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Spice up the Night (MF, rom)
By OneIdleHand

Where did that thought come from? That would surprise Steven, but
would it work? Hayley took the next exit from the interstate to see if
she could backtrack.

This was curious. Steven's stories were all over the board. What he
consistently left out of his stories was romance, which was okay. The
point of "adult fiction" isn't to be romantic, and his stories
certainly made her juices flow. She had no idea where he got all his
story ideas from, but she had to admit, they were consistently a turn-
on. He had a way of including personal information so that she could
see herself in the stories, with references to her past, her work, her
house, and even her friends. But his stories were way over the top.
Sex with two men, a gang bang, wife-swapping, forced exhibitionism? No
way. And a chiropractor who hypnotized her? Please! There was no way
she would do that stuff, or, she knew, that he would ask her to. But
they were fun to read.

But aside from the stories, there wasn't much romance in their lives,
either. It wasn't like she expected a movie romance. They didn't
travel other than for family vacations, so they weren't visiting tropic
isles or street cafes in France. He didn't like to dance. Neither of
them liked wine with dinner. So if there was a postcard with a picture
of "romance" in their lives, there would be little but flowers and
perhaps a blanket by the fireplace. But it wasn't a scripted romance
she wanted. It was a compliment, a caring touch, an appreciative look
in his eyes, and conversation that she wanted. She didn't want kinky,
but, yes, this would do quite well for something a little different.
She turned the car around and headed home.

Hayley stepped out of the shower, wrapped a towel around her wet hair,
and began toweling herself dry with another. As she removed the towel
from her head and began blow-drying, she looked at herself in the
mirror. Her skin was flushed from the hot shower, and she had a
healthy pink glow. Her tan lines were very faint now that it was
autumn, but for her, the flushed pinkness of her skin seemed far more
sexy than a deep tan. Not bad for 39. Wow. In another year she would
be 40. But a good looking 40. Her muscles weren't as toned as they
had been, but she wasn't flabby, either. Her breasts weren't firm
anymore, and they had settled slightly lower on her chest, not to
mention larger than they had been. But they retained their shape, and
she knew Steven loved them as they were. Plus, she didn't have to bend
as far to lower them to his mouth when she was on top. So there was at
least one advantage to getting older. Her nipples weren't dark, but
they weren't light either. She remembered how surprised Steven had
been after their first child was born. He had had no idea that the
color of her nipples wouldn't return to their original light pink.
Well, here she was at 39. No, not bad at all, and if he was just
somewhat romantic tonight, perhaps he would get a reward.

Steven's parents arrived just after he returned from work. While she
was happy to see them, she was also eager to leave them with the kids
and enjoy a night out. Steven was dressed in his usual business casual
attire, Docker's and a dress shirt. She had debated what to wear to
set the tone for the evening, and as "sexy" wasn't part of her
wardrobe, she opted for jeans and a light sweater. Not a form fitting
sweater, but it was clingy at least. And white sneakers. She
preferred comfort over style on almost all occasions. Hopefully, he
wouldn't notice the stockings she was wearing; it would ruin the

"Sexy," in Steven's mind, involved something tight, and she was just
too self-conscious when men stared at her breasts. It wasn't that she
was afraid of running into someone they knew. Charlotte was a big
enough city that the odds were against it.

They said goodbye to his parents, and Steven briefly placed his palm on
her back as they moved towards the garage. She didn't have to look at
his face to know that he would be disappointed as he felt the bra-strap
under her sweater.


Yup. She could count on him to check every single time they went out,
and to make a comment every time in a kidding way. There were
occasions when she wouldn't wear a bra, but this wasn't one of them,
and the sweater was clingy enough that she wanted the support. As they
left the house, Steven picked up the section of the newspaper with the
movie listings, and she could see that, as far as he was concerned, it
was going to be the "usual," dinner out and a movie. Which wasn't bad,
nine times out of ten. She was hoping this would be a ten, though.

He was in a good mood, and he talked more than usual about his day at
work on the way to the restaurant. They had decided on TGI Friday, and
they arrived in time to get one of the last remaining booths.

