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Archived Sex Stories

Spy Games


WARNING: The following story is fiction, describing sexual encounters
between preadolescents and adults. You are not authorized to read this
story if reading such stories is illegal for you due to your age or
location. The author does not condone or encourage sexual contact between
adults and children, no more than a "murder mystery" writer condones

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story Codes: Tb,Mt, nc, ped, spank, anal, oral

Spy Games

It was Thanksgiving afternoon at my aunt and uncle's home. This was
basically a tradition for my family. A fairly large gathering of aunts,
uncles, and cousins. All of them on my mom's side. One thing was very
different this year. My dad surprised my mother with a cruise to the
Bahamas the week of Thanksgiving. That's okay with me because I was happy
to stay with Aunt Ginger, my mom's sister. She was always cool and I liked
my cousins even though they're a set of 11 year old twin girls. Aunt
Ginger always said I was the little boy she never had. Being 15, I
wouldn't let anyone but her call me a little boy. However, Uncle Frank was
a little too uptight. He and I just tolerated each other. While at his
house, I knew better than to cross him. When I was 8, I tracked mud on
their new rug, and he spanked me without my parent's permission while they
watched. My mom always told me to stay clear of him.

The Thanksgiving dinner was finished and the family sat around watching
football. After a couple of hours, boredom set in and everyone decided to
go see a movie. Call me the odd man out, but I just wasn't interested. I
had already seen the film and wasn't all that interested in hanging with
the crowd. I had a tendency to keep to myself anyway.

I was sitting all alone in a chair on the front porch thinking I should
have gone along. Soon I would be glad I didn't.

As I sat nurturing my self pity, I noticed a boy watching me from the
edge of yard. I got a glimpse of him out the corner of my eye. When I
turned to look, he ducted out of sight. This little game went on for a few
minutes. I could tell that he was about 10 years old with sandy blond hair. From my vantage point I couldn't see anymore.

For years I had been attracted to young boys. I hadn't really had much
experience with boys. A couple of years ago when I was 13, I paid the
neighbor boy next door to give me a blowjob. It was a first for both of
us. Best $10 I ever spent. Especially since he had never experienced this
before either.

His name was Tyler, but everybody called him Ty. I remember that he had
brown hair and brown eyes. Since he was a little heavy for a 9 year old, I
didn't really have a desire to get his pants down, but was more than
willing to drop my own. Over the next couple of years I would regret not
attempting to at least suck his little peter.

Ty stopped by my house because he was bored. He mentioned that he was
angry with his mom because she wouldn't buy him a video game he wanted. He
was angered even more because she suggested he earn the money by doing yard
work. Being overweight he was not keen on her idea.

At 13 years old, I was horny, and desperate for any kind of action that
didn't involve my right hand. I saw an opportunity and decided to go for

"I know how you can earn money without working hard, but I don't think
you will want to do it", I said.

His eyes opened wide with interest. "Tell me" he barked.

"No", I responded. "I don't think I should tell you. You're too

He begged me to tell him, which is exactly what I wanted. I reluctantly
agreed to tell him, or at least it appeared that way to him.

"Now you need to realize that this will sound strange, but you could
earn ten dollars", I explained.

"Ten Dollars!" he said with great excitement.

"One more thing", I added. "You must promise not to tell anyone, even
if you decide not to do it".

"Okay Okay, I promise", he said.

I took a deep breath and searched for the courage as I began. "I will
pay you to suck my dick".

He was shocked and intrigued. "You mean put my mouth on your willie",
he said.

"Yeah" I responded.

"And you will give me ten dollars?"

I reassured him that it was true. Without hesitation he responded,
"Sure, why not, but you gotta pay me first".

"No problem", I said as I led him to my room.

I closed the door, locked it, and took $10 from my wallet. Placing it
in front of him, but not allowing him to grab it, I asked one last time.
"You promise not to tell?"

"I promise", he said with a sigh of frustration.

He took the money and placed it in his pocket as I unsnapped and
unzipped my pants. His eyes widened as I dropped them to my ankles to
reveal the bulge in my white briefs underwear.

Wasting no time, I slid my underwear down as well. Ty sat on my bed
with his mouth standing open as he gazed at my 6 inch rod. I lay back on
my bed propping up on my elbows. I explained that he should start by
licking it and to be careful with his teeth.

He wasted no time getting started. He grabbed my penis with both hands
and looked it over closely.

"Go ahead" I prodded. "Lick it". He wet his lips and then wiped his
warm, moist, little tongue across the head of my penis. "Oh yeah. That's
it buddy", I said as I closed my eyes to enjoy it. He started licking it
all over until my dick was covered with his innocent saliva.

