thought you were really cute and
handsome and all, I mean I was really hot for you." Realizing how she was
carrying on toward Nindam in front of Harlan, cat soon moderated her
narrative. "Uh, anyway, I snuck into the engineering spaces behind your
quarters when you weren't looking so I could peep in at you, and I know it
was wrong. It was so wrong, but I couldn't help myself, and I saw you
undress and I saw your body, and so That's how I know you're realy a girl."
"I have no idea wht you're talking about, Catalina. I don't know what
you saw while spying on me, but I can assure you both that I'm all male."
"See, Cat. I told you you were letting your hormones carry you away,"
Harlan egged her on.
"Wait a minute. You're still claiming to be a guy? Prove it," cat ordered definantly.
"Cat! If you wanted to get into my pants, you just had to ask. No need
to get another guy involved in it," Nindam said indicating Harlan's presense
was now uncomfortable to him.
"Come on. Drop trou," ordered Cat.
"Right here?"
cat nodded.
"Right now?"
cat nodded again.
"In front of Harlan?" Nindam whispered.
Another nod.
"I can't beleive I'm still here," Harlan said incredulously. "I'm out of
"Okay." Nindam undid the knots in his towel. "If this is what you want
to see. Here." The twoel dropped and The door opened for Harlan's exit at
the same time. "There. See? 100% male genetalia. Satisfied Cat?"
cat stood there, her mouth agape at what she saw in Nindam's lap.
"Uh, Harlan. Turn around."
"No, Cat. I told you I didn't want to be apart of this."
"Harlan, I was right. Look."
Harlan Band already had one foot out the door to Nindam's quarters and
paused for a moment in contemplation. He hung his head weighting his
options. If he left and never looked back, he'd still have his dignity, but
he'd never know for sure what cat was on about. cat would never be able to
confide in him again. If he turn around, the likelyhood that this was a joke
was quite high and most likely cat would just laugh at him, but there was
still that nagging question in the back of Harlan's mind. What was there
about Nindam's crotch that so amazed Cat?
"Okay, cat. I'll turn around and look at Nindam's cock, and let you
laugh at me, and the whole nine yards, but this will be the very last time I
let you lead me on like this."
Harlan turned around and focused his eyes on Nindam's crotch.
"There. See?" Nindam asked. "I have a cunt, just like every other guy."
Harlan's face twisted into an expression of shocked disbelief and
dropped to his knees in front of the sight that greated him.
"Harlan? You alright?"
In a squeaky voice, Harlan managed to say the words, "I'm alright, but I
don't know about you."
"Don't tell me you're joining cat in this farce. You make sick jokes at
every guest's expense?"
"Nindam! You're a girl!" shouted Harlan as the door closed again behind
"See? I told you I wasn't imagining it," said cat triumphantly.
"What are you two on?" asked Nindam. "This is male genetalia." Nindam
sat back on the foot of the bed he'd been leaning against and placed both
hands against the insides of his spread thighs to accentuate his labia.
"Not where we come from," said cat while Harlan still struggled to fully
regain his voice.
"I don't believe you," said Nindam. "It's your turn to prove it."
"Time to put up or shut up, Catalina. Off with your jumpsuit."
"I'm not going to take off my clothes for you! I just met you, and I'm
not not feeling really good about what I know about you."
"Tit for tat, Cat. You can dish out getting people to take off their
clothes for you, but won't take your clothes off for them? What are you?
Some kind of sick cunt tease?"
~ "Okay, you! I'll show you what a girl really looks like." cat grabbed
the zippered sides of her jumpsuit and definantly pushed them down to her
mid-thigh. Then, stripping the zippers down the undersides of each arm, she
was able to push the top of the jumpsuit over her head and push her
jumpsuit, as far down as her waist over to the side.
"See? Look at these." cat said as she undid the clasp on the front of
her small bra to let it come off easily. "Breasts! I'm a girl."
Nindam was grinning from ear to ear and about to chuckle his way to
falling off the foot of the bed. "I never doubted that."
"Okay. Now for the coup de grace..." cat reached down to hook her thumbs
into the waistband of her panties and on the way down grabbed the rest of
her jumpsuit to push the remaining vestiges of her clothing and her modesty
to her ankles. When cat straightened up and spread her legs slightly, it was
Nindam's turn to gape in awe.
