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Star Whores


From Tue Nov 16 20:16:56 1999
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 00:46:35 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Star Whores: a parody

Star Whores: a parody
by Stormbringer
Episode 4.5: The Memories of Dick Nvader
Princess Laya Orgasm, struggled in the arms of the Imperial
Spermtroopers. She was bra-less beneath her white robes and her brown
hair was tied up in buns on her head. Her ass was perfect, A tall black
man wearing a giant penis shaped helmet approached her down the

"Lord Nvader," I should have known," said Laya. "Only you could be so
bold. When my father finds out about this attack on an un-armed ship he
Senate will..."

"They will do nothing," interrupted The Dark Lord of the Sick. His
voice was amplified beneath the helmet. "The emperor has disbanded the
Senate. Neither your mother Fake nor your father Senator Male Orgasm can
help you now."

"No, that cant be true," screamed the Princess.

"Oh, but it is Highness." said Nvader. He reached out his black gloved
hands and ripped off her robe, exposing her pert little tits. Not bad,
he thought as he caressed them with his hands.

"Watch out Sir, She killed two of my men." said the Spermtrooper
Captain. "This one has a lot of spunk."

"No," said Nvader. "but she will have a lot when I'm through with her.
Take her to the ship."

The spermtroppers dragged off the near naked Princess and Lord Nvader
turned to follow. The other Spermtroopers gulped as he passed them. The
site of the giant black man never failed to fill them with fear and
penis envy.
Weeks later.... The dyke Star turned away from the planet and prepared
to leave the Aureolan system. It had turned its evil dyke ray on the
planet turning the women into Lesbians. At first the men enjoyed
watching the lesbian sex orgies, but as the ray continued the women
became more and more Butch, demanding that the men give them equal time
on the golf courses and tennis courts of the planet. The men gave in
until the women demanded the bowling alleys, then a brief civil war was
fought killing half the men on the planet. The rest were being hunted to
extinction and the new lesbian government had sworn allegiance to the

Laya cried in her cell. Normally she was as hard as a Dark Lord's black
cock, but seeing her home planet torn apart had almost broken her.

The door swooshed open and a old hollow cheeked man clad in Imperial
gray entered the cell. Lord Nvader followed him in.

"Ready to join us yet Princess," said Grand Muff Diver. He commanded
the space station.
"Never," said Laya proudly.

"As you wish then," said Diver. As turned to leave, a black ball shaped
droidhovered into the room with Nvader and the Princess. The
in-hair-igation droid settled over her head and began the rinse cycle.
Laya's scream echoed down the corridor as the door whooshed shut.
Laya had fainted as the droid worked its evil. Dick Nvader, Dark Lord of
the Sick watched the comatose Princess. She reminded him of someone.
Someone from a long time ago, in the same galaxy, but still far, far

"I don't wanna be a Pedi Knight," whined Anakinky. The Pedi, Obgyn
Kentucky had called the desert planet, Vegas, a wretched hive of scum,
villany, and homophobia, but to Anakinky it was home.

"Going with the Pedi knights may be your only chance to leave Vegas
before it corrupts you son," said his mother, "and besides I'm sick of
the constant whining."

"Aw, mom," he whined. "I guess your right." and at least I get to
travel with the beautiful Queen Analdala. All women from Taboo, had
perfect asses and their Queens was the best of the best. Anakinky's
little undeveloped cock stirred as he thought of the Queens ass. He saw
the two Pedi approaching, holding hands as usual, pink robes flapping in
the breeze.
Ready to go my new apprentice," said the oldest Pedi, gay Con Jim.

"Alright, I guess so," whined Anakinky. He hugged his mom good-bye and
the trio walked out into the desert. His mom popped the cork off a
champagne bottle as he left.

