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Archived Sex Stories

Spell Failure


If you're under 18, these stories are not for you. Don't read them. Skip
or erase the file. If you're over 18, you can officially decide for

The following is a work of total fiction and contains a scene of graphic
nc sex and other weird horror stuff.

Content is my own (Monocle), copyright 2002, (as are the typos, and
spelling & grammar errors), and any resemblance to persons or events living
or dead or stories already written is purely coincidence. The reader is
free and welcome to copy and circulate these stories within free legal
forums, as long as this disclaimer is included and no alterations to it or
the content are made.

Hope you like it.


--------------------------------- Spell Failure by Monocle - F/solo
Demon/F nc preg caution A young witch goes in way over her head. Everyone
needs an Incubus/Demon story.




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Spell Failure by Monocle

-- Part 1. --

"Piet... Omuloria Ojirun Osseriav... Piet.. Myancor uriogi fyronus...
Piet... MMMmmmmm."

Vala chanted the Ancient words from the heavy leather-bound book without
fully understanding them. The spell was more complex than any she'd tried
before. She wasn't supposed to have this book, having "borrowed" it from
the coven library even though novices weren't even supposed to look at it.
She¹d gotten over the fear of being naked and alone in the unlocked boiler
room of her apartment building. None of the other student residents had
stayed in town this long weekend, and the landlord only showed up after the
fourth phoned-in complaint. Nonetheless, it had taken her some time to
relax, and longer still to summon the courage to start. Now, however, she
was fully committed, and the mounting pleasure threatened to interrupt her

"Piet... ahhhh...Omuloria Ojirun Osseriav... Piet..mmmmMMMMM Myancor
uriogi fyronus... Piet... nnssss.."

She knelt, knees apart, legs and feet lined up with two points of the
carefully drawn pentacle. Her chant broke periodically with small sighs
and moans as her fingers teased her pussy and breasts. The Ancient
instructions translated to something like "The nectar of the soul at New
Moon will open the lovers door for him. He will come if you call." Vala
flushed when she applied her imperfect knowledge of the dead language to
interpret the phrase. In plainer terms "nectar of the soul" were female
sexual fluids. "New Moon" was midway between menses.

"Piet...Omuloria Ojirun hh...hhh hhhoooOsseriav... Piet..Myancor
uriooooohhhgi fyronuuuussss... Piet...."

Vala now squatted over the bubbling cauldron, the rising steam tickling
her inner thighs like ethereal fingers. The heat radiated to her pussy and
belly, but did not burn her. She stared at a smoky visage of Piet floating
inches from her face, so beautiful. She willed the look of love into the
apparition¹s eyes as her fingers danced over her nipples and clit. She was
so close. Piet would fall for her and they would be so happy together.
With that thought, Piets vaporous visage smiled at her. Vala's eyes
widened at the response and she moaned. Her desire and self-stimulation
pushed her right to the edge. She felt the first fluttering twinges of
orgasm race through her body.

"PIET... hhh hhhaa Ooommulohhhria Ojirun Aaaahhosseriav...

The world exploded. In a single terrifying instant everything went
wrong. The cauldron burst below her, spraying hot, sticky goo all over her
crotch and belly. Far worse, a huge red figure exploded from the small
kettle, its terrifying face rising towards her through the steam. In one
continuous motion, the creature sprang up and grabbed Vala with four
clawlike hands, causing her to fall on her back and bump her head onto the
hard cement floor, winding her.

When her eyes focused, she immediately closed them and screamed. A
demonic face, straight out of the horror books stared down at her. Four
strong hands held her - two encircling her wrists and pinning her arms
straight above her head, two more gripped the backs of her knees, holding
her legs spread wide apart.

Realizing her vulnerable position, Vala opened her eyes and looked down
in terror past the nightmare face and chest. There, between the creature's
bright red muscled abdomen and her own pale, muck-splattered body, extended
a misshapen red penis. In the time of a few shuddering breaths, she
couldn't judge its size, except to know it was too large. The mottled red shaft had warty bulges unevenly along its inhuman length. The fat
uncircumcised head poked through its foreskin, pointing at her open and
defenseless vagina scant inches away. As she stared, the cock's
unnaturally large slit drooled a drop of thick yellow-white fluid. Vala
saw her own pelvis undulate underneath it and suddenly felt, just below her
fear, the pending climax still clutching at her senses, her body aching for
more stimulation, just a fraction more pleasure for total release. The
dual realization turned her blood to ice and fire simultaneously.