"You're a guy!" Nindam's glance bounced back and forth from his own
genetals to Catalinas. They were practically identical, the same blushed,
puffy slit, the same downy tuft of raven colored hair at the top.
"I am not a boy! I'm a girl. And so are you. This is what I've been
trying to get across to you."
"I am male. Where I am from, I am male. You have to believe me."
"Harlan," cat looked down to where Harlan was now sitting on his heels.
At this level, Harlan was face-to-case with two of the most gorgeous pussies
he'd ever seen, even if one was really flat chested and thought she was a
guy. He was starring at Catalina's cunt when she addressed him. "Harlan!
Stop starring at my crotch and stand up! Take your pants off. Show Nindam
here what a real guy looks like."
"Huh? What?" Harlan stammered as he climbed to his feet. "You want me to
get undressed now? In here? No way."
"Harlan broke for the door. Cat, not to be denied full disclosure,
bolted after him, but her jumpsuit around her ankles tripped her up and she
eneded up just tackling him instead. Hugging his legs, Catalina said, "No,
Harlan. You didn't beleive me, so now you're going to help me get to the
bottom of this."
"No, Cat. This is all just freaking me out. I want out of this." Harlan
started trying to reach up to actuate the door open sensor as cat reached up
and undid the waistband clasp on Harlan's pants. With some show of strength,
Catalina turned Harlan over on his back, grabbed the sides of his pants,
including his underwear, and nearly busted a few seams in pulling them down
his legs.
"Cat! No!" It was too late. Harlan's underwear came down with his pants
and before he could move to stop it, his rigid dong sprang forth from its
"Ungh!" Was all he could say as his semen coated glans began ejaculating
thick, greasy globs of white semen.
"Oh, gross!" Catalina exclaimed as she tried to get out of the way only
to be hit in the face and chest by several shots.
"Oh wow," said Nindam who had ben surveying all of this from his perch
upon the foot of the bed, "I don't know what to say."
"I do. Hand me a towel," said Catalina.
"A hand towel, from the lavatory, so I can wipe Harlan's spunk off of
"I saw trying to get out of here before I went off, Cat. That's why I
didn't want to take my pants off in front of you," Harlan said as Nindam
went into the room's lavatory for a wash clothe to wet and give to Cat.
"Sorry, but at least I made my point."
"Yeah, and you got shot in the face by my point."
"What? Where?"
"I got you on the bridge of your nose, and it's running down your left
"Ewww! Nindam. Hurry up with that towel!"
"And another spot is running down between you peach-sized tits."
"Nindam!" Catalina was caught between two conflicting urges, one was to
get Harlan's spunk off of her as quickly as possible and not get any on her
clothes, which he mercifully missed, and the other was the desire not to get
any on her hands or to allow Harlan to see her with his spunk on her hands.
"I'm coming. I'm coming. Here's your towel."
"And I have cum," Harlan said, snickering to himself, trying to recover
from his first hands off orgasm.
"I didn't want it wet. I'm trying to dry off."
Catalina went to work cleaning off her face and tits with Nindam and
Harlan looking on.
"When you're finished, could you give the towel to me? I'd kinda likelto
clean myself off of the floor."
cat growled and then tossed the sperm stained rag at Harlan's face.
Robbing her of her strike, he caught it in mid-air and she got up to storm,
or rather waddle, over to the bed and sit down.
"You two are really what guys and girls look like in this area of
space?" Nindam asked.
Harlan and Catalina looked at each other and then at themselves and
answered, "Yes."
"Wow. Who'd have thought it possible?"
"You still sticking with your "I'm a guy" story?" asked Cat, trying to
dislodge at least her panties from the wad of clothes at her ankles that is
her jumpsuit.
"Yes, Catalina. I am a male of my species."
"How? How can that be possible?"
"With my race, the male has a vagina that the woman's penis penetrates
and removes the sperm for procreation."
"So your women are still the ones who carry the baby?"
"Yes. And, nurse them, and the men are still the head and protector of
the family."
"Where are your balls?" asked Harlan, still cleaning off his own.
"We hold our testicles inside our bodies."