"Are we done?" he asked.

"No! You haven't even started the blowjob. You need to put it in your
mouth and suck it like a lollipop". He responded with a look of discussed.
"Go ahead", I said.

He was not very happy, and I could tell he was thinking it over. "You
gotta do it because I already paid you". With his head dropped, he looked
up and reluctantly agreed. Positioning his mouth over my stiff member he
wet his lips and paused. "Go on", I said. Then he did it. He dropped his
mouth over 2 inches of my dick and sealed it into his warm orifice. I had
to give him a lesson in blowjob 101. Teaching him to move up and down on
it while keeping his teeth clear. I also taught him to breath through his

Finally, after about 5 minutes, he was getting the hang of it. He
pulled his mouth off of my penis. "This is gross" he complained. I opened
my eyes to look, and saw him wiping a long, thin string of clear precum
that was hanging from his mouth.

"It's okay Ty. That's normal and it's clean" I offered.

"What is it?", he asked.

I didn't have time for a complete sex lesson for my 9 year old friend,
so I told him it was something that happens to older boys.

Once he started again, I just relaxed as he sucked my dick. I
instructed him to go farther down and faster. As he did I could feel my
body prepare for eruption. It continued to build as I watched Ty speed up
and listened to the occasional slurping sound. I couldn't wait any longer.

"Oh yeah, ohhh that's it baby". My groin began to spasm as I shot cum in this innocent boy's mouth.

As soon as my creamy load hit his sweet 9 year old mouth he tried to
pull off my throbbing penis. He didn't like it at all. In that moment of
passion I decided I couldn't let it end until by balls were finished
feeding my young friend. I grabbed his head with both my hands and took
over as I pumped my hips to make love to his face. He started to gag as I
shot 3 more loads into his throat.

When I finished and pulled out, he began to cry as my sperm escaped his
lips and dripped down his chin. I immediately moved next to him and
embraced him telling him that everything is ok and begging him not to cry.
After a few minutes, he calmed down and seemed to be better. I, on the
other hand, was very frightened, and rightfully so. He told his parents what happened, and his dad called my dad. Fortunately, he had a reputation
of telling lies and my parents believed me. Since that day, I was left to
masturbate with the mental images and memories of my little friend.

Once again, my hormones took over as I continued this game of "I see
you" with this little fellow. When he wasn't looking I quickly left my
chair to move to the other side of the empty house. I was planning to
sneak up on him, so I was careful to be very quiet. Once in position, I
was glad to find him still in his same location as he continued searching
for me.

"You like to spy on people?" I said. He turned with a look of shock on
his face. I could tell that his young mind was trying to decide between
run or stay. "Well, don't you have anything you want to say?", I asked.
He could only respond by stuttering as he searched for the words that
wouldn't come.

Time seemed to stand still. I noticed that he had hazel eyes and a
small, slender build. As I watched him, I could feel my penis stand to
attention. He was basically frozen with fear. He was still contemplating
whether to run or stay, and myself deciding to catch or release. As the
seconds seemed to stretch into days, something monstrous swelled within me.
I was loosing my ability to reason as well as my sense of self-control.
Adrenaline and testosterone rushed through my veins. It was time to act.

I grabbed the boy's arm and forcefully started pulling him towards the
house without saying a word. He had a look of shock and confusion on his
face. He didn't have a clue about what was happening to him. How could
he, I wasn't all that sure myself.

After about 2 seconds his survival instincts kicked in and he began to
respond. I could tell that he must be a timid boy because he was too
afraid to fight back. He began to whine, "Hey, where are you taking me?" I
ignored him as he continued, "You're hurting my arm. Please let me go. I
promise to be good. I won't spy anymore".

As we reached the door of the house, I pulled him inside. "I, I, I, I'm
not allowed to go in strange homes. My mom will be mad". My continued
silence was beginning to frighten him, and he started to cry. He didn't
know what to expect, but he understood two important facts. First, I
wasn't joking around with him and secondly that he was in serious trouble.

Once in the house, I shut the door and locked it. Now he started to cry
even louder and began pleading, "Please mister, let me go home. I promise
not to bother you anymore".

"You're right. I'm going to make sure you don't". He slowed to a
whimper to be sure he listened to my every word. "If I let you go home
would you tell your parents?" I asked.

"Yes sir, you have my word on it. I promise to tell my mom".

"Why not tell your dad?" I asked as I led him down the hall still
gripping his arm, but not as hard. "Cause I don't have a dad", he replied.
My curiosity was raised so I asked him why he didn't have a dad. He said
had never had a father. I took that to mean his mom was a whore.