"Oh! G-goddess Nnoooo! Help! HAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIII!"

With a lunge and animal growl, the demon drove into Vala. The hot shaft
surged forward, splitting her trembling labia, stretching the tender tissue
around the thick member. It plunged into her, forcing her open, tearing
past the tiny resistance of her hymen to bury itself in her virgin depths.
Vala screamed at the first contact of the cockhead with her flesh, unable
to look away from her defilement. Her voice rose in pitch as she saw and
felt the shaft open her and drive in. When it ripped her virginity, her
cry peaked and she threw her head back in agony. When her body jolted with
the hard slap of the demon's pelvis on hers, she lost her breath. In that
terrible instant, her freshly deflowered body stuffed to bursting with
infernal meat, instinctively filling her lungs for another scream, she felt
her body clamp down, her overstretched vaginal muscles clenching around the
thick invader. Pleasure and horror detonated together inside her. The
sensation blended with, then overwhelmed the sharp pain of her deflowering.
Her second agonized shriek blended unimagined pleasure and terror as her
hijacked body exploded in orgasm.


Vala's cries echoed through the damp room. Her stomach spasmed and her
head shook from side to side. Her inner muscles squeezed the unyielding
pole of the demon's phallus rhythmically and her body actually humped and
itself onto the raping cock, the stings of her torn virginity mingled with
the bliss of her grinding clit. Her body didn't so much betray her as be
usurped by a power utterly beyond her control. The pleasure was greater
than anything she'd ever felt in her masturbatory self-explorations. It
was more intense, and infinitely more real than her fantasies of giving
herself to Piet. It was also more horrific than her worst nightmares. Her
back arched and she seized over and over in the demon's strong grip,
eventually winding down until she was panting from exertion and shock. Her
fear came back to the forefront of her mind as her climax subsided. Still,
shuddering and trembling, she opened her eyes and turned her head back to
face her attacker.

"Oooooohhhhh nnnnooo. Piet... Goddess.. What -ahh- happened? What is

She gasped again at its countenance. Its angular human-like head was
fierce red, sharp featured, with two short, wicked horns sprouting where
eyebrows should have been. Its eyes were yellow with slitted, reptilian
pupils. It glared down at her, grinning, showing rows of pointed white
teeth. Vala stared into its eyes, and then screamed again. The devil face
was Piet's! It was warped and unreal, but the resemblance was clear. She
didn¹t know what this could mean, but had no time to think about it, as the
creature began to move.

The demon had kept rock-still as Vala came around its despoiling rod,
letting her vagina squeeze and clutch at his deeply buried member. But
now, locking her gaze with its own, it pulled back, slowly withdrawing its
massive tool. Her guttural moan rose as each bump and wart dragged along
her stretched inner walls, changing to a wail of denial when the cock
reversed direction and sank back into her. Staring into the demon's feral
gaze, Vala's eyes widened as she realized he was fucking her. This hideous
corruption had ripped her virginity from her was going to be ­ was already
- her first lover. Tears flowed freely now. Then, as it drew out again,
painfully slow, the grotesque entity spoke.

"Young witch," Its voice was low and cold, like boulders crushing
against one another, "You desired a lover. You summoned me, I have come."
It spoke slowly, pumping its massiveness in and out of Vala's pussy over
the course of a few words.

"AHH, W-w-why?! Nnnh! Piet! Unnh! It was for Piet...T-too love

For a moment the demon paused, its hardness half inside her. Vala had a
glimmer of hope that she might be able to reason or plead for a way out.
But then the hot shaft burrowed into her again, a little harder than
before. The slow, deep fucking resumed.

"Witch, summoner. You spoke the words. You called a lover. You
called. I came for you."

The monster's grip didn't change as its in-and-out pace lengthened and
sped up. Her body rocked back and forth with each long withdrawal and
increasingly rough slams back in. Vala realized in passing that the
creature was speaking Ancient, and somehow she understood it. She had no
time to winder at it as she desperately tried to argue.

"AAnh! Uh! No! NNuh! I fffollowed the wordsssAhh!"

