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Staff Support


Staff Support {Redman} {Office Romance}
(c) November 2000
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Red was so lucky. His first job and he had been
assigned to Pamela Barnes. She was an up-and-comer at
Occidental Insurance and he was assigned to support
her. With any luck, she would take him with her as she
rose in the corporate ranks.

From the moment he met Pamela he had been smitten with
her. He didn't think it showed. He tried to keep his
thoughts focused on their professional relationship,
but it was hard to do that working so close to her.
Every day, hearing her soothing voice, smelling her
wonderful perfume, was maddening.

To make matters worse, she seemed so overtly
appreciative of him. Not just for what he did for her,
but for himself. Apparently his predecessor had failed
her, even worse, had made her feel downright
uncomfortable to be around him. Pamela praised red
from the beginning, intuitively putting her complete
trust in him. Sometimes she would rub his arm or his
back in passing, whispering how good it was to have
him around.

She began to put in longer hours. Maybe that was
because of red or maybe it was because of the stress
that she was feeling at home. red heard her talk in
whispers on the phone. Things were not right between
Pamela and her husband. Every time they talked, red
could sense her tense up. Their calls bothered her,
and bothered red too. As things deteriorated at home
for her, Pamela threw herself into her work. As
always, red was there to support her.

Red was happy to put in the extra hours with her. He
would always be ready for her first thing in the
morning and would stay with her all day. He would have
worked all night with her if she had wanted. Often
they were the last ones on their floor.

After everyone else was gone, Pamela relaxed more,
laughed more. Sometimes on those late afternoons, she
would take off her shoes and run her stocking feet up
and down his legs, sensuously.

Finally, on Wednesday, November 15, their relationship
changed forever.

It was late and she was wearing the short blue wool
skirt that drove him wild. All day long she had acted
antsy, occasionally touching him absentmindedly with
soft, intimate touches. Even though red wasn't even
sure that she noticed them anymore, her caresses were
driving him wild. Worse, and maybe he was just
imagining this, he could sense a new sexual tension
passing between them. Truly maddening!

Around six in the evening, Pamela checked to make sure
that everyone on the floor was gone. She left for a
moment, and when she came back red heard the *CLICK*
of the door lock to their office. She walked behind
him. She caressing his back with her long, supple
fingers, then spun him around and threw herself into
his arms.

Finally! Now he could show her everything he had been
feeling all this time. He held her lovingly as she
leaned back in his arms. When her skirt was hiked up,
Red was astonished. Pamela had come to him with no
panties. He reveled in the sight of her, held her
closer than ever. Fingers entered her sweet, lovely
cunt. She leaned back even farther and red was
delirious in his own ecstasy simply holding her.

She came so fast that red was almost disappointed. But
how could he be sad when he could feel her quivering
against him, her orgasm racking her body again and
again. He rode through it with her, holding her gently
as each wave of pleasure ran through her.

In the end, she was content to be in his arms for a
long time. red was content too, just to feel her naked
thighs and buttocks pressed against him as he held

Reluctantly, Pamela rose and straightened out her
skirt. She got her things together and turned off her
computer. The last thing she did was give red a loving
caress before she left. Masturbation always made her
more relaxed. She should do it more often. Especially
since she had never had a more comfortable chair.



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