"Where does the baby come from?" asked Cat. "I mean, if they have a
"My women grow and nurture the fetus in a sac that grows from the base
of the penis during pregnancy. Quite frankly, Harlan, now that I get a good
look at you, you look like you're in your 7th week of pregnancy."
"I look pregnant? Ah, man!" Harlan stands up and tries to pull up his
underwear only to find a large glob of cum in them.
"Ah man is right. Those are HIS testicles, Nindam."
"Testicles? They're so big."
"I'm naturally well endowed," Harlan says as he wipes out his underwear.
"And how do your females get your sperm into their bodies?"
"Quite frankly, I'm not sure. I've never had sex."
"You're an intrepid space explorer and a virgin?" cata lina turns to get
up on the bed on her hands and knees to more directly face Nindam who had
returned to sitting ont he foot of the bed, still naked. "Come on!"
"Well, aren't you the same?"
"Well, I guess you have a point there, but we were all flung off into
the cosmos against our will. We never had a chance to grow up and have
relationships back home."
"I explore the universe alone. What's your two excuses?"
cat and Harlan looked each other in the eye very meaningfully for a long
moment and then looked away and said, "Yech!"
"What? You mean you never thought about sneaking off and having sex?"
"No!" The accused two chimed in.
"First of all, we're a very small crew on a very small ship. There
aren't all that many places where two people could have seripticious sex,
and second, I don't want to get pregnant before I've finished school."
"Speaking of pregnancy, where is your race gestated?"
"You men "where do babies come from' for us?"
cat stood up on her knees on the bed and rubbed her hands over her
stomach. "Right here. Inside."
"You carry your babies inside your body?"
"Yes," cat said definantly. "It may be discomforting, but I'd say it's
certainly more convenient than carrying your baby between your legs."
"We take great care of our women once they become too pregnant to walk
by themselves!"
"Well, Harlan seems to be managing just fine," Catalina chuckled making
her peach-sized breasts gigle ever so slightly.
"Hey, I already told him these are my balls. So how do you do it? I mean
how do you cum?"
"Well, I was convinced that you two were telling the truth when I saw
you cum. Ejaculating white fluid is something I've quite familiar with."
"So, you have had sex."
"No, I've masturbated. It's not the same thing. At a very young age,
Androsians learn self-gratification. I learned to masturbate at the age of 9
by sticking my fingers into myself and moving them in and out until I
ejaculated a slick white fluid, just like Harlan just did."
"Okay, not JUST like Harlan just did."
"How old are you now?"
"No way. I'm 14," said Cat.
"And I'm 17. You've got to be about 20. Are you adjusting for our time
keeping system?"
"Yes. I'm 14 of your years old. The average life span of my race is 60
years. We end our primary education at the age of 9 and then some of us,
myself included, go on to higher education. I became a glaactic surveyor at
the age of 13. A few of your months ago, I was assigned my survey craft and
sent on my way, and the rest is history.
"Wow," Catalina interjected, sitting her still naked butt down on the
bed spread. "We're like, not even out of high school yet."
"A priviledge of longer life spans," offered Nindam.
"So we're like, really the same age?"
"It would appear so. So I ask you again, if you're so increduloud that
someone like me hasn't had sex yet, why haven't you, Catalina?"
"Again, I don't want to get pregnant."
"Can't you just hold it in?"
"Yeah, for about 9 months, and then..."
"No, I mean can't you just will yourself not to get pregnant?"
"I've been doing it since I entered High School."
Exasperated, Nindam turned around to sit cros-legged on the bed spread
with Catalina to face her more directly when they talked. "I mean, an
Androsian male can have sex with as many women as he wants to and not get
any of them pregnant. Can't you do something like that?"
Flabbergasted, Catalina said, "No. We can't do anything like that. Human
sex is pretty much a tab A into slot B affair. Once you do that, you're
pretty much done except for the birthing part."
"Hmmm, during sex, I have to conciously allow my body to emit a certain
reproductive hormone in my vagina. Only once my partner's penis has been
subjected to this chemical signal can she drawn my seed into her body to
become pregnant."
"Wow. I wish I had something like that. I'd have proably fucked half the
Academy baseball team by now, but once a boy leaves his cum inside my vagina,
it's only a matter of time before one of my eggs gets fertilized and
implants in my womb. Then, I'd be well, and truely, fucked."