Understanding flashed in the yellow eyes. The demon grinned

"You said the words. Words call. Time opens the door. New Moon for
the Realm Above, Full Moon for the Realm Below. You summoned a lover. You
called a name. I am Rigamaeous. I am Pyt I am Suum. I came through the
open door. ³

Vala's heart froze. With her newfound understanding of Ancient she
realized she'd mispronounced something ­ more than one thing - in her
incantation. Worse, she'd mistranslated the Ancient text and mistimed the
ritual critically. Then the demon¹s revealed name triggered a memory from
her lessons and the true depth of her error dawned on her and she began to
struggle desperately, futilely.

"PytŠOh GODDESS NO! Unh! You! AANh! You¹re one of uUUUhhh.. IIh-
Inh- Incubus!!"

"Pyt, Horu, Asno, yes. Incubus, yes. And other names." The parody of
Piet's face grinned wickedly at her.

Halfheartedly Vala prayed it was a dream, knowing it wasn't. The fiend
crouched over her, skin hot against hers; rock hard cock plunging into her.
Heavy, full testicles slapped against the cheeks of her ass. Its
terrifying, too-familiar face leered down at her. It gathered both her
wrists in one of its oversized hands so the other could grope and squeeze
her breasts, alternating between them, pinching each nipple in turn. Its
lower pair of arms held her legs wide, keeping her obscenely open to his
cruel onslaught. Its voice grated on her very soul as it pierced her over
and over.

"I am summoned. I come. Virgin blood is the sacrifice. I am tasked. I
take and give..."

It was an avalanche of guttural sound to her, descending to
meaninglessness and then silence save for the slaps of body on body as he
drove into her relentlessly, the head of his cock thumping into the end of
her passage with each thrust. Sometimes he would lower his monstrous head
to one of her breasts and suck a nipple hard into his maw, pricking her
aureoles with his needle-sharp teeth.

"" Vala could barely
whisper her beseechings between gasps. She was exhausted from climax and
struggle, mentally battered by her failure and its consequence. Her body
had never fully subsided from her orgasm and still sparked with pleasure
through the haze of fright and incredible fullness as the lumpy pole
pistoned inside her. But when she felt the cock swell inhumanly larger,
she gained a desperate strength and thrashed frantically to escape. The
demon was about to cum.

"Witch summons a lover. I come. You sacrifice. I accept. Tasked, I

She could not break free. His eyes bored into hers as he growled and
rammed forward one more time. Vala felt him throb deep inside her, the
phallus' bumps and bulges distending oddly and randomly in her overstuffed
passage. With a rumbling surge, the penis spewed into her deepest
recesses. She felt heat and pressure build inside as jet after jet streamed
into her. Her screams, almost too hoarse to hear by now, were drowned out
by the unearthly roar from the straining demon. She could almost feel the
unholy seed seeking to root within her body. The demon's pelvis pressed
Vala into the concrete floor with each powerful spurt, threatening to break
bones in an effort to push still deeper inside her. The ejaculations
continued long after a normal man would be spent, until the pressure inside
her was almost painful.

Finally he slowed, and then stopped, still hard, still buried
balls-deep. His hideous head lowered towards hers again. A long forked
tongue slithered out and tasted the beads of sweat and tears on her
flinching face. The tongue withdrew and the devil-face smiled openly,
almost happily. This was even worse than the earlier looks. He looked at
her the way she'd imagined Piet would look at her, after they made love,
but twisted into something perverse and wrong.

"Summoned I come. Tasked I give." For a moment, his fierce face was
almost tender, then it hardened, and he laughed low and menacing. "But
you, witch. You erred. You sought to catch a soul from the Realm Above.
In error you tasked I, Incubus with your sacrifice. I fulfill my task."
Then, with a look that chilled her to the bone, he rumbled almost too low
to hear, "I.. will.. give.. you.. Piet.."

He withdrew almost completely out of her abused sheath. But it was not
the end. With an animal snarl, the demon rammed into her again, thick yellowish cum spraying out of Vala's cunt as it was displaced. The demon
Pyt fucked her faster and harder than the first time, if that were
possible. Vala felt herself going into shock; body going numb,
consciousness rising away from the assault on her body. The brute ceased
talking now and concentrated on fucking. After an unregistered period of
time, he readied to cum again. This time, though, instead of slamming
viciously into her plundered body, he moved slowly, pushing carefully in to
the fullest. Vala's detached mind noted the misshapen organ seeming to
twist inside of her. The yellow beast-eyes locked onto hers again as he
tensed and came, and the first thick stream of jism brought with it
sickening understanding that yanked her awareness back into her body and
trapped it there.