Hayley recounted her day, which involved cleaning the house, reading a
small bit, and a nap. Not much excitement there, but at least the
house was clean. That, in itself, was a good reason to have company
every now and then. There was a brief silence, then Steven changed

"Do you remember coming here shortly after we were married?"

"Not really. What about it?"

"We were sitting in a booth, maybe the next one over, looking down at
the bar. We were both so thankful that we didn't have to play the
dating game, because the people who sat at the bar didn't look
particularly happy or hopeful. It was kind of like it is now, with a
bunch of guys from all walks of life, and a couple so-so women who


"I remember we talked about what would happen if you came in alone and
sat at the bar. I might already be at the bar, watching. But it
wouldn't have been long before someone began hitting on you. It wasn't
a serious discussion, it was just fun to think about."

Hayley kind of remembered that, although it was probably 13 years ago,
long before Steven began writing his stories, in fact. "So, what then?
You're saying I couldn't raise a stir now? Or are you saying I

"Oh, I'm not saying either. I'm sure you would, although spring
clothes would probably speed things along a bit."

"What does that mean? I'm frumpy? That almost sounds like a dare."

"No, not at all. Besides, we would be back to the same problem I think
we came to then."

"What's that?"

"The same problem you probably came across in elementary school when
you chased a boy around the playground. What do you do with him after
you catch him?"

"Well, you're right, although I was usually being chased by a boy. But
what I do with him after I've caught him isn't a problem. I've done
that before."

Steven had been stroking her hand across the table, but he seemed to
take on a new intensity. His eyes asked the question, but she decided
to wait him out. The thought struck her that this would be a really
strange conversation if the people in the adjacent booths were
listening. But the silence between them made her realize how noisy the
restaurant was. She outlasted him.

"Okay, I give. When? Who?"

"I don't remember his name."

"Well, that's a great start! And you never told me about him? I
thought you had shared all of your past history."

"I did." She smirked, enjoying his curiosity, knowing that he was
thinking through her past lovers to see if any of them fit this fact.
And from that little exercise, he would probably get frustrated, a
little jealous, and probably turned on.

"I'm sorry, dear. I don't recall that. Why don't you refresh my

"It's sort of fuzzy. I think it was a dance club with a bar, actually.
We danced. He was pretty much all over me, and we were both pretty hot
for each other." She looked away from him, as if remembering some
special moment.

"Okay, when was this?" He sounded serious.

"After we were married. You should remember. It wasn't that long
ago." Steven was hooked, but she could see in his face that he was
realizing either that this was a very serious moment in their marriage,
or that she had hooked him on a tease and was reeling him in.

"Yeah, sure. Well, why don't you tell me more."

"Well, that's easy. I took him home and..." Hayley looked around for
eavesdroppers, and lowered her voice. "...I fucked him in our bed."

Stephen just stared into her eyes. She could feel the heat in his hand
on hers, the beginning of perspiration. She could see that he wasn't
jealous; he knew that this was a joke. But he was playing the game,
too, trying to get her to break the punchline. It was a long silence,
made longer by their eyes getting lost in the other's and the sensual
petting between their hands. She finally decided to let him win.

"Well, Steven, you should know. You watched! At least, that's the way
it happened in your story."

A smile quickly lit his face, and Steven rolled his eyes as only he
could. "Why, I oughtta..."

They laughed, just as their dinner arrived. The conversation returned
to the ordinary spousal banter, which was fine with Hayley. At least
as a couple they could still talk with each other. It bothered them
both when they saw other couples dining out who said hardly a word to
each other.

"It would have been kind of fun, don't you think?"

Hayley hadn't been paying attention, guilty of thinking about
conversation rather than participating in it. Oops. "Sorry!" She
smiled. "What was that?"

"It would have been kind of fun, don't you think?"

How long had she drifted? "What?"

"Just to watch you pick up a guy. Not to do anything with him. Just
pick him up, then disappear."

"I don't really want to, but I could do it now..."

Steven looked at her questioningly. She wondered if this meant he
didn't think she could, or if he was actually considering it. She'd
play the middle.

"I've got to go to the restroom. Back in a minute. Eh, where's the

"Just past the bar."