"We do have condoms on-board, you know, Cat," Harlan offered up.
"Where? I've never seen any condom dispensers on-board. Besides, those
things are unreliable. I wouldn't have sex with any of the guys on board
even with one. Hell, come to think of it. I wouldn't have sex with any of
the guys on-board even without one."
"In the pack I brought aboard, I have a whole roll."
"Why would you have a whole roll of condoms in your pack when we first
snuck aboard the Christa. We were just coming on-board to sneak around and
explore. We were going to be going back to the Academy before lights out."
"Maybe that was your plan, but I was hoping for something bigger."
"Why, Harlan Band, you little pervert. You were hoping to get me alone
over here while the other kids went exploring, weren't you."
"Quite frankly, yes."
"Why not?" Harlan asked, testing his undewar to see if it had dried
enough to pull back up. "What's wrong with me?"
"What's wrong with you? I'll tell you what's wrong with you. You're
conceited. The plan always has to go your way or you'll sabotage it. You're
impulsive. I can't count the number of times you've almost gotten the
Christa blown up by jumping into situations you have no knowledge of."
"I've also saved all of our asses in every one of those incidents."
"Saved us from your own mistakes."
"Well, how about you? Why would anyone want to get close to you? You're
a snob, if someone doesn't know as much as you about a subject, you snub
them. Must be why you talk to that imaginary friend of yours, Suzy."
"She is not imaginary. She's from another dimension, and we communicate
"Whatever. You're also a smart ass, who refuses to admit when she
DOESN'T know everything, and you're a loud mouth."
"I'm from Saturn, duh!"
"Okay, rainbow head. Explain how when you found out about Nindam, why
you couldn't just keep it to yourself? Huh? Why'd you feel the need to come
bursting into the boy's quarters and drag me, ME of all people, down here to
confront him about it? Is it because you can't keep a secret?"
"Alrght, I guess I can't keep secrets very well."
"Alright. Alright. The both of you. I think I've heard enough. The sum
of the situation is that we are still three young virgins or two seemingly
compatible species sitting naked in a private room. Now, what do you propose
we do about it?"
"Compatible?" asked Harlan.
"Well, seemingly."
"Uh uh. Sorry. I don't fuck outside my own species."
"Wait a minute. You just got through saying how you wanted to have sex
with me, and I'm a Saturnian."
Saturnians and terrans aren't all that far apart. You used to be humans
just like me, and you sttled the moons around Saturn."
"Well, don't I recall a rumor going around about you before we left?
About you and a certain-"
"Okay, okay, let's just say I'm a confirmed heterosexual." Turning to
Nindam, he said, "Even if tab A would fit into slot B. No offense."
"None taken."
Feeling his underwar one last time, Harlan decided they were dry
enough to pull back up and did so, followed by his pants, followed by him
walking out the door to leave the other two still sitting naked on the bed.
"Don't be a stranger!" Nindam jokinging called after him, making
Catalina giggle.
"So, what do you want to do? In the mood for a little girl talk? Perhaps
we could swap boy stories?"
Catalina giggled a little harder.
"I love your laugh. Your face lights up when giggle."
Catalina blushed at the compliment. "Actually, That's more Rosie's
"Rosie was the little pink kid?"
"Yeah. She's from Mercury, another planet in my home system."
"So, tell me," Nindam said stretching out on the bed, "Is Harlan really
the only guy on the ship you have an aversion to having sex with?"
"Well, his dick is so big. It'd probably hurt me even if I tried it."
"To tell you the truth, I thought it was a little big myself. I mean,
even compared to Androsian women, he is quite well endowed. But, back to my
question. There are other guys on-board, no?"
"Well, there's Bova. He's way to young for me, besides he'd probably
electrocute me during his orgasm."
"Anyone else?"
"There's Commander Goddard. He's way too old for me. He'd never be able
to get over the taboo of pedophila to consent. And Radu's... Radu."
"What's wrong with Radu?"
"Radu's an Andromedan."
"And you don't like Andromedans?"
"No, no, it's nothing like that. Andromedans were a slave race,
geneticly engineered to serve. They've been liberated for a couple of
centuries, but..."
"But they're geneticly engineered, not bred. Andromedans can't have sex.
I think that's probably why he's so uptight."