He was injecting his sperm directly into her womb! She could almost see
it in her mind as well as feel it inside. By some foul magic or black art,
the demon had opened her cervix, and the aberrant cockhead was now pressed
right up against it, spewing its putrid seed directly into her very center.
She felt the weight of it surging deep, filling her. Each gush drove her
terror higher.

There was no rest when the torrent of cum finally subsided.
Unbelievably, the fucking began again, just as before. Vala was beyond
screams now, beyond tears. She lay passive as the red, horned figure
resumed rutting her raw, violated pussy. Thrust by vicious thrust, the
depleted scrotum again grew heavy and full, ripening with a new load of
demon-seed. Vala felt in her very soul the creature's burning sense of
purpose. There was nothing she could do about it as the column of hot
flesh advanced and retreated endlessly. Suddenly it was cumming again,
long and powerful, filling her belly with its thick stuff, pumping and
pumping until the fucking resumed again. Though locked in the terror of
her body, she was thankfully at least somewhat inured to it by now.
Nothing hurt, nothing felt good.

Sometime after the monster¹s fourth climax, Vala felt something slimy
poke at her anus - its tail, she realized. It felt like a hot, jointless
finger circling and teasing her rosebud. While she'd fantasized allot
about sex, she'd never thought of anything so vile as that. She moaned in
fear and automatically jerked away from the wormy digit, in so doing
turning her vagina more into the always-driving cock. Her efforts provided
no escape as the tail teased its way past her clenching ring muscle to
writhe around just inside the most sensitive part of nether passage. It
was perverted, depraved, but it sent new shocks of sensation through Vala,
re-awakening her numbed body to both its pain and pleasure.

"Nooo.. Please... no more... nnnnnhhhh... Nhhh..."

Head shaking slowly side-to-side in denial, she felt herself begin to
respond once more. Her mouth emitted pitiful sounds of refusal and arousal
which seemed only to excite and spur the demon on, until it hunched and
came yet again, driving its tail deeper into Vala's rectum with each surge
of semen from its cock.

Slowly, as the infernal rape continued unabated, the skin of Vala's
stomach tightened. Each outpouring cum filled her womb further, dark magic
allowing it to expand it unnaturally quickly. With her body twitching
against the double trespass of penis and tail, she looked down her body in
a daze of dread and arousal. Her belly bulged as if pregnant.

Pyt¹s stomach slapped into her growing midsection as he rammed against
her. The expression on its face began to change from the epitome of dark,
angry lust to growing satisfaction. After two more heated injections,
Vala's girth actually began to hamper its thrusting. With a grunt and
growl, the creature suddenly withdrew its phallus from her. With four arms
and inhuman strength it easily flipped her body around, its flexible tail
remaining deeply buried in her ass. She barely had time or sense to
realize that nothing - not one drop of anything - flowed or leaked out of
her during those few seconds of emptiness.

Now her knees and head rested on the slick floor, arms lying limply, not
obeying commands. One pair of demon hands clamped around her hips and
another pair reached around her torso to grab a breast each. The brief
respite ended when the fat glans splayed her slit, then plowed into her
once more. If anything, Pyt could force itself deeper into her now, and
could yank her back as it lunged forward, slamming into her so hard she
became disoriented. The only things she could track where the hot grip of
its hands the pinching and pulling at her nipples and breasts, the
pistoning of its rod and tail, the periodic surging, stretching, growing
sensations in her belly, and the sexual heat rising unbidden in her body.

At intervals, the demon's tail would pop out of her ass and slide around
the thrusting cock, tickling her stretched labia and teasing her erect
clit, then it would slither back and shove roughly into her rear again.
She wasn't compelled to look at the alien Piet-face now, but the image in
her mind twisted into new and more terrible forms with each pounding
thrust. Everything began to blur into a red haze of whirling sensations
from her changing, desecrated body and mind. She trembled from fear, and
exhaustion, and terrible growing lust.

With a heave, the Underbeing drew Vala upward, so that she nearly knelt
upright, With two claws pulling on her breasts, her shoulders pressed
against his broad smooth chest. His knees jutted forward between hers, and
he now lifted her bodily and dropped/pulled her straight downward onto his
shaft. Her distended belly shook with the impact at the end of each
impaling plunge. She found her now-free hands drawn down to the taught,
rounded flesh, her touch confirming the reality she was unable to accept.
His gravelly voice, whispered to her, tense with effort and energy,

"I give to you. Omurloia Orjiun Osservia... Pyt.. Myacor urogi
cyronus... Piet..." He was not speaking to her, so she did not understand
him. The words of the altered incantation continued in a strange, sinister
mantra, building to what Vala felt sure to be her doom. Her body now
responding on its own, melting and moving to increase its own stimulation
still further. Vala found herself wishing for death, fearing far worse was
actually in store.