"Well then, we have a problem", I said as I escorted him down to the
basement. Since I spent many weekends at my aunt's house I was very
familiar with the house.

"Wwwwhat problem?" he asked.

"You committed a serious crime. It's wrong to spy on people, and you
need to be properly punished".

He interrupted. "But my mom will punish me!"

"No, this is more serious than that. If you had a dad, he could do it,
but since you don't I'll have to punish you", I responded.

This upset him more, because he was beginning to understand a little
about his fate. "What are you gonna dddddo to me?" he asked nervously.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"MMMMatthew Sir". I placed my face directly in front of his until my
nose almost touched his. I could feel his warm breath on my lips from his
heavy breathing.

"Well Matthew", I whispered. "I'm afraid that I must spank you".
Immediately his forehead wrinkled, his mouth twitched, and tears started to
flow from his eyes. I could barely make out his words as he attempted to
speak while sobbing.

"But my momma doesn't even spank me" he said.

I put my arm around him to calm him a little. "Matthew, I think that's
part of the problem. If you had a dad, he would probably spank you. So,
we're just going to have to pretend that I'm your dad". Kissing his
forehead, I said, "Now, Matthew, you don't need to be afraid of me. I'm
not some weirdo that's going to kill you or something. I'm just going to
act like your dad and do what's best for you".

"But I don't wanna a spanking. Please sir let me go home. I
pppppromise to be good", he replied. He did it again. He called me "Sir".
It sounded pretty strange for someone to call me that, since I was only 15.
But I guess if I were in his place, I would also do anything to show
respect. In fact, it was beginning to work. I could tell that I had
feelings for this kid, but not enough to suppress the primal urges that
currently had a hold of me.

"I know your frightened, Matthew. But you're going to be okay. This
will help you learn an important lesson", I said. I led Matthew to the
other end of the dark and musty basement.

It took a couple of minutes to locate the light switch, but it only
improved things a little. We moved into an old playroom that had been
abandoned long ago by my Aunt's family. It had a sofa, a large easy chair,
a ping-pong table, boxes of junk and clothes that had not been properly put
away. Right away I noticed an old ping-pong paddle lying on the table. I
picked it up and held it out of sight as I moved towards the sofa and slid
it under a pillow. I didn't want him to see it and freak out on me.

I sat on the sofa and called Matthew to come over and stand in front of
me. He could have attempted to make a run for it up the stairs, but he
didn't. I think he was well aware that I could catch him, and he probably
didn't want to make me angry. I remember thinking that it was ironic that
I was going to spank this kid who seemed like a very obedient child.
Matthew slowly walked over to me with his head down. I could still hear
his sniffles. Once he got close enough, I reached out and took him by the
hand to guide him close to me.

At this point, he was standing with his knees rubbing against my crotch,
because I moved both my hands to his behind and gently pulled him closer.
"Okay Matthew. Let's get this over with. Before I finished speaking, he
began to cry loudly and muttering for me to please let him go. I attempted
to console him to calm him down a little. It wasn't working. I gently
pulled him down onto my lap and wrapped my arms around him. He took the
opportunity to cuddle as I tenderly kissed him on the side of his head and
the back of his neck.

He became quiet, but continued crying softly. I gently began to
unbutton his shirt. I supposed he was dressed for his family's
Thanksgiving gathering. He was wearing a button up red dress shirt and
beige khaki pants with tennis shoes.

"Wwwwhat aaaare you doin?" he asked.

"I'm taking off your shirt buddy", I responded. "Don't get upset, but a
boy your age should be spanked with his cloths removed". He began to cry
again. "No Matthew! You have cried enough. If you keep it up, I'm going
to get upset", I scolded. He attempted to control his sobbing.

I finished unbuttoning his shirt, and then stood him up. He started to
cry a little more as I unsnapped his pants. He wasn't wearing a belt, but
most kids didn't anymore, including myself. I reached for his zipper and
lowered it. This was a sweet moment for me. In fact, I didn't think I was
going to last. I could feel that my penis was wet from precum, and lots of
it. I was getting a tremendous sexual charge out of having complete
control of this little boy.

I reached for his waistband and carefully lowered his pants to his
knees. I took the time to savor this moment. Of course, he continued to
cry. I was checking out his underwear. He was wearing briefs. I was,
however, a little surprised to find that a kid his age was wearing
underwear with a cartoon character on them. "Matthew, how old are you?" I

He was gasping softly as he attempted to inhale while crying. After a
few seconds he was able to squeak out "Aaaaalmost Nine". I thought that he
was a little too old to wear Spiderman on the tip of his penis, but that
was just my opinion.