"Any other men?"
"That's it..." cat replied, reclining on her side of the bed to look
Nindam in the eyes again, " except for you, but you'll probably be moving on
after a short visit, am I right?"
Nindam nodded, "That's my job. I go from place to place, exploring, and
after two Androsian years, report back with my findings. I can't stay too
long in any one place. Any of the women you find alluring?"
Catalina was speachless, "The women? My god, you've got to be kidding."
"What? You don't have homo- or bisexuality in your race? Harlan just
made a pretty sharp point of claiming to be hetero-."
"Well, yes, there are homosexuals and bisexuals, even at the Academy,
but I..."
"Tell me about the other girls, anyway."
"Well, uh, there's Rosie, again too young, and Mrs. Davenport, again too
old. Furthermore, Mrs. Davenport is my teacher. How could I get through the
rest of my education stuck aboard the Christa having a sexual relationship
with my teacher?"
"Wasn't there another older woman aboard?"
"Uh, no... Oh! That was Thelma. She's an android. She belongs with the
"So, is there no one here for you, Catalina?"
"I didn't used to think so, until now."
"And what's so special about now?"
"Now, you're here."
"And what's so special about me?"
The talk was starting to take a decidedly arousing turn, and the words
were coming in hushed tones.
"You're so tall and strong and..."
"And? Go on, you can say it."
"And sexy."
"So, do you have any compunction against mating outside your own species
like Harlan."
"Well, I'd never really thought about it much."
"And now?" Nindam asked bringing his face closer to Cat's.
"No, I have no inhibitions regarding sex with another race."
Nindam reached out and placed a firm kiss on Catalina's lips, ending the
cat pressed back, abandoning herself to the oral union. Nindam reached
up with his left arm, the arm he was laying on, to caress his hand over the
right side of Cat's face. His right hand reached over to hold to Catalina's
left forearm. cat grabbed Nindam's right elbow to lock them in place just as
they were.
Kiss after kiss was exchanged, culminating in the probing of tongues as
the two youths pour themselves into each other. Nindam finally pulled on
Catalina's arm to roll her over on top of himself.
"No, hold it. Wait a minute."
"What? Did I do something wrong?"
"No," cat said as she kicked the remnants of her jumpsuit and panties off
her ankles and off the end of the bed with her shoes. "Everthing's just
cat cimbed up on top of Nindam as he guided her into place.
"Oh, I love you small tits. I love how they feel pressed into my chest."
"And I love your chest. So big and strong." cat leaned down to place a
sucking kiss on Nindam's left nipple.
"Oh, Cat. That feels wonderful. My nipples always get so tender during
"Mmm, mine too."
"I thought you were a virgin."
"You're not the only one in this room who knows how to masturbate with a
vagina." She went back to tonguing and sucking both of his nipples in turn.
"Oh, I wish you'd stop that."
"Just for now. I want this to last as long as possible. Exploring the
universe alone is such a lonely job."
"Tell me about it." Catalina humed her hips against Nindam's left thigh
and felt her own left thigh rubbing against his labia. The wetness she felt
rub off onto her leg backed up what Nindam was saying about being too turned
"Oh, you're so wet. Is this normal for you?"
"Yes. Androsian males can tend to get very dehydrated during sex."
"Have you ever been with another guy?"
"Uh, no. I've never had sex, remember?"
"Yeah, but you were so intent on getting me thinking about homosexual encounters with my fellow female crewmembers. How about you? You ever
fantasized about being with another Androsian male? Every thought about
fingering or sucking another guy's twat?"
"Cunt, pussy, lovebox, you know, vagina."
"Well, to tell you the truth," Nindam said catching Catalina's engorged
labia in his left hand, "I've always found my hands to be able to do all the
fantasizing for me. With that, he extended his middle finger and inserted it
to the hilt into Cat's moist vagina.
"Oh! Nindam!" Catalina exclaimed and tried to rise up off of his
intruding digit, but to no avail. When Nindam left his finger deeply
embedded in Cat's cunt, she began settling back down to enjoy her
finger-fucking. "Oh, Nindam, that feels great."
When he began pistoning his digit in and out, he heard cat catch her
breath. "Oh, this is far better than when I frig myself in private,"
Catalina admitted between gasps.