The tail twirled maddeningly over her clit, and her head sagged back
against a hot shoulder. Her lower body undulated and humped mindlessly
into the mounting pleasure/horror. It was almost over, but the knowledge
brought the opposite of comfort. Her ultimate climax took her before she
could feel it coming. One second she was being drawn up and down on the
demon's rod, the next, she was screaming and spasming uncontrollably, the
sexual overload of her body exploding in her brain like a bomb.


Through her orgasmic storm, she heard the creature bellow its unearthly
howl as it slammed home one last time. She felt the throbs and surges of
its final ejaculations in time with her own contractions. Its four hands
moved to cover her huge belly, trapping her own hands there. She imagined
she could feel it growing with each viscous rush. A surge of something
like electricity passed from the demons hands through hers to her belly ­ a
pleasure/pain sensation that pushed her climax beyond any tolerances.
Delirious from fear and ecstasy and exhaustion, she thought she felt the
demon's shuddering cock penetrate all the way into her overfull body. She
let out one last strangled cry, and then collapsed in the creature's grip.

All became quiet. Unceremoniously, the panting demon let Vala slide to
the floor, where she collapsed onto her side, quivering weakly and sobbing
silently at the ruin of her maidenhood and body. Her heavy belly rested on
the cold floor. She looked down to see she was huge - beyond full term for
a normal pregnancy. She had no tears left to cry.

The demon Pyt was still not done. It pushed her shoulders back to the
floor and kneeled next to her. The low voice rumbled again.

"Witch, You have summoned and sacrificed. From the Realm Below I
fulfill my task and grant your desire. You will have Piet. I will prepare

Its tone of voice was mocking; the words confused her. It lowered its
twisted face to her left breast. Its lips flared out around her flesh to
envelop it completely. It sucked, hard. Sharp teeth grazed her sensitive
skin as the intensity increased. Something burned, then began to flow,
seek exit through her nipples. She shuddered at the new violation. On the
first taste of her milk the demon's eyes flashed up to Vala's once more.
It carefully released her left breast, then moved to the right, not
breaking eye contact until her milk began to flow there as well.

Finally it sat back on his haunches. Vala could not avoid looking
between its legs. She was unable to register any new shock upon seeing
only a smooth, featureless pelvis, as if the demon where sexless. She
realized she hadn¹t felt it withdraw from her abused sheath when it dropped
her, but couldn't even shudder at the thought of what had happened to the
organ of her defilement.

"You are ready. I was summoned and tasked. Bidden in error, yet done
as bid. I am released."

Pyt looked Vala up and down one more time, grinning infernally. It
gently laid all four of its hands on her too-swollen belly, then leaned
over to lay a burning kiss just above her mons, and lash her clit once with
its tongue, making her jerk and contract. At the last, it looked up, its
visage burning into her mind. Then with a flash and the scent of sulfur,
she was alone.

-- Interludes --

Vala lay panting for a few minutes, unable to muster the energy to move.
Finally, she struggled to collect her wits. Her hands examined her swollen
breasts and belly as she moaned quietly in despair. She scanned and groped
along the basement floor to find the Ancient book, ignoring the smudging
soot from the blasted floor and the sharp pokes of crockery shards from her
shattered cauldron. She saw the singed leather of the volume just out of
reach and struggled to grab it, daring to hope for find a way out of this
nightmare in its pages. That fragile dream shattered as her hand closed on
the binding and the book disintegrated into a pile of black ashes.

The acolyte witch collapsed back to the charred floor and sobbed
tearlessly for some unknown time. Then something twisted inside her and
she doubled over in pain. She cried wordlessly for help as her body
clenched and her overworked muscles screamed with internal contractions.
They subsided in a few moments, and she lay back and panted, drenched with
new, cold sweat. Too soon, the next wave hit her and she shook and groaned

Utterly alone, Vala hallucinated through her unnatural labor. The
cycles of pain and rest blended into the terror of the earlier ordealŠ and
her hopeful ritual before thatŠ and her dreams and fantasies of Piet and
life before that. It all converged in a blazing eternity of pushing and
pain and release as she seemingly turned inside out. Her consciousness
faded to the sound of an infant crying...