Just then I realized, I hadn't done a good job undressing my first boy.
I had his pants to his knees, but he still had his shoes on. I sat him
back on the old sofa and pulled off his shoes and socks. Then I pulled off
his shirt that I had already loosened, and then stood him up as I reclaimed
my seat. I had to hold him so that his pants didn't cause him to fall.
"Step out of your pants", I instructed. He placed his hands on my
shoulders as I leaned over to remove his pants.

At this point, he was standing in front of me wearing only childhood
underpants and his tears. "Please sir, don't spank me. I promise I'll be
good. I promise", he begged.

"We're going to be done in a few minutes, Matthew. But first, I need to
take your underpants off".

He responded with a flood of tears and continued begging even harder.
"Oh no, pleeeeease no. Don't tak'em off. Pleeeease don't".

"Well Matthew, any boy that's eight years old or older is supposed to
have their spankings without any clothes on, and that includes your
underpants kid-o", I said with a faint smile on my face. "Let's start from
the back", I said as I turned him away from me. I wasted no time placing
my fingers underneath the elastic waistband of his Spiderman underpants,
and began to slowly lower them. To my surprise, he reached for my hands to
stop me from pulling them down.

I grabbed his wrists very firmly. "Ouch!" he yelled as he began to cry

"Keep your hands away, do you understand me!" I barked. He shook his
head to indicate he did. I turned him back to around facing away from me,
and continued to pull them down again. He kept his hands clasped together
in front of his small body while I worked. I watched as first I saw the
dimple that began his ass crack, and continued until his sweet 9 year old (almost) butt was staring me in the face. I reached forward and pulled his
underpants down over his penis while he was still facing away.

As great as it was to watch his smooth white butt, I wanted to see ALL
of Matthew. I placed my hands on his waist and gently began to turn him.
He didn't resist at all, but as he turned around, I could see that his
hands were joined to cover his little private parts. I looked up at this
sniffling child, held out my hands, and said to him, "Matthew, give me your
hands". It took him a few seconds, but he reached out and took each of my
hands. I moved them to his side, and held onto them as I gazed upon his
prize. His penis was small, smooth and hairless. Just like I like them.
He was uncircumcised, and had a perfectly tight ball sack.

I stood and watched for a few minutes, as my penis was trying to bust
out of my pants. I pulled Matthew close to me, so that he was against me.
I put my arms around him and pulled him even closer as I placed my face
against his chest and hugged him. Allowing my hands to roam, I began to
rub and caress his back and then to his smooth bottom. He continued to
softly cry as I explored his body. I started to kiss his stomach and then
moved down to his belly button washing it out with my tongue. Once it was
cleaned well, I continued moving south. I could feel the contour of his
body where is legs joined his groin. I continued kissing and started
licking across his smooth skin. Making my way to the top of his groin, I
finally reached his little soldier.

I first licked it a few times, and then took it into my mouth. It was
limp and he continued to cry softly. I pulled off of it and took it in my
hands. I peeled back his foreskin until I revealed his little head. I
placed my lips over it and massaged it with my tongue. At this point, he
began to get stiff. I continued working my tongue over the head and his
pee hole. Once it reached it's full 3 inch potential, I placed the entire
little rod in my mouth and moved up and down. As I did, I noticed he had
stop crying and had placed his hands on my head as it moved up and down and
caressed his butt with both hands.

After a few minutes of this, I decided I had better get moving. I
pulled my mouth off him and sat back as I pulled him down to lie in my lap.
With my mouth really wet from sucking his dick, I placed my lips on his and
kissed him long and hard. He didn't kiss back at first, but started to
respond instinctively after a few seconds. I could tell he didn't know how
to kiss, but was making an effort. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and
held the back of his neck to prevent him from pulling away. I rubbed
against his tongue and teeth as we continued to kiss and I worked my right
hand over his penis and balls. He was maintaining his little erection. I
was charged.

I stood him up, and could see that he wasn't crying, but was in frozen
from fear. I don't think he expected anything sexual to happen. He had
only been focused on the spanking, and it was time to get to it.

"Okay, Matthew. It's time for your spanking", I said as I attempted to
keep my cool while be began to cry again. I reached under the pillow and
pulled out the ping-pong paddle. He watched my every movement with great
anguish. As soon as he spotted the paddle, he turned it up a notch with
the crying and begging.

"Please mister, don't spank me. I'll be good. I promise never to spy
anymore ever! Pleeeease don't. Pleeeeeeeeeease!"