When they approached the Queens ship, gay Con noticed as Anakinky's
eyes lit up when he saw the Queen. "That boy has a lot to learn about
being a Pedi," he whispered to Obgyn.
Just then a black hover dildo buzzed by, and a dark figure leaped off.
Gay Con pushed the boy into Obgyn's arms and told them to head for the
ship. The figure was a black man his face tattooed red. "I am Dick
Mauler, apprentice to Dick Semenous," he said. gay Con pulled out his
cock and it immediately attained an erection of three feet. Anakinky
watched as Mauler pulled out his jet black cock. It was a half-foot
longer and twice as thick as gay Con's. The Pedi's cocksaber shrank in
the presence of the powerful black cock. Mauler began pounding gay Con
with his cock and would have killed him with it, if Obgyn hadn't pulled
him into the spaceship. If I had a black cocksaber like Maulers, I could
really give it to the Queen, thought Anakinky.

As the memories flooded back to Nvader. He realized that was the first
time he had ever been tempted to the Dark Side. He looked over at Laya,
her breasts were larger now and she was moanng in her sleep. The droid
continued its work.

They had encountered Dick Mauler again on the Queens planet of Taboo.
Mauler prepared to fight both Pedi Knights this time. gay Con seemed
totally infatuated with Maulers black cock and Obgyn was worried about
him. They had drawn strength from each other and thought that they could
take Mauler together. gay Con approached Mauler his three foot cock in
his hands, and Obgyn reached under his robes and squeezed his balls,
immediately his three foot cocksaber sprang out. Mauler had laughed and
whipped out his larger black rod. Then too everyones surprise, Mauler
whipped out a second giant cock saber. The fight was fast and furious as
Mauler took on both Pedi's with his cocks. The battle lasted for hours,
finally Mauler aimed a cock at the door switch and released a blast of
semen. The potent black seed melted through the wiring causing the clear
door to slam shut, and trapping Obgyn outside the room. gay Con,
separated from his life-partner lost his will to fight, secretly he
wanted to succumb to the more powerful black cocksabers. gay Cons
erection started to subside, Mauler stepped on the Pedi's penis holding
him down on his knees. His first cock had deflated after sealing off the
room. His second he aimed at gay Cons chest. The pedi looked over at
Obgyn and said "Sorry, but I want this to happen." Obgyn screamed as he
saw the first powerful glob of semen blow out the back of his partners

Anakinky had watched Dick Mauler laugh and say he would use the same two
cocks to fuck Analdala's ass and pussy at the same time. The door had
reopened. Obgy was crying his hands shaking, but his cock was still hard
and pointed right at Mauler. It was then that Anakinky made the decision
that would change his life. He didn't care about the Pedi knights but
Analdala was his and his alone. He ran over and grabbed Obgyn's cock
givng it a good tug. Semen blasted from the tip and ripped Dick Mauler
in two. Unfortunately, Mauler hadn't finished cuming completely and the
impact caused a second less powerful blast of semen to explode from his
cock. It covered Anakinky from head to toe. The semen had melted through
his clothes burning the skin and disfiguring him for life.
Taboo through him a party fit for a hero. Painfully, he had risen from
his seat and asked the Queens hand in marriage. She refused.
"Why not," he whined.

"Because your to hideously scared to be a prince silly," said the

The Supreme Chancellor of the Senate had promised to try to help the
boy and had taken him back to the Capital of the Republic. There in his
innermost chambers the Senator had said, "I know what you want boy."
"I want to be with the Queen." he replied.
"No, you want to dominate the Queen with a giant black cock, like Dick
Maulers." said the Senator.

"How do you know," whined Anakinky.
The Senator had lifted his robe, freeing a five foot penis, jet black in
color and thicker then Maulers. A constant trickle of semen oozed from
the end. "Behold the cocksaber of Dick Semenous."

"How can this be," whined the boy.
The Senator had led Anakinky into a room containing a giant clear jar
filled with fluid.
"That is a blacta tank, one immersed in it it will slowly turn you
black, said Semenous. "I only immersed my lower half."

"But, why," Anakinky whined.
"Stupid boy, a black man could never be elected Supreme Chancellor of
the Senate." said the Supreme Chancellor of the Senate.
Anakinky had floated in the blackta tank for 5 years. As time passed,
his skin healed and turned ebony, his body grew to epic proportions, his
hair turned black and kinky and his cock grew and grew. He emerged from
the tank, a powerful black man weilding a magnificant 4 1/2 foot
baseball bat for a cock.
"But your still bigger the me," whined Anakinky
"The Dark lord with the biggest cock gets to be Emperor." said the
Senator. He removed a jet black penis shaped helmet from the closet.
"Put this on. It will amplify your voice and it has a whine filter."