Vala's awareness returned dimly. Something was sucking voraciously on
her right breast. It felt harsh and good at the same time. Her baby, she
thought dreamily. It was a familiar, but not common dream she¹d have.
This seemed somehow more real and more strange, though. Did she have a
baby? And its weight was wrong, getting heavier on her chest and stomach
with each suck. A small hand trailed down across her belly to weave
through her pubic hair. Chubby, soft fingers teased her sodden labia,
playing with her clit. It felt very wrong. She moaned and shuddered, her
hips slowly thrusting into the touch as she descended into erotic dreams
filled with red skin and twisted faces.


She half awoke again to feel her other nipple being devoured, milk
flowing freely. The weight on her body was greater now, almost like a man lying on her rather than her baby. Had she been dreaming about a baby?
The weight shifted, strong legs slid between hers. Something blunt and
hard pushed up against her pussy entrance. Vala's eyes blinked open to see
Piet's beautiful face rise from her breast, smiling down at her with love
and desire. It was her favorite dream. She smiled and closed her eyes as
she imagined him entering her. It felt so real this time, the cock sliding
deeper and growing thicker as the suckling at her breast resumed. She
faded out again, her body responding joyfully to its real/dream lover.

-- Part 2. --


Vala lurched bolt upright in bed, panting and sweating. It had been the
worst nightmare. Something had been holding her and...she couldn't bear to
think about it. Her hands shot to her midsection, frantically feeling her
flat, athletic belly, thought unsure as to why it was so important to check
herself out that way. Increasingly self-conscious examinations of her
breasts and between her legs revealed nothing out of the ordinary, other
than the surprising fact she was naked rather than in her ususal nightgown.
And that her pussy was wet with nocturnal arousal.

It was OK now. She was in her small efficiency, on her white sheeted
bed, morning light just beginning to stream through her lone window. She
couldn't remember returning from her ritual in the old building's boiler
room. Come to think of it, she couldn't remember much of the ritual itself
at all.

Automatically she reached for the glass of water she always put next to
her bed before going to sleep and drank from it with reassurance. Her
rapid heartbeat slowed to normal levels. She put the empty back down and
settled back for some more snoozing. It was Sunday morning, and she felt
she could sleep the whole day away. As she leaned back, her left hand
settled against a hard lump next to her in the bed. She shrieked and
jumped to the side. Someone was in her bed!

"Who are you!? What the fuck are you doing in my bed!?! GET OU-! Oh,
Goddess! Piet!"

It _was_ Piet. She knew it the instant he moved the crumpled sheet that
half covered his face.

"Are you sure you want me to leave, Vala my love?"

"Your lo-?! Your love? Since when?" Vala was confused. How did he get
here? Why was he saying the words she'd been dreaming for him to say?

"Since always. I've loved you since I've known you. I've wanted you as
you've wanted me."

Vala didn't understand everything, but she began to realize that her
spell had _worked_! Her heart leapt as the repercussions began to sink in.
Piet was hers! He loved her! And Goddess did she want him. She realized
with some embarrassment that her pussy was actually drooling, already
producing a small damp spot on the sheets between her legs. She didn't
pause to think why Piet was already in her bed, with her, apparently naked.
"You've wanted me?" She looked down his body with what she hoped was a
teasing smile,"Yes, I see you have... you do. Will you show me?"

With a dramatic flourish Piet threw the rest of the sheet off, revealing
himself to her. He was beautiful, proud, powerful looking. His cock was
erect and magnificent, just as she had imagined it. Gingerly, but feeling
brazen, she reached out a hand to touch it. It lurched and throbbed at the
contact of her fingers. It was warm and hard. Vala stared at her hand
holding it, then shook her head and giggled.

"No, silly. Show me how you've wanted me."

"Yes, my love,"

And with that, Piet leaned over to kiss her. Their mouths locked and
Vala moaned in triumph and lust, her hand automatically squeezing and
pulling on Piet's shaft.

Slowly, still in a deep kiss, Piet leaned Vala back onto the bed,
bringing a hand around to stroke the suddenly fevered skin of her ribcage,
the side of her breast, her outer thigh, the curve of her hip, her belly,
her inner thigh. Vala marveled how quickly and intensely she responded to
him, but it was no real surprise. All her fantasies were coming true,
right now.

Fingers danced lightly over her mons and labia, but she grabbed the hand
with her wrist and moved it to her hip. She broke their kiss and whispered
into his ear.