I ignored his pleas for help and continued. I moved beside him and
turned him towards the sofa. "Matthew, bend over with your hands on the
back of the sofa!" I was stern. He sobbed loudly, but did as I asked.
Once he was bent over and his hands were on the sofa, he turned his head to
look back at me. "Face forward", I said. "And if you move your hands
before I say, I will find a belt and then you will really be sorry". He
did as I said and closed his eyes tight.

I moved the paddle in place near his butt. As I did I could see that
his cheeks were closed tight in preparation for the paddle. I waited and
rubbed his butt with the paddle. Each time the paddle caressed his sweet
bottom; his butt cheeks would flex to tighten as much as possible. I
pulled the paddle back and looked up at him. He had his hands clenched
tight on the sofa, eyes closed tight, and his jaw clinched shut. I
hesitated with the paddle swung back and watched. His ass kept flexing as
he anticipated the painful blow.

I swung it forward really fast. SMAAAAACK! I hit his butt straight on
both cheeks. He stood up in a flash and grabbed his ass as he yelled and
sobbed louder than he had since we started. I was glad the house was
empty, because both the smack and the yell could be heard upstairs easily.
I was a little afraid that someone outside might hear him. After a few
minutes of consoling and caressing his bottom to relieve the stinging I
positioned him back into place. I started with the paddle gently rubbing
his bottom. Pulled it back, again his bottom twitching as he puckered as
hard as he could, but couldn't hold it. He kept flexing until, SMAAAAACK!

"It hurts" he yelled. "Please stop! Pleeeease mister, I'll be good.
Please! Please! Please! Stop!"

"You've been really good Matthew. We only have one more left if you
keep up the good work", I said. He knew the drill at this point. He
turned back facing the sofa and assumed the position with his eyes closed
tight and teeth clenched, as he inhaled through his nose to suck the snot
back in. At this point, his butt was really starting to show patches of
redness. I noticed the last lick mostly got his left cheek. I thought I
would try to even the score by mostly getting with right bun this time. I
placed the paddle in my left hand, and took a moment to drink this up. I
gently touched his back with my other hand. I caressed his back down to
his butt, and began to rub his sweet red bottom. He seemed to like it. I
guessed it made his ass feel better. After about a minute of rubbing, I
grabbed the paddle again. He sensed that I was preparing and started once
again the tighten his butt as I pulled the paddle back. As I did, I
remembered that the last one was supposed to be the hardest. If he was
aware of this custom he didn't indicate that to me in his anxiety. I swung
as hard as I could. SMAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Making contact on both cheeks, but
mostly on his right side, he jumped up into the air and grabbed both cheeks
with his hands as he yelled out the loudest. As the stinging got worst, he
collapsed on the sofa face down and sobbed. Keeping both hands behind him
rubbing his bottom.

I placed the paddle aside and knelled down on the floor. Placing my
head against his, I held him until be calmed down. It was a very tender
moment for both of us. It was several minutes before he stopped crying as
I rubbed his red bottom to help sooth his pain. I don't think he cared for
my rubbing but knew better than to resist. I was completely in charge of
this child, at least for the moment.

I was beginning to feel a little love for this boy, but was very aware
of the pounding erection in my pants. Spanking this kid left my boxer
shorts wet with precum. I was thinking that maybe I should put my dick in
his mouth, and feed him my creamy syrup. As I sat on the floor rubbing his
warm, smooth bottom, I was looking around, I noticed an old dress from one
of my cousins. Matthew watched as I got up and brought the dress back to
the sofa.

"What are you doin?" he said as he sat up.

"I'm going to put this dress on you", I said. With that, he started
crying again and complaining.

"Noooooo. I don't wanna wear a dress. boys don't wear girl's clothes"
he protested.

As I shook the dust from the garment and checked it out more closely I
answered him. "This is part of your punishment. The spanking is not
enough". I grabbed an old t-shirt and wiped his tears from his face, and
told him to blow his nose. With my fingers I straightened his hair a

Reaching again for the dress I rolled it up and placed it over his head.
The dress was a little fancy. Perhaps and old Easter Sunday dress. It was
light yellow with white lace trim around the collar. "Raise your arms", I
instructed. He did as I said, but sobbed while reluctantly complying with
my request. I lowered the dress over his arms and pulled it down over his
little body. "You look very pretty in this dress, Matthew", I said. He
continued to cry, but not very loud.

"Wwwwwhy are you making me wear this?" he asked.

"Because, I want to screw a pretty girl", I said with a smile on my
face. I could tell he didn't know what I meant. "Sit down and don't move",
I instructed. "If you get up, I'll spank you again".