Dick Semenous watched as the giant nude black man attached the helmet
to his head.
"How does it feel, Anakinky," he asked?
"Anakinky is dead," said the powerful voice. "You can call me Dick

During his training, Nvader had returned to Taboo. Singlehandedly he
had killed the Queens guards and stormed into her bed chamber. There he
had filled her womb with his potent black seed. Before he left, he had
also fucked that perfect ass....

Perfect ass, thought Nvader. He looked over at Laya now writhing in
ecstasy under the droids ministrations. Her boobs were now gigantic but
her ass hadn't changed. Her perfect ass. This had to be Analdala's
daughter, his daughter.
The in-hair-igation droid finished its work. Slowly removing itself from
Laya's head. The droid left the room and Grand Muff Diver returned.
"How is she Nvader," Diver asked?
"See for your self, sir," said the Dark Lord.
Laya stretched cat like, causing her now large boobs to thrust out
before her. She grabbed her breasts and tweaked the nipples, a wave of
pleasure coursed through her body and she let out a little moan. Seeing
the two men before her, she rose and slowly walked over to them.
"Buy me a drink," said Laya, "and you might get lucky." Why did I say
that she wondered. She approached Dick Nvader and ran her finger down
his chest. "What has your nasty flying wobot done too me, you big black
stud." she giggled.
"The droid has doubled your breast size," interrupted Diver. "It has
increased the sensitivity of the nerve endings in your breasts, rectum,
and vagina, so that you are always horny. It has also reduced your IQ by
69%. In short, your Highness, it dyed your hair blonde.
The many big words confused Laya more, so she just laughed like he had
sad something very funny. The princess saw her reflection in Dick
Nvaders penis helmet, she had gone from a cute mousey brunette to
looking like Pamela Lee, before the breast reduction surgery. She lay
back on the couch and spread her legs.
"Who wants to be first," she moaned as she fingered her pussy.
Nvader activated his cocksaber and approached. Laya immediately started
licking around the fist sized head of his powerful weapon.
" I must tell you," said Nvader. "Laya, I'm your father."
"Well, now I can see why mother, never could look at another man."
moaned the Princess. "I've been bad, Daddy, I should be punished." She
put her lips back on his cock and batted her eye-lashes up at him.
Nvader moaned. Only a true blonde could appreciate a cock such as his.
The droid had dyed her hair on a genetic level, making her
transformation permanent. The Princess would remain a slut for the rest
of her life. "Diver, prepare the Princess for me."
Diver kneeled down, his six inch tongue flicked out, licking her clit
and then penetrating her pussy. She moaned around Nvader's cock as a
wave of orgasms began lubricating her pussy. Only the most talented
pussy lickers got promoted from Muff to Grand Muff, and Diver was the
best of them all.
When the Grand Muff, backed away, Nvader placed the head of his massive
cocksaber at the entrance to her vagina. Her pussy lips moved on their
own trying to suck him inside.
"Now daughter, experience the power of the dark side," said Nvader, as
he penetrated her with his entire cock. Nvader pounded her hard with the
entire length giving Laya the fuck of her life. The princess lost count
of the number of orgasms she had as she screamed, "Fuck me, Daddy,Fuck
me. Give me more of that beautiful dark side cock."
Nvader blasted his semen deep inside Laya. His groan of pleasure echoing
inside his back helmet. He looked down at Laya, semen was pouring from
her ears, nose, mouth, ass, and belly button. Waves of the gooey white
liquid were crashing out of her vagina. The Princess had fainted with a
very satisfied look on her face.
"What now Nvader," asked Grand Muff Diver?
"Summon the Spermtroopers," Nvader replied. "Theres ten thousand troops
aboard this space station that need servicing."
Later, Nvader watched as the Spermtroopers led her away. Laya playfully
tried to grab their cocks. She pouted when she couldn't get to their
armor encased manhoods. Now there goes a daughter, to make a father proud, thought Nvader as he watched them march off down the sterile
white corridor.


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