"No, lover, my Piet. I've waited so long for you. I can't wait another
minute. No playing now."

She couldn't believe what she'd just said. But Piet drew his head back
to look into her eyes searchingly. Apparently, what he saw satisfied him.
One knee, then the other found their way between hers and she spread her
legs for him. Her stomach fluttered with nervousness and lust as his
generous penis lined up with her wet slit.

"Ohhh, Piet. Be gentle. This is my first time," she felt silly,
girlish saying that, but she _was_ a little scared.

"Do not worry my love, it will be all right."

And then she felt the presence at her entrance. Flashes of red dream
memory hit her. Something was wrong?! Piet was-! But before she could do
anything Piet descended onto and into her. His cock opened her and slid
slowly, inexorably inside. His mouth descended to hers to muffle the start
of a protest into a long low moan. It felt so good, so satisfying, so
overwhelming that Vala felt no pain from her hymen tearing, as if her
virginity wasn't even there.

Then they were making love. It was incredible. It was perfect, pure
pleasure. Vala wrapped her legs around him to draw him further into her.
She gave herself to Piet and he gave himself to her. His thrusts were
strong, and got stronger and faster, stronger and faster, until he was
almost hammering her into the mattress. Vala did not care, she mewled and
grunted and moaned and arched her back for more. She cried out as she came
around him. He groaned and roared as his torrent of seed flooded her.

They held each other tight, panting and nuzzling each other's neck while
he deflated within her and slipped out. Vala giggled at the slippery
feeling and marveled at the amount of fluid that oozed out of her newly
opened pussy.

"Oh, Piet, my love. That was wonderful..." Her words were simply not
adequate to tell him how she felt.

Piet settled back onto the bed, Vala throwing a leg over him and resting
her head on his chest.

"You won't leave, will you?" She asked - with some trepidation. With
all that they'd just experienced, she still wasn't sure the spell had

"No, Vala. Never." The words had such conviction. Why were they
suddenly not comforting?

Vala was overcome by a wave of fatigue. She dozed on her lover.


When she awakened again, she was spooned with Piet, facing the now
brightly lit window. She was still tired, though, and closed her eyes
again to rest. Then she felt a hard presence move between her legs. Piet
was slowly sliding his length back and forth at the junction of her closed
legs. She was amply slick down there, and the friction was not unpleasant.
But she wanted to sleep again. She murmured to Piet

"Not now, lover, later. Plenty of time later, after sleep..."

But Piet didn't seem to be listening, the sliding continued, and she
continued to respond, despite her fatigue. She moaned a little protest
when a hand slid along her side, hip and outer thigh, down to grasp the
back of her knee. He lifted her leg; draw it up to her ribcage, opening
her to the sliding cock. She must have still been partially asleep,
because she couldn't figure out how the cock actually had entered her. It
felt for an instant like it curled up, head sliding down her pubic patch to
find her slit, then straightening up to push into her. Regardless, she
found herself full with her lover's meat.

"Piet.. nnooo, not noowwwwwww. Laterrr mmmnnnnooooohhhhhyesss..."

Tired as she was, she arched her back at the sheer pleasure of it and
groaned weakly with delight as he started fucking her again. Piet
straddled her right leg, pinning the left against her torso as she lay
passively on her side, grunting with his thrusts. Piet seemed just as
vigorous as before, and his strokes came long as hard as the first time.

"mmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMM ooooOOOOOOoooOOOOOoooOOOoohh godesssss....

Vala found herself on the edge of climax as Piet rocked into her.
Fingers ticked her labia and clit, hands held her leg and stroked her
breast. That didn't add up, but Vala didn't have the ability to think
about it as her orgasm hit.

"OOoooohhh ooohhh, Piieet, oooh Piet, ooooh...," Vala cooed. She had
surprised herself with her ability to respond when she was so tired. She
wanted Piet to feel good too. "Cum for me Piet..mmmmmm... cum in me
again," Her own voice throaty and seductive with sleep.

Piet obliged. With a resounding slap, their bodies collided one more
time, and Piet's cock throbbed within her, ejaculating rush after rush of
cum into her. When he subsided, he sank to the bed again, this time facing
Vala. His cock pulled out with a loud slurping sound. He hugged her to
him, and she hugged him back weakly. She was already almost asleep. She
hardly noticed when he rolled over, pulling her on top of him, but snuggled
onto his broad chest nonetheless. Her arms rested limply at his sides,
legs falling open over his. His still erect dick stuck up like a flagpole,
pressing against her perineum. Their combined sexual juices leaked from
her open, puffy pussy onto the base of the shaft and down to the
increasingly stained bed sheet.