Exactly, she thought.

About five minutes later, she retrieved her cell phone from her purse,
and she dialed Steven from the restroom. Caller ID would give her
away, but still...

Steven answered with a very formal, "Yes, dear?"

"Keep an eye out." She ended the call and left the bathroom. She took
her time, walking slowly around the bar, the longest route possible,
before returning to the table.

She knew her mission would be successful, but Steven's eyes confirmed
it as she returned to the booth. His eyes were glued to her chest.
Her bra was tucked in her purse, and she had seen in the women's
restroom mirror how conspicuous her 42C chest was. Her breasts were
obviously hanging lower than they would in a bra, and the clingy
sweater made it obvious with a glance that they were loose. She had
even practiced a walk to make them jiggle and sway slightly.

"So?" Hayley didn't think her question had to be specific.

"Oh. Well, I think we can safely conclude that if you were to sit at
the bar, then yes, quite a number of guys have already taken notice and
would, no doubt, be making their moves. They'd probably start the
conversation asking if you were cold and needed a coat."

Hayley's nipples weren't erect in the restroom, but she could see that
they were now. It was a bit embarrassing for her.

"Paid the bill?"

"Just did."

"Good. Time to go." As she walked towards the doors, she continued to
walk so that her breasts jiggled, knowing that Steven would see the
guys at the bar giving her a look. She kept her eyes focused on the
door, though. She wanted to give Steven a thrill, but not to the point
of blushing.

As they walked to their van, she asked, "Did I have an audience?"

Steven answered in a gentlemanly tone, "Yes, more than a few that I
noticed, but none more appreciative than me." They both laughed.

"Okay, then! Well, Hayley, what do you have in mind now? Time to
strut yourself in the mall?"

She knew he was kidding, but he was closer to the truth than he knew.
She had already decided that they weren't going to see a movie. And
she knew what she wanted to do next. "Actually, Steven..." Pauses were
playful, weren't they? "Yes."

They arrived at the mall, and she instructed him to park near
Dillard's, her favorite department store.

When shopping, she normally offered for him to look in the men's
section while she went to the women's, but tonight, they weren't
shopping. She ended up taking a zigzag route through the women's
department, and it was obvious that Steven was confused because she
wasn't stopping to look at anything. Neither was she walking into the
mall area, which is what her "yes" had inferred. In fact, there were
surprisingly few people in the women's section, which suited her fine.
She stopped suddenly, Steven behind her in tow. "Okay, this is it."

"Okay, you got me. What is?"

"The dressing room I want to use. There's a chair for you to sit in,
and a mirror for me to model. Plus, there's no salesperson nearby, and
I think that cashier station is closed. So here's the deal. Remember
that marriage conference we went to years ago?" Steven nodded, and she
knew he was recalling that one couple leading the conference liked to
visit a store near closing, and the wife would try fancy dresses just
for the fun of it and model them for her husband, even though they had
no need or occasion for the dresses. Steven nodded.

"So, I'm Barbie. Ken, you pick out what you want me to wear, but no
lingerie. Size 12 should do. I'll wait here for your first batch."

Steven returned promptly after several minutes, having found some
evening gowns that were more suited to teenagers going to the prom than
for a woman her age. Just as she knew he would. She took the dresses
and went to the dressing area.

The first was a black dress, with a plunging neckline, slit to her mid-
thigh. She didn't have formal shoes, but this was what she had worn
stockings for, to add a little class to the proceedings. She stepped
into the viewing area, breathed deeply to expand her chest, turned to
give him the full view, then stepped away to try on the next. Sequins?
She didn't know people wore these anymore, but this was the point. She
would never have the need for these dresses anyway. The dress was
somewhat awkward, and she had to put her bra back on for it to fit
correctly. She stepped back into the viewing area, sign of
Steven. She waited for a minute, which seemed an eternity when she was
wearing, what? A $300 dollar dress with no intention of buying
anything. Steven returned just as she was about to drop the whole
idea. He had an armload of clothes, which, after modeling, she carried
to her stall.