"You feel just like I do inside, did you know that, Cat?" Nindam asked
before reapplying his lips to hers to stiffle any possible answer. Together
the naked couple lurched together on the bed in wet ecstasy. Catalina had
Nindam pinned to the bed with her lithe body, and Nindam had catalina pinned
to himself with a firm embrace from his right arm, his hand rubbing her back
on the way up her neck to hold a handful of her hair as they kissed over
every square inch of each other's faces. Catalina had slowly taken over her
own finger-fucking, until Nindam simply held his hand stationary on his
thigh and Catalina's own humping action pulled her off of Nindam's erect
finger and then plunged her back down upon it, her juices flowing readily
out over his hand with each downward stroke.
Catalina's breats were rubbing back and forth over Nindam's well muscled
chest providing that last iota of stimulation needed to send cat over the
edge and it wasn't long before she sat bolt upright, Nindam's hand leaving
her rainbow colored hair in a shambles. Catalina spread her knees as far
apart as she could to remove all of her support and apply her full weight to
Nindam's hand, pinning it to his thigh where it had been resting just as
assuredly as if it had been fusion welded there.
"Oh, Ungh! Deeper. Deeper," Catalina cried.
Nindam attempted to oblige her by trying to wiggle his finger where it
was held tightly by catalina's Saturnian vagina. He felt her powerful
vaginal muscles involuntarily constrict around his probing digit and
wondered how a phallus such as Harlans could possibly be expected to
penetrate a, what had she called it? A twat such as this. With Catalina's
full weight, slight though it was, pressing down on his hand, Nindam's
manipulations were restricted somewhat. All the same, Catalina was rocketted
to new heights of pleasure she'd never experienced before and had to force
herself not to let out a 125 dB orgasmic scream.
"Ugh, ugh, ugh." Catalina tried to hump Nindam's finger deeper into her
pussy, but her orgasm was fading despite her most urgent attempts to prolong
the rapture. Finally, a deep clensing breath could be heard entering Cat's
lungs as she looked down at her alien-lover. "Oh, Nindam, no one's ever done
anything like that for me before... or to me. That was wonderful."
"Yes, well, could you kindly get up a bit. My hand is cramping."
"Oh, yes." Catalina brought her thighs together around Nindam's and that
gave him ample room to remove his finger from her wetness. The digit seemed
to be acting as a stopper and with its removal, more spend poured out of
Catalina's labia, down her legs, and onto Nindam's thigh. Looking at his
lover's pussy, he could see her lips were still engorged and bright pink, as
his own were. Her vaginal secretions had wetted down her pubic hair, which
in her arousal had become rainbow colored to match her hair.
Nindam brought his fingers covered in catalina's punk to his face to
examine it. It didn't smell like either his own spend or like that of any
Androsian woman he'd ever known of. "Mmmm, strange, exotic," Nindam offered,
bring his hand to his mouth. Licking his hand relatively clean, he admitted,
"I like your taste. Not sure how it'll compare to the women on my homeworld
when I get back."
"Just speak well of me when you're there."
"Oh, I will. You taste... like cinnamon."
"I do? Don't know how that can be. There's no cinnamon on-board."
"There seems to be some in-board," Nindam said returning his finger to
Catalina's pussy, rubbing it back and forth through her labia to collect
more of her spend to suck off.
"Mmmm, that feels good. I wonder what you taste like." With that,
Catalina scooted down between Nindam's legs and tried to tell herself that
she wasn't about to suck another girl's pussy, but was really having sex
with a big, strong, hansdsome guy. It didn't really take much convincing.
Nindam was at least as wet as she was and he hadn't even had an orgasm
yet, or at least catalina wasn't aware of any orgasm he might have had. When
she put her face into Nindam's pussy and began licking away at anything in
sight, she heard a most manly groan emanate from deep within his throat.
Catalina looked up to ask, "You like?"
"Yes, don't stop. I want to cum all over your face."
Returning for a moment to her ministrations on this handsome Androsian's
cunt, she spoke again, "You're so wet. You seem to be cumming right now. You
taste like... shrimp," and then she abandoned herself to her meal.