He shook his head to indicate he would comply. I ran upstairs as fast
as I could. I wasn't afraid he would try to escape because he could only
do so by coming upstairs. I would certainly hear him. Dashing into the
bathroom, I looked around until I found what I was looking for. I grabbed
a bottle of lotion and ran back downstairs.

Matthew was still sitting on the sofa crying softly when I returned. I
found a large soft footstool that goes with the old easy chair. I pushed
it up against the chair as one would use it to sit and stretch out.
"Matthew, come here", I said. He hesitated, but continued to move slowly.
He really did look very strange in his new dress.

"Sit on the stool", I said. Once he was in place, I pulled my shirt over my head, and then removed my shoes and socks. Next, I unsnapped my
pants and pulled my zipper down. Matthew was watching intently. I pulled
my pants down and stepped out as they hit the ground. I reached in and
snagged my boxers with my thumbs and yanked them off. Matthew's eyes were
fixed on my dick as it stood erect like a rocket on the launch pad. Once
he saw my penis, he began to cry again.

"I want you to kneel down on the floor, and lean over the footstool", I
told him. Again, he hesitated, but obeyed my instructions.

"Please don't spank me again", he begged. "I didn't try to leave when
you went upstairs."

"I'm not going to spank you", I said. I reached down and grabbed his
arm to position him in place on the footstool. Once he was in place with
his back to me, I knelt down behind him. I slowly pushed him forward until
he was lying on the footstool face down. I pulled his legs apart a little
more, pushed his dress up over his waist, and reached for the lotion. He
still didn't know what was going to happen, but knew he probably wasn't
going to like it.

I squirted a very generous amount of lotion into my hand. With the
other hand I began to caress Matthew's neck and back. With the lotion, I
rubbed it into his crack. He jumped as I reached his anus. I held him
down with my free hand. I took my middle finger and touched his anus. He
flexed when I touched it. His body was clamping his butt shut. I then
forced my middle finger in past his extremely tight ring. Matthew began to
respond with a whimper, "No, no, no, nooooo.". It was as if he was saying,
"This isn't happening to me".

I pushed my finger in to my knuckle as Matthew buried his face into the
cushion on the footstool. I added a second finger, and he attempted to
raise up again. I forced him back down, and began to work both fingers in
and out. He began to moan a little from the discomfort. I could feel his
poop inside his butt hole. I sped up until I was finger screwing him
pretty fast.

I pulled both fingers out to realize that his poop was on both fingers.
"Matthew, you should have gone to the bathroom. Look what you got on my
fingers". I said. He raised up and turned to look as the tears rolled
down his beautiful face. I grabbed him firmly behind his neck and put my
two smelly, brown tainted fingers against his lips. "Clean my fingers", I
ordered. He clinched his lips closed. "Do I need to spank you again?" I
asked. His mouth began to quiver as he started to cry, but opened his
mouth. I placed both fingers in his mouth and instructed him to wipe them
clean. He reluctantly began to lick and suck his poop from my fingers. He
gagged a few times, but didn't throw up.

Once his snack was finished and my fingers were clean, I placed him back
down on the footstool. I squirted more lotion in my hand and rubbed it on
my penis. Not that I needed it, because my rod was covered with precum. I
spread his butt cheeks with one hand and placed the head of my dick against
his anus with the other hand. I began to slowly nudge forward into his
anus. His hole fought hard to resist the intrusion. I continued to push,
rocking toward his bottom back and forth in small movements.

All of a sudden, his sphincter could not resist, and the head of my
penis entered his virgin hole.

"Owwwwwww. It hurts. Please stop." he yelled.

"Stay down!" I commanded as I began to thrust gently to gain deeper
access. The deeper I went in, the more he moaned in discomfort. He
clinched the footstool with both hands. Lying on his right ear, I could
see a look of pain on his face. His eyes were shut tight and his jaw was
clinched as he bit down on his lower lip. After about 7 or 8 minutes, I
was almost all the way in. I pushed hard to pop his boyhood cherry as I
fully entered him. He tensed his entire body even more and let out a yelp.
I paused to allow his sharp pains to calm. After a couple of minutes, he
continued to moan and grunt softly as he whimpered and cried.

I pulled almost all the way out and then rammed forward as hard as I
could. He began to cry and attempt to raise up again, but couldn't because
I had him pinned down. I slapped his right cheek to discourage any more
attempts, and started pumping until I had a rhythm going. He gave up his
effort to free himself. Placing a hand on each hip, I began to screw his
boyhood hole faster and faster. This action began to produce a smacking
sound as I pounded his ass, and an occasional slurping sound as I pulled
away. His moaning, red bottom, and the tight grip his anus had on my dick
was too much. In a couple of minutes, I was pounding him hard and fast. I
could feel that my release was eminent.