After modeling several more dresses, some surprisingly formal, she came
to a dress which was cut much shorter, well above the knees, and she
decided she looked silly in it. She could think of only one use for
it, and when she entered the mirrored area, she turned her back to him
and raised the front of her skirt. If he had an eye quick enough, he
would see her panties in the reflection. She turned back to face him
and pretended to bite her lip in a way of saying, "how was that?" His
smile was all she needed.

That brought her to the next stack of clothes he had gathered. It
would be 30 minutes before the store closed, and she understood quickly
that he had made a quick trip to the junior's section. She hoped they
would fit. The first was an electric blue tube top. She had seen
these on teenagers, but she had never paid any attention to how small
they were before they were worn. She had no idea if it would stretch
enough to fit her. It would have to be bra-less as well. This was
going to be a sight. She managed to stretch it over her breasts, but
that used so much fabric that that there was little left to cover her
midriff. On a pubescent teen, it would probably look great. A look in
the mirror confirmed that it made her look cheap, fitting so tightly
that little about her nipples was left to the imagination.

She looked at the remaining clothes. She had said size 12, and here
she was with stuff that had no chance of fitting. Maybe he didn't
realize he was in the junior's department and just picked "large."
There was a miniskirt, though. How did he find this stuff so quickly?
She thought the miniskirt was going to be more of a struggle, but it
was tight in a flattering way, not that she would ever wear one in
public. Hmmm. Now the question. Panties, yes? Or panties, no? She
decided that bra-less would have to be enough. She wanted to pace
herself, anyway.

She peered around the corner to make sure that no one was near, and she
stepped into the viewing area. Steven's eyes were glued to her chest.
She had to clear her throat lightly before his eyes moved downward,
checking out the black mini, and the thigh high black stockings that
she had been wearing, their nature now fully revealed.

"Any surprises under the hood?" At least he looked at her eyes when he
asked. She grinned, turned her back to him, and bent over, knowing he
would have a view of her black panties. She heard him exhale breathily
in approval, considering it wise that he hadn't whistled. She stood
up, and, as if adjusting her top, tweaked her nipples so that he could
see her fondle them in the mirror's reflection.

"Not bad for 39, huh?"

"Not bad for 29! Here. This is the last thing I want you to try.
Anything else that you need?"

She smiled at him, her husband of 15 years. She looked toward the
dressing stalls. "I need you to..."

"Is there anything I can help you with?" It was a salesperson,
apparently just to the side. She ducked into the dressing area to
leave Steven to get rid of her. She closed the stall door, and removed
the miniskirt. She then wrestled her way out of the tube top and took
a moment to catch her breath. Her panties were damp, and it reminded
her that the conclusion of her thought had been "come in here and fuck
me." Well, that wasn't going to happen now. She looked down at the
piece of clothing Steven had handed her. She hadn't paid attention to
it until now. An overcoat. Uh-huh. She knew what he was hoping for,
and, unless the salesperson was orbiting, she decided she wouldn't
disappoint him.

"Hi there." Steven turned to face her. She was wearing a leather
overcoat, which hung heavily on her shoulders. It was smooth on the
outside and had a silken lining on the inside. She was surprised it
wasn't chained to a rack. She had it buttoned from top to bottom, with
her hands in the pockets. She turned, pretending to be a model, the
belt at the waist tightened nicely to show off the hourglass figure
that she maintained, although a short-waisted one. She also was making
sure that no one was around.

She stared momentarily at his crotch, before asking, "So, is this coat
to your...satisfaction?"

"Well, yes. It's an appropriate wrapping for the beautiful person
inside, who, I might add, I'm hoping to see more of," it was his turn
to pause, "sooner or later."

Hayley winked at him and stepped back into the alcove so that unless
someone was standing next to Steven, she was well secluded. She locked
her eyes on his, a smile on her lips, her tongue playing lightly across
them. She unfastened the belt, watching him watch her, his eyes
following her hands. She began with the highest button, then the next.
She pulled the lapel out slightly so that he could see the bare skin
beneath, then shut it again, continuing to unfasten the lower buttons.