"No, Androsian males get very wet during sex. It'll be a little while
before I cum. I promise. I want this to LAST." His voice crescendo when cat licked hard over the Androsian equivalent of a clitoris.
cat diverted her tonguing away from that spot in the hopes that Nindam
would stay the distance. She lapped at the salty taste of Nindam's spend in
a futile attempt to take it all in. There was far too much for that task to
be successful. cat would roll up her tongue in an attempt to drive it as far
up her lover's cunt as she could. Straining against her own mouth, she
plunged her tongue in and out of Nindam's steadily flowing lovebox. FInally,
when her tongue was as far inside Nindam as she had ever been, another flood
of punk hit her so hard it forced her tongue out and the salty, shrimp-like
flavour grew almost distasteful.
"Ugh!" Was all Nindam could emit as he gripped the bed spread with both
hands and his entire being tensed up to steel-like strength. Catalina had
front-row seats to the wildest sex show she'd ever seen. Unlike her own
orgasm in which her vaginal muscles constricted tightly, Nindam's orgasm had
his vagina opening as widely as Catalina had ever seen an orafice on a body
open, save a mouth. Catalina was sure that she could have inserted her hand
into the gaping orafice in front of her. But that wasn't the most amazing
part of Nindam's orgasm.
From far up within the depths of Nindam's cunt, his equivalent of a
glans was spraying thick, white, greasy Androsian sprem down the length of
his pussy, and in the absence of an intruding Androsian female penis, out
from between his spread labia and onto Catalina's face. spurt after spurt,
nearly 8 in all, each just as powerful as the last flew forth from Nindam's
twat to bath first Cat's face and then, as she rose up on her elbows, her
chest in Androsian semen.
Finally, the flow ebbed to a trickle and his vagina muscles relaxed,
allowing his labia to come back together. This also forced the last generous
measure of his spunk to ooze from between them, down his buttocks and onto
the bed spread. Slowly, Nindam released his death grip on the bed and began
breathing again.
At first, Nindam had lost the power of speach, as Harlan had, but he was
soon able to gasp out the words, "Thank you, my lovely catalina." before
collapsing back down to the pillow.
'All-in-all.' thought Cat, 'I think he enjoyed his cum much more than I
enjoyed mine. If that's possible.'
Eventually, Nindam propped himself back up on his elbows and motioned
for cat to come back up on top of him, where he embraced her and her cum covered tits to him, "That was the single most elegant event of my life,
Catalina, and I'm glad it was with you."
"Ditto," cat said from between cum covered lips.
"We'd better get showered again. Your friends might get the idea we're
in here making mad, passionate love."
"Wouldn't want that, would we?"
The two satiated young people rose from their wet resting place and
walked arm-in-arm intot he lavatory where Nindam drank what seemed to be a
gallon of water and then the both of them took a sonic shower together. Had
the shower offered water as well, they would have used that option, even so,
the wetness of their mutual spend on each others' skin made a very
pleasurable sensation as the ultrasonic vibrations cleaned it from their
"We'll have to pretend that none of this happened for the rest of the
few days you plan to spend with us, but in the meantime, I hope we get to do
it again."
"As do I, Catalina."
cat stepped back into her panties and socks, and then pulled her
jumpsuit back on and zipped it up.
"Maybe we'll have another chance tomorrow, say 1100 hours? THat's when
my shift on the bridge ends and we don't have classes for another 4 hours."
"Okay." Catalina's face glowed as she smiled at her lover before picking
up her shoes and quietly tiptoing back down the hall to the jump tube.

Dropping from the jump tube into the girl's quarters, cat listened
intently for any sign that Rosie was less than sound asleep. She was. cat skinned herself back out of her jumpsuit in preparation for bed. Tomorrow
will have to be a skirt day. She also had designs on using her dildo during
their next love-making session. She wasn't proud of having such a
contraption, but it was a desperation buy. Not being able to go openly to
places where such products could be had, she had to settle for what she
could siripticiously buy by alternate means. It was a double ended dildo
that she'd never imagined having an excuse to use both ends at the same
time. This would be her excuse.
A warm glow covering her body, cat slipped between her sheets. cat normally slept in a nightgown, but it didn't seem right right now, and her
panties and socks provided ample covering, as far as sleepwear. Placing a
hand over her covered mound, she could still sense the slight numbness of
her frigging. Sit a very satisfied grin on her face, Catalina drifted off to

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