She slept with her head pillowed on his muscular chest. Her dreams were
sexual but neither peaceful nor erotic. She dreamt she was lying on top of
a demon, too weak to move. Its four hands roamed her body freely, tickling
the sides of her breasts, cupping her ass cheeks, spreading them apart and
pushing them, together, sliding tapered, clawed fingers up and down the
cleft of her ass to the bottom of her slit. Hot breath on her neck, sharp
teeth grazing her skin as she tried to summon the strength to at least roll

Then two of the hands grasped her upper thighs and lifted. She felt the
demon's heated pole slide against the sensitive skin between her legs, the
wide slit oozing its hot spunk on her already. Of it sown volition the
cock moved into position against her splayed slit.

Then the demon let her go. She was too weak to support herself on her
knees, and gravity dragged her downward, spearing her inch by inch on the
demon's cock.

"NOOOOOOoooo--- AAAUUuuuuuuuuughh." Vala screamed, then grunted as she
came awake and heaved upward and back. She'd instinctively brought her
hands together and pushed up, realizing too late what that had done.
Piet's cockhead had been positioned perfectly between her labia. She'd
pushed off of his chest and shoved herself back on his body- impaling
herself along his waiting length in the process.

"Oooh Piet...stopŠ" She whined. Not soon, on the tail of
that nightmare... But the pleasure was back, boring into her spirit like
the cock pressing still deeper into her. Then she realized it was her own
doing. She was still pushing herself back. She stopped, perplexed.

"Piet, What-- Why? WhhuuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUHH," She lost her words as
Piet's hips pressed down then surged up into her.

"Vala, my love. It's all right," His hips bucked up and down slightly,
hands holding her hip bones, pulling up and pushing down to match his
rhythm. "I am yours forever. And you are mine forever. Isn't that

His voice sounded loving but cool. Vala was confused. She was now
sitting wobbly on top of Piet, his deeply seated cock making short fucking
motions as he moved his hips and hers. The motions lengthened and became
stronger and she realized with consternation that she had begun to raise
onto her knees and sink back in time with his coaxing. She couldn't help
herself. The pleasure was too great.

"Piet,.. ooohhhhh,"" she loooked into his eyes. They gazed back,
yellow, with reptilian slits, "OOHH GODESS NOOOOO UNH UUNNH AANNNH NOOHHH!"
She fucked herself harder and faster on Piet¹s cock. Her mind screamed
that it wasn't Piet's cock - it wasn't Piet at all, but her body wasn't
listening; it sought only greater and greater sexual sensation.

When the shorter, stubbier tail found its way to her anus and began to
worm its way inside, Vala screamed and came. The orgasm brought with it
all the memories of the last day, the sum total of the horror searing her
mind as she climaxed helplessly around the demon spawn of her own body.
Pleasure and terror were inseparable and unbearable. Her spent body
speared itself mercilessly on the impossibly hard cock, and she realized
she couldn't stop fucking or cumming. She felt hot and faint, but couldn¹t
stop. Acrid smoke stung her eyes and burned her throat, but she couldn¹t
stop. She couldn¹t care. All she could feel was pleasure and lust and
pain and horror. The last thing she saw was Piet's face twisted into a
malicious mask of triumphant lust.

-- Epilogue. --

The candle sputtered and went out, the scene fading as the smoke
dissipated. The Priestess sighed and walked away into the dusk. The
six-apartment building would probably be condemned and torn down now. Two
fires and the efforts to extinguish them had left the old building nearly
irreparable. The newspaper story said both the basement and apartment
fires were suspicious, doubly so for their simultaneity intensity, but the
causes could not be ascertained. The journalist had been relieved to
report that no bodies had been found, but the search was still on to find
the tenant of the burned apartment. The Priestess knew they would never
find her. For her, the mystery of the missing text and acolyte were both
tragically solved. The wizened woman wondered how she would convey the
lesson, the warning to other youngsters. The loss of an Ancient text was
bad enough, but the loss of an innocent¹s body and soul was too high a
price. The young these days needed to know the true power and
responsibilities they were seeking. They too would have to see the
memories burned into this place before it was torn down.



Spell Failure by Monocle


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