"Ohhhh Matthew. Ohhhhh baby. I love you. Ohhhhh" I moaned. Matthew's
body was rocking as my hip pounded against his small body. I felt my groin
spasm as I gripped his waist hard with both hands. I was going fast, and
all of a sudden, I could feel my sperm shooting into his bowels. I
continued pounding him as he moaned and I shot more sperm into virgin hole.
"Ohhhhhhhh. Matthew. Ohhhhhhh. Yeah. Uuuhhhhh."

Out of breath and my heart pounding, I collapsed on top of his small
body. As I rested my sweaty body on his, I could still hear him whimpering
and crying softy, "Please let me go home...please...".

I was too exhausted to respond as I allowed my rock hard penis to relax
while resting in his anus. His hole continued it's tight grip on my dick.

I was startled by a noise behind me. I turned my head to look. My
racing heart seemed to stop as I recognized Uncle Frank. I knew at that
moment my life would never be the same.

I pulled out of the boy and turned towards Uncle Frank. My penis was
still hard and stood straight up as he looked on. I was speechless. What
could I say? He just found me screwing a young boy in his basement.

Matthew didn't even react. Still wearing the dress, pushed up to his
shoulder blades, he continued to lie bent over the footstool. His cries
continued as the sperm and lotion mixture drained from his butt hole and
down his leg.

It seemed like time stood still until Uncle Frank grabbed me by my upper
arm. He yanked me to my feet. "Ooow", I responded. He didn't care. He
moved me over to the sofa and threw me down. My heart continued to race.

"What's his name?" he asked.

"Matthew", I responded.

He moved over to Matthew and knelt down. I began to wonder if he was
going to take a turn with the child as he placed his arm around him.

He whispered to Matthew for a few minutes. I couldn't hear what he was
saying, but Matthew stopped crying. He gently helped Matthew to his feet
and pulled the dress over his head. He walked over to the laundry room and
wet a washcloth. His eyes were cold as he glared at me. Retuning to the
boy, he wiped his face with the moist cloth. He then asked Matthew to bend
over. Matthew seemed to completely trust him, and didn't hesitate. Uncle
Frank then took the same cloth and then gently cleaned my sperm from his
anus, bottom, and legs.

Once cleaned, Uncle Frank reached for the boy's underwear and helped him
into them. He then slowly dressed the boy. Not one of us said a word.
Matthew seemed very satisfied to have his body covered again. I noticed
that Matthew never looked in my direction.

Uncle Frank took Matthew to the base of the stairs and whispered to him
again. He took out his wallet and gave my sex partner several bills. I
couldn't tell how much money it was, but it seemed to make Matthew feel
better. He paused for a moment. I could tell he wanted to look over at
me, but he didn't. He ran up the stairs and out the door.

I experienced mixed emotions at that moment. I was disappointed that my
fun with Matthew was over and that I might never see him again. I was also
relieved that Uncle Frank had taken care of the mess I made. It was
obvious that he had paid the boy for his silence. Knowing that I might not
get caught relieved a worry that I had not even begun to consider yet.
Still I wasn't out of the woods yet. Uncle Frank turned and gave me a look
that frightened me. I knew he didn't like me, but I could tell I was in
big trouble.

His eyes seemed cold and distant. He moved deliberately in my
direction. I was listening carefully to know if any other family members
were upstairs, but I didn't hear anything. I feared that I was alone in
the house with him. As he got within reach, I covered my face with my arms
to prepare for a severe beating.

Uncle Frank grabbed me by my wrist and jerked me from the sofa to the
ground. My knees hit hard on the cold, concrete, basement floor. I wanted
to cry, but I knew I had to fight the tears back. As he raised his arm, I
flinched and kept my eyes closed to defend myself from the forthcoming
blow. I was taken completely by surprise when the blow never came. I
opened my eyes and looked up, and was surprised to find Uncle Frank
standing in front of me completely naked.

My breathing came to a momentary halt. My heart was pounding in my
chest as I surveyed my fate. His tall hairy body lorded over me. I didn't
dare move my head, but couldn't help stealing a quick glimpse of his cock
with only the movement of my eyes. His dick was fully erect and stood
proud at about 10 or 11 inches. I had never seen such a sight before
except in porn magazines. I was equally amazed by it's width. It
resembled the size of a large cucumber. I knew at this point that my fears
were well founded.