She inserted one hand between the folds of fabric, moving her hand
between her midriff and the top of her thigh. In an exaggerated tone,
she said, "Oh my! How silly of me. I forgot to dress." With that,
she opened the coat to reveal her breasts and her panty-less cunt. She
wasn't about to tempt the odds of being seen by someone else, so she
turned her back to him and removed the coat. She turned again, holding
the coat by the shoulders in front of her. "Here, you go hang this
back up while I get dressed." Naked except for her stockings, she
turned and headed for the stall, hoping that the security cameras
hadn't been monitoring her.

She knew Steven was probably bone hard. In fact, he had better be!
Her panties were uncomfortably cool and moist as she slid them back up
to her hips, but her jeans were too uncomfortable without them. The
bra, though... She stuffed it into her purse, did a quick mirror check,
and headed out. Steven was waiting, and they walked hand in hand to
the car.

"Well, where to?" Steven asked. "I brought the movie schedule. Is
there anything you want to see?"

"No, not particularly. There's something else I'd like to do, but your
parents are in our house. Know any parking spots?"

"Only in parking lots. Weird. It's like we're teenagers all over

"Well, if you mean that you're horny, good! Go to I-85 and head north.
I might know a place."

"Planning this, were you?"

"If I said 'no,' the blankets, pillows, towel and candle in the back
might suggest that I was lying."

She directed him to the exit, took a turn that paralleled the
interstate, and pointed where she wanted him to turn onto a gravel
drive. They had gone about 50 feet around a gentle curve before the
grade suddenly became more steep. "Can the van make that climb?"

"Yes, I already tried it. Think of "The Little Engine That Could.'"

"You already tried it? This wasn't in one of my stories. When did you
do this?"

"A couple of days ago. I saw it from the interstate."

Steven shifted to first gear, and the van had surprisingly little
difficulty. When they reached the crest of the hill, it flattened out
to an area obviously used with some regularity. There were in the
middle of a dense cluster of short pine trees, with a large steel pole
supporting a billboard. The sound of passing cars rumbled through the
trees, and Hayley could make out occasional headlights as cars passed
on the nearby highway.

Strangely, the billboard wasn't lit, although it was fitted with
lights. The billboard was high enough to be seen over the trees, but
it was obvious that someday a cut would have to be made through the
trees as they grew taller for it to be visible from the interstate. As
it was, the space was very private. The flat area they were in was
apparently used for staging for the people who changed the billboard,
however often that was. Steven turned the car and parked it to block
the drive.

It was a beautiful night, with temperatures somewhere in the 70's and
only the slightest hint of a chill. They were far enough away from the
city lights that the stars could be seen clearly, an impressive expanse
that they observed together after laying out the blanket and embracing
under another two.

Steven kissed her gently, then began to work at her jeans, but she
didn't want to rush it. She pushed his hand away, and reached over him
to light a small candle. The flickering flame didn't provide warmth,
but it was a romantic warmth that Hayley desired. Sex would come, but
for now, she just wanted to kiss.

Her hand had told Steven all he needed to know about the pace she
wanted, and he responded the way that she liked, lightly kissing at her
lips, allowing her tongue to play with his, tasting each other in their
play. Then he got more serious, playing with his tongue across her
cheek and neck, alternating his kisses between light flushes and heated
stabs. It was her neck that was the key, and her mouth opened in
response as her body began its involuntary shutters. His fingers
traced her cheek, and lightly rubbed her shoulder and arm. He returned
to her lips, first with a gentle kiss, then a nibble of her lower lip,
and then a forceful plunge with his tongue. She shuddered again. It
was time.


She pushed the blankets away, rolled him over and straddled him at the
waist. She didn't want his hands groping at her breasts, ruining the
mood, so she placed them under his head. This was to be her show. She
began by unbuttoning his shirt, which she did slowly, rubbing his chest
before moving on to the next button. She knew he preferred a faster
pace by the way he wriggled his hips beneath her.

She parted his shirt and resumed rubbing her hands on his chest, then
leaned over and kissed a trail from his neck to his belly button. She
moved so that she straddled his legs, and unbuckled his belt. His
slacks were quickly unbuttoned and unzipped, and he raised himself
slightly so that she could pull them down. His shoes were still on, so
she removed those and pulled his slacks off, tossing them to the side.
She straddled him again, briefly, just to place her mouth on his
underwear, blowing her hot breath into the fabric and heating his hard
cock. He would do this to her occasionally, only, in this case, she
had the pleasing response of seeing the head of his cock push past his

She tugged at his underwear and quickly removed them. Then she
returned to his cock. She gripped the base of it with her hand,
pulling the skin down, watching the head of his cock swell in the
candlelight. She didn't particularly like sucking a cock, mostly
because she preferred it inside her. But tonight, she wanted to suck
it for two reasons, she decided. One was that it would please him.
The other because she wanted to prolong their time together.

She lowered her head, taking him in her mouth as her hand began to
stroke his cock. She worked her tongue around it and kissed it all
over. She looked up to see that he was watching her, loving it. She
didn't know if what she was doing actually felt good, or if he was just
appreciating it because she did this relatively rarely. Maybe it was
both. She backed down his legs slightly, then pressed his balls
further down between his legs with her fingers, watching his cock stand
straight up from his body. She returned to it with her tongue, tracing
its six inch length, feeling the swollen veins on his thick shaft.

Enough. She stood above him, admiring his naked body, and removed
first her shoes, then her jeans, then her panties. He was expecting
more, she could tell. Then she knelt to put her shoes back on. The
confusion on his face was comical, but still he was appreciating the
view of her naked cunt, as well as her legs, which remained clad in her
stockings. Then she put his shoes on for him, and perhaps he would
guess that this was going to be a short game of hide and seek.

"All is not as it appears, honey. Roll over." He did. "Now count to
200, slowly." She moved away quietly as possible.

She saw Steven begin to look around as he finished counting. He
looked funny, with his shirt hanging loosely, his stiff cock exposed,
and his shoes on with no socks. He plodded around the car, peered this
way and that, and looked about to give up. She guessed that the noise
from passing traffic had helped cover up the sounds of her movement.
Finally, he looked up and saw her. She was standing near the top of
the ladder to the billboard.

The billboard was "V" shaped, with ads on both sides. But where the
pole met the corner, there was a connecting platform between the two
sides that included handrails, and it was here that she moved when she
saw that Steven was coming towards her.

He quickly followed her up the ladder, and then moved behind her as she
stood against the rail. They could clearly see the traffic go by, but
by the time the vehicles' headlights would illuminate them slightly,
the vehicle would be speeding past. In short, they had a little more
light as vehicles passed, but it was very unlikely that they would be
seen. Despite the way he characterized her in his stories, she had no
desire to be an exhibitionist, despite her little show at the
department store.

Hayley turned and removed his shirt, which he had never bothered to
remove. She held it over the railing, and dramatically dropped it to
let it fall to the ground, approximately 25' below.

Steven smiled. "That's a dangerous precedent, you know."

"I know." She smiled back at him. She raised her arms, and he removed
her sweater, leaving her naked except for her hose and shoes. She
watched as her sweater fell to the ground.

"I hope that some teenagers don't come up here to hang out, or that the
lights aren't on a timer."

That would be rather compromising, she decided, with no good options to
cover up. She hadn't considered either of those possibilities, but it
was clear Steven was thinking too much.

"Shhhh." She embraced him, wrapping her arms around him and pulling
him close as they kissed. The warmth of his skin on hers freed her
mind from the "what ifs," and she focused on what was becoming an
urgent need. She could feel the hardness of his cock, and its heat, as
they held each other close. Against her abdomen was close to where she
wanted it, but not close enough. She turned to face toward the
highway, grasped the handrail quite firmly with one hand, and leaned
forward slightly. Then she reached back with her other hand to find
his hard cock and guide him inside her.

The feeling as the velvety head of his cock entered her was exquisite,
but Steven quickly entered her fully, filling her. She was thoroughly
wet, and Steven was in no mood to tease. He held still deep inside
her, but she could feel the head of his cock expand and contract within
her. He reached around to grasp under her breasts, raising them
slightly, feeling their weight and their fullness, before lightly
rubbing her nipples with his fingers. She was ready for more than the
feeling of fullness within her, and she began rotating her hips against
him to get him started.