He took a step towards me and grabbed a fistful of hair on the back of
my head. I thought my head was going to explode. As I attempted to adjust
from the pain, he rammed his dick into my lips. I knew what he wanted, and
I had a decision to make. I could resist, and probably be beaten or I
could open my mouth. Either way, I expected his dick would end up in my

I elected to decline the beating, and parted my lips only a little. As
I did, he tightened his grip on my hair, and shoved his almost foot long
into my mouth as hard as he could. I remember the discomfort of having it
fill my mouth and occupy my throat. I began to gag as I pulled air in
through my nose. He placed both hands on my head and pulled my face into
his crotch and held it in place. I was fighting for air, but it was
useless. His large penis was resting in my throat. My lips were hurting
from being stretched around its wide girth. His fury pubic hair was
scratching against my face. I recall the smell of man. A mixture of
penis, sperm, and pee. Matthew smelled much better.

I started to get a little dizzy, as he pulled out of my mouth. He left
the head of his dick in my mouth, and ordered my to give him a tongue bath.
I struggled to comply and catch my breath at the same time, but I managed.
I licked his head all over. Working my tongue around the head and then
down the shaft.

He became impatient with my tongue bath, and gripped my head with both
of his large hands. He began to thrust his hips into my face. As he
pumped deep into my throat, I had to remind myself to breath through my
nose. I wanted to throw up as his large penis rammed deep into my mouth.
He started pumping hard and fast. I couldn't get enough air. I thought I
might pass out as he pulled it clear. I was gasping for air and massaging
my jaw with my right hand.

He pulled me by my hair over to the footstool as I yelled softly to
protest the pain.

"Now it's your turn. You'll find out how that boy felt to have your
dick in his ass" he said as he pushed me down on my stomach. I felt the
cold sensation of lotion on my butt as he rubbed it into my crack.

I placed my face into the footstool and gripped the material as tight as
I could to prepare myself. He grabbed my cheeks and pulled them apart as I
began to feel the tip of his penis against my anus. He pushed, but my
tight hole prevented penetration. He continued to push as I continued to
tighten me ass. After a couple of more tries, he won. His hard dick
managed to push through the resistance my anus offered.

I felt a series of sharp pains in my anus as he pushed in about two or
three inches. Tears swelled in my eyes immediately as I tightened my grip
on the footstool. I raised my head and clinched my teeth as I grunted and

"Ohhhhh. Uhh, Uhh. It hurts. It hurts bad." I offered.

Uncle Frank then grabbed both sides of my hips with his large hands, and
pushed his pelvis hard as he pulled my ass towards him. The force rammed
his entire 10 inches into my tight hole. I felt a trimmer of pain
throughout my body. It was as if electricity ran from my ass to my head.

I yelled in response, "Owwww. I can't take it. Please. You gotta
stop. It's hurting me. Ohhhh. Please stop. I'm sorry. Please stop."

He began to pump slowly but each thrust went deeper into my body as he
began to speak. "Did Matthew beg you to stop?"

I didn't answer. He started pumping faster as he gripped my hips
tighter. Under normal circumstances I would complain about the tight grip,
but the pain in my ass was far greater. He nearly reached full speed as he
pounded my bottom.

After a couple of minutes he began to moan. "Ohhhh. That's it you
cunt. You fucked that boy, and now you're my bitch." He continued pumping
hard. "Ohhh. Yeahhhh. That's it". He started to pump even faster as he
began to cum into my bowels. "Ugggg. Uggggggg. Ohhhhh. Ohhhhhh."

He pushed his penis in my hole and maintained it's deep position. I
knew that he was squirting his sperm in my ass. He pulled out and pushed
in again to send another load. He repeated this a couple more times, and
then pulled out of my hole. I remained frozen as my asshole became numb
from his abuse.

I cried softly as Uncle Frank put on his clothes and walked up the
stairs. Once I was alone, I stood up and grabbed the washcloth that Uncle
Frank used to clean Matthew. I wiped his sperm from my ass and cleaned up
the fluid that ran down my leg. I put my clothes on and stayed downstairs
until I heard the other family members arrive. I had to excuse myself to
go to the bathroom frequently because Uncle Frank's sperm continued to leak
from my anus and soil my underwear. I assumed Matthew was doing the same
tonight. As I wiped it clean, I would wince from the pain. I was sore for
a couple of days. On occasion, Uncle Frank would glare at me. I found
myself unable to sleep at night afraid that Uncle Frank would want more of
my young ass. I was never happier to see my parent's car pull into the
driveway Sunday afternoon. As we pulled away to safety, I looked at the
house next door. I was surprised to find Matthew watching from the yard.
Our eyes locked and we watched each other as the car drove away. This
weekend was something we would both remember for the rest of our lives.


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