The catwalk wasn't very wide, so as he began to fuck her, she found
herself leaning an uncomfortable distance over the rail. She was
facing the highway, and she wondered briefly if it was possible, after
all, that someone could happen to look her way and see them, but the
feel of Steven's cock within her muted her thoughts.

She gripped the railing tighter as Steven began to thrust harder. The
railing felt very secure, and she wasn't worried about falling, but she
was leaning over far enough that Steven's thrusts were causing her
breasts to swing, adding the sensation of a changing center of gravity.
The distance to the ground was disconcerting in itself, so she closed
her eyes.

She concentrated on the feeling of the hardness within her, the feel of
his balls slapping against her, and the movement of her tits as they
recoiled against his thrusts. And with her eyes closed, she noticed
how the sounds seemed to increase. Steven's breath... a gentle breeze
through the trees... passing vehicles ...the sound of skin on skin as he
thrust into her. He was going to cum soon, she knew. She began moving
her hips in time with his thrusts, the familiar sensation of her
husband within her resounding through her body. Finally, she heard the
urgency in Steven's breath, and she began to feel his hot cum explode
within her. She continued rotating her hips, until his thrusts stopped
completely. She hadn't cum, but...almost. She straightened slightly,
and she felt his arms reach around her waist, pulling her close.

She stared out at the highway, one of Steven's arms around her waist,
the other across her chest, watching the cars and tractor-trailers
pass. She felt Steven soften gradually, and then slide out of her
cunt. One thing was for certain. Or rather, two things. It had been
exciting, but the excitement was gone, and she wasn't fond of heights.
It was time for her feet to back on the ground. The other almost made
her laugh. She knew that, for once, Steven wasn't just going to roll
over and go to sleep!

When they reached the ground, Steven picked up their clothes, and he
held her hand as they made their way back to the car. The cab light
surprised her when he opened the door, and she shut it quickly after he
had put their clothes inside. They began walking towards the blankets
and pillows, presumably to gather them, when Steven said, "Hold it,
Hayley. That was great fun. Thank you. But I was wondering, what
inspired this?"

Hayley reached for the towel and began wiping the fluids between her
legs, which were beginning to drain and give her a chill. "Did you
read the billboard?"

They both looked up together. Although there wasn't much light, it was
readable. "Spice Up the Night!" appeared in large colored letters,
with a picture of a burrito and the Taco Bell logo.


She nodded at him.

"Well, I guess that's effective advertising." She laughed.

She heard him come up behind her, and felt his hands reach around her
hips. "Hey, it's still relatively early. You've taken care of me, but
I don't think I've taken care of you."

No, he hadn't. She had just begun to think that maybe they had tested
the odds of remaining undiscovered as far as she was comfortable. But
that was before he pulled her hair back and leaned over shoulder to
kiss at her neck. "Come on. We've had sex, and it was great. But if
you give me a few moments to recover, I'd like to stay and make love to
you, for as long as you like. Then maybe snuggle a bit."

She didn't say anything and turned to face him. She guided one of his
hands to her mouth, kissed the back of it, and then placed in on her
breast, holding it in place against her flesh, her heart racing again
inside her. Her breast was somehow connected to that special place
between her legs, which was signaling that yes, she had an itch that
hadn't been thoroughly scratched. She laid on the blankets, looking
up into they eyes of her lover standing above her, and reached out a
hand to bring him close.
The next morning, she woke somewhat late. She looked at the clock, and
immediately felt anxious because she wasn't up earlier to make
breakfast for their guests. But then she smelled food, and knew that
someone had taken care of it. She was about to get out of bed when she
heard Steven's voice outside the bedroom door, talking to their

"...because I love your mom. That's why. She'll like this." She
wondered for a moment what that was about, but her question was
answered when Steven opened the door, carrying her breakfast on a tray.
Her daughter followed, carrying a single rose in a vase which she
placed on the bedside table before offering a "good morning!" and
leaving. Where had he gotten the rose? When?

Steven leaned over, gave her a kiss, placed the tray on her lap, and
left, closing the door behind him. It was the perfect ending, or
rather, beginning, to a day that followed what had proven to be the
perfect night.

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